War Games 22
  • Event Type: weekly

War Games 22

Event Date: June 11, 2022 at 10:00 pm

Bobbinette Carey vs. Steve Harrison

LSD Championship Match

The High Octane Television logo gives way as the various War Games advertisement videos begin to play all at once at a high speed. As there is literal chaos on the screen there is one phrase that remains steady in the center of the screen…

Card Subject to Change

As the video slows down and settles, that very phrase remains isolated on the screen, until a large explosion takes place blowing the wording to pieces.

Several names begin flashing on the screen but immediately are seen being scratched thru and then tossed to the side:

John Sektor

Murphy Doyle Maher

Noelle Rivers

JJ Starfire

Jeffrey James Roberts

Jeffrey James Roberts

The screen then goes to all black and we see several figures come into focus….

Christopher America…STRONK Godson…Jace Parker Davidson…Scottywood…David Noble…finally The GOD of Sons Tyler Best.

The Best Team remains in focus only for a moment however as we see more figures come into the frame….led by the World Champion and Locker Room Leader of High Octane Wrestling…Conor Fuse.

Clay Byrd…Steve Solex…Sir Simon Sparrow…Darin Zion….and finally Xander Azula.

The two teams are seen standing side by side staring intently at each other before we see a 97red cloud come over the images and each person is seen turning into dust and disappearing via an unknown source of wind.

The video then transitions as the LSD Championship drops into the picture and as the dust settles around it we see the Champion Steve Harrison and the challenger and High Octane Hall of Famer Bobbinette Carey come into focus.

The video remains fixed on the wrestlers and Championship as we see in the background several bombs dropping from the sky.

The camera zooms into one of those bombs and we see the words #97Red painted on the side of the bomb.

As the camera follows the bomb falling from the sky we see the home of the 1980 Summer Olympics come into the picture and as the ground rushes towards the bomb we see that the National Sports Complex is completely full…..a true sell out.

As the bomb enters the stadium we see several horrified faces looking up at the falling #97Red labeled bomb and they have no time to react as within milliseconds the bomb hits the center of the stadium and lands directly in the middle of the War Games cell.

There is a blinding white light and then darkness.

There is nothing to see.

But there is plenty to hear.

Screams of terror take us to the end of the video.

Welcome to War Games.

We cut to a live overhead shot of the stadium and we hear thousands of fans cheering as one as fireworks go off across the top of the stadium.

The explosions of the fireworks give way to a loud roar as everyone continues to look up to the sky as several F-22 Raptors flyover the stadium. Their trails leave behind a red white and blue colored formation and the crowd goes somewhat silent at the sight of US military jets showing up the American colors.

We cut to our Hall of Fame commentator Joe Hoffman.


We see that Joe is not at his usual customary announce table near the action. Instead he is up in a suite here in the Olympic Stadium as we see there are several other announcers from other countries sitting behind him.

Joe Hoffman: Thank you for joining us here live on High Octane Television and although I am stationed here in a suite…I can STILL feel the warmth of the fireworks that just went off to kick off the live portion of tonight’s event. WOW. No doubt Lee and The Board have emptied the piggy bank for tonight.

We cut to a quick overhead shot once again as all lights have been pointed at the War Games cell in the middle of the stadium floor.

Joe Hoffman: Although we have Hall of Famers competing tonight…..the real star of this event is what you are seeing right there folks. Two Rings. One Cell. War Games is the biggest event on the High Octane Calendar and I am PROUD to announce that I will NOT be calling this event alone……as making his triumphant return to announcing is none other than………BENNY NEWELL!!!!

The camera shifts to the right and we see Benny Newell come into focus. He is smiling ear to ear and looks to be in amazing shape. He is still wearing his flight gear seen in a picture that was released earlier today on the official HOWrestling social media accounts.

As the fans in attendance see Benny appear on the huge scoreboard screen, they all turn towards the suite housing the announcers and they all begin clapping for the returning High Octane Hall of Famer.

Benny Newell: I just want to say thank you to Lee Best for bringing me back. I appreciate that here in 2022 that we are ALL here to take part in another War Games event. Being a part of the High Octane Family has always been an emotional roller coaster and I cannot deny that this past year has been just that for me. But tonight….it is all about War. I am PROUD to be back, and I cannot wait to see how this all unfolds.

Joe reaches over and pats Benny on the shoulder and the two share a quick nod and Hoffman quickly pivots back into professional mode.

Joe Hoffman: Well said Benny…well said. Well, the road to this event has been a turbulent one to say the least. No other PPV in our history has embodied the mantra of “Card Subject to Change” more than this event. We have seen folks that qualified get fired. We have seen folks fired brought back and place do teams. We literally have seen it all leading up to this very moment.

Benny Newell: As always……the doors to opportunities in High Octane Wrestling never fully close unless you slam the door shut on yourself. The moment can be too big for some. For others they would rather run and hide and give us bullshit excuses for not being able to compete….INSTEAD of climbing into that damn cell and FIGHTING for the respect they all think they deserve. Fuck those guys. Go back to your Fisher Price ponds and live a good ol board life.

Joe Hoffman: You mean bored?

Benny Newell: I literally said board. How can you tell what letters I used? Board is bored?

Joe Hoffman: Board is bored. Got it. Moving on.

Benny Newell: Please do. Fuck.

Joe can only smile at the sound of his long time announcing partner back in the fold and already cursing at him.

Joe Hoffman: Well folks it is almost time. Per the previous announcements made by Lee upon his return we will begin the show with Steve Harrison defending the LSD Championship against Bobbinette Carey. The winner not only be the LSD Champion but will advance to the next phase of the War Games match and compete to not only try and win the match for their team but also an opportunity to win the World Championship as well.

Benny Newell: DO NOT forget about my boy STRONK. Someone has a shot at pinning or submitting him to try and capture the HOTv Championship.

Joe Hoffman: That is correct. We do know that he will be competing here on Night One and everyone has a shot at that as well……so Harrison or Carey technically have a shot at winning MULTIPLE championships before we get on the plane tomorrow to head home.

Benny Newell: Technically….yes. Probably? Not fucking likely.

Joe Hoffman: Well we are about to find out……it is time to kick this off…..LSD CHAMPIONSHIP…..WAR GAMES…..LETS GO!!!!

On cue the stadium PA kicks on, and a voice comes over the PA system and tells the fans in attendance…first in English and then in Russian…and then finally in Ukrainian to please rise for the playing of the Star Spangled Banner

In the ring both Boettcher (in Ring 1) and Hortega (in Ring 2) snap to attention and turn towards the HUGE American flag that has been placed at the top of the stadium.

The crowd rises as one as well and turn towards the flag out of a respect.

We then cut to an image of a man standing next to Benny inside the announcer’s booth…and no we are not talking about Joe Hoffman.

It is none other than Lee Greenwood!!

The opening drum roll begins and Lee Greenwood graces the fans here in attendance in Kyiv Ukraine and the millions watching around the world on HOTv with the greatest performance of the Star Spangled Banner this side of Whitney Houston.

“..And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air”

As the song continues on there are loud explosions that can be heard outside of the stadium as the War that everyone has conveniently forgotten about….rages on.

As Greenwood hits the final notes the camera zooms in on the famous singer and we can see tears flowing from both his eyes as he gives it everything he has….

“O’er the land of the freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and the home of the brave”

Greenwood turns and hugs Benny at the conclusion of the song as the thousands in attendance clap politely.

Joe Hoffman: What a great performance from America’s own Lee Greenwood. Pure emotion here. Nothing but American Pride on full display here in the Ukraine. Wow….I have goosebumps people.

The camera shifts to Benny and Lee who are both wiping the tears from their eyes, and they shake hands one final time before Lee turns towards the crowd and waves goodbye to them before turning around and heading off camera.

Joe Hoffman: What a moment here at War Games. I am being told that we will NOT be doing the National Anthem for Ukraine……. budgetary cuts apparently per Lee Best. Huh. So, we could afford the fly overs with the Raptors. We can afford Lee Greenwood. We can afford all that….but we cannot play the…


Joe can only shake his head at the clear and utter disrespect shown by Lee Best and the Board towards the very country that is hosting this event.

Joe Hoffman: Well folks I am being told we have to move on. I for one will be donating to the Red Cross in support of Ukraine and their fight against Russia.

Benny Newell: Let’s take care of the homeless and those back home that have served but cannot get a job. How about we take care of them first?

Joe Hoffman: Benny do not make this a political deal. We are here in the Ukraine. HERE…right now. You saw what the country looked like when we flew in.

Benny Newell: LSD Championship. Let’s go. Fuck off with that noise.

Joe can only shake his head as we cut to a video package highlighting the LSD Championship and Steve Harrison.

As the video package ends the crowd cheers loudly.

They are clearly growing restless however and are ready for the action to begin.


Joe Hoffman: Welp if the folks wanted in-ring action right away they are going to have to wait it appears…..as the GOD of HOW’s music just hit!!

Benny Newell: Legit hard. Fuck I missed this.

We see an overhead shot of the stadium’s floor once again and we see Lee Best emerge from the side tunnel, that leads into the bowels of the stadium’s locker rooms and offices, and he stops only a few feet after hitting the stadiums grounds.

Lee looks at the mass of people and smiles and wastes little time before raising a microphone to his mouth.

Lee Best: Card Subject to Change. That has been the rallying cry these last several weeks building up till this very moment tonight. One final curveball for everyone tonight….

The GOD of HOW pauses as he knows not only the fans in attendance, but the wrestlers in the back, are all waiting on his next words.

Lee Best: I have decided that I do not want to be here any longer than I have to. That is why this show is starting a few hours early. That is why this show will end tonight. Not tomorrow. TONIGHT.

The crowd begins to buzz with the announcement that there will NOT be a night two for War Games.

Lee Best: So with that said…….no 30 minutes for the LSD Championship. One fall. One Submission. All we need. Once that happens……boom…….The Locker Room Leader will walk his happy ass out here and we will begin the War Games match immediately. Now look….I know that puts my team at a disadvantage right away so just note that the first two entrants after Fuse is out here….will be from Team Best. Deal with it. Boettcher…..Hortega…….lets fucking go.

Lee motions towards the huge War Games cell in the middle of the ring and signals for the match to begin.

Lee drops the mic and exits stage left….leaving a whole bunch of pissed off non American’s in his wake.


Without hesitation Enemy by Anna hits the PA and the crowd turns their attention back towards the entrance tunnel and we see High Octane Hall of Famer Bobbinette Carey making her way out.

She pauses for a second before immediately focusing in on the cell in front of her.

Joe Hoffman: What a bombshell dropped by Lee there Benny. Not only did the World Champion NOT expect to be wrestling tonight…..he is going to the first entrant after this LSD Championship match. Lee just continues to stack the deck against Fuse.

Benny Newell: Look….all is fair in love and war. If Fuse and the locker room boys didn’t expect something else from Lee…then they all are truly idiotic. This event was literally BUILT on the idea anything, and everything can and will happen. Just ask that fucking fired fuck Chris Kostoff. His wife screwed him over on the very first one of these back in 2002. Fuse is no Kostoff.

Joe Hoffman: Well, say what you want but I cannot imagine what is going on in the mind of Fuse here. What we do know however is that his so called Best Friend, Bobbinette Carey, has the ultimate opportunity to not only win gold here in HOW in 2022….but also advance to War Games to have her best friends back.

Benny Newell: Same way they have had her back leading up to this?

Joe is a lost for words as the feed cuts back to the stadium floor where we see Carey entering the War Games cell. She pauses and nods at Hortega who is in ring #1, the ring on the right side for those watching on HOTv, and then over at Boettcher in ring #2.

Joe Hoffman: Both HOW Hall of Fame referees will be able to call a pinfall or submission in their assigned rings and ONLY their assigned rings. Just had that information screamed into my ear just now………um…yes sir….apologies Lee. Excuse me folks…..information was just GIVEN to me via my earpiece.

Carey can be seen using the top rope in ring #1 to stretch out her upper body as her music dies out over the PA system.

Take the Money and Run by the Steve Miller Band hits the stadiums PA system, and the LSD Champion Steve Harrison makes his way out from the entrance tunnel.

Joe Hoffman: Here comes the champion….

Benny Newell: Coming out LAST as he should. Fucking HATE when the Champion doesn’t get to come out last for a title defense. Fucking show some FUCKING respect to the Championship.

Joe Hoffman: Minus all the curse words….I have to agree with you sir.

Benny Newell: Fucking right Joe. Fucking right.

The cameras follow Harrison as he makes the thirty yard walk towards the center of the stadium and the cell.

Harrison takes the long way around the cell…never taking his eyes off Carey……before slowly entering thru the cell door.

He slides into ring #1 and hands the LSD Championship to Hortega and then turns and raises his arms high in the air and the crowd cheers for the Champion.

Joe Hoffman: Well as we see Harrison and Carey in the ring together it is very apparent that Harrison will have the size advantage tonight. He stands 6’4″ and weighs 245lbs.

Benny Newell: Advantage? Carey’s left leg weighs 245. Fuck outta here with all that.

Joe Hoffman: She is only 5’6” Benny!!!

Benny stops himself. He gives Joe a knowing look and motions for him to continue.

Joe Hoffman: Ok Harrison has the height advantage, but they are close in weight. But none of that matters as Carey has proven over the years that her being a woman in a male dominated world does not matter. She has been fighting taller and stronger opponents for over 20 years. Tonight, will be no different.

Back in the ring Hortega motions to Carey and then at Harrison and both nod in agreement that they are ready to go.

With a final nod……Hortega signals for the bell and the 2022 edition of War Games is officially underway!

Harrison rushes Carey immediately and catches her off guard with a quick clothesline to the most epic of War Games competitors.

Carey bounces immediately back up but Harrison takes her down with another clothesline.

Rinse and repeat one more time.

This time Carey quickly rolls under the bottom rope and to the outside. She leans up against the cell wall and tries to catch her breath.

Joe Hoffman: Quick start here by the Champion. It is clear that Harrison wants to get a quick pinfall to conserve some energy for the rest of the night.

Benny Newell: Still giving out those obvious facts huh Joe? Kudos to you for sticking to your guns.

Benny raises his 97Red solo cup and gives Joe a sarcastic “cheer”.

Back inside the cell Harrison has slid out of the ring as well and now turns the corner fast and heads towards Carey.

Bobbinette sees him coming however and rolls back into the ring and as Harrison slides back in Carey drops an elbow to the canvas.

She hits nothing.

Joe Hoffman: What a move there by Harrison. He faked like he was going to roll back into the ring and Carey tried to catch him off guard….instead her elbow hit nothing but the canvas.

Back in the ring Carey is back on her feet holding her right elbow and does not see Harrison charging at her. The LSD Champion stops just short of Carey and with both hands he grabs a handful of Carey’s hair and yanks back hard.

Carey’s head snaps backwards and she falls to the canvas. She immediately grabs at the back of her head in pain as we see Harrison pulling her hair from between his fingers.

Benny Newell: Last time that happened to me there a little bit of urine mixed in.

Joe Hoffman: I do not even know how to respond to that.

Benny Newell: You don’t Joe. Just sayin….I understand what Harrison is going thru right now.

Joe Hoffman: Harrison??? What about….oh jeez…never mind.

Back inside ring #1 Harrison stomps on the side of Carey’s head and continues to until the Hall of Famer is curled up in a ball trying to protect her head.

With a smirk, Harrison then quickly pivots and drops a precise elbow to the unprotected ribs of Carey.

The sound of air escaping her resonates throughout the stadium and she is gasping for air as she once again rolls out of the ring. This time she does not land on her feet but thuds the concrete floor of the stadium.

Joe Hoffman: No padding surrounding the ring tonight folks. That sound you just heard was Carey falling limp onto the cold concrete. That could NOT have helped her cause of trying to get some oxygen in her body.

Benny Newell: There is a joke about not having enough oxygen for Carey and the rest of us….but I will not go there.

Joe Hoffman: BENNY!!!!

Benny just shrugs as Carey continues to gasp for air on the outside……….not seeing Harrison climbing to the top turnbuckle…..and then decides against it.

Joe Hoffman: Harrison deciding against the risk there. Smart play by the Champion.

Harrison climbs down to the apron and then slowly steps down to the stadium floor. Carey sees him coming and raises her hand up in an effort to ward him off but the smirk on Harrison’s face tells her and everyone watching……

Benny Newell: Harrison don’t give a fuck. He is ready to end this bitch and I am here for it!

Harrison walks up to Carey and delivers a boot to her chest and then reaches down and pulls her up to her feet by her hair. Carey delivers an elbow to the gut of Harrison, but the champion does not release his hold on her head.

Harrison turns violently and tosses Carey headfirst into the cell wall. The force of the blow causes Carey to bounce backwards and as she does Harrison elbows her in the back of her neck and the Hall of Famer crumbles back to the concrete.

Joe Hoffman: Not looking good at all for the challenger right now. Not at all.

Benny Newell: WHICH always makes me nervous. You already know you cannot count her dumbass out. Harrison better be on the lookout for SOMETHING.

Harrison does relent however as he pulls Carey slowly back up to her feet and then delivers a forearm shot to the jaw of the Hall of Famer.

Joe Hoffman: Devastating elbows to the back and front of Carey’s head there by Harrison. Very impressive start by Steve here.

Harrison stalks the now crawling Carey and he kicks her in the back of her head, and she busts her forehead on the concrete.

Benny Newell: Please tell me she is bleeding…I got a fucking Shark Week joke on the ready….please!!!

But to Benny’s disappointment there is no blood……..but her eyes are glazed over for sure.

Joe Hoffman: No blood but maybe concussed.

The LSD Champions pulls her back to her feet again and this time he rolls her into ring #2 where Matt Boettcher springs into a ready position in preparation for the first action in his assigned ring for the evening.

Harrison quickly rolls in after Carey and immediately covers her.

Boettcher drops…


Kickout by Carey.

Harrison covers again and this time hooks both legs.






Kickout by Carey.

Harrison nods and gets to his feet and pulls Carey up with her.


Joe Hoffman: LOW BLOW FROM CAREY!!!!!

Harrison crumples to his knees after the desperation low blow from the Hall of Famer.

Carey follows up with a powerful headbutt and Harrison falls backwards to the canvas as Carey staggers to her feet.

Joe Hoffman: This is the comeback Benny was warning us about!!

Benny Newell: We all have watched thousands of wrestling matches. You knew it was coming…

Carey rushes at Harrison and drops an elbow of her own to the gut of Harrison. Carey quickly hops up and promptly mounts the LSD Champion and begins delivering rapid punches to the man.

Benny Newell: Last time I got mounted like that……welp…you already know Joe. LOTS of urine.

Joe does not even engage Benny on that one. He can only shake his head as he focuses in on the action in the middle of ring #2.

Feeling herself tire out, Carey delivers one more right hand to the temple of Harrison and then holds his shoulders down for a quick pinfall attempt.




KICKOUT by the Champ.


Carey smiles and then slaps Harrison across the face who then reactively tries to deliver a right hand to Carey, but the Hall of Famer blocks the attempt and nails the man with another headbutt. She then slowly gets to her feet and looks down at the man and then spits in his face.

Joe Hoffman: Wow….clear disrespect shown by Carey for Harrison there. Spitting in his face?

Benny Newell: Last time a woman spit on my face like that was the last time I kissed my kid’s good night. Also, urine.

Joe Hoffman: But you do not have any kids….oh…ya….never mind.

Back in the ring Carey puts her hand on her forehead and wipes the sweat from her brow and upon NOT seeing any blood….she smiles and turns her attention back to Harrison.

She leans over and grabs Harrison by his hair and slowly starts to pull him to his feet.


Harrison delivers a desperation blow of his own as he delivers a right hand to the pelvic bone of Carey.


The force of the punch staggers Carey backwards and she falls down to the canvas holding her groin in pain.

Joe Hoffman: Carey is known to be a brawler and there is NOTHING about this that is a wrestling match. If this is a sign of things to come…

Benny Newell: When have you EVER known War Games to be a wrestling match? This is a fucking fight. This is fucking WAR!!! Even though this is a multi-man match you are not going to see any flippy shit like you would see over there with the rest of the Asia continent.

We get a quick overhead shot of the cell where we see both Carey and Harrison lying prone inside Ring #2 as the crowd urges both to get back to their feet.

Slowly but surely both wrestlers slowly get back up to their feet via help from the ring ropes on opposite sides of ring #2.

Joe Hoffman: We are 14 minutes into this LSD Championship match and you gotta believe that whoever comes out on the winning side will NOT be as fresh as they intended to be.

Benny Newell: ANOTHER hot take from THE PROFESSIONAL!

Back in the ring both Champion and Challenger look at each other and then rush towards each other. They meet in the middle of the ring where Carey slides under another clothesline attempt by Harrison. She quickly pivots on her sliding knee and grabs Harrison from behind around the waist and falls backwards.

Joe Hoffman: PERFECT German Suplex by Carey there!!!

Carey gets back to her feet and turns towards Harrison who is slowly staggering to his feet as well. Carey grabs his left arm and positions herself and once again falls backwards.


The fans in attendance boo LOUDLY for the move knowing full well what the common name for the move is.

Benny Newell: The Ukraine fucks not loving a Russian leg sweep here in Kyiv. Note to all the HEROES in the back……..if you want to appease the poors….NO RUSSIAN LEG SWEEPS in the UKRAINE!!

Carey covers Harrison as the crowd continues to boo.







Joe Hoffman: Going to take more than that to end this match no doubt.

Carey for the first time hears the boos of the crowd clearly and she stands up and looks out at the crowd and can only shake her head.

Benny Newell: She probably thinks they are booing her because she is a black polish person. Or that her arms are bigger than theirs.

Joe Hoffman: I did not miss this part of you Benny.

Benny Newell: Love you too Joe.

Back in the ring Carey turns back towards Harrison and sees the man ONCE again struggling to get to his feet. Carey takes a couple steps back and begins running towards Harrison who has propped himself up in the corner.

Joe Hoffman: SPEAR BY CAREY!!!!!

Carey nails Harrison with a full out sprinting spear to the gut of Harrison and the sound of at least one rib breaking can be heard via the microphone on the camera being held by a crewmember outside of ring #2.

Harrison staggers forward holding his rib and Carey pushes him from behind and Harrison falls face first in the center of the ring.

Carey quickly slides over to the middle of the ropes and rushes towards Harrison and jumps…


The crowd gasps as Carey lands hard on her back as Harrison was able to barely move out of the way.

Carey holds her side, already damaged earlier in the match, and struggles to breathe.

Harrison dives towards Carey and rolls her over and locks in a STF.


The cameras zoom in on the hold as Harrison struggles to lock it in properly.

Benny Newell: That is a piss poor version of a STF. Like a YOU CANT SEE ME type of a STF….if you are picking up what I am putting down.

Joe Hoffman: I am not……but what I am picking up is that we are 20 minutes into the LSD Championship match and maybe Lee should have kept the time limit on it?! Did Lee make……nope never…..a GREAT decision by Lee according to the voice in my ear. GREAT CALL AND SHUT UP JOE…..errr……back to the ring.

Benny laughs at Joe knowing full well he just heard Lee yell at Joe to shut the fuck up.

Back in the ring, Harrison gives up trying to make Carey tap out to the STF and stands up and pulls Carey once again up to her feet by her hair.

Benny Newell: Big hair pulling guy that Harrison is. I don’t hate it.

The LSD Champion does not waste any movement however and locks in a crossface chickenwing on Carey and there is no doubt about this move as he locks it in properly and without hesitation he lifts Carey up and goes for his chickenwing suplex finisher…..

Joe Hoffman: IT’S A HARRICLE!!!!!!!

But it is not meant to be as Harrison has to release the hold as he had Carey halfway up for the suplex portion of his finisher.

Benny Newell: Gonna need ALL your ribs NOT broken if you wanna lift that bitch up…..sorry….that POLISH BITCH.

To back up Benny’s comment we see Harrison drop to his knees in the middle of the ring holding his ribs.

Joe Hoffman: He is clearly frustrated and what started out as a quick and potentially short match has turned into 23 minutes of back and forth action where whoever moves forward is going to be struggling to simply breathe in the War Games match.

Back in the ring and Harrison looks over at Carey who is on her side trying to catch her breath. Harrison promptly flips her off and spits in her face.

Joe Hoffman: Harrison returning the disrespect.

Benny Newell: Good to know this company is full of spitters. No wonder some of these fuckers never get ahead in life.

The cameras zoom in on Carey who is ENRAGED as she wipes the spit out of her hair and off her forehead. She pulls herself up to her feet and Harrison chops her across her chest.

Carey just laughs as she motions down at her chest.

Harrison chops her again but this time it is him who yells out in pain as he shakes his right hand in pain.

Carey returns the chop and Harrison’s chest immediately turns 97red as Carey delivers another.

And another

And another.

Harrison falls backwards after the last one and rolls towards the ropes but instead of rolling out of the ring he rolls back into ring #1.

Joe Hoffman: Harrison losing his ring awareness there as he thought he was rolling to the outside and instead rolled right into ring #1 where this all started.

Harrison continues to roll as he tries to make it to the outside…..

But he never makes it.


We get a quick split screen of Carey using the ropes from ring #2 to springboard herself into ring #1 and land an elbow to the back of the LSD Champion’s head.

Carey hops up to her feet and bounces off the far ropes and rushes towards Harrison once again…


Carey nails her finishing move on Harrison and both of them are laid out as Carey screams out in pain as the force of the blow hurt her just as much due to the damage of her ribs earlier in the match.

We get an overhead view of ring #1 as Carey slowly rolls back towards Harrison and finally covers him.

Hortega drops down and begins counting…..













































Hortega screams that it was only DOS and there was no TRES.

Carey rolls off of Harrison and smacks the canvas in frustration.

Joe Hoffman: That delay from execution of move to the actual pinfall attempt is the ONLY reason that Carey is not the LSD Champion right now. Oh my gosh. HOW close was that?!!

Back in the ring Carey starts to pull Harrison to his feet……


Harrison kicks Carey in the gut and quickly nails her with a desperation stunner.


Carey goes flying backwards from the force of the blow and lands face down on the canvas.

Harrison slowly pulls himself up to his feet and staggers over to Carey and he once again pulls her up to her knees by the back of the head using her hair.

Instead, there is no forearm to the back of her neck or anything remotely close to that.

The LSD Champion instead wraps his arms around Carey’s neck and wrenches back causing her head to be vertical to the mat.

Harrison screams out in pain as he slides his body underneath and bridges himself…which obviously bridges Carey.


Carey begins flailing her right arm but there is nothing she can do.

Harrison frees up his right arm and begins punching Carey in her already injured ribs and then fully locks in the submission hold once again

After what seems like an hour but in reality is only about twenty seconds Carey has completely gone limp.

Hortega checks quickly on Carey and see’s that she is completely out.

Hortega furiously begins tapping on Harrison and signals that the match is over.


Hortega signals for the bell as Bryan McVay, in some suite somewhere, announces over the PA system the final details of the match.


The crowd give both wrestlers a standing ovation as HOW medics rush from the entrance tunnel and quickly gain entrance into the cell as they rush to check on Carey.

We see a final shot of Harrison, sitting in the corner holding his own broken ribs, smiling knowing he has advanced to the War Games match.

We cut away for a promotion video.


The Best Interuption

Back live and we cut to the suite housing the announcers and we see that they have been joined by none other than the GOD of HOW himself….Lee Best.

Joe Hoffman: Folks welcome back and as you can see we have been joined by none other than Lee Best.

Lee Best: That is enough talking Joe. Trust me you will have plenty of time here in a few minutes. I just wanted to come over here and announce ONE more little twist live here for our faithful viewers watching on High Octane Television.

Lee pauses as motions for Benny to pass him a drink. Benny quickly hands Lee his 97red solo cup but Lee gives him a death stare.

Lee Best: Sorry Benny…I love ya….but I am NOT drinking whatever the fuck is in that cup. Forget the drink…..let’s get to business. There is a reason you are seeing our ugly faces at the moment and not seeing the World Champion make his way down to the ring and into the cell to join the LSD Champion to kickstart the War Games match.

Lee motions at the camera to focus in on his eyes.

Lee Best: The reason you are not seeing what is going out there on the stadium floor is simple. There are a few dozen crewmen flying around prepping the cell for the match.

Joe goes to stand up to get a closer look but Lee pushes him back down into his seat.

Lee Best: EVERYONE is about to see what my final little twist is for War Games this year. It is only MINUTES away. I just wanted everyone to hear it from me….this was MY idea. This is how I want MY final War Games to go. Years and years of this event have led to tonight. Enjoy it assholes.

With that Lee stands up and tosses his headset down on the table.

We quickly cut to another promotional video, this time for the actual War Games match, as the crew finish up the yet unknown preparations.

No Place for a Hero

War Games

War Games Match

Back live post the War Games hype video and we once again are greeted with an overhead shot of the stadium.

The crowd is standing as one as the whole stadium has been buzzing as they watched the crew work inside the cell during the short intermission.

Luckily for High Octane Wrestling the lack of stable Wi-Fi in the Ukraine has kept spoilers from reaching social media.

But now.

We all can see what they were doing.

The feed switches to the cameraman outside of the cell and we see the last of the crew head down the entrance tunnel.

We then switch to the cameraman inside the cell and we see what the crew were doing this whole time.

Joe Hoffman: Folks. As you can see the crew spent the last several minutes taking down the ring ropes. They have been replaced with barbed wire. Yes you are heard me correctly and the live images you are seeing do not tell a lie.

The feed switches back inside the cell and we see BOTH rings have had barbed wire replace the standard ring ropes.

Benny Newell: These assholes are all going to die. Zion….yes you are going to die. Also…just to clarify something that Lee said a few minutes ago….if you watch the tape assholes you will see that he said it was HIS final War Games match. Not the FINAL one. Well maybe one and both are the same….but you know.

Joe can only nod in agreement and is still shaking his head in disbelief.

Joe Hoffman: Well folks it is what it is. As you can see Steve Harrison, who was REFUSED medical attention during the intermission per Lee Best, has re-entered the cell and now awaits his teammate and World Champion Conor Fuse to make his entrance.

Benny Newell: Lee is just keeping this ALTHETIC contest fair and square. Why would he allow Harrison to get medical attention? C’mon now.

Before Joe can retort the PA system comes alive and “Short Change Hero” by The Heavy hits and fans instantly recognize the song from the previous War Games video and know its directly tied to the man making his way out now.

The World Champion of HOW.

The Locker Room Leader.

The Hero of HOW.

Conor Fuse.

Joe Hoffman: This man was not expecting to be wrestling tonight as he has been told all along that he would be the first person in the match on Night Two. But lo and behold he it is happening and happening now.

Benny Newell: Look if you are the World Champion you better be ready to go at all times. He is still the first person. Just a day early is all. If the boss wants to get the fuck outta dodge……we get the fuck outta dodge. Let’s just see if Fuse is getting the fuck outta dodge with the World Championship tomorrow when we all head back towards the States.

Joe Hoffman: Facts Benny. That is exactly what we are about to find out.

Back on the stadium floor we see Fuse walk directly up to the cell door and immediately enter the cell. There is a small ladder perched ringside that will allow the wrestlers to climb up and over the barbed wire ropes and Fuse climbs the ladder and perches himself up on the top turnbuckle in ring #1 and holds the World Championship high in the air.

The crowd is going crazy as they give the World Champion their utmost respect and admiration.

Slowly the music fades and Fuse jumps down into the ring #1 where Harrison, who entered the ring during Fuse’s entrance, is there to greet him.

The two men share a quick fist bump and nod.

Joe Hoffman: For now these two men are allies. I am being told that we will NOT be waiting the customary five minutes before the next entrant enters the match and instead we will see our next wrestler enter now!

Benny Newell: Ya for the new folks at home watching……the rules are simple. Every five minutes someone will enter the match and you can be ELIMINATED AT ANY TIME. We go until there is only one person or one team remaining. This is for all the marbles and IF you happen to eliminate STRONK you are the new High Octane Television champion…..so its all or nothing for STRONK baby tonight. Nothing but CONFIDENCE from Lee regarding him tonight.

Joe Hoffman: That was very professional Benny?!!

Before Benny can come back down to earth with a smartass comment we hear the music for our next entrant…and entrant that is the first of two in a row from Team Best.

“A Country Boy Can Survive” hits the PA system and we all know who that is.


Stevens emerges from the entrance tunnel and smiles ear to ear as he makes his return to action in High Octane Wrestling.

Benny Newell: LETS FUCKING GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The LSD and World Champions stare at each other and then at Stevens and both men can be seen smiling. Harrison is seen trying not to laugh as it hurts undoubtedly broken ribs.

Joe Hoffman: Scott Stevens. A man that only a week ago was on the outside looking in.

Benny Newell: Thank GOD for Lee being able to copy and paste Stevens’ information over JJR’s to make it happen.

Joe Hoffman: That is one way to put it. But yes, after JJR was fired Lee was clearly…um yes…..I hear you….DESPERATE….LEE WAS DESPERATE and Stevens to his credit…answered the call.

We Kevin Dunn over to the cell where Stevens has yet to enter the cell.

Suddenly we know why.

Joe Hoffman: Folks I am getting word that in the name of fairness that Lee Best has decided that this match needs to start on a level playing field so with that in mind we will see our next entrant, a Team Best member, join Stevens so that we can start the match two on two.

Benny Newell: Ah…..I LOVE a level playing field.

Joe Hoffman: How is this fair? Harrison just went damn near thirty minutes with Carey and clearly has broken ribs and can barely breathe. HOW is this fair!!!??

Benny Newell: Two on Two is better than Two on One is it not?

Joe Hoffman: Yes but…….oh what does it matter. Who is it??

Suddenly we get that answer as Heaven and Hell by Kanye West hits the PA system and now EVERYONE in the stadium realizes what is going on as they see David Noble make his way out from the entrance tunnel.

Joe Hoffman: So there ya go folks. It will be David Noble and Scott Stevens squaring up against the World and LSD Champions to kick off the Main Event.

Stevens can be seen smiling as he waits for Noble to catch up to him.

The two men enter the cell together and as Hortega motions for Harrison and Fuse to back up, we see Stevens and then Noble enter the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Ok folks we are FINALLY here. The beginning of the match is moments away. Team Best vs. The Locker Room. War Games 2022.

Benny Newell: LETS FUCKING GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As Kanye fades out we see Hortega motion first over to Boettcher in ring #2 and then to all four wrestlers…..and ALL nod that they are ready.

Stevens motions to Fuse that he is FINALLY going to win that World Championship and Noble does the same as well.

Joe Hoffman: Fuse is looking at two men who desperately want to eliminate him and his partner right now is barely 50% if even. Barbed wire ropes to boot? I do not like Fuse’s chances here at all.

Benny Newell: Sorry not Sorry. Start the fucking match Hortega before Stevens attempts to toss you across the Atlantic and back into Mexico.

Joe Hoffman: Too soon Benny. Too soon.

Benny waves off Joe as inside ring #1 Hortega indeed signals for the bell and we are underway.


All four men slowly walk up to each other and begin trash talking. No one is making any sudden moves and at some point each of them look to their left or to their right to look at the freshly installed barbed wire.

Benny Newell: So what is the rule on the damn LSD Championship? Does Harrison NOT lose it WHEN he gets eliminated?

Joe pauses as he gets clarification from someone in his ear.

Joe Hoffman: I am being told that the LSD Championship is in fact in play. You pin or submit Harrison and you are the NEW LSD Champion. So much like STRONK, our HOTv Champion, it is all or nothing for Harrison here in the Main Event….which is complete and utter garbage in my…….yes….in my idiotic opinion.

Benny Newell: Well lets just hope that when Stevens pins Harrison here that he don’t have a stroke on the LSD Championship. Picking up what I am putting down?

Joe can only shake his head at Benny’s comment as we cut back inside the ring #1 as the four men are still feeling each other out but the trash talking is getting elevated.

Finally, and to the crowd’s delight, the four men square up and begin throwing punches.

Stevens and Fuse exchange right hands.

Noble and Harrison exchange right hands.

Joe Hoffman: Stevens and Noble are known for their brawling styles and this environment is perfectly set up for them….and you can see it already as both Stevens and Noble have punched Fuse and Harrison back into opposite corners.

We once again cut to an overhead shot as both Stevens and Noble have climbed to the second turnbuckles and are raining down with right hands to their opponents.

The feed then cuts to the huge scoreboard and we see the countdown has already begun for the next entrant.

Joe Hoffman: THERE is NO WAY that it has been five minutes already!!??

Benny Newell: The idiots stared at each other for at least three minutes. Check the tape.

The crowd begins to count down with the scoreboard as it really has been five minutes.

As they reach the final seconds we see both Stevens and Noble suplex Fuse and Harrison back into the center of ring #1.








The next entrant comes racing out of the entrance tunnel and he is halfway to the cell, a thirty yard distance if you call you fucking skimmers, before his entrance music can even be cued up.

Joe Hoffman: DARIN ZION!!!!! DARIN ZION IS NEXT!!!!!

The cameras follow Zion who almost flies by the entrance door. He quickly enters and rushes the length of the cell and skips using the ladder to enter the ring and instead slides underneath the bottom rope…

And pays for it.

Joe Hoffman: OH my……..Zion just shredded his own back on the bottom barbed wire. Due to the set up you would have to be the size of child to safely enter the match that way.

Zion screams out in pain as he reaches behind to his back as we see what looks to be the claw marks of a grizzly bear on his back. Blood is pouring out down his back.

Benny Newell: Maybe if Zion didn’t come in all hot and bothered all the time he wouldn’t have shit like that happen. SLOW THE FUCK DOWN DUDE. YOU ALWAYS CAUSE YOURSELF DAMAGE WHEN YOU COME IN HOT LIKE THAT!!!!

Stevens, seeing Zion enter, stops stomping away on the prone World Champion and rushes towards Zion and nails him with a running boot to the side of the man’s head.

Zion falls backwards on the canvas and as he rolls over in pain we see the canvas turn a shade of 97red.

Stevens wastes no time and mounts Zion and begins laying into the man with right hands.

Back in the middle of the ring we see David Noble Irish whip Harrison into the ropes and Harrison smashes back first into the barbed wire and he slowly tries to free himself but as he does he too tears up his back on the barbed wire.

Noble takes a few steps back and rushes at Harrison but as he does he is tripped up by Fuse, who was lying prone this whole time, and Noble trips towards the barbed wire.

Harrison dives out of the way and Noble falls side first into the middle barbed wire rope.

Joe Hoffman: THANK GOD Noble was able to turn his body there at the last second or else he would have landed throat first on the barbed wire.

Benny Newell: Still not ideal Joe. Still not ideal.

Noble pushes off the top barbed wire rope and as he does he tears up his hand as he peels his body off the ropes.


Just as he does he is met with a double clothesline from Harrison and Fuse.

Noble crumples to the canvas and Fuse motions for Harrison to join him in going after Stevens.

Which they do.

Both men rush towards Stevens who is still lying waste to Zion and they deliver double boots to the back of Stevens’ head.

Harrison quickly jumps on top of the Texan and begins elbowing him in the back of the head repeatedly as we see Fuse help Zion up to his feet.

Benny Newell: Fuse always has had a soft spot for that fucking reta-



Benny starts to unzip his pants but quickly stops himself as the look of horror on Joe’s face is enough for him.

Joe gathers himself just as the crowd begins counting down for the next entrant.

Joe Hoffman: Time for our next entrant folks as the Locker Room boys have clearly taken control.







“KINGDOM” hits the PA system and everyone in the ring looks at the entrance ramp as Jace Parker Davidson makes his way out.

Benny Newell: Business is about to pick up assholes as one of the favorites is about to enter the match. BOOM.

The King of EVERYTHING starts jogging towards the cell as once again we are set to have an even number of folks in the match.

Jace quickly climbs thru the cell door and stops halfway down the length of the cell. He smiles and turns and reaches under ring #2 and pulls out a weapon.

Joe Hoffman: Oh boy. Jace just pulled out a steel chair…..wrapped in barbed wire.

Benny Newell: Huh. Imagine that. I wonder if someone gave him the heads up about tonight’s barbed wire theme. What are the odds.

Joe Hoffman: Please note that Jace is also wearing what appears to be a very thick vest. It clearly says THE BOARD in 97red on the back…..so its not like that was made a few minutes ago.

Benny Newell: Sure, hope that EXTRA THICK vest protects him from bouncing off the barbed wire…if that were to happen. Smart move there by Jace.

Joe Hoffman: This is such bull crap. What else?

There is no comment from Benny as instead we see Jace climb into ring #1, which heavily taped hands and wrists as well, and immediately swings the barbed wire wrapped steel chair violently at Fuse, who luckily ducks and dives out of the way.

Jace turns towards Zion who promptly kicks Jace in the gut causing the man to drop the steel chair to the canvas. Zion quickly grabs Jace by the head and plants him with a DDT directly on the newly dropped chair.

The crowd “oohs” as Jace’s head dents the steel chair and as he rolls over we see parts of his hair rip out from the barbed wire part of the chair.

Zion quickly covers and Hortega counts as Fuse rushes towards Harrison and helps him knock Noble back down to the canvas with a pair of clubbing blows.






Joe Hoffman: ZION ALMOST pinned Jace again.

Benny Newell: Not happening. No way Jace goes down to Zion again. NO FUCKING WAY.

Zion pulls Jace up to his feet and then grabs the back of the man’s head and runs towards the far ropes and tosses him over the top rope and into ring #2. Part of Jace’s back hits the ropes in ring #2 but the vest protects him from the barbed wire.

Zion climbs up to the top turnbuckle and makes a small jump to the top turnbuckle in ring #2 and then down to canvas. He taps his forehead to signify how smart he is as cameras show his back is still bleeding.

Benny Newell: Certified genius that one. He keeps putting ZION at the end of every word and I will keep calling him a ….

Joe Hoffman: We get it Benny. Point made.

We get another overhead shot as we now have action in both rings as it is time for our next entrant.

In ring #1 both Harrison and Fuse have paired off against Stevens and Noble while in ring #2 Darin Zion has the advantage on Jace.








“Engel” by Rammstein hits the PA system and Xander Azula makes his way out from the entrance tunnel.

His wrists are heavily taped but there is no other extra protection shown by Azula.

Joe Hoffman: Azula is hardcore and he is READY for this match per the press release courtesy of Joe Bergman.

Benny Newell: Fucking Bergman.

Azula runs towards the cell as he looks to tilt the odds in the Locker Rooms favor.

The feed suddenly cuts back up to the suite with the announcers and we see that there is only Joe Hoffman.

He is no longer sitting.

In fact, he is standing with a terrified look on his face.

As the camera pans over we see why.

The 4th Wahl has Benny by the throat and is holding the man up against the wall.

Because of the size of the 4th Wahl, we do not see initially the man standing next to him.

Lee Best.

Lee motions for Wahl to exit and we see the 4th Wahl carry Benny out by his throat.

Lee looks over at a still shocked Joe and the GOD of HOW promptly smacks Joe across the face.

Joe’s headset goes flying off his head and thru the open window of the suite and down to the crowd below.

Lee shakes his head and disgust and motions for Joe to leave the room.

The GOD of HOW then puts on Benny’s headset and takes a seat.

Lee Best: Be a good audience and let me know you can hear me well.

Some monkey in the back gives Lee feedback that he is good to go, and we cut back live to the action inside the cell as Lee Best takes over commentary.

Lee Best: Look I can tolerate everything but a couple things. Benny has been gone a LONG time and there is zero doubt that he was going to continue to go off the fucking rails the longer this match went. Too many pussies watching. Do not worry…he will be fine. I am sure there is enough folks upset by what he ALMOST said than what will happen tonight in the ring. All I can say is that this my fucking show and fuck your feelings. I didn’t like where it was going, and I made the call……..plus I want to be on the call for my last War Games…..and that is NOT the last of Mr. Wahl you will see tonight. Now back to the fucking action…

We cut back inside the cell, and we see Azula has made the decision to jump into ring #2 to help Darin Zion.

Azula jumps off the top turnbuckle and lands a perfect knee drop to the back of Jace’s head, who was just knocked to the canvas by Zion.

Azula, full of energy, jumps right back to his feet and along with Zion they pull Jace up to his feet and execute a perfect stalling double suplex.

Zion goes for the cover, but he is pushed off Jace by Azula who motions that it is TOO EARLY to be going for a pinfall attempt.

Lee Best: Fucking blind leading the blind here in Ring number two. Azula literally pushes his teammate off a pinfall attempt in a match for the World fucking Title. This is why I kicked you off the Best Team Azula. I sure hope you NOTICED and UNDERSTAND the why now asshole. Good to see Bergman’s training is paying off.

Zion and Azula begin to argue with each other and as that is happening we cut back over to ring #1 where Noble and Stevens have finally turned the momentum back to their side as we see Noble nail Harrison with a spinning elbow to the jaw that sends the LSD Champion to the canvas.

Harrison tries to get up but as he gets up to one knee he is met with a running leg clothesline by Noble who promptly makes a cover to try and win the LSD Championship.

Hortega slides into position as the crowd begins to countdown for the next entrant.








Fuse breaks up the count with a kick to the back of the head of Noble.


Lee Best: Fucking Fuse. Costing Noble another Championship.

“Beg” by Seether hits the PA system and the Hardcore Artist and High Octane Hall of Famer Scott Woodson makes his way out from the entrance tunnel.

Lee Best: SCOOTER! So glad my guys knew to prep for potential barbed wire all on their own!

The cameras cut to Scottywood who is wearing the same vest as Jace but his is also sporting the words HATE on it.

Scottywoods hands and wrists are heavily taped up as well and it is clear he too is prepared for the barbed wire.

Scottywood hustles towards the action and enters the cell. The Hall of Famer slides into ring #2 and suffers no damage due to his vest.  He quickly rushes Zion and Azula and ducks a double clothesline by the recently arguing teammates and turns and delivers his own double clothesline to both men.

Zion hops up to his feet first and is promptly knocked back down to the canvas with a right hand by Scottywood.

Azula meets the same fate as he jumps to his feet.

It is only now with Scotty in close proximity to a camera that we see his right hand and forearm are literally wrapped in barbed wire.

Azula and Zion are now bleeding from their foreheads due to the right handed blows and as they both get to their feet Scottywood delivers a clothesline to both men once again.

Then we see the damage.

Azula, who ate the first double clothesline, is holding his throat as blood begins to trickle down from his neck.

Zion, having been on the left handed side of Scottywood, has escaped the barbed wire to the throat but is now bleeding profusely from his forehead.

Lee Best: Zion bleeding like a stuck pig out there from both being a complete idiot and tearing his own back up to Scotty UNLOADING on him with his barbed wire fist. By the way……The Barbed Wire to Azula twice is greatness. I don’t HATE it Scotty.

With both men down and bleeding, Scotty turns towards Jace and help his teammate up to his feet.

Jace nods at Scottywood and the two men turn towards Zion and Azula and as they do the both are met with a diving dropkick by none other than our high flying World Champion Conor Fuse.

We get a quick split screen of seeing Fuse jump off the top turnbuckle and nail both Scotty and Jace in the back of the head with one feet each.

The force of the drop kick sends both Scotty and Jace into the barbed wire ropes but luckily for them their vests protect them from the damage….although the momentum of the move sends Jace over the top rope and to the concrete of the stadium below.

Scottywood turns back towards the World Champion but he is met with a spinning heel kick.

The hardcore artist slides out of the ring, again protected with his vest on, as we see Fuse helping Zion and Azula to their feet.

Lee Best: Awwww….such a good Locker Room leader. Willing to help EVERYONE. So fucking cute.

Back in the ring, satisfied his teammates are as good as they can be, Fuse looks to the outside and sees Jace and Scottywood leaning up against the cell trying to gather themselves.

Without hesitating, Fuse rushes up to the top turnbuckle and dives off and nails both men with a perfect cross body.

All three bodies crash hard against the steel mesh of the cell and the crowd is cheering loudly as they also begin to count down for our next entrant.








“Dad Vibes” hits the PA system and the #1MERCDAD of High Octane Wrestling makes his way out.


Steve Solex, in full mercenary gear including military vest, heads towards the cell as we pivot to the action in ring #1….

We see Harrison upside down in the corner in the proverbial Tree of Woe as both Stevens and Noble take turns kicking the LSD Champion until finally his body goes limp and he falls down to the ring.

Lee Best: Harrison’s ribs are screaming at the LSD Champion with their thumbs down. I am not sure how much longer this guy can keep getting his fucking ribs caved in, but I am here for it. Put the prick on the shelf. Give him more time to watch old wrestling videos instead of you know…..preparing for his own. Fucking idiot.

Noble motions for Stevens to lift Harrison to his feet but that never happens.



Both Noble and Stevens crumble to the ground as we see Steve Solex standing behind them both. He holds up both hands and we see that his customer merc gloves have been replaced with some 97red brass knuckles.

One right and one left later both Noble and Stevens are down.

Solex steps over the men and kneels down and tends to his stablemate Harrison as we quickly cut over to ring #2 where we see that both Zion and Azula are standing in the middle of the ring waiting on Fuse.

Lee Best: Both these idiots just standing there bleeding. Doing absolutely nothing. Kudos guys. Cannot wait to put the MACHINE behind you as Champions. For fucks sake….SOMEONE DO SOMETHING!!!!

Fuse is first to his feet and he pulls Scottywood up to his feet first and rolls the man into Ring #2. Again, the vest protects the body of the Hall of Famer.

Just as Scottywood rolls into the ring he is met with a double axe handle to the back of his head by Zion. Azula screams at Zion to pick the man up and Zion does so and as he does Azula charges at Scottywood.

Lee Best: FUCK! Fist of Eris by Azula. Shitty finishing move name by a shitty named wrestler who complains about shitty wrestling names. FUCK.

Scottywood goes limp and Azula makes the cover as Boettcher gets into position.














Fuse, still standing on the outside smiles and gives Azula and Zion two thumbs up for their efforts.

The World Champion turns as he notices Jace finally getting back up to his feet and Fuse promptly begins executing his DOOM stomps to the Hall of Famer as the crowd begins counting down for our next entrant.








“Remember The Name” hits the PA system and the crowd immediately begins booing loudly as Christopher America makes his way out as the next entrant.

Lee Best: Now we fucking go. NOW WE FUCKING GO!!

Solex, still in ring #1, immediately turns his attention towards the entrance tunnel as he hears America’s music hits.

We see Solex reach into his vest and blows some sort of whistle.

There is a LOUD screech heard and all of a sudden we see an object diving from the top of the stadium.

Lee Best: What the fuck is that???

That question is quickly answered as we see the bald eagle affectionately known as Valor screaming towards America.

America never sees it coming as the bald eagle divebombs the Hall of Famer, hitting him at full speed on the man’s right exposed shoulder.

His red, white and blue colored vest that is meant to protect him from the barbed wire ropes could not protect him from this attack.

America falls down in a heap on the concrete floor of the stadium and the eagle begins stabbing at the exposed right arm of America with its razor sharp beak.

Blood begins to flow from the America’s arm as the eagle’s talons being ripping his flesh as well.

Back in ring #1 we can see Solex smiling from ear to ear as he looks out at Valor tearing America’s right arm to shreds.


Up in the announcer’s suite Lee is screaming in pure rage as he is standing and watching the attack take place.

America has no chance to even defend himself as he holds his hands up to protect his face.

But Valor doesn’t care.

Valor continues to do what it was born to do.

The whole stadium goes to a hush as gunshots ring out.

Valor flies off America and heads off camera.

We see several EPU members rush onto the scene. One has a gun out and missed hitting the eagle.

The men help America to his feet.

America pushes them off with his left arm.

But his right arm is limp and bloody.


As America slowly walks towards the cell we see that the wrestlers inside finally are returning their focus to their fellow competitors after literally EVERYONE stopped after hearing the gunshots ring.

The Locker Room Leader, seeing America finally making his way towards the cell, rushes towards Ring #1 and climbs up the ladder quickly and jumps onto the top turnbuckle and motions for Solex to move out of the way.

Solex grabs Noble by the ankle and drags the man over towards the corner where Harrison is back up to his feet and the two Highwaymen watch as the World Champion takes flight and nails Scott Stevens with a perfect Super Splash.

As he covers Stevens we see Hortega get into position and make the count……









Solex and Harrison pull the World Champion up to his feet as the crowd begins the countdown for the next entrant.

We see America, who still hasn’t it made it inside the cell, turn towards the entrance tunnel as the crowd counts.








“Everybody Wants You” by Billy Squier hits the PA system and High Octane Hall of Famer Sir Simon Sparrow makes his way out from the back.

Lee Best: Fuck.

We cut back to ring #1 where Fuse, Harrison and Solex all can be seen smiling as they watch Sparrow start stalking towards America.

Regrettably they do not see Noble literally army crawling between the two rings and into Ring #2 where we see that both Zion and Azula are doubling up on Jace, who was rolled back into the ring by Azula while the attack was happening on America.

Lee Best: Look at that sneaky fucker Noble. I love it. Army crawling like he is sneaking back into the Holiday Inn after getting cuddled at the nearby Marriott. Fucking love it.

Noble gets to his feet and as he does Azula turns around.



Noble’s connects perfectly with his jumping knee strike finisher on Azula.

Zion turns quickly and nails Noble with a right hand to the temple that send the man reeling.

Zion smiles at the damage inflicted but does not see Jace getting back up to his feet. Jace spins Zion around and after a swift kick to the gut he nails Zion with his Unscripted Violence DDT finisher.

Jace, battered, is unable to make the cover however.

Noble….back to his feet….however scrambles and covers Azula as Boettcher gets into position to count.


























Lee Best: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Azula is able to kickout…….

But not in time.

Boettcher signals that Azula kicked out AFTER the three count…and thus is eliminated.

Lee Best: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We see a replay on the scoreboard and as we do we can clearly see Boettcher’s hand hit the mat for the three count and literally milliseconds later Azula kicks out.


Back in ring #1 Fuse, Solex and Harrison all turn as they hear the three count.

As the turn they also see Jace stagger to his feet and rush towards Zion.

All three men head towards ring #2 and as Fuse and Harrison take turns using the top turnbuckle to get over the barbed wire we see Jace jump into the air and nail Zion with his Bend the Knee curb stomp finisher.

Lee Best: YESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Solex, with vest able to protect him, can be seen climbing thru the two sets of barbed wire ropes in the middle of the rings.

Jace covers and Boettcher counts and as Boettcher counts we see Noble head to cut off Solex…




Noble meets Solex with a right hand as we see Fuse jump from ring one’s top turnbuckle onto ring two’s.




Fuse dives off the top turnbuckle…..




Fuse crashes hard on top of Jace and Zion.

But it is too late.

Boettcher signals for the pinfall.


Outside the cell we see Sparrow exchanging right hands with America and we see him finally able to gain the advantage as he delivers a left handed blow to the injured right arm of America.

Sparrow can be seen finally entering the cell as the crowd hits the final count…








“Juicy” by the Notorious BIG hits the PA system.

Lee Best: STRONKY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

STRONK makes his way out from the entrance tunnel, and he is NOT wearing a vest.

Even in the dead of night he is glistening.

Lee Best: That is a MAN right there. A FUCKING 97RED COLORED BRICKHOUSE.

As STRONK slowly makes his way towards the action we see that EVERYONE is now in ring #2 as we see Harrison is now holding up Noble as Fuse can be seen berating the man.

Our favorite Mercdad and Sparrow are in full control of Jace…..who just cannot get any sustained momentum.

Lee Best: Well, this is clearly unfair and believe you me that Solex is going to be paying DEARLY for letting that rodent loose here in the Ukraine. I want that fucking pigeon found and FOUND NOW. I will NOT be taken out by a pigeon..I WILL NOT ALLOW THE PIGEONS TO SEND ME TO MY LITERAL GRAVE.

We cut to a quick shot inside the announcer’s booth, and we see that there are now EPU agents standing guard as its very clear that no one is safe tonight.


We cut back to the outside of the cell where we see America is FINALLY getting up to his feet. He is helped the final way by the powerful young man from somewhere in Minnesota.

Lee Best: A True American that STRONK. Bleeds PATRIOTISM.

The two men turn towards the entrance door and as they do they see Sparrow turn and rush towards Noble at the request of Fuse.

Lee Best: Fucking Starrlite Express by a fucking Sparrow. FUCK THESE BIRDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sparrow nails Noble with his spear finisher and he quickly covers as Fuse, Harrison and Solex make sure Jace stays down as Boettcher counts.








Fuse, refusing to even touch Noble any further, motions for the men to kick Noble out of the ring and they oblige.

The World Champion Fuse , LSD Champion Harrison, Tag Team Champion Solex and the Hall of Famer Simon Sparrow turn their attention to Jace and his teammates joining the fray……..America and STRONK.

Lee Best: Four on three here. Don’t like it. But don’t hate it when we got a STRONK. Two men left to fucking enter. LET’S GO GUYS. LET’S GO!!!

America and STRONK stop before entering the ring. America motions with his good arm for STRONK to check something under the ring.

STRONK nods and has to get on all fours to actually reach under the ring due to his stout frame. He slides out a weapon and America bends down and picks it up with his left arm.

He holds it up to the men staring at them from the middle of the ring.


The camera zooms in and we see that America is holding up a gun.

Yes, America has a gun.

Lee Best: Technically legal here by America. I have seen the permits.

The camera focuses in on America who points the weapon at the four Locker Room Teammates and only Solex seems undeterred.

America motions for STRONK to reach into his vest pocket and upon doing so we see STRONK pull out a pair of wire cutters.

The big man pulls reaches up and cuts the bottom barbed wire rope…..then the second rope….and finally the top rope.

Ring Two is now fully exposed as the barbed wire ropes drop completely to the canvas and stadium floor as Fuse, Harrison, Solex and Sparrow look on at America and STRONK.

The men slowly climb into the ring as America continues to point the gun at the men.

STRONK helps Jace up to his feet and the three men stand tall as they stare down the four men across from them.

The crowd is in absolute shock, and they do not even bother counting down with the scoreboard as it hits zero and it is time for our next entrant.

“Gunning for You” hits the PA system…


But Byrd does not walk out.

In fact, no one does.

Then everyone hits the floor as a gunshot is heard.

And another one

And another one

A 4th and final gunshot is heard.

The feed immediately cuts away to the announcer’s suite and we see Lee Best on the ground and covered up.

A couple EPU agents help him up to his feet and he slowly looks out at the carnage.

Lee Best: Well, fuck me.

We cut to an overhead shot of the stadium and we see literally every single person is ducking or hiding in their seats.

Several hundred…maybe a thousand or so……have literally ran right out of the stadium.

Then all we hear is laughing.

Lee Best laughing.

A camera zooms in on the entrance ramp and we see an old former marine holding a M4 in his hand. The muzzle smoking.

We then cut to the ring #2 and we see STRONK literally shoulder tackling Fuse and Solex out of the now ropeless ring.

STRONK looks down at Fuse and Solex as they crash and burn on the concrete.

The camera then turns to America who pulls the trigger on his gun for the first time, and we see a stick and piece of paper come out of the gun….clearly a prop.

Lee Best: BOOM bitches. You are fucking idiots. You honestly think I would allow someone to get SHOT and that not be the finish? COME ON.

STRONK turns his attention to Sparrow and Harrison, both lying on the canvas with their heads covered, and he picks up Sparrow and whips him towards America who promptly hooks the man’s arm and delivers his finisher.

Lee Best: FOR AMERICA 2.0!!!!!!!

As America heads to cover Sparrow we see STRONK hoist Harrison up on his shoulder and executes his Squat Rack Breaker.

Harrison screams out in paid as his already broken ribs might have just punctured a lung.

As STRONK covers Harrison we see Boettcher position himself between the two pinfall attempts.










The feed then cuts towards the entrance tunnel.

Still no Byrd.

But the ex-marine is still there.

He salutes towards the announcer’s suite and we see Lee Best salute back at the man.

The cameras then zoom in at the far end of the stadium.

There are four dead birds.

But no bald eagles.

Just fucking pigeons.

As people realize what just went down they start to stand back up and focus back on the action.

The feed cuts to ring #2 where we see the new LSD Champion and HOTv Champion STRONK standing tall next to America and Jace as they look out at Fuse and Solex just now getting back to their feet.

Lee Best: Ok where the fuck is Byrd? Why isn’t he coming out? You know what…..fuck it. Send Tyler out here. I need the GOD of SONS out here right fucking now. Let’s end this shit.

Lee turns towards the EPU agents and motions for them to see what the hell is going on.

Lee Best: I don’t need you motherfuckers anymore. The ruse is over. Pigeons died so STRONK could win that LSD Championship. GUN CONTROL PEOPLE…AMERICA HAS IT. Fucking idiots.

The EPU agents exit stage left.

Except for one.

Lee does not notice the man behind at all.

So, its not a surprise when he doesn’t notice the man taking off his EPU helmet.

Nor is it a surprise when we see that the EPU agent isn’t really an EPU agent at all.

It’s a HOW Hall of Famer.

It’s Chris Fucking Kostoff.

“You still running that man pleaser?”

Lee loses his breath at just the sound of the voice that just uttered those words.

A warm puddle begins to form under Lee’s chair.

“Oh, did the GOD piss himself?”

Lee slowly reaches into his jacket pocket…


Kostoff slaps Lee hard in the back of the head. Kostoff then palms the back of Lee’s head and slams it hard down on the top of the announcer’s table.

Then again.

And again.

Blood begins to drip from the table as its clear that Lee is busted open.

Kostoff turns Lee over to look his long time nemesis in the eyes….


Lee drives the Bottomline Pen that he grabbed from his jacket pocket, and he drives it hard into the left eye of Kostoff.

The big man screams out in pain and staggers backwards as we see the infamous Bottomline pen sticking out of his eye.

The camera cuts to Lee, who is wearing a 97red crimson mask, slowly stand up and he begins to smile.


At the sound of his wife’s name Kostoff charges blindly at Lee and nails the GOD of HOW with a powerful and enraged shoulder tackle.

Lee flies backwards thru the open announcer’s suite and he falls literally out of the box and to the concrete below.

Kostoff screams out in pain as he drops to his knees and rips the pen out of his eye.

There is more screaming.

The section of folks below the announcer’s suite have scattered and are screaming as medical personnel rushes to the scene.

We see a final shot of Lee Best bleeding from his head and lying prone on the concrete.

A father and his young child lie next to Lee, both bleeding profusely from their heads, the fathers right leg bent at an awkward angle as he clearly tried to shield his son from the falling God of HOW.

As the camera pans out we see that it was at least a thirty foot drop.

The feed for the PPV goes black as no one knows what to do now.


Back from a quick unscheduled break we see that the action has NOT stopped.

America, STRONK and Jace have taken the fight outside of the rings to Fuse and Solex and they have slowly separated to where its STRONK and America focused on the World Champion while Solex and a clearly injured Jace have fought their way back towards Ring #1 at the far end of the cell.

There are no announcers now.

So it will be all action.

Suddenly all attention turns towards the entrance ramp where we see SEVERAL EPU agents make their way out from the entrance tunnel.

They are clearly flanking someone.

They move as a unit towards the cell and as they get there it is clear as day that it’s the person that Lee was screaming for at the end.

The GOD of SONs Tyler Best has entered the match.

As the EPU agents disperse we see that Tyler is not alone.

A man was being dragged the whole time.

Clay Byrd.

Everyone has officially entered War Games.

We see Tyler smiling as he looks down at an already bloody and battered Byrd.

The action however quickly cuts over to ring #1 where we see Solex pick up and drop Jace chest first on the top barbed wire rope. However, due to the vest Jace is wearing, there is little to no damage done.

Solex, wearing a vest as well, hopes over the top rope (cutting his hands in the process) and grabs the back of Jace’s head and rips it down hard across the barbed wire.

Jace stumbles backwards as blood begins to flow from his neck.

Solex quickly slides back into the ring and as Jace holds his neck closed with both hands, the #1 Dad in HOW covers him and Hortega begins the count.









HOW Medics rush in quickly and slide under the barbed wire and quickly apply pressure to Jace’s neck.

Solex, no stranger to blood, stands up and smiles down at the blood soaked canvas.

Clay Byrd. Conor Fuse. Steve Solex.

Tyler Best. STRONK. America.

The final six of this years War Games.

Solex stands alone in Ring #1.

STRONK and America continue to work as a well oiled machine as they continue to punish the World Champion.

Tyler Best is stretching outside ring #2.

Clay Byrd is just lying there bleeding.

As the medics leave the cell with Jace on a stretcher we see Solex snap out of his trance like fixation with the blood on the canvas and he sees the World Champion struggling on his own. Solex exits the ring and rushes towards America but he is cut off by STRONK who causes Solex to stop dead in his tracks.

America whips Fuse hard back into the ropeless ring #2 while STRONK continues to have a standoff with Solex.

Best, seeing America have the advantage on Fuse, jumps flat footed from the stadium floor to the apron in ring # 2 and promptly nails the World Champion with a running drop kick that sends the man right out of the ring again as there are no ropes to keep him inside of the ring.

Fuse falls to the concrete again and the thud can be heard throughout the arena.

Best does not wait for the World Champion to get back up however as he runs towards end of the ring and he jumps off and nails Fuse with a perfect elbow drop from the apron.

Tyler is in full send mode as he pulls the World Champion up his feet and looks behind him before hooking the Champion for a snap suplex.

But the champion is able to block the maneuver and drop to a knee and promptly nails Tyler with a low blow.

The Winfluencer falls to the concrete as he holds his groin in pain.

America, seeing what just happened, starts to help Tyler but he is yanked back by his head. He is quickly spun and he is greeted with a right hand to his temple. America staggers backwards as we see a bloody Clay Byrd nail America with a another right hand that staggers the man even more.

Clay then takes a few steps backwards and then rushes America and nails him perfectly with a spear.

All the air leaves America and we see blood smeared on the stomach of America as Byrd continues to bleed from his head.

But he doesn’t care.

He doesn’t have time to bleed.

Byrd then turns his attention to Solex, his stablemate, and he sees STRONK lift and toss Solex over his head with a perfect release belly to belly suplex.

Solex lands hard on the concrete and grabs the back of his head as he screams out in pain.

STRONK hops up to his feet and starts after Solex but as he does he is met with a diving clothesline from Byrd who literally dove from the apron in ring #2 to the stadium floor.

Byrd, literally in RAGE MODE, pulls STRONK up to his feet and goes for his Texas Lariat finisher but STRONK DUCKS!!!

Byrd’s momentum causes him to stagger forward. STRONK quickly rushes towards Byrd and jumps on the big man’s back and cinches in his choke sleeper hold….The LOOP HOLD.

Byrd starts to slowly fade and he falls down to one knee. By doing so he allows the shorter STRONK to cinch in the hold even more.

Across the cell we see Best slowly getting up to his feet and seeing Byrd in the grasp of STRONK he smirks like only a Best can and turns his attention towards Solex who has just climbed back up to his feet courtesy of the help of the cell wall.

Focus returns to Byrd who is now down on both knees but he has yet to give up.

STRONK squeezes with all this might and Byrd’s face begins to match the blood spilled earlier and now starts turning a PRIME color of blue.

Byrd’s arms go limp and STRONK squeezes even tighter and now he is screaming.

Suddenly Byrd’s arms come back to life and the man staggers up to one knee.

STRONK is shocked at the power of Byrd as the man now gets up to both feet.

STRONK jumps back on the back of Byrd but as he does he loses his grip.

The sudden rush of oxygen is all Byrd needs as the big Texan steps backwards slowly and suddenly begins running backwards.


STRONK’s head hits the cold steel of the ring post in ring #1 and he loses his grip on Byrd…but not completely.

Byrd takes a step forward and then drives himself backwards one more time and this time a second blow to the back of the head of STRONK does the trick as STRONK loses his grip and he falls down the back of Byrd and to the stadium floor.

Byrd staggers and uses the cell wall to hold himself up as he catches his breath. He wipes blood from his eyes and as his face turns back to its normal color he reaches under the ring and pulls out a table. He sets it up next to ring #1 but he is not done.

He pulls a small bag from out under the ring and he pulls out some lighter fluid. He douses the table completely and immediately pulls a match from the bag and lights the table on fire.

The orange and 97red glow from the table immediately gets everyone’s attention.

Fuse, seeing Byrd with the advantage, sacrifices himself as he charges America and Best and sends them and himself flying to the outside of ring #2 with a desperation running cross body from the apron to the stadium floor.

Byrd, seeing what Fuse just did, turns his attention to STRONK and pulls the big man up to his feet and promptly picks him up and turns and delivers a powerbomb thru the flaming table.

The table completely splinters into about 97,0000 pieces as the flames extinguish themselves due the lack of oxygen from the pure mass of humanity that just went thru the table.

Byrd kicks shards of the table to the side and he pulls a limp STRONK up to his feet and walks him over to the ropeless ring #2 and rolls him in.

Byrd points at Boettcher as he drops and makes the cover and screams out to whoever can hear him……

















Bryan McVay: STRONK has been eliminated via pinfall by the NEW HOTv CHAMPION CLAY BYRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Per the last announcement by Lee, STRONK does NOT lose the LSD Championship but he does in fact lose the High Octane Television Championship.

STRONK leaves his first War Games with a Championship…..just not the one he came in with.

Byrd looks up to the open sky and just smiles as he was able to overcome STRONK’s finisher and secure the pinfall for his team.

Byrd rolls on his side and slowly starts to pull himself up as several HOW crewmen are seen carrying STRONK out of the cell.

As Byrd is on one knee he smiles as he watches STRONK being carried out.

He should have looked the other way.


Byrd’s head is driven into the canvas as America nails him with his FOR AMERICA finisher.

Outside of ring #2 we see Best holding Fuse back with against the cell wall as America covers Byrd.

Boettcher gets down and makes the count.






A forgotten Steve Solex slides into the ring to help his stablemate….




Solex never makes it all the way to the center of the ring and Byrd has been eliminated.


America rolls off of Byrd and as he does he sees Solex.

The two men stare each other in the eyes as the slowly climb to their feet at the same time.

America’s right arm is still mostly useless, but the blood has dried to the point that its almost a dark red in color……97red if you will.

The two men begin to talk trash to each other as if the HOFC Championship is on the line as the continue to climb up to their feet.

As they reach their feet the crowd is completely buzzing as we are about to finally see America and Solex properly square off.

But it never happens.

America and Solex go to swing with their right hands but as they do Solex falls awkwardly as he never sees Tyler Best coming.

One Street Sweeper cutter later and Solex is down.

America turns towards the outside of the ring where we see Fuse slowly pulling himself up to his feet.

Best covers Solex and hooks both legs as Boettcher counts.








Now there were three.

Christopher America.

Tyler Best

The World Champion Conor Fuse.

America and Tyler look down at Fuse who has just turned back towards the ring.

He is bloody.

He is battered.

He is still the World Champion.

Fuse slowly nods as the realization of the task at hand hits him.

America and Best motion for Fuse to enter the ring.

There is no one sitting down as we hit hour 230939020932309 of the match.

Fuse nods as he watches America and Best back up so he can enter the ring.

As he grabs ahold of the ring post to climb into the ring he suddenly pauses.

Several dozen EPU agents come flooding out of the entrance ramp and enter the cell. They quickly surround both rings.

A clear procedure put in place by Lee Best for the conclusion of the match.

This will end in the ring.

No shenanigans.

The EPU agents begin tossing weapons into the rings.


Bully clubs

Brass knuckles


America and Best sidestep items as they are tossed into the ring around them.

Outside of the ring several EPU agents motion for Fuse to enter the ring so they can close the loop.

Fuse senses something is up and be nails an EPU agent with a right hand. He rips off the man’s helmet.

It’s a nobody.

Nametag says Mitch.

Maybe MJ.

Hard to tell with the glare of the FOB lights.

Best and America are smiling as Fuse is at his wits end as he slowly comes to the realization that he has to take the two men on by himself.

An EPU agent puts his hands on his shoulder and once again Fuse turns and blasts the man with a right hand followed up by a swift kick to the head that knocks the man’s helmet clear off.

This time we know the man.

Benny Newell.

The whole kicking Benny out of the announcers booth was just a plan by Lee to get Benny to this moment of this match.

Fuse is beside himself as he pulls Benny up to his feet and headbutts the man directly on the nose. Blood spurts out everywhere as Newell crumples to the ground.

Fuse then turns towards America and Best who can be seen giving Fuse the golf clap treatment.


Fuse crumples to the concrete.

The EPU agent on the other side of him just nailed him with his night stick.

Plan B if you will….if Newell were to fail…..which he did.

The agent pulls Fuse up by the air and tosses Fuse into the ring.

America drops immediately on top of Fuse and makes the cover.

Best starts to break up the fall but he stops as Boettcher gets into position and makes the count.



Tyler takes a step closer to America




Tyler is literally standing next to America and America is staring him dead in the eyes wondering if the GOD of SONS is actually going to step a three count to win War Games.




































He doesn’t.



America slowly stands up to his feet as he looks at Tyler.

This moment is not lost on either man as Boettcher gets between them and raises their arms high in the air as the whole country of UKRAINE boos them and the moment.

Suddenly the EPU agent climbs into the ring…a bag in tow.

He hands the bag to Tyler and tells the kid that he was told to give that bag to him if this exact situation was how the end of the match played out.

Tyler starts to open the bag but stops as the EPU Agent begins to take off his helmet.

Cecilworth Farthington.

Farthington winks at Tyler and then promptly drops to the ground and locks in an armbar a dazed but awake Fuse.

Fuse is heard screaming in pain as the camera pans over to Tyler who opens up the bag as Boettcher holds up the World Championship high in the air between the two men.

Fuse is still screaming as we fade to black.