Refueled XCV
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Refueled XCV

Event Date: April 24, 2022 at 10:00 pm

Darin Zion vs. Noelle Rivers

War Games Qualifier

The camera’s go live here in the Amway Center here in Orlando, Florida. The sellout crowd is on their feet waving their signs in the air and cheering wildly. The camera pans over to the announcer’s table where HOW Hall of Famer Joe Hoffman is ready to call the action.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome everyone to Orlando, Florida for Refueled number 95. Tonight we have two titles on the line as the new HOTv Champion Stronk Godson defends his title against the current LSD Champion Steve Harrison. In the main event the team of John Sektor and Adam Ellis defends their World Tag Team Championship belts against The Devil Advocates. But right now we kick things off with singles action. Let’s go to Bryan McVay for the introductions.

The camera focuses on the ring where Bryan McVay stands with his microphone in hand.

Bryan McVay: The first match here tonight is scheduled for one fall and is a War Games qualifying match!

The crowd goes nuts over the fact that the show is starting off with a War Games qualifier. The lights in the arena dim as the sound of “Timebomb” by MXMS blares from the speakers. A single spotlight shines on stage as Noelle Rivers strolls out from the back looking none too pleased to be here in Orlando.

Bryan McVay: Introducing first from… Legally we can’t say. Weighing in at 118 pounds, here is NOELLE RIVERS!!!

Noelle sighs heavily then stomps her way down the ramp towards the ring. Noelle ignores the fans that try to reach out and slaps hands with her before making her way up the steel ring steps. Noelle ducks through the middle and bottom ropes to enter the ring. Noelle heads towards the far corner, turning her back to the entrance ramp and places her head against the top turnbuckle.

Joe Hoffman: The young rookie Noelle Rivers only has one HOW match under her belt but she did take former HOTv Champion Genosyde to his limit. However, it seems like Miss Rivers has no desire to qualify for War Games or to even win this match here tonight.

Hoffman shakes his head as the music dies down and McVay raises his microphone up to his lips.

Bryan McVay: And her opponent…

“Happy Song” by Bring Me The Horizon fills the arena as Darin Zion proudly struts his way out on stage wearing a leather jacket. Inside the ring Noelle Rivers repeatedly bangs her head against the turnbuckle and covers her ears with her hands. However, Zion is oblivious to this and just poses for the fans while on stage.

Bryan McVay: From Crown Point, Indiana weighing 220 pounds. He is the leader of the Z-Mobile movement. Here is DARIN ZION!!!

Zion makes his way down the ramp and slaps hands with the fans as he makes his way towards the ring. Zion makes his way up the steel ring steps and enters the ring. Zion goes to the nearest corner and climbs the turnbuckle. Zion holds his arms out as his music continues to play. He flips off the turnbuckle and hands his jacket to the referee.

Joe Hoffman: Zion has to be the odds on favorite to win this match since he’s determined to make it to the War Games match and his opponent? Not so much. Although it’s interesting that Zion is out here alone without Meredith in his corner. Seems to be trouble in paradise for the Zion house.

Bryan McVay exits the ring as referee Matt Boettcher checks with both stars before calling for the bell to start this match.


Zion jumps in place in his corner as Noelle still has her back turned to her opponent. Boettcher walks over and tells Noelle the match has started as Zion yells for her to bring it on. Noelle stomps her feet in frustration both turning around to face Zion for the first time. The two meet in the middle of the ring then lock up with a collar and elbow. Zion uses his height and strength advantage to force Noelle back into the turnbuckle. Boettcher comes over and calls for a break. Zion lets go of Rivers with a smirk before shouting out.

Darin Zion: You’re going to respect me!

Zion flexes for the crowd as Noelle just narrows her eyes at her opponent.

Joe Hoffman: Zion has shown a new attitude since Simon Sparrow has taken him under his wing. He’s all about forcing people to respect him for the competitor that he is. It’s going to be a tall task for Noelle to overcome the height and strength advantage that Zion has over her.

Noelle finally comes out of the corner but Zion gives her a boot to the midsection. Zion grabs Rivers by the arm and whips her into the ropes but Noelle reverses and sends Zion into the ropes. Zion bounces off the rope then hits Noelle with a running shoulder block that takes her down to the canvas. Zion turns and races towards the ropes again but Noelle remains on the canvas. Zion leaps over the fallen Rivers and rebounds off the other side of the ropes. However, Zion stops dead in his tracks as Noelle hasn’t moved an inch off of the canvas. Zion looks confused as Noelle shouts up at him.

Noelle Rivers: Hurry the fuck up and get this shit over with!

Zion looks over at Boettcher who just shrugs his shoulders. Zion decides why miss an opportunity then hooks the leg and makes the cover on Noelle as Boettcher slides in for the count.




Joe Hoffman: Noelle Rivers just tried to throw this match in the opening moments. However, she seems repulsed by having someone like Darin Zion on top of her and kicked out before the three.

Zion gets back up to his feet and argues with Boettcher over a slow count. Noelle gets back up to her feet and has a look on her face like a thousand showers couldn’t wash away the stench of Darin Zion from her body. Noelle marches over to Zion and spins him around. Noelle goes to fire off a right hand but Zion blocks it and counters with a knee to her midsection. Zion whips Noelle into the ropes then as she bounces off he hits her with a running knee that takes her down to the canvas. Noelle rolls to the outside of the ring to recover but Zion hits the ropes. Zion hits a baseball slide that connects and sends Noelle crashing into the steel guard rail. Zion grabs a hold of Noelle pulling her to her feet then lifts her into the air. Zion drops Rivers’ throat first across the steel guard rail.

Joe Hoffman: This fight has gone to the outside of the ring and Zion just dropped Noelle throat first along the guard rail. So far this match has been one sided and I honestly can’t tell if Noelle is in trouble or if this is going exactly as she had planned?

Zion grabs a hold of Noelle and rolls her back into the ring. Zion slides under the bottom rope and enters the ring. Noelle staggers back up to her feet holding her throat as Zion whips her into the ropes. Noelle rebounds off but Zion hits her with a thunderous clothesline that turns her inside out and sends her crashing to the canvas. Zion looks proud of himself as he taunts Noelle before pulling her back up to a vertical base. Zion lifts Noelle into the air again and hits her with a scoop slam that plants her down to the mat. Zion steps through the ropes then begins to climb the turnbuckle. Zion perches himself on the top rope as Noelle fights her way back to her feet. Noelle turns around as Zion leaps off the top and hits a cross body block that sends her down to the mat. Zion hooks the leg again as Boettcher slides in.




Joe Hoffman: Zion takes to the skies and hits with the cross body but once again instead of letting Zion pick up the win she kicks out. Maybe we’re seeing a change of heart here for the newcomer but she needs to build some offense if she expects to keep Zion out of War Games.

Zion gets back up to his feet then pulls Noelle up to a vertical base. Zion grabs her and sets up for a side Russian leg sweep but Noelle fights back with repeated elbows causing Zion to lose his grip. Noelle races towards the ropes and rebounds off. Zion goes for another clothesline but Noelle ducks under it and hits the other side of the ropes. As Zion turns around Noelle bounces off and connects with a low dropkick to the knee of Zion. It drops him down to one knee as Noelle races towards the ropes again. Zion gets back to a vertical base but Noelle leaps off the middle rope and takes him to the canvas with a head scissors takedown. Noelle grabs Zion and pulls him back up. She fires off a few kicks to the knee before whipping him into the ropes but Zion reverses. Zion lowers his head and goes for a big back body drop as Noelle bounces off the ropes. But Noelle soars over Zion and then pulls him down into a sunset flip as Boettcher slides in for the count.




Joe Hoffman: Noelle with a sunset flip on an unsuspecting Zion but only managed to get a two count before Zion used his boots to bash Rivers in the head to break up the pinfall attempt. She has to keep the pressure on Zion and use her speed and agility to keep the bigger opponent grounded.

Noelle gets to her feet then grabs a hold of Zion and goes for a DDT but Zion uses his strength to run Rivers’ spine first into the turnbuckle hard. Zion begins laying in heavy shoulder blocks into the midsection of Noelle as Boettcher comes over and begins a five count. Zion moves away before the count of five as Noelle staggers away from the turnbuckle holding her midsection. Zion gets behind Noelle with a waist lock then lifts her into the air and drops her with a German suplex. Noelle lands on her head and neck hard as Zion gets back up to his feet. He motions to the crowd that he’s done playing games with his opponent. Zion drops down then grabs Noelle and locks her into Red Rings of Death. Noelle screams in pain as Zion cranks on the hold. Boettcher asks Noelle if she wants to give it up but she screams no.

Darin Zion: Submit! Go ahead and tap out because you will not overcome the 4Z Network!

Zion continues to apply pressure to the hold as Boettcher continues to check on Rivers. Noelle begins to drag her lower half of her body towards the ropes as her only means of escape. Zion keeps the hold locked in firmly as she inches closer and closer towards the ropes. With one final effort Noelle manages to get her foot on the bottom rope. Boettcher signals for Zion to break the hold and he does. Zion gets back up to his feet and raises his arms into the air in celebration thinking he’s won the match.

Joe Hoffman: Zion thinks he’s won this match with the submission but what great tenacity by Noelle Rivers. She took Zion’s finisher and still managed to fight her way to the ropes to force the break.

Zion looks around wondering why there is no bell and why isn’t his theme music playing. Boettcher informs Zion that Noelle didn’t submit but she did reach the bottom rope to force the break. Zion absolutely loses it and begins jumping up and down screaming at Boettcher that he won the match fair and square. Boettcher argues back with Zion but suddenly the crowd stands on their feet as Zion’s personal Butler makes his way out from the back and races towards the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Zion has Boettcher distracted and here comes his man servant down to the ring. Is this the level in which Zion is willing to sink just to secure his spot in the War Games match?!

Zion’s servant hops up onto the ring apron and begins yelling at Noelle as she staggers back up to a vertical base. Rivers is none too happy about what is about to go down with it being a two on one situation now. Noelle marches towards the man servant but Zion sees this. Zion shoves Boettcher into the corner then goes to attack Noelle from behind. However, as Zion charges Noelle side steps and Zion crashes into his servant and the two of them bash their heads against each other. The servant falls off the apron as Zion holds his head in pain. Zion turns around but Noelle comes out of nowhere and connects with Shutdown planting Zion down to the canvas hard.

Joe Hoffman: Rivers just Shutdown Darin Zion but it seems like both of them are on the canvas. Noelle needs to clear the cobwebs and finish this thing off before Zion can recover because this might be her last chance!

Noelle pulls herself up to her feet using the ropes then steps out onto the ring apron. Noelle climbs to the top rope then balances herself on the top as the crowd stands on their feet. Noelle leaps off the top rope and connects with Deathwish to the prone Zion. Noelle hooks the leg and makes the cover as Boettcher slides in for the count.





Bryan McVay: The winner of the match via pinfall in 14:59 and advancing to the War Games match… NOELLEEEEEE RIVERSSSSSSS!!!!

Joe Hoffman: This has to be considered an upset! Noelle Rivers who had no desire to enter War Games or win this match just beat HOW Veteran Darin Zion in the middle of the ring. It’s her first win here in HOW and she just denied Zion a spot in the War Games match at the Pay Per View and joins Jeffrey James Roberts and Jace Parker Davidson on The Board’s War Games team.

Noelle staggers to her feet as Boettcher goes to raise her arm into the air. However, Rivers snatches her arm away and exits the ring before heading to the back as her music plays. Zions pulls himself up to his knees and buries his head in his hands as the realization of missing War Games begins to sink in.

Sparrow Paints a Picture

The scene cuts to the backstage area of the Amway Center where Brian BARE stands in all his whatever-the-opposite-of-glory-is next to the always dapper, always fashionable Simon Sparrow who is smartly attired with his red and black plaid suit. Off to his side is his pair of ghost writers who continually jot down every word the HOW Hall of Famer has to say and every movement he makes.

Brian BARE: Mister Sparrow, later tonight you have a War Games qualifying match against Bobbinette Carey, a woman who defeated you several weeks ago. How are you feeling going into this match tonight?

Simon Sparrow: First of all, I would like to wish my mentee, Ziggy “Zig Zag” Zion on his qualifying match….you know what, I don’t like that name. Writers!

Both writers pop their heads up from their pads like groundhogs out of hole in the ground like it’s February 2.

Simon Sparrow: Make a note, Ziggy “Zig Zag” Zion and the 4Z Network? Done. New name. Darin Dangerously…No….Zenith Zion…No, no…wait….Darin….Zion. Yes, his new name will be Darin Zion.

The HOW Classic turns his attention back to Brian BARE.

Simon Sparrow: I would like to wish Darin Zion luck in his qualifying match later tonight and I am sure—-

Brian BARE: Uh, that match is over.

Simon Sparrow: What?! When?!

Brian BARE: Just moments ago.

Simon Sparrow: And I missed it??? Did he win? No…No! Don’t tell me. I don’t want to know yet. See? You asked me how I was doing? I’m so focused on this match tonight, I missed Darin Z’s qualifying match against what’s-her-name.

Brian BARE: Noelle—

Simon Sparrow: I have a chip on my shoulder, Brian. Look at where I was drafted. More importantly, look at who was drafted before me. Stronk? You mean to tell me, a guy whose steroid abuse has caused his testicles to shrink to the size of itty-bitty raisins, is a more deserving pick than me? But even worse than that, Bobbinette Carey was drafted before me. At least Stronk has a belt around his waist, but Bobbinette Carey….the most useless and obsolete trash bag since Brand X gets drafted ahead of me? Lee would have drafted me first, no doubt about that! Don’t get me wrong, I am perfectly happy being on team Fuse…but the fact that those two talentless shits got picked before me? It’s fucking insulting! So, tonight, I will qualify for the War Games match. Tonight, the Rembrandt of Wrestling is going to paint a picture for Mikey and Ollie and their team that they will be forced to watch and appreciate with regret… will be a masterpiece that I will call “The Queef of Epicness is Full of Hot Air”. WRITERS! COME!

Simon Sparrow walks out of frame followed by his two writers as the scene cuts back to ringside.


Back live inside the arena and the lights cut. No one knows what’s going to happen until words FLASH across the big screen.




There’s a pause. Some of the crowd boos, others let it play out.

Nicknames fly across the screen.







And, of course…


The obnoxious text-based introduction stops. There’s an EXPLOSION of #97MarioRed pyro followed by the same colour of tiny rupees falling from the rafters, superimposed with the champion’s smiling face giving a thumbs up on them. “Bloody Tears (Epic Version)” from Castlevania II plays on the PA and Conor Fuse eventually rises from a lift underneath the rampway. He sports a MASSIVE trench coat, something out of Castlevania, covered in online posts and hashtags about how awesome he is. This trench coat is about three times the size of his typical ones and displays a raised hood and neck guard, looking like the outfit belongs in Lady GaGa’s wardrobe instead. Nevertheless, once Conor reaches the top of the rampway, he holds his arms high and more pyro explodes behind him.

Joe Hoffman: Fuse has a lot of explaining to do after the recent events versus David Noble. I, for one, can understand parts of what Conor said, as his reasoning for why he didn’t draft David Noble, or felt slighted by Clay Byrd. I may not agree but I can understand. However, I cannot forgive a man for cheating to beat his former tag team partner.

Fuse strolls down the rampway. There are boos but there are also a few cheers. Most fans plan to hear the gamer out first.

The Vintage leaps onto the apron and then, even with his massive robe, he leaps over the top rope, standing perfectly in the center of the ring. There’s a set design. 97red carpet lies on the canvas and there is also a display board to the right but it’s covered in an SNES-styled blanket.

The theme song ends and Conor Fuse is given a microphone.

Boos follow.

Conor holds the mic with his left hand. He pulls his right arm up, as if being held at gunpoint.

Conor Fuse: I can explain…

MOAR boos.

Fuse allows the crowd to get this out of his system.

Joe Hoffman: For those wondering at home, or in the arena, David Noble is NOT here tonight. I’ve been told he’s been rattled at the events, all of them, over the past few weeks. I think we all have.

The Champion walks around the ring, head down, as if allowing himself to be humbled by everyone’s jeers. Once the fans relax, Conor puts the mic to his face.

Conor Fuse: I have to come clean, I am aware.

The kid pauses and rubs the back of his head. There are still plenty of fans who WANT to believe in its champion, after hearing his words as to why he didn’t select David Noble. Maybe they don’t agree but the hyperactive manchild in front of them has been a symbol of good in a game typically filled with the opposite.

Conor Fuse: I pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes. I hit a Cheat Code I wasn’t supposed to. And for that, I am sorry.

Joe Hoffman: At least he’s owning up to things.

Conor hasn’t finished his sentence.

Conor Fuse: …it was a surprise I went for an anaconda vice, I know.

Boos follow. Conor continues to look serious.

Joe Hoffman: I don’t think that’s what these people, or I, want you to answer for, Conor.

Conor Fuse: I should have clarified to all of you that I am planning to incorporate more submission based wrestling. I should be purserving this body and not flying around AS MUCH as I normally do.

Fuse is concerned by his actions. He walks to the display board hidden behind the SNES cover. The Vintage takes a deep breath and pulls the blanket away, revealing a poster board of new submission-based holds, with pictures of each beside the text. There’s a scissored armbar, a Texas cloverleaf, a crossface chicken wing and, obviously, the anaconda vice.

Conor Fuse: I should have been honest. This gamer HAS leveled and I will continue to level up.

Conor wipes away a tear, although he doesn’t look to be crying.

Conor Fuse: I understand if this change in wrestling style has hurt you, the fans. I still plan to jump from the top rope. I still intend to hit the Head Stomp.

Fuse’s demeanor immediately changes. He starts clapping his hand against the mic.

Conor Fuse: Let’s give it up for my best buddy, David Noble!

Conor walks to the apron camera and looks right into it.

Conor Fuse: David, who was there for me, like the Elders are there for me. Like Mario Maurako is there for me. And Lindsay Troy. And Teddy Palmer. And Zeb Martin.

Fuse turns to the crowd.

Conor Fuse: I AM SO LUCKY TO HAVE EVERYONE’S SUPPORT! Fellow co-op mates who would NEVVVA turn their back on this guy!

He seems genuine. Joe Hoffman is confused.

Joe Hoffman: I don’t know if Conor is serious or sarcastic.

Conor Fuse: And these newfound submission upgrades will lead me to be the FIRST MAN since 2009 to walk into War Games as champion and leave in the same! The IMPOSSIBLE Game IS possible when it is played by the most lovable, adorable, wonderful, honorable, biggest and most amazing-est hero in the land of High Octane! I am a bona fide, genuine, pure babyface!

Conor pauses and rubs his jawline.

Conor Fuse: No, really. I can’t grow a beard. I have a baby face.

And then Fuse turns back to the crowd again.

Conor Fuse: Thank you for your love and support! I will continue to fight in your name! But I have learned a valuable lesson…

Fuse walks back to the apron camera. He gives himself a self hug.

Conor Fuse: Be honest with the people.

The champion pops open his trench coat, revealing the title around his waist.

Conor Fuse: This ISN’T even my final form! And if your name is anyone but Scott Stevens, I welcome you to the War Games chamber! I am your hero. I am your campaign. I am the cute as a button champion in the High Octane World! Thank you, thank you so much! I will now return to the Elders Scrolls and we will bask in glory watching Steve Solex matches! May the GOD of WAR, me, Conor Fuse, bless you all!

The gamer stands in the center of the ring and lowers his head into the mic.

Conor Fuse: Conor Fuse Forever! Conor Fuse please fight forever!?

Conor winks into the camera.

Conor Fuse: Of course I will, gamers. Of course, I, will.

Fuse’s theme music plays as he drops the mic, slides out of the ring and walks up the ramp. The camera still picks up his voice.

Conor Fuse: I am so awesome.

The champion vanishes behind the curtain.

Joe Hoffman: Well I’m not sure we received ANY answers from this. I can understand some of Fuse’s resentment towards past teammates but I can’t excuse the low blow from last week, which clearly hasn’t even registered for him. I’ve also been told the Elder Scrolls have cut off all communication from Conor. The kid seems to be delusional.

Fade to commercial that has no motive other than to hype the company….clearly not to make you forget Conor Fuse immediately.


Thats not what this commerical is about.

Steve Solex vs. MDM

War Games Qualifier

As we come back from commercial and go to ringside we see the best announcer in the business as the Hall of Famer is ready for the next highly anticipated match up.

Joe Hoffman: Next up is our next War Games qualifier as HOW newcomer, Murphy Doyle Maher takes on Hall of Famer and HOW’s Number One Dad, Steve Solex. Murphy is looking to qualify for one of the biggest pay-per-views of the year in his second match in HOW. However, he is up against a tough task in Steve Solex here tonight.

“Shipping up to Boston” by Dropkick Murphy’s blares across the arena and emerging from the curtain is Murphy Doyle Maher.

Bryan McVay: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and with a twenty minute time limit and it is a War Games Qualifying Match. Introducing first, weighing in at 224 lbs….he is MURPHY! DOYLE! MAAAAAHEEEEER! MMMMMM……DDDDDDDD……MMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Murphy walks out onto the stage carrying a bag and the audience gives him a mixed reaction.

Joe Hoffman: Murphy likes to play mind games as you saw leading up to this contest.

MDM begins to toss items from the bag into the audience as he heads down the ramp.

Joe Hoffman: What is he tossing?

Murphy rolls into the ring and shows the camera what he was tossing into the crowd and it was a can of rash cream. As MDM begins to stretch out on the ropes the lights in the arena go out. Red, white, and blue spotlights near the stage illuminate one at a time as the HOV comes to life and shows an eagle soaring through the air and when it lands on a tree branch you hear a loud screech as soft vocals fill the arena.

I am a real American
Fight for the rights of every man
I am a real American
And fight for what’s right
Fight for your life


As the HOV show images of the different military branches with people waving their American Flags and the final image of Steve Solex and Scott Stevens-Solex Jr. giving a salute as “Dad Vibes” by Limp Bizkit begins to play through the sound system as the words “#1 Dad” display on the HOV.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent, first, hailing from Huntington Beach, California and weighing in at 252 lbs…..he is HOW’s #1 Dad! Steven! SOOOOOLLLLEEEEX!

The words dissolve and a montage of Steven Solex being not only being the number one dad but the number one American as well is shown playing on the HOV as Steven Solex steps out from behind the curtain and onto the entrance ramp.

Joe Hoffman: Steve Solex and Christopher America have been going back and forth recently in a war of words, and you have to guess this was a shot at America and his pride.

The crowd gives Solex a rowdy response as he begins to make his way down the ramp and toward the ring. With his right hand, Steven holds a number one high up in the air, with the biggest, cheesiest of smiles on his face.

Joe Hoffman: Solex reminding everyone he is number one.

Solex stops at the end of the ramp and turns back towards the HOV which is displaying the American Flag and gives it a salute.

Joe Hoffman: Solex is proving is the only true American patriot in HOW and not a self-proclaimed War Games one.

Solex rolls under the bottom rope and into the ring as the crowd continues to cheer. Solex goes to the camera side and places his hand over his heart and shouts out “FOR AMERICA!” Solex goes to the corner, and double knots his America Flag colored New Balance shoes as he waits for the bell.

Ding. Ding.

Joe Hoffman: And here we go…..

Solex and Murphy come out of their respective corners and meet up in the center of the ring. Murphy begins to point at Solex and produces a can of rash cream from behind his back and Solex immediately slaps it away before pushing Maher back.

Joe Hoffman: Solex isn’t having any of the jokes been done by MDM.

MDM nods his head before slapping Solex across the face and the Hall of Famer responds with a slap of his own. Maher responds to the slap with a forearm shiver to the face that staggers the Number One Dad backwards, but Solex responds back with a forearm shot of his own. The two men grab each other and begin to trade forearms.


Maher staggers Solex and the momentum causes him to ricochet off of the ropes and Solex looks for a clothesline, but MDM ducks underneath the attack and grabs Solex from behind. MDM powers him down to the canvas and quickly elbows him in the back of the head. Murphy pulls the stunned Solex into a reverse chinlock, but the submission doesn’t last as he begins to pull back on the nose.






MDM releases the hold before five by raking the eyes.

Joe Hoffman: MDM really taking it to Solex, but he has to be careful he doesn’t want to get disqualified.

MDM grabs Solex by his head and begins to bounce it repeatedly off of the canvas.

Joe Hoffman: MDM is just trying to manhandle Solex.

Before Hortega can reach the count of cinco, Maher slams Solex’s head down, hard and goes for a cover.




Solex pops the shoulder up and Maher immediately transitions to the mount position and begins to rain down right hands to the side of Solex’s face. Maher delivers a final right before pulling Solex to his feet and whipping him across the ring. Maher ducks down and as Steve approaches him he drops to the canvas and delivers a right that stuns MDM.

Joe Hoffman: What a right by Solex!

Solex goes to whip Maher, but he holds his grabs and pulls Solex to him and he wraps himself around Solex locking in a submission hold.

Joe Hoffman: Abdominal stretch?!?!?!? When was the last time we saw one of those in a HOW match? Townsend vs Sektor?

Hortega gets into position and asks if Solex wants to give up.


Steve shouts as he refuses to submit.

Joe Hoffman: Well that’s one way to answer.

Maher apparently didn’t like the response as he begins to headbutt the rib cage of Solex.

Joe Hoffman: Maher who’s head apparently is harder than stone could break a rib with those headbutts.

As Maher is headbutting him, Solex is able to slip his leg free and grab Murphy by his face and sweep the leg.

Joe Hoffman: Russian Legsweep.





Maher kicks out and Solex pops up and begins to put the boots to his opponent. Maher tries to cover up with leaves himself open to a running punt to the ribs that sends Murphy in the air a little. Solex builds a head of steam as he hits the ropes and drops a running elbow. The Hall of Famer does this two more times before making another cover.





Solex pulls Maher to his feet and whips him across the ring and when MDM comes back, Solex double him over with a side kick to the stomach. Solex hits the ropes and takes Maher down with a running neckbreaker. Solex springs to a cover and hooks the leg.




Maher kicks out and as Steve tries to pick him up, Maher delivers a quick kick to the face that stuns the Number One Dad.

Joe Hoffman: Nice move there by Maher that has Solex stunned.

Maher gets into a three point stance and launches himself at Solex and delivers a headbutt to Solex causing Steve to back against the ropes and as he returns, Maher powers him to the mat with a powerslam.







Neither can MDM as he holds three fingers at Hortega, but the official says it was only a count of dos. Maher pulls Solex to his feet and whips Solex towards the ropes and MercDaddy builds up a head of steam as the ducks under Murphy’s back elbow and leaps onto the middle rope and launches himself backwards towards MDM.

Joe Hoffman: Springboard Stunner…….NO!

Maher counters the stunner with raw power as he catches him and powers him over with a German Suplex.






Joe Hoffman: HOLY CRAP!

Holy crap is right because everyone in the arena thought the same thing that Maher was headed to War Games, but Solex continues to show his toughness and determination of not giving up. Maher gets in Hortega’s face and begins to let the official know how he feels. As the two argue, Solex begins to stir and make his way over to Maher. Once Steve is close he rolls Maher up.





Joe Hoffman: Another near fa…..

Before Hoffman can finish his statement Solex grabs the free arm of MDM and locks in a cross armbreaker, but Maher quickly reverses it into a pinning predicament.




Maher kicks out, but Solex uses the momentum to lock in a triangle choke.

Joe Hoffman: Solex being a shoulder knows all about close quarter combat.

Hortega asks if Maher wants to quit but he shouts no.

Joe Hoffman: Solex is tightening those legs around Maher’s neck.

Maher uses his weight to push Solex as he gets to a squatting position.

Joe Hoffman: What is Murphy doing?

Murphy grabs a hold of the MercDad’s jeans and uses his remaining strength to lift him up into the air and drive him into the mat.


Joe Hoffman: What an unbelievable display of strength!

However, Maher cannot capitalize as by move took its toll on both individuals and Hortega begins his mandatory diez count.






Both men begin to stir.



Both men get to all fours.




Both men beat the count and begin to trade right hands.

Joe Hoffman: Both men are on fuse as there is little to no force behind those punches being thrown.

Hoffman may be right because instead of another punch, MDM doubles over Solex with a quick kick to the gut. Maher takes a few steps back before running and jumping at Solex.

Joe Hoffman: Gon’ Get Got……NO!

Solex counters by tossing MDM into the air and quickly spins around and when Murphy starts his descent, Solex launches himself with a decapitating clothesline.






Ding. Ding. Ding.

Bryan McVay: And your winner by pinfall and moving onto War Games….. Steven! SOOOOOLLLLEEEEX!

Joe Hoffman: What a hard fought victory for Solex here tonight! He joins his fellow stablemate Clay Byrd and also the World Champion Conor Fuse on their War Games team. What a match that is shaping up to be. JJR, JPD and Noelle Rivers vs. Conor Fuse, Clay Byrd and now Steve Solex…….just wow.

The focus cuts back inside the ring where Solex gives a final salute to the crowd in attendance before rolling out of the ring and we cut away.

The Head Disciple

As we cut away from ringside the feed suddenly becomes more grainy, with the Eternal Circle logo plastered in the corner. This is when we realize the following is a pre-recorded message, and the man delivering said message is none other than the Head Disciple himself, Xander Azula, noticeably alone in whatever room he’s sitting in as he begins to speak.

Xander Azula: Ah, War Games. The most wonderful time of the year, when High Octane Wrestling draws its battle lines right down the middle. Last year, I was compelled to join a futile cause…and suffered greatly for my sins.

He pauses to reflect on this, looking distraught from what he went through at the titular match before continuing his message.

Xander Azula: In all honesty, I had considered staying the hell away from all that this year…but an opportunity arose, one that I just couldn’t pass up. A chance to redeem myself from last year, a chance to rise out of the ashes and claim the trophy of the 97Red…and a chance to topple a Hall of Famer to qualify.

He pauses again, a wicked smile forming on his face before continuing once more.

Xander Azula: Chris Kostoff, you are a man feared and respected by many in the locker room, a man that is ruthless in that ring…and a man that is about to face the wrath of an angry disciple. My road to redemption stops for no man, not even the almighty Kostoff. See you soon.

With that, the feed cuts to black as we go to our next commercial.

It certainly isn’t Duck season…

We come back from the commercial break to see the locker room of Bobbinette Carey. We see the one and only Queen of Epicness herself Bobbinette Carey. She is already in her ring gear just finishing lacing up her boots. She picks up her phone and looks nervously at it as the hardcore artist Scottywood walks back into the locker room.

Scottywood: Hot date?

Bobbinette: No word from Duck… he promised he’d be here tonight…

Scotty shrugs rolling his eyes.

Bobbinette: You know what? I got you at ringside… it would have been nice to have you and him there to support me.

Scottywood: Help you “even the odds”. Cause Duck has had such great luck against Jatt… Simon… whoever in the past.

Bobbinette: I mean… I need to win this. I don’t care how. Malcolm X style. “By any means necessary!”

She says almost sounding annoyed.

Scottywood: Yeah Carey I get it… maybe you have to think about what if you don’t?

He offers. Her eyes automatically turn to a squint as she glares a hole through Scottywood.

Bobbinette: Why would you say that?! That’s bad juju!!

She knocks on wood then spits drly into the air three times and uses her hands like she’s popping bubbles. She franticly looks around quickly.

Scottywood: Who the fuck spits in the air to get rid of jinxes Carey?

He asks as she looks around the locker room in lockers and cabinets then rummages through her purse before coming up empty handed.

Bobbinette: Craft services has salt! I need to throw it over my shoulder! I need to undo the jinx you just put out there!!

Scottywood: I heard if you chug and IPA it’s even luckier than throwing salt.

Suggest Scotty as he extends a can of Cigar City Jai Alai IPA to her. Carey doesn’t even question it as she grabs the can, punctures the bottom with her Hall of Fame ring before cracking the top and shotgunning the beer in mere seconds.

Scottywood: Damn Carey, now your gonna wrestle Jatt drunk, what kind of professional are you?

Questions Scotty as he takes another long drink of his beer.

Bobbinette: Damnit Scooter! This is serious. I need this win. We need this win, since you…

Scotty quickly puts his hands up in the stop motion as quickly as a kid playing freeze tag.

Scottywood: No! Were not mentioning that fucking bullshit. He got his fucking win… good for him. His fragile fucking ass needed that for his self esteem. Plus wouldn’t want him to disappoint his master Mike Best and incur his wrath… or some hypocritical lecture.

She wrinkles her eyebrows in confusion at Scotty’s ramblings.

Bobbinette: What?

Scottywood: Nevermind. I got my own scheming going on… which reminds me I need you to sign some trademark papers…

Scotty looks around for a moment and grabs some papers which he passes over to Carey to take a quick look at.

Bobbinette: EAW?

Scotty smiles, half chuckling as he nods his head. Carey nods her head in agreement with a light smile too and signs her name on the papers.

Bobbinette: Speaking of scheming, how is your other situation going? The offer is still there for help if you need it, Scooter. No questions asked.

She examines his facial expression looking for any tells.

Scottywood: Well… it went as I expected last week. But the problem still hasn’t gone away. I know you won’t understand this, but apparently there are things money can’t solve.

Jabs Scotty with a small laugh as Carey tilts her head to the side and shoots Scotty a glare back.

Bobbinette: Hey! You know that’s not how I am. Plus you know I have plenty of my own issues that I haven’t been able to fix with money. I mean you have met my son.

She sighs heavily as her eyes look down and her nose wrinkles.

Scottywood: Ugh… yeah, don’t remind me of that shit head.

Scottywood makes an annoyed face at the mention of Carey’s jerk son that causes her to laugh lightly.

Bobbinette: But I’m sure you’ll figure it out Scooter. I just hope that it isn’t too bad of a problem.

She goes to her gear bag grabbing out tape

Scottywood: We’ll see again this week. I just hope for the same result as last. Maybe then it will just solve itself and go away.

He says with a slight sound of hope.

Bobbinette: Yeah… we are never that lucky.

She says under her breath as she starts taping up her wrists.

Scottywood: No shit, cause what kind of fucking story would that be.

Snipes Scotty as he looks over at the camera and flips him the finger.

Frankie: What did I do? It’s not like I caused your problem.

She taps Scotty in the gut lightly with the back of her hand for him picking on Frankie

Scottywood: Let’s just focus on Jatt. Cause depending on how this match goes… will decide what we do next. Like if you’re going to go out with Stronk.

Scottywood jokes. She wrinkles her eyebrows in confusion.

Bobbinette: What’s a Stronk?

Scottywood: That big guy who farted near you a few weeks ago?

Bobbinette’s jaw drops as she shakes her head. Scottywood raises his hand to calm her quickly and change the subject.

Scottywood: You know what, focus! One match at a time. Jatt, the salt? Now where is my hockey stick, I heard it’s Rabbit season.

Bobbinette: It certainly isn’t Duck season…

Adds Carey as she looks down at her phone again… and sees nothing as we cut away.

Steve Harrison vs. Stronk Godson

High Octane Television Championship Match

We cut back to ringside where our Hall of Fame ring announcer is standing by as it is time for our next match of the evening.

Bryan McVay: Our next match is a War Games qualifier and will be contested for the HOTv Championship Match! Making his way to the ring first, our current LSD Champion… THE MIRACLE MAN! STEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVE HARRISON!

“Take the Money and Run,” By The Steve Miller Man starts to play and the curtain flies open. Steve Harrison walks out with his arms in the air, a smirk across his face. He begins walking towards the rings and begins waving at that crowd who return his waves with boos and indifference. The smirk begins to fade after hearing the response so the Miracle Man begins jawing back at some of the audience and pointing to himself yelling over and over “ME, ME, ME!.” Steve walks faster to the ring his smirk now a scowl, he enters the rings and leans against one of the turnbuckles and begins talking to himself, his face becoming red in anger.

“Juciy” by The Notorious BIG hits and STRONK Goodson steps sideways through the curtain, or else he wouldn’t fit and stands on the ramp looking down at the ring.

Bryan McVay: AAAAAAND his opponent, from weighing in at three-hundred and seven and a three fourths of a pound… He is your REIGNING and DEFENDING HoTV CHHHAAAAAMPION! STRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRONK GODSON!

The Champion makes his way down the ramp to the ring, climbs in, handing off the HoTV title to the referee and staring a hole across the ring at Steve Harrison. Boettcher, feeling it’s about to pop off immediately calls for the bell.


STRONK Godson and Steve Harrison are standing across from each other as the bell sounds. Godson lumbers across the ring towards Harrison, and Harrison goes out to meet the widest man on the planet. Harrison fires off a knife edge chop to STRONK who lumbers through it and throws a colossal right hand at Harrison. Harrison ducks under and fires off a kick to the side of the enormous man from Minnesota.

Joe Hoffman: And we’re starting off quick here tonight folks.

STRONK ignores the pain and turns towards The Miracle Man with his eyes full of fury. He lunges at Harrison who once again dodges underneath and fires off a knee to STRONK’s stomach. Harrison pulls back with both hands and clubs the big man between the shoulder blades with a double ax handle – like maneuver. The big man roars as he comes back to his feet taking a swipe at Harrison but The Miracle Man is nowhere to be found.

Joe Hoffman: I don’t know if Harrison thinks he can even start to trade blows with STRONK here.

Harrison points to his head while smiling at STRONK, who somehow manages to become angrier and comes after Harrison again. He tries to close off any means to escape for Harrison, following Harrison on the juke, but Harrison finds another way out and drops to the mat rolling to the outside. Harrison smirks and once again points to his head while STRONK shakes the ropes in rage.

Joe Hoffman: Well if he’s trying to piss him off, that’s working.

Harrison hops up back onto the apron while Boettcher comically escorts STRONK Godson back to the far side of the ring. The moment Harrison tries to step through the ropes the big man comes back across the ring like a bat out of hell and Harrison immediately steps back through the ropes and drops off the apron. STRONK leans over the ropes and yells something to Steve Harrison, who just laughs back in the big man’s face. STRONK shoves Boettcher out of the way and steps through the ropes. Steve Harrison, never being a man to miss an opportunity, takes advantage of the seconds of vulnerability and removes STRONK’s leg out from underneath him with a running lariat like maneuver.

Joe Hoffman: Harrison was baiting the big man to the outside the entire time!

Matt Boettcher: 1!

Matt Boettcher: 2!

Harrison grabs the short stubby leg of STRONK and drags him to the corner and rings it around the steel ring post. The big man roars in pain as Harrison isn’t done. He clubs away at the right knee of Godson like a wild man.

Matt Boettcher: 3!

Matt Boettcher: 4!

Joe Hoffman: Really smart work here from Steve Harrison!

Harrison rings the knee around the steel ring post again. He steps away from the big man and sizes up the knee.

Matt Boettcher: 5!

Joe Hoffman: It’s not exactly clean fans, but nobody is going to begrudge Steve Harrison anything for his strategy in this match.

Matt Boettcher: 6!

Harrison sprints in and boots the side of STRONK’s knee against the post. STRONK roars in agony.


Matt Boettcher: 7!

Matt Boettcher: 8!

Harrison rolls in under the ropes breaking up Boettcher’s count. STRONK starts to get to his feet, but Harrison comes sprinting in with a low dropkick to STRONK’s injured right knee. Harrison calmly gets back to his feet, and waives for the big man to get up. STRONK backs up to the corner and protects his knee with the turnbuckles as he starts to get up this time. Harrison tees off with a series of right hands to the monstrous man but STRONK powers his way to his feet with the help of the ropes. STRONK reaches out with one enormous bear paw and tosses Harrison backwards about halfway across the ring.

Joe Hoffman: That’s how dangerous Godson is, all the way across the ring in just a move.

STRONK limps forward and Harrison is able to strike first with a huge chop across the giant competitor’s chest. STRONK is unphased and fires back with a right hand that sends Harrison skidding towards the corner. Harrison jumps up against the lumbering behemoth and fires off another chop to the big man’s chest, but STRONK once again takes the punishment and sends Harrison careening into the corner with a right hand.

Joe Hoffman: Harrison’s in big trouble here.

STRONK measures up Harrison in the corner, one arm holding Harrison still, the other pulled back ready to fire off another missile of a shot. The taller Harrison reaches out, looking for anything to grab onto. He tries to squeeze STRONK’s neck, but the lack of its existence forces him to other options. Finally finding the eyes, Harrison rakes them with all that he has and STRONK finally is forced to turn away. Harrison dives in with a chop block to the back of STRONK’s right knee after the fact and sends STRONK crashing to the ground.

Joe Hoffman: Steve Harrison could possibly be the dirtiest player in High Octane!

Harrison looks down at the enormous man and shrugs his shoulders, pulling his legs up and placing STRONK Godson in the Figure Four Leg-Lock. The Florida crowd finally reacts.


Harrison smirks and locks the move in while STRONK Godson flails around like a maniac.


Boettcher runs over and keeps asking STRONK if he submits, his roars of ‘NO’ can be heard in section 214 while Harrison keeps the move locked in. STRONK is trapped in the middle of the ring, and Harrison is sitting up in the Figure Four position to apply extra leverage. STRONK sits up and tries to reach out and grab hold of Harrison, and while his arms are powerful, they are just slightly too short to reach Harrison.

Joe Hoffman: STRONK’s fatal flaw! His short stature and wingspan are uncontrollable!

Harrison realizes the situation and pulls back slapping STRONK across the mouth. STRONK screams at Harrison as loud as he can, but Harrison drives a right hand into Godson’s face that sends the big man back down to writhing in pain. Boettcher comes over and checks the enormous man’s shoulders.

Joe Hoffman: I don’t know how smart of an idea that slap was.

Matt Boettcher: 1!

Matt Boettcher: 2!

Godson manages to get his shoulder up momentarily by sitting up but Harrison slams him with a right hand that sends the big man back down to the canvas.

Matt Boettcher: 1!

Godson props himself up, but this time far enough away from Harrison that he can’t be hit with another right hand. STRONK begins to pull the smaller Harrison towards the ropes closest to him with his elbows. Harrison begins punching at Godson’s right knee to try to slow the big man’s momentum, but STRONK drags Harrison along and finally gets to the ropes. Boettcher tries to get Harrison to release the hold, but Harrison stands firm with it locked in until the count of four before he relinquishes the figure four. Harrison takes a second to wink at the camera and mouth the words ‘I’M NOT A DICK LIKE FUSE.’

Joe Hoffman: Clearly Harrison, Steve Harrison is in control folks, we’ll see how long that lasts.

Harrison gets walked back to a corner by Boettcher while STRONK makes his way to his feet. STRONK is really favoring his right leg as he comes to the center of the ring to meet Harrison. Harrison tries to kick at the right leg, but Godson manages to grab ahold of Harrison before the kick connects. Harrison has a mild look of terror on his face, and Godson tosses him over his head like a sack of potatoes with a release belly to belly suplex. Harrison flies three quarters of the way across the ring as Godson gets back to his feet and limps towards The Miracle Man again.

Joe Hoffman: Steve Harrison had to check in with the air traffic control tower at MCO for that flight. What power by STRONK!

Harrison tries to punch Godson’s knee but it’s not enough as the big man pulls Harrison to his feet by the back of his head. He smashes his forehead into Harrison’s nose, blood flies as The Miracle Man staggers backwards. Shocked. He turns back around towards STRONK and is lifted up off his feet immediately into a Gorilla Press. STRONK wobbles with the two hundred and forty pound man up in the air, but it doesn’t matter as he steps out from underneath his arms and lets Harrison crash to the mat face first.


STRONK stands behind a sitting Harrison, who has blood running down his face from his nose. Godson takes a moment and grips Harrison’s skull trying to squeeze both sides of it together like a Death Star Trash Level. Harrison struggles against Godson, pulling at his hands and fingers. The blood coming from Harrison’s nose smears everywhere across the bald man’s head.

Joe Hoffman: This isn’t good, STRONK is going to crush Harrison’s head right in the center of the ring.

Finally Harrison is able to grab ahold of one of the sausages and pull STRONK’s finger back as hard as he can. Godson relinquishes the hold for a split second and comes back in with a new grip. He can’t quite get it locked in again though with the blood and sweat from fourteen minutes of wrestling forming a slippery surface for Godson. Harrison manages to slide out and get away from STRONK. The two men reset across the ring from each other, the three hundred pound Godson, and The Miracle Man stare at each other, much worse for wear.

Joe Hoffman: Slippery men are hard to squeeze, and these two have beaten the living hell out of each other hear tonight.

STRONK limps to the center of the ring, while Harrison strolls to the middle of the squared circle. The two men take turns swinging blows back and forth. This time Harrison doesn’t budge when STRONK strikes him, he just stands and delivers a shot right back to Godson. Each blow is enormous but Harrison powers through and actually manages to get the upper hand on Godson.

Joe Hoffman: STRONK can’t put everything behind it with all the work Harrison did on his lower body earlier!

Harrison slides around behind Godson, locking in a crossface chicken wing and trying to yank back on the big man for the suplex.


STRONK stands firm and Harrison kicks him in the back of the right knee, then tries to yank back again.


This time STRONK slides around behind Harrison and picks him up in the Argentine Back Breaker position. He crashes down with Harrison like a ton of bricks and Harrison is sprawled out in the middle of the ring. Boettcher slides over for a pin attempt.

Matt Boettcher: 1!

Matt Boettcher: 2!


STRONK is slow to get to his feet, but manages to grab ahold of Harrison again, he pulls him up this time in the center of the ring in the Argentine Back Breaker position for a second time, and drives him to the canvas with a second Squat Rack Breaker.

Joe Hoffman: What a fight Steve Harrison put up tonight.

Matt Boettcher: 1!

Matt Boettcher: 2!

Matt Boettcher: 3!

Matt Boettcher calls for the bell as Bryan McVay makes his way into the ring.


Bryan McVay: The winner of this match and STIIIIIILLLL HOTv Champion and qualifying for War Games is STRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRONK GOOOOOOOOOOOOOODSON!

Joe Hoffman: What an effort by Steve Harrison tonight, he had a plan and it damn near worked. He took Stronk Godson to the absolute limit here tonight but it was not enough. This means the LSD Championship will NOT be defended inside the War Games match. Stronk however if he can continue to retain…..will take the HOTv Championship all the way to War Games where he will be joining JJR, JPD and Noelle Rivers on The Board’s team.

We cut away as we see Stronk snatching his High Octane Television Championship out of a crewman’s hands.

Section 214

The camera pans up to Section 214 where Blaire Moise stands and waits for her cue.

Blaire Moise: We are up in a very happy Section 214 following Steve Solex’s win over MDM.  I thought I was going to be interviewing Joe Bergman up here but I don’t see him.

Joe Bergman’s voice: Hi Blaire.  That’s right, I’m not in Orlando tonight.  I’m at…

The HOV fires up.

Bergman steps back and shows off the scenery behind him.  There’s the familiar guard tower next to the very familiar cell house and the warden’s house.

Joe Bergman: …Alcatraz.  Now, I’m sure the first question you all will have is… why am I at Alcatraz.  There’s a good reason for that.

(November 9th, 2019- Rumble at the Rock)
Zoom in on a large metal dumpster along the railing by the water – away from the building.  The dumpster is jam packed full of the debris from the cruise ship incident.

The camera then focuses in closer on a plain black t-shirt with a block letter ‘H’ in the middle that draped across the debris. 

Halitosis: If there is one thing that we all can agree on tonight…

HOW World Champion Halitosis stands by the dumpster with the title belt slung over his shoulder.  

Halitosis: …Halitosis will not be the HOW World Champion after tonight.  

Joe Bergman: I’m sure you know the story.  Halitosis stunned the wrestling world by winning the HOW World Title tournament in the spring of 2019.  I lost the belt two weeks later and then shocked the wrestling world AGAIN when I defeated John Sektor to become a TWO-time HOW World Champion.  But the machine was not happy with the thought of Halitosis going into Rumble at the Rock as the champion so after Dan Ryan challenged right then and there to a title match- a title shot he absolutely deserved to have- not too far afterwards, Cecilworth Farthington was added to the match.

Joe pauses and looks a boat sailing close by.

(November 9th, 2019- Rumble at the Rock)
Slowly, he removes the lucha mask from his head and holds it in his hands, staring at it for a few seconds.

He tosses the mask into the dumpster and it lands on a piece of wood that lays across several other pieces of wood from the accident.  Halitosis disappears off camera for a second and returns holding a container of lighter fluid and matches. He proceeds to soak the mask, the black t-shirt, and then the entire top of the dumpster in lighter fluid.

Halitosis: …you’re going to have to beat me… you’re going to have to defeat an Ordinary Joe to win the HOW world title.  

Joe Bergman: Two and a half years ago, in the infirmary of this very facility right here on this very island, Halitosis became Joe Bergman.  Ordinary Joe.  Man of the people.  Carrying on what Ray McAvay and his Les Miserables started.  Of course, I lost the world title to Farthington that night and we all got to coin a new phrase… ‘toilet murder.’  I later won the tag bets with Andy Murray and we all know how that turned out.  Illness.  Heart surgery.  Retirement.  But now, I’m back.  I hear the questions.  Aren’t you taking a chance with your health- I got medical clearance to restart my career.   Why come back now- because there’s something about the way I lost the title here on this island that never sat well with me.  Let’s be honest.  I would have been the decided underdog against Dan Ryan regardless but it would have been a compelling match.  But Farthington was added and there was no way I was going to win that match.  The odds were too stacked against me. Halitosis was the HOW champion but an afterthought to his title defense.  It was clear the machine didn’t want a ‘cartoon character’ as the HOW standard bearer.

Joe pauses.

Joe Bergman: It was at that point I decided I wasn’t going to be a cartoon character anymore and ‘Ordinary’ Joe Bergman was born.  Soon after, Section 214 came to life. Because people like you…

Joe points towards the camera.

Joe Bergman: …that’s right…you… know exactly how that feels.  You live your everyday lives and do the things you’re supposed to do.  You get up… go to work… do the best you can… and find yourself being in the same position I was when the odds were stacked against me at RATR 2019… ground up and spit out by the corporate machine.  So I went to the ring to wrestle for you. To be someone you thought was on your side.  To fight the good fight just like each and every one of you do on a daily basis against a cold, soulless, corporate machine.  ‘Ordinary’ Joe Bergman is not a corporate brand; ‘Ordinary’ Joe Bergman is who I am.  This whole war games thing is being ‘branded’ as the boys versus the board.  Let’s call it what it is.  It’s the corporate machine versus…

Again, Joe points to the camera.

Joe Bergman: us.  Next week, I take on Christopher America for a War Games spot.  America is a HOW Hall of Famer.  The only man who’s ever won War Games in consecutive years.  He is a formidable opponent and, yes, I will be an underdog going into this match.  But we’re going to fight the good fight.  We’re not going to quit.  We’re not going to give up.  The odds may be stacked against us again… BUT… we’re going to make sure that the corporate machine… Corporate America… understands that we’re not going down without a fight.

The HOV goes black.

Blaire Moise: Joe Bergman everyone.  We’ll be back with more right after this commercial break.

A Couple Poors

We come back from commercial to the backstage area of the Amway Center here in Orlando, Florida. Newly inducted Hall of Famer and War Games participant Jace Parker Davidson can be seen standing near a monitor watching tonight’s Refueled as it unfolds. Jace is wearing a finely pressed three piece suit with his HOF ring on his finger. Suddenly Brian Bare approaches with microphone in hand and a cameraman filming along the way. Bare rubs his free hand over his neck and then clears his throat. Jace raises his eyebrow before turning to look at Bare.

JPD: What the hell do you want?

Brian Bare: I was wondering if I could get a quick interview with you, possibly?

Jace stares down at Bare with an annoyed look on his face before sighing and as he rubs his left hand down over his face.

JPD: Fine, just make it quick Bare.

Bare nods before turning towards the cameraman.

Brian Bare: Ladies and gentlemen I am here backstage with HOW Hall of Famer Jace Parker Davidson. My first question for you is since you’re not booked to compete tonight, just what are you doing here?

Jace looks down at Bare like he’s fucking stupid.

JPD: Just because I’m not booked to wrestle tonight, do you honestly think I would miss a show here in my home state?

The crowd in the arena pops for the Florida native.

JPD: Oh forget it, you’re an idiot so don’t bother trying to answer that. I am a member of The Board and we are making sure that Refueled 95 runs smoothly. That’s why I’m back here watching tonight’s matches. It doesn’t hurt to scout out some of the competitors that are advancing to the War Games match in the Ukraine either.

Brian Bare: What are your thoughts on the show so far?

JPD: Good matches so far. I want to issue congratulations to both Noelle Rivers and Stronk Godson on winning their matches and joining myself and Jeffrey James Roberts on Team Best for War Games. It’s unfortunate that Murphy Doyle Maher couldn’t overcome the likes of Steve Solex but two outta three ain’t bad.

Brian Bare: I figured you’d be more upset that Steve Solex advanced and gave the Locker room team another member to compete in the War Games match.

Jace scoffs at Bare.

JPD: Seriously? Steve Solex? I know all about Steve Solex and let me tell you he’ll be nothing more than the weak link of their team. I mean they drafted the likes of Solex, Zion, and Hollywood for War Games and two of those three are already eliminated. Did you see Zion out there tonight? He got beat by a five foot tall, 118 pound woman with a spot in War Games on the line. I have no fucking idea what Simon Sparrow is thinking trying to mold Zion into something other than an Amber Heard sized turd.

Bare’s face scrunches at the mental image.

Brian Bare: Speaking of War Games, let’s talk about your match last week where you beat fellow Hall of Famer Scottywood to secure your spot in the match.

JPD: Like there was any doubt. It was my first singles match this year after missing three months and I still looked like a million bucks out there. Scottywood is just another bottom feeder drafted by team Locker room.

Brian Bare: There are rumblings that you somehow cheated your way to that win by sending false text messages to one Bobbinette Carey.

JPD: Text messages? Seriously, people are out there crying about text messages? Listen, it’s not my fault that both Bobbinette Carey and Scottywood are gullible. Nor is it my fault that instead of properly training for the match Scottywood spent his time begging Carey not to ‘meet up’ with me while trying to call me creepy. Or the classic, ‘you’ll never be as good of a friend to Carey as I am!’ The tears of lesser superstars such as them go well with my morning cup of coffee.

Brian Bare: I’ve heard that people are clamoring for a rematch between you and Scottywood. One where he wouldn’t be cheated out of a spot in the War Games match.

JPD: Rematch? Don’t waste my time. Those two tried every dirty trick in the book to try and beat me. The man tried to use a goddamn Ice Skate in our match and still couldn’t get the job done. I did exactly what I said I would do and now Scottywood can take his place back at the bottom of the card of night 1 of the PPV.

Jace raises his right hand into the air and begins to admire his Hall of Fame ring.

Brian Bare: Aren’t you worried about revenge being taken by the likes of Scottywood and/or Carey?

JPD: Not in the slightest. In fact I’m excited to see how Robernette Carey fairs in her match later tonight against Simon Sparrow. The fact that she feels like she needs both Scottywood and Darkwing in her corner tonight just shows she’s not confident in her chances of victory. She beat Simon before but she needs all the backup that she can get. Why not bring Scott Stevens out to the ring with her also? Then all four can sit back in the locker room complaining about how it’s not fair that they don’t get to compete in the War Games match.

Brian Bare: And finally what are your thoughts on tonight’s main event where the HOW World Tag Team Championship belts will be on the line?

Jace goes silent for a moment pondering Bare’s question.

JPD: This is a tough one because both John Sektor and Jeffrey James Roberts both were drafted by the Bests. However, I’m pulling for the Devil’s Advocates to win the match and become the new HOW World Tag Team Champions. Adam Ellis is nothing more than an MVW fuckstick that has been riding Sektor’s coattails. And Sektor is on this whole ‘If we lose the titles I’m going to retire’ bullshit. So I hope tonight is the last match of Sektor’s career because we don’t need no quitter holding us back at War Games.

Jace lowers his arm and begins to wave Bare away.

JPD: Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to stand here and watch Carey try to waddle her way into the War Games match with the help of her lap dogs at ringside.

Bare nods his head and heads off looking for another interview as we head to ringside for more action.

Simon Sparrow vs. Bobbinette Carey

War Games Qualifier

Cutting back to ringside we as the arena light go dark and the crowd starts to boo as they know who is about to make their entrance.

“Tell you you’re the greatest”

“But once you turn they hate us!”

A magenta spotlight shines on the stage as the Queen of Epicness herself is already standing there waiting for the light. Bobbinette Carey makes her way down the ramp, wearing a Miss America style crown. She stands at the top of the ramp, with her pink and black leopard gear as she looks out at the disdainful crowd. Behind her we see The Hardcore Artist, Scottywoood make his way out, barbed wire hockey stick in hand as he walks up beside Bobbinette and nods his head before starting to walk to the ring.

“Oh the misery everybody wants to be my enemy!”

Bryan McVay: The following match is scheduled for one fall. First making her way to the ring being accompanied by HOW Hall of Famer Scottywood, from Parma Heights, Ohio… HOW Hall of Famer… The Queen of Epicness… BOBBINETTE CAREY!!!!

Joe Hoffman: Big old school HOW match up here tonight. Simon Sparrow or as many still call him, Jatt Starr, taking on Bobbinette Carey, with a spot in War Games on the line. War Games has been a focus of Carey’s since she returned to HOW, so this match must mean everything to her tonight. Also, if she loses, neither her, nor Scottywood will be in the biggest match of the year in HOW.

The lights go out and one by one yellow spotlights illuminate the ramp from the ring to the curtain. “Everybody Wants You” by Billy Squier blares across the arena and emerging from the curtain is Sir Simon Sparrow, sporting his red and black plaid suit (no dress shirt) and a monocle over his right eye. He carries a walking cane, not for necessity but for aesthetics. The Wabid Wabbit follows.

Bryan McVay: And her opponent, being accompanied by Wabid Wabbit, from Havre, Montana and weighing in at 220 pounds… SIR SIMON SPARROW!!!!!

The Professor of Sparrow-dynamics removes his suit jacket and carefully folds it before handing it and the cane to the Wabid Wabbit. The ring becomes illuminated in a teal light. The HOW Classic walks up the ring steps and middle ropes and enters the ring. Sir Simon Sparrow stands in the middle of the ring as Hortega holds Carey and Scottywood back, all of the other lights go out save for one yellow spotlight in the middle of the ring where he stands, soaking in the cheers of his fans. The spotlight fades the house lights come up and Sparrow heads towards corner and leans nonchalantly on the turnbuckle waiting for the match to begin.


Carey is far from as nonchalant as she explodes out of her corner before the first bell finishes ringing and charges at Sparrow. He tries to quickly ready himself as he steps out of the corner but is drilled by a quick clothesline from Carey that knocks him off his feet to a chorus of boos from the crowd.

Joe Hoffman: Carey coming out strong here at the start, catching Sparrow off guard a bit.

Simon tries to get back up but Carey boots him straight in the face, knocking him back down as she lays another four boots to the gut of Simon before he rolls out of the ring and tries to regroup with Wabid Wabbit. He tries to take a moment, but Carey is having none of it as she exits the ring. Simon quickly grabs Wabbit and uses him as a human shield between him and Carey as he keeps backing up. Suddenly Simon backs into something as he quickly spins around with Wabbit.


Wabbit is drilled in the head by Scotty with his barbed wire hockey stick, laying him out as Simon jumps backwards, but right into Carey’s hands. She grabs him by the hair and throws him head first into the ringpost.

Joe Hoffman: Wabid Wabbit and Simon Sparrow both busted open early here in this match as Carey and Scottywood take complete control of this match.

Hortega is at a count of siete as Carey rolls into the ring and then back out, resetting the count as Simon starts to pull himself back to his feet as he wipes the fresh blood away from his eyes. He looks around for Wabid Wabbit who is out cold and his face covered in blood too. But he has little time to mourn as Carey grabs Simon and walks him over to the announce table. She slams his head off the table before she rips the top off as she points to it before setting Simon up for a powerbomb.

Joe Hoffman: Carey about to put Simon through the table here… I’m taking cover…

Carey goes to lift him up but Simon blocks it and reverses the move into a back body drop, not through the table though but onto the light padded outside floor. Hortega is back to a count of cinco as Carey stumbles back to her feet as Simon now grabs her hair and throws Carey into the steel steps, sending them flying as the crowd cheers. Simon goes after Carey but Scotty steps inbetween them, pointing his hockey stick at Simon. The two argue for a moment as Carey pulls herself up to her feet and rolls back into the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Hortega at an eight count, Simon better be careful.

Due to their proximity to the announce table still, Simon hears Joe and quickly dives back into the ring at Hortega’s neuve count.

Scottywood: What the fuck Joe!?!?

Joe Hoffman: Sorry I stopped you from cheating for a win.

Scottywood: Fuck you and your high horse Joe!

Simon pulls himself back up to his feet, but catches a boot in the gut from Carey who again sets Simon up for a powerbomb and connects this time as she goes for a cover on the bloodied Simon Sparrow.




Simon gets the shoulder up as Carey clubs him with a few hard rights before she gets up and hits the ropes. Coming back she leaps up over Simon and goes for the somersault splash.

Joe Hoffman: Simon rolls away!

Scottywood: How about with a bit less enthusiasm Joe! Or like Simon rolls away like a coward!

Carey reaches for her back in pain as Simon climbs to his feet and drives a knee into Carey’s stomach. He then quickly grabs her legs and locks in his modified Texas cloverleaf submission.

Joe Hoffman: Jattaclym!!

Scottywood: Do you wanna end up like that stuipd silly fucking rabbit?!

Simon drives his knee into the already hurting back of Carey who desperately tries to reach for the ropes to break the hold. The crowd is chanting for Carey to tap as she inches forward towards the ropes. Scotty jumps up onto the apron, which steals Simon’s attention for just a split second, enough for Carey to get those last few inches and grab the bottom rope.

Joe Hoffman: Scotty again with the distraction to Simon. It really is win by any means for these two tonight.

Simon breaks the hold and charges at Scotty who jumps down off the apron with a smile on his face. Simon again is yelling at Scotty as Carey climbs back to her feet, but it’s not long enough as Simon turns around…

Joe Hoffman: Smack Sparrow!

The sound of Simon’s hand slapping Carey across the face echos through the arena which erupts in cheers as Carey fires back with a slap of her own. Simon counters with a boot to the gut but Carey catches it and Simon comes back with an enziguri to the side of Carey’s head. Carey staggers around and Simon grabs her and nails an inverted atomic drop that sends Carey down to the mat as Simon goes for a quick cover.



Carey gets the shoulder up as again Simon goes for the texas cloverleaf, but Carey boots him in the side of the head. Carey pops back up to her feet and goes for a belly to belly suplex but Simon counters with a headbutt that stuns the Queen as she stumbles back to the corner. Simon takes a few steps back and charges at Carey.

Joe Hoffman: Starrlite Express!

Scottywood: Carey dodges it! Simon eats the turnbuckle!

Joe Hoffman: Like a coward too?

Scottywood: That’s it!

Scotty rips the headset off Joe’s head and kicks him out of the announce table as he places the headset on his head. Meanwhile, Simon is dazed as he hits the turnbuckle head first. He stumbles out of the corner as Carey comes flying at him with a lariat that nearly takes his head off.

Scottywood: Off with his head! Royal Pain by Carey as she goes for the cover.




Simon reaches out for the bottom rope as we see Wabid Wabbit back on his feet and pushing the ropes towards Simon who just gets a finger on it before Hortga’s three as he dramatically washes the cover off.

Scottywood: That fucking fuck!

Scotty tosses the headset off as Wabid Wabbit quickly starts to run up the ramp as Scotty gives chase backstage. Joe cautiously returns to the announce table as Carey drills Simon with a couple hard elbows. Pulling him to his feet now, Carey Irish whips Simon into the corner and charges in, driving her shoulder into his gut. She hits a quick snap spike DDT that plants Simon on the top of his head as he lands on his back.

Joe Hoffman: Carey again going for the Epic Ending!

Carey hits the ropes but Simon again rolls out of the way to the corner. He pulls himself up as Carey changes direction and goes for a lariat, but Simon ducks it and Carey hits the turnbuckle chest first, driving the air from her body.

Joe Hoffman: Simon evading devastation again!

Simon quickly drops down and grabs Carey’s leg, slamming her down to the mat for a roll up pin as we see Scottywood emerge on the stage and starts running towards the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Scotty is back!



Joe Hoffman: Scotty is at the apron!!!!



Scotty grabs Carey’s arm a second too late to pull her to the ropes as Hortega calls for the bell.

Bryan McVay: Your winner in 19:57….. SIMON SPARROW!!!!!

Joe Hoffman: Simon squeaking out a roll up win against Carey…. and what is Scotty doing!

The Hardcore Artist has gotten into the ring and started stomping at Simon before he could get back to his feet. Carey gets back to her feet as she also joins in, making it a two on one attack. Scotty directs Carey to hit the ropes, which she does and comes back to nail an Epic Ending on Simon to the chorus of boos. Carey then picks Simon up as she is about to hand him off to Scotty who is calling for a Game Misconduct….

Joe Hoffman: Come on! The match is over, you two lost again! This is just two sore losers taking out their frustration…

Suddenly we see Wabid Wabbit charge out from the back with a steel chair in hand as Scotty points him out to Carey who drops Simon and the two flee the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Thank you Wabid! What are these two thinking here as Simon Sparrow has qualified for War Games… but has taken quite the attack from Carey and Scotty. What an UGLY display by those two Hall of Famers who both have been eliminated for their chance to compete at this years War Games match.

Wabid slides into the ring to check on Simon who slowly starts to pull himself up to his feet as Hortega points to him and raises his arm with the official decision as we cut away to backstage.

BOTF 2.0

We cut backstage where TEN-X student Tyler Streets is currently doing push-ups in the office of the CEO. The man whom he personally assists, CEO Michael Lee Best, stands over him with his arms crossed, watching intently.

Mike Best: Fifteen more.

Tyler looks exhausted. It’s hard to say exactly how long he’s been doing these push-ups, but it’s obviously been quite some time— he is literally dripping with sweat, having soaked through the dress shirt he wore to tonight’s event.

Mike Best: This isn’t a bingo hall, Tyler. This is the single most competitive wrestling company on the planet. I don’t know how they do shit over in FIGHT NYC, but I can promise you that whatever Fisher Price shit you’ve been doing over there ain’t gonna cut it in HOW.

The student nods his head, knowing better than to clap back at his boss. The weeks since his training began have been rigorous and intense, but already his conditioning is noticeably improved. He’s tired, but he isn’t slowing down.





Mike Best: Fuck it, twenty more.

The CEO turns back toward his desk, snatching his cell phone and scrolling through his notifications as Tyler grunts twice, upping the pace of his push-ups. He’s almost running on spite now, wanting to prove that he can go harder than Michael can push him.

Tyler Streets: YES SIR.

He barks the response, with intensity but also with respect.





Mike Best: Thattaboy. Are you TEN-X, Tyler?



He doesn’t even break stride.

Tyler Streets: SIR, YES SIR.



Mike Best: Say it like you mean it. ARE YOU TEN-X?



Tyler Streets: SIR, YES SIR!





As he pushes up for the last time, Tyler barely makes it to the top, collapsing to the floor on spaghetti arms. His chest is heaving, as he struggles to get his breath and not think about the pain.

Mike Best: Great job. Proud of you.

He tosses a towel to the floor, heading for the mini fridge and grabbing his protege a bottle of water. Michael sits down next to Tyler, crossing his legs and letting the sterner part of his demeanor fall away.

Mike Best: I was garbage when I joined HOW, Tyler. Indy circus trash. I struggled for my entire first year. Everything changed because of my Dad. He set me on the right path, you know? Helped me get off on a better foot. Do you— uh, what does your dad do?

Tyler sits up, matching the posture of his mentor as he twists the bottle cap off his water. He almost can’t guzzle it down fast enough.

Tyler Streets: Don’t know him. Never did. Would really rather not talk about it with the world, respectfully.

The eighteen year old points softly at the camera filming the segment, raising an eyebrow at his boss.

Mike Best: Right. Fair enough. Cool cool cool.

Suddenly much more cognizant of the camera himself, Michael stands up from the floor, clearing his throat and wiping off the front of his pants.

Mike Best: Well, uhh… you’ve got a world class training team here, Tyler. Keep at it.

The CEO turns back toward his desk, filled with paperwork. Before Tyler leaves though, he turns one more time.

Mike Best: Hey Ty… I don’t expect you to be as good as I was in the ring… I expect you to be better. I’m giving you the tools to be better. The career I never had. Cause that’s what… mentors… want. That’s enough for today. Go shower up.

He turns away again, getting back to work as Refueled heads to its final commercial break of the evening.


Back live and we transition to somewhere else in the arena where we see EPU and HOW staff members going deep into the bowls of the arena.

Staff: I’m telling you someone is down here.

EPU Guard: There better be or we will fine you for wasting our time.

The EPU guard informs the staff members as they follow behind them.

Staff: They were seen in there.

The staff member points to a rusty door that says; “DO NOT ENTER.” The EPU push their way through the staff members and open the door and make their way inside. As the EPU get further inside they see the illumination of a small fire and someone in the shadows.

EPU Guard: You aren’t supposed to be here! You need to evacuate the area or you will be forcefully removed.

The individual doesn’t move and the EPU pull out there batons.

EPU Guard: This is your last warning.

A voice is heard.

Shadow: I knew he would send his goons sooner or later, lets get this over with!

The individual yells out loud before a long sniff is heard. As the image cuts back to the staff members there is a lot of clatter and yelling and soon the door swings open and we see a homeless man that reeks of booze and it looks like he has white powder over his beard. The homeless man turns his attention to the staff members and he yells.

Homeless man: You tell Conor Fuse I’ll defeat him at War Games!

The man walks away and the staff members look confused and something falls out of the homeless man’s hand. As the camera zooms in on the object it is revealed to be a HOW Hall of Fame ring and the name on the ring; Scott Stevens.

We transitioned back to ringside for our main event.

Arthur Pleasant and JJR vs. John Sektor and Adam Ellis

Tag Team Championship Match

Back live and we cut immediately to our Hall of Fame announcer as it is time for our main event of the evening.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back everyone! It is time for the Tag Team Championships to be defended for the first time since they were won at March to Glory by John Sektor and Adam Ellis……….and once again we see Arthur Pleasant and John Sektor squaring off with High Octane gold on the line. It’s a real crazy dynamic here with teammates Roberts and Pleasant potentially on opposite War Games teams and John Sektor and JJR potentially being on the same. However, all bets are usually off come the major event, anyway. For right now, it’s about the Tag Team Championships. Should be a good one!

To ringside.

Bryan McVay: This is the main event and it is for the Tag Team Championships!

The crowd cheers.

Bryan McVay: Introducing first, the challengers… the team of Arthur Pleasant and Jeffrey James Roberts… Devil’s Advocates!

Roberts’ theme song plays as he walks out with security, hands zip tied as always. Pleasant strolls behind, a confident, yet angry look on his face.

Joe Hoffman: Pleasant was the one who ended the longest LSD reign. However, he did lose the title to Steve Harrison.

Once Pleasant is in the ring, Roberts is released from his restraints and enters as well.

Bryan McVay: Their opponents… the Tag Team Champions… Adam Ellis and “The Gold Standard” John Sektor!

The legend and protege appear next to cheers from the crowd. Belts around their waists, there’s a purpose to this match as both men march down and slide into the ring. Referee Matt Boettcher asks for the belts and holds them up in the air before turning to the ring announcer, handing the titles over and calling for the official start to the contest.


Ellis and Pleasant lock up. Pleasant throws Ellis into a headlock but he’s pushed into the ropes. Pleasant runs right into a stiff rookie shoulder and falls to the mat. Ellis follows up with an elbow drop… another elbow drop… and finally, a third one. He pulls Pleasant from the mat and connects with a snap suplex. Ellis holds on and hits another. Trifectas all around as Adam Ellis hits a third snap suplex but this time creates a bridging pin.




Joe Hoffman: A little too early to go for the pinfall but it should tire Arthur out further. He’s wrestled a lot recently.

Ellis tosses Pleasant into the ropes and lowers his head. It’s telegraphed. Pleasant drops to his knees, smirks and clubs Adam in the head with a vicious elbow smash. This shoots the rookie upwards, crashing into a heap on the floor. Pleasant’s turn to provide additional punishment. He drops the elbow again, right against the side of Ellis’ skull. It’s a tough hit to take as Ellis’ bell is rung rather well. Pleasant throws Ellis into the ropes and then nails him with another elbow. The former LSD Champion peels Adam off the mat and tosses him into Devil’s Advocates corner. A tag is made to JJR.

Joe Hoffman: And this combination might put Adam Ellis in more trouble!

At first, it certainly looks like. Roberts throws punches and kicks at Ellis in the corner… then backs away as referee Matt Boettcher administers a five count. However, this doesn’t stop Pleasant from choking Ellis when the ref isn’t looking.

Roberts races in. He hits a shotgun dropkick and then a sitdown hip toss when Adam Ellis pops to his feet and comes running.

Joe Hoffman: Roberts is digging his knee right into Ellis’ neck. It has to be tough to breathe right now…

But Ellis fights. He makes his way to a knee, pushing JJR away from him. He turns to John Sektor and is about to move into his corner but Roberts launches himself towards Ellis’ knee…

JJR misses! Ellis side steps at the last possible second. He grabs Roberts by the waist and connects with a release German suplex. Then he dives to his corner and tags John Sektor!

Joe Hoffman: Sektor and Roberts! Can’t wait for this!

The Gold Standard punctures Roberts cheekbone with a stiff shot and then performs a release German suplex of his own. JJR is thrown on the top of his head. Sektor bounces off the ropes and grabs Roberts by the waist the second he gets to his feet. In a fluent running motion, Sektor hits another German suplex, of the running release variety. However, Roberts is resilient himself. He kips to his feet and goes for a superkick, catching the longest reigning LSD Champion under the jaw. Vicious knee strikes follow but Sektor is a pro at absorbing the blows. He covers up when he can so the impact isn’t as strong. Roberts hurls Sektor into the ropes… Sektor ducks a roundhouse kick and bounces off the net set of ropes. Sektor comes flying across with a lariat and wraps his arm around JJR as both men fall to the floor.

Joe Hoffman: Sleeper hold! Sektor has some kind of choke hold on Roberts! All performed in one fluent motion!

And it seems to be working. Roberts is fading… fast. Jeffrey tries to reach for Sektor’s head but can’t get a hold of it. This allows Pleasant to race in.

But The Gold Standard is ready. He drops JJR and ducks a Pleasant clothesline. Sektor leaps for his corner and tags Adam Ellis. The current Tag Team Champions double-team Arthur with body shots and then a double suplex. Sektor exits the ring and points at JJR, telling the rookie to focus on the legal man now. Ellis does. He drags Roberts into a snapmare takedown and applies the same sleeper/choke hold John Sektor just did.

Joe Hoffman: Textbook. You can really tell Ellis has learned a lot over these past four months teaming with Sektor.

Roberts is fading and Pleasant has gone back to his corner feeling rather woozy. Boettcher slides into position and raises Jeffrey’s hand… it drops once.

It drops twice.

But it does not drop the third time.

Roberts shoots to his feet, lifting Ellis and hitting a backdrop. The move is broken.

Joe Hoffman: And JJR with another burst of life, leaping over and tagging his teammate.

Pleasant roars in, although he’s holding the back of his head while he does. AP tackles Ellis to the ground and begins unloading on him, while looking up at John Sektor with a sadistic looking grin.

Joe Hoffman: The war between Sektor and Pleasant is nowhere near over.

But Ellis slips away, finds the ropes and dropkicks Pleasant in the chest.

Joe Hoffman: Perhaps Arthur Pleasant was a little TOO preoccupied with Sektor!

Ellis keeps the momentum going. He lands a few elbow strikes. He Irish whips Pleasant and then connects with a spinebuster slam. Finally, Ellis drags Pleasant to his feet and looks for an elevated DDT.

However, Pleasant rebounds. He breaks free, bounces off the ropes himself and clubs Adam Ellis with an inside-out clothesline!

Pleasant is quick to take Ellis off the canvas and land a package piledriver!




Joe Hoffman: John Sektor showing trust in his teammate, he was not going to enter the ring and break up the count!

And Sektor’s move pays off because Adam Ellis blocks a right hand from Pleasant and hits a desperate kick to the gut, followed by the elevated DDT he had tried for earlier.

Joe Hoffman: Ellis tags Sektor!

The legend marches in, grabbing Pleasant by the chest and hitting a belly-to-belly suplex. Sektor holds on and performs a falcon arrow suplex into a pin.




Sektor rises. Pleasant is also up and The Gold Standard knocks him back down with a spinning forearm smash. The Tag Team Champion looks to apply an armbar but Pleasant scurries into the ropes, still able to display a shit eating grin on his face as if saying he will always be one step ahead of the legend. Sektor backs away and this allows Pleasant the time to strike. He keeps his base low and chop blocks Sektor’s right knee from under him. The Provocateur follows with numerous kicks to Sektor’s chest while he’s on both knees. Pleasant strikes away… over and over again. John Sektor is trying his best to absorb the blows.

Joe Hoffman: These two have become bitter rivals recently and neither man backs down from the other.

Sektor catches one of Pleasant’s kicks and twists his body around the leg. Pleasant shouts in pain and collapses to the mat, holding his knee.

Joe Hoffman: Sektor is going with the flow here… he’s applying a figure four leg lock!

Jeffrey James Roberts puts a foot into the ring but Boettcher races over there to prevent any interference. Pleasant is dead to rights in the middle of the ring… although he takes a moment to shoot John Sektor a middle finger.

Finally, JJR has no choice. He hops over the top rope…

…And is speared to the ground by Adam Ellis!

The fans rise, thinking they’re about to see the Tag Team Champions retain. Pleasant reaches forward. He’s trying to grab Sektor by the arm… head… anything really… and can’t seem to do it. John’s too far away. Arthur raises his hand, the crowd cheers, he might be looking to tap out.


The Alaska native slams his hands down on the mat for leverage. He drags himself and John a little closer to the ropes.

Joe Hoffman: Pleasant is still a far distance from them!

The Provocateur moves again… a little closer now.

Finally, the crowd boos as Arthus Pleasant does indeed BARELY reach the bottom rope. The vet breaks the figure four immediately, snatches Pleasant and hits a German suplex with a bridge!




The air is taken out of the arena. They thought it was over. John Sektor nods, knowing the count wasn’t a three and then turns to his teammate. He tags Adam Ellis.

The protege with a bridging deadlift pumphandle half-nelson suplex.


But Jeffrey James Roberts has recovered and taken the opportunity to PUNT Adam Ellis square in the face!

The rookie goes down like he’s shot out of a cannon. Roberts stares coldly at John Sektor before returning to his own side of the squared circle. The crowd rumbles their feet.

Joe Hoffman: It’s anyone’s game now!

Ellis has both hands over his face, JJR got him flush in the nose. Meanwhile, Arthur Pleasant is just trying to make sense of which body part hurts more. His head or his knee.

Joe Hoffman: Ellis may need to tag out too after the sickening kick to the face!

Ellis is trying to get to his corner… Pleasant also attempts to work his way over to the Advocate’s. Both are close. Pleasant reaches out and tags Roberts. Ellis reaches out…

…And DOES NOT make it to Sektor in time!

Roberts lands an elbow to the back of the head and then clotheslines John Sektor off the apron. The Gold Standard FLIES into the guardrail! JJR quickly strikes Ellis again, overwhelming him with various kicks and knees to the side of the temple.

Joe Hoffman: I’m not sure I like the position Ellis is in…

JJR drags Ellis to his feet and in a flash connects with his brainbuster.

Joe Hoffman: The Mask of Sanity!

Jeffrey James Roberts leaps to the top rope. He eyes John Sektor, who’s starting to recover on the guardrail. JJR goes for his finisher…

Joe Hoffman: Shooting Star Guillotine! Roberts hits it!

Sektor sees what’s happened. He shakes the pain out of his head and works his way towards the ring. JJR hooks Ellis’ leg!

Sektor slides into the ring!


Arthur Pleasant is there…


…But Sektor knocks Pleasant over!


Regardless, Sektor’s too late. Boettcher calls for the bell!


The Gold Standard falls right before reaching Adam Ellis, likely still feeling the effects of crashing head-first into the guardrail.

Bryan McVay: The winners of this match… AND NEW Tag Team Champions… Arthur Pleasant and Jeffrey James Roberts… DEVIL’S ADVOCATES!

Roberts and Pleasant are handed the tag titles while Arthur takes a moment to look down at the legend, as if insinuating he’s 2-for-2 taking what used to belong to the Hall of Famer.

Joe Hoffman: Great match. Hard fought on both ends. Adam Ellis shows his worth once more but was overcome and outnumbered quickly. Devil’s Advocates are a hell of a team.

Sektor rolls Ellis out of the ring as JJR is forced to handover his belt to his partner, in order to be zip tied again.

Joe Hoffman: We will see you all next week! New champions. Goodnight everyone!

An advert for War Games and then Refueled 96 live from The Colonial Life Arena in Columbia South Carolina is shown…

War Games Qualifying Match
Joe Bergman vs. Christopher America

War Games Qualifying Match
Arthur Pleasant vs. John Sektor

War Games Qualifying Match
Chris Kostoff vs. Xander Azula

War Games Qualifying Match
Eli Dresden vs. JJ Starfire