Refueled XC
  • Event Type: weekly

Refueled XC

Event Date: March 6, 2022 at 10:00 pm

Hollywood and Dresden vs. JJR and Pleasant

Winner goes to No.1 Contender Match

The High Octane Television logo gives way and we cut immediately to our Hall of Fame announcer Joe Hoffman as Refueled 90 is set to begin.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to another edition of Refueled. A lot on the line tonight from the top of the card and downward. Number one contender matches up for grabs as everyone literally fights for their spots at March to Glory! Without further adieu Refueled opens with our first match of the night!

““Stronger on your Own” by Disturbed blares over the PA. Hollywood slowly walks from the back and takes center stage as he stands there for a few brief moments, closing his eyes. He reigns in the boos from the crowd as he gets in final mental preparation for his upcoming match. As Hollywood opens up his eyes, pyro shoots off in opposite corners of the stage as it makes its way to center stage. As the pyro hits the center, the camera zooms in to see the reflection in Hollywood’s eyes as he finally makes his way down the ramp, quickly taking off his vest and throwing it down with intensity.

Bryan McVay: Introducing first, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 225 pounds, he is BRIIIIIANNN HOOOOOOOOOOOOLYWOOOOOOOD!

Hollywood makes his final push as he charges the ring, rolling under the ropes. He gets back to his feet and looks about the entire arena glaring at the fans before he takes his place in the corner turnbuckle before turning his gaze intently in the ring as he awaits for the bell.

The chorus of ‘Never Look Back’ hits the sound system as the overhead lights dim, blue and white lights flashing along the rampway as spotlights of similar shades swirl over the crowd. Eliza Dresden waits all of a second before she bounds onto the stage, her energy levels already through the roof thanks to the cheers –and that’s with her holding a lot of it in. Stopping at the top of the ramp, she thrusts a fist in the air… but she can’t be idle for long.

Bryan McVay: And his tag team partner, from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, she weighs in at 153 pounds, she is….ELLLLLIIIII DRESSSSSSSDEN!

She all but bounces and poings her way down to the ring, darting from side to side to slap offered hands and otherwise play to the crowd, earning a decent amount of cheers as she goes along. It’s about three-fourths of the way down the ramp that she abandons that, speeding up to slide into the ring headfirst on her stomach before she twists onto her back and kips up to her feet. She’s quick to mount the nearest turnbuckle, once again shoving a fist skyward to more of that positive reaction from the fans before she’s popping back down and turning to look toward the middle of the ring. As her music fades, she stands side by side with Hollywood as the two of them await their opponents.

Joe Hoffman: This is perhaps one of the most important matches for Hollywood and Dresden. This match is going to be one of their toughest since pairing together and they will undoubtedly be tested here tonight in what may be a very brutal affair if their opponents have anything to say about it.

“Goldberg Variations” by Johann Sebastian Bach plays over the speakers as four security guards step out onto the stage. They form a square as Jeffrey James Roberts steps out and stands in the middle. His hands are out front, tied with plastic ziptie cuffs, and he walks toward the ring, keeping his eyes focused on it.

Bryan McVay: And introducing their opponents…first, from Gainesville, Florida, he weighs in at 230 pounds, he is JEFFREY JAAAAAAMES ROOOOOOOBERTS!

The guards keep a perimeter to make sure he can’t reach any fans and they walk with him all the way to ringside. The guard in front unlocks the cuffs, then steps back to allow Roberts to climb into the ring. He does so, then leans back against one corner, his eyes closed, head back, swaying slightly to the music.

The wonderfully horrific screeching of violins cut through the arena like a knife through flesh as “Danse Macabre”, the classic orchestral piece written and composed by Camille Saint-Saëns and condensed into a much more frightening version for entrance theme’s sake, plays throughout the arena. Soon thereafter enters Arthur Pleasant, The Provocateur himself, from the Gorilla position. Standing with his arms out and a smile as sick and evil as the day is long and the fans are fickle, Arthur Pleasant sniffs the air with his eyes closed. Taking in the snarky shouts and cynicism from the internet wrestling community, Arthur begins skipping down the ramp with utter delight plastered onto his face.

Bryan McVay: And his partner, from Under the Midnight Sun in Utqiaġvik, AK, he weighs in at 220 pounds…he is ARTHUR PLLLLLLLLLLEASANT!

Arthur runs the ropes a few times, making a mockery out of the mat-wrestling master race that like to warm up before a match. Retreating to the corner furthest away from the ramp, Arthur hunkers down with both arms holding onto the top rope at his sides as he sits on the middle turnbuckle. A lustful look bearing the need for violence and calamity, Arthur grins as widely as his jaw and skin will allow him to while he stares off at Hollywood and Dresden, along with Jeffrey James Roberts.

Joe Hoffman: Folks, I have a feeling this one is going to get ugly fast. JJR and Pleasant obviously had one losing effort and their not looking to add an encore here tonight. That may fair badly for Hollywood and Dresden. Time will tell with this match with a number one contender’s match on the line at March to Glory.


The match is officially underway as it looks like Hollywood and JJR are going to start things off here. These two are obviously no strangers to each other as JJR let’s out a sinister smile as if he knew he had Hollywood’s number. Hollywood didn’t take too kind of that reminder as he all of a sudden explodes from out of the corner. Hollywood rushes at Roberts and hits a high knee straight to JJR’s jaw which actually wiped the smile clear off of Jeffrey’s face. Hollywood has come shotgun out of the gates and begins to deliver stiff rights into the face of Roberts before Hollywood rushes the ropes and attempts a flying cross body which takes Jeffrey down with force. However, Hollywood wasn’t expecting JJR to kip up quickly from that assault as he turns around and is almost taken literally off his feet from a stiff big boot from Roberts. Hollywood shows some kip up of his own in a direct act of defiance as the two pause their attack and just stare each other down for a few moments.

Joe Hoffman: Hollywood and Jeffrey James Roberts are literally no strangers to each other. I honestly think Hollywood is one of the only roster members of HOW that isn’t afraid of this guy.

Jeffrey smiles again as he eggs Hollywood on to come at him again in which case Hollywood does as he charges at Roberts but before Hollywood can reach into his bag of goodies, JJR kicks Hollywood in the abdomen and nails a swift belly to belly suplex that knocks the wind out of Hollywood. Pleasant claps from the side as he wants into this match badly but Jeffrey isn’t done with Hollywood yet. Hollywood gets back to his feet but JJR delivers a stiff headbutt straight to the temple of Hollywood that levels him back down to the mat. JJR drops down and covers Hollywood.


Joe Hoffman: Oh wow, Hollywood kicks out after one! I don’t think JJR took to kindly to that!

At this point, Pleasant is literally wanting a piece of the action and JJR finally relinquishes and tags in his partner. Pleasant stalks Hollywood as he doesn’t wait for him to get back to his feet. Pleasant grabs the former HOW World Champion and hooks him from behind to drive a reverse DDT into the mat as Hollywood goes right back down.

Joe Hoffman: Things are not looking good for Hollywood right now and it appears as if JJR and Pleasant are taking this match with much needed ease.

Pleasant doesn’t bother pinning Hollywood and all he wants to do is instill his will and dish out more pain to him as he grabs Hollywood and attempts to lift him up in the air for a powerbomb, but Hollywood reverses and sends Pleasant flying with head scissors practically sending Pleasant towards the corner turnbuckle.

Joe Hoffman: Right now it seems Hollywood is literally taking on JJR and Pleasant by himself! Eli is wanting the tag in badly, but right now, Hollywood shouldering all of the burden of this match!

Hollywood, looking defiant as ever, walks over to Pleasant and whips him shoulder first into the corner turnbuckle. Pleasant grabs his shoulder in pain as Hollywood grabs him and hits a much needed Paper Cut which takes down Pleasant.

Joe Hoffman: Hollywood with the Papercut on Pleasant! I don’t think he saw that one coming!

Hollywood needed that one as he looks on at Pleasant struggling to get back to his feet. Meanwhile, JJR is chopping at the bit to get back into this match understanding that Hollywood is building some much needed momentum. Hollywood is on his feet and sets his sights on Pleasant as he starts to tune up the band.

Joe Hoffman: Hollywood thinking about an Executive Promise it looks like! Pleasant might just be in trouble here!

Pleasant is still getting to his feet when all of a sudden, Hollywood turns his sights to an unknowing JJR and he blasts Jeffrey with a devastating claymore kick!

Joe Hoffman: THE EXECUTIVE DECREE TO ROBERTS!! JJR clearly didn’t see that one coming!

Hollywood rolls towards his corner as he finally tags out for a much needed breather and rolls out of the ring as Eli hops over the ropes. She targets Pleasant who still is getting his bearings as he gets back to his feet. However, seeing his partner not in the corner and seeing Hollywood out, takes advantage of the situation and grabs Eli before she can even realize what was happening.

Joe Hoffman: CALAMITY PAIN!!

Eli is buzzed as Arthur goes for the quick pin out of nowhere.




Ding Ding Ding!

Bryan McVay: Here are your winners…..JEFFREY JAMES ROBERTS AND ARTHUR PLEASANT!!

Joe Hoffman: Wow I don’t think I saw that huge momentum swing coming there! I can honestly say Eli was wrecked there and Arthur took full advantage of the situation…wow! Hard loss for Hollywood and Dresden there as they really showed promise as a team that looked like they couldn’t work together in the beginning and turned that around only to lose in heartbreaking fashion. Great win for Jeffrey James Roberts and Arthur Pleasant and they’ll have a shot at earning a future tag team title shot as they move onto the No.1 Tag Team Contenders Match!

Eli looks visibly upset and in shock as Hollywood is back to his feet on the outside and can’t believe what just happened and he definitely does not look happy as he just walks off on his own to the back shaking his head as Refueled cuts away.

Leave it to Stever

Instead of cutting away, the lights in the arena dim as the High Octane Vision screen lights up as the words “Leave it to Stever” appear on the screen. The God-awful 1950’s television theme music plays throughout the arena as the crowd erupts in a chorus of boos. The letters quickly fade, and the scene on the HOV transitions to Steven Solex seated behind an old wooden desk. Steven is outfitted in his a “#1 Dad” ballcap, and a freshly ironed plain white t-shirt. Steven sits leaned over the desk, propping himself up with his elbows. As the music fades, Steven relaxes his posture and sits back into the 97red-leather chair. Steven kicks his feet up onto the desk, showing off his tan cargo shorts and his white New Balance shoes. A burlap sack to his left is filled to the top with hundreds, maybe thousands, of white envelopes.

Steven Solex: Let’s get right into our first question of the night! It reads: “Dear Steven, My name’s Chuck and I’ve got a bit of a problem brewing at the ol’ Chuck-residence. Lately I’ve been getting the suspicious feeling that my family doesn’t think that I’m putting in a hard day’s work everyday. How can I convince them that I do?”

Steven laughs to himself as the boos in the arena persist, but this time they are drowned out by piped in crowd laughter.

Steven Solex: It’s the little things, Chuck. For instance: always grunt when you sit down. It lets everyone in the house know that you have put in a hard day’s work and it lets them know that you will undoubtedly grunt again, when you stand back up.

Solex tosses the letter behind him and folds his arms across his chest.

Steven Solex: This is a sure fire way to establish dominance in the household. Your wife is…well if you’re a real man, anyway… a homemaker and she needs to know that whatever you do at work is ten-times harder than cleaning the house and taking care of the children. So grunt away!

Steven Solex: This one comes from Chris in Florida, and he writes: Lately I feel like the dads in my neighborhood are always talking about the sports they played in high school. I don’t have many sports stories and the ones that I do have are unremarkable at best. How do I stay at the head of the dad wolfpack at our weekly gatherings without awesome high school sports stories?

Solex laughs to himself, in tandem with the piped in crowd.

Steven Solex: Always tell stories about your high school sports fame. Men who didn’t play sports in high school aren’t really men, and these stories will separate you from the pack. Chances are that your current friends didn’t know you in high school, so embellish away my friend! If you were the second string quarterback, don’t let these people know that. A lot of times, given our current generation, most people won’t even ask questions; they’ll just look at you with their slack jaws wide open while they wonder in amazement. So yes, tell everyone and anyone about how you scored four touchdowns in one game and how you saved the high school football team from certain defeat!

The piped in applause is turned way up to drown out the live audience boos, but hardly does the job. Solex reaches back into the burlap sack and snatches out another letter.

Steven Solex: This one is from Jack in Tennessee. It reads: I burped at dinner last week and the entire family looked at me with disgust. I forgot to say “excuse me: and I’ve been in the doghouse since. What should I do next time this happens?

Steven shakes his head in disgust as he tosses the letter behind him. The piped in crowd laughs mildly, as Steven looks back into the camera with a half smirk and intense stare.

Steve Solex: First of all, stare right back at all of them. But not with concern, do it with rage. You are the man of the house, don’t be intimidated by a dress wearing wife and a couple of non contributing members of society, otherwise known as children. Look them dead in the eye and say “better out than in, that’s what I always say.” And if they still give you crap and they don’t laugh at your joke, it’s time to get yourself a new family. Like I did!

The piped in crowd applause is barely heard as the live crowd in attendance boos ferociously. The theme music picks back up as a series of credits begin to roll on the bottom third, with all positions shown giving credit to the number one dad himself.

Steven Solex: Well folks, that’s all the time we have this week!

Solex tosses the final letter behind himself.

Piped in Crowd: See you soon!

More boos from the crowd in attendance drown out the laughter from the piped in crowd.

Steven Solex: Not if I see you first!

The piped in crowd laugh and applaud as the volume has clearly been turned way up, drowning out the jeers in the area as the scene fades.

Hall of Fame Arrival

We cut backstage where we see the hall of fame duo, Bobbinette and Darkwing, entering the arena together. Darkwing is silent as Bobbinette already seems on a tangent. Darkwing is wearing a dark blue business suit, with pink and black striped tie, and Bobbinette has on a magenta Business suit. Bobbinette has a roller gear bag as Darkwing has an over the shoulder duffle bag.

Bobbinette: I am just saying, I need you to be here at shows. Like, just because I need help.

Darkwing doesn’t say anything as the two walk the halls.

Bobbinette: Seriously… I mean we are a team. More importantly, we are friends. Friends support each other. By the way, your head hasn’t been in the game. Did you see what happened last week?…..No you didn’t cause you don’t watch the program.

Bobbinette says in an annoyed tone.

Darkwing glances at Bobbinette and you can hear the fans almost gasp at the criticism from the former HOW World Champion.

Bobbinette: It’s like you’re too good for wrestling any more…..

Bobbinette turns her face towards her partner and friend.

Bobbinette: Is that what it is……DW?

Darkwing narrows his eyebrows being annoyed at her calling him that nickname. He shoots her a death glare.

Bobbinette: I get it, you have a life outside of wrestling. Congratulations, you’re a man of the people. But, you used to be a man of the fans….

You can hear the crowd once again gasp, as Darkwing stops walking. Bobbinette stops with him, and continues. Darkwing looks highly angry as she clamors on.

Bobbinette: …You know what? It doesn’t even matter, let’s just do this, and it will be clear if we don’t win. I won’t expect you to be at March to Glory. I’ll just deal with that on my own. Whatever, let’s just do this.

Bobbinette starts to walk off and Darkwing grabs her by the arm. She stops, looks down at Darkwing’s hand and up into his eyes. There is something different there.

Darkwing: I want Connor. That is all.

Darkwing walks off abruptly, leaving Bobbinette there, shocked. She cracks a small smile, then tries to catch up.

Bobbinette passes by Eli Dresden’s locker room, as she tries to catch up to Darkwing. Bobbinette pauses for a second, looks sad, and walks on.

Bobbinette: I didn’t even have to tell him I beat Jatt…

She says under her breath.

Bobbinette: Hey wait up best friend!

She sees Connor’s locker room. The door is open but we don’t see anyone inside. She sighs briefly, then turns back to an apparently speed walking Darkwing.

Bobbinette: I mean Darkwing! DW, I’m short, damn it, wait!

As she sees him in the distance, he has already made a good amount of distance between the two of them, as the camera cuts away and we head to our first commercial of the evening.

Maurako Cup Finals for the Tag Team Championships
??? vs. ???

Interfed HOTv Championship Match
PW:A GenoSyde vs. HOW: Jeffrey James Roberts©

Steel Cage Match
Clay Byrd vs. Michael Lee Best

Singles Match
Bobbinette Carey vs. Scottywood


Back from the commercial break, Blaire Moise is backstage with one of the four teams vying for two final spots in the Maurako Cup- the team of John Sektor and Adam Ellis.

She brings both men into the picture.

Blaire Moise: John and Adam.  In just a few minutes, you face Darin Zion and Xander Azula in the semi-finals of the Maurako Cup.  Any thoughts on your opponent’s tonight?

Ellis defers to Sektor.

John Sektor: Well, we know they will give us a tough match. They have a perfect record as a team, as do we. I know Darin has spoken of his, desperation.

Sektor smirks and shakes his head as he adjusts the LSD championship around his waist.

John Sektor: He’s willing to end Adam’s career? Do whatever it takes? He even mentioned dangling my daughter in front of me…whatever the fuck that means.

Sektor remains calm and collected.

John Sektor: He’s excited, as Darin Zion always is. Unfortunately for Darin Zion, these are just words. They don’t mean shit and tonight? Tonight we will show why we are the next Tag Team champions when we bring their tournament to an end.

Blaire Moise; John, you mentioned in a Q and A this week that your knee is in the best shape it’s been in since the first of the year.

John Sektor: It is. It’s not perfect but it may never be. But I’ve had a longer rest period and I’ve used every precious second of it using every resource I have available to make sure my knee can get through this next battle. And it will! As I said at the Q and A, we are wrestlers. Wrestling with injuries is nothing new to us.

Blaire Moise: So you’re pretty close to one hundred percent then.

Sektor frowns and looks confused as he pretends to search the corridor walls for some sense.

John Sektor: Why are people so obsessed with numbers? I can stand, can’t I?

Blaire nods.

John Sektor: I can also run, jump and do everything I need to to win this match. I went through a fucking war with Arthur Pleasant when it was hanging on by a thread. He assaulted my knee constantly and whilst I did not win. I also did not lose. Numbers don’t matter Blaire, what matters is that I am still the most dangerous competitor in this company and I’m not going anywhere.

Blaire Moise: So Adam, you made a little bit of news yourself this week with a photo of you and MVW wrestler Tori McGill circulating in the dirt sheets.

Adam smiles and responds.

Adam Ellis: Yes.  Tori’s a friend.  We’ve known each other for a couple years, working at MVW.

Blaire Moise: So is something going on with you two?

Adam Ellis: No and Blaire, that’s not what I’m focused on right now.

He faces the camera and talks right to it.

Adam Ellis: Darin Zion and Xander Azula.  Darin, you said this week you were going to make ‘examples’ of us tonight?  Well, that’s going to be a lot harder than you think.  But bring it on.  You won’t need to look far to find us tonight.  John Sektor and Adam Ellis will be waiting for you in the ring.  See you there.

Blaire Moise: All right, thank you John Sektor and Adam Ellis.  It looks like we’re ready for our next match.  Back to you Joe.

Solex and Byrd vs. Maurako and Sparrow

Winner goes to No.1 Contender Match

Joe Hoffman: Thanks Blaire, Folks up next up is our other match up to determine who will face (the HOTv champion, Jeffrey James Roberts and Arthur Pleasant)(Brian Hollywood and Eli Dresden) at March to Glory to determine the number one contenders and first challengers to the new tag champions.

The lights go out and one by one yellow spotlights illuminate the ramp from the ring to the curtain. “Everybody Wants You” by Billy Squier blares across the arena and emerging from the curtain is Sir Simon Sparrow, sporting his red and black plaid suit (no dress shirt) and a monocle over his right eye alongside partner Mario Maurako.

Bryan McVay: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall and with a twenty minute time limit. Introducing first, weighing in at a combined weight of 480 lbs….they are MARIO! MAURAAAAAAAKO! SIR! SIIIIIIMON! SPARROOOOOOW! THE A!…..O!…..A!

Simon carries a walking cane, not for necessity but for aesthetics as Mario follows behind. The Professor of Sparrow-dynamics removes his suit jacket and carefully folds it before handing it and the cane to the Wabbid Wabbit and Mario does the same with his suit jacket.

Joe Hoffman: Mario and Simon are dressed for a corporate retreat, but that doesn’t dressing the part doesn’t equal victory.

The ring becomes illuminated in a teal light. The HOW Classic and the Godfather of the Tag Division walk up the ring steps and through middle ropes and enter the ring. Sir Simon Sparrow and Mario Maurako stand in the middle of the ring, all of the other lights go out save for one yellow spotlight in the middle of the ring where he stands, soaking in the cheers of his fans. The spotlight fades the house lights come up and Sparrow heads towards corner and leans nonchalantly on the turnbuckle waiting for the match to begin.

Joe Hoffman: Simon looks focused, but Mario looks like he’s not even here. Hopefully, he gets his head in the game before the start of this match.

“Oh Dad, You’re the Greatest” is heard throughout the arena as the HOV lights up and we see Steve Solex and Scott Stevens-Solex Jr. playing catch outside, working on the family car together, and other father and son things as “Dad Vibes” by Limp Bizkit begins to play through the sound system as the words “#1 Dad” display on the HOV.

Bryan McVay: And their opponents, first, hailing from Huntington Beach, California and weighing in at 252 lbs…..he is HOW’s #1 Dad! Steven! SOOOOOLLLLEEEEX!

The words dissolve and a montage of Steven Solex is shown playing on the HOV as Steven Solex steps out from behind the curtain and onto the entrance ramp.

Joe Hoffman: Steve Solex has reverted back to dad mode ever since Clay and him stole Scott Stevens son.

The crowd boos unceremoniously as Solex begins to make his way down the ramp and toward the ring. With his right hand, Steven holds a number one high up in the air, with the biggest, cheesiest of smiles on his face.

Joe Hoffman: Solex reminding everyone he is number one.

Solex stops at the end of the ramp and sees a dad and son in the crowd. Solex tells the young boy to throw him his water bottle and the little kid does.

Joe Hoffman: Is Solex playing catch?

Steve rears back and chunks the bottle, and drills the boy’s father in the face.


Solex goes over to the guardrail and looks down to the unconscious father and crying boy and simply shrugs.

Steve Solex: Shit happens.

Solex says to the boy before rolling under the bottom rope and into the ring as the crowd continues to boo. Solex goes camera side and again hoists a number one high in the air, but this time shouts out “#1 Dad!.” Solex goes to the corner, and double knots his all white New Balance shoes as he awaits his partner.

Guitar and harmonica begin to blare through the arena, the start of “Gunning For You” by Nick Nolan sends a silence across the crowd as Nick Nolan’s lyrics echo through the arena. Red letters slash across the screen as “BYRD” is spelled out. Clay appears through fog on the entrance ramp, cowboy hat low over his eyes, a long black duster on and a rope in his hand.

Bryan McVay: And his partner, from Plainview, TX and weighing in at 295 lbs….he is CLAY! BYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYRDDDDDDDDDDD

Clay begins his slow walk down the ramp.

Joe Hoffman: Clay has can’t lose focus here tonight because even though he has the match he wants against the man he claims cost him everything he has an opportunity that could lead him to his first taste of HOW gold.

His eyes are fixed on the ring, and he trudges on. Not paying any notice to any of the fans in attendance. Clay walks up the steps, and climbs into the ring as the official signals for the bell.

Ding. Ding.

Joe Hoffman: And here we go…..

Solex and Simon come out of their respective corners and meet up in the center of the ring. Solex has a shit grin on his face and begins to say some stuff that turned Simon’s usual jovial face to an expression of anger and the two begin to have words.

Steve Solex: That’s right, I said it!

Simon Sparrow: Say it again….

Steve Solex: If Gilda was my daughter she wouldn’t have died!

Simon Sparrow: Oh yeah!

Steve Solex: Yeah!

With that, Simon smacks the taste out of Solex’s mouth that staggers the number one dad. Sparrow shoots in and double legs Steve’s legs and begins to unload a flurry of right hands to his face.

Joe Hoffman: Solex brought this upon himself.

Simon lets out a primal scream and begins to bite the nose of Solex that causes the number one dad to scream in agony.

Joe Hoffman: Solex’s comments flipped a switch in Simon.

Simon lets go before the count of five and Solex retreats to his corner as he feels his nose and sees blood within his hand. Byrd tags himself in and saunters his way over to Simon.

Joe Hoffman: Is business about to pick up?

Simon hawks a loogie mixed with Solex’s blood onto the Texan’s boot. Clay slowly looks down at his boot and then back up to Sparrow who doubles over his fellow bird brethren with a boot to the gut before being taken down to the canvas with a snapmare. Simon delivers dropkick to the back of Clay’s head. Simon kips up and runs at Clay somersaulting forward as his grabs the Texan’s neck and whiplashing it forward.





Clay kicks out with authority.

Simon slaps the mat and begins to hit his knee.

Joe Hoffman: Simon looking for STARR-Knee?

Simon builds up momentum, but as he gets closer Clay grabs him and takes him for a ride high into the air before sending him back down to the canvas with a massive ring shaking spinebuster.

Joe Hoffman: What power!

Clay is trying to regain his bearings as Simon rolls around the ring holding his back. Both men are slow to get up and when they do they begin to throw hands.

Joe Hoffman: I don’t think The HOW Classic wants to trade hands with Clay Byrd.

Joe is right as a haymaker from Byrd sends Sparrow spiraling into his corner allowing Mario to tag himself in and charge at Clay.

Joe Hoffman: BY GOSH!

Solex stops Mario’s attack with a running shoulder block. Mario pops back up and Solex repeats the attack.

Joe Hoffman: BY GOLLY!

Mario quickly gets to his feet and charges at Solex.

Steve Solex: STOP!

Mario stops and looks at Solex confused.

Joe Hoffman: What the….?

Solex points up to the rafters and as Mario looks up, Solex pokes him in the eyes.

Joe Hoffman: The Finger Poke of Dad.

Solex and Byrd double Mario over and suplex him towards their corner. Clay tags in Steve who begins to circle the downed Hall of Famer before putting the boots to him. Solex delivers a jumping legdrop before going for a pin.





Mario gets the shoulder up.

Solex picks Mario up and throws him across the ring and turns him inside out with a running knee to the stomach.





Mario kicks out.

Joe Hoffman: Solex and Byrd have Mario isolated. He has to make that tag to Simon soon.

Solex quickly tags in Clay and once inside they bring Mario to his feet and place Mario between Clay’s legs and helps lift him for a….








Simon flicks Clay off the Italian way as he makes his way back to his corner and the Texan tags in Solex. Solex comes in and puts out a knee as Clay picks up Mario and tosses him stomach first onto the number one dad’s knee. Solex quickly tags back in Clay as the two begin to put the boots to Mario. Clay motions to Steve and Solex begins to climb up the turnbuckle. Clay picks up Mario and positions him in the electric chair with his back turned to Solex.

Joe Hoffman: What is this?

Before we find out Clay gets his ribs caved in as Simon Sparrow barrels in with a spear and the momentum sends Byrd back into his corner sending Steve Solex crashing down to the floor.


Simon quickly gets to his corner and starts pounding on the turnbuckle to get the people behind him and Mario so he can get back into this match.

Joe Hoffman: If Simon gets back into this match, all bets are off.

Clay is still down on the mat gasping for breath as Mario begins to crawl towards his corner.

Mario inches closer……………

And closer………….

And closer………………..

Joe Hoffman: He’s almost there! Will he make it?

The arena explodes into cheers as Simon barrels into the ring after Mario makes the tag and delivers a running dropkick to Clay. Simon reaches down and pulls Clay towards the center of the ring and looks out towards the crowd who go bonkers.

Joe Hoffman: Are we going to see it?!?!?!?

Simon shakes his head in approval, but before we can see the cloverleaf, Matt Boettcher rushes in to stop it. Simon and the official have words and Boettcher motions he never saw the tag as he was dealing with Solex on the outside drawing a round of boos from the audience.

Joe Hoffman: Oh come on!

Solex drags himself to the apron and points to his head as he has that cheesy grin on his face. Simon throws his hands up and makes his way towards his corner. Mario tries to retag in Simon, but Solex pulls him off of the apron and Mario who slowly turns around gets decapitated with a…..

Joe Hoffman: TEXAS LARIAT!

Clay quickly goes for a cover hooking both legs.




Boettcher signals for the bell

Bryan McVay: And your winners by pinfall, HOW’s #1 Dad! Steven! SOOOOOLLLLEEEEX! AND CLAAAAAAAAY! BYYYYYYYRD!

Joe Hoffman: What a screwjob!

Clay and Solex exit the ring as the official checks on Mario as we cut away.

An Offer?

Conor Fuse walks backstage sporting a brand new Super Mario Bros. 3 jacket and the World Championship around his waist. The gamer looks into the camera and smiles.

Conor Fuse: Big night! Noble Gaming is gonna tear the roof off. From no lives to a life, David and I will battle my BFF and Darkwing, -who’s got a super bad-ass name,- to the last levels in a chance to win the Tag Team Cham-…

Fuse’s voice trails. Someone is standing in front of him. The camera turns to reveal Steve Harrison looking like he got up on the wrong side of the bed. His beard is a mess and his head hasn’t been shaved in a week.

The two standoff. Harrison looks Conor over and Conor simply crosses his arms.

Steve Harrison: Well if it isn’t the tag team “specialist”…

Harrison sighs and shakes his head.

Steve Harrison: Didn’t you lose the Tag Team Championships twice to me?

Conor looks like he’s not impressed, although he isn’t arguing, either.

Steve Harrison: I’m pretty sure I defeated you and Ray McAvay once and then you and Dan Ryan once, too.

The Ultimate Gamer lets out a huff.

Conor Fuse: Yeah, those happened…

Conor puts a finger on his chin and begins tapping.

Conor Fuse: Say, where are you in this tournament, buddy? Semi finals? Finals? Watching from the sidelines?

Harrison slightly scoffs and follows with a shrug.

Conor Fuse: The only living in the past I do is Link to the Past.

Steve Harrison: Heh, well in the present you owe me money for that ridiculous Tag Team name you are using now. Noble Gaming…right? Look I take cashapp unless you have spent all your money on freemium games and Cheetos?!?

The two continue to size each other up. Conor walks in close and pats Harrison on the chest.

Conor Fuse: Nice to see you again, Steve.

The Last Level Legend walks past The Miracle Man, who lets him pass without further problems.

Conor Fuse: Pretty sure Jiles was the guy who did it all for your team. I could never really beat the dude…

Harrison doesn’t turn back. He just shakes his head.

Conor Fuse: If David and I win, I’ll keep the titles warm for you.

Steve mouths the words “you do that” as Conor turns a corner… right into.

Sunny O’Callahan.

Sunny O’Callahan: HEY!

Conor’s run into ‘The Woman of the Moment’ and the self-proclaimed ‘One True Queen of Professional Wrestling.’

Sunny O’Callahan: Watch where you’re going, twerp.

She’s accompanied by two members the Kabal of Really Awful People: ‘Defective’ Marty Pratt and David Litterman,

Litterman throws a piece of tin foil that used to contain a hot dog indiscriminately onto the floor.

‘Defective’ Marty Pratt: Yeah. Don’t make us have to subject you to the arc of circumstance called… ERASURE!

Marty waves an oversized pencil with the requisite oversized eraser and makes an erase motion in the air with it.

‘Defective’ Marty Pratt: ERASE… ERASE… ERASE…

Conor takes a step back and raises his hands.

Conor Fuse: Why do you use an eraser? Dude, I’m written in ink so white out might work better…

The gamer pauses until a light goes off.

Conor Fuse: Listen, let’s all chill here for a second. Sunny, I gotta thank you. Your MVW victory last week over Harrison and Kostoff, it kept David and I alive.

Sunny’s typically defensive and combative disposition lightens a bit.

Sunny O’Callahan: Oh. Well… thanks.

Then she starts up again.

Sunny O’Callahan: But if it weren’t for the total incompetence of Bo Stevens and the Stevens Dynasty, my client… the one and only ‘New Age Cybertronic Criminally Insane Rogue Sentient Robot Wrestling Machine’ Ultratron-6.1… managed by the greatest manager in the history of pro wrestling… me… Sunny O’Callahan… and the greatest wrestling mind ever… me… Sunny O’Callahan… would be wrestling today!

Fuse looks intrigued by ULTRATRON’s name. He asks a genuine question.

Conor Fuse: So I’ve been meaning to ask… where did you get that BOT? Japan? America? Is it like an I, Robot thing? Is he eventually gonna take over HOW but no one sees it coming? Well, only me, of course. I see it coming. I try to warn everyone, I’m Will Smith here, ‘there’s a bigger problem with the robots, they gonna take over the world’! Or is your guy more Big Hero 6? There’s also A.W.E.S.O.M.E.-O from South Park but this was just Cartman posing AS a robot. How silly is that lol? Pretty silly if you ask me.

Conor smiles as Sunny’s mouth opens but nothing comes out. Staring back at Conor, she tilts her head to the side and appears a little lost there for a couple seconds, for once in her HOW stay, how you say- lost for words?

After a few seconds, she finally responds.

Sunny O’Callahan: I’m not sure how to answer that.

Fuse realizes what he said was gibberish, although being Will Smith isn’t a bad deal at all.

Conor Fuse: Well, hey, listen, regardless… you’ve got a great collection of talent over there in MVW. I mean this. Anytime one of your guys wants to step up, the Last Level Legend has a warp whistle here with their name on it. That Billy Dickinson took Sektor to the limit. He shut those doubters up. I’m sure you have a whole… misfit collective in waiting.

The champion glances at Pratt and exits stage right.

Sunny turns and watches Conor walk off. She starts to say something… pauses… and right before the HOW World Champion turns the corner raises her hand in the air and blurts out…

Sunny O’Callahan: Hey… is that an offer?

Fuse disappears.

Sunny turns to Pratt.

Sunny O’Callahan: That was an offer wasn’t it?

Pratt shrugs.

Litterman drops a couple napkins on the ground as we head to a commercial break.

Sektor and Ellis vs. Zion and Azula

Maurako Cup Semi Final Match

Back live from commercial and we cut to our Hall of Fame ring announcer for the first of our two Maurako Cup semi final matches.

Bryan McVay: This match is our first Maurako Cup Semi Finals contest of the evening! Introducing first… the team of Xander Azula and Darin Zion… the Masters of the Multiverse!

Zion’s theme plays and out they come.

Joe Hoffman: While some would say Azula and Zion have surprised, you can see it in their matches, they know each other well. Sektor and Ellis will certainly have their work cut out for them. After all, The Multiverse won their group, too.

Once inside the ring, their theme song is replaced by John Sektor’s.

Bryan McVay: And their opponents… the team of Adam Ellis and LSD Champion… John Sektor!!

Ellis and Sektor appear, looking all business themselves as they make their way to ringside.

Joe Hoffman: Definitely the favorites here. Might be for this entire tournament. Sektor was a longstanding Tag Team Champion with Jatt Starr last year. Adam Ellis has shown signs of brilliance.

With both teams in the squared circle, referee Joe Hortega signifies Zion and Ellis will start. He calls for the bell.


Zion charges at Ellis and cranks him under the jaw with an uppercut. The crowd comes alive as Zion lifts Ellis into a German suplex and connects with a bridge!




Joe Hoffman: Zion trying to get this done ASAP!

Zion flies into the ropes and lands a dropkick to the back of Ellis’ head. The multiverse star lifts the protege and looks for a falcon arrow suplex but the rookie slips away and finds the ropes. Ellis flies across with a shoulder tackle, knocking Zion down but the ever so crafty HOW veteran locks Ellis into a crossface!

Joe Hoffman: Once again, Zion is pulling no punches!

Eventually, Ellis finds the ropes and the hold is broken. Zion doesn’t wait for his opponent to rise, though. Instead, he grabs Ellis by the waist and hits another German suplex with a bridge pin!




Joe Hoffman: Again, a kickout.

Zion hits a snap suplex, holds on and then hits a release suplex.

Joe Hoffman: Zion is looking like Sektor with these commitments to suplexes.

Ellis tags out and John Sektor enters. Zion immediately hits the ropes and blasts the LSD Champion in the face with an uppercut, snap suplex and elbow drop.

Joe Hoffman: Perhaps in the multiverse, Darin Zion is the suplex machine.

Hoffman takes a moment to process this thought.

Joe Hoffman: What am I even saying?

Darin hits John with numerous knee smashes, overwhelming the great mat technician. Zion pulls Sektor off the mat and hurls him into the ropes… this is where Zion slips up. He lowers his head and Sektor comes to a full stop. He grabs Zion’s face and crushes it against his knee, then hits a clothesline and deadlifts the man from Crown Point.

Joe Hoffman: Sektor with a German suplex, throwing Zion onto his neck!

But Zion tags out. He uses the momentum from the suplex and rolls into his corner. Azula enters and rushes towards The Gold Standard, who didn’t see the tag at first. Azula hits a German suplex of his own, followed by mounting Sektor and driving shots into his temple.

Azula lifts Sektor and throws him into the ropes. The LSD Champion bursts through and clubs Azula in the side of the head. Never to be outdone, another German suplex is performed, this time by the one who does them the most, as Azula is dropped on his head!

Joe Hoffman: Obviously, no one can show up Sektor in the suplex department.

Sektor tags Ellis. Ellis readies himself on the bottom turnbuckle pad before using it as leverage to leap forward and catch Azula under the jaw with an uppercut. Ellis applies a half nelson… works it into a full nelson… but as Xander fights to his feet, Adam switches his position and throws his opponent into the air and down to the canvas.

Joe Hoffman: Very impressive full nelson slam.

Ellis latches onto Azula’s waist. At first, he tries for a belly-to-belly but it’s standing switched… only to be standing switched by himself soon after. Ellis is behind Azula and, you guessed it… a German suplex follows.

Ellis tags Sektor. The longstanding LSD Champion rolls back in with a swift elbow smash to Azula. He hurls Xander into the ropes but the multiverse member ducks a knife edge chop and gets into the next set of ropes. This allows Zion to make a blind tag.

Darin Adam Matthews Zion or whatever his name is right now… he charges at Sektor and takes out John’s knee. With Sektor down on one leg, Zion props the champion up and connects with a side Russian leg sweep. Zion hits the ropes… missile dropkick follows. He hooks a leg.




Joe Hoffman: I have to hand it to Zion here, he is wrestling at an all new level.

Zion lifts Sektor. He tries for a double x-wrist lock suplex but Sektor is fighting out of it. Eventually, the LDS Champion bounces into the ropes but is stunned once again with a cutter.

Zion tags Azula.

Azula races in. He pulls Sektor upwards but is crushed with a jawbreaker! The Gold Standard hits a pumphandle slam on Azula before stumbling into his corner and tagging Adam Ellis. The newbie is back in… he whacks Azula with shot after shot before throwing Xander into the ropes and connecting with a high knee. Stunned, Ellis thinks he has the match within his control. He bounces off the ropes and looks for his Superman punch…

Joe Hoffman: No! Azula ducks!

Xander turns to find Adam Ellis on his feet, hitting nothing but air. Azula drills a right arm into the back of Ellis’ neck.

German suplex follows, of course.

Joe Hoffman: This one looks bad! Nearly everyone has landed on their head but Ellis, in particular here, lands on his crown!

Azula pummels Ellis with open right palms as Ellis tries to cover up and fight away. Eventually, Adam is in the ropes and Xander backs away. Azula waits on Ellis to rise and once he does… Xander charges.

Nothing but air. A knee smash misses.

Joe Hoffman: This time it’s Azula’s turn to miss a swift blow.

Ellis finds an olympic slam and leaps towards John Sektor. He tags.

Joe Hoffman: John has said he’s been hard on his protege but you have to give Ellis credit. He’s working with one of the greatest wrestlers of all time and holding his own. He’s taken a beating here and there but he has pushed through it when others most surely would’ve quit.

Sektor comes in, house on fire. He clubs Azula down a few times and throws him around the ring. This cues Darin Zion who races in…

Joe Hoffman: Adam Ellis hits Zion with a spear!

Ellis discards Zion out of the ring as Sektor continues to work on Azula. Finally, John drops to his knees and applies an STF!

Joe Hoffman: Xander could tap… he’s dead center of the ring!

But the slippery multiverse member is able to find a way onto his side… and then he slides out from under John Sektor’s grasp. Azula is up first and although he is clearly struggling, he hits the ropes and dropkicks Sektor square in the head.

Azula pulls the LSD Champion to his feet…

Joe Hoffman: German suplex by Sektor!

A serious tone crosses John’s face. Knowing he was outdone in a submission move, Sektor walks in for the kill. He quickly peels Azula off the mat and hits another German suplex.

Then immediately applies the Sektor Stretch!

Joe Hoffman: Oh, this is over!

It doesn’t take long for Xander Azula. He’s trying to fight… you can see it on his face…

Determined… determined… determined. But, ultimately…

He taps.


Darin Zion gets in there a moment too late as he collapses beside his multiverse partner

Bryan McVay: The winners of this match… Adam Ellis and John Sektor!

Joe Hoffman: So it’s going to be Adam Ellis and LSD Champion John Sektor vs. either Noble Gaming or Bobbinette and Darkwing!

Sektor walks over to Ellis and pats him on the chest before helping him up to his feet. The scene fades as The Gold Standard and Ellis’ hands are raised.

Texas Two Step

As we switch backstage we see Scott Stevens singing to himself royally off key as he walks down the hallway. 

Scott Stevens: It’s the final countdown! Ba da dum. Ba dad um dum. It’s the final countdown.

As the Texan makes his way down the hallway he stomps in front of a door belonging to…. Conor Fuse.

Scott Stevens: I hope he likes it.

Stevens says to himself as he places the items he was carrying on the bench outside which are a CD of Europe’s Final Countdown album and a Nintendo Game Boy watch with a note that that reads, “The final countdown to your decision begins tonight.”

Scott Stevens: Yeah, he’ll like it.

Stevens assures himself before pounding in the door and walking away humming to the tune of final countdown as the image fades and we cut away.


Back inside the arena, the HOV comes to life as a video begins to play and it begins inside of a darkened wrestling ring, located somewhere in a much smaller venue than the Carver Hawkeye Arena. The house lights are down, leaving only a single spotlight in the center of the ring, but it’s obvious that this little rec center show is packed from wall to wall with loud, rabid, loyal fans.

In the center of the spotlight stands PWA promoter James Cornfield, along with the beast known as GenoSyde. The monster of a man wears the PWA World Championship over his shoulder, his new possession after the absolute destruction of Ivy English last week. Cornfield holds a microphone in his hand, and his tone is not exactly jovial.

James Cornfield: Ivy English was weak.

An utter roar from the crowd, a guttural battle cry of agreement and support. In this building, Cornfield is not just some carny indy promoter… he is a God.

James Cornfield: Arrogant. Entitled. Was so convinced that he was destined for bigger, better things that he seemed to forget that it was MY title around his waist that made him special. It was MY promotion that got him on High Octane Television. It was MY tutelage and MY support that created Ivy English… and last week, he had to learn a hard lesson about getting too big for your britches. He wanted so badly to get signed by HOW. To “escape” the independent scene and “make it big”. Vain. Stupid. Naive.

You could hear a pin drop in the rec center. Not so much as a cough or a tiny pocket of chattering– everyone in attendance at the show is hanging on to every word that the GOD OF PWA has to say here tonight.

James Cornfield: Honestly, he’d have been a perfect fit in H O Dubya.

He is a sermon on the mount, and these are his followers. This is where he is King. GenoSyde cinches the belt back up onto his shoulder, standing over his boss, manager and mentor like a protective monument.

James Cornfield: They say that Hell is the absence of God’s love, and last week, Ivy English found out what the absence of my love feels like. He went into business for himself, and so I let him do it… for himself. His penance was a broken arm and a broken spirit, because he is to be a lesson to everyone. Alone, we are weak, and together… we are unstoppable. Jeffrey James Roberts picked Ivy apart like he was nothing, because without James Cornfield… without Pro Wrestling Assault… he was nothing.

As thought it had been rehearsed a thousand times, the PWA faithful begin chanting “WE ARE ONE”, nearly in unison. While we can only see the shapes and shadows of the crowd under the spotlight, and the building clearly isn’t that big, they are clearly VERY loud and VERY in unison.

James Cornfield: Mr. Roberts will not be so fortunate at March to Glory.

The small smile that appears on his face isn’t a happy one. It’s sinister.

James Cornfield: Jeffrey James Roberts is a dangerous, sociopathic criminal. That is not a statement of judgement, but a statement of fact. I’ve employed my fair share of criminals and sociopaths in this business, and perhaps none of them have been as dangerous… none of them have been as deadly… as ol’ JJR, HOTV Champion. But you know what else he is? Aside from the men who put him back into his chains every time he successfully defends that championship… well, he’s alone. But here in PWA? We prefer strength in numbers.

Jimmy looks out into the sea of darkness around him– the bloodthirsty fans are near ravenous as Cornfield conducts his sermon. Slowly, the house lights in the arena begin to come up, revealing the crowd around the ring.

James Cornfield: We are NEVER… alone.

They aren’t fans.

A veritable army stands ringside, surrounding their general– dozens upon dozens of independent wrestlers in full ring gear, damned near ready to riot for the God of the Indys. As the lights come fully back on, it seems to ramp them up even harder.

James Cornfield: Jeffrey Roberts, at March To Glory, you ain’t takin’ on some punk kid with a chip on his shoulder, looking for the next big thing. GenoSyde is the heart and soul of Pro Wrestling Assault… a man I trained with my own two hands. A man who I look upon like he’s my very own son. And he will not fail, Jeffrey. He is the single most dangerous human being on the face of this Earth, and when he’s done with you, you will feel the same way Ivy English felt when you snapped his arm like a twig last week.

The promoter smirks at the camera, as it zooms in toward his crooked smile.

James Cornfield: You will feel alone.

The house lights in the arena shut to black, followed by the spotlight in the ring. As the entire HOV goes black, we cut to our next scheduled commercial break.

Maurako Cup Finals for the Tag Team Championships
John Sektor and Adam Ellis vs. ???

Interfed HOTv Championship Match
PW:A GenoSyde vs. HOW: Jeffrey James Roberts©

Steel Cage Match
Clay Byrd vs. Michael Lee Best

Singles Match
Bobbinette Carey vs. Scottywood

Bitter BO

As we come back from commercial we see the Stevens Dynasty with the most worthless man in the wrestling industry, Brian Bare.

Brian Bare: Hello, it is I, Brian Bare, HOW’s Ace interviewer…….

Cary snatches the microphone from Brian.

Cary Stevens: Shut the fuck up Darin!

The patriarch appears in a foul mood and the crowd is letting him having it.

Brian Bare: My name is Brian…..

Cary slowly turns his head and Brian immediately shuts up.

Cary Stevens: I don’t give a fuck what your name is Darin because the Stevens Dynasty is pissed the FUCK OFF!

The crowd boos.


Cary Stevens: You see, we should be celebrating not only Bo leading Team MVW to a victory, but also we should be here with the MVW Tag Team championships around the waists of my boys to show these piece of shit teams in HOW what real champions look like, but do you see them Darin?

Brian shakes his head no.

Cary Stevens: Exactly!

Cary shouts in frustration.

Cary Stevens: We should be here as tag champions challenging the HOW Tag Champions whomever they will be to a champion vs champion match in the near future, but that was all derailed by the jealousy and selfishness of Rust Bucket and Bitchy O’Cuntahan!

The crowd gives a mixed reaction.

Cary Stevens: I’m sure you filth enjoy us not being tag champions don’t you?

Cary asks and the audience goes wild with cheers.

Cary Stevens: Well, fuck you because we will be the MVW tag champions soon enough and we will be the HOW tag champions as well because that’s what the Stevens Dynasty does!

The crowd boos.

Cary Stevens: However, until that happens I have a message for Rust Bucket and Bitchy. The next time we see one or both of you, you are getting fucked up and it doesn’t matter if you’re at March to Glory in catering or at an MVW houseshow in the pisser because you have our undivided attention and once you have it doesn’t go away until we end you.

Cary threatens as he leaves and drops the microphone. As Brian goes to pick it back up it is quickly snatched up by Bo Stevens.

Bo Stevens: BO-Lieve that!

Bo growls as he throws the mic on the ground and leaves as well.

A Last Wish

The show cuts away and we see none other than Michael Oliver Best sitting behind a desk, well not just any old desk, but THAT desk. The one that has been used for many years by his brother and has traveled the world.

Oliver slides his hand over the top of the mahogany desk and brushes aside some dust.

MOB: Folks we are only a few weeks away from seeing the final wrestling match of my Nephew’s career. A career that started literally as a random booking on the fly moment courtesy of my brother Lee. Over a decade later and everyone has seen the highest of highs and the lowest of the low’s from my Nephew. He single handedly made a HOFC low card match into a PPV Main Event. He also led a mass exodus to the pathetic lands of UTAh. We have seen it all folks………

Oliver pauses as opens a drawer and pulls out a manila envelope. He slowly opens it and lifts the top sheet of paper up and holds it up to the camera.

The camera zooms in and we see the signature of Michael Lee Best at the bottom of the sheet.

MOB: We have indeed seen it all…….but what we have not seen is my Nephew legit in charge of the day to day operations. Sure he has had suggestions over the years for Lee and I am sure he fought many a times for his friends in some heated arguments with his dear Father…..but in the end it was always Lee’s call. No matter if Michael thought he got one over on his Father or if he felt wronged by his Father….it was always LEE. I am not Lee.

Oliver places the piece of paper back in the envelope and puts his hands on the desk and leans forward towards the camera.

MOB: I cannot do this by myself. I am self aware to know that this is not going to work if I do not bring on folks to help….and there is no one better to ask than….FAMILY. At times we have fought. At times we placed our uncle’s head on a desk and pretended that we were cut on live TV…………but we have ALWAYS been family. That is why when the steel cage match between my Nephew and that High Octane Judas Clay Byrd is over…..the SECOND it is over……my Nephew will ascend to the BOARD and become the new CEO of HOW.

Oliver pauses as he lets the words sink in for the viewers.

MOB: BUT………March 27th is three weeks away. Before we get to that final match of Michael’s wrestling career we have one more stop on the March to Glory tour. That is why next week in that wannabe Chicago of a city Milwaukee, we will see Michael compete in a wrestling match for the final time on a weekly show.

The crowd buzzes at the announcement as we see Oliver give that infamous Best smirk.

MOB: Next week for no other reason than because I want to see this match before Michael retires…..we will see Michael Lee Best compete in a tag team match. A match that only makes sense to the most diehard of High Octane Wrestling fans and to those that know their history.

A final dramatic pause from Uncle Ollie……

MOB: Next week Michael Lee Best will tag with Jatt Starr, the two most famous Best Alliance members of All Time, against High Octane Hall of Famers Darkwing and Chris Kostoff…..the two most long time enemies of my Brother.

The crowd goes crazy at the announcement and with that Oliver leans back in his chair and adjusts his ascot as we cut to our final commercial break.

Next week at #RF91….
Hall of Fame Tag Team Match
Michael Lee Best and Jatt Starr vs. Darkwing and Chris Kostoff

Darkwing and Carey vs. Fuse and Noble

Maurako Cup Semi Final Match

Back live and as Refueled XC returns to ringside, there’s still an air of excitement that reverberates through the crowd, partly from the previous segment and of course due to what is about to come. The picture for the Maurako Cup Final is now half complete and the fans in Iowa City are excited to see the World Champion, two Hall of Famers and a David Noble complete the picture. As the lights dim back down, a hush falls upon the crowd.

Joe Hoffman: First off, what an announcement from Michael Oliver Best that we saw before the commercial break. It is old school Best Alliance taking on old school LOD in Michael Lee Best’s final wrestling appearance on Refueled. But before we move on to Milwaukee… is time for our Main Event of the evening and the final Maurako Cup match of the Invitational.

A graphic highlighting all the previous Maurako Cup matches is shown on the HOV and as the short video ends the crowd claps politely as we cut back to Joe.

Joe Hoffman: Well, after a hard fought match, the LSD Champion and his protege have punched their ticket to the finals of the Maurako Cup at The Best Arena in Chicago. In a few moments time, we will discover who will be standing across from them. Will it be the surprising and sudden pairing of Noble Gaming or will the two HOW Hall of Famers remind the newcomers that there’s still some tricks up their sleeves. It’s time to find out, over to Bryan McVay…

“Want It Back” featuring Partrice and the Studio erupts over the HOV sound system. Both Bobbinette Carey and Darkwing appear at the top of the entrance ramp, the boos raining down on both wrestlers. Unbothered by the hatred being shown, the pair of Hall of Famers exchange a fist bump before making their way down the ramp.

Bryan McVay: The following contest is your main event for the evening and is a semi-final match in the Maurako Cup. Introducing first, weighing in tonight a combined weight of four-hundred-and-eighty-four pounds… they are the team of Bobbinette Carey and Darkwing!

Joe Hoffman: When most people think of high calibre tag teams with a track record of success, most experts would agree that communication is key. We haven’t quite seen that from the team of Darkwing and Carey as this tournament has progressed but perhaps their mutual understanding of purpose has been what has propelled them to this semi-final bout. You have to wonder if Carey is still able to give this match her full focus with an irate Scottywood still lurking around in the shadows.

Darkwing and Bobbinette climb the turnbuckle and taunt the fans.

Then the beat from Heaven and Hell by Kanye West takes over as the HOTv starts to produce a bit of static before showing an outline of a name drawn across the width of it. It simply says: DAVID NOBLE.

As Heaven and Hell continues to play, a figure emerges, being lifted through the stage and to the center of the stage. David Noble stands there, his eyes peering out at the crowd around him.

Joe Hoffman: David Noble started 2022 by taking a short term contract and things are still very much up in the air. His journey to this semi-final took a few swerves after losing his initial partner after the first match. The unlikely pairing of Noble Gaming had a very large uphill struggle to reach tonight’s main event but somehow, some way, they managed to pull it off. They are one win away from March To Glory but with two Hall of Famer standing across from them in the ring, it’s not an easy ask.

Bryan McVay: And their opponents, introducing first, he hails from Buffalo, New York and weighs in tonight at two hundred and six three pounds… DAVIIIIIID NOOOOOOOBLE!

There’s an intensity to Noble as he walks down the ramp, each step measured and steady as his eyes stare straight ahead. As “Heaven and Hell” fades away “Bloody Tears (Epic Version)” from Castlevania II begins. A purple mist floods the entrance way as “The Vintage” Conor Fuse emerges from behind the apron 23-seconds into the theme. He stands at the top of the rampway, head down, sporting a dark purple jacket with its high-collar raised.

Joe Hoffman: And here comes the World Champion. What does a victory tonight mean for the HOW World Championship at March To Glory? Scott Stevens has continued to throw out rejected challenges while Conor Fuse has sought new challengers. Will Michael Oliver Best drop the champion in double booking hell if Noble Gaming wins here tonight?

The jacket is open, showing his vintage SNES tights and more importantly the 97Red strap that makes him the HOW World Champion as he slowly raises his head. The fog continues to pump from the stage as Fuse methodically makes his way down the ramp

Joe Hoffman: Conor Fuse’s innocent nature has made him smitten with Bobinette Carey as of late and Carey’s reciprocation has a deep air of cynicism around it. You have to wonder whether this weird infatuation will be a handicap for his team here tonight.

Bryan McVay: And his partner, hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, he weighs in tonight at two hundred and twelve pounds, he is the HOW WORLD CHAMPION… CONORRRRRRR FUUUUUUUUSE. Together they are NOBLE! GAMING!

The crowd starts a “!RANK” chant, pointing in Conor’s direction as he slowly makes his way towards ringside. The Vintage leaps onto the apron and removes his trench coat, revealing his trademarked light purple arm sleeve on his left arm. Fuse fist bumps Noble and they wait in their corner.

Referee Matt Boettcher performs his final checks on both teams as they negotiate with each other on who will start off the match. Conor Fuse is eager to start the match and Noble is happy to let him do so. With Conor Fuse bouncing around his corner like an eager schoolchild after a sugary snack time, Carey nopes out of the rings and leaves the start of the match in the hands of Darkwing. With the preparations made, Boettcher signals for the bell.

Ding ding ding

Joe Hoffman: I have a feeling Darkwing will be looking to make a strong impression from the offset, he was certainly smitten with the idea of getting a pin on the World Champion earlier this week.

Fuse and Darkwing lock up in the middle of the ring and Darkwing uses his small height and weight advantage to push Conor towards the ropes. Boettcher slides in for the clean break but as Darkwing takes one step back, he slaps the World Champion right across the jaw. Fuse nurses the jaw out of shock for a few seconds and then quickly sees red, nudging Boettcher out of the way and drilling a dropkick aimed right at the knee. Darkwing falls to one knee and Conor hits a spin kick straight to his temple, toppling the Hall of Famer over.

Joe Hoffman: Conor Fuse is known for his scouting talents and it would seem he just pulled his opening offence straight from the Book of Darkwing. Darkwing may be regretting that slap to the jaw.

Fuse readies himself up for some DOOM Stomps on Darkwing but Darkwing has enough clarity of mind to roll out of the way and right into his corner. He reaches his hand up and Bobinette Carey tags in. A delighted Fuse extends an arm to welcome her to the ring and the camera picks up an excited “HEY BFF!” from the Champion as he steps into the ring. This is returned with a frustrated sneer from Carey that quickly turns into an awkward wide smile once she has fully faced Fuse. Fuse rushes over to extend a hand to Carey, who likely grinds her teeth down to a fine paste when she returns the gesture. Both of them back up and Carey uses the open space to drill an elbow to the side of Fuse’s skull. She does this three times in a row and quickly tosses the World Champion into the ropes. Using momentum to her advantage as Fuse returns to her, he lifts him up and over with a belly to belly suplex and quickly floats over for a cover.



The World Champion kicks out as Matt Boettcher signals it was a clear two.

Joe Hoffman: Going for the quick pin there… I’m starting to wonder if Carey is using this bizarre relationship between herself and the World Champion to gain a little bit of an upper hand. Fuse is eager to wrestle her but there’s a hint of caution to his eye.

Fuse kicks out close enough to his team corner that Noble can slap his chest for the legal tag in. Boettcher creates a gap between him and Carey as he steps into the ring. Carey challenges him to ”bring it” but Noble takes a few more steps away from February’s Wrestler of the Month. Darkwing yells encouragement towards Carey but this provides just a fraction of a second of distraction and Noble swoops in with a spinning back elbow straight to Carey’s skull. This staggers her right into the ropes and Noble follows up with a boot straight to the temple that floors Carey. As Carey tries to climb back up, Noble doesn’t stop his attack, rushing in with a Shining Wizard. Satisfied at the damage done, he hooks the leg for the pin.



Joe Hoffman: If Conor Fuse was holding back against Bobinette Carey, David Noble has no such qualms showing some of the hard hitting strikes that led him to this semi-final match. Both teams need to focus on the match at hand but you know that March To Glory and John Sektor and Adam Ellis hover in the back of all their minds.

Darkwing breaks up the pin by dropping an elbow right to the back of Noble’s neck. Noble winches in agony as he nurses his neck and Darkwing hoists Noble up with a Gutwrench Suplex. Boettcher yells at Darkwing to return to his corner and with breathing space now provided to his partner, he happily does so. Fuse begins to hop up and down on the apron, eager for a tag from Noble as Carey also crawls towards her corner. Almost in unison, Darkwing and Fuse are tagged back into the match. Fuse runs in like a madman and throws his entire body weight into the sternum of Darkwing, sending them both crashing to the mat. Carey and Noble are now in their corners, using the ring ropes to pull themselves back up to an even base. Darkwing tries to press Fuse off of him but Fuse manipulates gravity to his whims, landing atop Darkwing with a body splash.

Joe Hoffman: That kind of air control is incredibly unexpected and is the exact reason that Conor Fuse is an incredibly difficult person to beat. He learns with every match and it’s already led him to the World Championship, will it also bring him victory in the Maurako Cup?

Fuse looks delighted with his work in the ring, he looks over to Bobinette Carey and gives a shy smile as he runs towards the ropes. He leaps onto the second rope and leans back, trying to deliver a Lionsault on the prone Darkwing but the Hall of Famer has recovered enough that he manages to get his knees up just in time. Carey shouts encouragement to Darkwing as the World Champion clutches his stomach and gasps for air. Darkwing rolls over and manages to mount Fuse, hammering down a series of fists straight to the champion’s face. Fuse manages to weave out of a few shots but his battle for air makes his movements a lot more sluggish than usual and gives Darkwing enough of an opening for a few solid shots. Darkwing pulls himself back up, takes a few steps back from Fuse and rushes back towards him, drilling the point of his boot directly into the World Champion’s guts. This is not a move that is well received by the crowd but the torrent of boos that reign upon Darkwing do little to rattle him. Darkwing saunters back over and tags Bobinette Carey back into the mat.

Joe Hoffman: The tags are coming thick and fast in this match. Neither team may have been a pair before the Maurako Cup began but it’s clear they have both learned on the job very quickly. Fast tags to give time for your partner to recover is a smart strategy and one that both teams appear to be applying.

Carey stays behind Fuse as he tries to recover, staying completely out of his eyesight at all times as he tries to work out where his opponent is meant to be. Noble tries to direct traffic from the corner but the stiff shots from Darkwing have rattled Fuse’s brain a little and he can’t quite make out the guidance from his partner. As Fuse manages to fully pull himself back up, Carey swerves behind him and rolls him up, hooking the famous purple tights of Fuse as she does so. Boettcher has already dropped the check the shoulders and misses Carey’s devious act.



The pin is broken by David Noble rushing the ring and spearing Carey, who launches herself backwards over Fuse and crunches into the mat below. Fuse is stunned and seems very unaware that Carey tried to use the ole “pulling the tights” move on him and looks at Noble with a tinge of annoyance.

Joe Hoffman: Conor Fuse’s eyes seem to imply that he thought Noble’s methods of breaking the pin may have been a little too severe but Noble Gaming have no time to get into a discussion at this point if they want to make the finals of the Maurako Cup!

A furious Darkwing storms into the ring to break up the discussion between the members of Noble Gaming but both spot him coming and launch him over the top rope, sending him crashing to the mats on the outside of the ring. Noble takes a quick look over the ropes and realises the opportunity at hand. He guides his groggy partner back to their corner and tags himself into the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Conor Fuse has blood dripping from his nose, his eyes are looking a bit glassy. Those blows from Darkwing may require some serious medical attention at the end of this match. Noble was smart to realise that he needs to take control of the match for his team given Conor’s condition.

Bobinette Carey has absolutely no idea where she is after going ass over teakettle from Noble’s spear. The crowd are really starting to loudly get behind Noble as the excitement builds, Noble takes one last look to the outside of the ring where Darkwing remains down and out for the moment. As Carey slowly staggers back to her feet, Noble takes a few steps back and steadies himself. Timing it just perfectly, as Carey faces him square on, he rushes towards her, leaps up and drills her with a running knee straight to the skull. The Hall of Famer crumbles to the mat as a tinge of concern is shown in the World Champion’s face.

Joe Hoffman: Conor Fuse seems to be showing a little bit of concern to the damage done to his self proclaimed BFF. I can’t say for certain but does he think that David Noble has gone too far in his attacks?

The moral implications of the force applied by Noble can’t fully be considered as he quickly hooks the leg of Carey.



Darkwing slides back into the ring.


But can’t break the pin in time.

Ding ding ding

Bryan McVay: Here are your winners at a time of seventeen minutes and eighteen seconds… advancing to the finals of the Maurako Cup.. DAVID NOBLE AND CONOR FUSE… NOBLEEEEEEE GAAAAAAAAMIIIIING!

A distraught Darkwing leans up against the ropes, looking over at Noble who is picking himself back up from the pin. Fuse wobbles through the ropes and back into the ring to celebrate with his partner. Matt Boettcher raises the hands of Noble Gaming high in the sky, much to the delight of the fans.

Joe Hoffman: These two men started this tournament with a massive handicap, they had to have ALL the cards fall their way, they had to gel very quickly and somehow, some way they have done just that. The Hall of Fame Team of Darkwing and Carey tried some tricks tonight but it wasn’t enough… Noble Gaming are heading to March to Glory to take on John Sektor and Adam Ellis in the finals of the Maurako Cup! The World Champion and the LSD Champion in the same match. The rookie and the veteran by their sides. It’s a match that’s impossible to call.

As the show ends, the camera focuses in on the jubilant Noble Gaming, as in the background Darkwing tends to the knocked out Carey.

Maurako Cup Finals for the Tag Team Championships
John Sektor and Adam Ellis vs. Noble Gaming

Interfed HOTv Championship Match
PW:A GenoSyde vs. HOW: Jeffrey James Roberts©

Steel Cage Match
Clay Byrd vs. Michael Lee Best

Singles Match
Bobbinette Carey vs. Scottywood