Refueled LXXXII
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Refueled LXXXII

Event Date: December 5, 2021 at 8:00 pm

Bobby Dean vs. Steve Solex

Match Five of Best of Seven Series (Tied 2-2)

The HOTv logo gives way and we cut live inside the Manchester Center here in Manchester England for the 82nd edition of Refueled.

Cameras pan across the arena and we see that it is FAR from a sellout….but those that are in attendance all jump to their feet as “This Means War ” blares over the PA system. The crowd explodes into a fury of boos as the montage of Steven Solex airs on the HOV. Each picture pulses in rhythm to the music. Silence fills the arena as the HOV dims. Suddenly, a mushroom cloud bursts on the HOV, sending plumes of smoke throughout the Manchester Arena. When the music returns, Solex marches proudly out of the back, decked out in American Flag gear. The Manchester crowd flings beer and trash towards Solex, who charges down to the ring, oblivious to the rancor around him.

Joe Hoffman: Good evening folks! Welcome to another edition of Refueled live here on High Octane Television. I am Joe Hoffman and once again we kick off this week’s episode with Match 5 of the Gentlemen’s Agreement, between Bobby Dean and this man, Steve Solex.

Solex slides into the ring and stomps over to his assigned corner, where he proceeds to pace like a caged animal.

Bryan McVay: Introducing first, from Huntington Beach, California… weighing in at 252 pounds. He is Haalllllll of Faaaaaaammmmmer STEEEEEEEEEEEVEEEE SOOOOOOLLLLLEXXXX!!!

Joe Hoffman: The crowd does NOT like this man!

Solex doesn’t even bother to acknowledge the fans as he repeatedly clenches his fists while his pacing continues.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent…

The glorious beats of the eighties motivational song “You’re the Best Around” by Daniel Esposito begin to play and the crowd jumps to their feet in anticipation. Bobby darts out from behind the curtain onto the entrance ramp and the crowd goes ballistic.

Brian McVay: Weighing in at a stunning Three-Hundred…

McVay struggles to compete with the deafening crowd as they sing along to the best damn entrance theme in the business.


Brian McVay: Sixty-nine pounds!


Brian McVay: Hailing from Houston…


Brian McVay: Texas!


Brian McVay: Beeeeeeautiful! BOBBY! DEEEEEEAAAANNNNNNNN!

On his way to the ring Bobby stops and slaps every hand he can, and in doing so he reaches out to grab handfuls of popcorn. Eventually the big man, a mouthful of popcorn, finally enters the ring, but as he’s straddling the ropes, Steve Solex charges in!

Joe Hoffman: Solex is not wasting time.

Solex drags Bobby through the ropes by his robe, and just unloads. Pulling the robe over Bobby face, he traps him within the heavy garment as his assault ensues.

Joe Hoffman: This doesn’t appear to be a wrestling match, looks more like a hockey fight.

Bent over, tangled in the robe, Solex hits a quick snapping DDT, driving Bobby head first into the mat. Not stopping, Solex immediately straddles the prone man and drives his elbow into Bobby’s face, quickly switching to driving his forearm in and across over and over again, while sneering down at the big man.

Joe Hoffman: Bobby is already in trouble here and we’ve barely just begun.

Solex pops to his feet and begins stomping Bobby in the face. Bobby, eating boot after boot, manages to get to his hands and knees before crawling to the nearby corner. Solex now changes the location of those kicks, as he lays into Bobby’s midsection.

Joe Hoffman: I gotta admit, if Solex is looking for a career change, he should look into becoming an extra point kicker. Look at that form.

Bobby finally manages to pull himself up to his feet with the assistance of the corner ropes. Solex drives him further into the corner with a series of shoulder thrusts. After sixe hard thrusts, Solex drags Bobby out to the center of the ring with a handful of that blue robe.

Joe Hoffman: Bobby Dean may be rethinking that entrance attire.

Steve sends Bobby into the ropes with an Irish Whip, as Bobby rebounds and comes back Solex runs forward and leaps up for a Lou Thesz press, but Bobby catches him and delivers a massive spinebuster as the crowd erupts!

Joe Hoffman: Listen to this crowd! Let’s see what the big man has in him.

Bobby immediately returns the favor, as he no unloads with a windmil of wild punches, before he suddenly jumps to his feet and finally rips the robe off his back. Without thinking, Bobby balls the robe up and throws it out to the crowd.

Joe Hoffman: Some lucky fool is going to leave here tonight with a very expensive souvenir.

As Bobby plays to the crowd he takes his attention away from his opponent, giving Solex time to recover. With his back turned, Solex sneaks up and pulls Bobby Dean down with a simple school boy roll-up. Joel Hortega drops down and begins counting immediately!


Joe Hoffman: No, look ref, he’s got a handful of tights! Wait, what is Bobby wearing!?

With a handful of Bobby’s tights, Solex begins to pull them down revealing a massive blue g-string for ladies, and that thing is struggling to hide much.


Bobby manages to kick free just before Hortega can finish his 2 count, as the fans can be heard laughing. Solex climbs to his feet before Bobby, who seems more concerned with pulling his tights up than his opponent. Solex grabs Bobby while his hands are down and proceeds to drive his elbow into Bobby’s face with a back elbow.

Joe Hoffman: Solex driving Bobby back into the corner once more with those elbows.

Once again the big man is trapped in the corner but instead of shoulder thrusts Solex grabs Bobby by the wrist and with a mighty pull he sends Bobby careening across the ring into the far corner. Solex charges right after and delivers a huge clothesline into the corner. Not giving Bobby time to recover Steve reaches down once more and grabs the big man by the wrist.

Joe Hoffman: I’ve never seen Bobby run more in his life! What a strategy by Steve Solex here tonight.

Another massive clothesline connects as Bobby is seen visibly struggling to breath. Solex keeps on the attack, going to grab for the wrist once more, but Bobby pulls his hands away. The two struggle in the corner as Bobby tries to keep his hands away from his opponent, but Solex finally has had enough and simply reaches up and slaps Bobby across the face, before securing his grab on the wrist for a third time!

Joe Hoffman: Oh no! Down goes Bobby! Down goes Bobby!

As Bobby is thrown across the ring once more, his body finally gives out on him and he collapses in the center of the ring, face down. Solex saunteers towards the downed man, sneering at the crowd while pointing his finger to his head.

Joe Hoffman: Big brain thinking there from Solex. Bobby does not look good! I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone dry heaving as hard as Bobby.

Solex with a handful of hair manages to slowly drag Bobby to his feet. With a well placed boot to the gut delivered by Solex, Bobby doubles over and begins vomiting.

Joe Hoffman: What the… Oh gross!!!

Solex and Hortega both look disgusted and take a few steps back, away from Bobby, who at least has the decency to turn away from the two in the ring. After expelling whatever was in his stomach he begins to straighten up as Solex steps in to finish the big man off.

Joe Hoffman: Chocolate Mist! Chocolate Mist! Ewww, gross, he just…

As Solex approached, Bobby spun around and spit forth a Chocolate Mist, blinding Solex. Hortega, looking a bit green in the gills himself, begins to dry heave as Bobby grabs Solex by the head and roughly shoves his head into his tights.

Joe Hoffman: The Deaner Weiner! I don’t know what is more disgusting here for Solex.

Bobby, absolutely exhausted after delivering his piledriver finisher, simply collapses over Solex for the cover, as Hortega drops down to count. The big man looks like he’s passed out from all the exertion!


Solex struggles to kick out, as his legs begin stomping on the mat, but he is unable to budge Bobby Dean.



Bryan McVay: Here is your winner via pinfall…. BOOOOBBBYYYYYYY DEEEEEAAAANNNNN!

The crowd erupts as Hortega bends down and raises the unconscious man’s hand in victory. All the while Solex continues to struggle to get himself out from under the fat man!

Crewmembers quickly roll into the ring and help Hortega roll Dean off of Solex and we can see Solex gasping for air as we cut away.

King of Gaming

The scene opens backstage where Conor Fuse walks into the picture sporting a purple throwback windbreaker jacket and faded gray Adidas track pants. Fuse also wears a SNES backpack (likely for children ages 5-8). The fans support The Video Game Kid in !RANK chants as the former World Champion looks to be in better spirits, or at least in better spirits than last week… and last week was better than the week before, etc. Fuse’s head is held high, although he’s unsure of his surroundings as he makes a wrong turn in the hallway, only to double back and head in a different direction. Finally, Conor reaches a door and the nameplate attached to it…

Jace Parker Davidson.

Fuse raises his hand to the door and thinks about knocking. He contemplates for a good ten seconds before pulling his left hand back. Instead, Conor swings the backpack off his shoulders and reaches inside. Fuse takes an item out and places it at the foot of the door but the camera isn’t able to pick up what it is.

The Vintage nods to himself, zips the backpack up and swings it around his shoulders again. About to head out, Fuse stops in his tracks when the locker room door opens.

…Revealing Madison.

Conor Fuse: Hey, uh, sorry, I-

Madison: Look kid, if you want an autograph you’re going to have to wait until later. We’re a little busy here at the moment.

Conor awkwardly scratches the back of his neck.

Conor Fuse: Didn’t mean to bother you both. I just…

Conor’s voice trails.

Madison: I’m just kidding, Conor. We know who you are and you’re not a bother at all. You’re a former HOW World Champion, the Ultimate Gamer, and a great opponent for Jace at ICONIC.

The Ultimate Gamer looks like he agrees. Since Madison hasn’t realized what gift sits at the soles of her feet, Conor kneels down and picks it up. The Vintage places a new PlayStation 5 controller (mint condition, still inside the box) in Madison’s hands.

Conor Fuse: Jace said he was a PlayStation guy and last week I gave him an Xbox controller. So, uh, I never want to under-represent someone’s gaming abilities.

For the first time since losing to Mike Best, Conor’s face brightens. His eyes glisten, he stands tall. He reaches out, perhaps about to tussle Madison’s hair, a patented move Conor typically does when feeling rather happy. However, likely realizing it wouldn’t be appropriate he steps back.

Conor Fuse: I don’t want to bother Jace, I know he’ll probably have a match tonight. Goodluck to him and yourself. I’m… working on feeling better but perhaps next week when there’s no distractions, he and I can talk about ICONIC.

Madison: I’m sure Jace will be looking forward to that and I’ll make sure he gets this nice gift. You do whatever it is you have to do to get back to normal and just know our door is always open. Maybe I can test out your gaming abilities next week in Liverpool?

A hopeful Conor Fuse nods, smiles, lowers his head and walks off as we cut away.

Hall of Fame Nominees

Coming tonight LIVE on the HOR!

Meet the Redneck

Back live and we cut to Joe.

Joe Hoffman: Well, we all saw the chaos that ended last week’s show in Leeds, England when Missouri Valley Wrestling’s ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson invaded the ring and attacked LSD Champion John Sektor.  

(Last Sunday- High Octane Wrestling’s Refueled 81- LSD Title Match: John Sektor © vs. Darin Zion)
-Sektor pulls Zion up and bends him forward… C-SEKTION!  Zion’s splayed-out face down on the matAll Sektor has to do is roll him over and make the pin.  The crowd suddenly becomes agitated.  A large man has come out of the crowd and rolls under the ropes into the ring.  


The intruder barrels forward.  Sektor sees him and throws a right hand but the intruder ducks under and tackles Sektor. Referee Joel Hortega immediately calls for the bell.  He turns to the back and frantically waves for help. 

Joe Hoffman: The show ended with both men brawling all the way to the back and backstage John Sektor challenged Bill Dickinson to a match at ICONIC.  Dickinson accepted and this week, HOW hashed out the details MVW owner Ray McAvay and his Chief Business Officer Laura Bergman and Sektor versus Dickinson will indeed take place at ICONIC- AND- it will be for the LSD title.  Joining us tonight to talk about what happened last week and what will happen at ICONIC is the play-by-play voice of Missouri Valley Wrestling- Thunderbolt Smith.

The HOV fires up.  Thunderbolt Smith appears on the video screen backstage at the Hyland Performance Center in St. Charles, Missouri.

Joe Hoffman: Thanks for joining us Thunderbolt. 

Thunderbolt Smith: Hello Joe.  Good to see you again.

Joe Hoffman: So. Bill Dickinson flying to England to attack John Sektor…

Thunderbolt chuckles and scratches his silver beard and silver hair.  

Joe Hoffman: …did that surprise you?

Thunderbolt shakes his head no.

Thunderbolt Smith: I’m not surprised considering Bill got suspended from MVW over what he did to Ellis and a couple other things that happened on the show and had a little free time on his hands.  Given the increasingly heated nature of this whole thing between him and Ellis and John Sektor, I was not surprised in the least to see Dickinson show up Sunday night in Leeds.  

Joe Hoffman: Why?

Thunderbolt Smith: He’s an ass.  Plain and simple.  What you see is what you get with Bill.  He’s ornery.  He’s stubborn. He’s prideful.  He just doesn’t give a damn what anyone else thinks.  

Joe Hoffman: Can you sum up the issue between Dickinson and Sektor?

Thunderbolt Smith: Yeah. Sektor’s mentoring Adam Ellis, who’s one of our young up and coming wrestlers who has a ton of potential and Dickinson took exception to it.

Joe Hoffman: But why?

Thunderbolt Smith: Let’s put it this way- Dickinson’s no Zeb Martin.  He’s an old school, late 70’s, 1980’s redneck heel who’s kicked around the minor leagues for almost twenty years now, never got the call from a big company, and now finds himself on the downside of his career.  Bill knows his time is passing by.  He’s probably a little bitter about never getting the big shot and then this kid comes along, Adam Ellis, who gets the attention of big-time personality in John Sektor.  Now Bill thinks Ellis is getting the opportunity and an easy ride to the top that he never got.  

Joe Hoffman: And now, Bill’s getting his shot.   

Thunderbolt Smith: And now Bill’s getting that one shot he’s been looking for.

Joe Hoffman: Now that the match has been set, what are his chances against Sektor?

Thunderbolt Smith: I’ll be honest.  There’s a reason why John Sektor is a HOW Hall of Fame wrestler and Bill’s been kicking around the minor leagues for all these years.  Sektor is a great wrestler.  Sektor has gone places and defeated some of the best wrestlers in this sport.  John Sektor is just better than Bill.  Dickinson’s a plodder inside the ring who relies on his power to overwhelm his opponent.  His finisher is legit- The Southern Fried Powerbomb where he gets a running start and just tries to drive his opponent through the ring.  Just ask Adam Ellis.

Joe Hoffman: That gave Adam Ellis the concussion.

Thunderbolt Smith: Three of them in succession, Joe, gave Adam Ellis a concussion.  But, um, on paper, John should clean up the ring with Dickinson.  BUT… anything can happen once the bell rings.  Sektor will use his superior technical ability to stay away from Dickinson’s power moves.  I think the longer the match goes, the more it’s going to favor Sektor.   

Joe Hoffman: So Dickinson’s got to get him early.

Thunderbolt Smith: Yes, I think so. He has to hope that he can catch Sektor early and use his power moves on him. Don’t get me wrong, Bill can wrestle long matches and has wrestled long matches.  But it’s one thing to go fifteen minutes with a J.J. Bittinger or John O’Reilly, it’s completely another to wrestle fifteen minutes with John Sektor.  It’s a different level.  It’s just a different pace.  A different skill set.  A different atmosphere.  It’s one thing to wrestle in London, Kentucky before a couple thousand people.  It’s another wrestling at the O2 Arena in London, England before twenty thousand.   He’s going up against a wrestler who’s used to the bright lights and the big crowd.  It’s just going to be night and day.  

Joe Hoffman: Does Bill Dickinson have a chance?

Thunderbolt shrugs. 

Thunderbolt Smith: Did people think a 45-year-old George Foreman could defeat Michael Moorer in 1994 for the heavyweight title?  Did anyone think Halitosis had a chance against John Sektor two years ago?  Nope.  But once that bell rings, anything can happen.  I don’t think Sektor will make the same mistake he made with Halitosis.  As for Bill Dickinson, I’ll say this.  Bill won’t give up and he’ll keep coming until he’s just unable to do so.  

Joe Hoffman: All right.  Thunderbolt, thank you for your time tonight.

Thunderbolt Smith: Thanks Joe.  We’ll see you at ICONIC. 

Joe Hoffman: Next week, we will have a contract signing for this match and then in three weeks it will be LSD Champion John Sektor defending the title against Missouri Valley Wrestling’s ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson!!

With that we cut backstage as the HOV goes to black.

A Hardcore Challenge

Backstage in front of a black curtain stands Jatt Starr, sporting his plaid black and red suit and touches of glitter on his face….and why?  Because he is Jatt Fucking Starr and if he wants glitter, he will damn well get glitter….the manly kind!  The kind that gets sprinkled on a picture of a silverback werewolf mutilating an unsuspecting camp counselor.

JATT STARR:  The Monarch of MancheStarr has arrived!

The Thane of Starrkarth smugly smiles as he waits for what he can only assume is a thunderous applause.

JATT STARR:  The Lethal Lottery.  There is an interesting fact that has come up recently, a fact that has not been uncovered by Blaire Moise or Brian Bare or even Joe Hoffmann!  No, this tidbit of knowledge has come to fruition by Bobby Dean.   Yeah, Bobby Freakin’ Dean!  As it turns out, the Ruler of Jattlantis is the only person to successfully win an HOW Championship in Lethal Lottery history!   Crazy!   Let’s hope that streak continues tonight.

Once again, the Earl of GlouStarr pauses to allow the Manchester fans to cheer his name, perhaps chanting his name “JATT STARR!  JATT STARR!”.

JATT STARR:  But tonight, I wanted to take some time to address one Mister Scottywood.  What happened, Scotty?  You got played by Bobbinette Carey!   Bobbinette Carey can’t even play the kazoo!  But you….

The Champion of Jattanooga waves a finger at the camera in a “shame on you” motion.

JATT STARR:  You were made to look like a sucker.  A sap.  A fool.  As much of a joke Bobbinette Carey is, you are the punchline.  I remember a time when you wouldn’t fall for her poppycock.  You would have seen right through that and shoved that barbed wire hockey stick right down that perpetually open mouth of hers.  Seriously, does she ever shut the fuck up?

The Baron of Boca Jatton lets that question linger for a moment as if waiting for a response before continuing.

JATT STARR:  Whatever happened to the Hardcore Artist?   I look at you now and you know what I see?   “The G Rated Cartoonist”.  You can sit there and drive your little Stromboli and attempt to run people over, but that’s ridiculous goofball nonsense.  And coming from me, that’s saying something.   What happened to the guy who demanded respect?  What happened to the guy who would paint the mat in the blood of his opponents?

El Jattador de Starrcelona looks up at the ceiling, as if deep in thought, shrugs his shoulders and continues.

JATT STARR:  Maybe you’re just getting too old for this shit, huh?   Maybe you’re just getting soft.  “Softywood”?  Seems oxymoronical, doesn’t it?

The Jattsylvanian Count shrugs his shoulders.

JATT STARR:  Look, it’s no secret that you dislike the Ruler of Jattlantis.  It’s no secret that you have zero respect for the Sultan of SeaJattle.   If you did, you would have just shown up on “Starrgazing” like you promised.  Instead, you send Scary Carey in your place.  That’s pretty deplorable right there.  But, she turned on you, a shock to no one but you.  A comeuppance on a pretty grand scale.  But still, there is that lingering thought I have, which is, who the fuck do you think you are that you can just show me up like that?   I am Jatt Fucking Starr!

The Grand Overlord of Jatturn’s tone is serious, angry, as he continues.

JATT STARR:   You might not like me, “Scooter”, and that’s fine….but you will respect me!  So, let the record show that the Jatti Master, Jatt Starr is challenging you, Scottywood – The G Rated Cartoonist – to a match at ICONIC – Legendary Hall of Famer versus Just Another Hall of Famer in front of Michael Olivier Best, the tens of dozens of my Jattlantian fans in London, and the hundreds of my fans watching at home.  What say you, Scotty….are you in or not?

Once again Jatt Starr allows that question to linger as the scene fades to black.


A Gentlemen's Reason

Back live and quickly cut backstage during the unpredictable lottery to see a rather moist Cecilworth Farthington standing in front of the camera with a microphone in his hand. You must not pay attention to the sweat dripping down his titties, you craven fools, you must pay attention to his beautiful words. 

Cecilworth Farthington: Where the fuck are we this week? God, I thought I was done with this cursed island after Eric Dane murdered my father in cold blood with his donut filling. 

Cecilworth looks up at the sign behind him.

Cecilworth Farthington: Manchester? We’re in MANCHESTER? No wonder I haven’t understood a word anyone has said, just an endless drone, like a mosquito that won’t get the bloody message. Last time I was here, two burly men were hitting each other with large poles while a small Scottish man blew angrily in their direction. 

While we ponder just what the hell Cecilworth is even talking about, he quickly pivots to his true intentions.

Cecilworth Farthington: Now, for a whole week now people have been asking the most important and pressing question about the events of last week’s Refueled… no, not how the fuck a Missouri based independent wrestling promotion can keep flying their talent into the UK without going bankrupt, that’s a stupid question for idiots. The big question was why I decided to murder Cancer Jiles and the answer is quite simple…

Dramatic pause.

Cecilworth Farthington: He was there. 

Dramatic let down.

Cecilworth Farthington: When you’re playing a high stakes game of hide and seek, a sunglassed man with incredibly white hair should not be standing in the way of a quality hiding position, that’s just straight up rude. Now, was Cancer Jiles one of only two men to pin me in this era of HOW? Yes. Did I murder him MORE because of this fact? Also yes. I’d say John Sektor should watch out but considering the matches he’s putting himself through and the drugs he has ingested over time, I’m pretty sure God will get to him before I do. 

Cecilworth mimes a heart explosion as he giggles to himself like an infant, after a few moments of self indulgences, he focuses back up.

Cecilworth Farthington: After the first Gentleman’s Games, which I won by the way, just saying, me and my best pal in the whole wide world, Michael LEE Best decided that the braying turkeys in the audience didn’t deserve to witness the fine art of competition that only the highest in society normally participate in. So, we’ve been keeping this beautiful artistry off the air because the people of Ireland, Scotland and England do not deserve to see the games. Hell, they don’t deserve to see me. Mike is contractually obliged to defend his title, so he HAS to show his face but I’ll be fucked if I’m going back in front of these proles unless I need to. Want to know the current score? Fuck you, that’s the current score.

Cecilworth chuckles to himself, he knows he has truly made what the kids can a “burn”. 

Cecilworth: Now, I am a kind man, and it is the season of giving. So next week, in the spirit of the season, I will make an exception. Next week, live on Refueled, the disgusting troglodyte people of Liverpool will get to see the exciting conclusion of the Gentleman’s Games series, live, in that very ring down there. What is the game? I’d have to check this dusty old book I have and I will do that off air because I can definitely read but you don’t need to see it. Now we will cut away from me and to something else that I don’t give a fuck about.

We cut away, just like Cecilworth said. 

Down the Middle

As we somewhere else backstage and we see Scott Stevens in the referee’s locker room sitting on one of the benches with his hands under his chin with a disgusted look on his face.

Scott Stevens: Lethal Lottery.

He says to himself.

Scott Stevens: The time of year when anyone and everyone has a shot at greatness. All championships are on the line and you could be one of the lucky ones that find themselves facing Jeffrey James Roberts for the Television title. Or you could be facing the Gold Standard for the LSD championship. More importantly, you could find yourself in the Main Event of Refueled challenging Mike Best for the World championship.

Stevens takes a moment before continuing.

Scott Stevens: However, you may not be so lucky to challenge for a title on this night, but you have an opportunity to challenge for an opportunity of your choosing later on if you are the victor of the battle royal.

Stevens informs as his eyes shift towards the direction of the camera.

Scott Stevens: But a lot of you took a big gigantic shit at these wonderful opportunities!

Stevens growls in a pissed off mood.

Scott Stevens: You know how many people would love to be in this opportunity the majority of you are all in?

Stevens asks but no answer comes.

Scott Stevens: Some of you fucks couldn’t bother to even fucking show up or the ones that did phoned it in!

Stevens says in disgust.

Scott Stevens: And I’m the one that was forced to retire and off of HOW television.

Stevens shakes his head.

Scott Stevens: You’re all fucking pathetic and you don’t deserve to be in the ring with those champions who have been busting their asses! I’m here because I was told to be here as an official….

Stevens tugs on his referee’s shirt.

Scott Stevens: Or as an official competitor in one of the matches if my name is drawn.

Stevens continues as he points to his wrestling gear.

Scott Stevens: I’m a professional I’m am doing the job I was hired to do and the job you aren’t fucking willing to do and you are getting paid lots of money to do it. You make me fucking sick.

Stevens points towards the camera.

Scott Stevens: If I’m called to officiate I’m calling it down the middle and if you don’t like my officiating I won’t hesitate to disqualify your ass. If I happen to get called on to compete because I’m HOW’s standby wrestler for this night it seems, I’m going to give it my all because when it comes to the HOW championships I hold them in high regard unlike some of you pieces of shit around here.

Stevens gets up from the bench and heads to towards the camera.

Scott Stevens: And if I happen to win gold tonight and you fucks don’t like it you can all fuck off and go play somewhere else.

Stevens opens the door and exits the locker room as we head to commercial break.

The Era of Acceptance

Back live and we once again go backstage as we see the Queen of Epicness Bobbinette Carey sitting on not a throne but a folding chair. The room she is in is poorly lit. Her hair is pulled back with a tiara on her head. She has on a red button up blouse hanging over a pair of black slacks with black ballet flats. Her gear bag is at her feet. has a large crown on her head as she sits there with a smile on her face. As she notices the camera she does a royal wave and a graceful head nod welcoming the camera sans cameraman.

Bobbinette: With one more refueled left to go, I would like to take this time to declare myself the winner of the match at ICONIC. Albeit preemptively, The Maurako legacy is now Carey. No one has seen Mario since the contract signing, it is over.

She claps giddily as her eyes beam with pride. She says with a smile her hands touching her heart with pride.

Bobbinette:.This is one small step for women, one giant leap for me. Because I have a dream that one day Women and LGBTQ will be champions. That the WOKE era will cancel all the toxicity that has plagued this sport that I love.

Her smile fades as she seems saddened by this.

Bobbinette: I’m getting sick and tired of people asking me why I have done anything lately.

She looks annoyed as her hands go to her temple and massaging away a migraine. She sighs, closing her eyes for a moment before regaining her concentration.

Bobbinette: I’m getting annoyed with People being shocked and vilifying me for their inability to understand my logic. It seems so hard for you neckbeard

fans and you toxic males in the back to grasp I’m doing this to educate you all.

Her face seems genuinely concerned.

Bobbinette: I am doing this so your children learn from your mistakes and become better men than any of you could ever dream of. But why did I attack Mosé? He’s complicit. He has always been there this whole time watching everything his father has done then comes to me for compassion? No, I attacked him to show him that the males in his family, himself included, are so corrupt that a female, even his own mother… are disposable. I have been like a surrogate mother to this child in hopes to change him. After all the work I did… he still asked me to call off the match. He learned nothing!

She scoffs in disgust.

Bobbinette: What I did to Mosé was nothing more than tough motherly love. I don believe in corporal punishment for children normally. But with Maurako males they only know one way… violence. So in order for my lesson to be taught I had to resort to the only option that he would under.

She sighs, shaking her head from side to side.

Bobbinette: It saddens me that it had to come to that. But if anything that shouldn’t prove how much I genuinely care about what type of man he becomes. This was my way to save him from becoming his father.

She slowly nods her head.

Bobbinette: but he isn’t the only male who isn’t understanding the logic and reason behind my actions…. Scooter…I mean… Scottywood.

She says correcting herself.

Bobbinette: I get he is still mad a lot of people are that I “cost him” the title and his company. But let’s be honest he was never going to beat Mike Best.

She paused with a disgusted look on her face.

Bobbinette: As much as it pains me to even say it. Mike Best is a better wrestler than Scoot-

She squints.

Bobbinette: Scottywood. So I helped him the only way I could. To save him the embarrassment of being beaten by Mike Best again… can you really call something a rivalry if it’s 19 wins to, what three? Scottywood is a hardcore wrestler and Mike… ugh I hate myself for saying it… is an actual competitor.

She makes a sour face and shudders at the words coming out of her mouth.

Bobbinette: So I selflessly saved a friend one last time. Saved him from the humiliation… I did something that hurt him to save him. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. I had to care enough to do this for him and save his pride. This allowed everyone to wonder “what if” and instead of a thank you… instead of my generosity being acknowledged…he is talking about killing me? Right now he is in this arena looking for my locker room. So I had to seek… less than suitable accommodations for someone of my standards

She rolls her eyes with a heavy sigh, as she looks around a dimly lit area she’s using as a locker room. It could be in the boiler room, it could be a utility closet. The lighting is so bad we aren’t able to pinpoint.

Bobbinette: And I’m the dramatic one? Scottywood the “nice guy” who only says he is and then when people question it we see he’s always been an asshole and the whole “nice guy” was just an act like you fans who get rejected by girls and insist it’s because you’re a nice guy when you’re just a creep. Scooter will one day come to the realization that I do things because I care not because I hate all men. I saw a Scottywood who could be better and with me I helped him achieve better. But relationships are give and take… and he took more energy than he gave. Again the realization by Mosé and Scottywood just like all of you fans is that I am trying for the betterment of HOW. The era of acceptance, Thee WOKE era, is coming… like it or not.

Her face looks more noble as she is speaking to the masses to inspire a next generations, as the camera cuts away and we take another quick commercial break.

Battle Royal

Winners gets a Championship Match of their Choosing

We come back from commercial and once again cut back to the Hall of Fame commentator Joe Hoffman.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back folks and I can tell you…the fans here in Manchester are beyond frustrated with the lack of in-ring action so far tonight. That is about to change however as it is time for our battle royal.

The feed cuts away from a hard shot of Joe to an overhead shot of the ring where we see that it is filled up with wrestlers who will by vying to be victorious and earn and title shot of their choosing.  Standing outside of the ring on different sides of the ring are referees Joel Hortega, Matt Boettcher and Scott Stevens.

Joe Hoffman: As customary the referees are outside the ring to help confirm when someone is eliminated….which can only happen if you are tossed over the top rope and BOTH feet hit the arena floor.  We go until there is only one person standing.

Senior referee, Matt Boettcher, signals for the bell and the start of the match and we are underway!!

Inside the ring we see almost all the wrestlers turn towards one man….a man that was victorious earlier tonight…..and they begin stalking him.

It does not take long as the men rush towards the man, Bobby Dean, and they quickly lift him up and toss him over the top rope.

Joe Hoffman: Well credit will go to Xander Azula there for eliminating Bobby Dean. I am sure that will make a Top 5 list somewhere.

Bobby lands hard on the arena floor and looks up and motions towards Cancer Jiles who can only shrug and hold his hands up as if to let Bobby know it “wasn’t me”.

Jiles barely finishes the shrug before his face turns to surprise as he is grabbed by the back of the head and sent flying over the top rope and lands awkwardly on top of Bobby…..who obviously was not quick enough to move out of the way.

Stevens, in position, motions that Jiles is NOT eliminated however as Jiles body was able to not hit the floor and his feet have YET to touch the arena floor.

The crowd is buzzing as the realization comes across the face of Jiles that he is not eliminated and he screams at Bobby not to move.

But like with most things Bobby fucks it up and starts to sit up and as he does Jiles falls off of him and his feet sadly touch the arena floor.

Jiles smacks the arena floor in frustration turns to see who tossed him and it is none other than Brian Hollywood.

Joe Hoffman: Boy we almost had one of those memorable moments where someone was about to get eliminated but then somehow, some way, make their way back into the match……..but not tonight.  Two quick eliminations nevertheless….which bodes well for everyone else.

The action cuts back inside the ring where we see the two men with the early eliminations, Xander Azula and Brian Hollywood staring at each other. There is only a slight pause before the two men begin throwing haymakers at each other.

The fans nearest that side of the ring are jumping up and down with excitement as Azula and Hollywood are just dropping BOMBS on each other.  The two men show no signs of slowing down and in fact their punches begin to be thrown even harder and faster. The hard cameraman outside of the ring zooms in at the action and we see that both men are busted open.

Finally the punches begin to slow and Hollywood delivers a desperation knee to the gut of Azula and quickly picks up the man in a powerbomb position and turns to toss him from the ring…..

Joe Hoffman: Hollywood has him up!!!!!!!! THERE THEY GO!!!!!!!!

Both Hollywood and Azula topple over the top rope and fall hard to the arena floor. The cameras quickly turn back towards the ring and we see Bobbinette Carey getting back up and pulling herself up with the aid of the ropes….smiling from ear to ear.

The High Octane Vision screen, above the entrance ramp, comes to life and we see a replay of Bobbinette running across the ring and nailing Hollywood in the back of the head with a dropkick that subsequently sent both him and Azula over the top rope and to their eliminations.

Joe Hoffman: Bobbinette with a double elimination!!! The HOW Hall of Famer is smiling like a black in the light Chesire Cat funko pop. What a moment.

The action cuts quickly back to the ring and we see Scottywood, who was sitting in the far corner recouping, look up at the HOV and at the mere sight of Carey he stands up and charges at his fellow Hall of Famer, former friend, and the person that cost him the World Championship.

Joe Hoffman: This is going to be UGLY!!!!!

Scottywood is almost reaches Carey before she turns to see the Hardcore Artist coming at her.  There is not enough time for her to do anything however as Scottywood nails her with the most powerful clothesline we have seen since some dude from Texas hit his Western Lariat.

Carey’s head snaps backwards awkwardly and as he turns upside down we can see the panic over her face as she falls to the arena floor.

As her body crumbles to the floor she has no time to pick herself up as his own momentum from the move also sent Scottywood over the top rope.

Joe Hoffman: Scottywood’s HATE for Carey just cost him this match…..but I do not think he cares to be honest. What a clothesline…..and NOW Scotty has mounted Carey on the outside and he is destroying her with punches.

Boettcher, Hortega and Stevens all rush over and tackle Scottywood off of Carey and hold the Hall of Famer down as the EPU quickly rush down the ramp and get between Scottywood and a now bloody Bobbinette Carey.

The referees relinquish Scottywood to the EPU and the HATE filled man is led up the entrance ramp and to the back as HOW medics tend to Carey.

Joe Hoffman: It is looking like Shark Week here already with the amount of blood coming out of the forehead of Carey. It is hard to feel sorry for her after what she did to Scotty….but wow…that was hard to watch.

We cut back into the ring where we see David Noble nail Darin Zion with a forearm smash sending Zion back into the far turnbuckle. Noble follows up with another one and as Zion tries to cover up the HOW rookie nails him with an uppercut.

Zion appears out on his feet as Noble leans him against the turnbuckles and backs ups a few steps and then rushes towards Zion and leaps…..

Joe Hoffman: David Noble going for his Rise Up jumping knee finisher…….and one has to WONDER does he not know that the World Champion and High Octane Hall of Famer AND Son of GOD, Michael Lee Best, has made knee’s famous around here?

But there is no answer to that rhetorical question as we see Noble has indeed jumped to execute his finisher but as he does he doesn’t land it on Zion…..but instead on the top turnbuckle as Zion quickly slumped down to the canvas and ducked out of getting his head knocked off.

Noble backs up and clutches at his knee but that does not last long as Zion nails him with a quick drop kick to the damaged knee which drops Noble down to the canvas.

Zion staggers back up to his feet and pulls Noble to his feet and nails him with a snap suplex which sends Noble flying and landing directly under the bottom rope.

Joe Hoffman: Folks we only have a few folks left in the ring and Noble is in some serious trouble here.

Zion pulls Noble up from the canvas, with the ring ropes between them, and he goes to nail Noble with a right hand but the HOW rookie blocks it and nails Zion with his own right hand.

Zion staggers backwards and as he does he is spun around and he barely has his eyes open to see who spun him when he sees two fingers coming right at his eyes.

Jatt Starr delivers his JATTARACTS eye pokes and quickly grabs Zion by the back of the head and tosses him towards the ropes.

Noble, seeing Zion coming, grabs the top rope and falls down to the canvas and Zion goes flying over the top rope and to his elimination.

Noble slowly rolls back inside the ring and as he does his legs are grabbed by the waiting Jatt Starr.

Jatt spins around and quickly executes his JATTAPULT catapult and Noble too goes flying over the top rope to his elimination.

Joe Hoffman: Double Elimination by Jatt Starr!!! This man will do WHATEVER is needed and trust me I have seen it ALL over the years. Well done to the Hall of Famer and folks we are nearing the end of this match now…….

…….and closer to the end of the match we come as Jatt is never able to see the attack coming his way.

Starr, leaning over the top rope down at the two men he just eliminated, should have known better to leave his back to the middle of the ring in a battle royal….but here we are.

We see the boot connect with the back of Jatt’s head and the HOW Hall of Famer goes over the top rope and falls directly on the men he just eliminated.

The boot is resting on the top rope and as the HOV shows the replay we see that Arthur Pleasant just nailed Jatt with his single leg dropkick that he likes to call Provocation.

Joe Hoffman: Wow…what an elimination for Pleasant there. Last time we saw Arthur in a match it was at War Games…..and let’s just say……the man is NOT a fan of this bigger elimination matches but credit where credit is due…he just eliminated an original HOW Hall of Famer.

We cut to an overhead shot of the ring and we see the final two wrestlers in tonight’s battle royal.

Joe Hoffman: Here we go folks. The last two competitors. The winner of this gets a title shot of their choosing. I CANNOT wait to see how this plays out.

Arthur Pleasant turns to see a recouping Jace Parker Davidson leaning on the far ropes.

The two men start to walk towards each other as the final moments of this Battle Royal begin.

The cameras focus on Jace starting towards the middle of the ring but as we see Arthur start towards the middle of the ring we see Jatt Starr grab Pleasant’s feet and the man falls face first down to the canvas.

Jace, no longer walking but running, hustles towards Pleasant and jumps up in the air and nails Pleasant with his Bend the Knee curb stomp finisher.

Pleasant’s head hits the canvas in an awkard position and the man goes lip.

Jace looks out at Jatt and nods.

Joe Hoffman: We were THIS CLOSE to seeing Pleasant and Jace tear the house down but Jatt was not going to have it!!!

Jace bends down and slowly pulls Pleasant up to his feet. JPD slowly pulls the dead weight of the 6’3” 220 pounds of Pleasant, which is anything but pleasant for Jace,  up and positions the man on his shoulders.

Jace carries the man fireman’s carry style back towards the ropes and as the crowd stands as one we see JPD unceremoniously dump Pleasant over the top rope.

As the man’s feet hit the floor, Matt Boettcher signals for the bell, and the Manchester crowd begins cheering loudly as the bell begins to ring.


Jace holds both arms up in the air as the crowd gives him a standing ovation.

Joe Hoffman: Jace needed this win and without the help of Jatt Starr one has to wonder if he would have pulled it off. Either way, congrats to Jace, and we will be right back folks.

But the commercial doesn’t last long.

We come back live and we see Jace still in the middle of the ring with his arms raised and playing to the crowd.

The crowd’s cheers grow even louder as they see the man behind Jace rip off his shirt……

A referee’s shirt.

Joe Hoffman: No…..No….NOOOOOOO!!!!

The man charges Jace from behind and grabs him from the back of the head and rushes him towards the ropes and throws him violently over the top rope.

Joe Hoffman: OH MY GOD!!!!!

For the second time the bell rings but this time for the final time.

The crowd is half in shock and half going crazy as the camera zooms in on the OFFICIAL winner of the battle royal…..


Joe Hoffman: Unbelievable. Scott Stevens ripped off his referee shirt and eliminated Jace Parker Davidson to win the match. Un freaking believable!!!!

The feed and show goes to black as Stevens is seen standing on the top of the turnbuckle to end Refueled 82.