Refueled LXIV
  • Event Type: weekly

Refueled LXIV

Event Date: May 22, 2021 at 10:00 pm

Roleplay Deadline: May 20, 2021 11:59 pm

Lindsay Troy
Zeb Martin
Conor Fuse
Mike Best
Jace Parker Davidson
Cancer Jiles

Grapplers 214 Local vs. Mike and The BA

3 Round HOFC Six Man Match
Dan Ryan
John Sektor

#5 Dan Ryan vs. #18 John Sektor

Steve Harrison
Arthur Pleasant

#4 Steve Harrison vs. #5 Arthur Pleasant

Brian Hollywood
Cecilworth Farthington

Brian Hollywood vs. Cecilworth Farthington

HOFC Match
Sean Stevens
Lester Moregrimes

#10 Sean Stevens vs. #27 Lester Moregrimes