War Games
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War Games

Event Date: June 20, 2020 at 10:00 pm

The Best Opener

The HOTv logo gives way to a live shot inside the make-shift office of Lee Best. This is the exact room that was revealed earlier today on HOWrestling.com. Instead of an empty room, we open up to see the GOD and CREATOR of High Octane Wrestling standing in front of us. He is in full uniform as he is set to speak to the masses.

Lee Best:  Welcome everyone to High Octane Wrestling’s edition of War Games. This is a match that is filled with history not only in HOW but across the professional wrestling landscape. We have seen it all over the years and yours truly has taken some of the most brutal punishment ever seen on a network. But this year…..

The GOD of HOW walks a few steps to his left and we now see a framed old War Games advert featuring the Hall of Famer Christopher America as Lee purposely positions himself with that in mind.

Lee Best: For years this has been the most competitive match in all of High Octane Wrestling and it will scar the wrestlers not only physically but mentally. Just ask the second greatest wrestling mind of all time, Christopher America, and he will gladly tell you how he turned into a mental midget post War Games.

Lee smirks as he pauses, knowing America is somewhere out there composing a tweet.

Lee Best: But there is another reason I am standing here in this bunker on water. You see I now OWN this motherfucker. Yes, that’s right. I went out and commissioned to have a replica CV-5 made specifically for this War Games. This carrier is an exact replica of the World War 2 carrier The Yorktown. That bad boy beat some serious ass and I am proud to announce that this carrier will now be known forever more as the USS Octane.

Lee takes off his helmet and wipes some sweat off the top of his bald head.

Lee Best: The USS Octane will NOT be sitting idle throughout the year however. No….no…..no. You see moving forward this will not only be used for future HOW events, it will also be the place that the NEXT and ALL High Octane Fighting Championship fights will take place. You hear me right. The HOFC is coming back and there is no better person to share this moment with than one Christopher America, who single handedly took a HOFC Title bout and pushed it to the Main Event. NO ONE else can lay claim to that………so you are welcome America. You are welcome.

Lee now turns towards the framed picture of America and salutes before turning back towards the camera.

Lee Best: With the past and the future out of the way….it is time for the present. Tonight we have three matches, all with huge stakes in play, and although it’s a small card match wise……it will be a doozy and a LONG night.

Lee takes a couple steps closer to the camera and stares intently at the viewers at home.

Lee Best: The sun is set to rise here in France shortly and by the end of this event the sun will be the only thing left standing and when the darkness falls there will be only enough light for one person…………this I can promise you.

With that we fade to black as it is time for the show to start!!

Brian Hollywood vs. Darin Matthews

We now cut over to the Hall of Famer Announce team of  Benny Newell and Joe Hoffman sitting on the USS Octane carrier looking over the beaches at Normandy.  Joe’s focus on calling tonight’s action being professional as he knows War Games is one of the most violent shows of the year, but you can tell Benny Newell’s excitement.  He’s downing Jack Daniels, dancing around and singing off key.

Joe Hoffman:  Good evening ladies and gentleman.  We are here at the 2020 War Games and…

Benny Newell:  WAAAAAR!  What is it good for?  ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!

Joe Hoffman:  As you can tell by my partner’s excitement and him singing a terrible rendition of a classic song; tonight’s War Games card is stacked with a lot of personal vendettas and could be quite explosive.

Benny Newell:  Hell yeah, Joe!  I love chaos!  And tonight’s full of it!  With this stacked card and Lee Best’s team victory insight.  I have every reason to party before we kick off tonight’s show.

Joe Hoffman:  We will see about that.  The Group of Death has been very focused as of late.  And their rivalry with Lee Best’s team has gotten personal.

Benny Newell:  Damn straight Hoffhole!  Lee lost last year’s War Games to team Mike Best and this year; he’s hell bent on teaching his son a lesson.

Joe Hoffman:  Who knows, but don’t forget Benny; there’s TWO WHOLE WAR GAMES matches tonight.  We also have a Tag Team Championship between the Egg Bandits, HATE, The Hollywood Bruvs and the unstable tag team of Andy Murray and Joe Bergman.

Benny Newell:  Yeah, I can’t believe Bergman disrespects the King of Wrestling like he does.  He’s wrestling in two War Games matches tonight and will still carry Bergman’s ass.  He’s here to do the impossible and win TWO War Games matches in one night.

Joe Hoffman:  It’s definitely an impossible feat for sure, but first.

The first Military Patrol boat leaves the Aircraft Carrier and the cameras cut to the ring where Bryan McVay and Matt Boettcher already set in place for our first match of the evening to kick off the 2020 Edition of War Games.  The bell rings in the background as McVay begins announcing.

Bryan McVay:  The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is scheduled for a grudge match.

“Stronger On Your Own” by Disturbed as the Military Patrol boat carrying Brian Hollywood comes storming down to the beach.  The look on Hollywood’s face is blank, the veins sticking out in his head, more silent than usual for him.  He’s staring off into the distance with his lips twitching in complete anger.

Bryan McVay:  Introducing first, from Los Angeles California, weighing in tonight at 225 pounds…….BRIIIIIIIAN HOLLYWOOD!

The boat docks and Hollywood gets out and just stands there, staring completely blankly at Bryan McVay.  Boettcher and McVay motion towards Hollywood, but he continues to stand there emotionless, waiting.

Joe Hoffman:  Our first match tonight has a storied rivalry.  This rivalry dates back an entire 15 years and spans over multiple wrestling companies.  It’s an on again,off again friendship that’s resulted in numerous championship runs for both men.  Sometimes they hold titles together and help aid each other’s conquests, but other times they try to destroy each other’s careers.

Benny Newell:  It’s one of the only rivalries heated enough to kick off War Games tonight.  Ihope Matthews kicks Hollywood’s ass.  I hate both men equally, but Hollywood’s been acting strange.

Joe Hoffman:  If I ever turned on you and destroyed your supply of Jack Daniels….

Benny Newell:  YOU SHUT YOUR VILE MOUTH, HOFFHOLE!  That will NEVER happen!  I’d kick your ass worse than that troll Max Stryker would kick both these men’s asses!

Joe Hoffman:  As you can see, both men have taken this rivalry personally over the last month, trying to end each other’s careers, infiltrating lives and bringing up past issues.  It’s the most intense rivalry these two have had to date.

As Hollywood stands in place and just looks lost, “The Man” by Aloe Blacc blares over the speakers as Darin Matthews and Meredith’s boat comes moving slowly towards the ring area with Darin Matthews just sticking his arms out and basking in his own glory.  He catches a glance of Hollywood and turns to Meredith acting like he’s already won the match.  He spins around gloating about how he broke Hollywood.

Bryan McVay:  And his opponent, now ailing from the Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, weighing in tonight also at 225 pounds….he is “The Tyrant of the Territories”  DAAAAARIN MAAAAATTHEWS!

Matthews steps off the boat and waves at Meredith to hop off, but before Matthews can aid Meredith down to shore, Hollywood reaches into his pants pockets, grabs a small lead pipe and clips Matthews in the knee causing him buckle under the weight   Hollywood continues to blast Matthews multiple times across the face like Matthews did a few weeks ago, trying to draw blood.  Meredith tries to push Hollywood off, but he pushes her away as he continues to beat the ever living hell out of Matthews.


Benny Newell:  NOW THAT’S THE OLD BRIAN HOLLYWOOD RIGHT THERE!  Always playing mind games with Matthews.

Joe Hoffman:  That was that classic concussion move Hollywood, dropping Matthews to the curb after Matthews took him out of War Games to win for Team HOW nearly 5 years ago.  Hollywood’s on point tonight.  He’s showing more grit and determination than he has the last couple of months since rebounding his career

Hollywood rolls Matthews on his stomach, locking the lead pipe against his larynx trying to get him to suffocate and Boettcher tries to pull Hollywood off Matthews and tells him to get in the ring.  Hollywood argues with Boettcher, but before he can continue the offense against Matthews, Meredith sneaks up and hits Brian Hollywood straight in the balls.  Bringing Hollywood to his knees, he drops the lead pipe and Matthews slowly crawls over towards it.  He struggles to get back to his feet, selling the knee, but grabs the lead pipe.  He smirks and he blasts Hollywood in the knee cap a few times, directly.  Meredith pulls Hollywood up by his trademark long hair.  Matthews winds up and nails Hollywood straight in the jaw, knocking a tooth right out.  Blood pours from Hollywood’s mouth as Meredith steps back out of the way.

Matthews picks Hollywood up and drives him shoulder first into the steel stairs in front of the ring.  Matthews then proceeds to pull the top steps up and slides Hollywood’s arm in between before he stomps full force onto Hollywood’s arm.  Meredith cheers Matthews on while he gloats towards her.  Hollywood’s eyes turn red as he shakes off the pain and slams the steel stairs right into the back of Matthews’ head.    He grabs Matthews and bashes his head square against the corner of the turnbuckle.  He grabs the lead pipe again and smashes it straight into his nose.




Blood starts coming out of Matthews’ nose.  Hollywood’s had enough of it and tosses Matthews into the ring.  He sets up into the turnbuckle immediately for his signature maneuver:  The Danger Zone.    Matthews struggles but stumbles back towards his feet.  As he wobbles around, Hollywood charges straight for Matthews, but Darin falls towards the mat.  Boettcher pushes Hollywood away to check on him.  Meredith comes up to check, but Hollywood’s not having any of it.  He wants to destroy Matthews.  He gets in the middle and argues with both of them, when Matthews starts standing back up.  Eyes widening, Matthews charges straight towards Hollywood for a drop kick.  Boettcher notices and ducks out of the way while Hollywood and Meredith collide with Matthews’ feet.  Meredith rolls out of the ring while Matthews attacks Hollywood.

Joe Hoffman:  Dirty, dirty tactics by Matthews in his first match back in HOW.  He must’ve picked those up in Missouri.

Benny Newell:  It’s not as dirty as the actions that Sharon Stone…

Joe Hoffman:  BENNY!  We get the Basic Instinct reference!

Benny Newell:   What?  Driving things into the ground like Hollywood does?  He got exactly what he deserved after holding Matthews back all those years.

Matthews continues to fire fist after fist at Hollywood, but Hollywood unleashes a massive headbutt towards his former best friend, taking him down to the mat.  Hollywood picks Matthews up and nails 3 stiff snap suplexes.     He grabs Matthews and hits a reverse suplex straight onto his gut into the ropes of the rings.  Matthews rolls out and slides into the next ring.  As Darin recovers, Hollywood springboards himself into the other ring and nails Matthews straight across the neck with a flying clothesline from hell.  Hollywood rolls towards the outside of the ring and grabs a steel chair.  He motions and climbs the top turnbuckle, securing the chair against his chest.


Joe Hoffman:  I’m honestly surprised Boettcher hasn’t called this match.  They’ve been allowed to get away with a lot more than usual tonight.

Benny Newell:  Stop whining!  It’s War Games!  LET THEM FIGHT!  Who knows, maybe they’ll both end each other’s careers tonight.   I’m sure a few would like that.

Joe Hoffman:  Hollywood’s about to come colliding down with the steel chair and…




Matthews rolls out of the way allowing Hollywood to crash into the mat with the steel chair against his stomach.  Matthews kicks the steel chair out of the ring.  He doesn’t want to risk his beautiful face.  He picks Hollywood up and chucks him into the corner shoulder first.  He picks Brian up and lays stiff knife edge chop after knife edge chop into Hollywood’s chest until it’s bright red.  Matthews grabs Hollywood and nails a stiff Belly to Belly suplex on him.  Matthews strolls over to Hollywood as he’s getting up and nails a sick buzzsaw kick straight to his jaw.  Charging up and hitting the ropes, Matthews proceeds to go for a leg drop, but Hollywood rolls out of the way.  Brian kips up to his feet, getting a burst of energy from all the hatred flowing through his veins.  As Matthews tries to come at him with a Cross body, Hollywood catches Matthews and nails a sick looking powerslam on him.    After dropping a few elbows onto Darin’s chest, Hollywood leaps up to the top turnbuckle and nails a beautiful Five Star Frog Splash on Darin.  Boettcher makes the count.






NO!  Darin kicks out of it!  Hollywood decides to try and slow Matthews down.  He grabs Matthews’ leg.  He applies pressure to his Double Leg Boston Crab as Matthews wails out in pain.

Joe Hoffman:  Hollywood rarely goes for submissions.  He’s all about hitting his opponents with his  strong styled, high impact offense.

Benny Newell:  He’s trying to torture Matthews like he tortures the crowd with his promos.  Half the time I want to drown it out with 3 bottles of Jack.

Matthews slams the mat trying to up his pain tolerance.  Meredith finally wakes up and gets up near the turnbuckle.  Matthews starts inching slowly towards her in the corner.    As Matthews tries to reach for her hands, Hollywood notices and releases the hold.  He hits the ropes and slowly dropkicks Darin in the ribs while Meredith looks on in disgust.    Brian pulls Darin back to his feet, but Darin thrusts his thumb straight into Hollywood’s right eye.  While Brian nurtures his eye, Matthews yanks Hollywood back with a Russian Leg Sweep, jamming his neck straight into the mat.  Instinctively, Matthews unleashes a variation of suplexes dropping Hollywood to the mat stiffer and stiffer with each impact.  He starts out with the Wristlock Suplex, following it up with an T-Bone Suplex, then hits Hollywood with a Fallaway Suplex.  Matthews wrenches in an STF, pulling back Hollywood’s injured jaw as he screams out “TAP OUT MOTHERFUCKER” at the top of his lungs.

Benny Newell:  Finally, Matthews does something right with his career.  Hollywood’s passing out from that submission move!  IT’S NAP TIME FOR HOLLYWOOD!  Time to pour me a glass of Jack Daniels to celebrate this occasion.  Hollywood finally passes out to something other than his boring personality these days.

Joe Hoffman:  These two might be slowing down, but neither one of them want to give up this fight.  It means everything to them.  They do not give up easily, especially when they’re standing in the middle of that ring with each other.

Hollywood starts fading while Boettcher checks on him.  Boettcher checks on Hollywood raising his arm up in the air and lets it drop a couple times, before Hollywood wakes back up.  His eyes burn as he pulls himself off the mat and hits a back body drop on Matthews, knocking the wind out of him.  Both men lie on the mat catching their breath.  The pain gets to them.  Hollywood crawls towards the ropes and pulls himself back up as Matthews lays there lifeless.  Matthews tells Boettcher to shove it and let him continue as he pulls himself back up.  Hollywood is sitting back, eyes widening while he’s licking his lips.  He starts to sign the papers.








The Executive Promise!  Matthews gets back to his feet and Hollywood launches towards him.  Matthews sees Hollywood, grabs his foot, then quickly hits the Lightning Spiral on Hollywood.  Matthews gets to his feet and clotheslines both himself and Hollywood out of the second ring.   Matthews sees the chair that he discarded earlier in the match and deviously plans.  He rolls over on top of it to conceal it.  Hollywood slowly gets to his feet and sees the lifeless Matthews.  It’s time to take a risk.  Hollywood gets on the apron and rushes at Matthews.  He leaps for a Diving Headbutt, but Matthews chucks the chair straight into Hollywood’s head.    Boettcher sees the chair and kicks it under the ring again as Darin takes Hollywood and drives him back first into the apron with a snap suplex.   Matthews takes Hollywood and drives him shoulder first into the turnbuckle post of Ring 1 while Hollywood’s screaming in pain.

Matthews throws Hollywood into the first ring.  He locks Hollywood up in the Anaconda Vice, but it’s a big mistake.  As Matthews tries to suffocate Hollywood, he defiantly spits into Matthews face, pissing him off.  Matthews face turns red.  He starts slamming Hollywood’s head against the mat, but Hollywood struggles free from the hold and leaps to his feet.  Matthews pulls back up, but gets nailed straight in the jaw with the Danger Zone kick.









Benny Newell:    GET YOUR EYES CHECKED HOFFHOLE!   Boettcher’s hand didn’t connect to the mat for 3.

Joe Hoffman:  No!  He didn’t!  Meredith pulled him under the ropes.  That’s unbelievable!!!!

Benny Newell:  All’s fair in war, Joe!  More power to Matthews for having an insurance policy!  He didn’t want to get burned like some people!

Hollywood bites his upper lip and approaches Meredith.  He starts to chase her around the ring.  As he starts to make it around the ring again, Matthews hits a baseball slide into Hollywood’s jaw.  He lays Hollywood on the apron as Matthews gets back to his feet.  Smiling sinsterly, Matthews picks Hollywood up and nails a brainbuster into the apron.  He gets back into the ring and pulls Hollywood’s motionless body under the ropes and works to expose the turnbuckle in the corner.  Matthews then takes Hollywood’s head and drives it into the turnbuckle.  Matthews hoists Hollywood on his shoulders up the turnbuckle for a Super Sixth Star, but Brian starts baring his weight down, landing on the top turnbuckle.    He tries to Powerbomb Matthews off the turnbuckle, but Darin fights back.  Both men exchange a few blows before Hollywood grabs Matthews neck and nails a Chokeslam off the top turnbuckle.  Hollywood dives off the ropes and hits a picture perfect diving headbutt.  Hollywood’s too tired to cover Matthews as he rolls off while Matthews just lays there struggling to get back to his feet.  Boettcher starts the count.

Benny Newell:  They’re both going to need a drink after this match, Joe!

Joe Hoffman:  I don’t know, but these men have expelled a lot of energy in this contest.One you would never expect to open a Pay Per View tonight.  4 years ago it main evented the last HOW show of the second era.    They’re putting their bodies on the line to show HOW why they want their spots back in HOW.













Joe Hoffman:  Boettcher’s count is closing on 10.  If they can’t get up, it doesn’t matter who won or lost.  It’s a draw and neither men want that on their record.












Both Matthews and Hollywood kips back up before the count finishes and they glare at each other intensely.  Neither man wants to quit.  Matthews punches Hollywood, then Hollywood returns the punches as they’re exhausted and repeat.  Finally Matthews grabs Hollywood by the arms and throws him into the turnbuckle, but Hollywood runs towards Matthews and hits a big boot.  He picks Darin up, but pushes Hollywood back before charging at him with a stiff Enzuguri.  Matthews tries to lock in a chin lock, but Hollywood fights him off.  Brian gets back to his feet, picks Matthews up and hits a side slam on him.  Brian motions for the Basic Instinct.  He kicks Darin in the gut while he gets up, but Darin hits a back body drop on Hollywood.  Quickly, Darin capitalizes and drives Hollywood head first into the mat with the Ratings Spike.

Benny Newell:  THE RATINGS SPIKE!  Matthews signature maneuver!  He warns the broken record out.  Time to tip my glass to him. He’s finally gotten a Pay-Per-View win over his archnemsis after 4 years.  His drought is over, Hoffman!  It’s finally over!








Joe Hoffman:  Hollywood’s kicked out!  Much to the shock and horror of Matthews!

Benny Newell:  Darin isn’t happy, Hoffman.  He’s chewing out Boettcher right now.  He counted too slow.  He’s a crooked referee!

Matthews is face to face at Boettcher screaming, showing him out to count to 3.  He’s livid!  Veins pop out of his head while Boettcher stands up for himself.  Slowly and valiantly, Hollywood pulls himself back up to his feet.  He walks over to Matthews, spinning him around and hitting a stunner straight on him.  Hollywood picks up Matthews’ lifeless body, but Matthews fights out and rolls out of the first ring and rushes into the second, trying to get away from Hollywood.  He points and laughs while Hollywood gets on the turnbuckle from the first ring and nails a picture perfect Missile Dropkick on Matthews.

Hollywood goes under the ring and pulls out his patented Executive Branch.  Matthews tries to charge Hollywood on the outside, but Hollywood takes it straight into Matthews’ gut.  He sets Matthews up in the corner for the Ultimate Executive Promise.  As he kicks, Matthews drops down, allowing Hollywood’s foot to collide with the post.  Hollywood screams out in pain as Matthews tosses him back into ring 2.  Without hesitation, Matthews grabs Hollywood’s ankle and forces him into the ankle lock.  After a few moments of agonizing pain, Brian rolls around and kicks Matthews in the face.  Hollywood goes for his Danger Zone kick, but misses as Darin ducks under.  Darin bounces off the ropes then hits the Tornado DDT on Hollywood.  He rushes to grab Hollywood to finish him off with the Sixth Star, but Hollywood rolls Matthews up and Boettcher makes the fast count:








Matthews barely kicks out of the roll up attempt.  As Matthews tries to mount offense, Hollywood hits him with a sling blade, driving him down back first.  He goes to the outside to grab the Executive Branch to mount up for a more powerful version of the Executive Accordance.  As he makes it to the top turnbuckle:




Joe Hoffman:  Meredith weasels another save in for Matthews!!!  Can’t he win on his own accord.

Benny Newell:  You’re just jealous he’s got a hot business manager willing to protect him at all costs.

Joe Hoffman:  I think that’s you, Benny!

Benny Newell:  Beauty is only determined by how much Jack Daniels one has had!  Don’t judge me Hoffhole

Darin pulls himself back to his feet.  Confused and frustrated, he doesn’t know how to put Hollywood down.  He decides to pull something out of his old playbook. He picks Hollywood up and nails a Detonation Kick on him.  He pulls back to the corner and smiles sadistically as he goes to sign the papers himself.  He drives his feet into the ground.  Matthews goes for the Executive Promise himself, but in a desperation attempt, Hollywood pulls out a low blow, bringing Matthews straight towards the ground in agonizing pain.  Hollywood rips the belt off his black jeans and starts whipping the hell out of Matthews’ back before chucking it on the outside.  Matthews fights to pull himself from off the Canvas, but Hollywood nails him with the picture perfect spear.

But he isn’t finished with Matthews yet.  He rushes towards him nailing the Danger Zone kick, sending Matthews outside the ring.  Hollywood gets in position and hits a Moonsault straight into Matthews as he glares straight at Meredith, motioning that this is over.He grabs Darin and drives him face first into the ground with a papercut harshly.  He drives Matthews into the post of ring 2 head first before rolling him back into the first ring.  Hollywood goes for the Elbow Drop, but Meredith grabs his leg and holds him in place.  Matthews gets back to his feet and hits a sick European Uppercut, knocking Hollywood senseless.  He flings Hollywood’s lifeless body off the turnbuckle with the Super Belly to Belly Suplex.  He then screams out “I’M THE BETTER HOLLYWOOD”, kicking him straight in the gut to set up for a Basic Instinct of his own.

Benny Newell:  Now that’s a Basic Instinct Sharon Stone would be proud of
Joe Hoffman:  Not quite!  Hollywood reversed it into the Zig Zag.  It’s not over with yet

Hollywood rolls back to his feet charged up and ready to go.  He licks his lips and starts signing the papers.  This is it!  The same finish as always.  With each slam of the foot, Hollywood knows the sound of the same sickening crack that hits Matthews’ jaw.  He sees Matthews’ exhaustion.  Just one more kick.  Pull off the win from out of nowhere.  He sees Matthews getting back up.  Perfect!  This is it!  The revenge for trying to end his career, hurt his family’s legacy.  His retribution was now.  As Matthews gets back up, Hollywood pulls off the Executive Promise, but…..




Out of instinct, Matthews ducks under.  He’s seen it a hundred times.  Hollywood tries to rebound and grounds his feet, and hits a pele kick on Matthews.  Out of desperation, Hollywood picks Matthews up and tries chucking into the turnbuckle, but Matthews reverses it and sends Hollywood face first into it instead.  Matthews rolls him up near the ropes.  He puts his feet on the ropes without Boettcher seeing it as Hollywood struggles to kick out while the count is made.









Bryan McVay:  Here is your winner of the match:  DAAAAAAAARIIIN MATTHEWS!

Joe Hoffman:  Just like he did in MVW, Matthews weasels out a massive victory over Brian Hollywood!

Benny Newell:  It’s not cheating, Hoffhole.  It’s called creative winning. Win by any means necessary.  Look at Tom Brady.   It leads to championships, Joe!  Matthews did exactly what Hollywood would do to him for these years when he won the HOW World Championship.

Joe Hoffman:  You know that Hollywood wasn’t done fighting in that match.  He had a lot of fuel left in the tank

Benny Newell:  He was done the moment he stepped in the ring with the Tyrant of the Territories.  Now I gotta get ready for this after party.  Look at Meredith and Matthews celebrating on the outside.  They’re ecstatic over this win.  After the show, we’re gonna have some bubbly, and drink all night while throwing a more Hollywood party than Brian Hollywood could ever have!

Joe Hoffman:  It’s just wrong!

Benny Newell:  Shut up Hoffman!  DRINK!  Be merry!  Celebrate this victory with the man who is now officially more Hollywood than Brian Hollywood!

Matthews and Meredith hug as he lifts her up to celebrate the win right in front of Brian Hollywood’s face.  He rushes around the ring, screaming out “I BEAT HOLLYWOOD!  I BEAT HOLLYWOOD!  I DID IT!  I DID IT!” at the top of his lungs.  Meanwhile drenched in the sweat of a hard fought match, Hollywood just kneels in the middle of the ring as Boettcher tries to console him.    Mischievousness burns in the retinas of Darin Matthews.  As he finishes his lap, he rushes into the ring with a calculated, cocky smile while he points and laughs at his friend.  Not giving a shit how Hollywood feels, he arrogantly sticks his hand out to his former best friend to pull him up, to show him “respect.”  Hollywood’s eyes sharpen with hate.  His soul is broken as he pulls himself up in defiance to Matthews.  However, out of stubbornness, Matthews continues to offer his hand to shake to Hollywood.  He wants the sign of respect But….




Benny Newell:  How dare Hollywood balk at Matthews’ sign of respect and slap his hand away!  How disrespectful of the former HOW World Champion to not recognize his friend’s big accomplishment tonight.

Joe Hoffman:  Can you honestly blame him Benny?  Matthews just rubbed that win in Hollywood’s face.  Why would you respect someone like Darin Matthews?  Why would Matthews even show Hollywood respect?

Benny Newell:  Because that’s what you do after a hard fought match in the territories, Hoffhole.  No matter how you win!  You shake hands the good ole’ fashioned way!  Matthews’ is a gentleman and a scholar for even offering his hand after what Hollywood’s done to his career in the blood feud.

Hollywood just rolls out of the ring, slowly walking off as that anger in himself turns into disappointment.  All the emotions hit Hollywood as he wipes the sweat off his face.  He gazes blankly off at Matthews, who simply now methodically is smiling at his best friend nodding his head, almost knowing the chain of events going off in Hollywood’s head.  Matthews’ smirk grows as Hollywood storms off.  Meredith grabs Matthews, as he continues to smirk like something was afoot while the scene fades to black.


High Octane Wrestling is proud to announce that GRUNT STYLE is the official sponsor of tonights show but also every Friday as we recognize the long standing tradition of showing solidarity and support for all our troops who are still deployed. Head over to GRUNT STYLE and show your support!

HATE breeds LOVE

The HOTv logo returns for a brief moment before fading out as a video begins to play.

The video begins in a visiting area within a prison. We examine through a huge glass screen for a few moments without activity.

Suddenly, a rattling of chains can be heard and in shuffles a figure sporting bright orange overalls. The figure stands in front of the screen for a few seconds as we can see his hands shackled.

‘Pikey Fuck’ Hughie Freeman is that figure as he takes a seat before us.

Faintly distinguishable in the distance can be seen a Hired Anarchist Tactical Enforcement (H.A.T.E) officer guarding the door. Meanwhile, Hughie Freeman simply stares through the glass with a sinister smile. He maintains that emotion for a small period of time before methodically lifting the telephone off its hook.

Hughie Freeman: (phone to ear) Thanks for coming.

Hughie bizarrely waits for a retort of some kind as he sits comfortable within the uncomfortable.

Hughie Freeman: You know, with all of this HATE going around I was wondering if you were ever going to show.

But that’s what got us here HOW. That’s why I’m in Alcatraz and you’re in Normandy; fuelling HATE and battling in the trenches. Yet your man Hughie Freeman, according to you.. is the biggest piece of shit to ever walk on this fine Earth.

But do me a favour, pass on a message would ya. Because I know he doesn’t want to see me. I know he won’t answer my letters. I know in my heart of hearts that he still blames me and I’m really bloody fine and dandy with that.

Woody, know this: tonight fight with anger. Tonight please fight with blame. Tonight do fight with.. HATE. Because if there’s only one thing you taught me, bonny lad, in your warped world of HATE is that there’s just too much of it in this crazy-crazy world. HATE consumes even the nice-guys in this business. HATE can make the innocent appear guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

But there is no doubt that your man Hughie Freeman will be a free-man again.

Hughie Freeman presses his palm against the glass.

Hughie Freeman: Making LOVE, not WAR..

Hughie Freeman then shows an expression of true sorrowfulness.

Hughie Freeman: ..And I’m going to fucking HATE you until you love me!

Freeman then slowly moves a tilted head whilst puckering his lips closer to the screen.

Suddenly, the H.A.T.E guard clobbers Freeman over the back of the head with his baton. This causes Hughie’s face to slide down the glass in the process.

A loud banging on the doors can then be heard.

Voice: TIME!

Gurgling sound. Blackout.

Tag Team Championship Match

War Games Match

As we come back live to the USS Octane we see the Hall of Fame team ready for the next highly anticipated match up.

Joe Hoffman: Wow what an opening match to the show Benny.

Benny Newell: I don’t always agree with you Hoffman, but Hollywood and Zion beat the hell out of each other and if they are off HOTv for an extended time that’s a win-win for everyone.

Joe Hoffman: Of course you would say that.

Benny Newell: Maybe Hollywood can borrow fifty bucks from Big Money Zion and attempt to buy his mansion back because I’m sure the dumpster at Six Time Academy is filled already with the broken dreams of has-beens.

Joe Hoffman: Congrats again to Darin Matthews.

Benny Newell: Fuck Zion.

Joe Hoffman: Up next is the War Games match up for the HOW Tag Team championships.

With that we cut away to a live shot on the beach where we see a military transport helicopter has just set down the War Games cell. The cell, as previously leaked images earlier today shown, was transported on the flight deck of the USS Octane and now the helicopter is finishing up its job of transporting it to its designated resting spot for the next several hours. We see cell’s weight causes it to sink in certain sections of the sand.

The announcers let the visual speak for itself as the helicopter’s cables are released and the crew tries to secure the cell the best they can before they scatter away as it is now time for the first of two War Games Matches.

Joe Hoffman: What a site Benny. Goosebumps over here………but anyway….this War Games is different as it will be contested under Texas Tornado Rules meaning ever member of their respective teams will be in the ring at the same time, but most importantly it is one fall to the finish.

Benny Newell: No eliminations?

Joe Hoffman: No elimination or weapons like last year.

Benny Newell: Well sorry about your fucking luck! DRINK!

As Benny finishes the Jack in his glass before pouring himself another we see the first participants of the match as Bobby Dean and Zeb Martin are seen being lowered down into the water.

Benny Newell: Bobby looks like he’s having a heart attack, but the fat bastard is always having one and is Zeb fishing??

Joe Hoffman: I believe so Benny.

Benny Newell: Fucking Drink.

As the boat hits the water and takes off the next bought carrying the Hollywood Bruvs begins to lower and the former Tag champions are doing typical Bruv things like drinking frapps and taking selfies, obviously!

Joe Hoffman: You can take the Bruvs out of Hollywood but not Hollywood out of the Bruvs.

Benny Newell: Is that a selfie stick Hoffman?

Joe Hoffman: I think so Benny.

Benny Newell: Well maybe when it’s done they can shove it back up Chris Diamond’s ass where they found it so we don’t have to see it again.

As the Bruv’s boat hits the water and takes off the next one containing HATE begins to lower.

Joe Hoffman: What are Scotty and Rick doing?

Benny Newell: HATE-ing each other.

Scotty and Rick are slapping each other as they are lowered to get themselves focused.

Once their boat hits the water and takes off the final boat containing the champions begins to lower.

Joe Hoffman: The team of Andy Murray and Joe Bergman as been an interesting one.

Benny Newell: Team? What team? It’s Andy Murray featuring Fill In Wrestler Number 365472.

Joe Hoffman: That’s harsh.

Benny Newell: Stating facts Hoffman.

As the boat lowers Bergman tries to talk to Murray, but Andy is more worried about fastening his knee brace than anything what his partner has to say.

Joe Hoffman: That knee brace Murray is making sure is on tight is a special brace he had made for tonight’s event and it’s suppose to be made out of titanium.

Benny Newell: Adamantium?!?!?!? That shits indestructible!

As the boat hits the water and takes off we see the champions speeding towards the beach.

Benny Newell: I’ve seen Saving Private Ryan and I’m sure Deano puked, the Bruvs are pissing 24K, and Rick is looking for his balls in Scotty’s purse.

As the champions arrive at the beach next to the other three boats the ramp lowers and all four teams storm the beach as they make their way towards the ring. Zeb is trying to reel in a fish as Bobby gets winded every other step while the Bruvs take a few pictures and a War Games size Gluefist. Scotty and Rick continue to hype each other up as the champions take a moment to soak in the hallowed ground before heading towards the ring.

The Bandits are the first to enter the ring and take position in the first corner to the right to give Bobby Dean a necessary time to catch his breath as the Bruvs enter next and head to the second ring and take their position. HATE attempts to enter but Andy Murray pushes his way passed them and enters and heads towards the ring with his 24K stablemates as Bergman shakes his head and enters the side with the Bandits while HATE finally enter and stand in the middle of either side of the rings.

Bryan McVay: Tonight’s match up is scheduled for ONE FALL! With a sixty minute time limit. And it is for the HOW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE WOOOOOOOOOOOORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!

As McVay finishes the introduction to the match he looks to his right.

Bryan McVay: Introducing first, representing 24K and weighing in at a combined weight of 448 lbs….they are MIKEY! UNLIKEY! KENDRIX! THE HOLLYWOOOOOOOOOD BRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUVVVVS!

The Bruvs begin to shout and Gluefist before exploding it as McVay looks to his right.

Bryan McVay: Next, representing THE EGG BANDITS and weighing in at a combined weight of 465 lbs….they are ZEB! MAAAAARRRRRTIN! BOBBBBBBBY DEEEAAAAAAAAAAN!

McVay stares directly in front of him.

Bryan McVay: Next, weighing in at a combined weight of 690 lbs….they are SCOTT! WOODSOOOOOOON! RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE!

McVay looks to his left and right and shrugs.

Bryan McVay: And their opponents, the champions, first, hailing from St. Louis, Missouri and weighing in at 195 lbs…..he is ONE HALF OF THE HOW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! ORDINARY JOE! BEEEEEERRRRRRRG! MAAAAAAAAAAN!

Joe holds his championship into the air.

Bryan McVay: And his partner, representing 24K, hailing from Aberdeen, Scotland and weighing in at 280 lbs…..he is the other half of the HOW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! HE IS THE KING! OF WRESTLING! ANDY! MURRRRRRRRAAAAAAY!

Murray simply cracks his neck before Hortega takes the championships and shows it for the world to see.

As soon as McVay exits the ring and the door shuts we hear that familiar.

Ding. Ding.

Joe Hoffman: And here we go.

When the bell sounds Rick and Scotty explode from center ring and head in opposite directions.

Joe Hoffman: Scotty and Rick must be thinking divide and conquer to win tonight.

Benny Newell: After War Games is over with I’m going to divide some legs and conquer some French girl’s poon tang tonight!

As we look over in Ring One containing the Bruvs, Murray, and Rick, we see the Bruvs teeing off on Rick as the pair exchange Frapp Slaps to the chest of the big man while Andy Murray stays back in his corner surveying the scene.

Joe Hoffman: Murray doesn’t seem all too willing to get out there and fight.

Benny Newell: He’s conserving his energy Hoffman. The King as two War Games matches to win.

In Ring Two, Joe Bergman appears to have gotten the advantage on young Zeb Martin with some rights as Bobby Dean is trying to help but his still winded from his trek through the sand, but Bergman’s flurry is stopped as Scotty clubs him from behind and grabs both of his arms and yells at Zeb to hit him. Zeb cracks his fists and begins to unload rights and lefts to the body of Bergman before getting sent to the canvas with a haymaker of a right from Zeb.

Joe Hoffman: The Bandits and HATE are working pretty well in controlling Bergman.

Benny Newell: Big fucking whoop! DRINK!

Zeb extends a hand to Scotty and the Hardcore Artist accepts the offer, but pulls Zeb in and knocks him down with a clothesline.

Joe Hoffman: Short-arm clothesline takes down Zeb.

Benny Newell: Don’t you HATE double crosses Hoffman?

As Scotty puts the boots to Bergman we switch back to Ring One and we see Rick leaning in the corner and the Bruvs are in the opposite corner and they explode the Gluefist once again before they both rush in to deliver a double clothesline.

Joe Hoffman: OH MY! WHAT POWER!


Rick catches the Bruvs mid-clothesline and delivers two massive chokeslams

Joe Hoffman: Rick delivered a chokeslam to both of the Bruvs.

Benny Newell: It’s RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK! Hoffman.

Rick places a hand on each of the Bruvs chest and yells at Hortega.







Andy Murray breaks up the pinfall.

Joe Hoffman: Murray doesn’t want this match to end just yet.

Benny Newell: Of course not Hoffman. Murray knows that if the Bruvs lose he cannot remain champion.

Joe Hoffman: Why you think that?

Benny Newell: Because……

Benny begins to sing.

Benny Newell: Cause of FREE! FREEBIRD RULES!

Joe Hoffman: Aren’t you supposed to sing to the tune of Freebird and not Free Fallin?

Benny Newell: FUCK! YOU! HOFFMAN!

As Rick gets to his feet we see the two giants stand toe to toe before Rick pushes Murray. The King doesn’t look too happy from the disrespect and pushes Rick back.

Joe Hoffman: Fireworks are about to explode between Rick and Andy Murray.

Rick pushes again, and Murray responds with a forearm to the face, but the onslaught is short lived as Rick delivers a massive boot to Murray’s face.


As we see Rick standing tall we shift to Ring Two where the eGG Bandits have gained the upper hand as we see Zeb Martin deliver a sidewalk slam to Scottywood and Bobby Dean jumps off the lowest rope and lands on top of Scotty. Hortega sprints over and slides into position.








Bergman breaks up the pin.

Joe Hoffman: Bergman breaks up the pin there.

Benny Newell: I’m surprised Scotty didn’t submit with all those fat rolls of Bobby’s suffocating him.

Bergman picks up Martin and whips him towards the ropes, but the Bandit reverses it.

Joe Hoffman: Reversal by Zeb.

Bergman uses the momentum to his advantage as he springboards off of the middle rope and connects with a cutter.

Benny Newell: Zeb going to be sleeping with the fishies after that! DRINK!

Bergman looks as if someone pissed in his cheerios this morning as he picks up Zeb and throws him with all of his force into the side of the cage. Bergman immediately goes and picks up Zeb again and throws him into the opposite side of the cage.

Joe Hoffman: Bergman not playing around with Zeb tonight.

Benny Newell: Good. Finally Ordinary is becoming Extraordinary! DRINK!

Bergman rakes the face of Zeb along the fence as we switch to Ring One and we see Andy Murray helping Kendrix lift up Rick.

Joe Hoffman: I don’t like the look of this.

Mikey bounces off of the ropes and delivers a cutter while Kendrix performs a dominator.


Benny Newell: Only Boulevard for RIIIIIIIIICK is broken dreams Hoffman.

As the Bruvs Gluefist, Murray shoots the half and hooks the leg for a pin.








The Bruvs pull off Murray from the pin.


Joe Hoffman: Trying not to let Murray and Bergman win.

Benny Newell: But what about, FREE! FREEBIRD! RULES!

Joe Hoffman: Can’t have that if the champions win.

Benny Newell: Oh yeah…..well…FUCK! YOU! HOFFMAN!

The 24K stablemates begin to argue in the ring and Murray begins to extend his finger into the chest of the Bruvs and Mikey and Kendrix aren’t having it.

Joe Hoffman: 24K is about to implode before our eyes.

Benny Newell: They are just discussing who should get the pin. Nothing more.

The Bruvs have grown tired of Murray poking them with his finder and begin to deliver multiple Frapp Slaps to the King’s chest.

Joe Hoffman: There was an extra shot of espresso in that Frapp Slapp.

Benny Newell: I’m about to crack this Jack over his head.

Murray gets sent to the corner as Mikey sprints in and delivers knees to Murray’s chest and as Murray stumble forward Kendrix goes behind and delivers a double knee back breaker.

Mikey Unlikely: You know what it’s time for

Kendrix: OBVS!

Mikey grabs the legs of Murray and turns him over.


Joe Hoffman: I’m sure Rhys Townsend is smiling somewhere.

Kendrix locks in a crossface submission.

Joe Hoffman: The OBVSMission!

Benny Newell: Obviously.

Hortega asks Murray if he wants to submit, but the King as DEFIANT as ever gives the official the bird.

Benny Newell: The King will never submit!

Joe Hoffman: It’s only a matter of time…..LOOK OUT!

Scotty delivers a kick to the side of Mikey’s face and as Kendrix turns around catches a knee to the face.

Benny Newell: POW! Right in the kisser Hoffman!

As Scotty puts the boots to the Bruvs we switch to Ring Two and we see the Bandits having their way with Bergman as they both deliver a double slam to the former World champion.

Joe Hoffman: Bergman is isolated and in trouble.

Benny Newell: God dammit!

Zeb picks up Bergman and throws him towards Dean who delivers a tilt-a-whirl power slam. Bobby tells Zeb to go up who hops to the top rope and delivers a knee drop. Bobby makes the cover.








Bergman is able to kickout at the last instant.

Joe Hoffman: Bergman showing he has plenty of fight left in him.

Benny Newell: It’s called stupidity Joe.

Bobby gets to his feet with the help of Zeb and tells Zeb to bring Bergman to him. Bobby pulls down his tights and shoves Bergman’s head into his crouch and pulls the tights back up.

Benny Newell: I think I’m gonna fucking spew Hoffman.


Bobby reaches down to deliver the piledriver and as he looks up he sees a shiny knee brace coming straight towards him.



Bobby hits the mat like a sack of potatoes and Murray looks at Bergman and shakes his head, but gets sent to the ground with a belly-to-back suplex. The youngster mounts Murray and begins to deliver right hands before popping up and deliver a primal yell.

Joe Hoffman: The usually cool, calm, and collected Zeb is letting his rage out tonight.

Benny Newell: War Games turns people into monsters Hoffman.

As we switch to Ring One we see that HATE as gained control of the Bruvs as Rick throws Kendrix high into the air and the Englishman lands on his waiting knee.

Joe Hoffman: TIMBER!

Benny Newell: There are no trees on that beach Hoffman.

As Kendrix holds his tailbone in pain and turns around Rick runs and delivers a clothesline while Scotty takes his legs out with a chop block.

Joe Hoffman: Double team offense by HATE.

Scotty yells at Rick to pick up Mikey as he heads towards the corner. Scotty begins to climb as Rick has Mikey in the electric chair position.

Joe Hoffman: Scotty looking to end it here.

Mikey sees Scotty and desperately rakes the eyes of the big man and rolls down his back as Scotty and Rick collide with one another.

Benny Newell: Looks like he crashed and burned instead.

As as four men are laying on the canvas we switch to Ring Two and we see Andy Murray and Joe Bergman finally working together as a team as they deliver a double suplex to Zeb Martin.

Joe Hoffman: Looks like MurrBerg is starting to come together.

Benny Newell: It’s Andy Murray featuring Joe Bergman, Hoffhole!

Andy and Joe put the boots to Zeb before picking him up once again and throwing him into the cage wall. Murray yells at Joe to pick Zeb up and Bergman nods.

Joe Hoffman: The champs are dominating.

Benny Newell: Andy dominates everywhere he goes Hoffman.

Joe whips Zeb towards Murray who collides his knee against Zeb’s skull and the youngster goes limp. Murray and Bergman nod at one another and when Murray turns around he catches a dropkick to the knee by Bobby Dean followed by a DDT.

Benny Newell: Get him Bergers!

Bergman rears back and shoots a green mist out of his mouth at the same time Bobby reaches into his tights and produces an egg and throws the yolk in Bergman’s face.

Joe Hoffman: Bobby just got misted and Bergman got yolked!

Benny Newell: I’m gonna get drunk! DRINK!

As Joe and Bobby try to get their sight back we switch to Ring One and we see the Bruvs slugging it out with HATE.

Joe Hoffman: The Bruvs aren’t going to win against HATE in a brawl.

Scotty and Rick stun the Bruvs with a pair of forearms and the duo grab a Bruv each by the throat and look to lift them up.

Joe Hoffman: Duo chokeslams coming up.

Rick and Scotty lift the Bruvs up, but Mikey and Kendrix slip out and as the members of HATE turn a superkick awaits them.

Joe Hoffman: You hear that Benny? Sounded like a gun going off.

Benny Newell: Sorry Hoffman, that was just me scratching my python.

Mikey and Kendrix measure Rick and deliver a double superkick to the HATE monster.

Joe Hoffman: Strippee Strike!

Benny Newell: Hate when that happens, you tell them the fifty cents was a mistake and you meant fifty bucks….

Joe Hoffman: What are you rambling about?

Benny Newell: Nothing.

As the Bruvs turn their attention towards The Hardcore Artist, Scotty explodes out of his kneeling position with a double clothesline.

Joe Hoffman: Scotty showing why he’s a Hall of Famer.

Scotty goes to pick up Kendrix, but the Brit goes low as he drills Scotty in the balls.


Joe Hoffman: Why do you want him to hit him in the groin again?

Benny Newell: So Scotty can never reproduce again. I mean have you seen Frankie? Looking at him makes my penis shrivel up and hide in my foreskin in fear Hoffman.

Joe Hoffman: Too much information Benny.

As we briefly switch to a wide angle we see the participants of Ring Two beginning to stir. Mikey helps Kendrix lift Scotty on his partner’s shoulder and hits the ropes and they deliver the cutter/dominator combo.

Joe Hoffman: Scotty was sent down Hollywood Boulevard.

Mikey goes for the cover.










































Benny Newell: FUCK YOU JOE!

Joe Hoffman: What did I do?

Benny Newell: NOT YOU…..FUCK YOU TO!

Bergman pulls Mikey off of Scotty and goes to pin him, but Mikey’s other half has other plans.


Kendrix delivers a Code Breaker to Bergman and goes into a cover while watching Andy Murray battling to get free of the eGG Bandits.










Joe Hoffman: What a hard fought victory for the Bruvs!

Benny Newell: Damn right Hoffman! They earned it! I salute them!

Kendrix snatches the tag belts from Hortega and he pulls Mikey to his feet and the two begin to celebrate their victory.

The action fades to black as the new champs continue to celebrate.


You Owe Me

We cut away from the new Tag Team Champions and we are deep inside the lower decks of the USS Octane.

Lee is seen sitting in a chair looking at his laptop….smirking at the reactions on social media to the results so far tonight. Suddenly the door opens as HOW Hall of Famer Chris Kostoff is standing in the doorway. Looking back with disdain in his eyes Lee shakes his head.

Lee: Nope. No fucking what….NOPE….. what the fuck do you want old man? And how the fuck did you get on my boat?

Kostoff: I got here knowing shit, you know that.

Lee: I don’t give a fuck, what the fuck do you want and why are you on my boat?

Kostoff grabs a chair and slides it next to Lee.

Kostoff: I am here because you owe me.

Lee: Owe you? Owe you? Who the fuck are you talking to old man? I made you mother fucker. I owe you shit. Honestly you probably owe me money with all the fucking losses you have had over the last twenty years. I OWE YOU?

Kostoff: You owe me because you took my revenge out of my hands. You owe me because you took away what I fucking do best.

Lee: Revenge? This is what this is about? The dude had his face damn near burnt off. He literally ALMOST DIED……..This is your fucking ultimate plan of getting even? Fuck you old man. I do enough babysitting on the daily…..do you honestly think I have time to worry about whether or not Kostoff got his fucking rocks off today by beating a motherfucker up?? I OWE YOU????

Kostoff: You owe me mother fucker.

Kostoff stands up from the chair and stares down at Lee.

Lee: Oh, sit the fuck down…..you know damn well that nothing is going to happen. You want a match with the idiot? You want me to sign him back? You want a match with his 3rd degree side or the burnt to a crisp side? It would not matter…you would fucking lose to…..

Before Lee can get the rest of the words out, Kostoff lands a huge right to the temple of Lee. The sound of the blow echoes through the room as Lee leans back stunned and in pain. Kostoff grabs Lee by his shirt and lifts him off the ground and looks into his one good eye.

Kostoff: You fires that fuck before I got my hands on him. You took that away from me. So yes, you owe me…

Lee spits in the face of Kostoff. He lets go of Lee and wipes his face.

Lee: Who the fuck do you think you are fucking with? I owe you nothing!!!

As the words spill out of Lee’s mouth like venom, Kostoff lashes out and drives a right into the face of Lee. Kostoff begins to unleash a series of rights to the face of Lee. With each thundering shot, blood splatters onto the wall. Not letting go of his shirt Kostoff throws him across the room. He stalks over to Lee and puts his boot onto the neck of Lee.

Kostoff: You made me? Motherfucker I was hardcore before hardcore was cool here. If it wasn’t for me, there would be no Lee. You can go on and make yourself feel like you are some badass, but we both know I have always been the one you needed. I never needed you, but if you want to think that, remember this….

Kostoff reaches down and plants a boot to the stomach of Lee. He gets him up and drives him down onto the floor. Blood is now spilling down his face as Kostoff hangs on, he lifts him up again and drives down again with another power bomb. The door swings open as a random EPU agent comes into the room…… Reaching down, Kostoff grabs Lee by his neck and holds onto it with dear life.

Kostoff: Stop right there asshole….. You make one move towards me and I will snap the oldman’s neck. You know I am the only one here that will do it and not lose a moment of sleep.

The EPU agent slowly backs away and slowly closes the door behind him.

Kostoff: You see, this is gonna happen Lee. One more time, for the final time. We end this between us. Almost twenty years of us going at each other. Blood has been spilled. Lives ruined.

The smile fades as he lands one last shot to the face of Lee.

Kostoff: I am gonna get my hands on you one last time. And I promise you, this will not end well. I appreciate you naming the August show after me……how fitting. On August 22nd this worthless old man is going to finally kill you……..HOFC sounds fitting.

Kostoff laughs as he steps over the lifeless body of Lee and pushes the EPU agent out of his way as he storms off leaving a crimson masked GOD of HOW lying.

No Remorse

Chris Kostoff vs. Lee Best

Team Michael Lee Best vs. General Lee Best Team

War Games Match for every Singles Title

We cut back live to the announce team as they both are still staring shockingly at their monitors at what they just saw.

Joe Hoffman: Where is medical? Are we to continue?

As if the monkeys in the truck heard their cue, we cut to a live feed back inside Lee’s office here on the USS Octane.

The medical staff has secured Lee onto a gurney and are whisking him away. Suddenly, Brian Bare of all people, peeks his head out of a room.

Brian Bare: Is Lee going to be ok? Where are you taking him??

The veteran reporter sticks a microphone in the face of one of the medics…

“We are taking him to the medic chopper and heading inland. He needs medical attention and now……now excuse me.”

Brian just nods his head and watches as the team scurries down the corridor.

“Come back to bed…”

Brian turns around and motions for the random woman to be quiet before he quickly shuts the door.

The feed cuts back to Joe and Benny as they are still in shock with what just happened.

Joe Hoffman: Lee had this boat on lockdown. I mean most of the wrestlers were already in France and have been on the boat only during the set-up of the rings and cell. I mean how in the hell did Kostoff sneak on and

Benny Newell: Who gives a fuck. Kostoff will die…and apparently at No Remorse. I am MORE concerned about who the fuck is in the room with Bare…..that room needs its own Only Fans account.

Joe Hoffman: Huh?

Benny Newell: Never mind. Main Event time. Focus you fucknut.

Joe tries to compose himself as Benny for once is right. The show must go on…with or without Lee Best.

Joe Hoffman: Ok folks Benny is right. It is time to see who will come away with all the marbles tonight. Team Mike or Team Lee.

Benny Newell: General Lee. C’mon. Just cause the man is dying in a helicopter at the moment doesn’t mean we can take away his rank.

Joe ignores Benny as we cut away from the announcers to a live shot on the beach where it is time for the Main Event to begin.

Inside Ring one we see Matt Boettcher, HOW senior Referee, standing and waiting to call the action.

On the outside of the rings and facing the USS Octane, Joel Hortega waits for the first arrivals to the Main Event.

As everyone is focused on the two military boats heading towards the beach, we see the helicopter with Lee Best aboard, take off from the deck of the USS Octane and head inland.

As the sound slowly fades away, it is replaced by the sounds of the boats crashing thru the waves and making landfall.

In one boat stands MJ Flair and in the other Lindsay Troy.

Both slowly make their way off the boats and towards the huge cell that is encompassing  the two rings. Lindsay enters the cell first and slides into Ring Two, the ring on the right for those viewing at home, while MJ Flair slides into ring one.

Joe Hoffman: Ok folks here is how this will go down. These two women will kick off the match after the bell sounds the boats will return here to the USS Octane where they will pick up the next participants. The duration of this round trip is all there is between folks entering the match and the next ones. We do know that the entrants will be alternated between the teams. The only way to be eliminated is via pinfall or submission. We continue until one full team of four has been eliminated.  The sole survivor of the winning team will be presented the World Championship and if there are more than one survivor on the winning team it will be up to the Captain of the team to make that call….and in this case its Michael……and who???

Benny Newell: I will gladly step in and I am proud to announce that the MINISTER is the new …..

Joe Hoffman: I DO NOT THINK so………hopefully it doesn’t come to that as I have no idea who would make that call as Lee’s proxy.

Back inside the ring one Boettcher has motioned for Lindsay to enter the ring so he can officially begin the match.

The Queen is smirking as she climbs into the ring and after a slight pause Boettcher signals for the bell and we are officially underway….

Joe Hoffman: Well here we go Benny. These two are NOT strangers and one has to wonder if the strategy laid down by Lee will benefit his team tonight…….picking MJF…..pitting here right away against LT……and stirring the pot beforehand with all his OLD comments.

Benny Newell: Look its simple math. One is older than the other one. One is older than the redwoods. One is older than the fucking sands of time…..so ya…simple.

Joe Hoffman: You are sooooo lucky she cannot hear you.

Benny Newell: She will read the transcript on the long ass ride home….that I am sure.

Joe Hoffman: Speaking of time….this show started a little after 11pm CST on a Saturday and will go well into Sunday back in the states….here….it started at sunrise and we are well into the afternoon now. How will the sun beating down on these competitors play a factor?

Back inside Ring 1 we are about to find out as LT and MJF lock up and immediately the taller and stronger Queen of the GoD gains the upper hand and pushes MJF back into the corner of the ring.

Flair looks at Boettcher for a break, but he can only shrugs as there are no rules in this match.

With a smirk, LT loads up a right hand and swings down hard on MJF, but the smaller and more agile wrestler is able to duck and slide out of harm’s way and makes her way back to the center of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Small lapse there by MJF looking for a break from Boettcher. No rules here tonight folks and if we have learned anything over the years…..ANYTHING is possible here tonight…errr today.

Back in the ring LT nods her head in approval of the quickness of MJF and the two circle each other.

Joe Hoffman: Calm before the storm here Benny….calm before the storm.

Benny Newell: I wanted 97 hours for this? Fuck off. Hit the old hag already….

Once again the two lock up and once again LT gains the upper hand and walks MJF back into the corner, but this time there is no hesitation as LT drives her right knee into the gut of MJF and connects solidly.  MJF doubles over as the air escapes but there is no hesitation as LT drives another knee into her stomach……and then another……..causing MJF to drop to her knees gasping for air as LT is not letting up.

Joe Hoffman: It is too early to be losing your oxygen in this match…..way too early.

LT grabs Flair by the air and pulls her to her feet and forces her younger competitor to stare into her eyes before delivering a wicked headbutt to the bridge of the nose to MJF.

Immediately blood begins to spurt out and MJF drops to her back and smartly rolls out of the ring as not only has she lost some air….but now some blood and her eyes are watered up from the headbutt.

Joe Hoffman: Smart move by Flair there as LT is just showing a vicious side to start this match. It is clear that she is not here to mess around tonight.

Benny Newell: Its ok. MJF is just waiting for her to waste what little energy she has. Remember…..she’s you know…

Joe Hoffman: Ya ok we get it. Enough already. Even I am tired of hearing that.

Back outside ring one we see MJF leaning up against the wall of the cell wiping tears from her eyes and blood from her nose.

Matt Boettcher then motions to both competitors that it’s time for the next competitor and both look out towards the beach and we see a boat returning with a new competitor.

Joe Hoffman: I cannot believe it’s been five minutes already but here we go…..we can clearly see the boat returning…..and who is on it……its……its…

Benny Newell: ANDY FUCKING MURRAY!!!!!

It’s obvious that we have a drone assisting with the coverage of the Main Event as it brings us live aerial footage of Andy Murray heading towards the beach.

The feed cuts back to inside the cell where LT is watching the boat heading towards her.

Joe Hoffman: Well it’s clear that Lee stacked the deck against LT to start this match off. Andy Murray as the 2nd General Lee wrestler to enter the match….I did NOT see that coming.

Benny Newell: It is the BEST strategy…..obviously.

Sensing an opportunity, a bloody but still game MJF, slides back into the ring and nails LT with a perfectly placed dropkick to the back of her knee, sending the larger woman down to her knees in pain.

MJF pops back up and follows suit with a short running bulldog, driving the head of LT into the canvas.

Joe Hoffman: Now it is LT’s turn to be the smart one as she has rolled out of the ring and to the sand. Her knee is clearly an issue here as she tries to shake off the pain.

As LT tries to shake off the pain from the dropkick, we see that Andy Murray has landed on the beach and is making his way towards the cell.  Murray and MJF make eye contact and nod as there is no doubt what needs to be done.

Benny Newell: NOW WE GO JOE…..NOW WE GO…….

We see LT smartly trying to get as far away from the cell door as possible but walking, let along limping, in the sand is tough.

Murray finally makes his way into the cell and he slowly starts stalking LT and it’s clear that his own knee is not bothering him.

Joe Hoffman: Well it looks like Murray has shook off his own knee issues from earlier as he once again is sporting that reinforced knee brace.

Benny Newell: Murray at 85% is better than the rest of the roster at 100%. That is a fact. Math and science do not lie.

Back at ringside of Ring 1 we see LT stop as now she knows she cannot outrun Murray and with MJF cutting her off from the getting back into the ring….she turns to fight.

Joe Hoffman: LT is as tough as they come. She isn’t going to run. Fight and Fight is all there is to it here.

Benny Newell: But she literally was just limping her ass….nevermind Joe. Watch this fucking assbeating about to happen.

As LT turns towards Murray, we see the big man start running towards LT and she has nowhere to go as Murray delivers a running spear, driving LT back first into the cell. She crumples into the sand below as Murray slowly stands up. He gives a quick glance towards the ring and MJF and then turns back towards LT and begins pulling her up to her feet by her hair.

Joe Hoffman: Looks like Murray is returning the favor here for MJF…..

But instead of landing a headbutt Murray instead rears back his right hand and lands an open handed slap to the face of LT.

Benny Newell: Holy shit I think they could hear that all the way back in Wrigleyville……and also I just got hard.

Joe Hoffman: The blatant disrespect here from Murray to Linz is appalling.

Murray is half laughing as he bends down to pull LT back to her feet once again but this time he is met with a powerful right hand as we see LT and absolute FIRE in her eyes.

LT hops up to her feet and now she is on the offensive as she delivers right hand after right hand to the 6’7” man and literally cuts him down to size as one more right hand sends him to his back.

Back inside the rings and we see that MJF is now in the middle of the rings, following the action. As LT gains the upper hand and Murray goes down, we see MJF reaches around to the back of her head, which is tied into a ponytail, and pulls out some sort of string?

Joe Hoffman: What is MJF up to??

We see the young Flair reach thru the middle rope and snag LT by the back of the head and quickly pull the string around the neck of LT and begin to pull back violently.

The cameraman gets into position so that we see that MJF has fishing line around the throat of LT.

Benny Newell: Remember last year Joe!!! This is fucking payback….and she is going to choke the whole GoDdamn team!!!!!

Out of pure desperation, the taller LT, is able to pull the now loose hair of MJF and literally pull her thru the ropes and down to the sand below. She grabs the fishing line off her throat and tosses it to the side out of frustration as she focuses in on the two downed wrestlers.

Andy and MJF are both beginning to get to their feet as LT delivers a right footed kick to Andy Murray to her left and then a left footed kick to the side of the head of MJF who is on her right.

Joe Hoffman: Linz is showing so much grit and toughness here.

Benny Newell: It’s just a matter of time Joe……the numbers game will catch up and when those numbers include Andy fucking Murray and the younger and tougher Flair….you just know..

And with that Benny is cut off as Matt Boettcher signals that it is time for another competitor to enter the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Not so fast Benny…here we go….we know it will be member of Team Mike….but who??

We cut to the drone once again to see the boat taking off from the USS Octane. As it does its VERY obvious who the next wrestler is.

Joe Hoffman: YES!!!!!

Benny Newell: NO!!!!

Back inside the cell the wrestlers are unable to see who it is that is coming as they have the two rings and the cell blocking their view, but the announcers let everyone know at home.

Joe Hoffman: Mike Best is on his way folks……The ICON Champion is on his way to War Games!!!

But back inside the cell LT continues to try and maintain her advantage. As she turns her attention back to Murray she is met with a big ol handful of sand to the eyes as the ever resourceful vet picked up a handful of sand and tossed it directly into the eyes of the unsuspecting LT.

Joe Hoffman: Really? This guy who just open slapped LT into scorched earth just tossed sand into her eyes??

Benny Newell: Pretty sure that should not be a surprise…I mean look it’s in his fucking bio. The man will use the environment and is a 26 year vet. AWARENESS JOE…..AWARENESS!!

We cut back to the drone footage and see that Mike is halfway to the beach. We then cut back to the action where both MJF and Murray are staggering back up to their feet as we see LT walking around the side of Ring 2 trying to regain her vision.

MJ Flair rolls into the ring and heads to the other side to cut off LT as Murray stalks her on the outside.

As he closes down the distance, Murray slowly begins to build himself up to a slow run and then the final feet he closes the distance down quickly before delivering a nasty lariat to the back of the head of LT.

Murray pulls LT up to her feet again by her hair and this time drives her head first into the steel mesh of the cage…..and then again……and again……and on the third blow he pushes her head into the mesh and begins wiping her head back and forth against the fence and the cameraman on the outside of the cell is able to get into position to show that now its LT who is bleeding.

Joe Hoffman: Just a dirty tactic here by Murray. He just cut her head open on the cell like a cheese grater. Not only does she have her vision impaired by sand but also blood.

We quickly cut to the drone footage to show that Mike is literally yards from the shore….

A bloodied LT is rolled into the ring by Murray and it is only now that he looks left and sees who is on their way.

Murray yells something at MJF and she now as well sees that the ICON Champion is on his way.

Inside Ring 2 MJF picks up Troy and holds her up as Murray slides in and as he stands Flair whips Troy towards him and he nails LT with a devastating lariat. As he finishes the move he sees that Mike has literally jumped off the side of the patrol boat, not waiting for the door to be lowered, and is running thru the last several feet of water and is heading towards the match.

Murray quickly turns around, pulls LT up, puts her on his shoulder and while staring at the running Mike Best, he nails her with his Highland Hangover emerald fusion finisher…..but he doesn’t cover. Instead he stands up and begins walking towards Ring 1.

Joe Hoffman: Murray is off to meet Mike at the cell door!!

Back in Ring 2, Flair pulls LT up to her knees and nails her with her modified scorpion death drop….and covers….

Joe Hoffman: Flair able to nail her finisher on the taller wrestler by only pulling her up to her knees………….Boettcher with the count!!




Mike is on the beach feet away from the cell door as Andy slides out of Ring 1 to meet him..




Andy and Mike get to the cell door at the same time, but the running ICON Champion has the advantage and literally jumps into the door with his knees causing the door to fly inward and knocking Murray to the sand.

Joe Hoffman: Raynes of Castamere to the door!!!!

Mike quickly pops up to his feet and looks to Ring 2..





A bloodied MJ Flair motions for Mike Best to join her in Ring 2 as she stands up and kicks LT out of the ring.

Mike looks at Andy Murray to his left who is still not moving from the cell door blow and then back at a bloodied MJ Flair who just eliminated LT and makes his choice.

Joe Hoffman: Here we go folks!!! The ICON champion is heading straight for the person that eliminated LT and that is MJ Flair!!

As Best makes his way towards MJ we see Joel Hortega helping LT out of the cell thru the second door in front of Ring 2 and Mike hesitates slightly as he looks off to his right. That’s Flair needs as does something she normally do as she flies thru the middle rope and meets a running Mike Best with an elbow to the side of the head.

The momentum of the two wrestlers causes a horrible collision and Mike and Flair slam hard into the cell.

Joe Hoffman: What a move by Flair there to stop the charging Mike Best who was clearly distracted by the wellbeing of Troy.

Benny Newell: So many jokes…not enough time.

Back outside Ring 2, Mike and Flair slowly get up to their feet almost at the same time, and the fresher ICON Champion quickly pounces on Flair with a right hand that knocks her down to her knees with one hand still on the cell holding herself up.


Mike looks behind him and doesn’t see Murray, so he continues to press on Flair as he delivers another right hand and then follows up to a boot right to the nose and we see dried blood being joined by fresh blood as Flair goes prone in the sand.

Joe Hoffman: Mike, who is no stranger to War Games, is staying on the offensive and it is very clear that he has one eye behind him as he is still outnumbered.

Benny Newell: And that is going to get worse here in a minute……as its time for another member of General Lee to join….it’s been five minutes right!!??

Joe Hoffman: We are closing in on the time yes……but believe me the ICON and Captain Mike Best knows what is what.

As if he had Joe speaking in his ear, Mike looks down at MJ Flair and decides to head back towards Ring 1 and check on the status of Murray.

As Mike nears the corner of Ring 1 and the cell door we see Murray spring out and nail Mike Best with a powerful lariat sending the ICON Champion down to the sand.

Joe Hoffman: Murray was playing possum!! Literally hiding on the other side of the ring just waiting for Mike to get near to the corner.


Murray smirks down at the HOW Hall of Famer and drops a kick to the forehead of the man. Just then we see Murray look up and down the cell towards Ring 2 and Flair who is back to her feet….a complete bloody mess….and is begging for Murray to let her have Mike.

Murray puts both his hands up and slowly rolls into Ring 1 and props himself up in the far corner and motions for Flair that Best is all hers.

Benny Newell: Amazing strategy here by Murray. Literally resting up knowing that Flair can handle Best and he has another teammate coming.

Back outside the rings we see Mike pulling himself up with the help of the cell just in time to see Flair jumping at him and she lands on the Hall of Famer with a modified Lou Thesz press and she begins punching down furiously with rights and lefts.

The camera captures Murray giving Flair a golf clap as she continues to pummel on the ICON Champion as we hear Matt Boettcher note it’s time for the next competitor.

Joe Hoffman: Here we go folks!!! The boat and drone are in position and we see it taking off and yep…….it’s clear as day who this is…

Benny Newell:  PERFECTION!! Andy Murray’s tag team partner is on his way!!! 3 on 1!!!

Back inside Ring 1 we see that Flair has pulled Mike up to his feet and has rolled him into the ring. As she climbs up to the apron she sees Murray motion out to the water, and everyone realizes that another teammate is on the way.

Joe Hoffman: This is no good…..no good.

As the boat carrying Perfection heads to the beach we see Murray stand up from the corner and he motions it’s time to eliminate Mike Best.

Murray stands over the ICON Champion and reaches down and pulls the man up just to knock him down with a wicked right hand. Andy shakes his right fist as even the blow hurt him.

Now it is Flair’s turn as she pulls Mike up to his feet and she delivers an elbow to the side of his head and Mike goes down once again.

Andy nods his head in approval and picks up Mike once again and this time nails him with a vicious slap across the chest that sends the ICON Champion down to the canvas as blood spots pop up on his chest.

Joe Hoffman: What a SLAP by Andy there…..and we have a literal game of one-upmanship going on here.

Benny Newell: This beating better be worse than the one that Lee got early from Kostoff.

Joe Hoffman: Speaking of which….we have had no medical update for Lee as of yet. If we do we will provide it obviously. For now,…..another Best is in a bad way as well.

To reinforce this, we see Flair take her turn and she pulls Mike back up, whips him into the far rope and nails him with a picture perfect dropkick. She goes for the cover, but Boettcher can’t even get a one count before Mike kicks out.

Joe Hoffman: Too early even after all the damage….the ICON Champion will NOT go down without a fight tonight.

Benny Newell: Oh, my will Twitter be on FIRE tonight when the butthurt flows thru everyone when team General Lee wins one for the gipper.

As Flair stands up both her and Murray look towards the cell door as we see Perfection has made it to the beach and is at the cell door and quickly slides into Ring 1.

Benny Newell: Here we go…..time for Perfection…the only man that has beaten himself when it comes to Mike Best……

Joe Hoffman: So many jokes….not enough time.

This time its Benny who is stopped in his tracks and unable to counter Joe.

There are no counters in Ring 1 as well as we see Perfection wastes no time and jumps on the body of Mike Best and begins to unload right hands to the ICON Champion.

Joe Hoffman: It is officially three on one folks and sadly just a matter of time before Mike is unable to continue.

Benny Newell: See…now that you said that you already know that Mike is going to get out of this and go on to go the distance. You jinxed everything and now foreshadowing is out the window.

Joe Hoffman: You speak as if you had money on this?

Benny Newell: No comment.

Back in the ring we see Perfection has pulled Mike to his feet and whips him into the far ropes and delivers a perfect back elbow and drops the ICON Champion once again.

Benny Newell: Son of a bitch. This just feels like Mike is going to get his ass kicked for about 5 hours and then come thru…this is the set up right? Fuck.

Joe Hoffman: I got nothing. All logic is out the window at this point. It is three versus one!!

To drive home that point Murray and Perfection are now working together as its now MJ Flair who is standing up in the far turnbuckle as she gains some rest.

Murray and Perfection lift up the ICON Champion and deliver a stalling double suplex and give each other a nod as they stay on the offensive.

The Scotsman picks up Best and promptly kicks him in the gut and Perfection follows up with a swinging neck breaker….but again no pinfall attempts from the 24K stablemates.

Joe Hoffman: Perfection has certainty had his issues with the GoD so you know he is enjoying this.

Benny Newell: He BEAT HIMSELF JOE!!!

Back in the ring Perfection stands over the lifeless Best and slaps him a few times across the face and as he goes for a second slap Mike quickly grabs him by the head and rolls him up.




Andy, shocked by the quickness of roll up, jumps into action….




….and quickly breaks up the count with a stomp to the head of Mike.


Joe Hoffman: We almost saw a quick surprise elimination there by Mike Best!

Benny Newell: No matter what MIKE thinks…he isn’t eliminating Perfection…..not here…not now.

Perfection, upset by the near fall, jumps up and promptly jumps back on Mike and begins pummeling him with right hands and only stops as Boettcher motions that it’s time for a new competitor to hit the match.

Perfection, spits in the direction of the Hall of Famer, and stands up and along with Andy they turn towards the water to see if they can make up who is coming out next.

Joe Hoffman: Ok folks…..wait for it…….there we go…..boat is away………drone is in position…and that is one beefy boy as the cool kids say…..that is one Dan Ryan!!!

Back in Ring 1 everyone can see, even from a distance, that the shape of the man that it can be only one person and Murray orders everyone to focus in on Mike as they only have a matter of minutes before a fresh Dan Ryan hits the cell.

Perfection motions to Andy that he has this, and he picks up Mike and grabs his arms, rotates around and is in position for his Unprettier finisher the Photo Finish….

Joe Hoffman: Here we go folks….

The Six Time ICON however slips out of the hold, and nails Perfection in the back of the head with a punch and as Perfection falls forward, Mike jumps forward and nails Murray with a desperation clothesline and all three men are down in the middle of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: What a desperation move by Mike…that literally could have saved himself as it should buy him time until Ryan enters the fray……

But everyone has forgotten about MJ Flair who has been watching the action in the far turnbuckle and gaining her second wind.

She gives a quick look out to the water and sees that Dan is about halfway to the the beach and she quickly turns back towards Mike Best.

She hustles over to the center of the ring and pulls him by the back of his head and positions him for her finisher just like she did earlier against Lindsay Troy that led to her elimination.

Benny Newell: Morning Star!!!!

But again, the Hall of Famer is able to reverse a finishing move attempt as he literally uses his free right hand to nail Flair in the nose with a desperation right hand. The blow again causes more damage to the already busted and probably broken nose of MJ Flair.

The blow causes Flair to fall to her backside as Mike slowly staggers to his feet. As he does we see Murray and Perfection doing the same.

Joe Hoffman: Mike is not DONE yet folks……but he is in trouble as 24K is also up…

Mike, seeing the two men in front of him, looks quickly to the outside and sees that Dan Ryan has hit the beach and is making a beeline to the cell. He is literally only a minute away.

Murry and Perfection see the same thing and charge Mike and take him down with a double clothesline.

Joe Hoffman: Sadly, there was just nowhere for Mike to go there. It is all about surviving until Ryan arrives.

Benny Newell: Who gives a fuck about that old fuck. It will still be 3 on 2….

Joe Hoffman: But a fresh Dan Ryan…..

Benny Newell: Nothing has been fresh on that man since the 80’s. Just. A. Matter. Of. Time.

Back in Ring 1 the 24K teammates have pulled Mike back up and this time they whip Mike into the ropes and go for another double clothesline but Mike ducks under, bounces off the far ropes, and nails the two men with his own desperation double clothesline.

Joe Hoffman: SURVIVE!!

But the survival is fleeting as Flair jumps into action and this time there is no reversal as she pulls Mike up by the back of the head once again and instantly nails him with her modified scorpion death drop and covers.

Benny Newell: THE MORNING STAR!!!!!! COVER!!!

MJ Flair covers Mike and Boettcher begins the count…











































The announcers are in complete and utter shock.

MJ Flair lets out a primal scream as she realizes that she has eliminated both Lindsay Troy and Michael Lee Best.

As the replays of the pinfall hit the HOTv for the viewers at home we are hearing screaming inside the ring.

Boettcher can be heard SCREAMING that even though his hand was close to hitting the canvas that it never did as Mike had his right foot on the ropes.

Flair jumps up and looks shocked at Boettcher and begins to argue with the senior referee and never sees the big man rushing her from behind.


Ryan, while running, snags Flair by the back of the head and rushes her towards the far ropes and tosses her over the top rope and the force of the throw sees Flair fly all the way into the side of the cell. She crumples in the and below as Dan then turns towards the 24K members.

He immediately focuses in on Murray and picks up the big man and tosses him over the top rope as well and turns just in time to see Perfection coming at him and he is able to duck a clothesline attempt from Perfection, which sees the 24K member bounce of the ropes and right into a big kick to the gut.

Ryan then picks him up, spins around, and executes a perfect Humility Bomb in the center of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Ryan is on fire…..his high angled powerbomb was executed….with perfection?

Benny Newell: Fuck off.

Ryan covers Perfection…








Neither Murray nor Flair are moving







Joe Hoffman: What a turn of events. We went from Mike Best seemingly eliminated to Dan Ryan cleaning house and eliminating Perfection.

Benny Newell: Fuck off.

Boettcher can be seen helping roll Perfection out of the ring where Joel Hortega helps the man out of the cell.

Joe Hoffman: Ok folks so its two on two in the match and we still have the LSD and World Champions to enter the match. We officially have a level match for the first time since the beginning.

Benny Newell: I will take Murray and Flair every day of the week versus an injured Mike Best and a Murray wannabe.

Joe ignores Benny as we see replays of the finishing sequence of Perfections eliminations. We also get one more view of Mike Best literally…..by 0.25 seconds….get his foot on the ropes before Boettcher’s hand hit the mat for the three count.

Back live inside Ring 1 and we see Dan Ryan helping Mike to his feet. Mike gives the big man a quick nod of approval and we can see him mouth the word “Thanks” as the two GoD members stand tall in the middle of the ring as outside the ring we see Murray and Flair getting to their feet.

Joe Hoffman: Well we have a couple minutes before its time for Max to

Benny Newell: Minister. Max is locked up somewhere in the Matrix. Its minister.

Joe Hoffman: Um ya…..either way….the LSD Champion is coming out next and who knows how this will tip the scales as Minister is so unstable and that is saying something when talking about Max.

Back in the ring we see Mike and Dan talking in a pseudo huddle as they decide the next course of action as they know they are on the clock as its common knowledge who is left to enter due to a process of elimination.

Joe Hoffman: Whatever they are to decide they need to do it quickly. Minister is moments away from being released into the wild.

Benny Newell: Key word is released as who the fuck knows what the guy is going to release on these assholes.

The two men quickly head to the far side of the ring where we see MJ Flair standing up against the side of the ring. She sees both Mike Best and Dan Ryan staring at her and coming at her with the worst of intentions and she promptly flips both men off.

Joe Hoffman: Flair standing there with a broken and blood covered face….and she still has the grit to tell these two stalwarts to

Benny Newell: Fuck off. That is what she is saying. These two want to pick on this poor woman…fuck em. I am with her. Fuck off.

But there is no time for feelings as Dan Ryan and Mike Best exit the ring and pounce on MJ Flair. She throws desperation rights and left and is scratching and clawing but the fresh 6’7” Dan Ryan is too much as he delivers an axe handle to the back of her head and Flair drops to the sand once again. A puddle of her own blood turns the sand black as she tries to fight back but there is nothing left.

Dan Ryan stands behind Flair and pulls her up by the hair and we see Mike take a couple steps back and then proceeds to run towards Flair and nails the 5’7” 135lb woman with his running shining wizard finisher.

Joe Hoffman: I NEED A HERO!!!!!!

Mike motions for Dan to head towards Murray as the ICON Champion rolls Flair into the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Here we go!!! Mike pulls Flair to the center of the ring to avoid the very same thing that just accomplished to thwart her pinfall attempt on him minutes earlier….

Mike makes the cover and Boettcher falls into position as on the outside we see Dan Ryan clotheslines Andy Murray back down to the sand.












Joe Hoffman: No foot on the ropes here folks. What an effort from MJ Flair but she finally is eliminated by the ICON Michael Lee Best.

Benny Newell: What a fucking MAN he is.

Boettcher signals that it’s time for the next entrant and that is none other than the LSD Champion.

We see medics rush in on ATV’s and a medical cart from the makeshift camp that is about 75 yards down the beach, and they jump off to help Hortega who is literally carrying Flair out of the cell.

They place her on a stretcher and put her in the back of the medical cart but before they can strap her in, she sits up and motions for them to just drive off.

Joe Hoffman: Flair refusing to be stretchered out here folks. Gotta admire her effort here tonight…err….today here folks.

Benny Newell: The sun is setting Joe…..who gives a fuck about the time in Chicago.

Back in the ring we see Mike staring intently at the USS Octane as its time for the Minister.

But there is no boat that is making its way towards the beach and the cell.

Joe Hoffman: What is going on?? Where is Max??

Mike turns towards Boettcher and wants to know what the hell is going on, but he knows nothing.

Joe Hoffman: There is still no sign of Minister…are we even sure that he is coming?? I mean surely he is right??

We cut to a live feed from the drone that is hovering above the empty patrol boat. There is literally no sign of Max.

Benny Newell: I bet you Mike did something. I bet he hired that asshole Kostoff to take out Lee and Max…..you just know HE had something to do with this!!??

Back inside the cell we see Mike still standing in bewilderment of where his brother is.

Outside the ring we see Dan Ryan and Murray standing toe to toe exchanging blows as Murray has been able to fight back up to his feet.

The two 6’7” veterans are hitting each other with haymakers as Mike continues to ask Boettcher to find out what the hell is going on.

Joe Hoffman: Well there is literally no sign of the LSD Champion and we must continue.

Benny Newell: Can we focus in on the fact that Dan Ryan and Andy Murray are beating the shit out of each other?

And the live feed does just that as we see Andy Murray finally gain the upper hand with a quick rake of the eyes and then slams the head of Dan Ryan into the steel mesh of the cage.

He does it again…..and again……and when he goes for the fourth one it is blocked by the big Texan and this time he grabs the Scotsman by the back of the head and now it’s his turn to bash Murray’s head into the steel cage multiple times.

Joe Hoffman: These two are just so evenly match I believe the only difference is that Ryan is the fresher of the two even though Murry has taken as many breathers as he could in this match and who could blame him considering he already wrestled in this very cell earlier tonight.

Benny Newell: The KING of Wrestling is not a fucking pushover. He has AWARENESS and knows what the fuck needs to be done.

We see Mike look out at Dan Ryan and sees that he has gained control over Murray and he resumes asking Boettcher to find out what the “FUCK IS GOING ON”.

Joe Hoffman: Sadly, Mike has the opportunity to stall a little here as without Max coming out its going to be the World Champion coming out lastly and let’s be honest…even 85% of Murray is NOT going to be able to hang with Dan Ryan, Mike Best and the World Champion.

Benny Newell: No shit. NO fucking shit.

Inside the ring Mike is resigned to the fact that Max is not making his way out and now asks Boettcher to start the clock so Farthington can enter.

Suddenly there is a loud crash on the top of the cell.

The cameras pan up and we see a steel chair has just landed on top of the cell right above Ring number 2.

A few seconds later and a Callaway SubZero Mavrik driver lands on top of the cell.

Next a shovel.

Then a roll of barbed wire.

Finally, a large baseball bat hits the top of the cell and the force causes the bat to fall thru the top of the cell and it sticks in the middle of the ring. We then see that it is covered in nails.

Joe Hoffman: It is raining weapons??!!!

It is then that the drone meant for the coverage of the patrol boats pans its camera up and we see a man parachuting in. It is clear as day who this man is.

Joe Hoffman: Max???!!!

Benny Newell: THE MINISTER IS HERE!!!!

Mike literally pushes Boettcher to the side as he jumps out of the ring and watches as we see Max slowly descending towards the cell.

Back over outside Ring 1 we see Dan Ryan pick up Murray and roll him inside the ring.

Joe Hoffman: As EVERYONE waits for Max to land…….we have to remain focused on Dan Ryan trying to secure a clean pinfall on Murray after absolutely destroying him to the point he got DQed several weeks ago.

Benny Newell: Shady ass shit that was. You best believe that was all Mike protecting Ryan as he KNEW Dan was going to lose.

Joe Hoffman: Another theory was that they were softening up a guy that they knew was going to be double booked on the biggest show of the year? I dunno….that would be the right way to look at it?

Benny Newell: The only thing I am looking at is the fact that the Minister is about to land and blow everyone up like he is Wile E Coyote.

Joe Hoffman: Huh. Cannot argue that.

As Ryan and Murray continue to go back and forth inside Ring 1 all attention is on Mike and Max who is now only about a hundred feet above the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Folks we just got word……the clock is up…….THE WORLD CHAMPION IS ON HIS WAY!!!!

We cut to a live feed from the drone hovering above the patrol boat as we see the World Champion jumping into the boat and it takes off towards the beach. The camera then pans up and we see the LSD Champion has landed on top of the cell.


The drone has is flying towards the beach as well but this time it zoomed in and tracking Max Kael on top of the cell and not following the patrol boat. Thru the camera we see that Max has several empty D Rings where the weapons he dropped earlier were being held.

But not all are empty.

Max unstraps him from the parachute and strips all the SAFETY gear off him and takes the final weapon off is person.

Joe Hoffman: Oh my GOD……Max has a keychain on him and its very clear what is linked to it….EVERYONE knows that….


Max keeps the keychain attached to him as he looks down inside the cell for the first time and see what is going on. He then looks out on the water and sees the World Champion is about halfway to the beach and he realizes he has time.

Joe Hoffman: Well it is clear as day that the Minister is in full control of Max. I mean the Bottomline Pen??

Benny Newell: Only one man deserves that…..and I for one cannot wait until Mike Best shows off his new bad ass new eye patch. I bet the GoD logo will look AMAZING on it. Oh, the adverts!

Minister looks down inside Ring 2 where we see Mike Best has entered the ring has the baseball bat in his hand. It is clear that he is following Minister’s every move.

Joe Hoffman: Nowhere for Minister to go here. He could drop down in the hole in the top of the cell, but Mike is literally waiting for him….

Minister, cunning as ever, begins a mad dash to the far corner of the cell and he covers more ground running on the cell than Mike does rolling out of the ring and running in the sand.


Minister climbs down halfway down and then drops softly in the sand outside of the cell. He grabs Hortega by the throat and tells him to lock the cell door. Luckily for him when Mike nailed it with double knees earlier that the door was already unlocked, and it is still usable.

Hortega gets it locked just as Mike makes his way to the corner of the cell. The two brothers stare each other down thru the cell as Minister just smiles.

He then turns towards the water where the World Champion has just landed.

Farthington jumps on the beach and charges towards the LSD Champion.

Joe Hoffman: Farthington is storming the beach…….this is it……it is all on the line now!!

Farthington reaches Minister and swings and Minister ducks and as he does he nails Farthington in the ribs…..but not with a fist………but with a stun gun that he had concealed on him.

Farthington falls to the sand uncontrollably shaking and Minister smiles down at his handiwork before turning back towards the cell where Mike just watched what happened.

Joe Hoffman: I am not surprised at all about what we just saw but c’mon…..

Joe stops as he, as we all see, Mike using the shovel that was dropped and fell thru the top of the cell. He has broken open the cell door in front of cell 2 and is storming towards the Minister.

Back in Ring 1 the action has not stopped, however. Andy and Dan Ryan have been going at it for several minutes and both men have exhausted each other with big move after big move.

Both men are bloody from the head shots on the cell and we see Dan Ryan lifting Murray up for a Humility Bomb, but Murray literally leans down and begins biting the forehead of the big man.

Ryan has no choice but to drop him and Murray kicks him square in the balls and then proceeds to pick him up and nails him with his Highland Hangover finisher.

Murray doesn’t cover there, however. Instead he pulls the big man up to his feet and this time executes the move again but this time he jumps up in the air to execute it with more force.

Joe Hoffman: A second Hangover!!!




Murray covers and as Boettchers hand hits the mat for the first time we see Mike stop running outside the cell and turns towards the action in Ring 1.




Mike has no choice but to watch as there is no way he can get there in time







Mike watches in horror as Ryan’s shoulder comes off the mat but not until after the three count.

This distraction is enough however to allow Minister to cover the gap between them and he Donkey Punches Mike directly in the back of the head.


The drone provides an aerial view of the current setting.

Andy Murray kneeling in the middle of Ring 1 just having eliminated Dan Ryan. His knee obviously in pain after delivering a modified version of his finisher.

Farthington literally halfway between the water and the cell. He is sitting up and shaking off the effects from the stun gun attack from the Minister.

Mike Best just outside of the cell in front of Ring 2 and laid out in the middle of the sand after getting punched in the back of the head by the Minister.

And finally, we see the Minister standing over the ICON Champion and is trying to figure how the best course of action.

Joe Hoffman: The damage is brutal here by the Minister, but he has made it impossible to pin both the World and ICON Champions as they are nowhere close to the rings where a pinfall or submission could eliminate them.

Benny Newell: He has a plan. The Minister ALWAYS has a plan.

But he clearly does not. He looks at the World and the ICON Champions and quickly begins to decide what he should do.

Having decided, he reaches down and grabs Mike by the ankle and begins dragging the man back towards the cell.

The ICON Champion starts to stir, and Minister quickly drops his ankle and promptly hits Mike with the stun gun. The ICON Champion convulses uncontrollably and once he is done shaking, the Minister picks his leg back up and continues dragging him towards the cell.

Once he reaches the cell door for Ring 2 he motions for Hortega to open it up….which the referee quickly does as Max flashes the stun gun at him.

The footage from the drone shows the markings of Mike’s body being dragged from the beach back inside the cell.

The camera pans back to Farthington who just watched his brother in arms get dragged back into the cell and he slowly gets up to his feet and he surveys the situation. Clearly not 100%, but having no other choice, he marches towards the cell and towards Andy Murray.

Andy smiles from ear to ear as he sees the World Champion walking directly for him. He smacks the side of his knee a few times to get some feeling in it and slowly stands to his feet.  He motions for Farthington to bring it as he watches the man continue to march.

Over in Ring 2 the Minister has lifted Mike up and has rolled him into the ring. He looks up and sees the a few of the weapons did not make it down thru the hole in the cell but he notices one that did.

Joe Hoffman: Oh boy……Minister just eyed the barbed wire. You would think that it would have gotten stuck up on the top of the cell but sadly for Mike this is not the case.

We see Minister roll the ball of barbed wire around this right hand and his hand begins to bleed as he tightens it, making sure that it is secure.

Minister then places one knee in the chest of the ICON Champion and proceeds to slowly wipe his hand across the bare chest of Mike, drawing blood with the barbed wire.

Joe Hoffman: This is sickening…..I mean….c’mon.

Boettcher, who is in ring one, motions for Hortega to enter the cells and referee the action in Ring two.

Hortega quickly slides into the ring and begins to count as Mike’s shoulders are flat on the canvas with Minister’s knee on his chest.







Mike is not moving at all

Minister suddenly realizes that Hortega is counting and he takes his knee quickly off the chest of Mike.  He stands up and promptly punches Hortega in the side of the face with his closed fist wrapped in barbed wire.

Hortega goes down in a heap and Minister slowly looks at his hand as he sees blood and hair from Hortega stuck in the barbs.

Joe Hoffman: He could have pinned Mike right then and there!!!

Benny Newell: Minister has something more to do before that happens……you know he does!!

With the attack on Hortega, Minister snaps out of his trancelike state he was in while cutting up Mike and now focuses in on the main source of pain he wants to inflict.

Instead of putting his knee on the chest of Mike, this time the Minister sits on the chest of Mike and unhooks the keychain from his suit. He clicks the Bottomline pen and the sound of the men awakes something in Mike and his eyes open for the first time since the Donkey Punch.

Smiling, Minister leans in and stabs his arm down at the left eye of Mike Best.

Back in Ring one we see Farthington has indeed entered the action and him and Murray are going toe to toe right hand for right hand.

Murray gains the upper hand and punches Farthington towards the ropes and leans into the World Champion and Irish whips him hard into the far ropes and as Farthington rushes at him the Scotsman leans in with a hard shoulder tackle, but the smaller and lighter World Champion does not go down.

He amazingly holds his ground and promptly smacks the royal KINGDOM out of Murray across the face.

Joe Hoffman: One has to wonder if the knee of Murray kept him from putting everything he had into that shoulder tackle.

Benny Newell: FUCK the shoulder tackle…the slap!!!

Murray just smiles at the World Champion however and delivers his own slap to the face of Farthington. The force of the blow rocks the Champ back a few steps but then he leans in and delivers ANOTHER slap to the face of Murray and this time there is no smiling.

Murray promptly delivers a kick to the groin of Farthington, but the Champ seen it coming and blocks it and delivers his own low blow to the bigger man.

As Murray drops to his knees, Farthington leaps forward and nails Murray with a knee to the face, knocking the big man backwards.

Joe Hoffman: Cover him!!! Cover him!!!

Farthington does just that but as he goes to cover that is when he looks over at Ring 2 and notices that Max Kael is literally leaning down on Mike Best. As he looks closer he sees that Mike has blocked the initial attempt of the Bottomline and Max is now using his body weight to push the pen closer to his eye.

Boettcher begins the count.




Farthington sees the pen getting closer to the eye of Mike




Farthing stops the pinfall count and hops off Murray and makes a mad dash towards Ring 2.

Joe Hoffman: Farthington could have pinned Murray there!!!!

Back in Ring 2 the Minister is literally bouncing with his body weight trying to press the pen into the eye of Mike.

“Cross my T’s and dot my eyes…..Cross my T’s and dot my eyes”

Minister continues to chant as the pen gets closer and closer….

The cameraman zooms in and we see the tip of the sharpened pen is literally touching the eyelashes of the ICON Champion as he blinks wildly as he struggles to hold off the attack.

With a final gasp he pushes with all his might, but he is only able to lift the LSD Champion a few inches away from his face. Smiling, and knowing Mike is exhausted all his energy, the Minister makes his final push and Mike closes his eyes as he knows what is coming.

Joe Hoffman: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!

Benny Newell: I can’t watch…let me know when it’s over….

Back in ring 1 both Murray and Matt Boettcher see what is happening and Boettcher quickly rushes toward the ring as Murray slowly gets up to his feet and does the same.

Boettcher gets there just in time as we see what is happening.

Joe Hoffman: HE DOING IT….HES GOING TO DO IT!!!!!!

The cameras focus in on the body of the Minister lying prone in the middle of the ring as Farthington has rolled him over and has locked in his Article 50 submission hold.

The Minister is not Max, however. He will NOT submit.

The Minister, still holding the Bottomline Pen, begins stabbing at the leg of Farthington but the World Champion will not let go. Out of the corner of his eye Farthington sees that Murray has gotten to his feet in Ring 1 and he rears back again on the arm of the Minister but there is still no tap….and there is no break.

Farthington begins pounding on the face of the Minister with his boot and rears back more and more on the arm breaker and finally the Minister struggles begins to fade.

Joe Hoffman: He is fading……he won’t give up, but he is fading!!

Farthington continues to pound the side of the head of the Minister with his boot and coupled with the pain from the arm breaker and we finally see the Minister fade out.

Boettcher signals for the fall and it is over.


Joe Hoffman: The Minister was unable to answer the three count and has been eliminated.

Benny Newell: What?? What the fuck are you talking about???

Farthington kicks Minister away and as he sits up he only sees a flash of titanium before his world goes black.











The HOTv feed shows a reply of the devastating running knee to the temple of Farthington. The titanium knee brace connecting perfectly and allowing Murray to make the pinfall.


The medical team rushes into the cell as they scurry to help Joel Hortega and a knocked out Farthington out of the ring.

NO one wants to go near the Minister as he lays prone still next to the body of Mike Best.

Murray, who just delivered a devastating knee to the head of Farthington to eliminate the former World Champion, is sitting in the far turnbuckle…..the pain too much to bear on his bad knee.

Joe Hoffman: Well here we go folks. It is just a matter of potential minutes here as we crown a new World Champion.

The camera focuses in on the prone body of Mike Best, who has his eyes open and is seemingly relieved to have survived the Bottomline attempt, as he slowly rolls over and looks over at the last competitor.

Joe Hoffman: The ultimate and potential dream match is right here in front of our eyes. It might not be the singles bout that we wanted but we are getting it nonetheless…..Michael Lee Best versus Andy Murray.

Benny Newell: Holy fuck am I nervous.

Mike slowly starts to get to his feet, never taking his eyes off of Andy.

In the corner we see Andy slowly pulling himself up to his feet with the help of the ropes, never taking his eyes off of Mike.

Both men get to their feet and begin walking towards each other.

They meet and the blows begin instantly.

Each man has their left hand behind the head of their opponent and their right hands are throwing bombs relentlessly.


The taller Scotsman and his height advantage once again provide the necessary ammo he needs to gain the upper hand as his punches continue to punch down on his opponent from a downward angle, providing more of a force per punch.

Murray punches Mike all the way to the far ropes and then whips the man into the far ropes and this time his shoulder tackle is executed properly, and Mike falls down to the mat back first.

But there is no time wasted as Mike kicks out with his foot and nails the bad knee of Murry and the man drops to one knee.

Mike promptly jumps up to his feet, bounces off the ropes and goes for his running shining wizard, but Murray ducks under it and nails Mike with a powerful punch to the kidney.

The ICON Champion goes down to his knee and Murray slowly stands up and grabs Mike by the back of the head and picks him up and puts him on his shoulder.

Benny Newell: HIGHLAND HANGOVER!!!!!

But it is not to be as Mike slides off of Murray and while standing behind the man he once again kicks the bad knee out from under Murray.

The Scotsman screams out in agony as his normal amazing pain threshold has been reached.

Mike, vasted little movement, and bounces off the ropes one more time and this time nails his his I KNEED A HERO finisher and Murray staggers but does not go down.

Joe Hoffman: HOLY SHIT!!!!! MURRAY IS STILL UP!!!!!!!

Shocked, Mike bounces off the ropes and nails a SECOND shining wizard and this time the big Scotsman drops.

Mike makes the cover….

Boettcher makes the count



























Joe Hoffman: What a match and what a showing by Andy Murray here tonight!!!


Mike is lying flat on his back next to his vanquished foe and a sense of relief can be seen from Mike as he realizes its over.

Suddenly the Minister’s hand flies towards Mike and the Bottomline pen makes contact.

We fade to black as we see Mike screaming out in pain as we see that the pen missed his eye but instead is literally embedded in his cheek.

We see is an aerial shot of the new ICON Champion Andy Murray lying prone, The new World Champion Mike Best rolling around in pain, and the former LSD Champion the Minister smiling from ear to ear.

As the feed fades to black we see a final image of HOW medics and security rushing the ring as War Games comes to an end