Refueled XCIII
  • Event Type: weekly

Refueled XCIII

Event Date: April 10, 2022 at 10:00 pm

#NR Murphy Doyle Maher vs. #NR Eli Dresden

The logo for High Octane Television gives way to a raucous crowd inside the ALMOST FedEx Forum in Memphis, eagerly awaiting the action as we cut to a shot of Joel Hortega, Bryan McVay, and HOW newcomer Murphy Doyle Maher already in the ring, and then to Joe Hoffman at the commentary booth.

Joe Hoffman: Hello everyone and WELCOME to the 93rd edition of Refueled here in beautiful Memphis, Tennessee! Tonight we’re focused on the in-ring debut of three new competitors in the HOW ranks, along with a hoss fight between Scottywood and Kostoff and two title matches! GenoSyde defends the High Octane Television Championship against the debuting Noelle Rivers, and in our main event Arthur Pleasant must defend the LSD Championship he won at March to Glory against the returning Steve Harrison. Bobbinette Carey looks to put the debuting JJ Starfire to the test as well, but right NOW we kick things off with the debut of Murphy Doyle Maher as he takes on Eli Dresden!

Bryan McVay: Ladies and gentlemen, tonight’s opening contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, already in the ring…Murphy Doyle Maher!

The announcement is met with a bit of booing from those in the crowd familiar with Maher’s past exploits, something that Maher pays no mind to as he readies himself for the match ahead.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent…from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 153 pounds…Eli Dresden!

The chorus of ‘Never Look Back’ hits the sound system as the overhead lights dim, blue and white lights flashing along the rampway as spotlights of similar shades swirl over the crowd. Eliza Dresden waits all of a second before she bounds onto the stage, her energy levels already through the roof thanks to the cheers — but the cheers quickly turn to boos as MDM makes his way out of the ring, making a beeline for Dresden on the stage!

Joe Hoffman: Murphy not looking to take too long going after Dresden here!

The two brawl before MDM gets the upper hand, sending Dresden down the ramp with some lefts and rights before throwing her into the steel steps with an Irish whip! Dresden collides with a thud and a clang, looking a bit out of sorts as MDM brings her back to her feet…only to send her into the ring with force. MDM slides into the ring, shouting at Hortega to start the match…and after some hesitation, Hortega obliges by calling for the bell!


Joe Hoffman: After a bit of insanity we’re finally kicking off our opening contest, but I’m not entirely sure what Eli has in her after that attack by Murphy!

MDM takes advantage of the situation, immediately going back on the attack with a flurry of offense that keeps Dresden grounded, before dropping her with a DDT! MDM taunts Dresden, who slowly builds back up to a vertical base. MDM rushes her, but Dresden catches him with a drop toe hold sending him facefirst into the canvas! The crowd cheers as Dresden is starting to get some momentum on her side, and she heads to the ropes…only to be brought crashing down with a powerslam on the rebound by MDM!

Joe Hoffman: Murphy making a statement here at Dresden’s expense with this line of offense so far!

The crowd, appropriately, seems deflated about this turn of events, but MDM is not concerned with this as he brings Dresden back to her feet once more…but is met with a right hand, followed by a dropkick from Dresden that sends MDM reeling toward the ropes! There isn’t much of a chance to capitalize on this however, as Murphy uses the momentum created for his own purposes, dropping Dresden with a clothesline on the rebound!

Joe Hoffman: This match has largely been on the side of the debuting Maher, can Eli turns things around here?

Almost as a response to this, Dresden manages to get back on her feet, dodging a right hand by MDM before unleashing a flurry of offense that keeps Maher at bay. She takes to the ropes once more, looking for a Sling Blade on the rebound! OMF–NO! MDM swings her around, rolling her up in the process! It’s the most dangerous maneuver in all of professional wrestling, and Hortega makes the count!




MDM is beyond thrilled as he hightails it out of the ring, opting out of the usual post-match theatrics as Hortega calls for the bell!


Bryan McVay: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner via pinfall in three minutes and thirty-one seconds…MURPHY! DOYLE! MAHER!

Dresden is beside herself in frustration as MDM laughs from the ramp, before we cut to Hoffman at commentary.

Joe Hoffman: Murphy Doyle Maher picking up a win here in his HOW debut, and you can’t help but wonder where both he and Eli Dresden go from here!

Paying Due

We cut away from the opening match of the evening and we find ourselves somewhere deep in the locker room area of the FedEx Forum. This locker room in particular is a mess. Towels, slides, crocs, and bags are strewn around the floor with little care.

Whoever was in here was not only done for the night but had seemingly used an excessive amount of soap, used loads of towels, and made a huge mess. Perhaps they had invited some of their friends to have some kind of locker room party. Who knows.

JJ Starfire, one of the more recent signings to the main HOW roster, was dutifully folding a pile of wet, used towels into a neat pile on the pine bench just off to the right of the entrance door, humming Bad Habits by Ed Sheeran.

Noelle Rivers: Know that shit tune anywhere.

She appeared in the doorway, furrowing her brow as she tried to make sense of what she was seeing.

JJ Starfire: Hey, you finished your locker room already?

Her face could paint a picture or recite poetry. But she held on, for now.

Noelle Rivers: Uh, what? Yeah. Obviously. What do you even take me for?

JJ looked miserably at the work still left to do, and then back at Noelle.

JJ Starfire: I know we have to pay our dues as the new guys on the roster, but damn. You wanna help me a bit? I’ma be here for hours.

Now she lost it.

Noelle Rivers: No, cryabetes. No I the fuck do not. Have fun payin’ your dues.

Noelle Rivers never paid for a damn thing in her life. If she needed dues, she’d just take them, like everything else. JJ nodded, resignedly. He had known the answer before the question even finished leaving his mouth.

JJ Starfire: ‘Kay. See you later.

Noelle Rivers: If I have to.

And with that the video cuts elsewhere.

The Rembrandt of Wrestling

The scene cuts to the concessions area in the FedEx Forums. While most of the fans are sitting in their seats patiently waiting for the next match, some are purchasing the latest HOW wares such as the new “Simon Sparrow: The Rembrandt of Wrestling” t-shirt. Standing next to one such t-shirt stand, is a disguised Simon Sparrow, donning a trenchcoat, a fake moustache, and a long wig. It is surprising that the FedEx Forums security detail has not escorted him from the premise looking as pervy as he does. Off to the side but at an ear shot are his memoir writers, diligently taking notes in their little journals.

After a moment, Darin Zion shows up, looks suspiciously at Sir Simon Sparrow’s disguise as the greets him.

Simon Sparrow: There he is, Darin Diabolique! You know what, I hate the name. It’s crap. I’m junking it. No, your new name is…

The Rembrandt of Wrestling begins waving his hands in front of Darin Zion’s face as if he were performing a magic trick. He raises a finger in the air as the name comes to him.

Simon Sparrow: Ziggy “Zig Zag” Zion! The 4Z Network! We can call your finishing move “The Dead Zone”. What do you think?

Darin Zion opens his mouth and raises his hand to object, but is promptly interrupted.

Simon Sparrow: You love it! I knew you would, 4Z. Now, why are you here? Why am I here? Simple, it’s your next lesson in the art of “Sparrowdynamics”. Can I be honest with you? Of course I can! You suck. Harsh, I know but true nonetheless. You are never gonna be successful hopping into Multiverses with Xander Aloha. He’s small potatoes. Hell, if he was a potato, Idaho would reject him. He’d be called a Memphis Tater. Have you ever heard of Memphis Tater? Of course not, it doesn’t exist and if it did, it’d be a potato crossbred with a sister potato. But that’s not important, right now. What is important is you! What about you, you may ask?

Darin Zion once again opens his mouth perhaps to inquire about the Memphis Tater or perhaps to inquire why they are standing next to a t-shirt stand.

Simon Sparrow: You’re a nice guy, Ziggy. Nothing wrong with that. Nice guys succeed all the time in accounting, data entry, nursing, and so on. But not here. No one gives a rat’s rectum about your “mad karaoke skills” or how much fun it is being friends with Conor Fuse. You’re a doormat, 4Z. The butt of the joke. The punchline of the HOW. A milky toast of the highest order. You will never earn a spot in War Games with an attitude like that. So, your lesson today is….be a douchenozzle. Channel your inner Mike Best….no, wait, that’s too much, you’re not ready for that level of depravity…let’s dial it back….let’s channel your inner…Hardcore Doodler…Scottywood. I want you to commit one random act of douchiness to one of these people out here.

Darin Zion, a look of confusion crosses his face, and as Simon Sparrow is about to interrupt, it is Zion who silences the Professor of Sparrowdynamics.

Darin Zion: Inner Scotty?! Really? He ain’t a douche nozzle! He’s more like the pathetic town drunk that no one takes….

A lightbulb goes off in Zion’s head and his eyes squint. With his arms crossed over his chest, he speaks in a reluctant tone.

Darin Zion: Alright, alright, alright! I get it. So what am I looking for here? It’s not like I’m gonna find some random act of douchiness to commit. I’ve always got a set of rose tinted glasses on. It’s not second nature to me, Simon.

Simon Sparrow: Of course not! But lose the rose colored glasses. You want something in a bluish tint. Maybe purple. But that’s beside the point. This is War, 4Z. In war, there’s always collateral damage. You need to do something that every moral fiber in your being is against and most importantly, learn to live with it. So, let’s see now….

The Rembrandt of Wrestling surveys the landscape of concessions and eyes an old man with a cane buying an ice cream bar for, what Simon assumes is, his grandson.

Simon Sparrow: Right there. The guy older than George Burns in “Oh God!” with the ice cream. Who’s George Burns you might ask? Legendary comedian who smoked cigars. What’s “Oh God!”? Not an adult film. Or maybe it is, I haven’t seen it. Anyway, walk over to Old Man Depens over there and kick his cane out from under him. If he falls to the ground, scream “That’s what you get for not switching to the 4Z Network!” Extra points for making the kid cry. Then run off and we will rendezvous backstage shortly thereafter. Any questions, Zigs?

Before Zion can ask any questions, Simon pushes him in the direction of the old geezer. Darin mutters under his breath.

Darin Zion: I’d rather have stolen ice cream from the vendor.

Zion shirks his shoulders before creeping up behind the old man. Hesitating for a moment, Zion takes a deep breath. He whispers under his breath.

Darin Zion: For War Games…

Wasting no time, Zion kicks the cane out of the old man’s hands. The Burn look-a-like crumples like an accordion and falls to the ground. Jetting off into the distance, Zion holler’s at the top of his lungs.

Darin Zion: Fuck you old man!! I hope you die for not subscribing to the 4Z network!

Simon Sparrow, looking completely gobsmacked, looks down the corridor as Darin Zion knocks over a lovely young couple, the young zit faced lad is wearing a Sektor t-shirt (so he definitely deserved it). He turns towards his ghost writers.

Simon Sparrow: Die??? Did he tell gramps to die?! I didn’t say die! Ghost People!!! Did I say “die”?

Both writers scan their notes.

Female Writer: Uh, no, you said—-

Simon Sparrow: I knew it! But still, ya gotta admire the kid’s moxie.

Simon Sparrow exits the frame as the two writers jot down info in their notebooks.

Simon Sparrow (Off Camera): WRITERS! COME!!!

Both writers jerk, the male nearly drops his pad, and they immediately follow as the scene ends.

Not There Yet

We cut to another part of the backstage area of the arena. The camera comes to a door with the name on it says Michael Oliver Best. We see a shadow approaching the door. A female hand knocks on the door and we see it is none other than the QOE, herself the queen of epicness Bobbinette Carey. Bobbinette doesn’t hear anything then lets herself in the office to an already pissed off looking MOB.

Bobbinette: I’m sorry to intrude, I’ll be quick. I wanted to say thank you for picking me as your number two.

MOB: Don’t get too cocky Miss Carey. You’ve a former War Games winner, that kind of experience has value… but you still have a lot to prove before you step back into that cage.

Bobbinette: Right… well I brought you a gift, to show the building of this friendship and team besties.

MOB: Friendship and team besties? Kissing my ass is not gonna get me to change your match against Jatt Starr, babe.

Bobbinette: I’m not kissing ass. You picked me because you are the most open minded and have a business mindset. You bring the LGBTQ+ and I being the BLM. It is smart business and shows that your team is the best team… and is a team of Allies.

MOB: The only initials that should matter to you are M.O.B….ma’am.

Bobbinette smirks and then clears her throat, knowing she is starting to annoy Oliver.

Bobbinette: So you wear an ascot And it needs a diamond clip for flair. You’re a man of impeccable style and let me say thank you because none of the men here appreciate style like you so I am so grateful to finally have somebody who gets style.

She takes out a blue Tiffany’s box with a diamond cravat pin for his ascot.

Bobbinette: We should totally go to a male review together. Are you a top or a bottom?

She pauses as Oliver stares at her.

MOB: Your crass and unprofessional conduct is starting to me rethink EVERYTHING I have thought about you. We are NOT in a place where my personal life should be of ANY of your concern….ma’am

Bobbinette: We aren’t there yet with this friendship. Sorry my bad! We need to go to a strip club, see the male reviews and shopping. This is going to be epic!

She gives him two thumbs up then quickly dismisses herself exiting the office to the hallway and walks into Scottywood who is talking on the phone. He sees it’s Carey and what room she is coming out of.

Scottywood: Hold on a second…

He says to whomever is on the phone before lowering it and looking back at Carey.

Scottywood: Carey, what the fuck is this about?

Bobbinette holds her heart as she is shocked to bump into her friend. Scottywood narrows his eyebrows.

Bobbinette: I was just talking to Mike Best… the Oliver one.

She says pointing at the door behind her.

Scottywood: I can read the door sign, but why? After they fucked up all our War Games plans.

She points her index finger back at Scottywood nodding her head in agreement.

Bobbinette: Yeah, I know, and it seriously sucks. All the planning, deals and maneuvering I already did… I really should have been a captain.

She closes her eyes, taking a cleansing breath refocusing.

Bobbinette: But I am not gonna let this ruin the end game… winning War Games.

She says in a matter of fact tone.

Scottywood: That’s if either of us even make it into the match. You gotta beat Jatt still.

He counters looking not as pleased. Bobbinette rolls her eyes and looks at him with a smirk.

Bobbinette: And you gotta beat Ja….

Scottywood raises his hands in stop motion cutting her off.

Scottywood: No! We don’t speak his name. Otherwise he appears from the sewer grate.

She looks confused.

Bobbinette: Um…That is Pennywise isn’t it?

Scottywood: Whatever, they are both creepy fuck sticks.

Bobbinette slowly nods her head in agreement as she looks in deep thought.

Bobbinette: Well, we both have work to do to even get into the Wargames match… that is step one. We can figure out what to do after that when we both make it in. Right now though, you got Kostoff to deal with.

Scottywood: Fuck yeah I do. It’s gonna be an old fashion HOW brawl out there tonight.

Bobbinette: Do you want me at ringside for it? You saw what happened to Duck last week and also Just in case… Pennywise tries to pull anything.

She offers as she looks around at their surroundings.

Scottywood: Thanks, but I’ll be good. As much as me and Kostoff are going to beat the fuck out of each other, I’m pretty sure even Pennywise wouldn’t be dumb enough to get between the two of us.

Bobbinette nods her head as Scotty looks at the door of Mike Oliver Best’s office and shakes his head before placing the cell phone back to his ear as he takes off down the hallway as we pick up part of the conversation.

Scottywood: He ripped up the check? Well fucking double it and send him another. I can’t let this fucking happen, you understand?

Carey shrugs off the conversation as she takes off the opposite way down the hallway as we cut away to our first commercial break of the evening.














Section 214

Back from commercial break, the camera pans up to the upper reaches of the FedEx Forum to… you guessed it… Section 214.

The spotlight shines on a young woman wearing a red and green crown with a green cape who’s standing up against the edge of the section looking down at the rest of the arena

Sunny O’Callahan: Good evening!

Sunny’s usual schtick is turned down several notches tonight.

Sunny O’Callahan: Ladies and gentlemen!  JOE BERGMAN!

Sunny points and the spotlight shifts over and illuminates Joe Bergman.


Joe stands and nods to Section 214.

Joe Bergman: Oh.  You have no idea how much I’ve missed this.

He waits for the crowd to quiet down a little bit and then starts.

Joe Bergman: The last time I was here in Memphis, Tennessee, it was about two and a half years ago.  The show was Friday Night Chaos 2.  Joe Hoffman, Benny Newell, Blaire Moise, and a bunch others had been let go and we had a new broadcast team, referees, everything in place… except for Brian Bare.  He was still here.  I won the HOW World Title for the SECOND time, right here in Memphis that night, from John Sektor.  Now, winning the world title is a big deal but I didn’t get a chance to really enjoy it the first time.  The second time, I made sure I enjoyed every second of it.  In fact, I remember after that show, walking over to Jerry Lee Lewis’s Café and Honky Tonk and stayed there until five in the morning, buying drinks for everyone.  That was fun.

Joe pauses for the respectful applause that follows.

Joe Bergman: And I’ll be honest with you all.  I missed all that.  I missed the big matches. I missed going up against the best wrestlers in the world.  But most of all, I missed you- the fans.  Wrestling is very much like a drug.  Once you get it in your system, it’s really hard to get it out.  I enjoy the training aspect of it.  I enjoyed helping young and up and coming talent… working with them and helping them become pro wrestlers.  One of them you already know.  One half of the HOW Tag Team Champions… Mr. Adam Ellis.  Adam started with us two, three years back as a skinny kid right out of high school but it was pretty evident from day one that he had something.  I wasn’t surprised in the least when John Sektor saw the same thing we all saw in Adam and took him under his wing.  I’m proud that Adam is getting to live his dream.

More respectful applause.

Joe Bergman: But even as I was doing that… working behind the scenes… I’ll admit that returning to the ring was always in the back of my mind.  I continued to work out with the hope that maybe I could come back at some point.  And then that day came.  My wife Laura and I went to the doctor and we got the news- I was given medical clearance to return to wrestling.  Unfortunately, Laura remained dead set against me coming back and that created a problem… a problem that in the end we could not reconcile.  I told High Octane Wrestling a few months back that I was ready to come back and that’s the reason why I’m here tonight.  I signed a short-term deal and I’m back.  Why?  Because this is who I am.  Joe Bergman.  Professional wrestler.  This is what I do.  You bet your ass the second I received the medical okay that I was going to restart my wrestling career. Unfortunately… that decision would come with a price… a steep price… but I don’t want to get any more into that.

Joe pauses and gathers himself.

Joe Bergman: It’s great to be home. Section 214… it’s so great to be here with you all again.  This is the reason I wrestle.  Joe Bergman is a man of the people and Joe Bergman is here to wrestle for you… like you…

He points at someone in Section 214.

Joe Bergman: … and you.

He points at another person in Section 214.

Joe Bergman: People who get up early in the morning… work hard…


Joe Bergman: …try to do the right things… the things they’re supposed to do… do the best they can every day only to get chewed up and spit out by the machine.


Joe Bergman: Joe Bergman doesn’t wrestle for the machine… he doesn’t wrestle for a ‘Board’ … or whatever the name of the ‘elite’ group or faction is these days.  I’ve always wrestled for and will continue to wrestle for… and ALWAYS will wrestle for each and every one of YOU.

He pauses again as Section 214 erupts.

Joe Bergman:  But I will say this.  The one thing I learned from my first HOW run… well, other than never tag team with Andy Murray… is this- it’s a good idea to band together with a group of like-minded people.  So that’s why this time around, I’m running with a tough Texas son-of-a bitch named Clay Byrd who’s not afraid to fight fire with fire!

Joe lets the crowd roar again.

Joe Bergman: The Miracle Man… Steve Harrison!

Again, the crowd level increases for a few seconds.

Joe Bergman: And last… but not least…

Steve Solex walks out holding a six pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon in his hand.

Joe Bergman: …that’s right… after we sat down and talked through what happened in 2020…

Solex tosses Joe a beer.

Joe Bergman: …that’s why I’m running with Steve Solex.

Solex and Bergman both give each other a nod.  Then they pop open the top and guzzle down their PBRs as we cut away.


The scene opens backstage as Conor Fuse marches with a purpose through the hallway. He makes a sharp turn, opens a door and walks right in. The man on the bench across from the gamer is caught by surprise… but once he sees #97 in front of him, his eyes shoot lasers, he balls both hands into fists and his face goes red.

It’s Clay Byrd.

Conor takes a step back and raises his arms in defense.

Conor Fuse: WHOA, okay, listen! Clay, listen! Then you can knock me the fuck out…

Before Clay can do anything, Conor powers through.

Conor Fuse: You were right, okay? YOU were RIGHT.

This seems to calm the angry Texan down but not by much.

Conor Fuse: The Board wanted us to tear each other apart and played me for a fool.

Conor pauses. He braces himself for impact…

Conor Fuse: …Also played you for a fool.

Both of Fuse’s eyes are closed. He’s ready to be drilled in the face… except, he isn’t. So Conor opens his right eye first to look around and then his left eye. He finds Clay still sitting on the bench, simply staring at the World Champion.

Conor Fuse: I was wrong to take it so personal, how you weren’t one-hundred-percent focused on the World Title by calling out Mike, being bitter about what took place at March to Glory. You have every right to be bitter.

Fuse tilts his head and rubs the spot where Clay punched him after their match.

Conor Fuse: You got me pretty good.

Awkward pause again as Byrd’s silence remains.

Conor Fuse: But you and I, WE have to figure this shit out or we will die.

Feeling more confident, Conor cracks his knuckles.

Conor Fuse: You want another title shot? You DESERVE another title shot. You have been pushed around, hand over fist, nonstop since joining High Octane. But there’s no CLEAN, legitimately championship match between us, or you versus whomever #97 is when this is all over, without The Board outta the way. So, Clay… you might not be my biggest fan and I may not be yours but we won’t survive this unless we work together.

Fuse speaks from the heart.

Conor Fuse: You once apologized to me for not helping me out. Well here I am, taking ownership and apologizing to you. I should have listened to you this entire time…

Fuse chuckles, albeit awkwardly.

Conor Fuse: Even if you’ll hit me with a cast from behind.

The Vintage crosses his heart with his hands.

Conor Fuse: Truce. Your guys, my guys… and Arthur Pleasant. Yes, yes, I know. WTF was I thinking? I’ll explain myself later. For now, I just wanted to tell you… I have your back. And in the future, after War Games?

Fuse grins sadistically while winking at Clay.

Conor Fuse: All bets are off, buddy. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Ultimate War Gamer cautiously walks up to Clay and reveals a wireless Xbox controller in its box. He places it beside Clay.

Conor Fuse: A stupid token for you, from a stupid kid like me. Peace, Clay. See you around…

The champion exits Byrd’s locker room, leaving The Monster from Plainview in the exact same position he found him, on the bench, silently watching Fuse wander into the hall as we cut back to ringside for our next match.

#NR JJ Starfire vs. #9 Bobbinette Carey

We cut back live ringside and directly into the ring where our Hall of Fame ring announcer is standing by for our next contest.

Bryan McVay: The following match is one fall!

Next to McVay stands JJ Starfire, looking ready for his debut match.

Joe Hoffman: We’re ready for some more action after an already crazy start to the night! JJ Starfire will make his HOW debut against the Hall of Famer, Bobbinette Carey!

Bryan McVay: Introducing first, hailing from Idaho Falls, Idaho and standing at six feet and three inches tall, JJ! STARFIRE!

Starfire leans in his corner, waiting for his opponent.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent…

Arena lights go black.

“Tell you you’re the greatest

but once you turn they hate us!”

A magenta spot light it’s entrance as the Queen of Epicness herself is already standing there waiting for the light. Bobbinette Carey makes her way down the ramp. Wearing a miss America style crown. She stands at the top of the ramp with her pink and black leopard gear.

“Oh the misery everybody wants to be my enemy!”

The HOV plays a black and white video package. (We see the clip of her smashing a photo over Mario Maurako; another clip of her hitting Mario with the defib pads, then the most striking image of Bobbinette standing over Scottywood and slapping him.)

She steps up the ring steps and wipes her feet on the apron before getting in the center of the ring.

“Spare the sympathy, everybody wants to be my enemy, but I’m ready”

She stands in the center as magenta pink and mauve pyrotechnics explode from the turnbuckle as she does a ballerina style exaggerated curtsy

Bryan McVay: Hailing from Parma Heights, Ohio and standing at five feet and six inches tall… HOW HALL OF FAMER! BOBBINETTE! CAREY!

Joe Hoffman: There is no doubt that she was lucky to escape the office of Michael Oliver Best earlier tonight when he was clearly annoyed about some of the questions she was asking. Nevertheless, she will now try and take this opportunity to show that her mindset is ready for War Games and this could be a good tune-up match for her!


Without pause, Carey comes out of her corner and starts firing away fist after fist into the jaw of Starfire. The HOW newcomer is shocked by the aggression shown by Bobinette and is quickly pushed into the corner where Bobinette switches up and connects with a series of knees to the midsection before connecting with an uppercut to the jaw of her opponent. She then whips Starfire across the ring and connects with a clothesline that plants Starfire firmly on his back. Carey then bounces off the ropes and drops an elbow across the sternum of JJ.

Joe Hoffman: And what an onslaught from Carey in the opening moments of this bout. There seems to be a fire to Carey coming out of March to Glory and Starfire is having to be the victim here tonight in the FedEx Forum! Carey now draggin Starfire to his feet, goes to whip him into the corner, but Starfire reverses it and sends Carey crashing into the corner backfirst instead.

Carey then stumbles out of the corner and is met with a back elbow to the face. Bobinette’s head snaps from the shot as Starfire takes the opening and connects with a Northern Lights Suplex as Boetctcher slides in and begins his count.




Joe Hoffman: Bobinette just gets her left shoulder up in the nick of time, breaking the pinfall. Starfire caught her by surprise there and it almost signaled the end of the match. Now Starfire is back to his feet and takes Carey’s right arm, dropping his left knee across it and Carey is rolling around, grabbing at her arm in pain while Starfire yanks her back into position and does it once again. Not a good sign for the HOW Hall of Famer!

Starfire then drags her up to a kneeling position before he bounces off the ropes and goes for a knee to the back of her head. Bobinette ducks underneath it thought at the last moment, sending Starfire crashing into the mat. Bobinette grabs the left leg of Starfire and drags him to the center of the ring. JJ turns on his shoulders and manages to lift both legs up to push Bobinette away. Starfire then scrambles to his feet and is met with a dropkick to the chest that sends him careening into the corner. As he tries to make his way out of it though, Bobinette catches him with a belly-to-belly suplex, planting him in the middle of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Both wrestlers here unwilling to give an inch to one another and it is showing in a big way. Back and forth action as Carey is now grabbing a rising Starfire and connects with a knee to the side of the race. Starfire back on his back and Carey bounces off the ropes and connects with a Senton, the air being driven right out of Starfire. Carey sits up, a smile planted on her face, and pulls herself back up using the ropes before she slams her boot across the face of her opponent.

Carey then helps Starfire back up to his feet and blasts him with another uppercut before pushing him into the corner and driving her shoulder into his midsection. She then hoists him up to the top turnbuckle and begins to climb up with Starfire only for JJ to connect with a stiff punch to the face. Carey is rocked by this and fires back with an elbow to the top of the head. Starfire seems dazed by this as Carey pulls Starfire up along with her before putting him into a front facelock.

Joe Hoffman: Carey looking for the Superplex and… she gets it! Both competitors crash hard to the mat and Starfire is grabbing his lower back, clearly in pain here. Carey rolls over and goes for the cover, Boettcher sliding into position!




Joe Hoffman: And Carey almost had it! Just not enough to put the HOW Newcomer down quite yet, but the strategy she has might get her there in a hurry. She’s now making her way back up to her feet, bounces off the ropes, goes for a knee across the sternum, but Starfire just moves away in the nick of time.

Starfire makes his way back up to his feet, grabs the stunned HOW Hall of Famer from behind and connects with a backdrop driver. Carey grabs the back of her head and neck, in pain, as Starfire walks over and drags her up to her feet, slams his knee into her midsection, and connects with a gutwrench suplex that leaves Carey laid out. Starfire then makes his way to the nearby corner, climbs to the second turnbuckle, and drops a forearm across the nose of Bobinette.

Joe Hoffman: And Starfire, even in his debut HOW match, showing no signs of fear or hesitation. He’s taking it right to Carey and is getting many eyes on him right now, seeing the kind of competitor that he is. Impressive to say the least. He’s now dragging Carey back up to her feet, pushes her into the ropes, and Carey slams her head into Starfire’s, opening his eyes a little bit at the tenacity she has.

Carey follows the headbutt up with a stiff fist to the face and a knee to the midsection. She then switches spots with Starfire, pushing him against the ropes and fires a forearm shot of her own across the jaw of her opponent. Starfire seems dazed as Carey bounces off the ropes only for Starfire to roar after her and as she hits the opposite ropes and turns is met with a clothesline from Starfire that sends both athletes splling out to the floor.

Joe Hoffman: Both of them now on the outside and who knows what is going to happen from here! These two might tear down the FedEx Forum with the way they’ve been fighting thus far!

Starfire is the first one back to his feet and drills his knee across the face of a rising Carey. Carey leans into the ring apron after the shot and Starfire backs up a bit before running full speed at Carey, aiming to connect with another knee shot, this time against the hard edge of the ring. Instead, Carey moves out of the way and Starfire collides instead. JJ crumples in a world of pain while Carey grabs JJ and whips him into the ringside barrier. Starfire leans against the barrier as Carey comes at him and connects with a leg clothesline that sends Starfire and Carey into the crowd.

Joe Hoffman: The fans in the front row are getting the action a bit closer than they anticipated tonight! Carey makes her way up to her feet first and drags Starfire up with her and just connected with a sidewalk slam into the steel chair one of those fans were just sitting on. Starfire looks to be in a world of pain as Carey has moved into the driver seat!

Carey drags Starfire up to his feet once again and she goes to throw him back over the barricade, but Starfire reverses it and sends Carey flying. As Carey makes her way back up to her feet, she is met with a backdrop driver from Starfire. JJ then grabs Carey and throws her back in the ring and follows after her. He catches a rising Carey and connects with a running crossbody that sends both to the mat in a hurry.

Joe Hoffman: And Starfire realized that getting in the hole against Bobinette Carey wasn’t a good way to get a victory in this match as he’s right back and taking it to Carey. Starfire now has Carey’s left leg and is kicking her hamstring repeatedly and just dropped an elbow across it. Starfire is taking it to Carey and holding his own!

Starfire starts to pull Carey up to her feet, but she pulls him in and into a rollup as Boettcher slides in for the count.




As Carey kicks out, she scrambles to her feet and connects with a slap across the face of Starfire. With JJ stunned, she bounces off the ropes and is met with a spinebuster for her trouble. Carey rolls onto her knees from the shot. Starfire yanks her to her feet and goes to whip her into the ropes, but Bobbinette reverses it and sends him flying into the ropes. As JJ turns the corner on the ropes, Bobbinette bounces off the opposite ropes and connects with a lariat on Starfire.

Joe Hoffman: ROYAL PAIN! That could be it for JJ Starfire as Carey is now bouncing off the ropes again and is going for the Somersault Senton, going for the Epic Ending, but Starfire manages to get his knees up and Carey lands hard on them!

Starfire makes his way up to his feet as Carey does the same, grabbing at her lower back. He then connects with a Springboard Tornado DDT out of nowhere!

Joe Hoffman: STARSHOT DDT! That could do it! That could be it!

Starfire then goes for the cover as Boettcher begins to count.





Joe Hoffman: And Starfire has done it in his debut match here in HOW, pinning the Hall of Famer!

Bryan McVay: Your winner at the fifteen minute and forty-five second mark, JJ! STARFIRE!

Joe Hoffman: What a debut for Starfire, as Carey will have to figure out how to rebound from this match before her qualifier match for War Games…one has to wonder if her attention was too much on a possible friendship with Oliver than her match tonight against a debuting talent?

The camera cuts away as we Boettcher holding the arm up of the victorious JJ Starfire.


We cut backstage where we see the man who isn’t afraid of asking the tough questions, the man who’s willing to step over the line if he needs to, the host of Between the Ropes, Jack Dawson is with Scott Stevens.

Jack Dawson: Welcome ladies and gentlemen, it is I, Jack Dawson, and I am here with my special guest, Scott Stevens.

The audience begins to cheer for the Hall of Famer.

Jack Dawson: Now before we begin, I saw your shirt.

Jack points at the black t-shirt that has white rectangle with the letter: “h-W-c” inside of it.

Scott Stevens: You like it?

Stevens asks and Jack nods.

Jack Dawson: What do the letters stand for?

As Jack asks, Stevens smirks as he cannot wait to reply.

Scott Stevens: They stand for Hippo Wrestling Club.

Stevens turns around to show the face of a white hippo on the back of the shirt before turning around.

Scott Stevens: You see Jack, there are a lot of jealous people here in HOW. They were envious that I was out there wrestling hippos because they know they couldn’t do it or they were too scared!

Jack Dawson: I’d be scared honestly.

Scott Stevens: And that’s why you’d never be a member of the h-W-c. There are a lot of people in that locker room who wish they could do what I do and now they can be honorary members of the h-W-c by buying my new shirt at

Jack Dawson: I’ll have to get me one.

Scott Stevens: You should.

Jack Dawson: Now, moving ahead to next week you face Clay Byrd in a War Games qualifier matchup.

Stevens simply chuckles as he shakes his head.

Scott Stevens: Here’s the thing Jack, why would you have a draft for War Games teams and then have all the members jump through hoops to make said team?

Jack goes to reply but Stevens cuts him off.

Scott Stevens: Because it’s absolutely idiotic!

Stevens shakes his head in disgust, frustration or both but he continues.

Scott Stevens: I mean I knew something fishy was in the works because it always is, but having the first four picks being protected is a fucking slap in the face to everyone in this merry-go-round of who’s making the final roster for War Games.

Stevens pauses momentarily and rubs his hand through his beard and shakes his head.

Scott Stevens: Like I said, I’m not surprised and as far as that other Texan goes, he has to be the luckiest man on the planet.

Jack looks at Stevens puzzled.

Jack Dawson: Why do you say that?

Scott Stevens: Simple. He gets beat he has another opportunity to qualify, but others like me do not. And I know what he is thinking, and that is he has an easy path to victory, but it’s furthest from the truth. He’s going to say I’m irrelevant and he’s going to make quick work of me, blah, blah, blah.

Stevens sarcastically replies as he looks towards the camera.

Scott Stevens: Clay, you said you got screwed against Teddy Palmer. You bitched that you had your world title opportunity taken away by Mike Best and Farthington. You got butt hurt when you couldn’t beat Mike in his retirement match, and you took your frustrations out on Conor because he couldn’t get the job done. What will your fucking excuse be when I knock you off that Kostoff sized horse you think you’ve rode in on as of late? You can think of whatever you want about me, but the fact remains while you’ve been looking at the lights I’ve been a half a count away from reclaiming 97 Red from Conor Fuse, and when I beat you next week the message will be clear to everyone…..

Jack Dawson: Which is?

Jack interrupts and Stevens slowly turns his head towards him.

Scott Stevens: That I’m the odds on favorite to win War Games.

Stevens turns back towards the camera and acts like he is going to punch it as the camera fades to commercial as we see a final and up close image of Stevens’ Hall of Fame ring.

...In America

Back live and we cut backstage where we see Christopher America mulling over a pile of papers on his desk. He is flanked on either side by American flags.

A loud screech from George, Christopher America’s bald eagle, sounds as America looks up as Blair Moise and a camera crew walk in.

Blair Moise: Chris, I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind answering a quick question?

America shakes his head and motions for Blair to come further into his office. He stands up, buttons his suit jacket and stands next to Blair.

Blair Moise: Chris, last week, Steve Solex had some choice words for you as well as attacked you during the main event.

Chris smiles at the camera before turning to Blair.

Christopher America: What’s your question, Blair?

Blair Moise: Are there going to be any consequences for Steve Solex’s actions?

America holds up his hands and nods his head.

Christopher America: Blair, let me reassure you that my mind is focused on more important things right now. One of those is helping make HOW the most successful wrestling company… in America!

I’m very busy at that.

Aside from a few minor incidents, I felt that last week’s show was an excellent one. Our CEO Michael Lee Best, our Commissioner Lord Cecilworth Farthington, and Jace Parker Davidson should be commended.

Now, don’t get me wrong. What Steve Solex did was nothing short of treasonous, something punishable by 5 years in prison, a $10,000 fine, or my personal favorite, death. However, I have chosen not to press charges against Mr. Solex for this. I have also chosen not to press charges against Mr. Solex for defaming my character earlier that night.

America smiles a wide, insincere, toothy smile. He leans uncomfortably close to the microphone, staring into the camera.

Christopher America: I sincerely hope that for the good of America and all true Americans that Mr. Solex learns from his mistake and makes no further attempt to provoke me. Now, if you’ll excuse me, Blair…

America motions to the papers on his desk.

Christopher America: I have more work to do.

Blair Moise: Uhm, sure. Th-thank you for your time.

We cut away as we see George screech a final time towards Moise.

#7 Scottywood vs. #7 Chris Kostoff

We cut back to ringside where it is time for our next match of the evening…

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back folks, not sure how many times I’ve said this in the past, but here I go again… and surely not for the last time, up next we got two long time vets of HOW facing off, Scottywood versus Chris Kostoff.

Joe looks around the announce table… waiting for someone, likely Frankie the Cameraman to pop up… but as of now, no one else seems to be joining him at the commentary booth for this match.

Joe Hoffman: As both men have claimed, this is going to be a slugfest and I can imagine we won’t see a whole lot of technical wrestling here tonight.

The opening chords of “Wolf Totem” by the Hu scream across the speakers as we see Chris Kostoff step out onto the stage. Looking out he slowly makes his way to ringside.

Bryan McVay: The following match is scheduled for one fall, making his way to the ring, from Tampa, Florida, weighing in at 285 pounds…. CHRIS KOSTOFF!!!!

Kostoff circles the ring before sliding in as he stares back up the entrance way, waiting for Scotty to make his entrance


“Beg” by Seether blasts across the arena as we see Scotty make his way out onto the stage dressed in his Rangers jersey and holding his barbed wire hockey stick up over his head.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent, from New York City, NY and weighing in at 265 pounds…. SCOTTYWOOD!!!!

Joe Hoffman: As we learned earlier tonight, Bobbinette Carey will not be joining Scotty at ringside tonight. Have to wonder if this idea of being on separate War Games teams will cause any strife between the newly reformed team.

Joel Hortega quickly rings the bell as Scotty slides into the ring as the two legendary brawlers stand face to face with each other. Kostoff extends his hand out to Scotty, in some form of respect as The Hardcore Artist smiles and extends his hand as he pulls Kostoff in and drills him with a clothesline.

Joe Hoffman: Cheap move by Scotty to start this match.

Scotty starts laying the boots to Kostoff as the Chicago crowd boos The Hardcore Artist. Scotty picks Kostoff up and irish whips him into the corner. Scotty charges in but Kostoff gets an elbow up into Scotty’s face. Kostoff comes out of the corner and drills Scotty with a hard right, as The Hardcore Artist fires back with his own hard right.

Joe Hoffman: Scotty and Kostoff trading straight shots as Joel Hortega giving these two Hall of Famers a lot of leeway in the rules.

Each man eats four hard closed fist punches as we see Kostoff gain the advantage and pick Scotty up and slam him down to the mat with a hard spinebuster as he goes for the cover.



Scotty throws the shoulder up as Kostoff drills him with a few more hard rights before pulling Scotty back up to his feet and throws him into the ropes. Kostoff charges at Scotty going for a big shoulder tackle but Scotty ducks down and spears Kostoff down to the mat to the boos of the Chicago crowd.

Joe Hoffman: Kostoff trying to keep the heat on Scotty but The Hardcore Artist may have found a way to turn the tides.

Kostoff stumbles back up to his feet where he eats a boot from Scottywood who connects with a double arm DDT to the mat.

Joe Hoffman: SDT by Scotty! Cover!



Kostoff now kicks out as Scotty starts hammering down rights to the face of Kostoff, one, two, three, four, five as Hortega finally steps in and tells Scotty to knock it off. The Hardcore Artist pulls Kostoff back to his feet as the monster takes a wild swing at Scotty who ducks the punch and drills Kostoff with a kick to the side of the head.

Joe Hoffman: Ice kick by Scotty and Kostoff is stunned!

Scotty lifts Kostoff up onto his shoulders as he flips off the Chicago crowd and delivers a big Game Misconduct in the middle of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Game Misconduct connects! This one is academ… what is he doing?

Instead of going for the cover, Scotty shakes his head as he picks up Kostoff from the mat and again lifts him onto his shoulders. Once more he nails a Game Misconduct on Kostoff as now he goes for the cover.





Bryan McVay: The winner of this match in 8:25…. Scottywood!!!

Joe Hoffman: I’m not sure if Scotty didn’t trust that one Game Misconduct would keep Kostoff down… or he was trying to send a message, but Scottywood secures the win over Kostoff and gains some form of revenge for ally Bobbinette Carey after Kostoff knocked off Darkwing weeks ago.

Scotty rolls out of the ring as he grabs his hockey stick and stares up the entrance way, making sure no one is on their way out before he throws his arms up to celebrate the win over Kostoff.

Joe Hoffman: And now The Hardcore Artist can focus on his War Games qualifier next week as he takes on the returning Jace Parker Davidson in what we can only imagine is gonna be another vicious match… in and out of the ring.

We cut away as Scottywood is seen continuing to play to the crowd from the top of the entrance ramp.

Leave it to Stever

As the cameras finally see Scottywood exit to the back, the lights in the arena dim as the HOV lights up as the words “Leave it to Stever” appear on the screen. The God-awful 1950’s television theme music plays throughout the arena as the crowd erupts in a chorus of boos. The letters quickly fade, and the scene on the HOV transitions to Steven Solex seated behind an old wooden desk. Steven is outfitted in his a “#1 Dad” ballcap, and a freshly ironed plain white t-shirt. Steven sits leaned over the desk, propping himself up with his elbows. As the music fades, Steven relaxes his posture and sits back into the 97red-leather chair. Steven kicks his feet up onto the desk, showing off his tan cargo shorts and his white New Balance shoes. A burlap sack to his left is filled to the top with hundreds, maybe thousands, of white envelopes.

Steven Solex: Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen, back to Leave it to Stever!

The piped in crowd applause is barely able to drown out the live audience’s boo’s.


Solex’s bald eagle, named Valor, flies into view and lands on the perch to Solex’s right. Solex leans over, pets the bald eagle, and then winks into the camera with a perfectly timed ding.

Steven Solex: Let’s not waste any time at all and let’s get right to it, let’s see what we have here today in Steven’s Sack!

Steven reaches into the burlap sack, pauses, looks into the camera and winks to a perfectly timed and piped in ding as the live audience continues to boo’s wildly.

Steven Solex: Our first question comes from Steve – nice name, buddy (wink/ding) – from Texas. Steve writes, “Dear Steven, I’d really like to know how I can get the family to leave the dang thermostat alone. I swear, my wife turned that thing down to 60º and then opened a doggone window. What can I do?”

The crowd continues to boo as Solex tosses the envelope over his shoulder to a perfectly timed sound of glass shattering.

Steven Solex: First of all, Steve. Be a man! Stand up and let them know exactly how much the dang electricity bill is. And if they don’t react the first time, inflate that number by 100% the next time. Another great thing to say is, “What are you trying to do, cool the outside?” or if they are complaining about how cold it is outside, tell them to “Go stand in the corner, it’s always 90 degrees over there!” Works every time.

The piped in crowd laughter attempts to drown out the live audience’s boos, but the raucous boos from the audience are too loud. Steven reaches into the bag and pulls out another envelope.

Steven Solex: This one reads, “Hey Steven, why are you so upset with Christopher America?”

Solex’s eyes roll deep into the back of his head. He plays dead on the leather chair for a half a tick before leaning forward in his chair.

Steven Solex: Fuck that guy. He did not want to press charges against me? Maybe I need to give him a reason to…..

Solex tosses the letter behind him to the perfectly timed glass shattering, per usual. Steven goes back to the sack and pulls out another letter.

Steven Solex: This ones from Stewart in Pennsylvania. Stewart asks, “Hey Steven, my kids are always on their smartphones. What can I do to get them to pay attention to me and ditch the phones?”

Solex crumples the letter and tosses it behind him. The absent sound of glass shattering freezes Solex. He cocks an eyebrow and looks behind the camera and then the sound effect happens….obviously super late, but Solex smiles nonetheless.

Steven Solex: Just tell them how much better your flip phone is, or was. Any self respecting man still uses a flip phone, Stew. Can I call you Stew? I’ll call you Stew. S4o, if you don’t have a flip phone, go out and get one now. And ask your kids “If your phones are so smart, how come you can’t slam it shut…like this?” And then demonstrate it. Not to mention the levels of dramatics you will achieve when hanging up on someone. This will surely help to reestablish the dominance in your home…which you are clearly lacking.

The piped in crowd laugh and applause still struggle to be louder than the live audience as Solex claps his hands together and leans forward into the desk.

Steven Solex: Well folks, that’s all the time we have this week….hopefully you saw me earlier tonight in good ol’ section 214…

Solex winks knowingly at the camera before he tosses the final letter behind himself.

Piped in Crowd: See you soon!

More boos from the crowd in attendance drown out the laughter from the piped in crowd.

Steven Solex: Not if I see you first!


The bald eagle once again screeches loud enough for the deaf guy in the back to hear it as the piped in crowd laugh and applaud. This time the volume has clearly been turned way up, drowning out the jeers in the area as the scene fades to a commercial break.












Gamer's Code

Back from commercial we open up where we see Arthur Pleasant siting on the floor in a dark and unknown location of the FedExForum in Memphis. His raven-colored hair hangs in front of his face as the slight glint of gold from his LSD Championship shines through whatever little light trickles in. Despite this speckling of light, a great shadow hovers over Pleasant. The camera turns to reveal Conor Fuse.

Conor Fuse: Hey.

Fuse takes a moment to breathe in.

Conor Fuse: I know you, like everyone else, have a lot of questions. The most important one being why I chose Arthur Pleasant over my tournament teammate.

Conor scratches the back of his neck. Arthur remains still, brooding in silence as Conor continues.

Conor Fuse: I’m gonna be honest with you Arthur. I don’t have much of a problem with you. I think you’re a hell of a wrestler and… let’s be real here… we went to War together last year.

Fuse readies on the defensive, even though Pleasant hasn’t made any sign of movement whatsoever. He simply stares at Conor.

Conor Fuse: Well, I didn’t know how War Games was gonna work this year. It’s no excuse. I took you, I stand by it. I had a game plan going in. This game plan: champions come first. I want to honour the hard work of ANYONE wearing gold around their waist, whether I like them or not. You were #1 on the board and you’re LSD Champion…

The gamer’s voice trails. He pulls it together.

Conor Fuse: Defeating the BEST wrestler in the world and longest reigning LSD Champion of all-time. I think that’s worth something.

Fuse speaks passionately, as if his heart was ripped out from him.

Conor Fuse: Unfortunately this move left my old teammate to the Best’s, following what I’d like to call ‘Gamer’s Code’. You deserve that LSD Title so, therefore, you deserve to be selected before anyone else. Maybe it was wrong… but here we are.

Conor reveals he’s holding a wireless Xbox controller, complete in its packaging. He places it beside Arthur.

Conor Fuse: I gave you one of these last year, an SNES controller, as a sign of respect. Then two months ago you cracked it over my head. We don’t gotta be friends, we don’t gotta be anything. But come War Games, we’re teammates for a second time.

Conor backtracks from where he came from, NOT turning his back on Pleasant.

Conor Fuse: When the war is over… I think you’ll know what to do with it.

And Fuse is out of sight.

Conor Fuse: Again.

Pleasant finally moves, picking up the Xbox controller. He shakes his head and sighs.

Arthur Pleasant: When the fuck is that guy gonna realize I’m a PlayStation guy?!

Pleasant looks like he’s going to smash it on the cement floor, but instead he just continues to look at it.

Cocking his head, Pleasant rubs his chin with his free hand.

Arthur Pleasant: Hm.

With that the feed goes dark and we cut back to ringside for our next match of the evening.

#NR Noelle Rivers vs. #2 GenoSyde

High Octane Television Championship Match

Joe Hoffman: Alright everyone… is time for our High Octane Television Championship match of the evening.

“TIMEBOMB” by MXMS hits, the winding of a clock and the ticking fades into techno beats as Noelle Rivers steps out from behind the curtain. She walks to the ring with a determined look on her face.

Bryan McVay: Coming to the ring, weighing One-Hundred and Eighteen pounds… NOEEEEELE RIIIIIIVERS!

Joe Hoffman: Noelle Rivers is in for a real treat for her first match in High Octane Wrestling, the man who managed to win that title from Jeffrey James Roberts, and immediately defended the belt against Xander Azula!

Rivers jumps into the ring as “Loser” by Beck hits.

Bryan McVay: And her opponent… accompanied by James Cornfield…

GenoSyde steps into view with the HOTv title wrapped around his waist as Cornfield steps out carefully behind him. As GenoSyde walks to the ring, Cornfield quickly flanks GenoSyde on his left.

Bryan McVay: Standing Six-Feet Six Inches tall and weighing Three-Hundred and One pounds… Your HOTv champion GEEEEEEEENOSYYYYYYYYDE!

GenoSyde finishes walking to the ring and hops up onto the apron and through the ropes. He drops the HOTv title in the corner as he turns towards his opponent. Cornfield is quick to scoop the title up as the bell rings.

Joe Hoffman: You can really see the size disparity here as both get into the ring.


Matt Boettcher calls for the bell and GenoSyde and Noelle Rivers immediately start trading right hands. Each blow by GenoSyde sends Noelle Rivers staggering, but she comes back with a right hand until she’s pushed into the corner. GenoSyde keeps unloading right hands and has Rivers laying in the corner. GenoSyde runs as hard as he can to the opposite side of the ring, crashing his back into the turnbuckle and comes back flying into the corner with a big splash. Rivers rolls out of the way as the big man slams into the turnbuckles.

Joe Hoffman: We’re off to a quick start in this HOTv title encounter this evening.

Rivers turns around and starts throwing kicks into GenoSyde’s midsection. GenoSyde powers out of the corner and takes a swipe at the smaller Rivers. She dodges and GenoSyde keeps coming. Rivers bounces off the ropes, GenoSyde takes a swing with a big clothesline and Rivers ducks under. GenoSyde keeps his momentum and runs into the far ropes. The two come back to meet in the center of the ring and GenoSyde goes for a jumping clothesline. Rivers dodges and GenoSyde crashes to the mat.

Joe Hoffman: The big man is looking frustrated by the smaller Rivers.

GenoSyde pounds the mat, he turns while kneeling right into a low dropkick from Rivers. GenoSyde hits the mat and Rivers drops down for a cover. Boettcher slides over quickly.

Matt Boettcher: 1!

Joe Hoffman: I don’t think you’re winning the HOTV title that easy against this champion.

GenoSyde explodes with a kick out tossing Rivers halfway across the ring. Rivers kips up to her feet, as GenoSyde lumbers himself up to his own. Rivers tries a low leg kick and GenoSyde reaches out and grabs Noelle Rivers by the throat. GenoSyde lifts her up for a chokeslam, but Rivers manages to squirm out of it. Rivers immediately runs to the ropes and jumps at GenoSyde who catches her around the waist. GenoSyde leans back and throws Rivers with a launching Belly-To-Belly suplex. Rivers manages to land on her feet which causes Cornfield to turn irate on the outside.

Joe Hoffman: What agility on display from our newcomer!

Rivers uses the momentum to hit the rope and comes back at a kneeling GenoSyde with another low dropkick. The blow sends GenoSyde careening backwards and onto the apron. Rivers jumps up like a wild woman and starts swinging at the brute from the other side of the ring. GenoSyde reaches an enormous arm out and manages to grab Noelle Rivers around the throat. Rivers once again tries to kick out of the big mans grasp, but he lifts her up into the air and drags her out of the ring to the apron. Cornfield is on the outside losing his mind cheering GenoSyde on.

Joe Hoffman: OH NO! GenoSyde has taken back control of this encounter!

GenoSyde keeps Rivers lifted in the air, and drops down with a huge chokeslam on the apron. Rivers hits with a thunderous impact that shakes the ring. She rolls off the apron to the floor and lands on the concrete. Cornfield runs over patting the big man on the back, but GenoSyde doesn’t even acknowledge him.

Matt Boettcher: 1!

Matt Boettcher: 2!

GenoSyde pulls Rivers to her feet by the hair, and irish whips the smaller competitor into the ring stairs.

Matt Boettcher: 3!

Matt Boettcher: 4!

GenoSyde bends down and lifts Noelle Rivers up onto his shoulder and tosses her into the ring. GenoSyde takes the stairs up to the apron and positions himself on the second rope waiting for Rivers. Rivers finally gets to her feet and turns around at the last second as GenoSyde leaps off going for a Canadian Destroyer. Rivers fires off a superkick at the larger man that connects with his jaw. The big man falls hard to the canvas and Rivers falls down on top of GenoSyde hooking the leg. Boettcher slides in for the count.

Joe Hoffman: What a superkick from Noelle Rivers!

Matt Boettcher: 1!

Matt Boettcher: 2!

GenoSyde once again tosses the smaller competitor halfway across the ring to kick out. GenoSyde is back to his feet in a hurry as Rivers slowly meanders her way to her feet in the corner. GenoSyde is there immediately and drives her head into the top turnbuckle once, and then irish whips Noelle Rivers into the ropes. Rivers comes back and GenoSyde hits her with a perfect sidewalk slam. GenoSyde covers Rivers pressing his hands down on her stomach.

Joe Hoffman: Rivers is down!

Matt Boettcher: 1!

Matt Boettcher: 2!

Rivers barely manages to kick out. On the outside Cornfield is pounding the mat insisting to the referee that it was a three count. GenoSyde lifts Rivers up by her hair and sends her flying into the ropes again. Rivers comes running back and gets hit by a leaping clothesline that turns her inside out. GenoSyde once again covers up.

Matt Boettcher: 1!

Matt Boettcher: 2!

Joe Hoffman: What resilience from our young competitor!

At the last second Rivers manages to get her shoulder up. Cornfield is absolutely apocalyptic on the outside. He’s screaming at the referee and GenoSyde, meanwhile GenoSyde stays about his business pulling Rivers to her feet. He irish whips her into the corner, and follows in with a huge splash that smashes Rivers. He turns around and runs to the other side of the ring, smashing against the turnbuckle and almost moving the ring. He comes flying back in and smashes Rivers again. He hops out to the apron and waits on Rivers. Rivers starts to stumble out of the corner and he grabs her by the hair and tries a springboard canadian destroyer. Rivers manages to grab the rope with both arms and hold on while GenoSyde flipped over and landed on his back in the middle of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Noelle Rivers is hanging in there with this enormous HOTv champion GenoSyde!

Rivers takes her opportunity and leans against the rope, she comes back off and smashes GenoSyde to the canvas with an inverted stomp facebreaker.


As Cornfield is on the outside with his hands on his head, Rivers falls over onto GenoSyde for the pinfall.

Matt Boettcher: 1!

Matt Boettcher: 2!

GenoSyde kicks out this time with only tenths of a second remaining. Rivers looks shocked this time as she stares at Matt Boettcher. She insists to him that it was a three count, even making the motion for the title around her waist. Meanwhile, behind her the enormous PWA superstar has made it to his feet and is lurking. GenoSyde hits the ropes and Rivers turns around into a huge big boot.

Joe Hoffman: She didn’t see GenoSyde coming and paid for it! A little bit of Noelle Rivers’ inexperience showing through.

GenoSyde is back on her immediately, pulling Rivers to her feet and immediately throwing her over his head with a huge belly to belly suplex.

Joe Hoffman: He got it that time!

GenoSyde is quick to his feet, he waits on the second turnbuckle as Rivers stumbles into the danger zone. He leaps just as Rivers is about to stabilize and manages to hit her with a FlipSyde!

Joe Hoffman: This enormous man and his canadian destroyers…

GenoSyde once again gets to his feet, this time sending Rivers whipping into the ropes. Rivers comes back, and GenoSyde puts her away with his Pendulum STO. GenoSyde turns Rivers over and pins her.


Matt Boettcher: 1!

Matt Boettcher: 2!

Matt Boettcher: 3!

Rivers weekly kicks out……but a few moments after the three count has already fallen.


Bryan McVay: Your winner by pinfall and STILL HOTv CHAMPION! GENOSYYYYYYDE!

Joe Hoffman: What a match from our newest competitor and what a great win for GenoSyde here.

The camera fades as Cornfield is in the ring carrying the HOTv Title and raising GenoSyde’s arm.

Not one....but two

We cut away from ringside and we see the HOV come to life once again. The screen crackles to life, and center-screen, the top of the head of Jeffrey James Roberts is leaned forward against steel jail cell bars, laughing to himself.

JJR: It would seem… I have a new lease on life. At my lowest point, in my darkest hour, another opportunity presents itself. I’ve been given this chance to speak, you see… a perk I was not granted on previous shows. No longer am I forced to sit in a corner.

Roberts looks up, an evil smirk obvious.

JJR: What a difference a week can make. One minute you’re kicked like a dog and left for dead, the next you’re preparing for not one, but two title shots. Next week, my good friend Arthur and I will be going head to head with John Sektor and Adam Ellis for the High Octane World Tag Team Titles.

Roberts raises his head, tilted slightly back now and to the left.

JJR: Another taste of gold within my reach.

He places both hands around a steel bar and leans in.

JJR: And now…

Roberts starts to laugh, getting only a few words out at a time between giggles, disturbing spine-tingling chortling as he stares a direct hole in the center of the camera lens.

JJR: My new benefactor has given me more than just the chance to speak. I’ve been given new work to do, and I will do it. This is, after all, what I’m good at. But more, I have been granted the option of a World Championship match against…

He waves a hand.

JJR: …whoever the champ may be… after War Games. Yes, after. I’m no fool, you see. I do not intend to walk aimlessly into the madness of that match and get my legs and a potential championship reign cut off from underneath me. No, I won’t say when I’m claiming that match. But when War Games is over, and the dust has finally settled, I will begin the hunt. This is what I’ve been tasked with, after all. It’s what I’m good at.

The sound of footsteps gets louder as someone comes walking down the hall toward the cell. Roberts stands up, taking a few steps back, hands clasped behind his back and waiting for the person to come into view. 4th Wahl walks into the frame carrying a large cardboard box.

4th Wahl: A few more steps back, if you don’t mind.

Wahl keeps his eyes on Roberts, and Roberts returns the favor. Reaching to his belt, he presses a button and we can hear the locking mechanism spring into action. 4th Wahl pushed the cell door open just enough to fit the box into the small, cramped space. Roberts continues to just stare at him as he places the box up against the left wall. 4th Wahl backs up through the door, pulls it to, then presses the button again, and the cell door locks. Roberts holds the stoic gaze on the big man, then finally, smiles a sincere smile. 4th Wahl considers him for another moment, then shakes his head and leaves. Roberts looks down slightly, smiles, then methodically moves toward the box. Taped to the top of it is a letter, which reads…

“If you’re gonna work for me, you’ll have to look the part. No more prison jumpsuits. This isn’t an episode of Oz. Look inside, try it on. I’ll contact you soon.”

Roberts sets the letter aside and opens the box, looking inside. He looks and starts to laugh again. Louder. Louder still. Then, he stops, chuckling once more for good measure.

JJR: Believe in the name of the Son…

The feed comes to an abrupt end.

No One is Surprised

We cut backstage to a random door and we see Brian Hollywood walk in and he appears to be on alert. His senses are heightened and is aware of his surroundings. The last time we saw Hollywood backstage, he was evacuated by henchmen of The Chair as Gerald Reeves and his CIA detail had stormed the HOW trenches in search for Hollywood. Just as we think Hollywood is alone and bold, we then see three sharply dressed men show up and surround themselves around Hollywood. These guys looked similar to the guys known as the Men in SUIT’s, Hollywood’s former mercenary enemies turned allies, but it doesn’t appear to be the Men in SUIT’s…but rather, potentially related. Ever since Hollywood had been working with The Chair personally and appeared to be getting closer with his mortal enemy, it would stand to reason that Hollywood has gotten an upgrade. Whether this was his personal “detail” wasn’t immediately known. What was known, however, was that something had changed drastically since the last time we saw Hollywood. It looks as if there were things that went down as Hollywood’s situation had definitely changed. These details will undoubtedly be revealed in the coming days.

Hollywood’s demeanor was definitely different. His attire was different. He was starting to sport more of a black tied suit look with his hair slicked back. There was determination there and very little emotional compromise to be had which was particularly curious. As Hollywood makes his way around the backstage area, he is immediately stopped by the ever so fashionably timed Blaire Moise who is very eager to speak to Hollywood. Hollywood’s “detail” swarm around him in defense as Hollywood raises his hand seemingly having them stand down.

Blaire Moise: Mr. Hollywood, I was wondering if I could get a few words from you?

Blaire looks around Hollywood at his “detail” feeling just slightly intimated as she didn’t know how to react to their presence.

Blaire Moise: Mr. Hollywood…what is with these guys you have with you tonight?

She couldn’t help but to start out with that question which almost gets no emotional response from Hollywood.

Brian Hollywood: You have no need to worry about them or their business with me, Blaire. I believe your motives for being here, though, are very much different than getting information on my men here.

Blaire thought that was an odd thing for Hollywood to say, but she continues on anyway.

Blaire Moise: Mr. Hollywood, with War Games just around the corner, I was wanting to get your thoughts on your match up next week. It seems that your fate to be involved with the War Games match itself is already in jeopardy and you drew to face a man who is perhaps the most dangerous man in HOW right now, Jeffrey James Roberts. Word is if that you don’t beat him, you won’t be able to qualify for the War Games team. I was wanting to get your thoughts on the tallest order standing in front of you.

Hollywood doesn’t even answer immediately. He seemed rather annoyed that Blaire would try to throw salt into the wound at having to face JJR yet again and that if he didn’t win, it would be curtains for him at yet ANOTHER War Games. Hollywood bows his head for just a few moments and begins to shake his head shortly thereafter. Hollywood lifts his head back up as he keeps his composure, but you could clearly see the darkness and irritation in his eyes.

Brian Hollywood: Jeffrey James Robert is a poison to HOW…but a necessary one. However, the man has clearly lost before and that tells me that he isn’t invincible. He CAN be beaten and I recognize that. I told myself that I wasn’t going to miss another War Games….and I stand by that statement to this day. JJR is a man. He is a mortal and he can bleed and he can lose. He’s sitting at perhaps the most comfortable perch here in HOW and he’s content. I know he’s a violent man but let’s just list off some clearly non ignorable information for just a second. Nobody has faced off against Jeffery James Roberts more in this company than ME! He always threatens to dismantle his opponents and make them regret stepping into the ring with them that by the time he’s done facing them, he makes his point every time. But the difference here is that he hasn’t made his point to me. I’ve come back every single time harder and harder against him and I know it gets to him. The pain and torment that he has dished out against me cannot be ignored. However, what also can’t be ignored is even after all the punishment he has dished out to me, it still has never been enough to leave me on the sidelines and I know that annoys JJR to the highest degree.

Hollywood pauses for just a few short moments before he continues.

Brian Hollywood: The thing you have to realize here, Blaire, is that every last ounce of pain he has dished out on me only hardens me against his tactics for every match that we have had and it’s starting to reach a point where I can’t feel the pain anymore. In fact….I welcome it. I crave it. The fact of the matter is, I’ve been waiting for a chance to dish out just as much hurt on him that he has on me and he’s about to find out that I’m just as hollow and hardened as he is. He has nothing to lose in this match…I have everything to lose and I’ve found a newfound purpose to continue on here in HOW. I’ve been at my very lowest, but my backing and my influence is only picking up all around me as the time treks on and on. I’m just as dangerous as he is and he’s going to find out very shortly what happens when a man has been dealt enough pain to break him that he returns it in kind and I feel nothing but hatred in my soul and I’m going to be the first one in HOW history to make him feel and look like he’s staring in a mirror at himself. I won’t feel any remorse for what I’m about to do to him…and in fact, I’m going to make no apologies for what I’m about to do to him because I have no intentions of missing War Games and I promise you he’s going to wish I would have killed him when him and I step into the ring next week. He’s going to see a side of me that has never been awakened before and I’m sure as fuck not sorry about that!

Before Hollywood can get another word in, his “detail” are alerted about an impending threat to Hollywood, potentially his capture as they have creditable information that Gerald and his men are closing in once again which prompt them to cut the interview short as they appear to be speaking into their collar’s which prompts Hollywood to urgently move on.

Brian Hollywood: You see? My influence has already grown and now I have eyes and ears everywhere. No one is surprising me anymore! Until next week, Blaire!

Hollywood and his “detail” move on in quick fashion as Blaire is surprised with the abrupt changing of the situation as Hollywood moves on and out of the building as his sudden awareness and change in character is clearly noticed as HOW heads to the final commercial break of the evening.

World Championship and War Games Qualifying Match
David Noble vs. Conor Fuse©

HOTv Championship Match
Stronk Godson vs. GenoSyde©

War Games Qualifying Match
Clay Byrd vs. Scott Stevens

War Games Qualifying Match
Scottywood vs. Jace Parker Davidson

War Games Qualifying Match
Brian Hollywood vs. Jeffrey James Roberts


Back live and we cut inside of the FedEx Forum are buzzing loudly when the lights suddenly go out. All of a sudden there is a palatable buzz in the air that is replaced by the sounds of large drums, segueing into ‘Fighter’ by Jung Youth and Sam Tinnesz.

Brick and Mortar

Blood and Water

Goin Harder


From the back emerges David Noble, dressed in blue jeans, wrestling boots, and a white t-shirt. He looks out at the fans, their cheers raining down upon him.


In his left hand is a black folio, the same one he was holding last week, the one that contains his contract.

I been floating like a butterfly

That’s word up to Muhammad

Time for blowing up atomic

That’s how you know I’m a fighter

I push through the pain

Rise from the flames

He makes his way down the ramp, his eyes focused as fans around him continue to cheer him on. He slides under the bottom rope and makes his way to the corner, slapping the black folio on the top turnbuckle. He reaches out his left hand, calling for a microphone, and is quickly handed one.

Noble makes his way to the center of the ring.

David Noble: Memphis, how’s it going?


David Noble: You know, for me, it’s been a weird fucking week. You see, I’m at home, relaxing when I get a text message from one of the boys in the back. You see, War Games is coming up and before we know it, war will be raged in this ring. Well, probably not this ring. We’ll probably get some fucked up ring when we go to Ukraine.

Noble pauses as he smiles, the fans laughing along.

David Noble: You see, I could give two fucks about War Games. Because, you see, I haven’t resigned my contract.

He holds it up in the air.




David Noble: Thanks for that. Much appreciated. Not the point. Your cheers, that is. The contract, very much the point. So, here I am, sitting at home. Mike Best told me to take my time, so I did just that. He told me if he needed me for a match, he would let me know and we could work out terms for that one match. I agreed to that as well. So, imagine my fucking surprise when they’re doing this draft for War Games. You hear about this? Four captains? All of that shit?


David Noble: Cool, y’all love War Games. I get it, cool shit. So, imagine my fucking surprise when I get drafted. Not by Conor Fuse.


David Noble: Yeah, he’s a cool guy. Not by Clay Byrd.


David Noble: Yeah, he’s a shit head. Not by Michael Lee Best.


David Noble: Yeah, I can see some fans going either way on him. He’s an interesting cat. Not someone I know too much about, but he’s the CEO so you know, gotta do what you gotta do. No, I was drafted, which was the first fucking surprise when I found out. The second fucking surprise was the fact that I was drafted by Michael Oliver Best.



David Noble: That’s fair too. He’s a figure that really splits people up. I don’t have much of an opinion of him because I’ve never met the dude. Always on jets and trying to secure some business for us. Handed over the reins of the company to his nephew. All of that cool shit. So, really confused why this motherfucker drafted me.

Noble pauses for a moment, walks over to the ringkeeper side of the ring, and asks for a water. He’s immediately tossed one, he drops the folio, cracks it open, and takes a few sips before he makes his way to the back of the ring.

David Noble: Y’all make sure no one runs off with my contract, alright? Right then, where was I? Talked about sititing at home and the draft right? Talked about how I was drafted by Michael Oliver Best, right? Yeah, okay so moving on, I was pretty taken aback and surprised. I didn’t think I would be drafted and if I was, it definitely wouldn’t be some guy who doesn’t know two shits about me. Yet, what has happened has happened. So, then, the next night, I’m sitting at home and I get another fucking text message.

Noble pulls out his phone and holds it up. The phone is shattered.

David Noble: Hate these fucking things. Daughter tells me I’m going to have to get another one. Not fucking happening. Because only bad shit comes through on this fucking thing. I know you know where I’m heading with this, but bear with me, alright? So, I guess the captains had to rank their roster in some arbitrary order. I was ranked eleventh, because they merged Michael Lee Best and Michael Oliver Best teams together. Byrd and Fuse on the other end. Shit is weird, can’t wrap my head around it because I’m normally a ‘point me in the direction I need to punch someone’ kind of person.

Noble walks around the ring.

David Noble: So, ranked eleventh. I’m sure not because I’m that low in their opinions, but trying to game the system. That’s cool. I was going to square off against Kostoff I was told. That sounds like fun. That motherfucker looks like he likes to hit people. I look like a motherfucker that likes to hit people. That sounds like fun. Maybe not for my dentist, but fuck it, he’s got a yacht because of my dumb ass always fighting people. Then, I find out they can rearrange their list once it’s all said and done. Like I said, whoever came up with the rules clearly has a hard on for Dungeons and Dragons, rolling their six-die or some shit. I can’t figure it out. But, anyways…

Noble looks out at the crowd.

David Noble: Y’all know where I’m going with this.


David Noble: Exactly. Because the reason I’m out here tonight isn’t because I’m about to square off against Christopher Kostoff. Nope, not fucking happening. I’m out here because they switched some shit up. Now, I’m fighting Conor fucking Fuse.


David Noble: Yep. My boy. My partner. I went to war with this motherfucker and now I have to square off against him. In one week’s time. Down in Atlanta. Hotlanta. April 17th. Circle that shit because shit will be bananas.


David Noble: Glad y’all approve of that shit. Because not only will I be fighting Fuse to secure my spot for the War Games team. Keep in mind, I didn’t sign up for that shit. I didn’t ask for it. I didn’t go begging for it. They drafted me. But now I gotta earn my spot or fight to keep it. Some weird bullshit. So not only is that hanging over me, but this match is now also for the World Championship.


David Noble: Yeah, thought you would like that. Not because you’re sadistic bastards that like to see two friends fight, to see two people who got each other’s backs rip each other apart. No, you’re excited to see this match because you know it’s going to be a good fucking time and you know what? You’re right. That shit is going to be a match of the year contender.




David Noble: Alright, y’all cut that shit off. You going to make some people in the back very upset. So, you want to see a good match and you’re going to get it. Not here in Memphis, obviously, you will have to watch that shit from home. Or drive down to Atlanta. Whatever floats your boat, I guess. The problem I have is that the people in the back, the people who make this shit up as they go along, the people like Michael Lee Best and Michael Oliver Best, they’re the people I was alluding to earlier. The sick sadistic fucks who want to see Fuse and I destroy each other. Those fucks are cackling and juggling their balls in their hands because they get a kick out of this shit.

Noble looks around and finds the camera.

David Noble: I might be a guy who likes to come out here, cuss a little, and throw down. But mama ain’t raise no fool. I’m not dumb by any stretch of the imagination, and I see through your shit like it’s nothing. Y’all can kindly go fuck yourselves. Because I saw the shit that went down in the main event last week, Michael Lee Best. Conor is my boy, I will stand up for Conor because in his mind, in his soul, he’s about as pure as they come. I’m about as fucked up as they come so that’s why we are Yin and Yang. That’s why I will look out for that motherfucker no matter what and you could put the two of us on a team and face off against twelve of you motherfuckers and I won’t think twice about it. Hear me? Understand me? I don’t give a fuck and you will pay for this shit, I promise you that.


David Noble: Same goes for you Clay Byrd. You and your fucking Highwaymen. What a crock of bullshit. Put a fucking hat on and you think you’re some cowboys. Fuck out of here with that nonsense. That day is coming where you’re going to have to pay up for that shit you did, Byrd. Same goes for you, JPD. America. All of you fucks that fucked around, I see you. I know you. Don’t think for one fucking moment I’m letting you off the hook for that shit.

Noble then moves back around to his contract and grabs it off the floor.

David Noble: That takes me though to next week. You see, I have a match against Conor Fuse. It’s for the HOW World Championship. I might have mentioned that already, I frankly don’t give a fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. Like I said, Conor is my boy and I hate having to go up against him. Here’s the difference though, Conor. I’m not like some of the fucks back there that like to give out a handy to get a spot, that likes to flash their tits and give a little sideboob so they are given shit. I’m not like the boys in the back that will just say your name over and over again in order to get a title shot even though they just had a title shot and lost and have done fuck all for weeks, but are given a shot again for no good fucking reason. I’m not like the nephew or the son. I’m not a hall of famer who greases the wheels when they see fit to come back and go after you. I’m none of those fuckers. I’m me. I’m David fucking Noble.


David Noble: Yeah, yeah, told y’all we ain’t got time for that shit right now. I don’t politic, I don’t play games. I come out here and do my fucking job. At the same time though, Conor, this is a World Championship shot. And you best bet your last fuckingdollar that I’m coming for you and that belt. You are my boy, I repsect the fuck out of you, but that doesn’t trump the fact that I want to be the best in this business and you’re the best in this business, so you’re standing on the very fucking spot that I want. That’s just the way the shit is shaking out today. I would never come for your belt, for your spot, but I don’t have a fucking say in it, do I? You know who does have a fucking say in it? Or at least did?

David motions for the camera to come closer.

David Noble: I wanted the camera nice and close when I say this part so there’s no question about what I’m going to fucking say. You know who did have a fucking say in it? You. You decided to pick Simon Sparrow and Arthur Pleasant ahead of me. Arthur Pleasant who you can’t fucking trust for anything. Simon Sparrow, who, face it, we don’t know what the fuck he’s gonna do out there. You decided to pick them over me and you got yourself in this predicament. I didn’t ask to be drafted. I didn’t campaign or try to work anyone over. You didn’t pick me and now this is where we’re at.


David Noble: Yeah, these fans? They’re fucking ready to see this match. I’ve got no qualms going into this match and doing what I’ve gotta do to beat you, to put your shoulders on the mat to get the pinfall, to make you tap out. I’ve got no doubt in my mind that is going to stand in the way of me giving you everything I’ve got so I can go home to my family and tell them, that I’m the top fucking man around here. You? You’ve got no one to blame but yourself. Because the man you trust, the man that was your partner, now has to stand across from you and he didn’t ask for that shit. You just set it up by making the choices that you made. And now, we’ve all got to lie in the bed that you made.

Noble then takes the folio and opens it up, placing it on a nearby top turnbuckle.

David Noble: Come next week, in Atlanta, you best be ready for the fight of your life. I’m not Scott Stevens, creeping around in bushes, just calling your name out until someone feels pity on him. I’m not Clay Byrd who hasn’t done shit for the last six months and got handed a shot. I’m David fucking Noble and I’m coming for your belt and there’s not a fucking thing you can do about it.

He then grabs a pen from his back pocket.

David Noble: Michael Lee Best. You wanted this signed? Well, I guess you got your fucking wish.

He then signs the contract as the fans roar with approval.

David Noble: Now, I’m getting paid when I wipe that fucking smile off your ugly fucking face.

He then throws his contract to the outside, dismissing it.

David Noble: Conor Fuse, I guess I’ll see you next week. Get every trick in your fucking bag, boy, because I’m coming for it. And you’re going to have use every bit of it if you want to put me down and walk out the World Champion. See you next week for the asskicking that you set up all by your fucking self.

Noble then drops his microphone on the ground and exits the ring as ‘Fighter’ roars through the sound system in the FedEx Forum. He makes his way up the ramp and disappears backstage without another thought.

#2 Steve Harrison vs. #5 Arthur Pleasant

LSD Championship Match

We cut back inside the arena and “Take the Money and Run,” By The Steve Miller Man welcomes us as the curtain flies open.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back everyone…it is time for our Main Event as Arthur Pleasant is set to defend the LSD Championship against Steve Harrision……and here comes the challenger!

Steve Harrison walks out with his arms in the air, a smirk across his face. He begins walking towards the rings and begins waving at that crowd who return his waves with boos and indifference. The smirk begins to fade after hearing the response so the Miracle Man begins jawing back at some of the audience and pointing to himself yelling over and over “ME, ME, ME!.” Steve walks faster to the ring his smirk now a scowl, he enters the rings and leans against one of the turnbuckles and begins talking to himself, his face becoming red in anger.

Joe Hoffman: No introductions yet from Brian McVay, giving this match that big fight feeling.

“In Spirit In Spite” by Absent in Body sends the audience into a fit of boos.

Joe Hoffman: And here comes the LSD Champion!

A #97Red spotlight shines down revealing Arthur Pleasant. On his knees inside a circle of light that is eerily similar to the glow of a blood moon, his back is turned towards the capacity crowd and his hands are outstretched. The crowd continues to boo as lowly makes his way down the ramp, with the redness continuing to engulf the entire arena.

Joe Hoffman: The fans showing their disdain for the champion.

Pleasant stops to look at a few fans mouthing off at him. He simply smiles, knowing there’s not a damn thing they can do to him. Continuing on towards the ring, Pleasant slithers underneath the bottom rope and into the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Both men in the ring, let’s go to ring announcer Brian McVay for the introductions.

Harrison leans back in his corner as he waits patiently as pleasant hands the title over to the referee who holds it up for the crowd to see.

Brian McVay: Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the main event of the evening. Introduction first…the challenger. He stands six-feet, four-inches tall and weighs in at two-hundred, forty-five pounds. From Fairfax Virginia, STEEEEEEEEEEVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRIIIISSSSOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!

The crowd gives a mixed response for The Miracle Man, who continues to wait patiently in the corner.

Brian McVay: And his opponent! He’s from Utqiaġvik, Alaska. He weighs in at two-hundred, twenty pounds and stands six-feet, three-inches tall. Ladies and gentleman, he is the LSD Champion! This is ARRRRRRRRRRTHHHHHHHUUUUUURRRRRRRRRR PLLLLLLLLLLLLLEEAAAASSAAAAANNNNNNTTTTTTT!!!!

The lights in the arena suddenly dim, and a spotlight shines down into the center of the ring. The camera zooms out, getting a wider shot of the ring area.

Brian McVay: Ladies and gentlemen, this match will be a LADDER MATCH!

Joe Hoffman: What?! A ladder match?! This crowd is going nuts!

The crowd cheers wildly as a hook lowers from the ceiling of the arena, directly into the spotlight. Referee Joel Hortega places the belt on the hook and sends it skyward as the lights in the arena come back on.

Both Harrison and Pleasant stare up toward the title belt as Hortega calls for the bell.


Harrison points up at the title and then makes the championship gesture at his waist while smiling big over at Pleasant.

Joe Hoffman: The smile on Harrison’s face leads me to believe he’s pretty happy with his chances.

Harrison charges in after Pleasant, but Pleasant doesn’t engage and instead slides under the bottom rope to the outside. Harrison presses against the ropes and jaw jacks the champion.

Joe Hoffman: Oh! The LSD Champion pulls Harrison’s feet out from under him and pulls him to the outside of the ring.

Pleasant lands a blistering uppercut and puts Harrison flat on his back on the outside.

Joe Hoffman: What a shot from Arthur Pleasant!

Pleasant plants a couple of stomps on the chest area of Steve Harrison, before he pulls the ring apron up and ducks his head under the ring.

Joe Hoffman: The champion is already looking for some goodies under the ring. And he’s found a ladder!

The crowd cheers as Pleasant pulls a twelve foot ladder out from under the ring. Pleasant leans it up against the ring apron and makes sure it’s steady, before putting another boot in the chest of the challenger.

Joe Hoffman: Pleasant is looking to do something with Harrison and that ladder.

Harrison rolls over and climbs to his feet, but he walks right into a left handed jab from Pleasant. Harrison stumbles backward, nearly stepping on the propped up ladder. Pleasant follows the jab up with a vicious leg kick that echoes throughout the arena and puts Harrison down to a knee. Pleasant charges toward Harrison.

Joe Hoffman: OH MY! Pleasant was going for the running knee, but Harrison caught him and put him right into that ladder with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex!

The crowd goes wild as the wicked sound of spine meeting metal fills the arena. Harrison is slow to his feet however, which gives Pleasant enough time to roll off the ladder and down to the floor. Harrison uses the ring apron to get to his feet as he limps himself up. Harrison hops on his left foot, his right leg still showing the effects of that brutal leg kick from the LSD Champion,

Joe Hoffman: Harrison’s leg is definitely hurting here, but he’s wasting little time and pushes the ladder into the ring. And what’s he looking for now!?

Harrison digs under the ring apron as the crowd cheers for more violence.

Joe Hoffman: Another ladder!

Harrison pulls another ladder from under the ring and begins setting it up on the outside of the ring, but just as he gets it completely set up, he is swept to the ground by a strategically placed leg kick from Arthur Pleasant.

Joe Hoffman: Harrison’s down and holding his leg as the LSD Champion is really showing off his striking skills in this match thus far.

Harrison winces in pain as Pleasant adjusts the position of the ladder and then slowly begins to climb up. He reaches the second to last rung and shouts for Harrison to get to his feet. Harrison slowly climbs to his feet, once again using the ring apron for leverage.

Joe Hoffman: Double Axe-Handle and Harrison is down again! Arthur Pleasant went to the archives for that one and Harrison paid the price for it!

A few members of the crowd begin a chant of “Nacho Pan” or something as Arthur Pleasant throws a finger in the air, but the chants quickly die out. Pleasant slides under the bottom rope and into the ring. He immediately begins to set up the ladder on the inside, but has trouble climbing it.

Joe Hoffman: Pleasant is beginning his ascent to the belt, but that ladder appears to have been damaged from the belly-to-belly that Arthur took from Harrison early on in the match.

Pleasant struggles to climb the busted ladder, but somehow he manages to climb high enough to reach the belt.

Joe Hoffman: He’s got the belt! He just has to unhook it! OH!!!!!!!

And just before Pleasant is able to unstrap the belt from the hook Harrison knocks the ladder over and Pleasant is guillotined on the top rope, sprung into the air and flattened in the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Harrison is able to keep Pleasant from climbing to the top rope, but he is still shaky on that right leg!

Harrison quickly folds the ladder back up and stands over top of Arthur Pleasant, albeit on one leg.

Joe Hoffman: OH! Harrison just drove the top step of that ladder right into Pleasant’s gut! And again! AGAIN! AGAIN!

Harrison repeatedly drives the top of the ladder into Pleasant’s abdomen, until his right leg can’t hold him up any longer and he loses his balance and drops the ladder. Pleasant doubles over, rolls into the fetal position and out of the ring to the outside floor.

Joe Hoffman: The champion cautiously rolls to the outside to escape the attack from the challenger, but Harrison is not relenting.

Harrison tries to catch Pleasant before he rolls out of the ring, but on one leg…he’s unable to. Harrison drops to the mat and rolls under the bottom rope. Harrison puts the boots to Pleasant, and then with a fistful of hair, he pulls the challenger to his feet. The Miracle Man lands a couple of punches on Pleasant, and goes for an Irish whip into the barricade.

Joe Hoffman: The champ reverses and Harrison goes crashing into the barricade! On one leg, Harrison just couldn’t find the leverage and Pleasant takes advantage and control.

Harrison crashes back into the barricade as the rabid fans in the first few rows crowd around him. Pleasant slowly marches toward Harrison and throws a shot at Harrison’s head, but only to distract from a brutal leg kick that finds its mark and once again crumbles Harrison to the floor.

Joe Hoffman: Arthur Pleasant is all over that right leg! This is why he’s the LSD Champion folks.

Harrison falls to a knee and Pleasant gets right into his face.

Arthur Pleasant: Remember last time! You bald asshole!


Pleasant rears backward and with all of his strength puts the point of his elbow right into Harrison’s forehead. Not once, not twice, but three times.

Joe Hoffman: Harrison is busted open! A cut the size of the Grand Canyon is opened on Harrison’s forehead!

Blood pours down Harrison’s forehead and almost immediately, his entire face is covered in blood.

Joe Hoffman: The champ reminds Harrison that the last time the two of them met, Harrison busted open Pleasant. Pleasant has returned the favor here tonight and Harrison is bleeding like crazy!

Harrison is stunned and leaned back against the barricade. His eyes look empty and he seems to be out on his feet. Pleasant puts a fist right into that cut, causing more blood to pour down Harrison’s face. Pleasant takes a few steps backward, and lands a shining wizard and then goes for another!

Joe Hoffman: Friends Till The End! NO! Harrison ducked the second shining wizard!

Pleasant is dizzy and confused, Harrison grabs a fistful of the champion’s hair, pulls him in, spins him around.


Pleasant goes head and neck first into the barricade as Harrison executes the move perfectly, and from one leg no less.

Joe Hoffman: It looks like a freakin’ car crash at ringside! Bodies and blood everywhere.

Both men slowly climb to their feet; both evenly struggling.

Joe Hoffman: Both men are up and trading punches!

Rights and left are thrown wildly, but neither man is able to fully connect.

Joe Hoffman: OH! What a shot from the champion! Arthur Pleasant connects with a vicious right hand, showing off that striking acumen once again!



Another leg kick that finds its mark puts Harrison down again. Pleasant, seizing the opportunity to get free from Harrison, walks over, grabs the other ladder, and slides it into the ring.

Joe Hoffman: The champion has set up the ladder and is headed for the top!

Pleasant looks out at Harrison and then once again he begins his ascent to the top of the ladder.

Joe Hoffman: LOW BLOW! Harrison with a low blow to the champion and Pleasant is stopped dead in his tracks!

Pleasant slides down the ladder. Harrison, still hopping on one leg, goes to the other side of the ladder and begins his ascent!

Joe Hoffman: Harrison is hopping up the ladder! His right leg is useless at this point!

Harrison is able to get up three rungs, before Pleasant begins his climb to the top as well.

Joe Hoffman: Both men are climbing to the top now.

Both men at an evenly slow pace, climb to the top. Harrison reaches for the belt, but a right hand from Pleasant wobbles him on the ladder. Harrison returns the favor and puts a fist in the champion’s nose. The two man trade shot after shot, but Pleasant gets the advantage with two consecutive right hands.

Joe Hoffman: Harrison nearly falls off the ladder, but he’s able to hang on! With a hurt leg and all of that blood loss, one has to wonder how much longer he can remain in the match, let alone survive! GUILLOTINE CHOKE ON TOP OF THE LADDER!

Pleasant quickly climbs up one more rung of the ladder, and hooks Harrison into a guillotine choke on top of the ladder as the crowd goes nuts.

Joe Hoffman: The champion using the same guillotine choke that he used against John Sektor! Harrison might be put to sleep twelve feet in the air.

Pleasant hooks his legs on the ladder and leans back as far as he can without falling off the ladder.

Joe Hoffman: Harrison’s arms appear to be going limp!

Pleasant grits his teeth and continues to lean backward.

Joe Hoffman: Harrison might be out!



A violent crash in the center of the ring causes a collective gasp and immediate silence from the crowd.

Joe Hoffman: The champion’s grip has slipped from the challenger and he has fallen from the top of the ladder and down to the mat on the back of his neck!

The blood made Harrison slippery and the champion wasn’t able to keep his grip.

Joe Hoffman: Harrison is alone at the top!

Joe Hoffman: The Miracle Man is coming back to his senses!

Harrison looks down and sees the LSD Champion down, flat on the mat below. Harrison slowly reaches for the belt hanging above.


Joe Hoffman: The referee calls for the bell as Harrison unstraps the LSD Championship from the hook!

Harrison doubles over on top of the ladder as blood drips from his head down to the mat.

Joe Hoffman: HARRISON IS THE NEW LSD CHAMPION! Let’s go to Brian McVay for the official decision.

Brian McVay: Ladies and gentleman, we have a winner at twenty-one minutes, and thirty-two seconds. Your winner…


“Take the Money and Run” by the Steve Miller Band begins to play throughout the arena as the new LSD Champion, with the very little bit of strength he has left, hoists the LSD Championship high in the air from atop the ladder.

The scene slowly fades out as Harrison continues to celebrate and a video takes us off the air.