Refueled LXXIX
  • Event Type: weekly

Refueled LXXIX

Event Date: November 14, 2021 at 7:00 pm

#13 Darin Zion vs. #21 Doozer

As the HOTv logo gives way and we cut inside the SSE Hydro arena here in Glasgow Scotland , we see Doozer already in the ring and the Hall of Fame announcer ready to call tonight’s first match of the evening.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the 79th edition of Refueled as we continue on our path to ICONIC. We are starting the action right away tonight and we are ready the opening contest where we have Darin Zion, fresh off his victory from Rumble at the Rock, taking on the man already in the ring, Doozer. Let’s get this match underway.

“Happy Song” by Bring Me The Horizon blasts over the PA System as Darin Zion, who is wearing a black leather jacket, comes down to the ring accompanied by Meredith.

Joe Hoffman: Zion is looking to keep the momentum he has built with his victory over Xander.

As Zion heads down the ramp he slaps hands with the fans. Zion climbs the turnbuckle and sticks his hands out as we reach the chorus of the song. He flips off the turnbuckle pad and hands the referee his jacket.

Zion shakes his head, mentally preparing for his upcoming match as Bryan McVay is about to make the introductions.

Bryan McVay: Ladies and gentlemen, tonight’s opening contest of the evening is scheduled for ONE FALL!…….

Crowd: ONE FALL!

Bryan McVay: With a twenty minute time limit.

The crowd goes berserk in anticipation for the title defense and McVay turns to his left.

Bryan McVay: Introducing first, from Crown Point, Indiana; weighing in at 220 Pounds; please welcome DAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRIN ZIIIIIIION.

Zion raises both hands high into the air and the fans give Zion a rowdy and receptive applause.

Joe Hoffman: Zion is clearly the fan favorite hear tonight.

McVay turns to his right.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent, from Boston, Massachusetts; weighing in at 273 pounds, please welcome……DOOOOOOOOZEEEEER!

The crowd gives Doozer a mixed reaction while Boettcher signals for the bell.

Ding. Ding.

Joe Hoffman: And here we go…..

Doozer and Zion come out of their respective corners and meet up in the center of the ring. Doozer and Zion begin to circle one another before locking up. Zion and Doozer begin to jock for position, but none gains ground until Doozer shows off some of his power by tossing his opponent to the canvas.

Joe Hoffman: Doozer showing why he is still a physical specimen at almost fifty years old.

Zion nods and kip ups and the two lock up once again and Doozer throws him back down to the canvas. Doozer waves his hand in front of his face and the crowd comes alive.


Joe Hoffman: Zion is going to have to think of another strategy because going the power route isn’t going to work.

Zion smirks and motions for Doozer to lock up again and the Dooze just shrugs as he obliges with Zion’s request. However, Zion ducks underneath and grabs Doozer’s waist from behind. Zion sweeps the leg of the larger Doozer and once on the mat, he immediately rolls into a side headlock.

Joe Hoffman: Zion using his technical skills to ground Doozer, but don’t forget Doozer does have an amateur wrestling background as well.

Boettcher asks if Dooze wants to submit, but the native of Bean Town shakes his finger no. Dooze tries to pry the grip of Zion loose, but he pulls back. Doozer tries to pull the hair of Zion, but the former ICON champion quickly elbows Doozer in the face before locking it back in.

Joe Hoffman: Zion has that headlock locked in tight.

When the conventional approach doesn’t work use unconventional methods like Doozer.

Joe Hoffman: Is Doozer tickling him?

Doozer begins to tickle the sides of Zion until his grip loosens enough for the former Tag champion to roll him over onto his shoulders.





Zion pops the shoulder up.

Joe Hoffman: Doozer almost won it there.

Zion scrambles to his feet and when he does he’s immediately met with a jumping shoulder tackle from Doozer. Zion pops up again and Dooze hits him once more with another shoulder tackle. Dooze bounces up and let’s out a yell getting the crowd behind him as Zion scrambles to his feet. Zion rushes in and looks to deliver a discus clothesline.

Joe Hoffman: BAN HAMMER!

However, Dooze saw it coming and ducked underneath the strike. Doozer lifts him up and delivers a spinning powerbomb. Cover.





Zion kicks out.

Doozer shoots Boettcher a look, but the former tag champion gets to his feet and puts the boots to his opponent before reaching down to pick him up. Zion rolls backwards delivering a foot to the face of Doozer stunning him. Zion goes to whip Doozer, but the strength his too much for Zion as Doozer pulls him in a delivers an inverted atomic drop. Doozer builds up a head of steam and drives Zion face first into the canvas with a flipping bulldog.

Joe Hoffman: THROWBACK!






Zion kicks out.


The once confident look on Doozer’s face begins to slowly fade as he can’t believe Zion kicked out. Doozer drives his knee into the face of Zion before dragging him to his feet and whipping him across the ring and rushing in after him. Once Zion is at the corner he jumps off the middle rope.

Joe Hoffman: CROSSBODY!

However, Doozer catches Zion and the momentum rolls him to his feet.

Joe Hoffman: What is Doozer going to do here?

Doozer holding Zion uses his power to throw him across his shoulders before driving him into the mat with a front slam.

Joe Hoffman: EGGU ! THAT HAS TO BE IT!





Zion kicked out!


Doozer can’t believe it and looks at Boettcher and holds up three fingers but the senior official says it was a count of two.

Joe Hoffman: Doozer just gave Zion his best shot and he kicked out.

Doozer, unsure of his next move, moves back away from Zion thinking of what to do now.

Joe Hoffman: Doozer better not take too long regroup or Zion could capitalize.

Doozer watches as Zion starts to pull himself up. He looks at the ropes and then back at Zion.

Joe Hoffman: Doozer looking for a homerun here.

Doozer waits for Zion to get to his feet before rushing to the nearest set of ropes to springboard off of them looking to deliver a stunner.

Joe Hoffman: Stunner…….NO!

Zion musters enough strength to counter and use the momentum to deliver a deliver a back suplex.

Joe Hoffman: Nasty suplex as Doozer landed on his head.

Doozer rolls to all fours allowing Zion to drive a vicious running knee square into Doozer’s face. Zion begins to deliver rapid fire knees to the head and face of Doozer before transitions to his back and locking in a half Boston crab.

Joe Hoffman: Half Boston crab to the Boston native. Will Doozer tap?

Boettcher drops and is asking Doozer if he wants to quit but the former tag champion shouts no and musters enough strength to make it to the ropes.

Joe Hoffman: Doozer caught a break there.

Zion pulls Doozer away from the ropes and locks in a STF.

Joe Hoffman: Zion looking to make Doozer tap with his own submission.

Doozer takes the low road and rakes the eyes of Zion causing the former ICON champion to release the hold. Doozer gingerly gets to his feet and he rushes at Zion, but Zion jumps up and sends Doozer shoulder first into the corner.

Joe Hoffman: Hurricanrana into the corner and Doozer hits hard.

Zion trying to gain his bearings sees Doozer in the corner hits the ropes to build a head of steam and delivers a dropkick to the butt of Dooze driving his shoulder more into the steel ring post.

Joe Hoffman: Zion driving that shoulder once more into the steel post!

Zion waits for Doozer to stagger back before delivering a spinning heel kick to the back of his opponent’s head causing Doozer to hit shoulder first into the corner once more. As Doozer staggers back once more, Zion grabs Doozer and snaps him backwards.

Joe Hoffman: Snap dragon suplex by Zion.

Zion quickly floats over and grapevines one of the arms with his legs and grabs the other arm and begins to wrench back with everything he has.


Doozer tries to use his lower body strength to move towards the ropes and every time he moves Zion pulls back even further on the arm.

Boettcher asks if Doozer wants to quit and the former tag champion has no choice but to say Yes.

Joe Hoffman: Doozer taps!

Ding. Ding. Ding.

Bryan McVay: And your winner by submission……DAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRIN! ZIIIIIIION!

Zion releases the hold and Boettcher raises his hand in victory.

Joe Hoffman: Doozer gave Zion all he had, but it wasn’t enough as Zion weathered the early storm and came out victorious here tonight.

Zion looks over and sees Doozer seating up looking distraught and makes his way over to him. Zion offers a hand and the Dooze looks at it for a moment before taking it. Zion pulls Doozer to his feet and raises his arm high into the air and the crowd gives Doozer a round of applause showing their respect to him. Zion says something to Dooze before bumping his fist and exiting the ring.

Joe Hoffman: What a show of respect and sportsmanship by Zion to Doozer.

We are not We

The scene cuts backstage to a view of Steve Solex seated in a corner in what appears to be the boiler room of the area. He’s staring at a handheld mirror, like one of those ones you’d see in the girls toy aisle. He’s laughing maniacally as he stares in the mirror, an overly huge smile on his face. He’s wearing a white button down shirt that has had the sleeves torn off. The shirt is buttoned all the way to the top, and is tucked into his black Dickies pants.

The scene cuts to a shot over his shoulder, directly focused on the mirror. The mirror is broken, and missing all of the glass save for one angled third in the bottom left corner. In that small piece of mirror it’s clear that Steve Solex is not himself. His dark hair has been tinted green and his face painted white with a shade of black around his eyes, and red sloppily painted over his lips and running up the side of his cheeks.

Steve Solex: I am not you!

His shrill and deafening scream echoes off the cement walls of the boiler room.

Steve Solex: You are not me!

He tucks his legs in tight, almost in a seated fetal position.

Steve Solex: Tonight, we will be two wins away from eliminating Bobby Dean from our world. He must go, he must be terminated. Tonight, Dr. Devastation leads us to victory. We will destroy Bobby Dean, together.

He begins to rock back and forth, his face going in and out of view in the reflection of the mirror.

Steve Solex: There will be no live, there will be no more laugh, and there will be no more love for Bobby Dean after tonight.

Steve hastily chucks the mirror across the room and stands with the camera still at his back. The sound of the mirror shattering into a million pieces echoes throughout the room, just before Solex turns around and faces the camera. Strands of hair dangle down over his face, but only just above his eyes. He hoists a steel chair high into the air with his right arm.

Steve Solex: Tonight, this steel chair will be destroyed over the head of Bobby Dean. Tonight, this chair will become the crown of fools, and Bobby will be forced to wear it time and time again.

He begins to breathe heavily, as he drops the chair to the ground and lowers his arm. The metal clang of the chair colliding with the cement floor rings into the camera’s microphone.

Steve Solex: Tonight…we are Dr. Devastation!

The scene quickly cuts to static and then black, before cutting back to ringside.

Gentlemen's Games

We cut back to ringside, where the fans in Glasgow are on their feet and hyped for the rest of tonight’s edition of Refueled. As they’re buzzing in their seats, the lights in the arena begin to dim, as a soft march of horns begins to blare over the speakers, building in volume as new music plays throughout the arena.

People on the left,

People on the right,

Got a lion inside,

People of The Pride.

“People of The Pride” by Coldplay begins it’s slow drum build, and soon the buzz in the arena turns to a steady stream of boos as two stone cold gentlemen man their way out from behind the curtain. Number one contender Cecilworth Farthington and HOW World Champion Michael Lee Best make their way out for tonight’s contest… in tandem. Together. You know, like two guys about to have a title match in a few weeks would.

Joe Hoffman: Well, here we go, folks. The circus is in town already.

Cecilworth points enthusiastically at his best friend, gesturing toward the HOW World Champion as the duo step out onto the stage– Michael has the HOW World Championship over his shoulder, and a small but obnoxious trophy in his free hand. It’s clearly labelled Trophy of Demoralization, and has what looks like a very tall Monopoly man on top of it.

Joe Hoffman: Last week, Michael Lee Best and Cecilworth Farthington brutally attacked and injured the REAL number on contender, Clay Byrd, who is now on medical leave with a broken arm. The farce you see in front of you is the result– a “Gentlemen’s Games” that sounds to me like five weeks of two guys goofing around.

Cecilworth climbs the ring steps on one side of the ring, as Michael rolls under the ropes nearby. Both of them meet in the center of the ring, and it is now that we realize they are wearing matching t-shirts that read THE PRIDE in all white letters on dark gray material. The crowd is booing to a fever pitch as Cecilworth takes a microphone from Bryan McVay, while Michael sets the trophy up on a stool in the middle of the ring.

Farthington hardly waits for the booing to stop before beginning.

Cecilworth Farthington: A few years ago, in a small company that I was working in as a charitable write-off, I beta tested the finest art the wrestling world has ever seen, The Gentlemen’s Games. This week, we see this masterpiece reach its final form. I understand many of you are upset, after all, you are all uncultured swine but… if Conor Fuse was just a little bit better at this whole wrestling thing… well… last week’s unfortunate events… they would have never happened. So now instead of seeing a video game child fight an ole timey prospector in a match that many would call child services over, you get the ultimate battle that you have always wanted.

The crowd boos.

It’s weird, because they HAVE always wanted this match. But they didn’t want it like this, they didn’t want it under these conditions, and they certainly didn’t want it to be this… weird and friendly.

As they boo, Michael takes the mic from his best friend, taking his turn.

Mike Best: You know what? Fuck you. We deserve this. We earned this. For six years, you have been BEGGING us for this match, and now we’re giving it to you, and you’re all crying crocodile tears for a cowboy with a boo boo. Well guess what? Clay Byrd has a broken arm and isn’t coming back. You don’t get your Cinderella story. We turned Clay back into a pumpkin, so get used to the GENTLEMEN’S GAMES, folks. Because this is WEEK ONE OF FIVE. We don’t give a shit if you like it. We don’t care if you tune out. We don’t care if you think you should get a reward just for being here– I am the HOW World Champion, and Cecilworth Farthington is the number one contender. I’m sick of the babies and morons in HOW who don’t “get it”. I’m sick of people smiling to my face and then complaining about my spot in this company. You begged for this match, and now you’re getting it, so LET THE GAMES BEGIN.

Both men square up in the center of the ring, looking one another in the eyes as they push their fists out in front of them. Bryan McVay stands between them with a microphone, making the official call.

Bryan McVay: Rock… paper… scissors… SHOOT!

In an instant, both men thrust their fists forward… and both of them throw paper. It’s a tie. This only serves to rile the crowd up more, as they realize that this fucking nonsense is going to continue. Michael and Cecilworth stretch and limber up, preparing to throw a second time, as McVay rolls his eyes.

Bryan McVay: Rock… paper… scissors… SHOOT!

This time, both men throw paper… again. The time honored tradition of throwing the same thing twice, in an effort to throw your opponent off his game. Unfortunately, as they are best friends and eternal hetereosexual soul mates, they both had the same idea at the same time.

The crowd is booing even louder now, as Mike borrows the microphone from McVay.

Mike Best: We’ll do this all night if we have to. There must be a winner, and unfortunately for this game there are no two bigger winners in the world than Michael Lee Best and Cecilworth Farthington. This man is my best friend— I love you buddy. Let’s try this again… I don’t care if it takes the rest of Refueled. I don’t care if we have to bump the HOTv Title match. I don’t care if we have to miss out on another riveting bonus segment about Missouri Valley Wrestling. I don’t care if we have to play this game until next fucking Sunday, we WILL have a winner.

He hands the microphone back to McVay, who is beginning to look legitimately concerned about the possibility of a riot. A stern look from the HOW World Champion ensures that he stands firmly where he is and continues to do his job.

Bryan McVay: Rock… paper… scissors… SHOOT!

Both men throw paper.

The logic is sound– who would throw paper a third time? The booing rains down like a thick layer of mud all over everything in the SSE Hydro, but the two men in the ring don’t appear to give a single shit.

Bryan McVay: Rock… paper… scissors… SHOOT!

Paper. Now what are the odds? 1:81 but who is even counting?

Cecilworth orders Bryan McVay to check his opponent’s brain for foreign objects, but this is of course impossible and Bryan can’t hear him over the screaming hatred of the Scottish crowd, anyhow. Farthington snatches the microphone from Bryan, deciding to address the crowd again.

Cecilworth Farthington: I understand that Scotland is an incredibly uncultured country, I’m sure you would rather me and Mr. Best stand in this ring, deep fry a Mars bar, shoot up some heroin then die of heart disease. Instead, as your betters, and knowing that we are, we have tried to bring something more refined to you and all you can do is bleat like the sheep that I assume many of you enjoy the intimate company of during these cold winter nights. Now, if you could just calm down and show a little decorum so I can confer with Mr. McVay on my legal challenge.

Michael, Cecilworth and Bryan McVay have a mini-huddle about what to do about the circumstances, but whatever the final result is, neither the champion nor the number one contender seem to be pleased with whatever McVay has told them. Instead, they square up again and prepare to continue the game.

Bryan McVay: Rock… paper… scissors… SHOOT!

Michael Lee Best throws paper.

Cecilworth Farthington throws… scissors.

There is actually a huge pop from the crowd for this, as they have been sick to death of the ties. Farthington throws his arms in the air in gentlemanly celebration, while Michael looks absolutely devastated to have his paper shredded so expertly by his best friend.

Bryan McVay: Cecilworth Farthington is the winner… of the first fall.

And now, the booing begins again.

They’d forgotten that it was two out of three. Farthington grabs the microphone from Bryan McVay, responding to the boos.

Cecilworth Farthington: Stop that noise immediately. Everyone knows the gentlemen’s rules of BEST TWO OUT OF THREE! And let me just say, it used to be the case that the babies and morons existed only with a grubby little ticket in their paw, now, sadly, it seems like they also earn salaries in the back. These games are actual genius, but have been entirely… as the youth say… “slept upon” by the absolute simpletons in the locker room. The idea that this match against my good friend Michael is “unearned” or “undeserved”… really? Really? I’m going to now say it a third time: Really? Have you watched the product since it came back? Have you seen what both of us have accomplished? Watch the show, you bunch of inward focused bums.

Farthington stuffs the microphone back into the chest of Bryan McVay, as the two opponents once again square their shoulders toward one-another.

Bryan McVay: Rock… paper… scissors… SHOOT!

Michael Lee Best throws paper. Again.

Cecilworth Farthington throws…. A ROCK!

The games are now tied at 1-1, which brings the ire of the Scottish crowd. It still isn’t over. This time, Michael is the one to celebrate, as he grabs the microphone from Bryan McVay to lord over his own small victory.

Mike Best: Imagine being salty about this. Imagine buying a ticket to this show, seeing the two greatest wrestlers in history LITERALLY THROWING HANDS in the center of the ring, and booing. Imagine sitting in the back, and thinking you deserve to THROW HANDS with Michael Lee Best more than this man right here. And I can promise you, folks, that this is only the beginning. From now until ICONIC, every single week, you will be treated and delighted to–

Before he can finish speaking, guitar and harmonica begins to blare through the arena, as the beginning of “Gunning For You” by Nick Nolan begins to blast throughout the arena! The fans in Glasgow are ON THEIR FUCKING FEET for Clay Byrd, as his music echoes and shakes the whole fucking building!

Red letter slash across the screen as “BYRD” is spelled out, as fog rolls from the entrance way… but there is no Clay Byrd. As the cameras cut back to ringside, the cheers turn to hateful boos as Michael Lee Best and Cecilworth Farthington are nearly doubled over with laughter in the center of the ring.

The music abruptly stops.

Mike Best: He has a BROKEN FUCKING ARM you idiots. He’s not coming back. You’re not getting swerved. He’s not jumping a guardrail and attacking us next week. Cecilworth Farthington FRACTURED HIS FOREARM and he will not be MEDICALLY CLEARED TO WRESTLE. Oh God, you should have seen your faces. We’re tied one to one, buddy, let’s finish this… let’s decide the winner of this IMMACULATE TROPHY.

Both men square up for what could be the final throw.

Bryan McVay: Rock… paper… scissors… SHOOT!

Michael Lee Best throws rock.

Cecilworth Farthington throws… rock.

It’s a tie.

By now, security at ringside is holding hapless sheep farmers back from actively storming the ring and trying to enact their own form of rural justice upon these men. It’s absolute chaos. But The Pride keep their eyes on the prize, and their heads in the game.

Bryan McVay: Rock… paper… scissors… SHOOT!

Michael throws rock.

Cecilworth Farthington throws… PAPER!


The bell rings, despite there never having been a match, and Cecilworth Farthington becomes the first person to secure a clean victory over Michael Lee Best in over five years. Bryan is making the official announcement, but it’s hard to hear over the booing of the crowd– they are now actively throwing garbage into the ring.

Bryan McVay: Here is your winner, of the FIRST GENTLEMEN’S GAME… Cecilworth… Emmmm…. FAAAAARTHINGTON!

The trophy is presented to the victor, and he holds it aloft as he takes the microphone from the ring announcer. Victory speech semi-prepared, Farthington appears to have actual tears of joy in his eyes.

Cecilworth Farthington: I accept this victory in a very humble manner. I understand that my great pal Michael has not studied the texts like I have, plus one time I beat a fat lad at Rock, Paper, Scissors on TV, so I had the inside advantage. I know many of you are likely in awe of my skills, but it has merely been the great deal of training that has brought me to this victory and to this beautiful trophy of a man with a hat. There is no time to rest upon laurels though, as the next match awaits and victory is never guaranteed. Good day to you, and thank you for your support.

Michael Lee Best reaches out and holds Cecilworth’s arm aloft as well, celebrating his victory before the two men inside the ring embrace in a long, friendly hug. HOW almost can’t go to commercial fast enough, as we leave the first official event of the Gentlemen’s Games for a word from a sponsor.

#19 David Noble vs. #11 Kevin Capone

Back from commercial and the lights go out.  J. Cole’s – Mr. Nice Watch blares from the arena sound system in the pitch black.

Joe Hoffman: And we are back for match number two of the night.  

After several seconds the lights come back on and Kevin Capone is already standing at the top of the ramp, eyes cold. 

Kevin Capone’s face features a 4-finger length beard with sporadic strands of gray and balding head with connected short dreads at the far back of his dome. His body drenched in pre-match workout sweat, accentuates the the 6 inch vertical scar down Capone’s toned abdomen along with the “Scarred For Life” tattoo right above it through the light amount of hair over his torso. 

He stretches both arms wearing padded fighter’s gloves and cruises down the ramp in a blacked-out ensemble, black boxing-style trunks several inches above the knee and short black boots. He does his ballistic stretches, swinging his arms performing different combinations, before making it to the ring, hopping on the apron in one swoop and pulling on the top ropes with bad intentions. 

Bryan McVay: Introducing from Queens, New York.  Weighing in tonight at 247 pounds… KEVINNNN! CAPONE!

Kevin Capone enters the ring between the middle and top rope and assumes his position in a corner, his eyes never letting up of their laser focus.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent…

The opening of ‘Heaven and Hell’ by 20th Century Steel Band rips through the arena, just mixed a bit differently. 

Children growing, women producing 
Men go work and some go stealing 
Everyone’s got to make a living 

Then the beat from Heaven and Hell by Kanye West takes over as the HOTv starts to produce a bit of static before showing an outline of a name drawn across the width of it.  It simply says: DAVID NOBLE At the mere sight of his name, the arena erupts. 

As Heaven and Hell continues to play through the arena, a figure emerges, being lifted through the stage and to the center of the stage.  At the sight of Noble, the arena comes unhinged. 

David stands there, his eyes peering out at the crowd around him as he can feel the energy from every single fan in the arena. 

Bryan McVay: …weighing in at 245 pounds, hailing from Buffalo, NY… DAAAAAAAAAAAAAVIIIIIID! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOBLE!

Noble stands there, lowering his head, and letting the adrenaline course through his body.  

Make this final, make this, my eyes closed 
Burn false idols,
Jesus’ disciples I can feel your pain now,
I done bled my vein out 
New level the game now, simulation changed 

David begins to make his way down the ramp, his dark brown hair flowing past his shoulders as he wears a white t-shirt with a black leather jacket over it and a pair of blue jeans. There’s an intensity to David as he walks down the ramp, each step measured and steady as his eyes stare straight ahead. 

Noble reaches the end of the ramp and stands there for a brief second, the fans yelling and chanting at his return before he turns to the left and makes his way to the steel steps, slowly climbing them as the music continues to roar through the arena.  Noble then stops at the top ring step.

David raises his arms as the words echo throughout the arena, moving his fingers like he wants more from the fans, which only intensifies the cheering from the crowd. 

This that level, make devils pay now. 

As the words explode through the speakers, Noble slams his hands together, causing an eruption of fireworks around the arena and the lights to fully come on.  


David then steps onto the ring apron and into the ring itself.  He moves around the ring, looking out at the fans, slamming his right fist against his chest as he yells at the fans, the adrenaline coursing through his veins. 

Then the music dies down as David Noble stands in the center of the ring.  

Joe Hoffman: Last week, David Noble battled HOTv champion Jeffrey James Roberts in his first HOW match and first match back after six years and acquitted himself very well.  Tonight, he faces a man in Kevin Capone who we haven’t seen much of the past few weeks.

Referee Joel Hortega does the customary pre-match check of both men for contraband and anything else illegal. 

Joe Hoffman: It looks like Joel Hortega is ready to start this match…

Hortega calls for the bell.

Joe Hoffman: …and this one is under way.  Capone rushes forward… NOBLE SPEARS HIM.  COVER!



Joe Hoffman: NO!  Capone just kicks out and David Noble almost pinned him in the first seconds of this match.

Noble on top and he drives right hands into Capone’s face.  

Joe Hoffman: David Noble completely caught Kevin Capone by surprise and rains down right hands. 

Hortega calls for a break.  But Noble keeps going.  Right hand.  Right hand. Right hand.  

Joe Hoffman: And Noble pulls up at four.  

Capone runs at Noble again.  This time Noble slides to the side and heaves Capone headlong into the turnbuckle.  

Joe Hoffman: David Noble has come out to make a point tonight.  

Capone staggers away in a ton of pain.  Noble grabs him by the shoulder.  He turns him back towards him and…


Joe Hoffman: Nasty chop there by Noble.


Joe Hoffman: And another chop across the chest of Kevin Capone. 

Capone grimaces in pain…  


…and Noble wastes no time in a third chop for good measure.  Noble then drives a rapid series of forearms to the face.  

Joe Hoffman: Noble all over Capone.  He whips him into the corner.  

Noble then follows.  He springboards off the ropes and connects with an enziguri!

Joe Hoffman: Capone goes down after that one.  It looks like Noble is starting to shake off some of the ring rust that was evident last week and seems to be getting into a bit of a rhythm here.

Noble hooks the legs.



Joe Hoffman: Capone kicks out and Noble wastes no time in slapping on an armbar. 

Capone reverses it into an armbar of his own.  Noble backflips.  Takes back an arm drag on Capone and then pulls Capone’s arm back and dig his knee into the shoulder blade. Capone rocks left and then right.  

Joe Hoffman: Capone fights out and gets to his feet.  He’s still alive but Kevin Capone has had ZERO offense in this match.

Collar-and-elbow tie-up.  Capone gets the advantage on Noble with a side headlock.  Noble counters.  He lifts and side suplexes Capone to the mat.   

Joe Hoffman: Beautiful counter from David Noble there and Capone gets back to his feet clutching his head.  

Boot to the midsection. Noble bounces twice before going for an enziguri.  Capone ducks underneath. Boot to the face by Noble.  Waistlock.  Lift and turn.

Joe Hoffman: SPINEBUSTER!  

Capone scrambles to get to his knees. 






Joe Hoffman: How did Kevin Capone get that shoulder up?  

Noble crouches and waits as Capone rises back up and tries to steady on his wobbly legs.  Noble springs.


…and drives his knee into Capone’s jaw.  

Joe Hoffman: RISE UP! 

Capone crumples to the mat. 

Joe Hoffman: And that should do it. 

Roll up by Noble.





Bryan McVay: Your winner at four minutes and forty-seven seconds… DAAAAAAAAAAAAAVIIIIIID! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOBLE!

Heaven and Hell by Kanye West comes on again and Noble rises up with arms outstretched.

Joe Hoffman: Much better match from David Noble tonight even though Kevin Capone did not offer a whole lot of resistance.  Noble gets the win- his first since 2015. 

We cut elsewhere.  

You Don't Say

The scene cuts to outside SSE Hydro. Conor Fuse sits on a park bench adjacent to the arena, leaning forward, arms resting on his knees, hands folded together, seemingly in deep contemplation. He wears a dark red windbreaker jacket and black Adidas track pants. The footage looks like it may be from earlier today but since Scotland is pitch black by 3pm in November, no one knows for sure.

Fuse doesn’t do much, if anything. He simply sits there and whomever is filming may be trying to get a scene shot from outside. There aren’t many others walking around right now but there is a ruffling heard in the background.

And some mumbling and a bit of bumbling. Three shadowy figures approach, the short, stouter one pulls a wagon containing a pet carrier. One of them stops and the stouter one walks into the back of the person walking in the front. The “leader” turns and smacks the Stout One in the face.

Leader: Remember, whatever you do, don’t mention the HOW Championship.

They continue forward and stop in front of the Vintage One. Conor slowly lifts his head as the camera now focuses completely on the former World Champion and the man (or men) standing in front of him.

Anton the Fourth.

Wabid Wabbit.

And of course…

Sporting a houndstooth overcoat and his red and plaid suit, the Jattvian Prince, Jatt Starr.

Fuse’s facial expression, however, would convey no one is in front of him at all. He still has a sad look on his face, endlessly staring off into the distance.

Jatt Starr: Hey Champ….er….Sport. How’s it going?

Conor Fuse continues to gaze past the men standing in front of him. The silence becomes awkward as Jatt Starr looks behind him to see what Conor might be looking at….but there is nothing. The Mayor of ManJattan looks back at Conor Fuse and then to Wabid Wabbit and then to Anton and then back to Conor.


No response. Just the blank, expressionless stare. The Ruler of Jattlantis turns towards his cohorts.

Jatt Starr: Is he deaf?

Wabid Wabbit: Maybe he’s just ignoahing you.

Anton: He’s a fucking vegetable! Or he’s fucking faking it like a little bitch!

Anton walks (although it’s more of a waddle) up to Conor Fuse.

Anton: AY!!!! YOU!!! GAME KID!!! WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!

The Thane of Starrkarth pulls Anton back by the collar and away from the former HOW World Champion and then swiftly kicks the faux-British employee in the keister. Jatt Starr turns back to Conor.

Jatt Starr: Hey there, Conor. Look, the Thane of Starrkarth gets it! You lost. So what? We all lose. I got beaten by Sektor, a shittier Mike Best wannabe, which is, quite frankly, far worse than losing to Mike. But hey, guess what? The world hasn’t ended. You’re still here. You’re still one of the most talented wrestlers I have ever had the privilege of beating.

Wabid Wabbit clears his throat through his smiling bunny mask.

Jatt Starr: Annnnnnnnd… successfully defended the HOW Championship against me! If that didn’t legitimize your Championship reign, I don’t know what else would have! The point is, you need to look at the positives. And you should positively walk up to Mike Best, tell him he’s the Turbografx 16 of the HOW! Yeah, it looked good when it first came out, but ultimately it sucked as a machine! And Mike Best, the snivelling coward that he is, assaults poor Clay Byrd, who finally won a big match. You should walk up to that itchy codpiece, give him a bitch slap to the face and say “Mike Best you are a twitshit”….I was gonna say dipshit but then I was gonna say twit…whatever….what the Ruler of Jattlantis is trying to say is, you need to piss on his parade, mark your territory!

Still nothing from Conor Fuse.

Perhaps a blink. A blink counts?


Nothing. No blinking.

Jatt Starr: There’s only one explanation. He got bonked on the head during the match and while he was waiting to see a doctor he was subjected to a “Real Housewives” marathon and can now only speak Klingon.

Wabid Wabbit: What?

Jatt Starr: Blyaj’a? Tlhlngan Hol Dajatlh’a?


Jatt Starr: Hmm. Does anyone know Dothraki?

Wabid Wabbit: I don’t think that’s the issue. I think he can unduhstand Engwish fwuentwy. He’s pwobabwy gone cwazy. Mike Best bwoke him.

Jatt Starr: NO! He can’t have a psychedelic break! I won’t allow it!

El Jattador de Starrcelona grabs Conor Fuse and begins hugging him, rather aggressively.

Jatt Starr: I’ve got you back little buddy! Consider me your father figure! And if your mom’s hot and single, give her my number—

Wabid Wabbit: JATT!


The Hero of Jattlanta releases Conor Fuse from his deathgrip, grabs him by the shoulders, and looks into his blank eyes.

Jatt Starr: Listen to me….right now, you are at a crossroads….you can sit here and feel sorry for yourself when things don’t go your way….like a Scottywood or a Bobbinette Carey, for example, and then bitch and moan and complain and throw tantrums, blame everyone else because you’ve got a limp noodle from years of humping barbed wire hockey sticks or because without someone named Mario Maurako in your life making you relevant, you are a cold, shrill spinster of a woman who has more sand her vagina than Death Valley….which, incidentally, is also the name of her vagina….

Not a peep from the Vintage. Not even a smirk.

Jatt Starr: The point is, you don’t want to end up like them and blame other people for the problems they themselves caused. Well, there is only one thing left to do knowing you’re feeling down, I found this puppy and I am giving it to you.

The Champion of Jattanooga snaps his fingers and Anton presents him with the kennel.

Jatt Starr: I have named this pup, Commodore 6, in honor of your love of ”The Great Giana Sisters”.

Anton opens the kennel door and a small Corgi peers out and immediately lunges forward and takes a bite out of Anton’s crotch whose high pitched shrieking matches that of the banshee. Anton starts running around, arms flailing with a dog hanging between his legs. Anton clenches his fists.


As if sensing what is about to happen “Commodore 64” releases his grip on Anton’s junk and bolts out of sight. Anton drops to the ground, holding his family jewels as Jatt Starr turns his attention back to Conor.

Jatt Starr: Rest assured! We will not stop until we find your lost dog, Conor! Even if we have to post “Missing” posters all over Ireland!

Wabid Wabbit: You mean Scotwand.

Jatt Starr: Scotwand! Er…Scotland! Now, I think Anton may need to get some shots for rabies, kennel cough, and distemper.

The Wabid Wabbit helps up Anton.

Jatt Starr: Let’s go, you big baby.

The trio head towards the SSE Hydro entrance while the camera continues to focus on The Video Game Kid.

Finally, after all this time…

Conor leans back, continuing to stare straight ahead. Then Fuse’s eyes shift, ever-so-slightly, to the location of where The Starrabian Knight converses with his counterparts, en route to them entering the arena.

Fade out to another commercial break.

#13 Steve Solex vs. #17 Bobby Dean

Back live from commercial and we cut to Joe who is ready to set up our next match.

Joe Hoffman: Up next is our second match in the Gentleman’s Agreement Best of Seven Series between Steve Solex and Bobby Dean. We sure have alot of Gentleman’s agreements going on at the moment in HOW but let it be known these two kickstarted here shortly after Rumble at the Rock. Also, if there is any doubt of which version Steve Solex will be tonight, I think we saw it earlier tonight!

The crowd cheers in anticipation of the match as the HOV is shown front and center.

Joe Hoffman: Solex is already up one to zero in this best of seven, which means that Bobby Dean has some work to be done tonight! And don’t forget that the winner of the match gets to pick next week’s match stipulation. This week, Steve Solex picked a chairs match stipulation, so it is sure to get violent in this match. Let’s go to the ring for the introductions by Brian McVay.

The camera cuts to Brian McVay standing in the center of the ring.

Brian McVay: Ladies and gentleman, the next match will be the second match in the Gentleman’s Agreement Best of Seven between Bobby Dean and Steve Solex, and it will be a chairs match!

The glorious beats of the eighties motivational song “You’re the Best Around” by Daniel Esposito begin to play and the crowd jumps to their feet in anticipation. Bobby darts out from behind the curtain onto the entrance ramp and the crowd goes ballistic. He spins around at the top of the ramp, his baby blue robe expanding out at all sides showing the body he’s been building for years and years as the crowd sings along with his entrance music.

Brian McVay: Introducing first….!

But McVay can barely get the introduction out as the crowd in attendance becomes deafening as it sings along with the Karate Kid classic.


Brian McVay: From Houston, Texas!


Brian McVay: Weighing in at a generously-estimated Two-Hundred…


Brian McVay: Fifty-five pounds!



Bobby strolls his way down the aisle, running to either side and slapping hands with the most annoying types of babyface fans in the front row. He rolls under the bottom rope and enters the ring to another pop of cheers. He begins to shadow box without any regard for technique as the crowd continues to cheer him on.

Joe Hoffman: There he is, Bobby Dean. In all of his glory! What the…

Suddenly, the sound of the power shutting down, section by section can be heard as the lights in those sections begin to go black, until finally the arena is in complete darkness.

Joe Hoffman: And here comes his opponent…

The HOV lights up with the words “DEVASTATION” in red letters as a beam of white light fills the entrance way. “This Means War” by Avenged Sevenfold begins to play as smoke begins to fill the entrance way, reflecting in the light. Suddenly, a shadow appears from behind the curtain. He stands in the smoke filled entrance way, holding his arms out to both sides. The crowd erupts in a frenzy of boos and jeers as Steve Solex, taking on the persona of Dr. Devastation begins to make his way down the aisle.

Brian McVay: And his opponent!

The crowd boos some more.

Brian McVay: He’s from Huntington Beach, California. He weighs in at two-hundred-fifty-two pounds. This is….STEEEEEEEEEEEEEVEEEEEEEEE SOOOOOLLLLLEEEXXXXXXXXXXXX-uhhhh!

Solex marches down the ramp as a lone spotlight makes him the only thing visible in the arena. He dodges any extended hands that are seeking a high five. He stops dead in his tracks when he arrives at the ring and stares down Bobby Dean.

Joe Hoffman: This is an interesting side of Steve Solex, that we’ve obviously never seen before! I wish Benny was here to help make sense of the whole situation…or to at least say something brash and uncomfortable.

Solex is still wearing the white, green and red makeup ala the Joker from The Dark Knight, as seen earlier tonight and is sporting the same clothes, not typical of Solex. Solex suddenly charges the ring and slides under the bottom rope. He gets face to face with Bobby Dean, pressing his nose into Dean’s as the crowd picks up a small – but nervous – cheer. The white makeup smudges onto Dean’s nose, much to his displeasure. Dean takes a step back, and suddenly…he’s all business.

Joe Hoffman: The look on Bobby’s face says it all, folks! This is as intense as a Gentlemen’s Agreement can get. Unbelievable.

Solex takes a few steps backward into the corner, pointing at Dean, and suddenly drops to a seated position. He begins to rock back and forth letting out a squeal here and there like some sort of unhinged maniac. The lights in the arena come back on as referee Matt Boetcher takes the center of the ring and calls for the bell.

Joe Hoffman: Matt Boetcher calls for the bell, and here we go folks!

Bobby Dean asks the referee why Solex is still seated in the corner, acting like a lunatic, to which Boetcher only shrugs. Dean shrugs back at him and decides to charge across the ring. Solex doesn’t move. He doesn’t flinch.

Joe Hoffman: Oh my God! What a knee to the face from Bobby Dean! Solex’s nose is completely broken!

Solex’s nose bleeds like a faucet, but he is undeterred and Bobby Dean can’t believe it. Dean drops to a knee and begins to pummel Solex with right hand after right hand directly into Solex’s, now broken, nose.

Joe Hoffman: I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this! Solex is out of his mind, and Dean is more brutal than we’ve ever seen him! He must really want this win!

Dean’s fist is covered in blood, and now Solex is laid flat on his back in the corner of the ring. Dean seems confused, but his eyes widen with delight as he sees the blood on his fist.

Joe Hoffman: This is a little concerning, Bobby Dean appears to be a bit out of his mind.

Dean drops to his back and rolls out of the ring. He lifts the ring apron and begins to search under the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Bobby Dean hoists a chair high in the air and the crowd is going bananas!

Dean slides back into the ring, with a chair in hand. He rears back to hit Steve Solex, who’s down on all fours.


Joe Hoffman: Van-Daminator from Steve Solex! Dean has been busted wide open!

Solex was able to spring to his feet and spin kick the chair right into Bobby Dean’s face. Bobby stumbles backward into the corner as blood streams down his face from a gaping wound in the center of his forehead. Bobby touches the cut, and winces in pain. He stares at the blood momentarily, and that’s all it took for Steve Solex to take advantage and charge in with a hard clothesline then bends Bobby over the top rope and down to the outside flood.

Joe Hoffman: Bobby Dean on the outside…OH MY! A suicide dive from Steve Solex sends Bobby Dean back first into the railing and Solex is standing tall!

Solex mocks the crowd and Dean as he holds his arms out to his sides taking in all the boos the crowd has to offer. Solex throws a stiff punch to Bobby’s face that hits the mark. Solex grabs Dean by the hair and slams his head into the railing as the crowd continues to boo wildly. Solex wipes the blood from the steel and licks it from his hand as the crowd continues to boo.

Joe Hoffman: This is sick! This is the most sadistic personality of Steve Solex’s we’ve seen yet!

Solex pulls Dean away from the railing, throws a couple of punches into Bobby’s ribs and head before rolling him into the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Both men back in the ring now, but Solex has that chair!

Solex rears back with the chair cracks Bobby Dean right in the head, opening that wound even more. Dean falls flat on his back and Solex tosses the chair aside before making a sloppy cover.

Joe Hoffman: A cover by Solex! Matt Boetcher slides in for the count!



Joe Hoffman: Bobby Dean kicks out at two, and this Gentleman’s Agreement stays a 1-0 advantage for Solex.

Solex, unfazed by the two-count, gets back to his feet and plans a couple of stiff boots into Bobby’s side before lifting The Beautiful One to his feet. Solex presses Bobby against the ropes and whips him across the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Solex goes for the clothesline, but Dean ducks underneath…CROSS BODY BLOCK! Bobby Dean makes a cover!




Joe Hoffman: NO!! Solex gets his shoulder up just in time. A surprise move and cover for Bobby Dan almost evened up this Gentlemen’s Agreement.

Dean pleads to the referee for the three count, but Boettcher stands firm and shows Bobby two fingers.



Bobby looks around at the crowd before wiping the blood from his face and out of his eyes.



Joe Hoffman: The crowd is begging for Bobby to grab the chair!

Bobby points to the chair and the crowd goes ballistic with cheers. He slowly walks over to the chair and lifts it high in the air as the crowd goes nuts.

Joe Hoffman: Oh! Bobby is doubled over with a stiff kick from Solex right in the breadbasket!

Solex hooks in a front face lock and appears to be going for….

Joe Hoffman: Solexplex! NO! Bobby blocks and takes Solex’s feet out from underneath him! SLINGSHOT INTO THE CORNER!

Dean slingshots Solex into the corner, and Solex’s forehead cracks off the steel post over the turnbuckle. Solex stumbles backward.


Joe Hoffman: OH MY! STEEL MEETS BONE! WHAT A SICKENING SOUND! Bobby Dean just flattened Steve Solex with that steel chair!

Solex lays flat, but only momentarily. Solex climbs back to his feet.


Joe Hoffman: Bobby Dean has just hit Solex across the head with that chair again!


Joe Hoffman: Is that Solex? That sick son of a bitch is laughing! He’s got a huge smile on his face!

Bobby Dean appears confused and worried as Solex begins to laugh hysterically in the center of the ring, on his back with a pool of blood forming behind his head. Bobby asks the referee what to do, and again the referee shrugs.

Joe Hoffman: Solex is up to his knees and now he’s begging Bobby Dean to hit him with the chair again!

Bobby appears more concerned than anything.

Joe Hoffman: Solex is now punching himself! The crowd has gone quiet! The silence is deafening and every punch is echoing in this arena! This is sick!

Bobby is shaken and takes a couple of steps backward.

Steve Solex: Come on you pussy! Hit me right between the eyes!

Joe Hoffman: Bobby Dean looks confused, but he can only be antagonized so much, like any man.

The looks on Dean’s face changes from concern to maniac.


Joe Hoffman: Solex is down! Bobby Dean just level him with that chair, again!

Blood splatters into the front row. Solex lays flat in the center of the ring, his nose still flowing blood and now his forehead busted wide open at the hands of Bobby Dean. Dean stumbles back into the corner and throws the chair out of the ring. He wipes the blood from his face and stares at Solex. He stumbles to the middle of the ring, drops to his knees and makes a cover.

Joe Hoffman: Let’s go Matt, count this lunatic out!





Joe Hoffman: Finally, this ones over! Bobby Dean has evened up the Gentlemen’s Agreement to one win a piece!

The sound of the power going down in the arena is heard as the lights go dark.

Joe Hoffman: What now!?

The lights come back on.

Joe Hoffman: Where is Solex? What the hell is going on?

Bobby Dean looks around for Solex, but he’s nowhere to be found. “You’re the Best Around” begins to play in the arena as Matt Boettcher raises Bobby’s hand high, but both men look more confused than anything else.

Joe Hoffman: Where did Solex go? What the hell is this?!

The scene cuts backstage as the arena remains silent.

True Friendship

The camera shifts to the backstage area of the SSE Hydro here in Glasgow. Brian Bare can be seen walking around with his microphone in hand. Bare stops in front of one of the dressing room doors. Brian takes a moment to run his free hand through his hair before using it to check his breath. Once satisfied, Bare reaches out and knocks on the dressing room door. A moment pass then out of the dressing room walks the #1 ranked wrestler in HOW Jace Parker Davidson.

Bare: Jace, I know you have a big match coming up here tonight but first I want to talk to you about the match that has been booked for ICONIC.

JPD: You mean the one on one match against Conor Fuse?

Bare: Exactly. It’s arguably one of the biggest matches on the card so far with the winner getting a main event spot at a PPV coming up in 2022. You’re both coming off of crushing losses at Rumble at the Rock. What do you think a match with Conor Fuse at ICONIC looks like in the condition both of you are in?

JPD: A match between Conor and myself at ICONIC looks like the most fast paced, hard hitting match on the card. We both took a lot of punishment at Rumble at the Rock but the most important thing is that we both survived. There is no quit in me and I know there isn’t any in Conor Fuse so you can expect to see two athlete’s at their very best.

Bare: Last week Conor Fuse appeared on Refueled and seemed very emotional and at a loss for words. Is this something you’re going to be looking to take advantage of?

Jace looks down at Bare then just shakes his head.

JPD: Not at all. I know Conor seems a little lost right now and Conor I know you’re out there somewhere watching. I want you to know I’ve been where you’re at right now. I know what it’s like to lose the HOW World Championship belt. I know it seems like your world is crumbling around you right now but you can come back from this. There will be other opportunities and lucky for you one is coming as soon as ICONIC.

Jace takes a moment to rub his hand over his face as he looks directly at the camera.

JPD: I know I’m standing in the way of a rematch for you for #97red but I’m here to tell you we don’t have to go at this like animals. We both experienced horrors we couldn’t even fathom at RATR and honestly? I respect you, kid. Out of everyone that carried the 214 banner you’re the last man standing and no one can take that away from you. All I want at ICONIC is a good clean match between two of the best that HOW has to offer. They say the enemy of my enemy is my friend so what do you say Conor? I’ll be awaiting your response.

Bare: Speaking of friendship–

Jace interrupts Bare as he notices something out of camera range.

JPD: Jatt?!

Jace walks out of camera range but the cameraman follows him as he walks up to his opponent for tonight’s upcoming match, HOW Hall of Famer Jatt Starr.

Jatt Starr: Jace, old bean!

The Ruler of Jattlantis goes in for a hug but ends up awkwardly shaking the King of Everything’s hand.

Jatt Starr: Brian. Looking as disgruntled as usual.

Brian Bare: Um, tonight—

Jatt Starr: The Grand Overlord of Jatturn heard Jace mention Conor Fuse. Nothing but nice things to say about the kid. I, for one, want to help him get through this tough patch he is experiencing before….

The Sultan of SeaJattle almost looks off, his face turns serious, an agonizing expression comes across his face as if he is reliving a past trauma.

Jatt Starr: …the dark blanket of despair swallows him up and he begins filling that void with copious amounts of Cheetos, Doritos, and Hostess cakes while watching “Dawson’s Creek” reruns in jogging pants because the elastic band is comfortable and you no longer fit into you khakis because you’ve been feasting on buckets of KFC and everything pizzas….everything,….including anchovies! Anchovies, Brian! ANCHOVIES!!!

Suddenly, the Ruler of Jattlantis returns to the present.

Jatt Starr: We would very much like to avoid Conor Fuse from suffering that fate. As far as tonight goes, look, whatever happens, happens. Before Rumble at the Rock, we were the Conquerors of Clay Byrd, whom I hope gets well soon, and Sektor, whom I hope chokes on an elephant’s scrote. But tonight! It’s two guys who have basically done it all in the HOW. If Jace beats me, then he beats me. I’ll get over it. When I beat…er…If I beat Jace, I’m sure he will get up tomorrow and put his shirt on one leg at a time. What are we gonna do? Pull a Bobbinette Carey and cry and ask for our ba-bas? Are we gonna pull a Scottywood, or Lee Best Lite as I like to think of him, and drink ourselves into a stupor because Bobbinette Carey is the best he can do without paying for it because it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a hooker with absolutely zero standards and even less dignity? Of course not! We’re professionals! Professionals helping professionals achieve their peak professionalism in their prospective professions.

JPD: What you’re going to see tonight is a real contest of gentlemen and one way or the other we both will have our heads held high as we move onward and upward towards ICONIC.

Jace extends his hand out towards Jatt, to which the Starrmenian Icon ignores the hand and grabs Jace in a rather tight, vice-like hug. After a couple of claps on the back he releases the King of Everything and saunters off.

JPD: Now see that, Bare? That’s true friendship.

JPD reaches up and tussles Bare’s hair causing Brian to whine. JPD walks off as we head straight to commercial break.

#1 Jace Parker Davidson vs. #8 Jatt Starr

Back live and the lights go out and one by one yellow spotlights illuminate the ramp from the ring to the curtain. “Everybody Wants You” by Billy Squier blares across the arena and emerging from the curtain is Jatt Starr, sporting his red and black plaid suit (no dress shirt). Wabid Wabbit and Anton the Fourth are beside him but Starr says something to them, they both nod and head to the back.

Joe Hoffman: Jatt’s going without ringside support. It certainly seems like he’s changing his ways…

Once at the bottom of the rampway, Jatt removes his suit jacket and carefully folds it before handing it to the referee. The ring becomes illuminated in yellow light as Jatt Starr walks up the ring steps and into the ring. He stands in the middle of the canvas as all of the other lights go out save for one yellow spotlight where Jatt’s located.

Bryan McVay: This contest is for one fall. Introducing first… from Havre, Montana… weighing two-hundred-twenty pounds… JATT STARR!!

The lights in the arena dim again and the words “the king has returned” echo throughout the building. The crowd stands on its feet as smoke begins to build on stage. The sound of “Kingdom” by Jaxson Gamble blares as a spotlight shines on the entrance. The crowd gives a mixed reaction when through the smoke Jace Parker Davidson appears along with Madison. Jace looks out at the crowd and soaks in the reception before locking arms with Madison. The two make their way down the ramp slowly as fans reach over the barricade trying to touch the duo. However, Madison leaves Jace for the back when he reaches the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Looks like both men have decided to go it alone for this one.

Jace pops to his feet and makes his way over to the nearest corner, climbing the turnbuckle to pose for the crowd. Hopping down, Jace goes to his corner and begins to stretch before the match starts.


Jatt walks to the center of the ring and offers his… arms, similar to their earlier encounter backstage. JPD, on the other hand, stands in his corner with a raised eyebrow, as if wondering now is the appropriate time.

It takes a moment but Davidson moves towards the center of the ring, albeit cautiously but with a smile on his face like he’s come to a decision. The Jattvian Prince does not make any sudden movements either to suggest his intentions aren’t pure. The crowd anticipates a grapple, or a fight but Starr’s arms convey all he wants is a hug. Jace is now in the middle of the ring and referee Joel Hortega anticipates them to get on with things.

Davidson leans in slightly. His arms are much more out in front of him than Jatt’s are. JPD’s arms barely wrap around his opponent and…

Davidson lightly taps Jatt’s back. Then removes himself by a few baby steps.

Joe Hoffman: Uhhh that looks to be enough for Jatt so I think we’re going to start. After all, Jace DID say he wanted to remain friends and Jatt’s clearly looking for more behaviour to solidify these intentions.

The two circle each other and this time they come together in a grapple. Jace moves Jatt into a corner but then breaks the hold before a count is administered. They lock up again and this time Jatt’s able to get the advantage, moving Jace into a corner. Instead of breaking the hold though, The Sultan of SeJattle turns it into a second brief hug. (This hug is one-sided, of course.)

Back to the middle of the ring and a third lockup. The grapple is back and forth until JPD places Starr in a headlock. The HOW Classic pushes Davidson into the ropes to break the hold and then flies in the air, catching Jace under the chin with an uppercut. Jatt connects with a sitdown hip toss and he’s into the ropes…

JPD ducks a clothesline attempt and Starr is into the next set of ropes. Once the former LSD Champion turns around, Davidson hits Starr with a belly-to-belly suplex.

Jace holds on.

A belly-to-belly release suplex.

Starr’s a little slow to get up but that’s fine with JPD, who waits for the right moment and connects with a dropkick to the side of Jatt’s left arm. Davidson follows this up with an olympic slam, dropping The Baron of Boca Jatton on that same arm he dropkicked.

JPD applies an arm bar on Jatt.

Joe Hoffman: Smart. Davidson’s found a spot to work on. We all know Jatt’s Falling Starr is an impressive finisher but you can’t hit the move if you’re working with one arm. You can’t flip your opponent around with one hand. If JPD has to methodically work a different style here, it makes a lot of sense.

Eventually, Starr is in the ropes and the hold is broken. Both men rise, JPD ducks a clothesline attempt and hits Starr with a neckbreaker. JPD’s quickly into the ropes, jumps on the second and lands a lionsault.

Joe Hoffman: Interesting maneuver here. It’s a modified lionsult, Jace intentionally drives his knee into Starr’s shoulder/arm. The same arm he was working on moments ago. So not the lionsault splash one would expect.

Jace wrenches at Starr’s arm while The Hero of Jattlanta tries to find a vertical base. Eventually, the crafty vet finds a way out, by driving numerous elbows into Jace’s chest and breaking free. This time, however, the Hall of Famer doesn’t hit the ropes. Instead he latches onto Davidson’s waist and tries for a Jattanese Suplex (German). JPD hooks his leg on the bottom rope and Starr isn’t able to hit it.

Joe Hoffman: I’m pretty sure I saw Jatt in some pain, rubbing the side of his arm. Jace may have already injured him, inadvertently.

Davidson breaks free from Jatt’s grasp, turns around and superkicks Starr under the jaw. This is followed with an exploder suplex, dropping the Montana native on that same “injured” arm.

JPD attempts to apply more punishment to the arm but Jatt kicks him away. Although Starr is struggling, it looks like Jatt’s about to go for an eye poke and yet… stops short, shaking his head no. This allows Davidson to dropkick Jatt in the arm again, sending The Jatt-i Master into a turnbuckle.

Joe Hoffman: Splash incoming…

No, Jatt moves and Jace eats the top buckle. The Saviour of Starrkham wanders around the ring, slapping the “feeling” back in his left arm. He sees Davidson in the corner and chops him across the chest.

Joe Hoffman: Luckily it’s Jatt’s left arm hurting and he’s right handed.

A few chops later and Jatt Irish whips the #1 ranked wrestler into the buckle across the way. Davidson tries to avoid the impact but he’s not able to. JPD sticks on the padding after he meets it with medium force.

Starr realizes JPD’s going nowhere so he meets him at the buckle. The Ruler of Jattlantis uses both arms and lifts Davidson up, placing him on the top turnbuckle in a sitting position. Starr connects with a neckbreaker. JPD falls to the canvas.

It’s a tough one for Starr to roll his opponent into the middle of the ring but he does, eventually.

Joe Hoffman: I believe Jatt’s trying to apply a modified version of his sleeper hold but JPD is having none of it.

The two continue to fight for positioning on the mat. Over time, Jace kicks Jatt away, finds a vertical base and thrust kicks The Champion of Jattanooga flat on the canvas. Davidson follows with a beautiful looking standing shooting star press. He hooks the leg.




But there’s more work to be done.

Jace stomps at Jatt’s arm while The Sovereign of Starrgentina tries to find the ropes to pull himself up.

Joe Hoffman: By now, you’d have to think the Falling Starr is not going to happen. Jace has eliminated the move.

The Mayor of ManJattan finds a way to his feet. He sidesteps a superkick by Jace, which was telegraphed perhaps a little too much by the #1 ranked wrestler and Starr is into the ropes.

Springboard dropkick by Jatt.

Joe Hoffman: No! Jace grabs Starr’s leg.


Doesn’t matter, Jatt hits an Enzi-starri.

Both men are trying to recover as the Glasgow crowd gets behind it. The apron camera zooms in on Jatt’s face. He’s a little… perplexed to say the least that a crowd, any crowd, is supporting him but Jatt’s going along with it. Both men are up and both exchange chops until Davidson gets the better of Jatt by kicking and kneeing that damaged arm. Jace bounces into the ropes-


Jatt can’t cover. The impact of the spear sends him crashing to the canvas where he lands on his left arm.

The fans continue to rally. Time passes and both men shake things off. Starr is up first, Davidson next. JPD turns right into a kick to the stomach and a DDT-

But the top ranked HOW star straightens his back and does not fall to the canvas. Only Jatt meets the mat. JPD tries for an elbow drop but Jatt rolls out of the way. Once each man charges the other, the recent LSD and Tag Team Champion leaps in the air… but he’s caught…

Jace performs a Canadian destroyer.

The Marquis of MadagaStarr crumples into a ball. JPD has to unravel the Hall of Famer before hooking a leg.



It’s reversed into a backslide pin by Jatt!





Joe Hoffman: Hell of a back and forth right now!

JPD is faster to his feet. He superkicks Jatt under the jaw, roundhouse kicks Jatt in the side of his painful left arm and then drops Jatt with a deadeye driver. JPD races into the ropes, looking for the curb stomp but Starr pops up from out of nowhere and connects with a discus clothesline using his good arm! Davidson flies inside-out before hitting the mat head-first.

The crowd cheers and everyone awaits who will get up first. Jatt’s breathing heavily. Jace checks the top of his head, thinking he may have skinned his forehead off the canvas.

Both men eventually turn into each other. Jatt tries for a suplex but Jace flies in the air and lands on his feet. Jace looks for a superkick but Jatt, who was thinking quickly on his feet, takes a jump backwards. JPD hits the ropes, Starr ducks a flying crossbody but Davidson rolls through, finds the apron and kips up. The fans cheer as this standstill continues. Starr signals for another hug but winks at Davidson, telling him he’s just kidding. The two go at it again, this time with Jatt chopping Jace into a corner and then Irish whipping him out.

It’s reversed. Starr hits a turnbuckle with his bad arm, stumbles back out and into a springboard cutter. Davidson’s into the ropes…


Joe Hoffman: That has to do it!

Initially, The Thane of Starrkarth tried to move. He almost escaped the finisher… replays show JPD may not have got all of it.





But another camera angle afterwards shows Davidson did.

Bryan McVay: The winner of this match… JACE PARKER DAVIDSON!

Joe Hoffman: Excellent contest! Could’ve gone either way!

Hortega raises Davidson’s hand as Jatt Starr rolls to a corner of the ring, trying to shake off the cobwebs.

Joe Hoffman: The #1 ranked HOW wrestler certainly shows he’s still a force, despite Rumble at the Rock not going his way.

The scene fades as JPD’s theme plays and he climbs to the top of the nearest turnbuckle as we cut elsewhere.


We cut backstage at the Hydro Arena, Glasgow. LSD champion, John Sektor, can be seen suited and booted and standing in front of a coffee machine which is in the process of pouring out a teaming styrofoam cup of coffee. Clutching the LSD championship with his left hand on his shoulder, he picks up the cup of coffee and gives it an inquisitive sniff. He then proceeds to take a sip before screwing up his face with disgust.

Sektor: A la Mierda, this shit’s like fucking bath water!

As the champion tosses the coffee into a nearby trash can, Blaire Moise can be seen running over to him with a microphone in hand.

Blaire Moise: Sektor! A couple of questions, if it’s not too much trouble?

Sektor smirks and raises a flirtatious eyebrow as he swoons around to greet the lovely Blaire Moise.

Sektor: Always have time for you Blaire, you know that.

Blaire Moise: Thank you. Sektor, we saw this past week that you had an altercation with a competitor over at Missouri Valley Wrestling on the HOTV network. It seems that you weren’t too thrilled about Redneck Bill Dickson costing your apprentice Adam Ellis a shot at the MVW Men’s title and decided to seek a little revenge by attacking his father and costing Dickinson his shot at the title. What’s the story between you and Bill? Because this isn’t the first time you and him have had an altercation..

She holds out the microphone and awaits the explanation as Sektor just shrugs and shakes his head dismissively.

Sektor: Bill Dickinson? He’s a nobody. You mentioning his name on a HOW show is his single greatest achievement in professional wrestling. He’s a bum. A hack who never made it to the big time and wants to take out his jealousy on my boy Ellis. He seems to take exception to the fact that Adam Ellis has a world class wrestler training him, and calls it cheating. But you see, Unlike Bill? Adam actually has a shot at making it to the big time and I recognised that potential. Bill squandered his potential many years ago and quite frankly was never good enough to go any further than the Indy circuit.

He pauses for a moment, grooming the old moustache as he gathers his thoughts.

Sektor: Adam worked hard for his shot and Bill took that from him in a petty act of jealousy. I gave it back to him back and levelled the playing field. The bullies at MVW may see Adam’s youth as a form of weakness. But if they think they can strong arm my boy then they now know that they will have me to deal with. Anyone who fucks with Ellis? Fucks with me!

Blaire Moise: Well it seemed like in your absence Dickinson tried again to confront Adam Ellis at another MVW show and now the two are set to face one another next Saturday in Peoria, Illinois. Will you be there?

Sektor lets out a sigh and rolls his eyes.

Sektor: You know, I didn’t plan on chugging back and forth across the pond like I have been. My plan was to join this UK tour and stay on British soil until after Iconic. But now, yes, I will have to fly back to support my protegee and then head back to the UK for next Sundays show. So believe me. I will be in a bad fucking mood so, Bill?

Sektor turns and looks into the camera.

Sektor: If you’re watching this, which I know you are? If you try to pull any shit in your match with Adam? I will fucking cripple you! So don’t even try it you piece of shit.

Blaire raises her eyebrows at the strong words of warning from the LSD champion.

Blaire Moise: Wow, okay. Before I let you go, any word on who you might be defending the LSD championship against at Iconic.

Sektor shakes his head.

Sektor: No clue. At this rate I fear there may not be anyone worthy of facing me. Therefore I may have to just prop myself up in the VIP box with a good bottle of bourbon and a box of Cubans to watch the last bit of the show…. You know about as much as I do sweetheart. Now why dont you scoot along and go get ready for the next part of the show….I hear its going to be EPIC.

With that, he gives her a wink and exits the scene as we cut to another commercial break.

Contract Signing

We come back from commercial and we cut ringside and see a red carpet in the ring covering the canvas. There is a table with two chairs in the center of the ring and paperwork on a clipboard. The table has a black tablecloth around it touching the red carpeting. Blaire Moise is standing in front of the table as she is wearing a black long sleeve form fitting top and a beige mini skirt with a pair of beige matching heel riding boots. She looks anxious.

Blaire: The historic rivalry between Bobbinette Carey and Mario Maurako erupted again several weeks ago when HOW returned to Minneapolis Minnesota. There, Bobbinette Carey & Scottywood, humiliated Mario in his hometown with the use of a look alike. Only for Mario to show up at the end of the night like nothing had happened and then left both former foes laying. We then made it through a couple challenges back and forth until a match was finally accepted for Iconic at Rumble at the Rock. That wasn’t apparently enough as Mario also decided he would toss the Shark Cage Bobbinette was using for protection into the Pacific Ocean. Then there was a weird wake of some sorts and here we are! This Is the contract signing for Iconic!

The crowd gets hyped at the mention of the upcoming event.

“There’s only two types of people in the world”

Blaire: First making her way to the ring from Parma, Ohio she is the only female wrestler in the High Octane Wrestling Hall of Fame, the Queen of Epicness, Bobbinette Carey!!!

“Circus” by Brittany Spears plays as Bobbinette Carey emerges from backstage. She’s wearing a black pair of slacks with a matching blazer. She opens the blazer and we are a white t-shirt that says “consent!” With a giant red circle around it with a slash. (General prohibition sign.) The crowd has a mix of boos and cheers. She walks down the ramp quickly before getting into the ring. She does her signature curtsy as her pyros go off alongside the ring. She looks at Blaire, putting her hands together with a nod and mouths “Thank you, you’re amazing!” Blaire nods back at Bobbinette with a smile before her face sours. Bobbinette’s face turns serious as she looks at the table carefully choosing her seat, before sitting down in the chair facing the ring. She looks over the contract as she seems confident in her seat.

“Ladies and gentlemen please, would you bring your attention to me?”

Blaire: Making his way to the ring from Minneapolis Minnesota, HOW Hall of Famer Mario Maruko!

The Marvelous One comes out to the old AoA theme music and the crowd pops hearing the familiar song. They cheer loudly as he walks down the ramp smiling at the fans he gets to the steps and looks at Carey in the ring. Bobbinette remains seated and gestures for him to enter. Mario stays at the steps for a few seconds as Bobbinette apprehensively gets to her feet and backs up to the other side of the ring. She puts her hands up innocently as she smirks and points at the shirt. She motions for him to get into the ring. Blaire backs up as far as she can go to get out of the way as the two of them, as they stare holes through each other. Mario gets into the ring, his eyes remaining fixed on her. He slowly walks to the table and stands behind the chair. Carey cautiously walks towards her seat. The two of them each sit down simultaneously as if daring the other to make a move.

Blaire: Thank you both for remaining professional here.

Bobbinette: Of course Blaire, my pleasure. I am nothing but professional. I can’t speak for-

Mario: Carey, shut the hell up.

Bobbinette: Rude.

Mario: These good people didn’t come out here tonight to hear the inane drivel spewing from your pie hole. By the way, I’m glad you didn’t drop the key.

Bobbinette looks indignantly crossing her arms in front of her.

Bobbinette: Just because I’m black doesn’t mean I don’t know how to swim, racist! Yes, once again proving another thing you can’t do right. You tried to kill me and couldn’t even do that right! And you owe me for dry-cleaning!

Blaire looks anxiously at the two bickering.

Mario: I didn’t try to kill you. Your cage wouldn’t let me get to you, so I threw you in the Ocean. I’m sorry Blaire we are getting off topic, lead the way, and don’t mind Carey.

Blaire looks at Carey who rolls her eyes.

Blaire: Yes this is the contract signing for Iconic!

The crowd pops again for the mention of Iconic.

Mario: You already said that Blaire. I can see you’re anxious. Take a deep breath. Let it out slowly.

Mario starts leading Blaire through a breathing exercise.

Mario: You know what, maybe I’m not the best person for this. Carey, you’re pretty good at holding your breath, care to give her a few pointers? You know, help a fellow woman out?

Bobbinette: Seriously? If she can’t do her job after all these years and needs a man’s help to “calm” her down, nothing I show her will help!

Mario: Figures. You’ve never helped another woman in HOW history. Why start now?

Blaire looks at Mario as her face seems to soften, only as Bobbinette’s face gets red with anger.

Bobbinette: My help to her would be for her to dress more conservative to not let these perverts and chauvinistic males like yourself oogle at her! Clothing does not equal consent!

Blaire looks offended as she puts her arms across herself almost attempting to cover up the amount of skin showing looking ashamed.

Mario: Don’t listen to her Blaire. Your body, your choice.

Blaire: Mario you can see where your name is if you could sign right there.

Blaire said, pointing to the line in the contract for him with a soft smile. Mario smiles and grabs the pen off the table and quickly signs his name on the line.

Blaire: Bobbinette, if you sign-

Bobbinette: I know how to sign a damn contract, I can read! Keep your microaggressions to yourself!

Bobbinette picks up the contract and the pen and writes then slams the contract face down on the table.

Blaire: There we have it ladies and gentlemen! Mario Maurako vs Bobbinette Carey for Iconic! Now if either of you lays a hand on each other before Iconic you will automatically be disqualified from competing!

The pen falls off the table to Bobbinette’s feet; she goes to pick up the pen as it rolls under the table.


“Beg” by Seether plays as Scottywood emerges from the top of the ramp Mario turns around facing the Hardcore Artist. Scottywood stands there laughing at Mario and point telling him to “turn around.” Mario turns around to see Bobbinette standing there with defibrillator pads in hands as she leaps across the table, shocking Mario with the paddles as the two fall over with Mario’s chair.

Bobbinette: Clear!

Mario and his chair fall over as Bobbinette rolls out of the way. Blaire screams as she jumps back looking down at Mario and Carey. The crowd gasps in shock at what Carey just did to Mario.

Blaire: You just cost yourself your match at Iconic!

Blaire says quickly as she picks up the contract seeing Bobbinette didn’t sign it, instead she doodled “clear”.

Bobbinette: Actually I didn’t! But if he would have been looking at the contract and not your exposed breasts, he would have seen that I get to pick the stipulations!

She says picking up the pen and signing her name to the contract.

Bobbinette: But He and all you toxic fans have to wait until next week, if he lives to see it. Hey Mario how’s your bum ticker doing hubs?

She says mockingly before laughing at the downed Mario. Scottywood laughs as Bobbinette gets out of the ring and the two high five at the top of the ramp as Mosé Maurako comes rushing down to ringside to check on his father as Bobbinette slides outside the ring and mouths the word “sorry” to Mosé. Scottywood and Bobbinette head backstage as medical staff comes rushing down with a gurney to assist Mario as Blaire and Mosé look on in fear as we hit an unscheduled commercial break.

#NR Death Bringer vs. #3 Jeffrey James Roberts

HOTV Championship Match

We come back from our final commercial break and we once again cut to our Hall of Fame announcer…..

Joe Hoffman: And we’re onto our main event! We already have Death Bringer standing in the ring waiting for his opponent.

“Goldberg Variations” by Johann Sebastian Bach plays over the speakers as four security guards step out onto the stage. They form a square as Jeffrey James Roberts steps out and stands in the middle. His hands are out front, tied with plastic ziptie cuffs, and he walks toward the ring, keeping his eyes focused on it. The guards keep a perimeter to make sure he can’t reach any fans and they walk with him all the way to ringside. The guard in front unlocks the cuffs, then steps back to allow Roberts to climb into the ring. He does so, then leans back against one corner, his eyes closed, head back, swaying slightly to the music.

Joe Hoffman: Jeffrey James Roberts has been unstoppable since joining High Octane Wrestling. An incredible seven and zero. Roberts is being presented with an unknown opponent though, so we will see how he handles this curveball thrown from up top.


Matt Boetcher calls for the bell after checking Roberts over. Deathbringer and Roberts circle each other for a few moments, before clashing in the middle with a collar and elbow tie-up. The two men march around the ring for a moment, and eventually Deathbringer is able to send Roberts flipping backwards with a hard throw. Roberts tries to scamper to his feet, but Deathbringer comes forward and smashes a kneeling Roberts across the mouth with a short arm clothesline to his downed opponent.

Joe Hoffman: What a clothesline from Deathbringer! He has Roberts on his heels!

Deathbringer drags Roberts to his feet and pushes him back into the corner. He ligns up Roberts’ exposed chest and hammers it with a big knife edge chop. He follows it up with another, and another, and finally ends the flurry by spinning and smashing Roberts across the mouth with a big roaring elbow!

Joe Hoffman: We’ve never seen Roberts get handled like this to start a match!

Roberts shakes the cobwebs up as he gets to his feet, Deathbringer is back on him and hits him with a short forearm before sending Roberts into the ropes with an irish whip. Deathbringer goes for a spinning heel kick on the comeback but Roberts rolls under the move and manages to keep running almost in stride. Deathbringer manages to recover and land on his feet as Roberts comes back off the ropes and smashes Deathbringer with a big diving forearm.

Joe Hoffman: What a forearm from Roberts!

Deathbringer staggers back into the ropes and JJR runs over and clotheslines Deathbringer leading to both men spilling to the outside. Both men manage to land on their feet, Deathbringer on the floor, and Roberts on the apron. Deathbringer stumbles around holding his chest for a moment as JJR leaps off and hits a hurricanrana on the floor of the arena.


Matt Boetcher: 1…!

Matt Boetcher: 2…!

Roberts gets to his feet and pulls Deathbringer up by his hair, and plants him with a DDT on the concrete.

Matt Boetcher: 3…!

Matt Boetcher: 4…!

JJR drags Deathbringer up and rolls him into the ring. Roberts rolls in behind him and pins Deathbringer hooking the leg.

Matt Boetcher: 1!

Matt Boetcher: 2!

Deathbringer kicks out hard, sending Roberts sprawling across the ring.

Joe Hoffman: What a kick out from Deathbringer! I would have sworn he was done from that DDT on the concrete!

He begins to get to his feet while JJR tries to stay on top of him. Roberts wraps Deathbringer around the waist and tries to lift him over his head for a german suplex but Deathbringer manages to pull his weight forward and stop the move. Roberts tries again, but Deathbringer slips an elbow into Roberts’ jaw, generating some separation. Deathbringer spins around and smashes Roberts with a forearm.

Joe Hoffman: Deathbringer isn’t out of this yet!

Roberts fires back with a chop across the chest of Deathbringer, Deathbringer responds with a forearm that staggers JJR. Deathbringer shouts and slams his chest asking for another chop and Roberts obliges. Deathbringer fires back with another forearm, Roberts with a chop, Deathbringer with another forearm, Roberts with another chop, and finally Deathbringer forearms Roberts and drops him to a knee.

Joe Hoffman: Jeffrey James Roberts’ huge start to his career in High Octane looks to be in jeopardy here!

Deathbringer grabs the kneeling Roberts in a front facelock and delivers a thunderous DDT! Deathbringer scrambles over and hooks Roberts’ far leg.

Matt Boetcher: 1!

Matt Boetcher: 2!

JJR manages to kick out at the last second. Deathbringer smacks the mat and jumps to his feet running to the ropes. He springs off the middle rope going for a lionsault, JJR manages to get his knees up and Deathbringer comes crashing down across JJR’s knees. The two men lay in the ring, Roberts’ collecting himself and Deathbringer holding his ribs.

Joe Hoffman: What a match! Both men are giving everything for that High Octane Television Championship!

Deathbringer begins to claw his way back up as does Roberts. Both men manage to make it to their feet. The two meet in the center of the ring again throwing desperate chops at each other. Finally Roberts manages to hit Deathbringer with a kick to the ribs. He spins around behind Deathbringer and smashes him to the canvas with a German Suplex.

Joe Hoffman: Roberts takes control again late in this match!

Roberts gets to his feet, and Deathbringer isn’t far behind. Roberts manages to get an exhausted Deathbringer into a front face lock, but can’t quite get him up for a suplex as Deathbringer manages to stick his leg between Roberts’. Roberts uses the position to fire a knee strike into Deathbringer’s midsection, followed by another, and another. JJR then goes for and hits the Brainbuster driver near the corner!

Joe Hoffman: Mask of Sanity by Roberts! We all know what comes next!

Roberts jumps to the outside, and instead of going straight to the top rope he slingshots himself over and drops a leg drop across Deathbringer’s neck. Followed by a second one. Finally he climbs to the top rope and leaps off with the shooting star guillotine! Boetcher slides over for the count.

Matt Boetcher: 1!

Matt Boetcher: 2!

Matt Boetcher: 3!

Joe Hoffman: What a debut performance from Deathbringer! And Jeffrey James Roberts continues his horrific reign as High Octane TV Champion!

Refueled comes to an end as we see the EPU hustle into the picture and slide into the ring and tackle the HOTv Champion.

We see a final image of the champ smiling from to ear to ear as the EPU put him into restraints before an international incident can occur.

Bonus Segment

The feed cuts to a darkened room where once again we see a High Octane wrestler sitting across from an unknown man.

The only light in the room is coming from a single flame illuminating from a candle sitting on what appears to be a desk.

The camera pans to the wrestler sitting and it becomes immediately clear that this is the same setting we saw before the main event at Rumble at the Rock.

Just this time it is not Scott Stevens sitting across from the unknown man…..

It is Scott Woodson.

The camera stays fixated on Scottywood as we see the High Octane Hall of Famer is suddenly handed a 97red leather binder. He slowly opens it and then looks up and squints to try and see the man sitting across from him.

Scotty starts to ask a question but stops and immediately flips to the last page.

A hand reaches out from the darkness and hands him a very specific pen and Scotty leans forward and slowly takes it.

With a deep breath, and a steady hand, Scotty signs the document.

He then quickly closes the binder and leans forward and hands it back to the man……along with that pen.

The camera remains focused on Scottywood but we can hear the clicking of the pen and then scribbling of pen meeting paper.

It is clear the man as also signed.

“Thank you Scott. You have officially given back your percentage of High Octane Wrestling and returned it to where it belongs….and for that I thank you.”

Scotty motions with his hand for the man to continue….which he does.

“Ah yes……and in return for your ownership stake…… week at Refueled 80 you will take on the Son in a match for the World Championship. Thank you once again for an easy negotiations these past couple weeks and good luck in your future endeavor.”

We then see the man lean forward and slowly put out the candle on his desk.

But not before we see a smiling Scott Woodson.