Refueled LXXXVI
  • Event Type: weekly

Refueled LXXXVI

Event Date: February 6, 2022 at 10:00 pm

Just Getting Started

The HOTv logo flashes across the screen, followed by the logo for High Octane Wrestling. The Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse in Cleveland, Ohio is on their feet for this week’s edition of Not-Quite-Saturday-Night-Refueled, as the lights come up in the arena and the show is officially live on the air. 

Joe Hoffman: Hello, folks, and welcome to another exciting edition of REFUELED! We have an action packed night of tag team wrestling for you here tonight, as the Maurako Cup continues through the group stage. Up first, however…

Knowing he’s about to be interrupted this week, Joe pauses as the theme music of Michael Lee Best begins to play throughout the arena. 





The Son of God himself steps through the entranceway, but he doesn’t look to be in a smirky mood tonight. The hood of his sweatshirt is up, along with a baseball hat that is poorly hiding the fresh black eye underneath, as well as the stitches from where he was attacked last week. 

Joe Hoffman: Last week on Refueled, Mike Best had a promo abruptly interrupted by Clay Byrd, who brutally assaulted, and then demanded a match with, the retiring Hall of Famer. 

Michael makes his way briskly toward the ring, a microphone in his hand. He looks a little paranoid as he walks off the stage onto the ramp, but he doesn’t need to be worried for long. His giant, freakish bodyguard, Durango, is close in tow. 

The bastard Son rolls under the ropes and into the ring, as Durango stands guard at ringside. 

Mike Best: Clay Byrd, get the fuck out here. 

He paces angrily in the ring, still looking worse for the wear after being attacked last week. 

Mike Best: You are SCHEDULED FOR A MATCH, Clay. I’m in charge right now. I’m the fucking boss. And you’re fighting Durango, right here tonight, in the center of this fucking ring. Get out here. Now. NOW. GET THE FUCK OUT HERE, CLAY. 

It doesn’t take much. 

“Gunning For You” by Nick Nolan begins to play in the arena, and the crowd is ON THEIR FEET for Clay Byrd as he steps through the curtain. A smile spreads over his face, as he walks out already in his wrestling gear. He begins barreling toward the ring, showing absolutely no fear over what might be about to happen to him. 

Joe Hoffman: Durango is undefeated in High Octane Wrestling, having literally dismantled wrestlers in the last era of HOW. How Clay can be so eager to face him is a mystery to–

Before Joe can continue, Clay Byrd is knocked sideways as a wooden baseball bat collides with his shoulder, sending him careening to the concrete below. The holder, a fit, tanned looking lad from New Jersey, swings the bat again for good measure, hitting the fallen Byrd. 

Joe Hoffman: It’s an ambush! That’s Gino Giordano, former HOFC Champion! 

Clay snarls, pushing to his feet despite the pain and grabbing Gino around the neck, ready to break him in half. He grips the throat of the G-Train, squeezing as he lifts him toward–

Joe Hoffman: LOOK OUT, CLAY! 


This time, it’s a lead pipe… it collides with the back of Clay’s knee, knocking him back to the ground as Alex Beckman attacks him from the other side. Mike Best’s most famous students take the bat and pipe to Clay a couple more times, before picking him up to a kneel and holding his arms. 

Michael rolls back out of the ring, slowly walking toward the immobilised Clay. The crowd is absolutely livid with the turn of events. 

Joe Hoffman: This was all a ruse! There was no match with Durango! This is absolutely despicable! 

Clay tries to pull away from his captors, but he’s in a lot of pain. 

Mike Best: You don’t deserve a match with me.  

Michael rears back with one leg, kicking Clay across the jaw and sending his head whipping backward. Gino and Beckman hold him tight, as Durango walks up behind his boss. He crosses his arms, staring down at Clay Byrd. 

Mike Best: You didn’t deserve it at ICONIC, and you don’t deserve it now. 

The Son of God picks up the baseball bat dropped by Gino Giordano, using it to hold Clay’s chin up. His eyes lock with Byrds, as he raises the hat up with his microphone hand to reveal how bad the damage to his face really was last week. 

Mike Best: You dumb bitch. Do you know what kind of power I have? I run this whooooole fucking show right now. I’m a Best. My name isn’t just on the marquee, it IS the marquee. I am BETTER than you, I am more RESOURCEFUL than you… but most importantly, Clay? I’m SMARTER than you. You think Cleveland needs a hero to save them from big, bad Mike Best… well guess what, Clay? 

There it is. 

A smirk. 

Mike Best: I kneed a hero, too. 

He strikes hard and fast, crashing his knee into the skull of Clay Byrd with a sickening crack. Clay slumps to the ground, the SixTime Academy members unable to hold him up as he goes completely limp. Michael rolls his pant leg up, revealing what made such an impact: 

A steel kneepad. 

Mike Best: You don’t deserve it, Clay… but I’m gonna give it to you. 

The crowd pops huge for the match, but continue to boo the former World Champion in the immediate aftertaste of the pop. 

Mike Best: I’m gonna end you at March To Glory, Clay Byrd. But that’s just how this all ends. We’re juuuuuust getting started. 

He kicks Clay in the ribs, snapping his fingers as his attack squad follows behind him. Medical technicians rush to the ramp to help Clay Byrd, as HOW Refueled cuts to its first commercial break of the evening. 


A Cornfield Guarantee

We cut to pre-taped footage, as the camera opens in a dingy looking boxing gym. Punching bags and beat up weight lifting equipment litter the background, where PWA World Heavyweight Champion Ivy English is doing Hindu squats in the middle of a very hard, clearly unforgiving old boxing ring. 

In the foreground stands PWA promoter, owner, and sole proprietor James Cornfield, wearing a cheap looking suit and out of date horn rimmed glasses with a bridge across the center. To his immediate right, the beast known as GenoSyde stares blankly into the camera, his whole body rising and falling with every breath he takes. 

James Cornfield: Ivy English got outclassed. 

A shake of the head from the promoter, who looks irked. 

James Cornfield: Ain’t two ways about it, John Sektor beat the PWA World’s Champion like a cocaine habit last week at Refueled, and as you can SEE…

Jimmy gestures toward Ivy, who is dripping with sweat and still continuing to do his exercises in the background. 

James Cornfield: …action is being taken to ensure that a loss like that is remembered for a long, long time. Now, I know H O Dubya is full of the kind of folks who take a loss and disappear into the sunset, but ya see, where we come from, a loss is a learning experience

The ageing wrestling promoter wrings his hands out in front of the camera. 

James Cornfield: Sorry we couldn’t be there live tonight, but next week, GenoSyde and a… rehabilitated… Ivy English will be wrestling Scott Stevens and Black Mamba. And let me assure you that by the numbers, we ain’t outta this thing yet. We’re coming back hard, we’re coming back strong, and we’re coming for the HOW Tag Team Championships… and that’s a Cornfield Guarantee. 

With a nod to the camera, it looks as though the promo has come to a close. However, Cornfield raises a finger… he isn’t quite done yet. 

James Cornfield: Oh, and Mr. Sektor? Good luck out there tonight, amigo. I heard all those nice things you said about my made up promotion and my side show novelty acts last week. Fortunately for you, I’m a forgiving, God fearing man who knows how to turn the other cheek.  But unfortunately for you? 

The PWA owner glances over at GenoSyde.

James Cornfield: GenoSyde doesn’t fear God, and he sure as sin doesn’t fear you.

He pats the monster on the shoulder, but the monster doesn’t budge. Just stares into the camera.

James Cornfield: Watch your back, John. He might just hit you where it hurts. 

The feed cuts away, as we cut back to the rest of Refueled. 

Hollywood and Dresden vs. The Bad Guys

“Bad Company” hits the speakers and Blaze Claymore and Jacob Mephisto appear from the back in unison, arms crossed as they take in the scene. Mephisto is also flanked by his two “children” Decius and Patience Montgomery. Boos reign down from the High Octane crowd as the two men seem to gain energy from the vitriol hurled at them.

Joe Hoffman: Well, it looks like Cleveland isn’t exactly a fan of The Bad Guys. Whether it’s the fact they’re from another promotion in SHOOT Project or they find them genuinely annoying, I don’t know. One can’t deny these boys work well together though after their impressive win at Refueled 85 last week against the legendary eGG Bandits. Talk about making an impressive debut here in HOW.

Blaze makes the first move towards the ring, mock-waving to the crowd, pumping his fist in triumph as he makes his way down. Mephisto, meanwhile, takes a slower, more menacing walk with his children at his side.

Bryan McVay: Coming to the ring, accompanied by Patience and Decius Montgomery, hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada! Blaze Claymore! Jacob Mephisito! They are… THE BAAAAAD GUUUUYS!

Once Blaze reaches the ring, he flashes a cocky smile at the High Octanians before holding the ropes open for his partner, Mephisto, who nods with respect to his children.

Joe Hoffman: I’m curious how Jacob’s “kids”, Patience and Decius Montgomery, are going to play into this match here. They weren’t present in their match against the eGG Bandits, but here we are this week against Dresden and Hollywood and there they are. Could this be an insurance policy of some kind?

Mephisto jumps up to the apron and ducks under the ropes to make his way into the ring while Blaze follows, sliding between the ropes and mimicking Mephisto’s unamused look. Mephisto looks out at Patience and Decius and nods, while they in turn nod back.

“Stronger on your Own” by Disturbed blares over the PA.  Hollywood slowly walks from the back and takes center stage as he stands there for a few brief moments, closing his eyes. He reigns in the boos from the crowd as he gets in final mental preparation for his upcoming match.  As Hollywood opens up his eyes, pyro shoots off in opposite corners of the stage as it makes its way to center stage.

Bryan McVay: And their opponents, first making his way down to the ring, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 225lbs… BRRRRRIAAAAN HOLLLLLLYWOOOOOD!!

The usual pyro hits the center, the camera zooms in to see the reflection in Hollywood’s eyes as he finally makes his way down the ramp, quickly taking off his vest and throwing it down with intensity.

Joe Hoffman: Brian Hollywood looks intense tonight. Seems like he’s looking to avenge the loss he and his partner for the Maurako Tournament took in their previous match

Hollywood makes his final push as he charges the ring, rolling under the ropes. The former HOW World Champion gets back to his feet and looks about the entire arena glaring at the fans before he takes his place in the corner turnbuckle, turning his gaze intently in the ring as he awaits tag team partner.

The chorus of ‘Never Look Back’ hits the sound system as the overhead lights dim. Blue and white lights flash along the rampway as spotlights of similar shades swirl over the crowd. Eliza Dresden waits all of a second before she bounds onto the stage, her energy levels already through the roof thanks to the cheers.

Bryan McVay: And his tag team partner, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 153lbs, ELIIIIIIII DRESSSSSSDENNNNNNNNN!

Stopping at the top of the ramp, she thrusts a fist in the air… but she can’t be idle for long. She all but bounces her way down to the ring, darting from side to side to slap offered hands and otherwise play to the crowd, earning a decent amount of cheers as she goes along. Nearly down the ramp, she speeds up and slides into the ring headfirst on her stomach. In one fluid motion, Dresden twists onto her back and kips up to her feet.

Joe Hoffman: Hollywood and Dresden are such an agile, athletic team. With the both of them dabbling in the high flying arts, this could prove to be a problem for The Bad Guys.

She’s quick to mount the nearest turnbuckle, once again shoving a fist skyward to more of that positive reaction from the fans before she’s popping back down and turning to look toward her partner, Brian Hollywood.

As her music fades, she and Brian Hollywood discuss who’s going to enter the match first while Blaze Claymore is already waiting for one of them to come to a decision. Finally, Brian Hollywood looks over at Blaze and Dresden and signifies to Matt Boetcher that he’s going to start. Dresden begrudgingly steps to the outside when Boetcher calls for the bell to ring.


Mephisto leans down onto the top rope while holding onto the tag rope, watching Claymore and Hollywood circle each other. After an initial lockup, the more experienced Hollywood transitions into a headlock from a collar and elbow tie-up. Claymore sends Hollywood off into the ropes and on the rebound goes for a back body drop. Hollywood uses his great agility to leapfrog the attempt and continues into the ropes. On the rebound, Hollywood jumps up and connects with a hurricanrana.

Mephisto looks displeased and teases stepping into the ring by placing his foot between the ropes, but Boetcher admonishes him. Hollywood looks over at Mephisto and invites him in, but this is just enough of a distraction for Claymore to capitalize on. Blaze sneaks up behind Hollywood, grabs him by the hair and pulls him down across his knee. Before Hollywood can fall to the mat, Claymore twists and jumps up and hits a falling neck breaker!

Joe Hoffman: Blaze Claymore showing great ring prowess right there by taking advantage of a distraction.

Boetcher slides into position as Claymore hooks a leg!





Hollywood kicks out!

Joe Hoffman: Yeah, Hollywood’s not going down this early.

Claymore guides Hollywood to his feet but is met with an elbow to the bread basket. Hollywood retreats into the ropes where Dresden slaps him for the blind tag. Hollywood clotheslines Blaze to the mat while Eli springboards herself to the top rope, and in one fluid motion rotates with a 450-degree splash that connects straight into the upper body of Claymore! With Hollywood retreating, Boetcher is there for the count!





This time Claymore kicks out at two!

Joe Hoffman: Blaze Claymore showing some real grit here as he just kicked out of some serious tandem offense from Brian Hollywood and Eli Dresden, intended or not. He really needs to make the tag to his partner here!

Dresden parkours her way over to the turnbuckles like she’s auditioning for the lead in an Assassin Creed movie reboot. Measuring Claymore in the center of the ring, Dresden leaps with a frog splash… but Blaze rolls out of the way just in the nick of time! Sensing this might be his only moment to retreat, Claymore crawls over to Mephisto and makes the tag. Mephisto, looking none too happy with his partner for failing to take down either opponent, obliges and quickly makes his way into the ring.

Joe Hoffman: This six-foot five-inch hoss is about to make the five-foot six-inch Dresden mincemeat! The look in his eyes tell the story of a man about to impose his will on someone much smaller than he is.

Mephisto casually walks up to Eliza, who is just getting to her feet after the missed frog splash. Before she can even see him coming, Dresden is rocked inside and out with a vicious lariat; the impact so strong that Dresden flipped completely onto her stomach upon the landing. Motioning that he’ll destroy Brian Hollywood just the same, Mephisto looks back at Dresden and kicks her in the ribs. The crowd boos this merciless, tasteless behavior but Mephisto pays them all no mind.

Joe Hoffman: What a  bully this Mephisto guy is.

Face-washing Dresden several times, Mephisto raises his arms out to a chorus of more boos. Enraged by the lack of respect, Dresden is up to her feet again and simply charges right at her much larger foe! Mephisto wisely covers up from a standing position as she goes to town on him. Realizing she had Mephisto reeling, Dresden handsprings into the ropes with great speed and agility…

Joe Hoffman: Oh my–

… but Mephisto is laughing and waiting for her! Just as she leaped up for either a cutter or moonsault, Mephisto catches her in mid-air and slams her down to the canvas with thunderous force from a German suplex! Mephisto, looking out to Blaze Claymore and then at his “sons” on the outside (who are simply watching the match diligently) and mouths, “That’s how you do it.”

With a forearm to Eli’s face, Mephisto makes a lateral press as Boetcher begins making the count.

Joe Hoffman: SHOOT Project might have this one!






THR- Dresden gets an arm up that astonishes Mephisto!

Joe Hoffman: That was a close one for the Bad Guys. Jacob Mephisto looks like he was expecting to have this one in the bag there, but never underestimate Eli Dresden’s resiliency.

Ripping Eli Dresden up by her hair, Mephisto tosses her into the turnbuckles by the Bad Guys’ corner. Mephisto tags Blaze Claymore back in. Each of the Bad Guys grabs one of the wrists of Eli Dresden and pulls her forward like they’re going to whip her into the corner, but immediately pull back with great strength and smash her against the turnbuckle! Picking her back up, this time they turn her towards the turnbuckles, grab both of her wrists, and do the same thing but chest first this time!

Claymore immediately hooks a leg for a deep cover! Boetcher is there like the Hall of Fame pro he is!







THREE- NO! Dresden somehow finds the lifeforce within and shoulders out just before the three-count!

Joe Hoffman: I thought for sure Eliza was a goner there, but holy cow did she dip into her reserves and kick out of a bad situation!

Mephisto, seemingly unhappy that it was not enough, yells at Claymore to stay on her. Dresden, however, unexpectedly upkicks Blaze in the jaw, rolling back onto her feet, and in the same momentum bubble performs a roaring forearm to Mephisto on the apron! This draws his ire more than it does rock him, which Dresden then realizes rather quickly. With Claymore shaking away the butterflies from the upkick, Dresden leaps over him with a roll and makes the tag to a waiting Brian Hollywood!

Joe Hoffman: Hollywood has been chomping at the bit to get back into this one ever since Dresden made the tag!

Hollywood uses the ropes to somersault himself into the ring and land an innovative crossbody that sends Claymore to the mat! Mephisto is about to come into the ring when Hollywood keeps him at bay with a dropkick that drops him to the outside mat. Focusing back on Claymore, Hollywood charges at him while he tries to get up and delivers a scintillating basement dropkick with an echoing smack across the jaw. Hollywood wastes no motion and this time Claymore is rolled up (with a handful of tights, too!).







THR- Claymore kicks out, despite the handful of tights from Hollywood.

Joe Hoffman: Brian Hollywood is a house of fire here! They have the Bad Guys on the edge!

Bringing Claymore to his feet, Hollywood delivers some rapid fire kicks to the face that puts Claymore down to a knee. With Claymore on a knee, Hollywood blasts Claymore with a mid-level Executive Promise superkick!

Joe Hoffman: Claymore is down again but– uh oh, Jacob Mephisto looks mad as hell and I don’t think he’s going to take it anymore!

Ignoring Boetcher’s admonishments, Mephisto comes back into the ring and sets Hollywood up for a cross-arm suplex. Connecting with it, Mephisto rolls over while still clasping onto Hollywood’s arms and nails a kamigoye! Stepping back out of the ring with both hands up before Boetcher can disqualify him, both competitors are down!

Joe Hoffman: Wow. I think Mephisto just tipped the balance in their favor with that move, but Hollywood and Claymore are both down!

Several moments go by and both Hollywood and Claymore are crawling to their respective corners, with each partner of theirs cheering them on. After what feels like an eternity Hollywood and Claymore tag out to Dresden and Mephisto, respectively. Mephisto comes into the ring just as Dresden hops over the ropes and jumps back into the ring. Dresden runs towards the much larger Mephisto, but Dresden ducks under a clothesline attempt. On the rebound, Dresden leaps up with a head-scissors, and spins Mephisto back to the mat.

But just as soon as Dresden is up, Blaze Claymore reaches into the ring and grabs a handful of her hair! Boetcher sees this and runs over to Claymore, warning him of the liberties the Bad Guys seem to be taking throughout this match.


Sure enough, with Boetcher distracted by threatening to disqualify SHOOT Project from the match, Claymore’s accidental distraction pays dividends to Dresden as Hollywood nails his snapping double-arm DDT onto Mephisto! With Mephisto out cold, Hollywood exits back to the apron and yells at Dresden to “Go for it!”.

Seizing her opportunity with Mephisto’s perfect placement in the ring, Dresden rushes to the corner turnbuckles, hops up with an arabian moonsault and slams down onto Mephisto!

Boetcher turns around just in time as Claymore shouts “NO!!!”.











Joe Hoffman: She got him!!


Matt Boetcher raises Eli Dresden’s hand as “Never Look Back” plays over the speakers.

Claymore looks dumbfounded as the Montgomery brothers enter the ring, tending to Jacob Mephisto, who is laid out from the back to back finishers executed on him from Brian Hollywood and Eli Dresden.

Joe Hoffman: And despite the massive size difference between Dresden and Mephisto? The much smaller Eliza managed to secure the win for her team. Sometimes, folks, ya just get caught.

One More Time

After the match, we cut backstage we see Scott Stevens standing outside the wrestler’s locker room and Blaire Moise is next to him.

Blaire Moise: Scott, tough week for you and your family as you lost not only your match with Conor Fuse for the world title, but you and your wife lost your respective titles in MVW, and your cousin was left high and dry by his partner. What are your thoughts?

Blaire asks Stevens who seems to be in another world.

Scott Stevens: I’m sorry, what was the question?

Blaire Moise: What are your thoughts on what has transpired to you and your family in the last seven days?

Scott Stevens: It hasn’t been a good week obviously, Darin Zion cost me my MVW championship…..I’m sorry…..I can’t do this.

Stevens states as he turns towards the camera.

Scott Stevens: Conor Fuse….

Stevens lets the world champion’s name linger.

Scott Stevens: Last week, some people say my match with you was the best match I’ve had in a long time. They’ve even said it’s been my best match period since the Refueled era started.

The Texan pauses.

Scott Stevens: And as flattering as that is, I wrestled a perfect match…..

Scott stops himself.

Scott Stevens: I wrestled nearly a perfect match. I made one mistake…..ONE MISTAKE!

Stevens emphasizes with holding up his index finger.

Scott Stevens: And it cost me everything.

Stevens looks around dejected. 

Scott Stevens: Everyone in HOW knows that doesn’t sit well with me and I can’t live with that.

Stevens stares directly at the camera and makes the challenge.

Scott Stevens: Conor Fuse……I know I can beat you. I know it, but more importantly you know it as well.

Stevens proclaims as he points towards the camera.

Scott Stevens: So here tonight I’m throwing out the challenge. You and me, March to Glory. One…..more……time.

Stevens drops the mic as he exits the frame.  We head to commercial.


Harrison and Kostoff vs. JJR and Pleasant

Bryan McVay: This is a Maurako Cup match! Introducing first, the team of Steve Harrison and Chris Kostoff!

Harrison’s theme song plays as he stands on the ramp and is joined by Kostoff after the legend’s song replaces Harrison’s music. Both wrestlers march down to ringside. Bryan McVay continues.

Bryan McVay: Their opponents… Arthur Pleasant and the HOTv Champion, Jeffrey James Roberts… The Devil’s Advocates!

In similar fashion, Pleasant’s theme begins as he stands at the top of the ramp before Roberts is led out by guards, hands zip tied for their journey to the ringside.

Joe Hoffman: It should be a good one here, folks. Pleasant and Roberts with a victory against The Stevens Dynasty and Harrison and Kostoff defeating the now defunct team of David Noble and Doozer.

JJR is cut free from the zip ties and slides into the ring. Referee Joel Hortega calls for the bell.


Harrison and Roberts begin. Once the bell sounds, the HOTv Champion rushes Harrison but The Miracle Man side steps quickly. However, JJR puts the brakes on before running himself into Kostoff’s corner (and likely a punch from the legend). Roberts turns around, straight into a dropkick by Harrison, pushing Roberts back-first into Kostoff’s corner. However, the bald giant doesn’t do a thing. Harrison races in, takes Roberts head and locks it under his armpit. Harrison looks for a bulldog but Roberts pushes him away at the last second and Harrison goes flying half-way across the squared circle. Steve is fast to his feet, though and turns towards JJR again, this time it’s Steve who eats a dropkick and stumbles back into his opponent’s corner.

Pleasant is happy to see Harrison there but keeps within the rules. In fact, Arthur “plays nice” by raising his hands to the referee, showing he won’t get involved. For now.

Roberts charges Harrison and connects with another dropkick, this time to Harrison’s right knee. A sitdown hip toss plants The Miracle Man in the center of the ring, Roberts pops to his feet and bounces off the ropes. Once Harrison is up, Roberts jumps onto Steve’s shoulders for a hurricanrana but Harrison catches the HOTv Champion and lands a powerbomb instead.

Joe Hoffman: Real good counter by Harrison.

Knowing Steve needs to keep things fresh, the dubbed ‘forever’ tag team champion at one point with Cancer Jiles launches himself to his corner and tags Chris Kostoff. The crowd rises, ready to see what’s about to happen as the legendary brawler stomps into the ring. He snatches Roberts from the mat and throws JJR into the ropes. Roberts leaps in the air, attempting to hit Kostoff with a flying forearm but Kostoff catches Jeffrey and connects with a crazy looking tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.

Roberts’ body folds in half like an accordion as Kostoff discards the champion. Almost sensing JJR was going to get up right at the time the big man leaps, Kostoff crushes Roberts with a flying shoulder block. JJR flips inside-out and back to the mat as Kostoff hits the next set of ropes and dives across the canvas with a leg drop over Roberts’ neck.

Kostoff wants to keep the punishment coming. He peels Roberts off the mat and pushes the champion into the ropes. Roberts, however, ducks a clothesline and bounces off the next step of ropes. JJR jumps, clearing Kostoff’s big arms before catching the giant under the chin with a crescent kick. Roberts makes one more leap, this time into his corner and tags Arthur Pleasant.

The Provocateur is eager to engage. The hardcore wrestle comes in with a flying right knee to the side of Kostoff’s temple. It stuns the legend. Pleasant hits the ropes and connects with the same move again, only this time with more force. Pleasant decides to go for a knee once more… he bounces off the ropes…

Joe Hoffman: Kostoff with a spear to Pleasant!

The ring shakes, the fans cheer as Chris Kostoff rises and turns to his tag team partner, making a tag.

Joe Hoffman: You can see how serious both teams are taking this match. Not that any other team isn’t… but there’s a lot on the line. A win gives either team a solid chance of moving on.

Harrison connects with an atomic drop followed by a side Russian leg sweep. He looks for an arm bar on Pleasant, but Arthur is fast into the bottom rope. Harrison doesn’t let go of The Provocateur, though. Instead, Steve pulls Arthur away from the ropes and into a backdrop, throwing AP on his head in the process.

Harrison attempts a figure four but Pleasant kicks The Miracle Man away at the last second. Harrison is smart. He uses the momentum to take him into the ropes and drives a knee into the back of Arthur Pleasant.

Snap suplex, Harrison holds on. He hits a falcon arrow suplex and hooks the right leg for a pin…





Joe Hoffman: All four men are going to be hard to take down.

Harrison Irish whips Pleasant into a free turnbuckle but it’s reversed. Harrison meets the buckle, pops off it and walks himself right into a package piledriver by Arthur!






Joe Hoffman: Kostoff almost had to enter but JJR was going to follow, as well!

Harrison rubs his head while laying on the canvas and Arthur Pleasant is back to work. He starts kneeing Steve in the side of the head over and over and over.

Joe Hoffman: Pleasant has an opening here…

Pleasant with a backdrop, throwing Harrison square on his head. Arthur hits the ropes and dropkicks Harrison in the face!

Joe Hoffman: And a tag is made, Pleasant to Roberts.

JJR leaps over the top rope but first races to Chris Kostoff and catches the former three-time LSD Champion with a dropkick! Kostoff flies off the apron and into the guardrail.

Joe Hoffman: Hate to say it, but it’s a smart move.

Roberts turns to Harrison, connecting with an exploder suplex which drops Steve on his head once again. JJR peels Harrison off the mat, looks to throw him into the ropes but then steers Harrison back towards himself. Roberts jumps in the air, flips and finds himself pinning Steve Harrison.







Joe Hoffman: Harrison was surprised by this pin attempt, no doubt about that.

Roberts is up. He goes for a pele kick but Harrison moves, grabs JJR’s leg and corkscrews it to the ground! The Miracle Man is on his feet, looking for a tag but Chris Kostoff isn’t there. Instead, Harrison has to go back to working on Roberts. Steve lifts Jeffrey up… hitting Roberts with chop after chop. Finally, Harrison connects with a side suplex, followed by a dragon suplex and then sees Kostoff in their corner, waiting…

The Miracle Man leaps over…

Joe Hoffman: Harrison makes the tag!

But so does JJR.

Pleasant and Kostoff are in a hurry to knock the piss out of each other. Except, it’s Kostoff who wins this slug fest, working Pleasant into the ropes and then throwing him off to the other side of ring. As Pleasant rebounds towards Kostoff, he’s crushed with a charging clothesline.

Joe Hoffman: Kostoff is looking for Cradle to the Grave… the spinning cradle piledriver!

But right before it’s hit, Roberts is in the ring. JJR takes hold of Pleasant’s feet and pulls him away. This cues Steve Harrison to enter but Roberts drops the top rope on Harrison and Steve falls to the floor below. Roberts slingshots himself over the ropes in a cross body landing, knocking the wind out of himself when he meets Harrison and, obviously, knocks out Harrison, too.

Inside the ring, Kostoff doesn’t allow Roberts’ interference to hinder his game plan. The former LSD Champion drives a massive right forearm into the chest of Pleasant, a shot heard around the entire arena before attempting the spinning cradle piledriver again…

But there’s a roll up by Pleasant.




Both men rise…


Joe Hoffman: Oh, Pleasant with what looks to be a modified Calamity Pain! He wasn’t quite able to lift Kostoff but he most certainly caught him with the double knees!

Pleasant hooks a leg.









Bryan McVay: The winners of this match by pinfall… Jeffrey James Roberts and Arthur Pleasant!

Roberts rises to his feet on the outside where he is immediately detained by security. Inside the ring, Pleasant’s hand is raised and Refueled goes elsewhere.

A Drive To Recruit

The show returns to the backstage of the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse.  Blaire Moise stands by, microphone in hand, standing next to the Professor of Sparrowdynamics, Sir Simon Sparrow.   Simon is decked out in a neon green and black plaid suit, black dress shirt with the top button undone, and a monocle over his right eye.

Blaire Moise:  I am here with Jatt Starr—-

Simon Sparrow:  No you aren’t.

Blaire Moise:  What?

Simon Sparrow:  It’s Simon Sparrow.  SIR Simon Sparrow.

Blaire Moise:  I’m sorry.  Force of habit.

Simon Sparrow:  I know.  We all make mistakes.  I saw some “Ruler of Jattlantis” signs…well, one sign and they misspelled “Ruler”.   To that guy or girl with that sign, “Ruler” does not have two “O’s”.   Go ahead, Blaire.

Blaire Moise:  Ja—…er…Simon.  Can you comment on your rather heated exchange with Darin Zion after list week’s tag team title match?

Simon Sparrow:  Really?  Blaire, as an esteemed member of the League of Non-Toxic Gentlemen, I respect you and your decision to ask the question, and by means am I slandering your capabilities as a reporter but I do respectfully question your decision to waste valuable TV time by asking me about that lickspittle?

Blaire Moise:  “Lickspittle”?

Simon Sparrow:  Yeah.  You know, lickspittle…it means “brownosing toady”.   It comes from the Middle Ages where a commoner would be granted an audience with the king.   The commoner would essentially praise and flatter the king before asking for a favor.   The king would look at his subject and tell him or her that he would grant their favor if he believed that the commoner was honest in his praise so, he would say “Commoner of my land, if you truly believe that my feces doth not stink, prove it.  Cleaneth my floor with thy tongue”.   The king would proceed to spit a chunky, vile glob of phlegm on the stony floor in front of the commoner.   And this glob of phlegm is nasty….it’s the Middle Ages, it’s got to contain dirt, dust, uh, smog, and plague.  So, the commoner would drop to the ground and lick up the phlegm and the king would grant their request.

Blaire Moise stares at Sir Simon Sparrow looking as though she is going to vomit all over his designer suit.

Simon Sparrow:  Darin Zion is an obnoxious little lickspittle who puts on this “Aw, shucks, I’m such a super great and positive guy” in order to get what he wants.  Friends, title shots, you name it.   He disrespected my family and made very insensitive comment about what my daughter is currently going through.   Shame on him!

Blaire Moise:  So the interaction last week was about your daughter Gilda, who was shot a few weeks ago, suffered a stroke and was in a coma for a couple of weeks and—

Simon Sparrow:  Thank you for getting the world up to speed on the turmoil that is my personal life.  But yes, that was the crucifix of it.  Now, Blaire, if you don’t mind, I would much rather discuss the Argonauts of Awesome.

Blaire Moise:  Last week, Mario Maurako and yourself announced an open recruitment for new members.  How much interest have you received since the announcement?

Simon Sparrow:  Tons!   Almost a half a dozen people contacted us.  Most of them were not serious candidates.  “I.P. Freely” and “Mike Rotch”?  Really?  Anyway, we have already come to terms with a super secret-hush-hush-top secret name to join our ranks.  A real prime candidate.

Blaire Moise:  Are you insinuating—

Simon Sparrow:  I insinuate nothing.  All I will tell you is that right now Mario Maurako is in talks with a potential fifth member.  But we’re not done pitching, Blaire. 

Sir Simon Sparrow turns away from Blaire and towards the camera.

Simon Sparrow:  MICHAEL BEST!  Come on, did you really think you could retire to Columbia and start a charitable organization that launders money for the Bermuda Drug Cartel because their cocaine is the highest quality and not have someone stand in the way of your plans?  Clay Byrd is a monster!  It is said that he strangled a Wendigo with the intestines of a sloth.  You are not safe while he is on the loose.  You may think you beat him tonight, but I think you… well, just made him angry. Come to the Argonauts of Awesome, we will have your back.  We believe in loyalty and family.  

Blaire Moise is about to ask another question but Sir Simon Sparrow interrupts.

Simon Sparrow:  CLAY BYRD!!!  I have immense respect for you, my Behemoth Brother….my Brohemoth….and your assault on Mike Best last week was B-R-Utal!  It was an assault that bards would sing about!  However, it is Mike Best.  He has power, resources and the backing of a drug cartel.  A dangerous combination, Clay. Did you like getting attacked tonight? No? Who would?  But…our offer stands…Clay Byrd….Argonaut of Awesome!   You would have a band of brothers that would look out for you.  The AoA always protect their own.   

Blaire Moise:  Are you seriously offering both Mike Best and Clay Byrd a position in the Argonauts of Awesome?

Simon Sparrow:  Yes!   The first person that joins clearly wants us more, so why not?

Blaire Moise:  Thank you for your time, Simon.

Simon Sparrow:  Always a pleasure, Blaire.

The scene cuts to commercial.


New Player

We return from commercial to David Noble walking through a backstage hallway and arriving at what looks to be his locker room. He opens the door and enters…

Revealing Conor Fuse sitting on the bench, feet dangling freely as he munches on Ruffles BBQ chips, bag in hand. Fuse is dressed in purple Adidas track pants and a “SUPER 8-BIT BADASS” HOW branded championship t-shirt with the #97 resting across his right shoulder. There, in front of Conor is an LCD television hooked up to an SNES Classic, Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X. Game cartridges and other snacks are scattered all over the floor. Conor’s face slowly turns to David Noble. It takes the champion a moment to piece together who’s in front of him and then Fuse smiles… widely.

Conor Fuse: Oh hey there buddy! My new co-op partner, David Noble! Hi, yes, hello, hiii! Conor Fuse, your World Champion here. Sorry to bombard you like this but I just thought ‘hey, hey wouldn’t it be cool if we got to know each other a little better’? I think it would be cool… so I, uh, brought all this stuff to you!

The camera swings around to see Noble’s face, perplexed. He’s about to open his mouth but Conor continues.

Conor Fuse: Here’s the plan. Big tag team night tonight. Biiiigggg tag team night. But hey, we aren’t booked!

Fuse snaps his fingers, places the bag of chips down and leans over to his backpack. The Vintage takes out two notepads. He hands one to Noble.

Conor Fuse: Study time. Take notes, scribble down thoughts. We watch every match. We’re already working from behind here, playing with a previously lost life -no fault of your own, it’s cool- so we’ve gotta work extremely hard. And…

Fuse bends over again, picking up an Xbox controller.

Conor Fuse: In-between commercials -or a Steve Harrison segment LOL- we can game. God, I hate that guy. Do you hate that guy? Thumbs down FO SHO.

Once again, Noble looks like he wants to say something but Conor keeps unintentionally steamrolling his partner.

Conor Fuse: I got Halo: Infinite, Call of Duty: Vanguard, Far Cry 6, ‘CHEL ‘22 with Auston Matthews on the cover. Do you like Auston Matthews? Does he stay with the Leafs for his entire career? I got Forza Horizon 5, Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. And hey, if that’s not your thing we can play Mario or Zelda on my Nintendo systems or whatever.

Conor rises from his chair, takes the World Championship off his shoulder and places it on the bench. He marches over to Noble and rests a hand on his partner’s shoulder.

Conor Fuse: Listen, I’m a clown, I know this. I get super hyperactive sometimes but I want you to know… when it’s game time, like REAL game time [Conor motions with his head to ringside, insinuating he means when it’s time to wrestle], I put aside the ‘sugar rush’. I give you everything I’ve got and I’ll study hard AF to take down The Stevens Dynasty, Jeffrey James Roberts and his impressionable little minion, or dare I say it… John Sektor and his protege.

Conor takes a deep breath.

Conor Fuse: I can escape any suplex Sektor tries to put on me. I’m the Last Level Legend for a reason.

A light bulb goes off in the champion’s head.

Conor Fuse: Almost forgot!

Fuse returns to the bench, gets down on both knees and pulls out a PlayStation 5 box from underneath it.

Conor Fuse: Yep. Got one of these bad boys, too.

The Power-Up King returns to David Noble, placing a hand, once again, on his shoulder.

Conor Fuse: We work hard, we play hard… … … but seriously if Steve Harrison is on my TV fuck that guy, we just gonna game!

Fuse winks at his new partner. He scurries over to his seat in front of the LCD screen and places one of the two clipboards on his lap.

Conor Fuse: First up we have Hollywood and Dresden vs. The Bad Guys. I really like their name. They don’t pull any punches, they tell you straight up who they are. You instantly know: these are not good people.

Noble walks over to Conor and takes a seat beside him. He’s finally able to speak.

David Noble: Yeah, ‘The Bad Guys’ is a good name.

Fuse stops, looks at his partner and shakes his head.

Conor Fuse: No, I meant Hollywood and Dresden.

The world champion can’t help but crack a smile, turning to the television, ready to put pen to paper.

David Noble: So, do you have, like, the new Spider-Man game? Or Deathloop? Maybe the new Pokemon game?

Conor pauses. Stone cold look on his face, his head robotically turns to his tag team partner. He answers in the most serious tone possible.

Conor Fuse: Dude, I have everything.

With that, Refueled goes ringside.

Zion and Azula vs. 2 Man Advantage

The scene cuts back to ringside and Joe Hoffmann.   Two Man Advantage are already in the ring with Brian McVay.

Joe Hoffman:  We’re back to continue the quest for the HOW Tag Team Championship.   Scottywood’s proteges look focused and ready for action.

Brian McVay:  The following contest is scheduled for one fall, currently in the ring, Chet Logan and Tanner Blake, they are…….TWO MAN ADVAAAAAAAAAANTAAAAAAGE!!!!!

The crowd offers up a polite applause and some not-so-polite boos.  Perhaps it’s because Clevelanders have a less-than-positive reaction to two men wielding hockey sticks instead of basketballs, baseball bats, or footballs.  

Brian McVay:  And their opponents…..

“Happy Song” by Beyond the Horizon starts to blare across the arena and the crowd begins to react with more cheers than boos as Darin Zion and Xander Azula emerge from the curtain with Meredith to Zion’s right.


Joe Hoffman:  Darin Zion and Xander Azula who gained a big victory over Hall of Famers Mario Maurako and Jatt Starr last week.  To say Darin Zion has been on a roll as of late would be an understatement.

Darin Zion and Xander Azula enter the ring.  Darin Zion poses a bit for the fans before the music fades.  Both teams start to discuss whom will start when “Everybody Wants You” by Billy Squier blares across the arena.   The four men in the ring look towards the curtain confused and perhaps a bit curious.

Sir Simon Sparrow emerges from the curtain, microphone in hand, and stops.

Simon Sparrow:  Pardon the interruption, I will be brief.  Darin Zion….I cannot turn a blind cheek to this.  It’s been roughly ten, eleven days since you made your inconsiderate remark about my daughter and you know what I haven’t received?  An apology.

Darin Zion looks even more confused and begins yelling up the ramp and pointing towards his opponents that he’s about to start this match.

Simon Sparrow:  I’m going to allow you to have this match, but I want it known and on record that you owe me an apology.

Simon Sparrow lowers the microphone, says nothing else and heads to the back leaving Xander and Darin looking at each other in disbelief that Simon Sparrow would make such a request now, moments before a match.  

Seeing an opportunity, Tanner Blake and Chet Logan charge Zion and Azula wielding their hockey sticks.  Blake swings at Zion, Logan swings at Azula, but both men duck.  Zion nails Blake with a dropkick to the face sending him to the mat.  Azula nails Logan with a right hand, followed by another and then a boot to the gut.  Zion and Azula lift up Logan and delivers a double suplex right onto Blake lying on the mat!   Blake rolls out of the ring as Zion proceeds to exit the ring to his corner and Matt Boettcher sounds for the bell.


Joe Hoffman:  And this match is finally underway.  Blake and Logan underestimated the multiuniversal ring awareness of Darin Zion and Xander Azula.

Chet Logan slowly gets up and Azula delivers a Snap Suplex.  Azula pulls Logan to his feet and delivers a right hand, followed by another, and then whips Logan into the corner.  Azula charges, Logan falls out of the way, and Azula hits the corner.  Blake, who has made it back to his corner, reaches for a tag to his partner who is crawling towards him.   Azula proceeds to deliver an elbow drop onto the back of Logan, impeding his progress.  

Joe Hoffman:   Smart strategy to keep Chet Logan from tagging out.  

Azula charges Blake and nails him in the face with a forearm knocking him off the apron.  Logan is slow to get to his feet, Azula proceeds to hit him with a chop block.  Azula kicks Logan a couple of times in the back.   Azula pulls up Logan and whips him into his corner.  Azula charges and nails Logan in the gut with a shoulderblock.  Azula tags in Zion.

Joe Hoffman:  Tag to Zion.  Azula and Zion look to be in sync as they set Logan up.

Azula and Zion hit Blake with synchronistic boots to the gut followed by an equally synchronistic double dropkick.  Azula exits the ring and Zion, pumped up tries to get the crowd behind him with some success.  Logan proceeds to charge at Zion.  Zion ducks a clothesline and nails Logan with a Russian Leg Sweep.  Zion goes with a lackluster cover.










Joe Hoffman:  Two count and Zion does not seem too concerned by it. 

Darin Zion is up, he pulls up Logan and delivers a T-Bone suplex.  Blake begins jawing at Zion from the corner.  Zion charges Blake and nails him with a clothesline knocking him off the apron.  Logan is up, Zion turns, kicks Logan in the stomach and nails a snap DDT.  Blake enters the ring, runs towards Zion but Zion hits an enzuigiri on Blake.  Logan is now up and Zion pounces by setting up and delivering a wrist clutch suplex.

Joe Hoffman:  Darin Zion is, let’s face it, is showing that a Two Man Advantage is not enough to take him down.  Zion has been dominant the past few weeks and he is continuing that here.

Zion pulls up Logan proceeds to hit the Ratings Spike!   Zion with the cover!

Joe Hoffman:  This could do it right here!

Boettcher with the count…..











Blake has pulls Zion off of Logan thus breaking the count.  Azula enters the ring and proceeds to deliver German Suplex to Blake as Zion grabs Logan and proceeds to lock in the Red Rings of Death.   As Azula kicks Blake out of the ring and exits at the request of Boettcher.  

After a moment, Logan proceeds to tap out!!!

Boettcher sounds for the bell.


Joe Hoffman:  Another impressive victory by Darin Zion and folks, I can’t help but wonder, are these two the favorites to win not just their respective group in the Maurako Tag Team Invitational, but the whole enchilada?  

Darin Zion releases the hold as Xander Azula enters the ring.  Zion and Azula raise there arms in victory as “Happy Song” plays throughout the arena.


Rather Be In Dallas

As we come back from commercial we cut backstage we see Blaire Moise with the Stevens Dynasty and they don’t look too happy.

Blaire Moise: Cary, last week your team suffered their first loss in the Maurako Cup as you were defeated by Devil’s Advoc…..

Cary snatches the microphone from Blaire.

Cary Stevens: Shut the fuck up Blaire before Bo slaps the shit out of you!

Cary shouts as the crowd boos heavily.

Bo Stevens: BO-Lieve that!

Bo says to Blaire as he raises his hand as Cary motions for the camera to zoom in.

Cary Stevens: First off, my team didn’t lose!

Cary shouts as he slaps Bo and George on their chest.

Cary Stevens: These two are my team. We were forced to team up with a fucking moron in a cardboard suit who thinks he’s Iron Man and some bitch who’s dumber than the one who’s trying to interview us right now.

Blaire starts to have words with Cary.

Cary Stevens: Bo, I think she’s ready to lose some teeth.

Bo grins as Blaire mouths fuck it and leaves.

Cary Stevens: Cloudy and Rust Bucket, I hope you’re listening where ever you two idiots are hiding at because once this tournament ends we are going to beat the ever living shit out of you because there is one certainty in live you don’t do and that is……

Cary lets it linger for a moment before raising the microphone back to his lips.

Cary Stevens: You don’t fuck with the Dynasty!

Cary tosses the mic as the Dynasty exits the area.

John Sektor and Adam Ellis vs. Scott Stevens and Black Mamba

James Ranger comes out, slowly eyeing the fans to the left and right of him, as a slow smile creeps on to his face, as he stops short of the ramp, the lights focus upon just James Ranger, his sunglasses reflecting the light as it transitions from white to an eerie green.

Joe Hoffman:  Here comes The “Black Mamba”, James Ranger.

He takes off his sunglasses, smirking as he squats briefly, surveying the arena and the ring before slowly rising to his feet and walking slowly and purposely towards the ring, the smirk now gone. Mamba slides under the bottom rope, just in time for the first guitar strum of “A Country Boy Can Survive” by Hank Williams Jr.

Joe Hoffman: And here comes the newly minted Hall of Famer.

Scott Stevens makes his way out from behind the curtain.  He marches down the ramp, his fists balled tight, and a look of pure determination on his face. He wastes no time slapping hands with fans or kissing babies, and slides right under the bottom rope. He quickly walks over to his partner and mutters a few things before throwing a fist high up in the air, posing for the fans.

Bryan McVay: Ladies and gentlemen, our next match is our main event of the evening, and a tag match in the tag team tournament and is one fall!

Joe Hoffman: Scott Stevens and Black Mamba look ready to go, but they’ve got one hell of a challenge ahead of them.  Let’s get back to Brian McVay with the introductions.

Bryan McVay: Already in the ring…the team of Hall of Famer, “The Scorpion” Scott Stevens “The Black Mamba”… James Rangerrrrrr!!!!!

“Momma Didn’t Raise No” by Garrett Biggs hits and Adam Ellis steps out onto the ramp. Ellis makes his way down the ramp, he glances briefly at the crowd taking in the moment. He stands at ringside waiting for his partner. The lights dim as ‘Dirty Deeds’ hits over the sound system and John Sektor steps out into a single golden spotlight.

Bryan McVay:  And their opponents, Adam Ellis and the Hall of Fame LSD Champion, John Sektorrrrrrrrrr! 

Sektor marches to the ring, title wrapped around his waist, with his head down. He meets up with Ellis outside and the two jump up onto the apron.

Joe Hoffman:  Interesting matchup here for our main event tonight. Stevens has been doing great since he was inducted into the Hall of Fame, but he and Black Mamba will definitely have their hands full with John Sektor and Adam Ellis.  Sektor and Ellis are coming off of a nice win against Pro Wrestling: Assault, while Black Mamba and Scott Stevens are coming off of a loss against Steve Solex and Clay Byrd.

Referee Joel Hortega takes the center of the ring.  Both teams are compliant and pick a man to start the match.

Joe Hoffman: Referee Joel Hortega calls for the bell and here we go!


Sektor and Stevens start things off in the center of the ring, approaching one another without caution.




Joe Hoffman: OH MY!! What a punch from Scott Stevens! Sektor is down!!!

A stiff right hand from Scott Stevens connects perfectly on John Sektor’s chin and the LSD Champion’s legs turn into wet noodles as he stumbles backward into the corner and falls down to his rear.

Scott Stevens: Get up!  Let’s fuckin’ go!!!

Scott Stevens screams over at Sektor.  The LSD Champion checks his lip for blood and smiles at Scott Stevens.  Referee Joel Hortega gets in between the two Hall of Famers and gives John Sektor the time to get to his feet.

Joe Hoffman:  Scott Stevens nearly shocked the world with one punch right there! But allowing John Sektor to get to his feet might turn out to be a big mistake on Steven’s behalf.

Stevens taunts Sektor to the middle of the ring.  Sektor walks straight up to the newly branded Hall of Famer and throws a wild right hook from his hip.  Stevens sees it coming from a mile away and ducks underneath the punch, and shoves Sektor into the ropes. Stevens attempts a clothesline, but Sektor ducks under and hits the opposite side ropes.

Joe Hoffman:  Ohh! A spinning forearm smash from John Sektor just caught Scott Stevens off guard and the Scorpion is down!

Sektor makes a cover, but Stevens kicks out before Hortega can get into position to make any sort of a count.  Sektor quickly traps Steven in a seated chin lock, before Stevens forces Sektor to his feet and turns inside, changing the hold to a side headlock.  Stevens attempts to move Sektor’s back against the ropes, but the Miami native drops to a knee and wrenches the headlock as tight as he can…stopping Stevens dead in his tracks.  Stevens tries to wiggle free, but Sektor drags Stevens over to his corner.

Joe Hoffman:  John Sektor tags in Adam Ellis, but holds onto the headlock.

Ellis enters the ring, climbs to the second turnbuckle and with a double axehandle smash to the ribs, he drops Steven flat on his face.

Joe Hoffman: John Sektor and Adam Ellis showing a bit of teamwork here. Ellis with a cover!








Joe Hoffman: Kickout at two by Scott Stevens.

Adam Ellis allows Stevens to sit up, and once again Stevens finds himself in the clutches of a chinlock. Steven struggles to his feet and throws a wicked elbow that lands right into Ellis’ gut.

Joe Hoffman: Another elbow by Stevens!

Ellis releases the hold and stumbles away and turns back to Stevens.

Joe Hoffman: Double S Spinebuster from Stevens!!

The crowd goes insane, but Stevens is flat on his back right next to Adam Ellis.





The referee begins his count of ten after he checks on the two men.









Joe Hoffman:  Neither man showing signs of life here, oh…wait, Stevens is stirring..






The referee ends the count as Stevens rolls over to his stomach and begins to crawl toward the ropes.  Using the ropes as leverage, Stevens pulls himself to his feet.

Joe Hoffman:  Superkick from Adam Ellis!

But Stevens moves out of the way just in the nick of time and delivers a Superman punch that completely flattens Adam Ellis.  The crowd cheers wildly as Stevens holds his fist high.  Ellis is quick to his feet however and charges in with a clothesline.

Joe Hoffman: Tornado DDT from Scott Stevens!

Stevens is able to duck under the clothesline and hook Ellis’ arm, flips over Ellis’ back and DDTs Ellis right in the middle of the ring.

Joe Hoffman:  What a sequence for Scott Stevens!

Both men are flat on their back in the center of the ring once more, but both men begin to crawl toward their respective corners.  Inch by inch, they slowly make their way to their partners.

Joe Hoffman:  Stevens got to Mamba first!

Stevens reaches out, lunges and makes the hot tag to Black Mamba.

Joe Hoffman: OH! Black Mamba just ran right into a beautiful right hand from John Sektor and he’s down!

Mamba falls flat on his back and immediately clutches his right eye.  Mamba is quick to his feet and is leveled once more with a brutal right hand. Mamba climbs back to his feet as John Sektor stalks him. 

Joe Hoffman: C-SEKTION!!

Sektor wastes little time and tags Ellis back into the match.

Joe Hoffman: Adam Ellis and John Sektor showing off some more teamwork here. 

Sektor and Ellis both lift Mamba to his feet and send him into the ropes.

Joe Hoffman: Double clothesline! No! Mamba ducks!

Mamba ducks under the double clothesline attempt but runs right into an unsuspecting Scott Stevens, who was jaw jacking with some attendees in the front row.

Joe Hoffman: Oh my! Black Mamba just ran right into Scott Stevens and the Texan is face down on the outside!

Mamba leans over the top rope, looking down at Scott Stevens.  He shakes his head in regret and mouths the words “Sorry man!”

Joe Hoffman: Black Mamba needs to pay more attention to the match than to Scott Stevens. Turn around!

Sektor charges in for a clothesline but Mamba ducks under once again, only to be caught in a drop toe hold by Adam Ellis.

Joe Hoffman: STF!!!  Adam Ellis has Mamba locked up and stretched in the middle of the ring!

Referee Joel Hortega drops down to his belly in the prone and gets face to face with Mamba, checking to see if he submits.

Joe Hoffman: Black Mamba is doing his best to stay in this match!

Ellis’ fingers turn fully white as he leans back and wrenches Mamba’s head back as far as he can, putting all of the pressure on Mamba’s lower back.  Sektor stays close enough to Stevens on the outside to thwart any kind of interference.

Joe Hoffman:  Mamba just can’t get free, and he’s forced to tap!

Hortega jumps to his feet like a crossfitter doing a burpee and calls for the bell.


Joe Hoffman:  A solid effort from Scott Stevens, but Black Mamba’s timing seemed to be a bit off tonight.

Ellis releases the hold, his arm being held up by Hortega in the ring as the crowd shows their appreciation for a hard fought match. Suddenly, though, the cheers in the arena turn to boos as a man steps out from behind the curtain, wearing a cheap suit and holding a microphone. 

He is slow clapping.

James Cornfield: Well done, Misters Sektor and Ellis. Now THAT is wrestling. 

On his right and left, GenoSyde and PWA World Champion Ivy English flank the owner, booker and sole-proprietor of Pro Wrestling: Assault as he slowly makes his way down the ramp.

James Cornfield: I know I said we weren’t in the building tonight, but you know… carny trash doesn’t always tell the truth, do they, Mr. Sektor? 

Ivy and GenoSyde break out from the formation, picking up their steps to get to ringside before their general. Immediately, John Sektor is on guard, as Scott Stevens begins to pick himself up from the concrete floor of the arena. Adam Ellis makes his way to the ropes, leaning over and listening to the manager of the two men they defeated last week on Refueled. 

James Cornfield:. I told you to watch your back, John. Told you that we might hit you where it hurts. 

Cornfield stops about halfway down the ramp, his clients don’t stop. They pick up their pace, headed toward Sektor for an all out brawl. 




The impact rings out across the arena like a gunshot, but it isn’t Sektor who got blindsided. Inside of the ring, a man in black and white camo pants and a bandana holds the steel chair that did the damage, smashing directly into the back of Adam Ellis’ skull! Sektor’s student goes down like he’s just been murdered!

Joe Hoffman: Oh my god! Get security out here! STOP THIS!

The mystery assailant throws the chair to the side, running toward the ropes and vaulting over the top. He collides into Sektor and Stevens, laying them out into the guardrail as Ivy English and GenoSyde make it to ringside. Immediately, Ivy English begins putting the boots to John Sektor, but GenoSyde seems to have other interests. 

The behemoth climbs into the ring, stepping over the ropes and grabbing Adam Ellis by the hair. He yanks the young, unconscious wrestler to groggy feet, hooking him into position in the center of the ring… 

Joe Hoffman: Intentional Homicyde?! No no no… don’t do this!

GenoSyde lets out a roar, lifting Ellis into the air and smashing him onto the fallen chair with a horrendous pendulum STO, bringing his full weight down onto the steel. 

The promoter and manager stands on the ramp, looking pleased. Ivy English and the mystery assailant return to his side, retreating up the ramp as GenoSyde remains in the ring, staring down at the body of Adam Ellis. Slowly, his blank stare finds John Sektor, who is pulling himself up on the guardrail and looking horrified at what has just happened. 

The behemoth looks ready to continue the assault, but security and medical staff rush the ring, along with referees. GenoSyde bails out of the ring, headed out through the crowd as the camera cuts to the smiling, nodding face of James Cornfield. 

Pro Wrestling: Assault has sent a message. 

Refueled comes to a close.