High Octane Wrestling
Published: Written by: James Ranger

It never was for the gold…just the glory.

The lighting is dim, but seems to be set to auto-brighten as the camera shifts to take in a quaint office out of a hightower. The view betrays the locale, the mountains off in the distance, nicely capped with a layer of frosting, but the little moisture on the windows seem to indicate that air conditioning is filling the room. A well-built but slender individual stands with his arms behind his back, as he surveys whatever is below him. He turns to his left, providing an ample view of his face….his eye patch, a frown hardened clearly from the thought of having to do that for the camera.

The years have been…lukewarm since i lasted had to speak to an audience of HOW….probably too long.

He turns fully, the business attire of a modern day merchant, slacks and shirt, a shade of passionfruit red, but the vest clashing with lime green. He didn’t seem to mind the combination, he smirked as walked in front of his business desk.

I have bear witness to my foundation…my first wrestling company crumble over the last few years, yet they look to resurface, imagine my surprise when old man Best brings back High Octane Wrestling. There’s a wealth of knowledge to be found in each and every one of you. Knowledge in its purest and most wile forms are still ever present, but that’s what made HOW what it is. I intend to have a piece of each…and every part of that knowledge made available.

In the coming weeks, i will get acquainted with all of you. I look forward to working with you.

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