Refueled LXIV
  • Event Type: weekly

Refueled LXIV

Event Date: May 22, 2021 at 10:00 pm

#10 Sean Stevens vs. #27 Lester Moregrimes

The HOTv logo gives way and we cut immediately to the Hall of Fame announce team of Joe Hoffman and Benny Newell.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome to what should be a HUGE night! We’re about to get started. I’m Joe Hoffman alongside my partner, Benny Newell.

Benny Newell: Drink!

Joe Hoffman: What?

Benny Newell: We’re halfway across the world. Changing things up and starting early. Drink!

The scene switches to ringside with Bryan McVay. The fans in Korakuen Hall wait quietly for the announcement.

Bryan McVay: Welcome to the opening bout. Introducing first, from Yonkers, New York, weighing two-hundred-eight-one pounds… Lester Moregrimes!

“Panama” by Van Halen begins on the PA as the six-foot-five monster emerges from the curtain. He slowly makes his way down to the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Seen this man a few times now. Raw talent but physically imposing.

Benny Newell: Raw, sure but did you overhear one of Lester’s promos? The guy thinks he’s going into the chamber if he pulls out the victory tonight. Next World Champion.

Moregrimes enters the squared circle and awaits his opponent.

The lights dim, as a soulful intro blares over the airwaves.

Voiceover: The most important thing in business is honesty…

Cut to the video tron as several images flash across the screen, all conveying various ages of Sean Stevens throughout the years.

Smoke pyrotechnics shoot to the roof, as “No Hook” by Jay Z blasts over the PA system and Stevens steps through the curtain. He receives some light boos and begins an overly confident walk down the rampway.

Bryan McVay: His opponent, from Orlando, Florida, weighing in at two-hundred-eighteen pounds, he is SEAN STEVENS!

Benny Newell: Sean has it in the bag. Speaking of ‘the bag’, I’ve got some alcohol here with me. Drink!

Joe Hoffman: It’s gonna be a long night, isn’t it?

Stevens doesn’t acknowledge anything or anyone until he enters the ring and hops on each of the four turnbuckles, thrusting his arms in the air victoriously. Meanwhile, Lester Moregrimes stands in the center of the ring, waiting. Once Stevens has completed his pose on the fourth turnbuckle, referee Joel Hortega excuses Bryan McVay and asks for the bell.


Joe Hoffman: Sean Stevens runs at Moregrimes but the big man side steps him.

Sean has a cocky look on his face as he lunges in again.

Joe Hoffman: Stevens narrowly misses Lester as the Orlando native bounces off the ropes and – OH MY!

The fans are in shock as Lester Moregrimes nearly decapitates Stevens’ head with his finisher, 12 Gauge.

Joe Hoffman: The HARD double fists coming down across Sean’s skull!

Benny Newell: He’s out, Joe!

Moregrimes falls to his knees and places his hands on Stevens’ chest.





Benny Newell: Should’ve sent SCOTT Stevens out there. A cripple could’ve done more. Drink!

Moregrimes rises from the canvas and quickly grabs referee Hortega, throwing him into a bearhug and then immediately discards him afterwards. Lester stomps towards a turnbuckle, balances on the second pad and screams into the rafters, sticking out two middle fingers for the crowd. The big man bellows with intensity as he continues to process the victory, shaking his head up and down with passion.

Joe Hoffman: Lester’s acting like he’s won the World Championship!

Benny Newell: I told you, he thinks he’s going to War Games!

Moregrimes rolls out of the ring, finds a woman in the front row and latches onto her body. He kisses her and then throws her backwards. She lands in her seat.

Moregrimes celebrates as he heads backstage as the show moves on.

Zion Has Entered the Game

We open in Darin Zion’s locker room. He’s deep into listening to heavy rock music on his iPhone trying to get focused for the upcoming War Games match. Suddenly, a voice interrupts and startles him…

???: Well, well, well. Hello, Mr. Zion.

As Darin looks up, he sees Conor Fuse standing above him, smile on his face.

Conor Fuse: Pleased to meet your acquaintance, sir. I hope your trip to Tokyo Disneyland went splendidly. Did you get a chance to check out that Super Mario Land yet? Boy, I sure am jealous if you did.

Conor doesn’t allow for Zion to reply just yet.

Conor Fuse: Guess it doesn’t matter. We have bigger tasks on our hands with the announcement for War Games. Welcome to the team. Whoever thought I of all people would be the one to greet someone like you into our !ranks? And yet here we are.

An awkward silence bestills them. Once Zion tries to open his mouth, however, Conor cuts him off by revealing a powdered blue question mark block he was holding behind his back.

Conor Fuse: Listen, I know we don’t know each other. I’m kinda the resident funny guy, or idiot, depending on who you ask now that Bobby Dean’s died. But take this as a little token of 214’s appreciation for the hard work we know you’ll put into the Game of War.

Conor opens the question mark box, revealing a vintage SNES controller, completely wrapped in barbed wire, cord and all. Fuse keeps the controller in the box and places it beside Zion.

Conor Fuse: A controller to attach yourself as the GL 9th player. And a nifty weapon for when you want to grind COOL Guy’s head into a bloody pulp, or Solex, or Jace, or whomever your precious little heart desires. Let all that blood spill out in the Tokyo Dome. The Gamers will go crazy for Zion!

Zion examines the barbed wire controller before sliding it into his locker. He reaches over to grab Conor’s hand sternly. Both men shake each other’s hands before Zion smiles warmly.

Darin Zion: Thank you! It means a lot, Conor. The way I see things now, it’s time to let bygones be bygones with the whole situation over the last few weeks. We’re about to enter the trenches of one of the most exciting War Games matches in history, man. If we have any hope of winning this match, we all need to be on the same page. We can’t let the Best Alliance win.

Conor agrees as Zion’s eyes shift to the ground. Chuckling before responding, Zion shakes his head while uttering words he would never anticipate himself saying in his entire career.

Darin Zion: How about we go hit up the Grapplers locker room and play some SNES? Or maybe NES? Whatever retro game consoles you got back there, man. I know you’re a huge game nerd and maybe it’ll help broaden my horizons.

Conor scratches his chin, contemplating.

Conor Fuse: Weeeeeeelllll I’d love to but apparently there’s a rule that you and I can’t hang out in the locker room at the same time. Something about an “annoying overload”. I dunno, I wasn’t really paying attention.

The Vintage pauses to collect himself.

Conor Fuse: I will say this, you’re alright with me. I’d take you any day of the week over guys like Solex, Clay, Jace and Sektor. And no, I haven’t lost my mind. You did well against the BA. I’d never accept a three-on-one. You did. The bottom line is I have respect for someone that keeps playing this Game time and time again. It’s not easy. It’s not often fair. But it’s fun. Am I right? Am I right!?

Conor leans forward, carefully raising his hand to the top of Zion’s head. Fuse isn’t sure he’s going to do it but then his body language expresses “fuck it” goes for it anyway. He lightly tussles Darin’s hair. Zion glares back at Conor distinctly, telling him with his body language never to touch him again.

Conor Fuse: Okay, a little too much, haha. But I think we’ll have fun together in the Battle Dome, Darin. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to unlock Xander Gesundheit Azula and Arthur Pleasant. I have controllers for them, too. We’re all in this together and they need to tap in. They need that system link. It’s gonna be tough to do a nine player co-op but I’m sure we can get it done. Whatever could go wrong?

Fuse starts walking away from Zion, bidding him adieu.

Conor Fuse: Game heavy, game hard!


Stopping in his tracks, Conor sees Zion’s eyes light up like he has an idea. Nodding mischievously, Zion’s smile curls ear-to-ear as the gears begin turning in his head.

Darin Zion: Lindsay Troy said we couldn’t go back to the locker room. She never said we couldn’t hit up the karaoke destination of the world together and cause some chaos before War Games.

Zion pulls out a flyer marked in Japanese and hands it to Conor Fuse. In the middle of the flyer, you see a picture of Darin Zion singing karaoke on it. It’s an invitation to Zion’s karaoke celebration for winning against the Best Alliance.

Darin Zion: So how about it, man? You want to come to my karaoke celebration? We could totally do a killer duet!!! We can hit up the karaoke bars after Refueled ends!!! You know you’re dying to celebrate with me, man!

Fuse smacks Zion on the back.

Conor Fuse: I’ve been known to sing karaoke before. Not in this system but what the hell. You’re one of the Gamers now, count me in. Maybe they have some 16-bit music I can sing.

The Vintage raises a finger.

Conor Fuse: Otherwise, it’s time to focus and get serious– and I can’t believe I am saying these words out loud. I’ll see you there, Zion. Fun and games. Fun and War Games.

Both men instinctively come up with their own brotherly handshake before Fuse leaves. Zion’s face smiles up brightly as the camera fades out.

The Eternal Circle

The feed cuts to grainy video footage of a dimly lit room, with a familiar voice emanating from the shadows.

??: A wise poet once suggested that war is good for absolutely nothing…but I beg to differ.

Soon, the source of that statement steps into what little light there is, revealing none other than Xander Azula in his decorative robe, a smirk on his face.

Xander Azula: Kingdoms and nations have fallen to the terrors of war, but they always had a purpose…a goal. And throughout history, the winning side has always had some intangible that paved the way for their victory.

Xander’s smirk widens into a wicked grin, knowing full well where he’s going with this.

Xander Azula: The Eternal Circle is a charitable organization, always willing to help out those in need…especially when they reach out to me seeking my expertise.

With that, Xander removes his robe, setting it aside to reveal a Grapplers Local 214 shirt.

Xander Azula: I am still resting and healing from my failure to capture the HOFC title, but the blessing of Eris falls upon the 214 this day…and the Best Alliance Neutralizer is ready for the challenge. See you at the Tokyo Dome…and see you in the trenches.

Xander chuckles, walking off as the feed cuts to black before we go to commercial.

Brian Hollywood vs. Cecilworth Farthington

HOFC Match

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back folks as we transition to the USS Octane for our second match of the night…

Benny Newell: Cecilworth Farthington murdering Brian Hollywood.

Joe Hoffman: Those two will be facing off in a HOFC fight.  Farthington coming off his first match back where he defeated Bobby Dean.  Hollywood hasn’t been in action for about a month since he lost to Mike Best in what was a hard fought fight for the HOFC Title.

Benny Newell: I think he still has Mike’s knee imprinted on his jaw Joe.  Now Farthington is gonna break his fucking arm.

Joe Hoffman: It’s the last chance for someone to prove they deserve a shot at Mike Best’s HOFC title come War Games, so we’ll see Benny, both will certainly be looking to impress Lee Best here.

Benny Newell: Lee is asleep by 11:59 Joe, so I think Hollywood is fucked.

“Stronger on your Own” by Disturbed blares over the PA.  Hollywood slowly walks from the back ship as he stands there for a few brief moments, closing his eyes.  He gets in final mental preparation for his upcoming match as he opens up his eyes.  The camera zooms in to see the reflection in Hollywood’s eyes as he finally makes his way towards the cage.

Bryan McVay: The following HOFC fight is scheduled for three rounds, first making his way to the cage, from Los Angeles, California and weighing in at 225 pounds…. BRIAN HOLLYWOOD!!!

Quickly taking off his vest and throwing it down with intensity.  Hollywood makes his final push as he charges the cage, running in as he takes his place in the far corner before turning his gaze intently in the cage as he awaits for the bell.

“Mr. Finish Line” by Vulfpeck hits as we see Cecilworth Farthington saunter out from the back with a totally different entrance mood compared to Hollywood as he starts to stroll down to the cage.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent, from Buckinghamshire, UK and weighing in at 187 pounds… HOW Hall of Famer… CECILWORTH FARTHINGTON!!!!

Benny Newell: Look how relaxed Farthington is… he’s about to step into a cage and fight a man 38 pounds heavier than him… and he has not a single care.

Joe Hoffman: Both men with a lot to prove, but Farthington certainly seems relaxed here.

Farthington enters the cage as you can see Hollywood is chomping for the bell, as Farthington holds his hand up to Stevens as he makes sure his hair is all set and adjusts his knees pads a few times before he is ready and nods to Stevens who calls for the bell.  Hollywood charges at Farthington as he swings wildly for the head but Cecil ducks and he turns to retaliate on Hollywood, but Brian spins around faster and nails Farthington in the back of the head.

Farthington drops to a knee as goes for and connects with a bulldog.  Hollywood goes to drop a headbut to the back of Farthington’s head, but Cecil rolls out of the way and Hollywood crashes to the mat as Farthington quickly goes for an armbar.

Benny Newell: Break his arm!

Joe Hoffman: Farthington trying to lock it in!

Hollywood though escapes before he can as Hollywood drops an elbow quickly back down across the chest of Farthington, once, twice, three times.  Hollywood goes for a fourth but Farthington is able to again roll out of the way as he grabs Hollywood arms.  Attempting to lock in the armbar again, Farthington uses his legs and drives then across the chest of Hollywood as he tries to pull the arm of Hollywood back.

Benny Newell: Come on!  Break is Cecilworth!

Joe Hoffman: Hollywood fighting hard to not let Farthington lock that Article 50 in.

Hollywood is able to maneuver his way up to his knees as he gets a couple quick elbows in on Farthing who is still on his back before Farthington abandons the submission and kicks Hollywood in the stomach to get some separation to climb back to his feet.  But Hollywood closes back in and boots Farthington in the gut and goes for the Basic Instinct DDT, but Farthington holds nails a couple of quick jabs into the ribs of Hollywood who loses his grip and falls onto his back without Farthington who drops a quick elbow and again goes for the armbar.


Joe Hoffman: And Hollywood is saved by the bell as Farthington was again going for that Article 50 armbar submission.

Stevens breaks the two up as Hollywood boots Farthington in the side of the head as Farthington is angered and dives back at Farthington and starts hammering away with hard rights as Stevens calls for the bell to start round two.

Joe Hoffman: These two men just wanting to keep fighting as Hollywood is putting up a strong effort here early against Farthington.

Benny Newell: Farthington almost ended it three times Joe!

Joe Hoffman: But didn’t, as Hollywood got plenty of shots in.  Both men now exchanging hard shots as Farthington seems to have the advantage now…

Farthington gets back to his feet as a slightly dazed Hollywood keeps his legs up to defend until he can swing around and pop back up to his feet as Farthington charges and drives Hollywood back up to the cage wall.  Farthington throws a couple of kicks and forces Hollywood to eat them with his arms to block them.  Hollywood shakes his arms in a bit of pain as Farthington connects with a few body shots as Hollywood swings back with some head shots but Cecilworth ducks one and blocks the other as he comes back with a straight head but that sends Hollywood into the cage wall and down to one knee.

Joe Hoffman: Huge rattling shot but Farthington as Hollywood is busted open now.

Arm drag takedown sets Farthington up perfectly again for the Article 50 submission as he goes to lock it in but Hollywood quickly thumbs Farthington in the eye as he rolls away.  Farthington pops up though and rushes Hollywood and strikes him with a knee to the face as Hollywood collapses to the ground, holding his jaw which still seems to be sore from a month ago.

Benny Newell: Hollywood eating another knee!!  Now finish….


The bell ring as Farthington was again gonna go for that armbar submission and shakes his head and rubs his eyes.  Hollywood climbs to his feet and wipes the blood away on his face as Stevens calls for the start of the last round as he charges Farthington as the two again start to trade punches before Hollywood drives a knee into the gut of Farthington and starts hammering away at the back of Farthington.  Hollywood quickly jumps up and nails the jumping cutter on Farthington who is laid out in the middle of the cage.













Farthington starts to stir and push himself up off the mat as Stevens stops the count at 7 Hollywood goes for the elbow drop to the back of Farthington’s head, but Farthington moves out of the way and Hollywood eats the mat.  Farthington quickly grabs the arm that hit the mat and rolls over as he goes to lock in the Armbar submission one more time.

Joe Hoffman: Article 50 again… but can Farthington lock it in this time.

Hollywood again fights the move as Farthington drives his leg hard into Hollywood as it’s just enough to daze the bloodied Hollywood to pull the arm back fully.

Benny Newell: Article 50 locked in!

Hollywood faces shows the pain he is in as he tries to escape, but Farthington has the arm tightly gripped as he wrenches back on it.  Hollywood feeling that Farthington is about to break it has no option other than to tap out.


Bryan McVay: Here is your winner, in the third round by submission…. CECILWORTH FARTHINGTON!!!!

Joe Hoffman: Hell of an effort by Hollywood tonight, but Farthington just kept focusing on that arm and eventually he got the move locked in he wanted, that Article 50 for the win.

Benny Newell: He should have fucking broken it Joe!  Then beaten Hollywood with his own arm!  But I’ll take this Joe as the undefeated streak of Cecilworth continues!

Joe Hoffman: He is 2-0 now as he continues his pursuit up the HOFC standings. Who is next??

Benny Newell: Whoever it is Joe… he’s gonna break their fucking arm!?

Joe Hoffman: We will see, as we head to another commercial break on this go-home edition of Refueled before we head to War Games!

Battle Starr Sektacular

Back live and the scene cuts backstage where Brian BARE is standing by “acting” Best Alliance Tag Team Champions, Jatt Starr and Sektor, both of whom have their respective HOW Tag Team Championships over their respective shoulders.

Brian BARE: Jatt, Sektor, this past week Lee Best announced—-

Jatt Starr: Hold your doggies there, Brian. First thing’s first. We have to address the tapestry of injustice that occurred last week when Teddy Suckspin, desperate, knowing there was no way he could defeat the folk legend, Clay Byrd, unceremoniously threw him off the USS Octane. A malicious display of cowardice never seen before.

Brian BARE: I don’t think—

Jatt Starr: For his cowardly act, the HOW gods, in their infinite wisdom, smited down Teddy by causing him to clumsily trip and fall into water behind Clay Byrd.

Brian BARE: Didn’t Steve—-

Jatt Starr: WHEREIN! According to my sources, Clay Byrd, fought valiantly against a giant squid, whose ink could have blinded a mere mortal man, but he, Clay Byrd, is impervious to squid ink and thus was able to defeat the beast while also fending off Teddy. When they were pulled from the ocean depths, whilst the squid carcass was taken away by the undercurrent, Clay Byrd, was pinning Teddy for a good fifteen seconds. Clay Byrd is the LSD Champion! NOT Teddy Suckspin! Now that the air is cleared, what were you going to ask?

Brian BARE: Um, yes, earlier this week, Lee Best announced that StarrSek Industries will be representing—-

Jatt Starr: Whoa! Hold up there, . Were you not paying attention last week? The Ruler of Jattlantis, the Starrabian Knight, the Starrcelona Icon made it abundantly clear that StarrSek Industries is dead.

Brian BARE: Well, you and Sektor will be representing the Best Alliance defending the Tag Team Championships immediately after the result of Teddy Palmer and Clay Byrd’s LSD Championship match at War Games.

Jatt Starr: Exactly! That is because Lee Best knows that on Team Best Alliance, no one can represent the Tag Team Championships more than the Gold Standard and the Jattinum Standard. Which is why, we are rebranding ourselves as the Best Alliance Tag Team’s Legendary Enforcers. Otherwise known as STARRSEK: B.A.T.T.L.E.!

Brian BARE: So, you are “StarrSek: B.A.T.T.L.E.” now?

Jatt Starr: Darn tootin’, Rasputin! Lee Best knows, John Sektor and the Sultan of SeaJattle are both battle tested and battle approved. Those Grappler Fopsicle Sticks selected Dan Zion and Conor Fuse to be our opponents in the Tag Team Championship portion of the match at War Games. I will let Sektor speak on Dan Zion, I, on the other hand, will address Conor Fuse. Conor, you should be thanking the HOW gods and, honestly, thrilled because you get the honor of being defeated by the HOW Classic for a second time. I promise you, Conor, this is the best possible outcome for you. By eliminating you from War Games, we are showing you mercy. I assure you, what we will do to you will be far less sadistic and malignant than what Sutler Reynolds has in store for you. So, you’re welcome.

Brian BARE proceeds to turn his attention towards Sektor.

Sektor: So we got big Dan and Connor Fuse, huh?

He says this as he prunes the moustache which Dan had relentlessly insulted without provocation.

Sektor: Let’s put a pin in War Games, because tonight? The HOW universe is being treated to a showcase between Dan Ryan, and the Gold Standard John Sektor!

He smirks, looking excited by this opportunity.

Sektor: Seems someone woke up ole’ Danny boy this week. He had a lot to say about me. You know what? There was a lot of truth to many of those words. I’ve not been quiet about my poor form. I know that I appear as the shell of the man that I once was. I don’t need reminding, Dan. But it’s fine.

He shrugs it off, looking more relaxed and confident than he has been for a while.

Sektor: As for all the personal insults? I mean, come on man! You’re gonna have to bring something much sharper to cut through my thick Cuban skin, hermano. Sticks and stones, know what I mean?

He rolls his eyes before turning more serious.

Sektor: But when you started talking about respect? Motherfucker that’s when I woke up! You say I used to be respected? What you saying Dan? Because I’m in bad form I’ve suddenly lost all my rep that I’ve earned? Maybe I have, but anyone worth their weight in Gold knows how fucking good I am.

There’s a stern scowl building the more he talks.

Sektor: Dan, you came here with a certain level of respect. Your name is huge in the wider circle of wrestling. I decided many years ago where my home is and where I’ll make my name. And I went all in on HOW. Do I respect you? Of course I do. You’re Dan Ryan. Do I like you?

He shakes his head.

Sektor: No I do not. And now you suggest you don’t respect me? Well mi amigo, tonight I will earn your respect the hard way. Win or lose? You will learn all about the man, the myth, the fucking Legend that is ME!

He spits down on the ground and grits his teeth at the camera.

Sektor: Forget War Games for a minute. You made this personal! And tonight, you and I are gonna get very, fucking..PERSONAL!

With that he storms out of shot, leaving Jatt and Brian standing. For a moment, it appears as though the Jattvian Prince of Polka is about to say something, but decides not to, and instead, he kisses his HOW Tag Team Championship and walks off as the scene comes to a close and cuts to ringside.

#4 Steve Harrison vs. #5 Arthur Pleasant

We cut ringside to Joe Hoffman and Benny Newell who are standing by behind their commentary desk which is tucked off to the side in the tiny venue. Behind them fans seated in the stands can be seen politely waving at the screen.

Joe Hoffman: Folks, up next we have another War Games preview match pitting Arthur Pleasant against Best Alliance member Steve Harrison!

Benny Newell: That jackass Arthur Unpleasant is going to learn real fast why it was a bad idea to join Team 3201 or whatever the fuck they’re called.

Joe Hoffman: I wouldn’t count out Arthur Pleasant and his monstrous body man, Yuri Reznikov. Both Harrison and Pleasant are sitting at 3 victories a piece in 2021.

Benny Newell: Well I guess Arthur is gonna have to be satisfied with three wins cause the Best Alliance is dominating these jackasses all the way to War Games!

The aggressive violins of Camille Saint-Saens’s “Danse Macabre” plays eerily through the packed space of Korakuen Hall. Appearing in the small entrance way is the Provocateur himself, Arthur Pleasant. A small fog machine works it’s little heart out as the local fans offer an excited but polite stomping of their feet.

Bryan McVay: Introducing first.. Accompanied to the ring by Yuri Reznikov.. From Under the Might Sun in Utqiagvik, Alaska..

Arthur is joined by his bodyman who has to actually bend over to get beneath the entrance frame. Pleasant raises his arms out, a wide smile stretched across his lips.


Both Arthur and Yuri take the quick walk to the ring where Arthur quickly slithers beneath the bottom ropes before snaking his way up to his feet. While Yuri lurks outside the ring Arthur runs the ropes a few times before stopping to pose toward the camera. His entrance finished, Pleasant moves back to his corner to await the arrival of his opponent.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent..

The drum beat babbles out over the speakers before the classic sound of “Take the Money and Run” by the Steve Miller Band cranked out over the Hall’s sound system. Knocking the curtain away is Steve Harrison, an infuriating smirk plastered on his mug as he waves to the fans sitting in the stands or standing on the balcony. The white devil is greeted by a chorus of boos though they are surprisingly respectful sounding.


Making his way down to the ring Harrison seems charmed by the small size and limited crowd of the venue. He shouts at some of the local Japanese fans but figures they don’t understand English, brushing them off when they reply to him in Japanese. Reaching the ring he carefully stalks the outside, his eyes watching Pleasant.

Eventually he makes his way all the way around only to find Yuri blocking his path. Harrison looks up at the massive man, holding his hands up in a non-offensive manner engaging the body man in a conversation the camera can not pick up.

“Me. Me! ME!”

Harrison can be seen screaming in Yuri’s face, apparently having hit upon something. The Russian bodyman appears to become agitated, cracking his knuckles as he glares down at the Miracle Man. As if from nowhere Harrison has a taser in his hand, jamming it into Yuri’s leg as thousands of volts of electricity course through the man’s body!

The Russian seems to fight the power of the taser for a moment, his face flashing bright red as his teeth are clenched tightly together. Unfortunately it proves too much as his eyes roll back in his head, his bulk collapsing to the ground as his limbs go rigid!

With the taser raised in the air Harrison looks extremely smug as Matt Boettcher screams at it from inside the ring. The Miracle Man’s celebrations are cut short as a blur known as Arthur Pleasant flies over the top rope colliding with Harrison as both men crash to the ground!

Arthur darts back up to his feet, dragging Harrison up as well before whipping him into the ring pole, Steve going limp as his body leans against the metal rod he collided with. Pleasant retrieves the taser that Harrison had used, picking it up with an evil look in his eye. Turning, Arthur triggers the taser before charging forward aiming to drive the prongs into Harrison’s back!


Harrison throws himself out of the way as the taser connects harmlessly with the metal pole before shattering to pieces in Arthur’s hand from the impact. Grabbing a nearby metal barricade Harrison tears it free from it’s supports before throwing it directly into Arthur’s face!

Joe Hoffman: That metal barricade just came crashing down on Arthur Pleasant’s face and this damn match hasn’t even started yet!

Benny Newell: That means none of this is illegal, Hoffman! Fuck him up Harrison! DRINK!

Shooing away a few photographers Harrison snatches up a folding steel chair before returning his attention to Arthur. Lifting it above his head the Miracle Man slams the chair down hard across the metal barricade on top of the Provocateur!


Harrison laughs as Arthur’s body twitches and twists beneath the bent metal bars of the barricade. He lifts the chair once again as the fans rain down boos!




With the fourth and final chair shot, Harrison tosses the chair away before dragging a lifeless Pleasant from beneath the heep. Rolling Arthur back into the ring Harrison finally enters for the ring, a proud smile pulled wide across his face as he demands Boettcher ring the bell.


Harrison drops down on top of Arthur with a lazy cover, his proud face staring directly into the camera.




Joe Hoffman: Not even a two count!

Benny Newell: What the fuck is this shit!?

Harrison looks just as shocked as the seemingly lifeless Arthur is half turned but still on the mat. With a snarl Harrison forces his shoulder back down, this time hooking the leg while grinding his forearm across Arthur’s brow.



Joe Hoffman: Once again not even a two count!

Arthur doesn’t just throw his shoulder up, he completely breaks Harrison’s pin attempt, rolling out of the ring where his body seems to collapse into a heap. Harrison, laying in the middle of the with a bewildered look on his face seems hesitant to follow Pleasant out of the ring. Instead Harrison slips out of the ring on the opposite side from where the Provocateur has seemingly fallen, grabbing the chair he had used earlier before stalking back around to find his opponent.

Benny Newell: Get him, Harrison! Just beat him with the chair until he stops moving!

Joe Hoffman: I don’t think that’s legal..

Benny Newell: Who gives a fuck, that asshat will never make it to War Games!

When he reaches the other side of the ring Pleasant is nowhere to be found. Harrison begins to panic demanding the fans explain where Pleasant has vanished too. Unfortunately as Harrison turns to re-examine his surroundings Pleasant appears from beneath the ring before kicking the Miracle Man in the gut! Harrison drops the chair on the ground in front of him as Arthur pulls him in..

Benny Newell: Where the hell is he Hoffman!?

Joe Hoffman: Why should I know?

Benny Newell: You’re the guy whose supposed to be paying attention, I’m here for ad revenue! DRINK!


Steve’s body goes rigid, his legs pointing straight up into the air as the full weight of his body crushes down on his neck and shoulders. A moment later, as Arthur releases his grip on Harrison’s body, the full 245 pounds of him collapses to the side. Arthur climbs to his feet, a wicked smile stretched across his face as the Hall is filled with the roaring approval of a few hundred.

Joe Hoffman: The fans here showing a little love for Arthur Pleasant it seems!

Benny Newell: These fans are idiots! Who shows up to a venue this small anyway, I swear I can feel the fans undressing me with their eyes behind me.

As he is dragged to his feet a small gash on Harrison’s head begins to bleed eliciting a series of strange noises from the audience. Seeing the blood only seems to increase Arthur’s apparent enjoyment as he smears the blood across Harrison’s face before rolling him into the ring. Arthur climbs in after, slowly crawling onto Steve’s chest before raining down stiff, directly punches right onto the gash. Each time he does blood splatters across his knuckles and the ring.

Benny Newell: Somebody needs to stop this, Harrison is bleeding!

Joe Hoffman: It looks like that piledriver busted him open and now Arthur is going wild at the sight of Harrison’s blood!


Boettcher begins a count, warning Pleasant of a DQ if he continues to punch with an open fist. Arthur seems to consider the referee’s words before open palm striking Harrison in the face, each one creating a sickening wet slapping sound as it connects. Laughing to himself Arthur finally dismounts and hooks Harrisons leg.




A bloodied Harrison manages to kick out, immediately reaching out and grabbing the nearby rope for dear life. Arthur attempts to pull him away however the larger, stronger Harrison actually manages to fully entangle himself with the bottom rope forcing Boettcher to intercede on his behalf begging between the two of them physically.

Joe Hoffman: Arthur Pleasant has a mean streak as vicious as I’ve ever seen.

Benny Newell: Who does he remind you of a certain famous person whose name starts with M, Hoffman?

Joe Hoffman: The talk around town is Pleasant is a lot like HOFer Max Kael.

Benny Newell: What? Who the fuck said that? No I was going to say he reminds me of Mac Tonight, you know that creepy Moon character from the McDonalds ads?

Joe Hoffman: I… what?

Reluctantly Arthur backs away while Boettcher continues to admonish him giving Harrison a much needed breather. After a few seconds Harrison releases the bottom rope and climbs to his feet while inspecting the damage to his face and head. He slaps himself a few times to shake the cobwebs free before he returns his attention to Pleasant. Harrison’s smug smile and overconfident expression are replaced with a serious tone, a grim scowl tight across his lips.

The two men approach each other for a tie up..


Steve completely avoids the lockup and instead jabs a blood stained finger into Pleasant’s eye! Half blinded and definitely stunned, Arthur stumbles back only to nearly be beheaded by a wicked clothesline that almost breaks him in half! Harrison hooks the leg!

Joe Hoffman: Harrison resorting to a few dirty tricks to get the job done here tonight.

Benny Newell: The eye poke is a legitimate tactic, Hoffman!




Joe Hoffman: I can’t believe it, another kickout before two!

Benny Newell: This can’t be happening! This shit has to be fake!

As if his shoulders are literally repelled by the ground, Pleasant shoots his shoulder up! Harrison is incensed as he muscles Arthur back up to his feet and snaps him backward with a Belly to Back suplex! The Miracle Man is quickly back up to his feet taking Pleasant with him as he does so only to drop him with a horrific Dragon Suplex that he bridges into a pin in the center of the ring!




Joe Hoffman: Again!

Benny Newell: Fucking BULLSHIT! Count faster, Boettcher! DO YOUR JOB!

Once again, as if by some super natural means, Pleasant’s shoulder leaves the mat. At this point Harrison’s cool has completely drained away, his bloodied face contorted into a dangerous looking snarl. He wastes no time once again climbing to his feet dragging the frustratingly difficult to pin Pleasant back up to his feet.


A hard slap across Pleasant’s face takes the man almost off his feet, his knees buckling as his head rolls to the side. Harrison screams in the face of Pleasant to go down though the smaller man doesn’t seem to pay him much attention.


A harder slap, this time across the other side of Pleasant’s face. This one actually takes him down to one knee, a flash of red glistening on his lower lip. A crooked smile creeps across his face as he slowly climbs up off his knee to look Harrison directly in the eye.


Using his superior power Harrison literally folds the Provocateur in half for shipping, Arthur’s body ragdolling across the ring as a furious Miracle Man is immediately on his feet and stalking his opponent. Not waiting for Arthur to recover, Pleasant pulls him up by his waist before spinning him around..


Harrison hooks the leg, demanding Beottcher make the pinfall.

Joe Hoffman: A dominating performance right now by Harrison who puts Arthur’s spine down to the pine!

Benny Newell: There it is! Match over!




It’s not even about winning at this point as an absolutely enraged Harrison jumps up to his feet before smashing fists, feet and elbows down on a defenseless Pleasant, spit and hatred flying from the Miracle Man’s lips. After his rage subsides Harrison collapses, his hands cradling his face as his chest rises and falls with each heavy breath. Beside him Pleasant remains unmoving, each kickout attempt apparently taking everything he has.

Harrison sits up as he pulls his hands away from his face, his serious, controlled expression back on. He slowly climbs back up to his feet, the gash on his head having finally closed up. Dark patches of dried blood around his eyes give him a grim, grizzly look as he grabs a handful of Arthur’s hair. He pulls the man up into a kneeling position before releasing his hair..


Pleasant’s head snaps back as Harrison runs through the man with his knee. Harrison dusts himself off before climbing back up to his feet staring down at Arthur thoughtfully. He looks at the man on the ground.. Then the corner. Then the man on the ground.

Joe Hoffman: What is Harrison thinking?

Benny Newell: Oh I fucking know.. Do it.. DO IT!

He drags Arthur’s lifeless body to the corner, propping him up face first on the middle turnbuckle before walking to the far corner. He lines the shot up..


Dragging Arthur’s body away from the corner he proudly hooks the leg and S locks his hands as he pins Pleasant.



Benny Newell: YES!


NOO!! NO!!

Though Boettcher’s hand hit the mat he indicates that Arthur manages to throw his shoulder up at the last moment! Harrison’s spent, his rage vented long ago and now he simply looks crushed. He makes a half hearted attempt to argue that it was a three count however he knows in his heart that Arthur managed to kick out somehow.


Then Harrison remembers he has one last bullet in the chamber.

Benny Newell: Come on, Steve, I know you know what has to happen!

Steve slowly climbs to his feet with an almost delirious smile on his face. Yanking Pleasant up by his hair before hooking him into a Crossface Chickenwing..

Benny Newell: If you need a Miracle…

Joe Hoffman: IT’S A HARRICLE!

Arthur flips out of it and lands on his feet, hitting the ropes! A stunned Harrison turns..


Pleasant’s foot catches Harrison square on the draw knocking the Miracle Man flat on his back! Arthur is back up to his feet once again taking to the ropes! Harrison seems wobbly as he slowly climbs to his knees completely oblivious of the actions of his opponent..

Joe Hoffman:Friends Till The End!


Two back to back knees collide with Harrison, first with his face and then, as a return favor from earlier, one square to the back of his head! Pleasant hooks Harrison’s leg..




Benny Newell: Thank fucking LEE! He’s still in it!

Joe Hoffman: Still in it but for how much longer? How much more do either of these men have?

The knee to the face seems to have once again opened the gash on Harrison’s face as blood begins to pour out of his face once again. A vindictive smile appears on Arthur’s face as he uses the ropes to pull himself up to his feet, the incredible amount of punishment he suffered at Harrison’s hands having taken its toll on the abnormally difficult to hurt Pleasant.

Climbing up onto unsure legs, Harrison’s eyes sting with sweat and blood blinding him. He staggers forward only to get swept up into a Fireman’s carry by Arthur..

Benny Newell: No! NO!

Fortunately for Steve his work on Pleasant has paid off as the smaller man is unable to support Harrison’s weight, crumbling down to his knees. He might not be able to see Arthur but he knows where and for the veteran grappler this is all he needs. He reaches down and yanks on Arthur’s hair causing him to let out a yelp of pain.

Benny Newell: He’s too weak! Harrison has done to much damage, Hahaha, I knew it! I knew it! FINISH HIM OFF HARRISON! FOR LEE!

Once again he pulls Arthur into a Crossface Chickenwing..


Pleasant throws his head back as it crashes against the bridge of Harrison’s nose! Steve releases the hold as his hands instinctively go to his nose, tears welling up in his eyes.


Roaring as he summons the strength to lift Harrison and fight through the pain, the Provocateur is able to drive his knees into the blooded face of his opponent. Hooking Harrison’s leg, Arthur rolls back with the last of his strength.




Bryan McVay: Winner of the match……… ARTHUR PLEASANT VIA PINFALL IN 16 MINUTES 52 SECONDS!!!!

Both men remain unmoving as Boettcher checks them both. Yuri Reznikov is back in the ring having recovered from the taser attack, shooing Boettcher away before he lifts the exhausted but victorious Arthur Pleasant to his feet.

Joe Hoffman: A hard fought and well earned victory for Arthur Pleasant here tonight.

Benny Newell: So much bullshit! Bullshit here, bullshit there, bullshit, bullshit everywhere!

Joe Hoffman: Regardless of how you feel about the outcome both of these men gave it their all, the question remains how much will they have left for War Games?

Benny Newell: I’ll tell you this, Hoffman, there won’t be a repeat of this bullshit here! Harrison is going to beat the ever living DOG SHIT out of this fuckin’ guy at War Games! ..or I hate to think of what Lee will do to him.

Joe Hoffman: I hate to think about it, Joe. We now take you to another commercial break as we continue on tonight with our last show before War Games!!

Maximum Carnage

We fade in from commercial to see Arthur Pleasant laying back on a grouping of stairs on the perimeter outside the main auditorium of Korakuen Hall. His arms are folded behind his head with a cigarette tucked between his lips, and his left leg is curled to the right, crossed over the top of his right knee. Still clad in his ring gear from his match that just ended with Steve Harrison, Arthur looks up into the stairwell that leads to the upper offices and sky boxes.

Arthur Pleasant: Well, I guess now’s as good a time as any.

He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a gold coin. It’s not a quarter. It’s not a half dollar. It’s not even a krugerrand. It’s some kind of indecipherable token. On one side there’s a “head”, that much is clear. On the other side, there’s a large “X” mark scratched into the coin. Even a layman like John Sektor or a simpleton like Clay Byrd could understand how this signifies “tails”.

With the snap of his thumb, the coin pings into the echochamber of the empty stairwell, peaking right about five-feet before coming back down in a perfectly lined up fashion into the palm of his hand. Taking a drag of the cigarette, he chuckles.

Arthur Pleasant: Moment of truth.    

He smacks the coin against the upside of his hand. Slowly taking his hand away… it reveals “heads”.

Arthur Pleasant: Fuck.

Shaking his head, he tucks the coin back into his pocket. Clearly, he seems disappointed in something. What that something is, though, remains unclear.

Arthur Pleasant: Well, then. Guess I better play nice. Heh.

Suddenly, the door to the stairwell opens up and it’s Conor Fuse. He stops in his tracks when he sees Arthur Pleasant. The Provocateur doesn’t even bother to look in his direction, but he can certainly feel a pair of eyes on him like frickin’ sharks with frickin’ laser beams. He sighs, obviously not too thrilled about wanting to say what he’s about to say. The coin knows better, apparently.

Arthur Pleasant: On my way here from Suidobashi Station, long before tonight’s Refueled even started, I had a few moments to think. Really… think… about everything going on. And you know what? 

He sits up from his sprawled out position on the stairwell. Smiling at him at first, it slowly fades away into an emotionless gaze.

Arthur Pleasant: I want your annoying ass to know something. You see, WARGAMES… look. I may be new here, but despite this sheepish, childlike innocence my exterior may exude…

Conor shoots a look of skepticism at Arthur, but The Ultimate Gamer continues to listen to every word that comes out of Pleasant’s crooked, snake-like, fork-tongued mouth.

Arthur Pleasant: …I am a very perceptive person. I am cognizant of the goings on around me more than you or anyone else might think. With that in mind, I am more than aware that WARGAMES is bigger than me. It’s bigger than ANY of us, if I’m going to shoot straight with you guys. Sure, whoever wins the match for their team is High Octane World Champion and there’s an infinite number of possibilities in this fucking algorithm of randomness that is WARGAMES. Because any one of us can walk out of that match with some kind of championship gold… but even with that in mind, it’s still a team effort.

Arthur can feel Conor’s skepticism.

Arthur Pleasant: Oh, I would be skeptical of me too if I was standing where you are. So while I can get you to hear me, I can’t force you to listen. I mean, I could beat the shit out you and make you listen to your loving Uncle Arthur, but that would be something that the Best Alliance would want. In fact, as sure as the rain is wet, the sky is blue, and Lindsay Troy is secretly in love with me… they are counting on me for that.

The Provocateur stands up and takes a final puff of the cigarette before dumping it on the concrete floor. Twisting the toe of his wrestling boot into it, scattering the brown tobacco inside the Marlboro like the juicy innards of a cockroach, he continues. 

 Arthur Pleasant: Those elitist fucking cunts out there masquerading as unstoppable forces of nature in the Best Alliance? They underestimate us. They don’t think anything of us, quite honestly. They allow Lee’s skewed perception of reality to prejudice their own individual narratives and see reality through a blurred reflection in muddied waters. They see Grapplers Local 214 and they see nothing but an island of misfit toys. But you… WE are more than just a bunch of misfits, aren’t we?

Arthur nods in his general direction. Unexpectedly, even unto himself, Conor reciprocates a nod.

Arthur Pleasant: We may be a bunch of misfits that take residency on an island outside of the norm, but we have something that those fucking pussies do not have: a pack mentality. Each one of us are prepared to go out there, set aside our grievances in order to achieve one common goal: stop the fucking Best Alliance in their fucking tracks.

Arthur gets up close and personal with Conor Fuse.

Arthur Pleasant: I may not like you, but you have the heart of a warrior inside you. That cannot be ignored. Their fucking leader and the current reigning World Champion should know that better than anybody after barely surviving you… but they still want to ignore that. The bitter end for them will be revealed in the universal truth that people only see what they want to see on the surface. You… will make them pay for that.

Arthur goes to leave him with all of that to digest, but he stops. Looking up at nothing in particular, he laughs.

Arthur Pleasant: Maximum Carnage.

Conor’s eyes suddenly perk up.

Conor Fuse: Huh?

Arthur Pleasant: Think about it. Maximum… CARNAGE.

Conor dives deep into the recesses of his video game knowledge, Then it hits him.

Conor Fuse: Spider-Man and Venom teamed up to take on Carnage. Yeah, I get that.

Arthur Pleasant: Exactly. So I want you to know, though we may be on opposite ends of the spectrum… we will combine forces and beat the common enemy for the good of the city. Or in this case, High Octane Wrestling. We will deal with the Best Alliance.

The Vintage agrees, revealing a powerded blue question mark block in his hands.

Conor Fuse: It’s kinda weird for me to be doing all the listening but I’m totally cool with your awesome possum rhymes. Consider this a gift, from me to you. We’re all on the same team now, so you need a specialized controller.

Fuse reveals what’s inside the box. It’s an SNES controller, wire and all, wrapped in barbed wire.

Conor Fuse: Pick a box, its contents will help you on the way.

Fuse hurries his next lines, unsure how Arthur will react.

Conor Fuse: I know you like hardcore. Feel free to dig that puppy into anyone’s head. It’d make a nice Christmas reef across Steve Harrison’s skull. Or it could send someone like Sektor into an early retirement. We could only be so lucky. Game on, strange Resident Evil man, game on.

The Power-Up King nods, spins back down the staircase and exits.

Arthur Pleasant smiles and looks down at the barbed wire controller. Pricking his finger with one of the barbs, he lets the blood run down until it pools between the webbing of his fingers. Taking the point of his finger, he draws two red lines under his eyes like war paint.

Arthur Pleasant: Thanks, buddy.

The scene then switches back out to the ring for the next match-up.

#5 Dan Ryan vs. #18 John Sektor

As we come back to ringside we see the Hall of Fame duo ready to call the next highly anticipated matchup

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, and tonight’s next match up is between John Sektor and Dan Ryan with not just bragging rights on the line, but War Games momentum as well.

Benny Newell: That’s the understatement of the year.

Joe Hoffman: Maybe so, but we heard earlier today that Dan Ryan and Conor Fuse would be challenging the defending Tag champions, John Sektor and Jatt Starr in the War Games match, and a victory between either man will be huge going into War Games.

Benny Newell: Huge for the Best Alliance because the belts are back where they belong and they will continue to stay there.

Joe Hoffman: You ready Benny?

Benny Newell: Of course I am Hoffhole! I got my Jack, this six-pack of Japanese piss water and three lines of something called Godzilla. I fucking ready!

Benny snorts a line.


The lights in the arena begin to dim as

“Daddy’s Home” – JT Music”

Begins to play throughout the arena bringing everyone’s attention to the entrance as they anticipate the arrival of Dan Ryan. A single spotlight shines over the entrance drawing out the Texan to a round of applause.

Joe Hoffman: This crowd showing their respect to Dan Ryan.

Benny Newell: Psssh! Respect is earned Hoffman and what the fuck has Dan done? Beat up on the Murray brothers? Boring. I mean didn’t he say that it was because of him beating up on Mike so much that is why Jiles is champion? However, didn’t Jiles beat him?

Dan acknowledges the crowd with a nod as he loosens up near the entrance before heading to the ring.

Bryan McVay: Introducing first, coming to the ring from Houston, Tx and weighing in at 305 pounds….DAN! RYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAN!

Ryan rolls into the ring and heads towards the nearest corner and hops onto the second ropes and stares out into the crowd as……….

“Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” by AC/DC

Joe Hoffman: The familiar tune of The Gold Standard.

Benny Newell: Damn right it is Hoffman! The Golden Standard of the Best Alliance is about to carve up this rotting steer and put him out of his misery.

The Master of The “Stache” steps out from behind the curtain and the crowd gives him a round of applause.

Joe Hoffman: Sektor looking very focused.

Benny Newell: Why shouldn’t he be Hoffman? He’s a Hall of Famer, and in the Best Alliance. Plus, GOD himself feels so confident in Sektor he is having him represent the Tag champions in War Games. It doesn’t get better than that. DRINK!

Sektor hams it up, deviously stroking his ‘stache as he cockily marches down to the ring. No sooner has Sektor stepped into the ring than his music begins to fade out.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent, from Miami, Florida… he stands at 6’1” and weighs in at a formidable 245 pounds… He represents the Best Alliance by way of StarrSek Industries, he is… THE GOLD STANDARD! JOHN…SEEEEEEKTOOOOOOOR!

Hortega signals for the bell.

Ding. Ding.

Joe Hoffman: And here we go.

Dan and Sektor come out of their respective corners and stand face to face and neither flinches.

Joe Hoffman: Call it pride. Call it ego, but neither man is going to back down from the other.

Benny Newell: Stupid on Dan’s part.

Sektor and Dan start jawing and Sektor pie faces him and the former ICON champion responds with a right hand that staggers the Gold Standard.

Benny Newell: DQ! That was a closed fist!

Ryan continues the barrage of punches and the momentum staggers Sektor back against the ropes allowing Ryan to grab the Hall of Famer and whip him across the ring. As Sektor slingshots back, Dan Ryan bends down.

Joe Hoffman: Ryan looking for a back body drop…NO!

Sektor puts on the brakes and quickly hooks the arms of the Texan and tries to lift, but Dan Ryan shoves him off with a headbutt to the stomach. As Ryan slowly raises his head up, Sektor smirks and shows him how close it could’ve been to the end of the match.

Benny Newell: That’s right! That close bitch! That close!

Dan slaps his arms a couple of times and the two warriors begin to circle one another before locking up.

Joe Hoffman: Dan Ryan, one of the most powerful men to step into an HOW ring……

Benny Newell: Who the fuck cares Hoffman?!?!?!?!? That power and strength isn’t going to help you when you are being stretched by John Sektor! DRINK!

Dan shows his power as he gains the advantage and shoves Sektor back towards the ropes and as he returns Dan is looking to finish him.

Joe Hoffman: HAMMER OF GOD!

Sektor barely avoids the elbow.

Benny Newell: The Stache! I hope it’s ok!

Sektor who ducked to the outside turns his attention back to the ring to see Dan Ryan with a smirk on his face and showing Sektor how close it was to the match ending.

Benny Newell: That cocky mother fucker!

Dan holds the ropes open for Sektor to come back in, but the Gold Standard isn’t playing that game as he yells at Hortega to get the Texan back.

Benny Newell: Get that bitch back Hortega!

Sektor rolls into the ring and Dan Ryan is there to meet him. As Dan goes high, Sektor goes low that doubles the Texan over with a questionable punch.

Joe Hoffman: Looks like Sektor has been watching tapes of Andrew Golota.

Benny Newell: WHO?

Sektor kicks the legs out from under Dan Ryan with a dropkick and the former world champion begins to put the boots to the Texan. Sektor drives a stiff knee to the side of Ryan’s face. Cover.




Ryan presses Sektor off of him.

Joe Hoffman: Still a lot left in the tank of Dan Ryan.

Sektor immediately continues the attack, but Ryan pushes him back. Sektor press forward, but is sent backwards from a Dan Ryan haymaker.

Benny Newell: Fucking Hortega! Someone get him Rosetta Stone so he knows what a DQ is!

Dan Ryan regains his bearings and sees Sektor is still dazed and rushes at him looking for a double axe handle, but Sektor drops down and Dan’s throat hits the middle rope courtesy of a drop toe hold. Sektor hits the ropes and jumps on Dan’s back with a seated senton. Sektor hits the ropes again but this time slides out of the ring and slaps the taste out of Dan Ryan’s mouth.

Benny Newell: Slap the bitch up! Slap the bitch up!

Sektor rolls in an goes for the pin.




Hortega breaks the pin when he sees Sektor’s feet on the ropes.

Joe Hoffman: Sektor using dirty tactics to try and win this match.

Benny Newell: He was just propping his feet up Hoffman because this match is a fucking breeze.

Sektor gives Hortega some colorful language in his own language before reaching down to pick up Dan Ryan.

Joe Hoffman: KICK TO THE FACE!

Ryan quickly gets to his feet and grabs the stunned Sektor and begins to squeeze the life out of the Hall of Famer.

Joe Hoffman: Dan Ryan with the not often seen bear hug, but the Texan is slowly squeezing the life out of Sektor.

Benny Newell: You think a fucking hug is going to stop Sektor? No wonder he wasn’t invited into the Best Alliance with all this hugging bullshit. Who the fuck hugs in wrestling? Fucking pussies and Dan Ryan is showing everyone his has a giant vag.

Sektor tries to rake the eyes, but Dan delivers a headbutt square in Sektor’s face stunning the former champion allowing Dan to squeeze even tighter.

Joe Hoffman: I think I heard a few bones beginning to pop.

Benny Newell: Fuck no! Sektor isn’t going to end up like that other Texas fuck that used to work here.

In a blink of an eye, Dan picks up Sektor and delivers a massive backbreaker that has the Gold Standard shouting in pain as he holds his back. Dan goes for a cover driving his forearm into the face of Sektor.




Sektor pops his shoulder up and Dan quickly grabs that arm and goes to lock in a Fujiwara armbar.

Joe Hoffman: Dan looking to lock in that armbar, but Sektor is doing everything he can to avoid it.

Benny Newell: That’s why he’s the BEST WRESTLER in HOW!

Dan holds on a waits for Sektor to roll to a seated position before yanking him towards himself and delivering a massive clothesline that almost knocked Sektor’s mustache off of his face.

Joe Hoffman: A Texas size clothesline from Dan Ryan that turned Sektor inside out.

Benny Newell: Inside out? I don’t see Sektor’s bones or organs.





Sektor kicks out.

Dan Ryan mounts Sektor and begins to deliver rights to the side of the head of the Hall of Famer.

Joe Hoffman: How much longer can Sektor take?

Benny Newell: As long as it takes Hoffman. He’s Best Alliance!

Benny snorts.


Dan goes to pick up Sektor but an up kick staggers the Texan. Sektor pops and goes for a clothesline.



Dan Ryan slings John Sektor over the top rope and the audience gives the big man a round of applause from his incredible show of strength. Dan catches his breath while Hortega begins his count.






Dan Ryan rolls out of the ring and makes his way towards Sektor.

Joe Hoffman: Dan Ryan wants to beat Sektor in the ring.

Benny Newell: He’s a fucking moron.

Sektor sees the big man approach him and doubles him over with another questionable low punch. Sektor grabs Dan and whips him into the steel ring post before rolling back into the ring and yelling at Hortega to count him out.

Benny Newell: That’s all she wrote! Count the bitch out!








Sektor goes over to the ropes.


Sektor looks over and doesn’t see Dan Ryan.


He leans forward more and the big paws of Dan Ryan grab Sektor by his face and pull him to the outside and the Texan drives Sektor’s pine on the floor.

Joe Hoffman: Spinebuster!

Dan picks up Sektor and drives him back first against the security barrier and does it again this time against the ring. Ryan grabs Sektor and throws him back into the ring. The former ICON champion grabs Sektor and whips him into the nearest corner and charges in driving his shoulder into Sektor’s mid-section.

Joe Hoffman: Shoulder tackle and the air from Sektor is leaving his body as we speak.

Dan drives his shoulder into Sektor a few times and stops before Hortega can count to cinco.

Benny Newell: Back his ass up Hortega!

As Hortega backs up Ryan from the corner, Sektor begins to take off the top turnbuckle.

Joe Hoffman: Sektor took off the turnbuckle cover.

Benny Newell: How do you know it was Sektor? It could’ve came undone by itself. You know those fucks that set up the ring aren’t reliable.

As Dan comes back towards the Gold Standard, Sektor drops down and tries to pull Ryan face first into the exposed metal, but the Texan puts on the brakes.

Joe Hoffman: Dan Ryan puts on the brakes!

Sektor slithers to his feet and when Ryan turns around Sektor looks to deliver a clothesline, but Dan avoids it and locks in a full nelson.

Joe Hoffman: Full nelson by Ryan!

Sektor continues to fight and Dan lifts him up to slam him, but Sektor is able to slip free.


Sektor hits his forearm and starts to spin.

Benny Newell: Hall of Fame elbow coming up bitch!

Sektor goes for the homerun shot with the spinning forearm, but Dan ducks underneath and when Sektor turns around gets doubled over with a boot to the gut. Dan puts Sektor’s head between his legs and points to the exposed corner.

Joe Hoffman: He’s not.

Benny Newell: He better not! Hold my shit Hoffman I’m about to go teach him some manners!

Joe Hoffman: Settle down Benny.

Dan lifts Sektor up and takes a few steps back and begins to run towards the corner with Sektor doing all that he can to fight out of it. Sektor rakes the eyes and escapes down Dan’s back and the Gold Standard shoves the Texan towards the corner, but Dan stops himself from hitting the corner.

Benny Newell: FUCK!

Dan pushes himself from the corner and goes to deliver his running elbow.

Joe Hoffman: HAMMER OF GO……

Sektor shoves Hortega towards Dan and Dan narrowly avoids striking the ref.

Benny Newell: Good job Hortega! Give that man a raise!

As soon as Hortega turns his back from Ryan, Sektor delivers a massive low blow bringing a distracted Dan Ryan to his knees.

Benny Newell: That’s where you belong bitch.

Sektor with a cover.




Ding. Ding. Ding.

Bryan McVay: And your winner by pinfall….JOOOOOOOHN! SEEEEEEKTOOOOOOORRRRRR!

Joe Hoffman: A great back and forth match and that is how it ends. A cheap shot from John Sektor.

Benny snorts.


Dan Ryan shoots a stare at Sektor who is out of the ring getting his head raised and he points to his head with a smirk on his face.

Joe Hoffman: Sektor may have gotten one over on Grapplers Local 214 tonight, but will it happen again at War Games?

Benny Newell: Damn right it will.

Action cuts elsewhere as we see a final image of a very pissed off Dan Ryan.

Pocket Sand

The scene jumps to the parking lot, where Conor Fuse walks to his rental car. The camera picks up The Vintage muttering to himself.

Conor Fuse: I can’t believe I left Azula’s gift in my car. He needs a barbed wire controller in order to Play.

Fuse scoffs as he continues.

Conor Fuse: Guess the time difference has me all messed up. Why didn’t I ask Sutler for his Time Travel Technology (TTT™)? It could’ve made travel easier. Oh, right, because it’s stupid and it doesn’t work. I should’ve used Warp Whistle Mechanics (WWM®) developed by my amazing Warp Whistle Formula (WWF©) instead. I will beat that dead horse until he recognizes my power-up is better.

Fuse arrives at his car and pops the trunk open.

Conor Fuse: Wait, why didn’t I use my technology again? [Having a discussion with himself] Because you wanted to fly to Japan with your co-op. Teamwork is important, particularly now. It’s always dangerous to go alone, Conor. Haven’t you learned this?

Suddenly a pair of bright lights flare up, blinding Conor with their radiance. Fuse barely has a moment to register what is happening before a figure darts out of the shadows behind him, clubbing him over the back of the head with a double axe-handle smash!

Conor’s body hits the ground hard as the Son of Scions, Sutler Reynolds-Kael stands over him with a smug expression.

Sutler Reynolds-Kael: Buddy, I guess you never got the memo about shady characters hanging outside the Hall, huh?

The President of Human Resources fires a stiff kick into the back of the downed Conor, the sound of his shine striking flesh echoing up and down the street. Sutler follows this up with a rapid series of kicks to the shoulders and head before pulling out his phone, filming Fuse slowly trying to crawl away. He waves someone over as Chloe Sektor-Kael skips onto screen, the President of Human Resources handing his phone off to her as she films his continued attack on Fuse.

Sutler Reynolds-Kael: Where you going, Fuse?! HUH?!

Reynolds-Kael slowly steps on the back of Fuse’s leg, pinning him to the ground as he looks in the direction of the two bright headlights that originally blinded Conor.

Sutler Reynolds-Kael: You don’t look so good, Conor. Here, I did you a solid and got you an Uber, buddy. Let me help you..

Reaching down, Sutler snatches Conor by his hair, dragging him to the back end of his car where he props up Fuse’s body. Shuffling away, Sutler points at Conor’s body before a wild smile scratches across his face.

Sutler Reynolds-Kael: Get him!

There is a pause as the car seems to rev its engines before it idles causing Sutler face to flash red.

Sutler Reynolds-Kael:..DO IT! Do it or I’m giving you a zero rating and no tip!

As if the magic words were said, the car engine once again revs up before the tires squeal, smoke and the scent of burnt rubber filling the air before it lurches forward toward Conor Fuse!


The car slams into the back of Conor’s rental and if his body is still there, we have just witnessed murdered. The Uber driver backs up, broken glass and plastic spilling out onto the ground. However, there is no gore or bloody remains as one might expect with Conor having completely vanished. The President of Human Resources inspects the carnage with a disappointed look on his face.

Sutler Reynolds-Kael:..oh shit..

It is now Sutler’s turn to be surprised as a loud roar precedes Fuse’s body flying over the top of his rental, tackling Reynolds-Kael to the ground!

The Vintage grabs Sutler by his hair and ricochets it into the cement.

Conor Fuse: Should’ve called a タクシー instead.

Fuse smacks Sutler’s head to the ground again.

Conor Fuse: They’re cheaper… [ram head] more efficient… [ram head] and get the job done. [Ram head] Plus it supports the local economy.

Sutler gets a kick in, knocking Conor back so The Son of Scions can pull himself up and retreat.

Conor Fuse: If you wanted to play Mario Kart with me you could’ve asked. Come at me when it counts and face-to-face. Yowamushi.

The President of Human Resources steadies himself, his head ringing from the multiple slams into the ground while a small trickle of blood runs down his nose. Chloe Sektor-Kael lets a low gasp out while Sutler touches the blood, examining it carefully before glaring back at Fuse.

Sutler Reynolds-Kael: You’ll regret doing that, Conor! Now.. prepare for the full power of..

The Son of Scions and self-proclaimed World’s Greatest Gamer flexes before dropping into a Kung-Fu pose, his eyes wide and wild.

Sulter Reynolds-Kael: …POCKET-SAND!

Faster than a hick-up, Sutler reaches into his pocket and thrusts a chalky white cloud of fine pocket sand into the face of Conor Fuse, blinding him!

Sutler Reynolds-Kael: GET IN THE CAR, CHLOE!

Both Sutler and Chloe quickly retreat into the busted up Uber leaving Fuse swinging wildly, discretion being the better part of valor as far as the Kael’s are concerned.

Sulter Reynolds-Kael: PUNCH IT!

The cowardly President of Human Resources can be heard screaming from inside the Uber as it moves away at a slow and safe pace leaving Fuse once again alone, blinded and perhaps a little startled as we head to another commercial break.

Make a Choice

We come back from the commercial break to the ringside area here in the Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan. In the middle of the ring there can be seen a headstone along with flowers and wreaths surrounding the headstone. The lights in the arena dim as the HOV begins to light up. The words “The King has Returned.” echo throughout the building. The crowd stands on its feet as smoke begins to build on stage. The sound of Kingdom by Jaxson Gamble begins to blare as a spotlight shines on stage.

Joe Hoffman: Well, as promised last week I guess we’re about to witness the funeral for the career of Ray McAvay.

Benny Newell: Pay your respects, Hoffhole. Even after taking the punishment of getting laid out by that idiot Zion, The King is here to put the legacy of Ray McAvay to rest.

Bryan McVay: Introducing from Miami, Florida, standing at six feet four inches tall and weighing in at 253 pounds. He is The King of Everythingggg, Jace Parker Davidson… The JPD!

Jace appears on stage with Madison by his side who is wearing all black. Madison has a handkerchief in her hand and both her and Jace totally fake like they are both in mourning which brings on boo’s from the crowd. Jace takes Madison’s free hand in his and leads her down towards the ring. He climbs the steel ring steps and holds the ropes open for Madison who steps through into the ring.

Joe Hoffman: I think this is crossing the line just as much as setting McAvay on fire back in Los Angeles two weeks ago.

Benny Newell: Shut your mouth, can’t you see they are broken up over this? If I gave a fuck about McAvay I’d pour out some of my Jack in remembrance but since I don’t… DRINK!

Jace goes to the corner and gets handed a microphone before joining Madison standing in front of the headstone. The crowd continues to boo as Jace raises the microphone up to his lips.

JPD: Ladies and gentlemen, we’re here to celebrate the legacy, the career of Ray McAvay. However there isn’t much to celebrate seeing as it is Ray McAvay we’re talking about here.

There is a smirk on his face as he shrugs his shoulders to the small crowd which voices their disapproval.

JPD: A former War Games winner back in 2016 which he practically stole from me. He stumbled and fumbled his way into defending the HOW World Tag Team Championship belts that Teddy and LT won. Belts that he ended up getting pinned for and losing to Steve Harrison and Cancer Jiles. Other than getting his ass beaten by me week in and week out what else has he done?

Jace chuckles to himself at the meager accomplishments of Ray McAvay as he passes the microphone over towards Madison who pretends to be bawling her eyes out.

Madison: He was so young! Well… not really young, he was over the hill and a hack. Him and that stupid ass golf club, not to mention that goofy ass shirt. Just why? Why?! Why…didn’t we think of setting him on fire sooner? Hahaha!

JPD: It was just another step in the process and now that his career, much like his life, went up in flames. Now that he knows what the fires of Hell feel like, I just want to send you a message Ray. If you think me setting you and that locker on fire got your panties in a twist then don’t show up for War Games.

Jace leans over and rubs his free hand over the top of the headstone.

JPD: I gave you the out you needed. Don’t try to be a hero thinking you’re going to help lead 214 to a War Games win. You step foot inside of that cage you will not survive. Enjoy your retirement, play all the golf that you can and don’t worry. In the main event I’m going to send another member of the 214 team to join you because I’m done playing games-

The lights begin to flicker.

Joe Hoffman: What in the world?

JPD looks up as the lights turn off… then back on…

Joe Hoffman: We seem to be having trouble with the lights.

and the arena suddenly turns black.

A few gasps and lots of murmuring and chatter from the fans.

Benny Newell: What the fuck?  Do they not pay their electric bills here?

There’s some ruffling that can be heard.

Male Voice: Geez Jace…

The crowd pops when the lights come back up.  A spotlight shines on one of the side sections that only has six rows of seats where Ray McAvay stands on the top of the steps, back in HOW for the first time since the incident in Los Angeles.

Ray McAvay: …you at least could have just waited for the match at War Games, my final HOW match, to be over before burying my career.  But I’ve heard you’ve become quite good at burying people of late.  I’m sure Steve Solex really appreciated you throwing him under the bus this week for the tag loss against me and Zeb a few weeks back.

Jace just stands there and motions McAvay to come to the ring.  Madison on the other hand…

Madison: Fuck you!  How dare you talk to him like that!

Annoyed, McAvay motions to the back.

Ray McAvay: Hey, could someone please shut Trailer Trash Barbie’s microphone off?  And while you’re at it, cut off Jace’s as well.  I think we’ve heard enough from him.

Madison: Don’t yo…………

Silence follows.

Madison slams the microphone down on the mat, climbs up on the turnbuckle, and flips McAvay off.

Ray McAvay: Yeah.  Much better.  Jace, first off nothing’s going to happen to you tonight.  I promised Lee that you’d be able to compete in the main event and I’m a man of my word.  You may be a better wrestler talent wise than I am- and you are- but I am a better person than you are – and I am.  So, there’ll be no ‘you hit me, I hit you back’ or ‘you set me on fire, I set you on fire right back’ tonight.  Secondly…

Ray extends his hand and looks around Korakuen Hall.

Ray McAvay: I have way too much respect for this hallowed temple of the Japanese wrestling scene to pull a stupid stunt like the one you pulled two weeks ago here.  Third…

McAvay shakes his head and even laughs.

Ray McAvay: …are you seriously, really, still that delusional about what happened in 2016?  I mean, what is this boo-hoo, ‘Ray McAvay screwed me over in 2016, poor me’ spin you’ve hitched your wagon to since your return to HOW?

Ray laughs even more at Jace.

Ray McAvay: I mean, seriously Jace, shall we take a pop quiz about what really happened in 2016?  All right.  Question one- who the hell do you think made that call that night?  Answer- Lee Best.  Question two- who came out attacked you to screw you and Perry Wallace over?  Answer- Jason Cashe.  And question three- who’s really at fault was it for what happened to you?

Ray points at Jace.

Ray McAvay:  That’d be you Mr. “I no-showed two pay per view shows in a row while holding the HOW World Title and thought he could back door his way to the world title again.”  You brought that all on yourself.

Ray pauses and continues.

Ray McAvay: Jace- and now you’re back again, self-glossing yourself as the King of Everything.  Jace, you’re not the King of Everything, you’re not even the King of Anything.   You’ve become HOW’s Nuke LaLoosh.  Million-dollar talent.

He points to his head.

Ray McAvay: Five cent head.  Hall of Fame caliber talent packaged inside an amateur human being.  Hall of Fame caliber talent don’t need to resort to bad comic book supervillain-type stunts like the one you pulled two weeks ago.  Hall of Fame caliber wrestlers don’t no-show pay per view shows.  Hall of Fame caliber wrestlers don’t no-show world title defenses– well, unless you’re John Sektor.  But at least Sektor had the courtesy to show up and lose the title to my good friend Joe Bergman- the only TWO-time HOW World Champion in the Refueled era.

The spotlight shifts over to two-time HOW World Champion Joe Bergman sitting next to McAvay on the top of the bleachers.

Ray McAvay: In fact Jace, I would even go so far to say that Joe Bergman deserves to be in the Hall of Fame before you do.  In fact, Rah…

The spotlight slides over the Sunshine God sitting with Bergman in the stands.

Ray McAvay: …Rah deserves to go into the Hall of Fame before you do…

The spotlights moves again- this time to a woman who appears to be a much younger version of Dawn McGill.

Ray McAvay: …and Dawn McGill, the slayer of Tim Shipley, she deserves to be in the Hall of Fame before you Jace.  By the way, Dawn couldn’t be here so her daughter Victoria joins us tonight.

Tori flashes a peace sign.

Ray McAvay: But the point remains, they all deserve to be Hall of Famers before you do.

Jace shakes his head.  McAvay shrugs.

Ray McAvay: Don’t like it Jace?  Then prove me wrong.  Prove to me, prove to the fans, and most of all- to yourself that you really do deserve to be a HOW Hall of Famer.  There’s no doubt that you are a hall of fame caliber talent but Hall of Famers don’t pull the stupid stuff you pulled two weeks ago.  Bad cartoon heels?  Yes.  James Bond villains?  Yes.  Hall of Fame caliber wrestlers?  No.  Prove it in the ring.  But know this.  Jace, no matter what happens at War Games, where we will settle our differences once and for all in the place where it should have been settled in the first place- in the ring- just know that win or lose Ray McAvay gets to go back to his cushy day job, kick his feet up on the desk, and do this all day…

Ray holds a cowbell up and hits it with a drumstick.

Ray McAvay: …knowing that I’ll always be a better person than you.

McAvay stares Jace directly in the eyes now.

Ray McAvay: You, on the other hand, have a choice to make.  Are you going to be Hall of Fame wrestler Jace Parker Davidson?  Or are you going to be Nuke LaLoosh.  Million-dollar talent.

He holds up five fingers.

Ray McAvay: Five cent head.

Another shrug.

Ray McAvay: Prove me wrong.

Mic drop.

We cut away elsewhere.

Meeting of the Minds

The show cuts away from the ring, and picks up in the backstage area. There, Union Leader and Local 214 Representative, Lindsay Troy, prepares for her and her 214 compatriots’ sure-to-be eventful bout against The Best Alliance and Mike Best.

Joe Hoffman: Troy looks poised, Benny. I like her chances.

Benny Newell: Fuck you, Joe. Really.

Suddenly, a chill moves through the air, alerting The Queen of the Ring to a certain someone’s championship aura.

Lindsay Troy: I hate the fact I can tell when you’re around. Then again, the alternative isn’t much better.

Cancer Jiles: Why? Do I make your nipples hard? Give you a case of the glass cutters?

Without a moment of hesitation, Troy smacks Jiles clean across the face with an open palm. Somehow, his BA-Shades stay glued in place.

Lindsay Troy: Pay very close attention to what happens tonight, Tool, because it’ll happen to you if you ever talk about my nipples again.

The half red-faced Maestro tries to rub the burn from his cheek. It does not work.

Cancer Jiles: Jesus fuck, Mom! I meant because of the chill in the air! What’s got your wrestling tights in a bunch? Are you seeing an ex later or something?

Lady Troy’s eyes narrow.

Lindsay Troy: What is it that you want? Isn’t Doozer around for you to finish off… again? Or is he here, and I just can’t see him?

The two share a friendly laugh that is sure to end as soon as LT raises her hand.

Seconds later, her hand shoots into the air to call for immediate silence.


Lindsay Troy: Listen Jiles, why don’t you stop now instead of giving me yet another reason to break your leg inside the Tokyo Dome. Sound good?

The Champ sheepishly smiles, and then takes a step backwards out of the kill box. No, not referring to lady parts.

Cancer Jiles: Very well then, if you want to play it like that.

Stifled, he clears the frog from his throat with a forced cough.

Cancer Jiles: You asked what I want?

A cordial, Championship, thought gathering pause.

Cancer Jiles: Well, between you and I— I think we both know I already got what I want.

The Colonel of the Best Alliance winks, and gestures towards his crotch. Not his unit, but the World Title on his tights. Or maybe his unit. Or both. But most likely the World Title on his tights.

Troy seethes.

Lindsay Troy: You’re a rotten, spoiled, pig of a man and I’m going to take immense pleasure in gutting you from hip to hip in two weeks’ time.

A playful, exaggerated chuckle escapes the World Champion.

Cancer Jiles: Such a feisty spirit you have, Mom. It’s what I love about you the most. Hey, would you believe me if I said I was looking forward to it?

Lindsay Troy: You shouldn’t be, so no.

A short frown flashes across Jiles’ face that has nothing to do with his feelings getting hurt.

Cancer Jiles: Well you should, because I am. Since we go back a bit, and from one person who will be blamed for their team losing to the other person who will be blamed for their team losing, may I ask one favor from you before I go?

Lindsay Troy: No.

Cancer Jiles: (ignoring her) It’s a two parter.

Troy knows he’s not going to leave, so she resigns herself to the inevitable.

Lindsay Troy: Get on with it then, for fuck’s sake.

Jiles grins.

Cancer Jiles: Tell me, after the Best Alliance reigns supreme, where would you like your face to go on my wrestling tights? You can have the pick of the litter because like I said before, we do go back. I’ll even move Conor if you want me to. Also, what would you prefer your facial expression to be? Agonizing defeat, or embarrassed eye roll?

Quick cut to our final commercial before an all-out fracas ensues.

Grapplers 214 Local vs. Mike and The BA

3 Round HOFC Six Man Match

We come back from our final commercial break and we cut to a live overhead shot of the USS Octane once again and this time we see that the 214 team is already in the cage, specifically Conor Fuse, who’s face still has some residue on it from the attack from SRK earlier in the show.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back folks and we are going to end tonight’s show with our six man HOFC fight. As everyone can see the 214 team, who literally just got on the deck of the USS Octane during the commercial break, are ready to go. It is clear that Conor has been selected to start this fight and one has to wonder if it was his choice or one made by LT.

Benny Newell: Who gives a shit. Seriously. Will not fucking matter. Sutler is already living rent free in Conor’s head and mental warfare is 80% of this. Look how many whine and cry every week after losing a match. Only the STRONG will fucking survive Joe. Only the fucking STRONG.

The feed now cuts to the top of the staircase leading down to the deck and we see the HOFC Champion Mike Best leading the HOW World Champion Cancer Jiles and JPD down towards the cage.

Joe Hoffman: All eyes are on the champs here as literally just a couple months ago we saw Jiles win that very same World Championship from Mike when Mike kneed him out of the cage securing the win for Jiles.

Benny Newell: Quit living in the past. They are walking stride for stride next to each other heading towards the cage and with ZERO tension!!

The live camera tells a different story as both the HOFC and World Champion are literally walking at a brisk pace trying to make sure they are “leading”. Jace is slow walking behind the two and can only shake his head.

Both the HOFC and World Champion hit the cage at the same time and both jump up on the apron. They then turn towards Jace who is slowly making his way to the octagon.

Joe Hoffman: Well it is clear that the two champions will NOT be starting this match and the man that got pinned by Darin Zion last week in the three on one handicap match…….well he will be.

Benny Newell: Gotta work that stank off no doubt. Smart call here by the champs.

Jace finally enters the octagon and the only HOFC referee on the payroll, Rick “Even” Stevens, signals for the bell and round one and the fight have officially started!!

As slow as Jace was walking to the octagon it is the total opposite at the sound of the bell as he rushes Conor immediately and nails the man with a spear to kickout off the fight. He begins laying in right hands as Fuse tries to block the early onslaught.

Joe Hoffman: Well someone is still NOT happy about last week and is taking it out on Conor who has had one busy night already.

Conor is finally able to push JPD off him and uses the cage to get to his feet but as he does he is grabbed from behind and Jace nails him with a perfect release german suplex that sends the 214 member back into the middle of the octagon.

LT and Zeb yell encouragement to Conor as Jace stalks him in the center of the ring.

On the other side we see Mike and Jiles still holding their belts and both are making sure they are in every possible camera shot as the game of one upmanship rages on between the two.

Back in the center of the octagon we see Jace reach down to pull Conor to his feet and as he does he is met with a right hand that staggers him backwards. Conor jumps back up to his feet and nails a spinning heel kick that sends JPD back into the cage.

Conor follows that up with a perfect running dropkick and JPD finally hits the canvas.

Fuse looks over at his teammates who are cheering him on and he begins to POWER UP as he shakes the cage violently. After a few seconds he turns and he is met with a receipt as Jace nails him with his own standing dropkick.

Fuse rolls over and begins to climb back up to his feet but as he does he is met with a curb stomp from JPD.

Joe Hoffman: BEND THE KNEE FROM JPD!!!!!!

Jace smirks as he stands and looks down at Conor. He turns towards his teammates and even Mike is smirking at the irony of what just happened.

Before Stevens can begin the 10 count…..the round ends.

Benny Newell: BULLSHIT!!!!

Joe Hoffman: The round ended BEFORE Rick could even begin the ten count……so count your lucky stars there Mr. Fuse as this fight was almost over in the first round!!!

Lindsay and Zeb can be seen helping Conor out of the cage as Rick signals for a short break before the second round begins.

Joe Hoffman: Ok folks…….we head to a second round and from what I have been told Lindsay Troy has selected herself to enter second…

Benny Newell: Which means Michael Lee Best the HOFC Hall of Famer and SON OF GOD will be in action when this fight resumes!!!!

We see Lindsay Troy enter the octagon as Zeb continues to help Conor as HOW medics begin to check on Fuse.

As soon as its obvious that Troy is second in the fight, the HOFC Champion, jumps over the top of the cage, hands his belt to Stevens, and begins motioning for him to ring the bell.

Joe Hoffman: So Mike is ready to fight huh?

Benny Newell: Eager beaver for sure…..and yes Mike is ready.

LT is smiling as she walks up to Mike and the two stare each other down. Troy then takes her right hand and places it on the top of her head and moves it straight out in front of her……showing that she is taller than Mike.

Mike smacks her hand away and screams at Rick to ring the bell.

Joe Hoffman: Yes Lindsay Troy is taller than Mike by two inches….

Benny Newell: Mike is taller than her lying down though and that is all that matters. There is a reason there are holes in her tights…….Mike stretched the royal FUCK out of them.

Joe Hoffman: Lazy Benny….really lazy.

Back in the octagon Rick has handed the HOFC belt to a HOW crewmen and he signals for the second round to start and Mike immediately drops to a knee and punches Lindsay right in the crotch.

Troy goes down to a knee and screams out in pain as Mike follows that up with a right hand across the chin of Troy sending her down to the canvas.

Standing over her, the HOFC Champion now mimics what LT did pre round and shows the world “Who is taller now”.

Lindsay slowly starts getting to her feet and as she does she smartly backpeddles and uses the cage so she can keep one eye on Mike who is bouncing back and forth in the middle of the octagon like a prize fighter waiting for their opponent to get back to it.

Lindsay slowly starts walking back towards Mike and once again the two are face to face and they begin talking trash. This time Mike does not drop down and instead slaps Troy across the face. She smiles and returns the favor as she slaps Mike hard across the face.

Mike does not hesitate and swings wildly with a right hand but as LT blocks the blow and nails Mike with a elbow. This staggers the HOFC Champion and LT does not let up as she continues to nail Mike with elbows until his back is up against the cage. She delivers a kick to the inside of Mike’s right knee and the man goes down quickly to one knee.

LT slowly backs up to the middle of the cage and rushes at Mike and jumps….

Joe Hoffman: Lindsay Troy just went for her flying double knee strike but Mike dodged the bullet and she just crashed hard into the cage!!!!

The momentum of the blow sends Troy bounding backwards towards the center of the cage as Rick Stevens signals for the end of the round.

Mike slowly gets up to his feet and looks at Troy who is staggering to her feet as well.

Joe Hoffman: What a great round there by LT. I am shocked that she was able to hang there with the HOFC Champion who obviously…

Joe is cut off as we see Mike flying across the octagon and he nails Troy in the back of the head with his I KNEED A HERO! Knee strike finisher.

Zeb Martin jumps into the cage and delivers a right hand to the HOFC Champion and Stevens quickly holds Martin back as he tries to regain some order before our third and final round begins.

Mike screams for his HOFC Championship as he gets back up to his feet. The crewmember hands the belt back to Mike and the SON of GOD snatches it from his hands and exits the cage and walks off…clearly not caring about the finish of the match.

Joe Hoffman: Well the SON of GOD did NOT get a knockout for the first time in the HOFC octagon but one has wonder if he had more than one round with LT if that would have been the end result.

Benny Newell: Its obviously what would have happened Joe. Mike was fucking with her out there and he did not get serious until he dropped her with the knee. She is lucky it was only a five minute round!!

Back in the cage we see Zeb helping LT to the door of the cage and once again HOW medics are there to help.

Stevens signals for the bell and our third round is underway.

We see the World Champion hop over the top of the cage and quickly hustles into the center of the octagon and is eagerly waiting for Zeb to turn around……and the man does…..and is promptly met with a superkick from Jiles.

Joe Hoffman: Terminal Cancer from Jiles!!!!!! This is over!!!

Rick begins counting as the World Champion stands tall over Martin.

Stevens gets to 6 and Martin begins to stir finally…..





Martin is up to one knee….




Martin stands up on both feet and Stevens waves off the count.

Joe Hoffman: Martin might have been pinned in a normal match but he made the ten count here and it—

Joe is cut off as Jiles wastes not time and delivers another Terminal Cancer to Martin and the man goes down once again.

Benny Newell: Boom. Over.

The indy wrestling legend is correct as Stevens begins another ten count and Martin is still not moving as it reaches ten.

Joe Hoffman: Tough luck there for Martin as he literally got robbed of showing us any of his prowess here in the cage as he was blindsided by the World Champion…….but let the record show he got up from the first superkick and it took two to finish him off.

Benny Newell: I don’t give a fuck if it took 97 superkicks!!


We fade to black as Jiles holds the world championship high in the air as he stands over Martin.


We cut inside the USS Octane where Mike Best has been stopped in the middle of a corridor and is staring up at his father’s bodyguard…..Redrum.

Slowly Redrum turns sideways and we see the GOD of HOW walk up to the SON.

Lee Best: Just a quick word Son……War Games……I was waiting to see what would happen out there tonight before I made my decision on your match……and because you won…..well I got a present for you.

Mike looks at Lee and is unsure of how to read dear ol dad on this one.

Lee Best: Michael Lee Best will defend the High Octane Fighting Championship at War Games against a man that has been medically cleared to compete and has been overstating his injuries……….Scott Stevens.

Lee pauses as Mike can barely keep himself from laughing.

Lee Best: BUT that is not all….

Mike quickly gets serious as he knows there is a stipulation coming…

Lee Best: Not only will this match be for the HOFC Championship….but the loser of this match will no longer be allowed to compete in High Octane Wrestling. No regular matches…no HOFC Matches……no side discord matches….NOTHING. Loser is gone from competing in HOW forever. Retirement Match. BOOM.

Lee pats Mike on the shoulder as he walks by his SON who is smiling from ear to ear as we fade out for the final time of the evening.

Grapplers Local 214 vs. Team Best Alliance

Scott Stevens vs. Michael Lee Best©