Who created and currently runs HOW?

High Octane Wrestling was the brainchild of Lee Best and HOW Hall of Famer Narcotic. If officially launched in the fall of 2002 and closed in 2004.

  • Narcotic created all things website and graphic wise with Lee focusing on recruiting and day to day operations.
  • The fed reopened in 2008 where the last Narcotic website was used initially before Lee pivoted to the WP WMS model for all future websites. The fed closed in 2016.
  • HOW reopened in 2019 and quickly pivoted to a new custom website created by Steve Solex using the same WP WMS framework. The fed remains opens.
  • Lee continues to focus on day to day operations. Steve Solex still handles the framework and customization for the website.

Openings and Closings

  • 2002-2004
  • 2008-2016
  • 2019-current

Angle or Roleplay fed?

High Octane Wrestling is a roleplay based efed. The winners are decided by roleplaying. The only things angled in HOW are segments on the shows.

Are there rules

There are basically no rules in HOW other than the typical common sense rules when it comes to efedding:

  • You must post one roleplay outside the last 24 hours of a roleplay period if your match rp limit is more than one if you wish to max out. Tag Teams must have one partner post outside the 24 hours as well.
  • No attacking or usage of any other character without their permission in a roleplay.
  • Do not destroy the 4th wall. Walking up to it and putting a toe on the line is ok…destroying it will not end well.
  • Plagiarism is not allowed. If found to be copying old roleplays will result in bare min of a suspension and if copying someone else’s work will result in termination.
  • Content is your roleplays are up to you but there are some basics to refrain from which include racism, child porn, and anything that could be hate related to specific people. The game is meant to be fun and it will be up to Lee ultimately if any of your content is considered to be too offensive in the land of High Octane.
  • No show once…shame on you…no show twice…shame on me…no show three times…your character is at the mercy of Lee Best and the handlers in HOW to do what the deem fit to your character in HOW results.

How are roleplays scored?

Roleplays are scored based on five categories:

  • Readability
  • Match relevance
  • Description
  • Creativity
  • Character Development

These five categories are scored on a 0-10 point basis with the best score being a 10.

Once scored the average score of the five categories are than multiplied by 80% (.8) and added to the score roleplays done towards the roleplay max limit 20% (.2)

Thus 80% of your score is based on quality and the other 20% is based on quantity.

Tiebreaker will always be Match Relevance first.

What are the roleplay limits

  • The max number of roleplays per weekly show is 1 rp per match and 2 rps for championship matches.
  • The max number of roleplays per PPV show will be 2 rps per match and 3 rps max for championship matches and 4 total rps for Tag Team Championship Matches
    • High Octane Television title matches are 1 rp on weekly shows and 2 rps on PPVs

How are the shows put together?

  • Each show will have an outline on the forum where writers can sign up for segments for the show.
  • Matches will be given out to the match writing staff and will be represented on the outline.
  • Shows also feature a BOTF (booking on the fly) element for those that take part of the posting of the show on show night. Those folks with staff to write segments literally on the fly to play off events happening on the show.