Rumble at the Rock 2021
  • Event Type: ppv

Rumble at the Rock 2021

Event Date: October 30, 2021 at 10:00 pm

High Octane Television Championship Match

Prison Yard Match for the HOTv Championship

The HOTv logo gives way and we cut to an overhead shot of Alcatraz Island. It is clear that we are getting camera shots from a helicopter as a spotlight bounces around various points of the island but it settles on the Prison Yard where we will kick off tonight’s show.

We then cut inside the prison to the wardens office where Joe Hoffman has taken up his customary position for the annual show here at Alcatraz Prison.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome to the 2021 edition of Rumble at the Rock. I am Joe Hoffman and for the first time in many many years I will NOT be joined by my fellow Hall of Famer….Benny Newell. I have been given the OK to let everyone know that Benny is doing well. He was NOT fired…contrary to many rumors out there. Instead Benny is finally doing something that quite frankly I feel should have been done many years ago……he has joined a rehabilitation facility in an effort to get right physically and hopefully come out the other side a more healthy version of himself. From all the folks here at High Octane Wrestling……get well friend and I will see you soon.

There is a momentary pause as Joe steadies himself. Suddenly the door to the wardens office opens up and in walks the one and only Frankie.

Joe Hoffman: Frankie!! I assume that Scotty once again is pulling some strings without Lee around?

Frankie can only smirk as he sits down next to Joe, the seat usually filled by Benny, and puts on a headset and motions for Joe to continue on.

Joe Hoffman: Well folks, we are now ready to cut over to the prison yard for our first match of the evening and where eight men will compete for the HOTv Title that is currently being held by Jeffrey James Roberts.

Frankie: Is that what JJR stands for? Scotty has been curious all week about that.

We cut to the prison yard as we see seven men being escorted out by EPU agents.

Joe Hoffman: I count seven… where is… Scottywood?

Frankie: Well he’s not under HOW contract anymore Joe, so he did not have to be locked up for this match.

Joe Hoffman: This sounds very shady…

Suddenly we hear honking as the EPU agents are about to unshackle their prisoners as we see some drive out through the maintenance opening on the prison yard as we see… we see…

Joe Hoffman: Is that a… a….

Frankie: Zamboni! Ladymen and Gentlepeople…. Scottywood!!!!

It is indeed The Hardcore Artist driving the zamboni into the prison yard as seven prisoners are now insisting the EPU guards unshackle them as Scotty is heading straight for them. The Guards start fumbling with their keys as they know they are in harms way too. Brian Hollywood is somehow the first one free… and escapes as then is JJR. The others try to bail but Scottywood continues driving the zamboni towards the group and plows it right into them.

Joe Hoffman: Scotty just committed….

Frankie: Zamboni-slaughter!!!

QT Reese and Doozer get the worst as they are both thrown about ten feet, their bodies rolling across the concrete ground of the yard. Jiles gets mostly out of the way as the ice resurfacer clips his knee. The rest just dodge the machine as the EPU finish unshackling their prisoners and Hortgea calls for the bell.

Scotty starts to raise the front of the zamboni, and instead of dumping snow, he starts dumping weapons out into the prison yard as you can hear him yell “FUCK REESEMART!” as he leaps off the machine with his barbed wire hockey stick in hand. Steve Solex meanwhile quickly heads for the lifeless body of Doozer and shrugs as he goes for the cover.




Solex is struck across the back with a steel chair by Bobby Dean as he breaks up the cover. Solex stumbles to his feet as Bobby Dean cracks him across the skull, splitting Solex open. Bobby turns around and sees Jiles limping towards him as the raises the steel chair again, but Jiles holds up his hands, offering to work together with Bobby. He then points to Doozer who somehow is getting back to his feet, though obviously concussed and likely with a broken arm.

Joe Hoffman: Is Jiles trying to get the Egg Bandits all on the same page?

Bobby stares him down, not trusting Jiles and then smiles as he nods his head. Jiles smiles, but he has no idea that Scottywood is behind him. The Hardcore Artist hooks Jiles around with his hockey stick and cracks his former tag team partner across the skull, the barbed wire tearing his flesh apart. Bobby chuckles as Scotty then looks at Doozer and slashes him across the knee cap before drilling him square between the eyes, knocking him clean back out. Bobby then nails Scotty in the back, causing him to drop the hockey stick as the two start trading punches.

Meanwhile we see JJR and Hollywood paired off with kendo sticks as the two men are trading body shots, the bruises forming almost immediately as they both go for shots to the head and each block them in the middle, it turns into a test of strength until JJR boots Hollywood in the gut and goes for a DDT on the concrete but Hollywood escapes as JJR hits the concrete back first. Hollywood, still with a kendo stick in hand, turns and sees Solex back on his feet who clotheslines Hollywood.

Bobby spinebusters Scotty as he then backs up right into Solex. The two turn around and start exchanging shots as Bobby, with his extra weight, gains the advantage as he grabs Solex in a bearhug and starts squeezing him before he lifts him up and slams him down on the concrete. Solex stumbles back up as Bobby goes for a shoulder tackle, but Solex rolls out of the way. Bobby turns around and eats a side kick to the jaw that stumbles him backwards. Solex kicks Bobby in the gut and wants to go for a Solexcution, but he gets spun around and gets hammered with a hard right wrapped in a steel chain by JJR. Bobby starts to try and stumble away but JJR unravels the chain and whips it across the back of Bobby. JJR takes the chain and wraps it around the throat of Bobby and pulls back, snapping Dean hard down on his back to the concrete. JJR then wraps the chain back around his hand as Solex stumbles back up and gets a punch into the gut from the chained fist. Then JJR drops him with another to the skull as Solex is bleeding as JJR mounts him and starts hammering away with more punches to the skull as Hortega spots it and starts to count the cover.

Joe Hoffman: JJR, may shatter Solex’s skull while pinning him!




WHACK!!!! A barbed wire hockey stick from Scottywood tears the flesh from JJR’s back and breaks the cover as JJR rolls off Solex and quickly back to his feet as we see a stare down between The Hardcore Artist and JJR. The two men smile as Scotty swings the hockey stick at JJR and he blocks it with the chained fist. Scotty goes for a body shot and JJR blocks it with the chained fist. The two men seem to be at a stalemate a we see Bobby Dean stumble to his feet by JJR and Jiles stumble up near Scotty.

Joe Hoffman: Stay down Bobby and Jiles…

Frankie: FINISH THEM!!!!

Scotty turns and drills Jiles right across the COOL tattoo on his stomach, which doubles him over. Jiles turns and tries to escape, but Scotty takes the hockey stick and starts slamming it across the back of Jiles.


Joe Hoffman: And Scottywood has broken the hockey stick across the back of Jiles!

JJR meanwhile clocks Bobby in the jaw with his chained fist, dropping the big man hard as unravels the chains and starts choking him out with it as Hortega slides in to see if Bobby wants to tap out. But before Bobby can even get a chance to tap out we see Brian Hollywood with a ladder slam it across the back of JJR. Hollywood pulls him to his feet and leads him over to the Zamboni where Scottywood has set up a table.

Frankie: Do you know when Scotty last used a Zamboni as a weapon Joe?

Joe Hoffman: He’s done this before?

Frankie: 2000 at Fisher Prices’s Out Cold. He drove it off a loading dock and onto a car with his opponent in it.

Joe Hoffman: So he was arrested for murder?

Frankie: Anything goes match Joe… anything.

Hollywood tries to throw JJR on the table, but the HOTv champ jabs Hollywood in the throat and free himself, as now the three men stare each other down.

Joe Hoffman: Seems we are down to three here Frankie…

Frankie: Yes, two soon to be victims and Scotty… the final four!

The three men are about to starts throwing fists, but they are stopped as they see an also obviously concussed QT Reese stumbling in the middle of them all and holding a weapon.

Joe Hoffman: QT Reese is alive! And he has a… a…

Frankie: My pool noodle! That’s where I put it!

The three start to laugh as Scotty walks up to him as QT whacks him in the head with the pool noodle before Scotty boots him in the gut and lifts him up onto his shoulders. He takes a few steps to the table and nails a Game Misconduct on QT through the table. The Hardcore Artist knows he’ll be jumped if he goes for the cover, so he pulls QT to his feet and throws him face first into the side of the Zamboni. He stumbles away and right into a jumping cutter from Brian Hollywood.

Joe Hoffman: Dueling finisher by Scotty and Hollywood as QT Reese may again be dead in the prison yard.

The two woods now stare each other down as they start exchanging punches. Hollywood then connects with a headbutt that stumbles Scotty back a few steps, but then he lunges and nails Hollywood with a spear. Scotty nails a few hard rights on Hollywood as he pulls him up to his feet. But grabs Scotty and spins him around as he has that chain wrapped around his boot which he drives into Scotty’s gut. JJR quickly locks Scotty in the front face lock and lifts him up into a vertical suplex.

Joe Hoffman: Brainbuster! Mask of Sanity by JJR on Scotty, straight to the concrete!

JJR quickly pops to his feet and see Hollywood and nails him with a superkick right on the jaw. Hollywood stumbles before he gets a boot in the gut and a brainbuster of his own. With everyone down now, JJR looks at the zamboni… and looks at the laid out QT Reese. A sick smile on JJR’s face grows as he see JJR jump into the driver see of the zamboni and up onto the top of it as he looks down at QT Reese.

Joe Hoffman: There is no way he is thinking of a…

JJR leaps off the zamboni with a shooting star press and drives the knee across the throat of QT Reese.

Joe Hoffman: Shoot Star Guillotine!

Frankie: Scotty! Hollywood! Someone get up!

JJR rolls back to QT Reese and hooks the leg on the lifeless body as Hortega slides in for the cover.


Scotty and Hollywood both start to get to their feet.


The two men both start to lunge for JJR.


Scotty and Hollywood both hit clubbing blows


On each other as they get to JJR at the same time and run into each other, allowing JJR to finish his cover.

Bryan McVay: Your winner and STILL HOTV CHAMPION….. Jeffrey James Robert!!!!

JJR rolls away and quickly gets his arm raised by Hortega as Scotty and Hollywood are both holding their head, knowing either coulda just broken up the cover if they didn’t both go for it. But Hortega hands JJR the HOTv Title as he raises it above his head.

Joe Hoffman: Big title defense by JJR as both Scotty and Hollywood nearly had it there, but just didn’t have enough.

Frankie: They both shoulda broke that up! They both coulda broken that up!

Joe Hoffman: But neither could and JJR retains his HOTv Title.

Frankie: Well then I’m out Joe, I was gonna stay, but Scotty is gonna need all the beer left on Alcatraz after this.

Joe Hoffman: That’s fine Frankie, I’ll be good by myself if I have no more guests tonight.

JJR holds the HOTv Title high above his head with a sick smile again as Scotty and Hollywood stare him down, each hoping they are not done with the man still holding that title as we cut to an advert for the next High Octane Wrestling PPV….ICONIC.

Rah vs. High Flyer

Generation Pop Match

Post our first ICONIC advert, we cut back to Joe Hoffman as we are ready for our next match of the evening.

Joe Hoffman: Well folks, I guess it’s time to get to our next match of the night. Joel Boettcher is standing by for our general population match up between RAH and High Flyer.

We cut inside the prison where cameras pan around the general population area of the prison and we see that there are two levels of cells and each and every cell is filled with fans. Most of the fans are here courtesy of World Champion Conor Fuse and his Juice Box giveaway on the go home show. The rest of the fans here won local contests in the Bay area to earn the privilege to be here for tonight’s show.

As the fans see the cameras panning around they all erupt into yelling and most begin banging on the cell bars and doors.

Just then we see from another corridor of Alcatraz EPU agents escorting both Rah and High Flyer into the area. Fans are swarming behind the cells as they are hyped up and ready to see some action.

Bryan McVay: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a gen pop match! Introducing first, from San Diego, California, weighing it at two hundred and ninety five pounds…..RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Rah steps forward as he looks to the heavens as if he were trying to garner some energy as the fans start to chant.





Bryan McVay: And his opponent, from Bethlehem Pennsylvania, weighing in at two hundred and twenty four pounds….HIGH FLYER!!!

Joe Hoffman: Folks, this promises to be an exciting match up in what will no doubt be the start of an ever so explosive Rumble at the Rock!

Boettcher signals as Rah and High Flyer waste no time in kicking this match up off. Both men launch themselves at each other and we start of with a fiery display of ferocious punches. Rah grabs High Flyer and whips his back into one of the cell doors as he gets one of the fans fired up seeing the action up close and personal. High Flyer returns the compliment by whipping Rah into the opposite side of the cells as he charges at Rah, but Rah meets him with a big boot to the face.

Joe Hoffman: Both men getting off to an equal start here. Rah tries to keep the momentum in his favor.

Rah goes down and attempts some right forearms to the face, but High Flyer is able to block him as he brings his knee and strikes it straight into the side of Rah causing him to lean back. This allows Rah to get to his feet, but not before he delivers a thunderous headbutt into the face of Rah. Rah tries to gather himself but High Flyer grabs Rah by the tights and attempts a roll up.



Rah powers out with sheer instinct.

Joe Hoffman: High Flyer trying to end things as quick as he can here. He knows that the longer this match goes on, the more danger he puts himself here in the cold calculating nightmare that is Alcatraz.

High Flyer doesn’t give Rah the opportunity to catch his breath as he grabs him and starts a running forward motion before tossing him across the cold concrete of the prison. High Flyer than attempts to hit Rah with Cold Snow, but Rah is able to reverse the move and ends up sending a few hard chops into the chest of High Flyer. Rah then grabs High Flyer and literally throws him back first into one of the steel rail guards by the steps. High Flyer grabs his back as Rah grabs him again and delivers a solstice slam right onto the stairs of the prison as High Flyer clenches his back and he’s in pain. Rah drops down and goes for the cover and HOW Hall of Fame referee, Matt Boettcher, begins the count…



Joe Hoffman: Barely just gets the shoulder up! High Flyer looks hurt and that chokeslam on those steps didn’t do Flyer any favors there!

Rah ascends the stairs as he lets out a mighty roar that can be heard throughout the entire island. He turns his attention back to High Flyer who is still struggling to get back to his feet. Rah goes down to pick him up and that’s when High Flyer strikes with a kick to the side of the head and rattles Rah. High Flyer forces himself back to his feet before he starts launching a couple closed fist rights at Rah. Rah goes in defensive mode as he tries to strike a knee into the abdomen of Flyer, but Flyer grabs him and dishes Rah headfirst into the steel railing before delivering a cold snow move on him driving Rah’s face into the concrete.

Joe Hoffman: This could be it right here folks!

High Flyer covers Rah…



Rah kicks out as High Flyer grabs his back still rocked from that chokeslam onto the stairs from earlier. High Flyer shakes his head in defiance, though, as he brings Rah to his feet. He tries to go for a corkscrew suplex, but Rah strikes him repeatedly in the back until High Flyer stops the hold. Rah goes for a clothesline, but High Flyer ducks it and then immediately grabs Rah and hits a german suplex which he bridges into a pin.



Joe Hoffman: Another pinfall attempt there by High Flyer and he almost had Rah right there! Luckily for Rah, though, he was able to get his shoulder up!

High Flyer gets some support by a few fans on the second level of the prison before going back to work on Rah but Rah delivers a sunspot on High Flyer but substitutes the turnbuckle and settles for one of the cell doors that happen to be opened up. Rah grabs High Flyer and bashes his head repeatedly into the door as High Flyer stumbles near the guard rail on the second tier. Rah says fuck it and charges at High Flyer but not before High Flyer moves out of the way as Rah catches himself on the rails. This allows High Flyer to turn around and grab Rah as he is able to connect with a legsweep inverted DDT that takes Rah straight down. High Flyer drops down and hooks the leg.




Joe Hoffman: Great surroundings awareness from High Flyer there! This match could have been over right there, but Rah continues to power through!

High Flyer is still clenching his back as it’s starting to appear that the move did more damage than he’s trying not to let on. Rah is stirring and as Rah gets back up to his feet, this time it’s High Flyer who says fuck it as he charges at Rah and delivers a missile dropkick to the face which causes Rah to fly over the guardrail and back down to the bottom tier of the prison as the crowd start breaking out in chants.





Joe Hoffman: I don’t know if a God can truly die folks, but that looks like that is about as close as you can come to it! Rah took a nasty fall from the second level there and he’s not moving!

High Flyer is able to catch a few much needed moments in this match to try and catch a few breaths. He stretches himself out a little bit and trying to get his back right as he leans over the guardrail and looks down and sees Rah unconscious down on the concrete. High Flyer looks over at the stairs and then back down at Rah. He looks at the stairs again and then back down at Rah.

Joe Hoffman: Oh boy High Flyer, whatever it is that you’re thinking…DON’T!

High Flyer shakes his head as he gets up on the guardrail. He maintains his balance as he looks down at Rah who still has not gotten back up yet. High Flyer than looks up before he shakes his head and dives off of the guardrail and down at Rah as he’s able to connect with a moonsault from the second tier and it connects with Rah perfectly. Once again the fans lose their collective minds.





High Flyer rolls around in pain before he slowly moves over to cover Rah who still hasn’t moved at this point and after that moonsault, doesn’t look like he will be anytime soon. High Flyer drops an arm over Rah as Boettcher drops down for the cover.





High Flyer can’t believe it and he just rolls over on his back which is still giving him troubles as now both men are down. Boettcher checks on both men and obviously can’t start a ten count so now we wait. High Flyer is able to catch more of a breather as he slowly makes it back to his feet. He reaches down but as he does, Rah delivers a boot straight to the solar plex of High Flyer which causes High Flyer to bend over enough where Rah can just grab him and rolls him up into a pin.

Joe Hoffman: Roll up by Rah!

















NO!!! High Flyer is able to kick out at the last moment and get freed. Rah shakes his head as now both of these men are trying to figure out what it’s going to take to win this match.

Joe Hoffman: This match up has been intense ladies and gentlemen, and this match up could go either way. Both men wants this win but what is it going to take to get it?

Rah starts to stir as he’s able to slowly get back to his feet. High Flyer does the same and now both men are in a shootout of closed fists flying into each others jaws. High Flyer is able to deliver a knee to the gut of Rah but not before Rah delivers one first. Finally, Rah indicates that it’s time to put away High Flyer for good as he’s looking to make the sacrifice to the temple of the sunshine god. As he’s looking for support to make the move, High Flyer is able to maneuver out of it and uses what might he has left to thrust Rah’s back into one of the cells as Rah loses his grip on High Flyer. High Flyer knows this is the perfect opportunity to catch Rah off his feet.

Joe Hoffman: High Flyer signaling and he’s looking to go for the Locomotive right here and now!!

High Flyer takes his shot as he attempts to go for the Locomotive on Rah, but Rah ducks and as he does, grabs High Flyer and flings him hard back first into the cell door. Rah then grabs High Flyer and tries to garner enough energy to attempt the Eye of RAHHHHHH a second time. As he looks to the fans for enough energy to make the move, he is able to garner the quick energy to attempt the move quickly as he lifts up High Flyer and is able to connect with the Eye of RAHHHHHH and straight down into the concrete. Rah crawls over and uses what energy he has left to drape an arm over High Flyer as Boettcher drops down.





Bryan McVay: Here is your winner via pinfall…….RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

Rah rolls over on his back as he lays there for a few moments before he’s able to muster the strength to get back to his feet as his hand is raised in victory.

Joe Hoffman: What a match that was folks! Rumble at the Rock is off to a rocking, no pun intended, start tonight after these first two matches! What an effort by both Rah and High Flyer and Rah with the well-earned victory. No shame for High Flyer, it was a hell of a match and this one went as back and forth as you’d expect!

We cut away as the fans give both men respectful ovations for their efforts.
















































Darin Zion vs. Xander Azula

Guard Tower Match

We cut back to Joe Hoffman inside the warden’s office.

Joe Hoffman: For several weeks, Xander Azula and Darin Zion were seemingly on the same page.  The former Grappler’s Local 214 teammates at War Games looked they would join together and form an alliance.  But Zion’s significant other, Meredith, wasn’t on the same page with that idea.  Let’s review how we got here.

Refueled 75
Xander Azula:
 Indeed, even now I can sense that Eris is preparing this moment, to show you just what she is capable of. We only ask for your faith in return, a faith that will be rewarded in a bountiful multitude. Surely you can feel it, can’t you…Meredith?

He looks to Meredith with a wicked smirk on his face, sending her into a state of unease almost immediately.

Joe Hoffman: Zion spurned Azula at Refueled 75 and afterwards things went south real fast.

After Refueled 75
Smashing their fists into his guts like a cyclone of fury; Zion tries fending off the threat of a sweeping gaggle of hooded figures. His fists make a valiant fight against this flock of delinquents.  While Zion makes a brave stance, they overwhelm the exhausted leader of #RallyZion.  He falls to the ground, completely unconscious.  Meredith lets out a blood curdling scream at the top of her lungs.


Unfortunately, it’s too late for her.   The throng of bards begin their onslaught against her, bringing her to her knees. Binding her up in zip ties; she’s restricted in place.  As she tries speaking up, a black glove nails her across the face causing her to spit up blood.  Her eyes burn with vengeance as Xander Azula emerges from the shadows.

A wicked smile curls around his venerable face. Xander grabs a pressure point on her neck and knocks her out.  Then the followers of the Eternal Circle scoop Meredith’s comatose body up.  

Joe Hoffman: At Refueled 76, the vitriol between Zion and Azula escalated.

Refueled 76
Darin Zion:  
You want to fuck with me, Xander; I’ll get the last laugh on you.  I promise you; I’ll make the EPU scrape your damn insides off the concrete in Alcatraz until I get…

Zion eyes catch a glimpse of Xander cackling on the HOV behind him.  The chorus of boos erupt as Xander’s hands come together.  Without saying a single word, his hand waves showing Meredith.  She’s tied up behind him on a crucifix.  Xander’s eyes fill with malice as he lets off a maniacal laugh.  Zion tosses the microphone down towards the ground and rushes from Section 214 as we cut to ringside.

Azula glares at Meredith, his anger about to reach a boiling point as he turns his attention back to us.

Xander Azula: I will be mocked no longer. I will take the respect that I am entitled to. Darin Zion seems to think that he can backpedal and hem and haw when it comes to joining this cause…but if he won’t join me, he is against me. If he wants to put his well-being on the line to fight this war, then I accept. When I throw Darin Zion off that guard tower, I will show him his rightful place in the grand scheme of things.

His snarl fades away as he looks back at Meredith once more.

Xander Azula: And as for you, well…my goddess has had enough with mere spectating. She is ready to set foot upon the earth once more, to reclaim it…and she could use a vessel.

Joe Hoffman: Soon, Xander Azula’s intention to bring back the goddess Eris become even more evident at the next show in an interview where Azula addressed Zion directly.

Refueled 77
Xander Azula:
 If you want Meredith back so badly, you will have to come get her. My goddess is eager to step onto this world and reclaim it as her own, and I have just the thing for her. Preparations are being made as we speak…and when I’m done with you, Darin…my goddess will have what belongs to her.

Xander turns back to Brian Bare, a wicked smile on his face.

Xander Azula: Praise Eris, praise Discordia.

Joe Hoffman: The Guard Tower match is one of the more dangerous matches in High Octane Wrestling in general, and at Rumble at the Rock in particular! Usually, the prize at the top of the guard tower is one of the High Octane Wrestling title belts.  Tonight…

Cut to the top of the guard tower.  Meredith is unconscious and chained down to what appears to be an altar.

Joe Hoffman: …well, let’s just say there’s a different prize on the line. We know what Xander Azula’s intentions are with Meredith- to use her as a vessel to bring back the goddess Eris in all her glory.  We also certainly know what Darin Zion intends to do- whatever it takes to rescue Meredith from Xander Azula and his minions.  If Azula is successful in using Meredith to bring back the goddess Eris in human form- he wins the match.  If Zion can rescue Meredith from her predicament and stop Azula’s plan- he wins the match.  Joel Hortega is located at the top of the guard tower and he will make the determination which man is the winner of this match.

The whistling intro of “Engel” is suddenly heard over the PA system.

Joe Hoffman:  It’s time to go to the main cellhouse where this match will get underway.

Xander Azula’s entrance music sets the crowd off in a chorus of boos as Legion and his Eternal Circle disciples enter the general population area inside the main cellhouse.

They survey the crowd with a gleeful grin. The fans on hand show their disdain for Legion and his crew.  Azula and fifteen of his followers simply laugh at the ignorance they see as they head toward the ring.  Legion directs his disciples to circle around and they do exactly that with wicked smiles on their faces

All: Praise Eris, praise Discordia.

Then Legion confers with his disciples and after a brief discussion directs his crew to leave.

“Happy Song” by Bring Me The Horizon blasts over the PA System.

Joe Hoffman: Xander Azula is inside the general population area now and he’s waiting for Darin Z-

Darin Zion suddenly sprints into the general population area and throws a right hand that just misses Azula.

Joe Hoffman: …HERE WE GO!  Wild right hand by Zion and he’s not waiting to start this match!

There’s a quick glisten of light reflecting from Zion’s right fist.  The camera zooms in to check it out.

Joe Hoffman: Zion came out with brass knuckles on and he’s using them to try to knock Xander Azula’s head off.

Zion charges forward again.  Azula counters and drop toeholds him to the floor.  The brass knuckles shake loose at impact and slide across the floor.  Zion doesn’t care.  He rolls over and sweeps Xander’s legs out from under him.  Then he mounts Azula and starts firing punches.

Joe Hoffman: Darin Zion’s raining down left and right hands to Xander Azula.

Rake to the eyes by Azula.  But Zion just shakes it off and responds with a clubbing forearm.  Zion grabs Azula’s arm, yanks him to his feet, and flings him into a wall.


Azula staggers back and loses his footing.  Zion grabs Azula’s head and pulls him up.  He whips Azula a second time towards the wall.


Again Azula falls but this time he keeps on his feet.  Zion scoops Azula and slams him on top of a table.  Zion drops an elbow to the face to drive the point home even more.

Joe Hoffman: Zion’s lost it.  Azula is taking a lot of punishment here.

Now Zion goes full choke mode.  He grabs Azula by the throat and slams his head onto the table over and over.

Joe Hoffman: Zion’s snapped and we’re not even two minutes into this match.

Azula desperately headbutts Zion and causes him to back up a couple steps.  Azula then taunts Zion which only enrages him more.  Zion uses his anger as fuel and throws back right hands in return.

Joe Hoffman: Zion scoops Azula and SLAMS him onto the top of the table.

He then pulls out fish wire from his pants and wraps it tightly around Azula’s neck.

Joe Hoffman: What the hell?  Fish wire?

Zion pulls back on Azula’s head and literally tries to garrote him.  Azula desperately tries to latch onto and pull the wire away from his neck.

Joe Hoffman: Darin Zion’s plan may be to incapacitate Xander Azula by any means necessary and then free Meredith in the guard tower.

Azula lets out a cry as he frantically tries to loosen the fish wire.  The veins on forehead bulge out as he tries to pull the fish wire away from his neck and his face starts turning blue.

Joe Hoffman: Zion is trying to wrap this up as early as possible.  That fish wire is wrapped around Xander Azula’s neck tight and he may be losing consciousness here.

With Zion focused on one thing- choking out Azula, he doesn’t notice that Azula has lifted his torso and his legs steadily stretched towards Zion’s head.

Joe Hoffman: Wait a minute!  Azula’s somehow trying to scissor Zion’s head!

Using every muscle he can, Xander gets the leg scissors secured around Zion’s neck.

Joe Hoffman: He’s got it!  He’s got Zion in a headscissors.

Zion’s grip slips.  Azula’s hands, now bloody from digging into the fish wire, continue to force the wire away from his neck, also bleeding in a couple places.

Joe Hoffman: And for the first time, Zion’s trying to catch his breath.

Xander sucks in as much oxygen as he can. Zion tries to reestablish the fish wire choke.  Azula tries to squeeze his legs together around Zion’s throat.  Zion shakes his head.  He’s trying to get loose now.  Azula sees an opening.  He jabs his right thumb into Zion’s eye!  Then the other eye.

Joe Hoffman: HE’S LOOSE!

Zion releases the fish wire and falls to his knees slipping out of Azula’s headscissors.  He rubs his eyes and tries to clear his vision.  Azula rolls off the table and tries to restock his lungs with air.

Joe Hoffman: Xander Azula somehow was able to maneuver his legs up and use them to get Darin Zion to release the fish wire he’d wrapped around Azula’s neck.  And both men are paying the price right now.

Zion pulls himself up first.  Azula’s still trying to get his breath back.

Zion crawls over and pulls out a bag.

Joe Hoffman: Now what is he doing?

Darin opens the bag and dumps out thumbtacks onto the floor.  The thumbtacks scatter once they hit.

Joe Hoffman: Oh no. First fish wire.  Now thumbtacks.

Taking Azula by the arm, Zion drags him back to his feet.  Azula fights back with a kick to the shin.

Joe Hoffman: Xander’s fighting back!  He sees those thumbtacks on the floor and he does not want to end up on them.

Azula throws everything he’s got into a right hand that backs Zion up.  He shakes his head as he rolls to his knees and tries to clear his vision.

Joe Hoffman: That right hand cut open the place on Darin Zion’s cheek where Jeffrey James Roberts bit a chunk out a few weeks back.

Another right by Azula.  He winds up… he goes for a haymaker…

Joe Hoffman: Right hand by Azula… NO!  ZION DUCKS!

Azula misses badly.  Zion loads up the off-balance Azula across his back.  He’s locks up the head under his arm.

Joe Hoffman: No… no…

Zion drops to a seated position over the thumbtacks.


The camera goes close in and shows his side is skewered with thumbtacks.  Zion has a few on him as well but he clasps Azula’s arm with his legs… hooks the other arm with his… and forces him back onto his side- the side with the thumbtacks.


Azula screams out.

Joe Hoffman: ZION’S SUBMISSION FINISHER IN THE THUMBTACKS!  Azula’s in a world of hurt right now because Zion’s pushing those thumbtacks even deeper into his skin.

Thrashing back and forth, Azula desperately tries to free himself.

Joe Hoffman: If Zion can incapacitate Azula, all he has to do is walk right up into the guard tower and get the key to free Meredith.

Azula’s movement slows considerably.

Joe Hoffman: He may do it!  Zion may… wait a minute!


Millions of tiny shards of glass fill the air.

Joe Hoffman: What the hell?

Zion’s back and the back of his head suddenly has multiple cuts and blood starts streaming down his back.


With more tiny shards of glass hanging in the air, Zion’s eyes roll up and he falls to the floor.

Joe Hoffman: Xander Azula’s followers raided the supply area and busted a bunch of incandescent light tubes over Darin Zion.

Two of Azula’s followers roll Xander away from danger while the others boot away at Zion.

Joe Hoffman: Zion’s in trouble here now.  No referee.  Hortega’s in the guard tower.  There’s no one coming to Zion’s aid.  There’s no one to stop Azula’s followers from destroying him!

Azula walks slowly over- neck still bleeding and so are his hands.  He motions to his followers to pull Zion up from the floor.   Once that task is complete, Xander takes a waist lock from behind and positions himself to do the greatest amount of damage.  He deadlifts Zion into the air and German Suplexes him onto the tacks on the floor.

Joe Hoffman: CHAOS THEORY!  Now it’s XANDER AZULA who’s trying to knock Zion out!

Zion’s bleeding everywhere.  Azula’s not done yet. He takes the legs to pull Zion up and in one motion switches to a neckbreaker and again bring him back down onto the thumbtacks.


Zion’s splayed out on the floor.  Blood everywhere.

Joe Hoffman: Azula knocked him out!

Evil smile from Azula.  He rests his hands on his knees and breathes deeply.

Joe Hoffman: Both men are bleeding.  Both men have tried to knock the other out.  And right now, it looks like Azula has the upper hand.

Xander motions to his followers that it’s ‘time.’  He then walks towards the exit and leaves Zion seemingly unconscious on the floor.

Joe Hoffman: This could be it!  Xander Azula hit his finisher on Darin Zion.  Zion is out on the thumbtacks on the floor.  Azula is now heading towards the guard tower unchallenged for the win!

The camera feed changes to inside the tower as Azula opens the door and he looks up at the circular staircase.  He makes his way up the steps with the stairwell lined with various weapons: shanks, shives, night sticks, and even a mace.  Azula and his followers pass by and continue up to the top of the tower.

Back to the main cellhouse.  Close up on Zion.  He’s still not mov-… wait.  His arm twitches.

Eyes start fluttering.

Head starts moving.

Joe Hoffman: Wait a second!

Zion’s eyes open now.  His mouth gulps in the air.

He looks around.  No sign of Azula.  No sign of his followers.

He knows what this means.


Zion sits up. He rolls off the tacks and uses the table to drag himself up.

Joe Hoffman: ZION’S UP!

He brushes off the tacks from his body and staggers towards the exit.

Joe Hoffman: Can he get to the top of the tower in time to stop Azula?

Cut back to the top of the tower.

Azula’s followers have encircled Meredith as she’s still chained to the altar.

Joe Hoffman: Xander Azula is at the top of the guard tower!

Quick cut to Joel Hortega.  Uneasy and even a little queasy at what appears to be playing out before him, Hortega remains the consummate professional referee.

Even when Azula comes out and the chant begins.

Praise Eris, praise Discordia.
Praise Eris, praise Discordia.

Azula passes through the circle and approaches Meredith.

Joe Hoffman: Remember, if Xander Azula is successful in bringing back Eris into the material world he wins the match.

Xander begins to recite some sort of incantation as his followers continue to chant Praise Eris, praise Discordia.

Cut to outside the guard tower.  Zion staggers and stumbles towards the entrance leaving a trail of blood with every step.

Cut back to the top of the tower.  Done with the initial incantation, Azula spreads his arms out and begins the next part of this ritual.

Joe Hoffman: Meredith is still unconscious and has no idea what’s happening right now.

Azula begins the second incantation-

Darin Zion’s voice (shouting): AZULAAAAAAAAAAA!

…and everything stops.

Annoyed at the interruption, Xander walks to a window and looks down.  He sees Zion.  Zion sees him.


Azula sees Zion enter the tower.  He whirls around in a dramatic fashion and shouts at his followers.

Xander Azula: STOP HIM!

Cut to the stairwell.  Zion steadily makes his way up the steps.

Joe Hoffman: Can Darin Zion make to the top of the guard tower in time to stop Azula?

Zion’s met by one of Azula’s followers.  He grabs the follower by scuff of his robe and flings him down the steps.  Darin stumbles backwards, back into the staircase and hits the small of his back on the edge of the handrail!

Another follower arrives.  Zion turns around in time to throw a punch.  He tosses the follower down the stairs.  Zion punches another with a stiff right and sends tumbling down the steps.  A fourth lunges for Zion but Darin back body drops him over his head onto the steps below and rolls down.  Zion drops a fifth follower and is hit with a nightstick by a sixth.  Zion tosses the sixth follower into the wall.  He shoves down and steps on the fifth follower to get past.

Cut back to the guard tower.  Azula continues with the incantations. The noise and commotion coming from the stairwell can be clearly be heard.

Cut back to Joe Hoffman watching the action on a monitor from the warden’s office.  As the mounting tension continues to build, Joe pulls out a bottle of Jack Daniels and does a ceremonial shot.

Cut back to the stairwell.


The seventh follower whips a mace around that Zion just barely ducks under.  Darin drives his shoulder into the follower’s stomach and forces him down onto the step.  The mace releases from his hand and drops down.  The fifth and sixth follower try to grab it.  Zion’s hand swoops in and snatches the weapon.


The fifth follower is lifted into the air by the mace shot and is launched down the stairwell.


The sixth follower suffers the same fate.

The seventh follower grabs Zion’s arm.  It’s hand to hand now for possession of the mace.  Zion with a knee lift.  Doesn’t work.  The mace is dislodged and rolls harmlessly down the steps.  Zion reaches into his pocket, pulls out a shank, and plunges the shank into the follower’s hand.

That works.

Zion pushes him down the stairwell and moves up.

He slams the eighth follower head first into the wall and sends him toppling down the steps.

Zion clocks the ninth follower with a running strike and he goes tumbling down.

Cut back to the top of the guard tower.

The lights flicker on and off.  The floor shakes as Azula continues the incantation.

Then a whoosh.  The ceiling goes pitch black and a vortex develops.

Quick cut to Joel Hortega.

Joel Hortega: What the fuck?

The vortex begins to open up the portal.

Hortega sees what appears to be the spirit of Eris begin to materialize in the vortex and suddenly wonders if he should be here at this particular time. But again, being the consummate professional that he is, Hortega continues to man his post.

Turning slowly around and ready to finish the ritualistic ceremony, Azula brandishes a large ceremonial knife.

Xander Azula: And now Meredith, it is time.

Approaching the altar with the vortex at its maximum strength, the wind inside the tower increasing, Azula slowly raises the knife in the air.

Xander Azula: And now, ALL will witness the reconstruction of my goddess’s domain over this earth…

Azula starts to bring the knife down.


The door slams open.

With the knife mere inches away…

Joe Hoffman: IT’S ZION!

Xander Azula: ZION-OOOOF!

Zion bowls into Azula and the knife goes flying out of Azula’s hand.

Joe Hoffman: YES!  Darin Zion gets there in the nick of time!

The vortex disappears.  The lights return.

There’s a scuffle.

Joe Hoffman: Zion and Azula battle hand to hand.  Kick by Zion separates the two.

Azula backs up.  Zion takes a waistlock.

Joe Hoffman: Zion lifts him up… SPINEBUSTER to the floor!

Zion then hits a release suplex and Azula slams hard into the wall.  Limping over to where Azula crash-landed, he pulls him up one last time.

Joe Hoffman: Zion’s walking him to the window!


He drives Azula’s head into the wall.

And again.

And again.

And again.


Mustering as much strength as he has left, Zion uses one final burst of energy and whips Azula head first into the window.  The glass shatters and Azula disappears from view after crashing through the window.


Spent and after much loss of blood, Zion falls to his knees, exhausted, ready to pass out.

Referee Joel Hortega points to Zion.


Immediately, HOW medical personnel burst through the door and immediately right to where Zion has collapsed to his knees.

Joe Hoffman: In a match that saw a massive amount of blood shed and the near return of the goddess Eris from the spiritual world to our world, Darin Zion somehow finds a way to win this Guard Tower match.

Freed from being chained to the altar, Meredith immediately rushes to Zion’s side.

Joe Hoffman: Zion’s in rough enough shape as medical personnel attend to him.  I hate to see what’s happened to Xander Azula after Zion sent him through the window and he fell several feet to the ground

Cut to outside the guard house.

At the precise spot Xander Azula should have landed after he was thrown through the window of the guardhouse not a couple minutes, there’s…

Joe Hoffman: Wait.  Where’s Azula?


No sign of Azula.

No sign of his followers.

No sign of… anything.


We cut away as we see the medical staff attending to the victorious Zion.

The Final Warning



Viewers of Rumble at the Rock are greeted with static for a few seconds, the image flickering between static and black before finally settling on black. Silence fills the room as the sound of the microphone straining for sound, any sound, is clearly heard. Eventually, footsteps are heard and small chuckles echo through the speakers as a person approaches. Slowly, an image appears as you first see a pair of dark blue jeans that leads into a pair of black boots. The rest of the person emerges from the darkness and a white short-sleeve shirt is seen prior to a burly black-haired beard that is attached to the face of David Noble.

There is an intensity in the way he is staring at the screen. He snaps his fingers and lights instantly turn on as it is revealed that Noble is in a secluded corner of Alcatraz.

David Noble: Rumble at the Rock… [muttering] rumble at the rock… the only place HOW could find to hold this many individuals who just, let’s be real, ain’t all right in the head. I should know. Game recognizes game. You don’t come here for a lollipop or cotton candy, you come here to settle your grudges and smash your opponent’s face repeatedly into a stone wall until blood spouts out and stains the same stone wall that has more blood on it then you could possibly imagine.

A smile cracks the face of Noble.

David Noble: Gallons of blood have been poured over this stone, every inch of this place with their own stories. They ask if walls can talk and these walls would tell you about the very depravity of the human species. They would tell you of the darkest depths of the human soul and our true nature. The average human being couldn’t possibly understand just how twisted a person can be. HOW isn’t about the average human being. HOW knows how dark a person can truly be. Or they thought they did until I arrived.

Noble cracks his knuckles.

David Noble: The management at HOW heard what I had to say last week and they panicked, they freaked out. All of a sudden, they weren’t quite certain about the newest hire, if they’d made the right decision. They wondered what exactly did they sign up for and called me, panicked. [mocking tone] Are you really going to attack someone at the show? We can’t have that!

Noble inches closer to the camera.

David Noble: You’re damn right I wanted to attack someone! You’re damn right I’m here to punch people in the face, over and over again until you can only identify them through their dental records. I’m not here to stand in an empty room, talking shit to you week in and week out. I’m here to fight and… the leadership in HOW freaked out at this thought. It took me aback. Am I here to be a mouthpiece? Am I here to be a pretty face? Am I here to just talk about what I’m going to do, not following through on it?

Noble shakes his head.

David Noble: No, no, no. I’m ready to feel bone pressed against my knuckles. I’m ready to crush my knee into the ribcage of anyone and I mean anyone that dares to cross my path! I don’t care about the leadership of HOW and what they have to say. I don’t care if they call me next week and say just speak to the fans because I will not be silenced, I will not be stopped, I will not be told to stand in the corner. I’m about to pile up the bodies and HOW leadership better be ready. Because when I walk through this roster, win or lose, they will need to get out there and start recruiting again. They will need to find fresh bodies to put in my way because I’m not slowing down for a moment. I don’t care who stares at me across the way. I don’t care what title belt you might be wearing. I’m coming for you and no one, no one, is safe.

The smile on David’s face grows wider.

David Noble: Everyone here was given a one-week reprieve from the leadership at HOW. They begged me. I acquiesced, but if anything, you can thank HOW management for them signing the death certificate for everyone here because all they did was piss me off. We’re going to go across the pond and I don’t care if we’re in Scotland, Ireland, London, Buckingham Palace, it doesn’t really matter anymore because when I’m said and done with this roster, with the victims HOW Leadership deems they can afford to lose, HOW will never be the same.

Noble slowly nods his head as he starts to back away.

David Noble: Yep, a reckoning is coming. Judgment day has arrived. And unfortunately, everyone is on the slate. For a date with destiny. [beat] Who will stand across the ring from me next week? Doesn’t matter. It will be over just like, that.

Noble then snaps his fingers and the lights go out and the static returns as we cut away.

Jace Parker Davidson vs. Clay Byrd

Infirmary Match

Back live to the Warden’s office as it is time for our next match.

Joe Hoffman: Ladies and gentlemen up next is Jace Parker Davidson facing off against Clay Byrd in an infamous Infirmary Match. While there are many brutal and violent matches that occur at Rumble at the Rock the Infirmary Match is perhaps one of the worst. A year ago in this very same match Mike Best defeated his brother Max Kael, killing him in order to win to bring to a close one of High Octane Wrestling’s bloodiest stories.

We cut to shots of last years Rumble at the Rock where a bloodied Mike Best sits on a filthy floor next to the lifeless grinning corpse of Max.

Joe Hoffman: Now the former HOTv Champion, the King of Everything, Jace Parker Davidson and the Behemoth Clay Byrd are ready to write their own bloody chapter on the walls, floors and bars here at Alcatraz. Both men were taken to Solitary earlier today where they were locked away in cells next to each other. When the match starts both cells will be opened.

A map of Alcatraz opens up as we are shown where Solitary Confinement is shown in the secondary prison structure.

Joe Hoffman: From there they will have to fight their way into the Main Building’s General Population before exiting to the south side of the building. Once there the Infirmary is within sight as well as Referee Joel Hortega standing by. Once both men cross the threshold only then can the match be won and only by pinfall. No surrender, no submission, only by pinfall and it must be done within the Infirmary.

While Joe explains the rules a #97red arrow displays the potential routes the competitors could take to reach the infirmary.

Joe Hoffman: It’s not just pride on the line in this match either as the winner will go on to face the World Champion at ICONIC 2021. And with those rules explained I’m being told that the match is about to begin.

Cutting to a security feed of the Solitary Confinement cells we see all the doors still closed and locked. A HOTv crew is seen slowly  making their way toward the cells down the narrow corridor. Standing above on railings are EPU Security Guards carrying batons pacing menacingly around.

Joe Hoffman: We have our local EPU security guards, as always, to keep the fans and staff safe. Well, that’s what the memo always says when we have these hired thugs around.

The lights in Solitary flicker for a moment before #97red security lights begin to flash accompanied by a loud alarm. A low clanging sound echoes around the wing before all the doors slide open with a deafening bang! Clay is the first to come raging out of his cell, his eyes wide as he stalks forward, spinning just outside his cell to march toward the entrance of Jace’s.

Joe Hoffman: Clay wasting no time as he moves to attack Jace in his own cell!

Reaching through the sliding metal door Clay is surprised to see Jace laying on the small cot in his cell, his arms folded across his chest with his eyes shut. If you didn’t know better you’d think he was asleep but how could anyone be asleep through all of the alarms and clanging currently happening. Clay seems confused for a moment as he glares down at Jace before stepping forward kicking the end of the bunk.

Joe Hoffman: An interesting strategy from Jace here who looks like he’s catching some shut eye before his match, I’m not sure how well this tactic will work on the big Texas Monster.

Jace remains unmoving, his expression unchanged as his eyes remain shut. The Texas Monster growls, bearing his teeth as he takes another step forward, annoyance quickly igniting into anger. He lunges forward and grabs Jace by his ankles looking to yank him off the cot. Suddenly, quick as a hiccup, Jace comes alive!

Joe Hoffman: I should have known better than to think that Jace didn’t have a plan here.

The King of Everything snaps up and reveals what looks to be rope he’d made from fabric from the cot! He wraps the makeshift rope around the surprised Byrd’s neck and twists it several times, choking the Behemoth. As Clay’s face begins to turn red he releases Jace’s ankles and instinctively tears at the rope around his neck.

Joe Hoffman: Say what you will about Jace Parker Davidson but the man is a survivor and I can promise you he will do whatever it takes to win this match! He made a rope out of his bed for God’s sake!

Jace pushes himself off his bed while choking Clay, the big man stumbling back. JPD begins slamming his knee into Clay’s gut as he tightens the cloth strap, Byrd’s face going from red to purple to now blue. Snarling, the Texan titan’s fingers manage to find some purchase. The sound of cloth ripping fills the small cell as Clay tears the rope from his neck, kicking Jace away in the process before collapsing to his knees, gasping for air.

Joe Hoffman: The power of Clay Byrd just saved him from getting knocked out early in this match but I have no doubts that Jace has plenty of other plans up his sleeve!

Using the momentum of being kicked away Jace parkours his way over the cot, around the walls of the small cell sending a stiff forearm across the recovering Byrd’s jaw. Clay staggers backward out of the cell back into the hall. Jace darts forward and spears the big Texan to the hard concrete ground!

After reigning down a series of fists Jace climbs back up to his feet and looks around. Spotting the way out of solitary he reaches down and drags Clay back up to his feet. Unfortunately for Jace the big man has recovered in the brief respite, connecting with a fist right beneath Jace’s rip cage. Clay follows this up with a headbutt right to the bottom of Jace’s chin with a loud cracking sound!

Joe Hoffman: My god did you hear that?! I’d wager good money that Jace just broke a few teeth just now!

Jace stumbles back holding his mouth as the Behemoth buys himself some more time to recover from the choking he received earlier. A deep red mark around his neck is slowly turning into a bruise, testimony to the pressure applied by the King of Everything. Catching his breath Clay lurches forward again snatching Jace into his hands before he throws him full forward toward the metal door leading toward the General Population wing.


Joe Hoffman: They’ve moved into General Population with the fans, watch out folks this could get crazy!


Jace’s body crashes through the metal doors before landing in a heap on the concrete floor. The sound of the doors crashing in is suddenly met with the sounds of fans roaring with excitement in the General Population wing of the prison. The sound of people bashing the bars of their cells begins to ring in Jace’s head as slowly pulls himself up to his feet. Spitting up blood and broken enamel Jace realizes that several of his back teeth have been broken by Clay’s headbutt.

Joe Hoffman: I think those were bits of broken teeth, folks, I would have won that bet I made earlier!

The sound of the crowd roaring louder alerts Jace that Clay has passed through the doors. The big Texan closes in on Jace, sending a haymaker toward JPD’s head. Jace manages to duck beneath, jabbing Clay a few times in his ribs before being forced to retreat. The attack barely seemed to phase Byrd as he continued to stalk forward like the Terminator.

Joe Hoffman: I don’t think we give Clay enough credit for just how much punishment he can absorb and keep coming! This man walked through some of the toughest here in High Octane Wrestling and he’s gonna have to do it again here against Jace!

Looking around Jace suddenly got an idea. He turned and ran from Clay, jumping up and grabbing the floor to the second level of the cell block. EPU guards quickly ran toward Jace, their batons drawn as they prepared to knock him back down to the lower floor. Despite their best efforts Jace managed to scramble up onto the second level before they could reach him. Seeing approaching opponents from both sides Jace braces himself.

Joe Hoffman: The EPU looking to put the hurt on Jace who was just trying to get out of the reach of the Behemoth, as I said nothing more than hired Thugs!

Two of the guards lunge forward only for Jace to neutralize them with a flurry of grapples and strikes, relieving one of their baton in the process. The other two look ready to approach only to stop, their body language looking apprehensive since their faces are covered with masks and a helmet. Jace smirks, spinning the baton in his hand smugly as the guards look at each other before slowly backing up.

Joe Hoffman: JPD has armed himself now with one of the guards own batons! Not so tough now are you, huh? Hired thugs!

The King of Everything’s arrogant smirk grows larger as he seems to intimate the two guards away only to realize they appear to be staring at something else. Slowly turning around Jace’s smug expression quickly drains away as Clay Byrd finishes pulling himself up onto the second level, his angry eyes glaring down at Jace.

Joe Hoffman: Well it looks like Jace’s party just got rained on by a big, bad cowboy.

It is Davidson who is the first to make a move as he steps forward swinging the baton down over his head. Byrd roars and takes a step forward, swinging his hand out as he slaps the baton away before connecting with a forearm shiver. JPD absorbs the brutal shot and fires back, feigning an overhead strike once again. Clay swings his hand again only this time Jace stops mid swing. Byrd’s hand sails by harmlessly before Jace continues through his attack, the baton crashing down into the Behemoth’s knee!

Joe Hoffman: He might have just shattered Byrd’s knee with that shot or at least dislocated it, a smart move in a match with no rules. If the big man can’t keep a stable base he can’t win this match against an opponent like Jace!

Clay howls in pain as he retreats back, hobbling on one leg while he clutches at his wounded knee with both hands. Jace jumps forward as his knee connects with the chin of Bryd sending him clattering down to the metal floor. The blood thirsty fans are cheering and screaming from their cells, their arms reaching out toward the two from the nearby cells.


Joe Hoffman: No NO!

Jace sends the baton across the side of the Texan’s head, the man going rigid for a moment before his body goes limp. The King of Everything poses above Clay as the fans pour on a very angry sounding cheer, like they want to boo but seeing him just t-off on Clay’s thick skull was too awesome not to.

Joe Hoffman: I.. I think we might need to stop this match, Clay looks to have been hurt bad with that sickening strike from that military grade metal baton!

Blood begins to visibly leak from a curious patch of shaved hair on Clay’s head. Jace spits his own blood from his broken teeth down on Clay with disgust before looking around, trying to figure out where has to drag Clay now.

Joe Hoffman: Jace is firmly in the driver’s seat, now he just needs to get Clay to the infirmary!

Jace spots an emergency exit sign pointed to the cafeteria before tucking the baton into his belt. JPD pulls Clay up onto his shoulders into a fireman’s carry before grimacing in pain. He can visibly be seen saying “Fuck it” before tossing Clay’s lifeless body over the siderail, back down toward the first floor. Ironically right onto where the two EPU guards from earlier had retreated too. Clay’s massive body crushes both of the guards who could only stare up, dumbfounded.

Joe Hoffman: Oh my God! He just tossed Clay probably twenty five feet to the ground!

The King of Everything makes his way down the stairs and to the pile of bodies. He kicks the lifeless Clay a few times in the side of his head, just in case, before pulling him up onto his shoulders again. As the fans cheer Jace slowly proceeds through the metal doors that lead into the cafeteria.

Joe Hoffman: I think it’s safe to say the King of Everything is looking like he’s on his way to ICONC and a shot at the High Octane Wrestling World Champion, whoever that may be!

The darkened prison cafeteria lights flicker alive. For a moment it looks like a dark figure is standing in the corner, like a patch of shadow that refuses to yield to the light. Jace spots it and freezes, unsure what it is before the darkness seems to melt away. Shaking his head Jace continues to follow the Emergency Exit sign into the kitchen.

Joe Hoffman: We haven’t seen the kitchen here at Alcatraz in some time, some Epic matches from the past crossed through this place. A little Bobbinette Carey reference, folks.

Just like the cafeteria the kitchen lights turn on once Jace enters with Clay still on his back. Near the far end of the kitchen, next to the Walk-In Refrigerator, was the red Exit sign. As JPD steps into the kitchen the lights at the far end begin to flicker. There is another short pause from Jace before the light sparks and pops, the only light on that half of the kitchen now the glowing red exit sign.

Joe Hoffman: It appears we’re having some electrical issues here tonight but then, this is an old prison. Hopefully we can make it through this whole broadcast without any serious issues.

Taking a deep breath Jace cautiously begins to march toward the exit, moving past the range and ovens. There is a low squeaking noise as Jace pushes closer toward the exit. With a sudden thumping noise fire explodes from the range. The oven doors crash open and belch out flames that cut off any retreat back for Jace and Clay.

Joe Hoffman: What the hell is going on here?


The unmistakable sound of something crashing into the metal door of a Walk-In refrigerator echoes around the kitchen. The same refrigerator door that was right next to the emergency exit that Jace was currently attempting to reach.

Joe Hoffman: Get out of there! I don’t know what the hell is happening in that kitchen but I can tell you folks from up here that nothing about it feels good!


Despite the darkness that shrouded that side of the kitchen the red light of the exit allowed a portion of the now warped metal door to be visible. Jace took a deep breath and gritted his teeth, storming forward. He pushed himself forward even as knives and metal pans flew through the air smashing into the walls around him.

With a defiant roar Jace lowered his shoulder and used Clay as a ram to push them both through the exit door! As both men flew out into the cold night air the sound of the Walk-In door being ripped apart could be heard. As the Emergency Exit door slowly closed Jace looked up and for a moment a burning red eye seemed to peer out at him.


Joe Hoffman: Not going to lie, folks, that was some spooky sh..tuff.

The exit door closed and silence washed over both men. Clay lay on his back, blood oozing from his head wound while Jace sat next to him catching his breath. Light washed over them as Jace realized they were near the lighthouse which also meant..

Joe Hoffman: You’re almost there, Jace!

A few hundred meters away was the Infirmary door and Joel Hortega standing just outside of it. A smile washes over Jace as he jumps up to his feet and reaches down to pick up Clay.

Clay’s hand clasps around Jace’s neck, a low angry growl grumbling from the Behemoth’s throat. Jace doesn’t hesitate and immediately begins to hammer Clay with punches toward the damaged portion of Clay’s head. The Texan grimaces as blood splatters across JPD’s knuckles but he refuses to relinquish his grip. Finally, in desperation, Jace reaches back and claps his hands hard across both of Clay’s ears.

Joe Hoffman: It isn’t pretty but neither is this match. As I had said earlier there is nothing Jace wouldn’t do to win this match, and against a man like Clay in a match like an Infirmary Match you HAVE to be willing to do whatever it takes.

Byrd releases another pained howl before shoving Jace away. Ever a practical man, the King of Everything retrieves the baton from his belt before moving in to engage in his best Officer Powell impression. He’s one of the officers in the Rodney King beating for those of you wondering.

Unfortunately for Jace as he swings on Clay the Texan catches his arm. JPD sends a kick to the knee he had hit with a baton earlier causing Byrd to roar angrily. Jace drops the baton out of his hand and lets it fall into his other arm, swinging it down toward Byrd’s knee again, this time connecting as Byrd releases Jace’s arm and stumbles back toward the Infirmary.

Joe Hoffman: They’re getting closer to the Infirmary folks! It’s been a wild match so far, God only knows what they’re do once they get inside!

The wounded Clay is now on the back pedal as Jace begins to herd him toward the Infirmary door. Nearing the entrance Jace spots an opening in Clay’s defense and darts in, swinging the baton toward Clay’s ribs. When the baton strikes against the side of Clay’s ribs it stops, his muscular frame absorbing the full blow. Clay drops his arm and Jace finds himself suddenly trapped exactly where he doesn’t want to be.

Joe Hoffman: Jace finds himself in the preverbal No Man’s Land when it comes to Clay Byrd.

Before Jace can work out his escape plan Clay, who had no doubt been dreaming of what to do once he caught his opponent, puts his own plan into motion. A massive forearm collides with Jace’s jaw rocking him. With his head knocked back Jace’s chest is exposed and so Clay follows up the forearm with an open handed chop down hard across Jace’s flesh.

Joe Hoffman: A HARD Chop across bare flesh!

The wind is driven out of Jace’s chest as his knees buckle. With pure power and strength Clay lifts Jace up and plants him down hard on the pavement with a spinebuster!

Joe Hoffman: Oh GOD! Jace’s head just bounced off the pavement!

The baton clatters away as, for a few moments, the life is knocked out of Jace. Clay roars down at Jace before grabbing him by the ankle. With a ginger limp the Behemoth drags Jace toward the Infirmary entrance as Joel Hortega fishes an old burnt service bell out of his pocket.

Byrd shoves Hortega out of the way while dragging Jace along behind him. Hortega waits for Jace’s tailing hands to cross the threshold before he cheerfully dings the bell.

Joe Hoffman: I hear Joel got that bell from his great Uncle after he died in an unfortunate explosion.

-ding ding ding-

Inside the burnt out, rotten infirmary the scars of battles past still remain. The smell of death hangs in the air and somehow it is colder inside than it is outside. Byrd looks around the filthy building before he places his foot on Jace’s chest. Hortega immediately drops down for a pinfall..

Joe Hoffman: Clay looking to end this now!



Joe Hoffman: No! Gonna take a better cover than that, son.

Jace immediately throws his shoulder up before he begins coughing spit and blood. Clay snarls and kicks Jace directly in the ribs as hard as he can, the sound of boot hitting flesh uncomfortably loud. With an almost unnatural strength Clay lifts up Jace’s body and hurls him across the room, his body crashing into a small pile of broken wooden wheel chairs. Limping forward Clay lets out a low chuckle while he checks on the blood leaking out of the side of his head.

Joe Hoffman: What is it going to take to keep Clay Byrd down!?

Pulling Jace out of the wheel chairs reveals a series of cuts and scratches that cover his back and arms, small trails of blood slowly oozing out. Clay sets Jace up for a powerbomb, aiming to drop him right into the pile of broken wooden wheelchairs he had just fished him out of. He picks him up and positions him..

Joe Hoffman: Oh no, not a power bomb..

Jace jams a shard of broken wood down into Clay’s forearm. Clay drops the King of Everything and glares down in horror at the piece of wood sticking out of his arm. JPD lands on his feet and snatches up the arm of one of the chairs, two long, rusted screws sticking out of the end of it.


Joe Hoffman: *Incoherent screaming*

Swinging with all his force Jace smashes the screw end of the chair’s arm into Clay’s knee. A shrill, pained sound explodes out of the Behemoth as Jace releases the arm which remains embedded into Clay’s knee via the two screws. Jace takes a step back and fires a Super Kick across the Big Man’s jaw causing him to drop like a sack of bricks!

Jace covers!






At the last minute a bloodied Clay manages to throw his shoulder up. Jace scrambles up to his feet and stumbles away looking for something. As he does so Clay tears the wooden shard from his arm and removes the arm from his leg, blood now rushing freely from several injuries to his body.

Joe Hoffman: I have.. No idea how Clay Byrd hasn’t passed out from blood loss or pain, he is practically covered head to do in blood!

Meanwhile Jace has found what he was looking for. The rusted IV stand that stood against a lonely wall stained brown with blood, a matching pool of dried old blood beneath it. With it secured in his hand Jace returned to the room where Clay lay on the ground covered in suckling, crimson wounds.

Kicking Clay onto his back, Jace lifted the IV stand above his head and pointed the jagged, broken tip toward his victim’s head.

Joe Hoffman: Jace has lost his mind! He’s going to kill Clay Byrd with the same IV rack that killed Max Kael last year! What a Monster!

Just as he was about to ram it down the lights flickered. The shadows danced and took on familiar shapes around Jace. Hortega began to pray, cowering in the corner with a rosary clutched in his hands. With a sneer Jace shook his head at the whole thing and returned to his plan to murder Clay Byrd only to discover he was gone.

His blood was still there but the man himself had disappeared. Panic suddenly filled Jace’s eyes as he searched the room around him though the flickering lights made it difficult to lock onto anything.


The familiar sound filled the room just as the lights went out completely, darkness flooding the room for a full five seconds before they came back to life. Standing behind Jace was Clay, a strange grin pulled across his lips while the blood vessels in his left eye look to have burst, the whites awash with crimson. Spinning Jace around he smashed his forehead into the bridge of Jace’s nose with a loud crack.

Joe Hoffman: What the hell is going on!? Clay Byrd with a Brow Beater!?

The King of Everything fell back as blood gushed out of his nose. The smile on Byrd’s face faltered an enraged and psychotic snarl, his bloodied teeth shown as his eyes narrowed into hateful points.


Jace is turned upside down and inside out as Byrd nearly decapitates him with a clothesline. Clay drops down and hooks his leg!







Joe Hoffman: NO! NO!

Jace manages to kick out! Right at the last moment Jace throws his arm up and Byrd is enraged! He spits and fumes and mounts Jace who stares up at him with blurry eyes. Wrapping his hands around Jace’s neck Clay pulls his own head back and..




Joe Hoffman: Three consecutive Brow Beaters and I think both of these men might have broken skulls let alone concussions!

The head butts delivered to the face of JPD breaks the flesh open across his brow. The Behemoth has thrown so much force into the attacks that his own orbital bone region of his face is beginning to swell and bleed, the bone there likely broken.

Clay releases his hold around Jace’s neck and collapses down onto his opponent. Hortega drops down for the count..












This time Hortega completes the three count. He fishes the small burnt bell out of his pocket and stands over the two of them.


-ding ding ding-



Both men do not move at the sound of the bell. Medical staff immediately move in to check on both as we return to Joe Hoffman in the security office.

Joe Hoffman: Clay Byrd just secured a spot in the ICONIC World Championship Match…..but did he really win? Will he physically be able to compete? What about Jace? What an unbelievable match folks. Felt like I was watching a horror movie…..which is par of the course for tonight.  We will be right back folks. Just….just….wow.

Joe can be seen shaking his head in awe of what he just saw as we cut away.


Jatt Starr vs. John Sektor

97 Minute Iron Man Match for the LSD Championship
































As we come back from hype video for the LSD Championship Match, we head to the Warden’s office where the Hall of Famer and best announcer in the business is ready to call this next highly anticipated championship match.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen where we are mere moments away from tonight’s Iron Man Match for the LSD Championship. We will see a minimum of 97 minutes go by where the person with the most points will be declared the LSD Champion.

Joe turns to look at the monitor and we see fans locked in cells around and high below the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Once again, every fan in attendance is here courtesy of Conor Fuse and his Juice Boxes. These individuals have seen a heck of a show, but what they witness right now could be the match of the year.

Joe’s excitement may be getting the best of him……or he could be right.

Joe Hoffman: Tonight, we witness former tag champions……former allies……no, former brothers in arms who would had each other’s back until it just went sour. John Sektor became a singles champion and he considered Jatt Starr the dead weight that had been holding him down, and Jatt wants to prove that Sektor was the one riding his coattails. And for Jatt, to prove his claim, he has to become the new LSD champion!

Joe’s excitement flares up once again before turning to the monitor once more.

Joe Hoffman: Lets head to ringside.

As the image cuts to inside General Population we see a sea of rabidness fans locked inside the cells ready for this match to begin.

Joe Hoffman: Ummmmmm…….where is Matt Boettcher and Bryan McVay?

Joe’s questions are answered as the door to the hallway corridor bursts open and out walks a man we haven’t seen in a very long time and his appearance has silenced the crowd to the point you can hear a pin drop.

Joe Hoffman: What is he doing here? He looks dressed to officiate, but I thought he was banned from television?

The mysterious man is none other than Scott Stevens as he makes his way to the ring and once near he climbs up the stairs and steps inside.

Joe Hoffman: It looks like Scott Stevens is the special guest referee for this Iron Man match, but we still have no ring announ…….

Joe is suddenly cut off as Stevens begins to speak.

Scott Stevens: Check. Check. Is this thing on?

Stevens asks as he taps on the microphone wrapped around his ear.

Scott Stevens: Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you your special guest ring announcer and referee for this LSD! CHAMPIONSHIP! IRON! MAN! MATCH! SCOTT! STEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENS!

The crowd is still in shocked from Stevens’ appearance.

Scott Stevens: Let’s get this match underway shall we?

“Everybody Wants You” by Billy Squier blares across the cell blocks and emerging from the open corridor is Jatt Starr, sporting his red and black plaid suit.

Bryan McVay: Introducing first, the challenger, from Havre, Montana and weighing in at 220 lbs….he is HALL OF FAMER! JATT! STTTTTTTTTTTTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!

Jatt tosses his suit jacket to Anton as The Ruler of Jattlantis heads towards the ring as the crowd gives him a warm reception.

Scott Stevens: And his opponent……

 “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” by AC/DC 

Joe Hoffman: The familiar tune of The LSD Champion brings this ruckus crowd to their feet.

The Master of The “Stache” steps through the doorway and the crowd gives him a round of applause.

Joe Hoffman: Sektor looking very focused knowing he has backed Jatt into a corner with this Iron Man stipulation.

Sektor hams it up, deviously stroking his ‘stache as he cockily marches down to the ring. No sooner has Sektor stepped into the ring than his music begins to fade out.

Bryan McVay: From Miami, Florida… he stands at 6’1” and weighs in at a formidable 245 pounds… He is the REIGNING! DEFENDING! UNDISPUTED! HIGH OCTANE WRESTLING LSD CHAMPION! He is… THE GOLD STANDARD! AND HALL OF FAMER! JOHN!…SEEEEEEKTOOOOOOOR!

Sektor hands Stevens his championship before giving his former ally once upon a time a look before retreating to his corner. Stevens holds the title high into t he air before he places it on a chair outside of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: And here we go…..


At the sound of the bell, an old style 97 Red colored basketball scoreboard is shown as it is hanging on the railing from the second floor. It begins to count down from 97 minutes and we see each name of the champion and challenger on each side. Sektor and Jatt come out of their respective corners and begin to circle one another.

Joe Hoffman: Sektor is one of the greatest if not the greatest technical wrestlers in HOW history. He is the Machine of HOW if you will while Jatt is more of a showman, but he has shown over the years that he can wrestle with the best of them.

Both men lock up and begin to jock for position, but I don’t know if it’s a special Rhys Townsend cocktail or old man strength, but Jatt pushes Sektor back into the nearest corner and Stevens is calling for a break and Jatt complies.

Joe Hoffman: Jatt with a clean break.

As Jatt backs away slowly he rears his head up and pats Sektor on the face a couple of times.

Joe Hoffman: Jatt trying to play mind games with the champion.

The Starrson City Icon has a huge smirk on his face as he backs away and Sektor nods. The two meet in the center of the ring once again and go to lock up, but Sektor goes low with a knee to the stomach. Sektor immediately locks in a side headlock and snaps Jatt down to the canvas. Stevens asks Jatt if he wants to submit, but the Hall of Famer shouts no as the other Hall of Famer tightens his grip in response.

Joe Hoffman: Sektor trying to dissect Jatt Starr here in the early going of this match.

Jatt tries reaching for the rope but to no avail. The Champion of Jattanooga begins to club at the ribs of Sektor, but the Gold Standard elevates his legs a bit to avoid the attack and that is all Jatt needed to roll Sektor onto his shoulders.






Sektor rolls over still with the headlock attached.

Scott Stevens: The winner of the first fall, Hall of Famer, Jatt Starr.

Sektor immediately releases his submission upon hearing this and shoves Stevens.

John Sektor: WHAT THE FUCK STEVENS?!?!?!?!?

Sektor yells at the Texan, but Stevens simply shakes his head and points to his shirt.

Scott Stevens: Sir, I am the official of this match and you cannot touch me so you are DISQUALIFIED!

Sektor goes ballistic and gets in Stevens’ face and looks like the two are about to trade blows when Jatt rolls up Sektor.






Sektor kicks out, but not before the count of three.

Scott Stevens: The winner and leading three falls to none, Hall of Famer, Jatt Starr.

The score board flashes with the updated scores.

Sektor: 0

Jatt: 3

Joe Hoffman: I don’t know what is going on, but from first glance it looks as if Scott Stevens is in Jatt Starr’s back pocket.

Jatt sends Sektor to the canvas with a clothesline, but the Gold Standard pops back up and Jatt sends the champion back down with another clothesline. The Jattinum Standard puts the boots to Sektor before dropping a stiff knee across Sektor’s face.




Sektor kicks out.

Starr drives his forearm into the side of Sektor’s head to stun him for a brief moment. Jatt drags Sektor to his feet before doubling him over with a kick to the gut and driving his knee into Sektor’s face.

Joe Hoffman: The Art-Starr Knee!

The facebuster staggers Sektor back against the ropes and Jatt runs full speed and clotheslines Sektor over the top rope.

Scott Stevens: Jatt Starr, because you threw Sektor over the top rope you are disqualified!

Jatt goes berserk and get in the Texan’s face and begins to poke his finger into Stevens’ chest.

Scott Stevens: Sir, just like I told the other gentlemen, I am the official of this contest and you are not allowed to touch me. You are DISQUALIFIED!

Jatt is livid as his lead is only cut to one.

Sektor: 2

Jatt: 3

Joe Hoffman: Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t know what to make of this…….hold on.

Joe is handed something and he begins to read it.

Joe Hoffman: Apparently, this Iron Match is being officiated under Leonidas Best rules from Fisher Price Wrestling circa…….1815?!?!?!? Who they heck wrote this??? What is going on? Does Mike know about this??

Joe shakes his head before continuing.

Joe Hoffman: The standard rules apply like pinfall, submission, countout, and disqualification. However, certain things are strictly enforced and if not a heard to they will result in an immediate disqualification:

  • toss over the top rope
  • touching the referee
  • jumping off of the top rope
  • eye pokes
  • low blows
  • using anything as a weapon to gain an unfair advantage
  • closed fist after a count of five

As Joe finishes listing the rules of the Iron Man match, Jatt slides under the bottom rope and goes to pick up Sektor who rocks The Starrlite Sexpress with an uppercut. Sektor goes for an Irish whip, but Jatt reverses it and send Sektor crashing into the steel ring steps…

Scott Stevens: The winner of the fall by disqualification, due to the usage of the steel steps as a weapon, Hall of Famer John Sektor.

Sektor: 3

Jatt: 3

Joe Hoffman: It’s all tied up now.

Jatt screams curses at Stevens before rolling back into the ring and yelling at Stevens to count him out.








Sektor begins to stir.



Sektor is leaning against the apron.



Sektor rolls in.

Scott Stevens: Your winner due to a count out, Hall of Famer Jatt Starr.


Sektor: 3

Jatt: 4


Joe Hoffman: Just like that Jatt takes back the lead.

The Jatti Master begins to put the boots to a down Sektor, but the champion is able to block most of the assault and push Jatt back. As Jatt comes forward, Sektor stuns his opponent with a jumping knee to the face. Sektor quickly grabs Jatt and drives him face first into the mat. However, Sektor doesn’t go for the pin, instead he wraps his legs around the neck of Jatt Starr.

Joe Hoffman: Koji Clutch applied!

Jatt begins screaming in pain and is looking for an out but has nowhere to go so he quickly taps.

Scott Stevens: Your winner by submission, Hall of Famer John Sektor.

Sektor: 4

Jatt: 4


Joe Hoffman: All tied up, but Sektor isn’t releasing the hold.

Stevens yells at Sektor to release the hold and begins his five count.








Sektor releases the hold.

Scott Stevens: Your winner by disqualification, Hall of Famer, Jatt Starr.


Sektor: 4

Jatt: 5


Joe Hoffman: And Jatt is in the lead once again and Sektor is none too pleased as he gives Stevens a look of pure hatred.

Sektor locks in a front chancery and begins to drive knees into the face and head of Jatt Starr. After a barrage of knee strikes, the Gold Standard gets up to his feet along with pulling Jatt to his. The champion then muscles Jatt high into the air before driving him into the canvas with a Jackhammer suplex.








Scott Stevens: Your winner by pinfall, Hall of Famer, John Sektor.


Sektor: 5

Jatt: 5


Sektor picks up Jatt and goes for a body slam, but The Starrabian Knight slides down the back of Sektor and counters with an inverted DDT.


Both men lay next to each other and Stevens begins his mandatory ten count.












Jatt rolls over onto Sektor and Stevens drops.






Sektor kicks out and Jatt can’t believe it.

Scott Stevens: Two count only. I repeat two count only.

The champion and challenger start to stagger to their feet and begin trading rights with one another. Jatt goes for it all on a wild haymaker shot, but the Gold Standard avoids the attack and as Jatt turns around he gets drilled in the face with a jumping knee that sends Jatt stumbling towards a corner. Sektor follows it up with a massive clothesline before placing Jatt on the top turnbuckle. Stevens yells at Sektor to get down, but the champion ignores the official and superplexes Jatt off of the top rope before covering the challenger.






Scott Stevens: Your winner by disqualification, Hall of Famer, Jatt Starr. Your winner by pinfall, Hall of Famer, John Sektor.


Sektor: 6

Jatt: 6


Sektor pushes himself off of Jatt and gives Stevens a look before simply shaking his head in disgust.

Joe Hoffman: These Best rules are controversial to say the least. This could be one of the highest victories in an Iron Man matches we will ever see….and it is clear as day that Stevens counts way too fast….which should not be a surprise to ANYONE who has listened to a High Octane Radio show.

Back inside the ring and Sektor goes for another cover.




Kickout by Jatt.


Sektor quickly locks in a reverse chinlock to slow the pace back down, but more importantly to catch his breath.

Joe Hoffman: Sektor doing the smart thing here and controlling the pace of the match. He doesn’t want to make a mistake and potentially get disqualified.

Stevens asks Jatt if he wants to quit but The New Starrleans Saint shakes his head no.

Joe Hoffman: There still some fight left in the tank of the Hall of Famer.

Jatt starts to feed off of the energy of the audience as he gets to all fours and begins to elbow the champion in the stomach. Each elbow thrown by Jatt causes Sektor to jump back further and further until his grip is finally broken and sends the champion back against the ropes. As Sektor comes off of the ropes he goes for a discuss forearm, but The King of Grapple from the Big Apple saw it coming.

Joe Hoffman: Hall of Fame forearm misses!

Sektor turns around and Jatt picks him up for an inverted atomic drop.

Joe Hoffman: ManJattan Drop!

As Sektor bounces around holding his privates, Jatt hits the ropes and as Sektor turns around gets blasted with a spear.

Joe Hoffman: Starrlite Express! Cover.

Jatt rolls into a cover.






Scott Stevens: Your winner by disqualification due to a low blow, Hall of Famer John Sektor. Your winner by pinfall, Hall of Famer Jatt Starr.

The scoreboard updates with the latest victories.

Sektor: 7

Jatt: 7

Joe Hoffman: Just when Jatt thought he had taken the lead his unintentional low blow caused a disqualification to give Sektor the brief lead before Jatt tied it back up.


Jatt can be heard yelling explicatives before shooting a look at Stevens. Jatt turns and sees Sektor  is still down so he rolls into another cover.



Kickout by the champion.

Sektor still feeling the pain of the spear is clutching his ribs. However, The Hero of Starraguay is back onto his feet and hits the ropes and sends the air out of the champion’s lungs with a double foot stomp. Jatt looks at the ropes and then back at Sektor. He looks again and a heavy breath comes out of his mouth as he springboards off of the middle rope and hits a leg drop across Sektor’s throat. Jatt holds his backside in pain, but as they say pain his temporary, victory is forever, the Hall of Famer grunts and grits his teeth as he rolls into a cover.






Sektor: 7

Jatt: 8


Joe Hoffman: And just like that, Jatt takes the lead.

Sektor is down.

Jatt is down.

Stevens begins his count.









Sektor begins to stir.

Jatt rolls over to all fours.


Sektor is on all fours.


Jatt tries to stand, but stumbles.


Scott Stevens: Both Hall of Famers have been counted out.


Sektor: 8

Jatt: 9


The scoreboard updates the new scores for each man.

Joe Hoffman: Even though both men couldn’t reach Stevens’ ten count, Jatt still leads by one.

Jatt uses the ropes to pull himself up as Sektor starts to pull himself back up as well as this ruckus crowd gives a hardy roar for both men. Both men nod at one another and meet center ring and begin to circle each other. Both men lock up and Jatt rocks Sektor with a short uppercut. Jatt looks to send Sektor to the canvas with a clothesline, but the Gold Standard ducks underneath and trips up Jatt. As fluid as water, Sektor moves over Jatt quickly and quickly locks in a headlock.

Joe Hoffman: Sektor trying to keep Jatt grounded.

As Sektor slowly gets to his feet, Jatt begins to send forearm shivers into the spine of the champion. Jatt continues to do this until he thinks Sektor is stunned long enough to grab him and whip him across the ring……or so he thought.

Joe Hoffman: Sektor puts on the brakes.

Sektor starts punching the top of Jatt’s head and if was by design or pure coincidence, Jatt suplexes Sektor.

Joe Hoffman: Massive belly to back suplex by Jatt Starr.

Jatt crawls into a cover.





Jatt gingerly gets up to his feet and reaches down to pick up Sektor but the champion has other plans as he hooks Jatt with a small package.






Jatt kicks out too late.

Scott Stevens: Your winner by pinfall, Hall of Famer, John Sektor.

The scoreboard updates and we are all tied up.


Sektor: 9

Jatt: 9


Joe Hoffman: Just when you thought Sektor was down he uses a simple move like a small package to keep himself in the match.

Jatt doesn’t give Sektor time to think much less celebrate as he immediately pounces on his former partner and begins to punch him wildly. Stevens yells at Jatt to open his fist, but the Hall of Famer doesn’t listen.








Jatt continues the attack after the count of five.

Scott Stevens: Hall of Famer, Jatt Starr has been disqualified.

Scoreboard updates after the announcement and Sektor is in the lead once again.


Sektor: 10

Jatt: 9


Jatt’s frustration starts to get the better of him as he picks up Sektor and The Czar of Ant-Starr-ctica begins to hit a series of snap suplexes. After the third suplex, Jatt picks up Sektor and whips him into the corner. Jatt saunters over and begins to light up the chest of the Golden Standard with chops.


Jatt grabs Sektor by the head and uses the ropes to rake the eyes and Stevens warn him, but Jatt doesn’t listen or care as he continues to do it.

Scott Stevens: Hall of Famer, Jatt Starr has been disqualified.

Scoreboard updates after the announcement and Sektor is up by two wins.

Sektor: 11

Jatt: 9

Jatt gives Stevens a glare before climbing to the apron and dropping down to the floor causing Sektor to slingshot onto the canvas holding his throat. Jatt pulls Sektor to the outside and begins to put the boots to the Gold Standard. Jatt reaches down to pick up Sektor, but the champion drills Jatt with a vicious European uppercut and the momentum causes Jatt to hit the steel ring steps.

Scott Stevens: Hall of Famer, John Sektor has been disqualified.

Scoreboard updates after the announcement and Sektor is up by one win and the crowd boos loudly.

Sektor: 11

Jatt: 10

A sinister grin forms over the face of The Former Five Starr General of the Best Alliance as he feigns to whip Sektor to allow the Gold Standard to whip him and Jatt heads straight into the ring post even though he collision was minimal.

Scott Stevens: Hall of Famer, John Sektor has been disqualified.

Scoreboard updates after the announcement and it’s all tied up and the crowd boos even louder.

Sektor: 11

Jatt: 11

Jatt sits up and with a Kodak smile plastered to his face points to his head, but the grin quickly fades when he hears…..

Scott Stevens: Hall of Famer, Jatt Starr has been counted out.

Scoreboard updates after the announcement and Sektor is up by one win and the crowd goes crazy.

Sektor: 12

Jatt: 11

Jatt goes ballistic on the outside, but Sektor never forgot that Stevens was still counting.

Joe Hoffman: And just like that the tide has shifted once again to John Sektor.

Jatt rolls into the ring and he measures Sektor. Jatt charges looking for a running boot, but the Gold Standard is able to catch the kick and use Jatt’s own momentum against him as he rolls it into a half Boston Crab. Jatt begins to scream in pain but The Risen Starr shows his grit as he begins to crawl to the nearest set of ropes.

Jatt inches closer and closer.

Jatt is almost there as he reaches for the bottom rope, but Sektor sensing this pulls Jatt away and back to center ring and Jatt has no choice, but to tap out, but before Stevens can make the announcement, Sektor releases the hold briefly to lock in a more deadly one…..the SEKTOR STRETCH.

Jatt immediately taps.

Joe Hoffman: SMART business decision there made by Jatt….especially with the one this match is going and so much time left.

Scott Stevens: Your winner by two submissions, Hall of Famer, John Sektor.

Sektor: 14

Jatt: 11

Joe Hoffman: Sektor takes a commanding lead as thirty minutes of action has passed.

Scott Stevens: We have sixty-seven minutes left in the match.



Sektor: 14

Jatt: 11

Sektor goes to pick Jatt up, but Starr gives him a stiff upkick. As Sektor checks his mouth to see if he is bleeding, he makes his way to Jatt who pops up and nails an enzuigiri to the side of Sektor’s head allowing Jatt to roll out of the ring to catch his breath.

Joe Hoffman: Enzu-Starri by Jatt and now he’s trying to buy some time to get the feeling back into his leg.










Jatt rolls in and rolls back out.

Joe Hoffman: Smart. Jatt rolls in early to avoid a possible countout again.

Jatt hits his leg a couple of times to try and get the feeling back into it. Sektor rolls out of the ring and stalks Jatt on the outside. The Gold Standard rushes at Jatt, but Jatt avoids the attack barely and musters enough leg strength for a dropkick that sends the LSD champion colliding into the ring steps.

Joe Hoffman: Surprised Stevens didn’t call that a disqualification but I guess he determined it was accidental collision.



Jatt rolls into the ring.

Scott Stevens: Your winner by countout, Hall of Famer, Jatt Starr.

Sektor: 14

Jatt: 12

Stevens begins his count again as steps through the ropes and onto the apron. Jatt runs on the apron and jumps off delivering an elbow drop to the heart of Sektor.

Joe Hoffman: Jatt is putting his body on the line as he digs deep trying to catch Sektor.

Jatt holds his leg in pain, but The Starrcules pulls himself up and rolls John Sektor back into the ring before the count of ten and begins to target the ribs and back of the champion. Jatt stands over Sektor’s back and does a seated senton. He repeats this four to five more times before pulling Sektor up and locking in the dreaded Camel Clutch.

Joe Hoffman: The Starrvark Clutch is locked in! Can Sektor escape?

Sektor reaches up and gouaches at the eyes of Jatt Starr, but The Champion of Starronto bites the fingers of Sektor and pulls back on the submission forcing Sektor to tap.

Scott Stevens: Your winner by disqualification and submission, Hall of Famer, Jatt Starr.

Sektor: 14

Jatt: 14

The announcement brings the crowd to a thunderous roar as we are tied up once more.

Joe Hoffman: Wow. What a match!

As both men lay on the canvas in obvious pain, they take this opportunity to catch their breath, but both men have to be aware as Stevens is counting. Both men begin to get to their feet once again and start slugging it out. Jatt goes for a haymaker, but Sektor sweeps the leg sending Jatt down in obvious pain.

Joe Hoffman: Jatt’s leg and Sektor’s ribs are the point of focus in this match for both men.

Sektor reaches down to pick up Jatt who tries to hit another up kick, but the Gold Standard catches the attack and forces Jatt to his feet who is hopping on one foot. Jatt does his best Daniel LaRusso impression while Sektor holds his leg and hops up looking for the crane kick, but the champion easily avoids it and drills Jatt in the back of the knee with a chop block. Sektor vicious targets the knee with strikes before picking the leg up and spiking it onto the mat like a DDT sending thriving agony through Jatt’s body.

Sektor puts Jatt’s leg between his and jumps driving his knees into Jatt’s leg. Sektor begins to stomp away at the knee of Jatt as he lifts the leg before wrapping it around his legs and dropping to the canvas in a figure four leglock. Jatt yells in anguish as he struggles to get to the ropes. The pain forces Jatt’s shoulders to the mat and Stevens counts.






Scott Stevens: Your winner by pinfall, Hall of Famer, John Sektor.

Sektor: 15

Jatt: 14

Stevens tells Sektor to break the hold, but the champion shakes his head no.








Scott Stevens: Your winner by disqualification, Hall of Famer, Jatt Starr.

Sektor: 15

Jatt: 15

Jatt reaches for the ropes again, but Sektor rolls towards the middle of the ring and before Stevens can count to five once again, Jatt taps out.

Scott Stevens: Your winner by submission, Hall of Famer, John Sektor.

Sektor: 16

Jatt: 15

Joe Hoffman: Sektor cost himself a fall so he could implement as much damage to Jatt’s leg and knee as possible.

Stevens checks in on Jatt, but The Thane of Starrkarth is in obvious pain. Sektor begins to get impatient as Stevens has been checking on Jatt too long for his liking shoves Stevens out of the way and begins to attack the leg of Jatt. Stevens sits up and looks at Sektor.

Scott Stevens: Your winner by disqualification, Hall of Famer, Jatt Starr.

The crowd roars and if looks could kill Sektor stares at Stevens as he realizes what he did.

Sektor: 16

Jatt: 16

Joe Hoffman: Jatt ties it up by a rare mistake from Sektor, but can he continue that is the question.

Sektor goes for the figure four once again, but Jatt uses whatever strength he has in his legs left to kick Sektor in the backside and send him crashing shoulder first through the middle rope and colliding with the ring post. As Sektor staggers back clutching his shoulder, Jatt is barely on his feet and grabs Sektor by the waist and delivers a massive German suplex.

Jatt bridges.






Sektor pops the shoulder up in time.

Jatt holds up three, but Stevens tells him it’s only a count of two.

Jatt begins to crawl to the ropes and uses them to help himself to his feet while Sektor begins to stir in the middle of the ring. Jatt hobbles behind Sektor and locks in a sleeper.

Joe Hoffman: Jatt looking to put Sektor to sleep here.

Sektor feeling the grip around his neck get tighter he starts flailing around for the ropes and as he does he brings Jatt closer and closer to them. Sektor reaches for them but Jatt pulls him backward and at the last instant, Sektor kicks the turnbuckles and the momentum carries them backwards and Sektor lands on top of Jatt.





Scott Stevens: Your winner by pinfall, Hall of Famer, John Sektor.

Sektor: 17

Jatt: 16

However, Jatt doesn’t release the submission by the count of five and Stevens is forced to disqualify him.

Scott Stevens: Your winner by disqualification, Hall of Famer, John Sektor.

Sektor: 18

Jatt: 16

Joe Hoffman: Looks as if Jatt is taking a page out of Sektor’s playbook.

Jatt releases the sleeper and immediately locks in the camel clutch again rearing back on it causing Sektor to tap immediately.

Scott Stevens: Your winner by submission, Hall of Famer, Jatt Starr.

Sektor: 18

Jatt: 17

Jatt lets go of the camel clutch and delivers a massive stomp to the spine of Sektor before hobbling his way over to the Gold Standard’s legs to lock in a Texas Cloverleaf.

Joe Hoffman: The Jattaclysm is locked in! Can Sektor hold on or will he tap?

Jatt pulls back and drives his knee into the back of Sektor and The Polka Prince of Jattvia really starts to dig his knee into the small of Sektor’s back causing the champion to tap…..another business decision made by one of the men.

Scott Stevens: Your winner by submission, Hall of Famer, Jatt Starr.

Sektor: 18

Jatt: 18

Joe Hoffman: Sektor is in tremendous pain. He could have a serious back injury.

Stevens asks if Sektor wants to continue and the Gold Standard shouts yes. Jatt simply shrugs and starts putting the boots once more to the back and ribs to the champion. Jatt drops a series of pinpoint elbow strikes causing the champion to scream out in pain.

Joe Hoffman: I don’t think I ever seen Sektor in this match pain in his entire HOW career, but this isn’t your regular type of match. This isn’t your standard type of Iron Man match and this is one of the reason why we don’t ever get them because it takes special individuals to compete in them and you’re looking at two right now.

Jatt backs up a bit a delivers a vicious stiff kick to the ribs of the LSD champion and we can see the air escaping his mouth as he begins gasping for air. Jatt does a double stomp to the back of Sektor causing the champion to roll around in pain. The usually ever smiling Jatt Starr has a look of focus as drives his knee into the face of Sektor before locking in a scissored armbar.

Joe Hoffman: Rings of Jatturn!

Jatt starts pulling and prying at the shoulder of Sektor and each crank of the arm hurts the back of the champion as well and Sektor has no choice but to verbally submit.

Scott Stevens: Your winner by submission, Hall of Famer, Jatt Starr.

Sektor: 18

Jatt: 19

Jatt lets go of the submission before the count of five and begins to feel good about himself as he taunts the crowd and kicks back and relaxes across the top rope for a few moments admiring his damage.

Joe Hoffman: I don’t this is a smart move by Jatt despite him winning thus far. There is still a lot of time left.

Jatt hops down off of the ropes and makes his way to the fallen champion and tries to pry him off of the mat. As he lifts him up, Sektor stuns him with a shot to the gut and jumps up trying Jatt’s face to the canvas.


Sektor pushes Jatt onto his back and drapes an arm over him.




Scott Stevens: Your winner by pinfall, Hall of Famer, John Sektor.

Sektor: 19

Jatt: 19

Sektor sits up in agony clutching his ribs and looks around as if he is trying to determine is next move. Sektor rolls to all fours and pushes himself up to get onto his feet and he staggers a bit once up but the ropes catch him.

Joe Hoffman: Sektor is in obvious pain, but that is why he is a Hall of Famer and LSD champion because he doesn’t quit. You have to kill him to beat him.

Sektor sees Jatt getting to all fours so the Gold Standard drives his knee into the skull of Jatt. Sektor continues to drive knee after knee into the head of the challenger until he jumps up and lets out a primal yell causing a roar from the audience. Sektor picks up Jatt and whips him to the nearest corner and follows it up with a running knee to the chin of Jatt. Sektor rears back and chops Jatt across his pale chest before grabbing him by the head to hit a running bulldog.






Jatt pops the shoulder up and Sektor immediately mounts his opponent and begins to rain down right hands. Sektor musters enough strength jump briefly jump into the air and drive his knees into the face of Jatt. Sektor grabs Jatt’s arm and places it in a Fujiwara armbar and The HOW Classic desperately tries to reach for the bottom rope with his legs. As he inches closer, Jatt flails about trying to look for it, but when he gets too close for comfort, Sektor scissors the arm and grabs the leg trying to find the rope and pulls back causing Jatt to tap.

Scott Stevens: Your winner by submission, Hall of Famer, John Sektor.

Sektor: 20

Jatt: 19

Joe Hoffman: Sektor has regained the lead and he looks like a shark that smells blood in the water.

Sektor releases the hold and moves away from Jatt to catch his breath and strategize his next move.

Joe Hoffman: You have to wondering if Sektor is going to continue the offensive attack or maybe go on defense to protect his lead as we approach the last thirty minutes of this match.

Sektor rolls out of the ring and begins to pace around the ring trying to by himself so time to recuperate as he clutches his side as he walks. Sektor rolls in to break the count of Scott Stevens before rolling back out as he watches Jatt Starr still on the mat in agony.

Sektor: 20

Jatt: 19

Sektor rolls back into the ring and makes his way over to Jatt. The Gold Standard goes to pick him up, but The Mayor of ManJattan has plans.


Scott Stevens: Your winner by disqualification, Hall of Famer, John Sektor.

Sektor: 21

Jatt: 19

Sektor drops to his knees holding his golden jewels while Jatt jumps at Sektor driving both knees into his face.


Jatt immediately goes for a cover.




Scott Stevens: Your winner by pinfall, Hall of Famer, Jatt Starr.

Sektor: 21

Jatt: 20

Joe Hoffman: Jatt is only down by one.

Jatt smiles knowing he is close to tying it once again. He drags Sektor to his feet and lifts him up and places him across his shoulders.

Joe Hoffman: Could we be seeing a Death Valley Driver? Possibly a gutbuster?

Looks like Jatt wants to start the apocalypse early, but Sektor grabs Jatt’s suspenders at the last possible second and rolls him over into a crucifix pin.




Scott Stevens: Your winner by pinfall, Hall of Famer, John Sektor.

Sektor: 22

Jatt: 20

Joe Hoffman: There is no doubt in my mind that the Machine of HOW John Sektor would prefer to make Jatt submit 97 times here tonight but you gotta give it up to the Hall of Famer as Sektor just outsmarted Jatt Starr by using his own attire against him.

Jatt immediately takes his suspenders off and throws them out of the ring before pouncing on Sektor. Jatt continues to target the back and ribs of the champion as the final thirty minutes of the match begin.

Scott Stevens: We have thirty minutes left in this matchup


Sektor: 22

Jatt: 20

Jatt back away from Sektor and crouches into a nearby corner yelling for Sektor to get up. Sektor is slow to his feet and when he turns around he sees the freight train coming.






Scott Stevens: Your winner by pinfall, Hall of Famer, Jatt Starr.

Sektor: 22

Jatt: 21

Jatt doesn’t mess around as he immediately pulls up Sektor and hooks him driving him down face first into the canvas.

Joe Hoffman: Jatt with the Falling Starr. Can Sektor kick out?




Scott Stevens: Your winner by pinfall, Hall of Famer, Jatt Starr.

Sektor: 22

Jatt: 22

Joe Hoffman: Just like that we are all tied up once again.

Jatt begins to target the ribs and spine of the champion again and Sektor’s rib area is turning a dark bluish color.

Joe Hoffman: Sektor may have some broken ribs. Stevens may want to think of stopping this match.

Stevens sees this as well and backs Jatt off and asks Sektor if he wants to continue, but the Gold Standard has the perfect response for the Texan.

John Sektor: No detengas este jodido partido, ¿entiendes?

Stevens nods and backs away and when he does a punt kick is delivered to his ribs causing air to live his lungs as he rolls around on the canvas in pain.

Joe Hoffman: I can’t say that…….basically what Sektor said to Stevens is for him not to stop the match.

Jatt goes for a stomp, but Sektor is able to catch it and drag Jatt down to the mat and lock in a knee bar. Jatt screams out in pain and does what he can only do to free himself and that’s deliver ax kicks onto Sektor’s stomach and side until the champion releases the submission. Both men are down on the mat clutching at their respective ailments. Jatt is the first man back on his feet and he reaches down to pick up Sektor, but the champion drills Jatt in the gut with a wild right and as Jatt doubles over, Sektor grabs him and hits a swinging neckbreaker. Sektor slowly turns onto his stomach and begins to crawl over to Jatt before lying across his chest.





Jatt kicks out at the last minute.


Sektor grabs Jatt by his arm and pulls him near as he wraps his legs around his neck.

Joe Hoffman: The Golden Gate submission is locked in.

Jatt begins to punch and club Sektor’s sides and stomach to loosen his grip and with each blow Sektor loses his tightness on the submission allowing Jatt to lift him up and drive him back down with a powerbomb.

Joe Hoffman: Massive powerbomb by Jatt, but Sektor still maintains the submission.

Jatt lets out a yell of either pain or trying to gain strength or possibly both as he lifts Sektor into the air once again and drives him into the mat this time with a sitout powerbomb.




Three and Jatt taps.

Joe Hoffman: What just happened? Was it three or was it a tap.

Scott Stevens: Your winner by pinfall, Hall of Famer, Jatt Starr. Your winner by submission, Hall of Famer, John Sektor.

Sektor: 23

Jatt: 23

Joe Hoffman: The correct answer apparently was BOTH. We are all tied at 23 falls a piece.

Both men lay on the mat in anguish as Stevens begins his count.











Scott Stevens: Both men couldn’t reach the count of ten.

Sektor: 24

Jatt: 24

Joe Hoffman: Just like that we are all tied up once again. I believe both men know they needed that extra breather and were willing to sacrifice a fall.

Scott Stevens: We have ten minutes left in the match.


Sektor: 24

Jatt: 24

Joe Hoffman: Ten minutes left and it’s been pretty evenly match all night long.

Both men begin to stir and crawl to the opposite sides of the ring to pull themselves to their feet. Once they get to their feet they look across the ring at one another and give each other a nod of respect before making their way to center ring. They slowly begin to circle once another before locking up. Jatt takes the low road and drives his knee into the stomach of Sektor causing the champion to yell out in pain. Jatt grabs the champion by his arm and pulls him forward to allow Jatt to drive another knee into Sektor’s gut. Sektor drops to his knees trying to breath and Jatt steps over the arm and hits a back kick right in the face of Sektor.

Jatt goes for a big stomp, but Sektor does a spinning sweep bringing Jatt to the canvas. Sektor pulls himself up and places Jatt between his legs as he hooks the arms.

Joe Hoffman: C-SEKTION!







Jatt kicks out and Sektor can’t believe.

Joe Hoffman: Oh my! What a kick out!

Sektor goes for the pin again.




Sektor rolls over and gets to his feet and looks to put Jatt away. He places him between his legs but Jatt drops to his knees. Sektor tries to position him again, but The Guru of Jattmandu headbutts Sektor and Jatt hooks him.

Joe Hoffman: Falling Starr coming up?

Jatt sends Sektor face first into the canvas.





Sektor kicks out at the last moment.


Jatt can’t either as he looks up at the scoreboard and notices there is only two minutes left in the match.

Scott Stevens: Two minutes remain.


Sektor: 24

Jatt: 24

Jatt pounces on Sektor, attacking the ribs once again. Jatt delivers a stiff quick to the ribs of the champion before he lifts him to his feet. Jatt whips Sektor to the nearest corner and follows it up with a shoulder charge to the ribs. Jatt continues to drive his shoulders into the ribs of the champion.

Scott Stevens: One minute. One minute.


Sektor: 24

Jatt: 24

Jatt sensing the end is near isn’t waiting to go into overtime he wants to end it now as he picks Sektor up and places him in the tree of woe.

Scott Stevens: 30 seconds.


Sektor: 24

Jatt: 24

Jatt punches the ribs of Sektor before running towards the opposite corner. Jatt runs full speed at Sektor looking to finish him off with another Starrlite Express, but the Gold Standard yells out in pain as he pulls himself up and Jatt collides with the ring post.

The crowd begins to countdown along with the clock….





Sektor gets loose.



Sektor rolls over Jatt.


Sektor rolls Jatt up.









The scoreboard flashes the newest and LAST update of the match

Sektor: 25

Jatt: 24


Stevens rolls out of the ring and gets the LSD championship. Once inside, he places the title across Sektor’s shoulder as he helps to his feet to raise his hand.

We cut away as we see a final image of The Machine of HOW, John Sektor, holding his LSD Championship up in the air.


We cut away from the action and we see the docks on the side of Alcatraz. A slew of boats pull up with women holding signs. Already waiting on the docks is Bobbinette Carey standing on a stage behind a podium that has a sign on it that says “Carey cares!”. There is a giant banner across the top of the stage that says “women belong here too!”. Next to her are shark cages with male mannequins holding signs “we are the problem”, “We are predators”, “We should be in cages”.

The women rush off the boats and they are holding signs of their own that read “iron person match”, “iron women match.”, “iron Enby!”. A subgroup of people are wearing pink vagina hats and shirts with slogans of women empowerment.

Bobbinette is dressed in a pinstripe business suit wearing glasses looking almost as if she is running for office of some sort. She stands confidently behind the podium and speaks into the microphone.

Bobbinette: Sisters and non-binary and trans and everyone! Thank you all for joining me!

They start cheering “Bobbie, Bobbie!”

Bobbinette: They can keep women out of matches, but they can’t keep us off Alcatraz!

She says raising a fist in the air.

Bobbinette: The only woman who had a match for this event was replaced by a man!!

They boo and amidst the boo’s there is an audible “down with the patriarchy” as well as “down with toxic masculinity!”

Bobbinette: She was deemed unfit by, you guessed it, men! Eli Dresden deserved her spot but because we don’t have high testosterone she was replaced by Jiles. Let me tell you, this is an outrage! A travesty against the vagina! Estrogen is not the enemy and we will fight!

She said loudly as the crowd started cheering.

Bobbinette: You know, since I’ve come back they think that I’m complaining about the fact that I have risen to the top of a male dominant sport.

The women boo at the fact it’s a male dominant sport. Someone yells “Men are trash!” followed immediately by another shout of “Men are inferior!”

Bobbinette: I knew what this was coming into it. Not the fact that I had to fight twice as hard to get half of what they did. No-no, it’s because I am tired of seeing the self entitled, white privileged, men get everything handed to them! Like the Iron Man match. That wasn’t Lee who did that! No! Nobody has seen or heard from him since his match against his son. May he rest in peace.

She says making the sign of the cross and points up to the sky with a fake sniffle. She smirks and looks back at the protesters.

Bobbinette: But no they just said “hey we should do this!” and they got the match! Whereas I requested to make it a three way dance and be part of it and no one said anything! How dare I!? Me of all people, request to be part of such a grandiose match between two Hall of Fame men? So of course my request was denied…because Ironman! Man being the key word!

The crowd of women stir, “No more men!”, “Men are beneath us!”

Bobbinette: I have fought and beaten Jatt and Sektor! I’m a former LSD champion! Yet that doesn’t matter, because it was set for men! Since the passing of Lee best at Bottom line no one has been held accountable! Yet, if I say anything then I am the problem?

The women boo louder. “Stop the creeps!” “Men are the problem!”

Bobbinette: But we have been blamed for everything since the dawn of time. Haven’t we? Eve gave Adam the apple, but who gave the apple to Eve? Satan! A male! Men are afraid of powerful women using their voices. But we aren’t being silent today are we ladies?

Women: No!

Bobbinette: And they are going to hear us!! But thankfully ladies we aren’t alone in this fight. Sisters, Enbies and everyone else, I have a partner.

The crowd begins cheering.

Bobbinette: My partner is at this very moment preparing to fight in what may be his last match here in HOW. Yes, a male! A male who sees the injustices here and stands side by side with us, fighting against the patriarchy!

The crowd cheers at this as Bobbinette hypes them up. “Thank you Scotty.” clap-clap, clap-clap-clap “Thank you Scotty.”

Bobbinette: The only reason I was shut out of here was because I said no to taking on the toxic trash of an ex husband. The most miserable excuse for a human being Mario Maurako! He is retired and he doesn’t have the guts to face me at ICONIC! He hasn’t been seen nor heard from since!

They start to boo only to stop abruptly. Bobbinette sees the crowd parting and tries to get the crowd to focus. The crowd quickly parts as Bobbinette’s face goes pale.

Bobbinette: what the…

Mario Maurako emerges from the crowd and slowly makes his way onto the stage. Bobbinette is frozen as she stares at Mario looking like she’s seen a ghost. Once on the stage Mario stops and returns the stare. Bobbinette nervously looks around for an exit as Mario charges, running across the stage. Bobbinette dashes into a shark cage with one of the mannequins and closes the door behind her, just before Mario is able to reach her. Mario shakes the cage door but it won’t open. Bobbinette holds up the key and laughs at Mario. Mario tries to reach into the cage and takes a couple of swings at Bobbinette but to no avail. Finally Mario takes a step back and turns to the podium.

Mario Maurako: I accept.

The crowd starts chanting “Care-y, Care-y” which just seems to piss Mario off. He turns back to Bobbinette in the shark cage.

Bobbinette Carey: Wh-What are you doing?

Mario runs and pushes the shark cage over, sending Bobbinette crashing against the inside of the shark cage. Mario then grabs the cage and lifts it up into a deadlift. And begins carrying it from the stage.

Bobbinette Carey: Put me down! I do not consent! I do not consent!

Mario makes his way down the steps to the stage and briskly shuffles his feet towards the edge of the dock. He arrives at the edge of the dock as the crowd watches in terror. Mario looks down at Bobbinette.

Mario Maurako: Anything else?

Bobbinette Carey: I do not consent!

Mario Maurako: I didn’t expect you to.

With that Mario hoists the shark cage up to a gorilla press slam position sending Bobbinette and the mannequin into the other side of the cage. Mario then tosses the cage off the dock and into the ocean making a big splash as the feminist crowd gasps. Mario watches as the cage disappears from view and we cut to black.

Michael Lee Best vs. Conor Fuse

World Championship Match





Joe Hoffman: Folks. It is time. Time for the Son to once again challenge for the World Championship as he is set to take on the man that won the title a little over two months ago when he defeated Sutler Reynolds-Kael at Bottomline……Conor Fuse.

Joe pauses as the door to the wardens office opens and once again Joe is being handed a note.

Joe Hoffman: Folks….my work is done here. I want to thank everyone for having the patience to experience tonight’s show with me as we navigated these rough waters that is Rumble at the Rock and we did it without one of our own… longtime friend…..Benny Newell. I have been told that the staff has been asked to leave the island before this match is to start. I wish I had more to say but I don’t.

With that, Joe takes off his headset and slowly sets it down on the desk in front of him. He turns towards the door where two EPU agents are standing idly by. He nods his head and exits the wardens office and the door shuts behind him and the feed cuts elsewhere.

The feed cuts to an overhead shot of the island as we see several docked boats being filled up with the High Octane wrestlers and staff.  There is no one voicing any explanation over the feed as literally everyone watches the island seemingly being evacuated before the Main Event.

As the helicopter providing the footage continues to circle the area, we see lights going out throughout the island and within a few minutes the entire island is in darkness minus the lights on the now leaving boats that are heading back to dock on the mainland.

Finally the last boat is seen leaving the dock of the prison and the feed goes to complete darkness.

After what seems like HOURS the feed comes back on as we see a single candle flickering in the middle of an unknown room. There is a man standing behind the flame and there is just enough light to see who it is……Scott Stevens.

He is clearly standing across from someone….but we cannot see who that is……but we can all assume who it is.

Finally a voice breaks the tension…..but the voice is not of the person anyone watching is expecting. Stevens can be seen straining to make out the darkened figure across from him and also to try and recognize the voice…..but he cannot.

“The Trials of Scott Stevens has been a fun exercise for the Son to test your worth. But what even the Son does not know is what you just did during the Iron Man Match went a long way to prove your worth….to HIM. You did well to announce each fall with the words HALL OF FAMER…something that I am sure personally hurt each time you did. You did well….no doubt. But your night is not over. You will know referee and make sure the Son leaves this rock tonight as the Champion. Cause if he doesn’t…”

The unfinished sentence strikes fear into the heart of Stevens and he nods.

“Good. IT is only fitting that you take the place of the Quitter tonight. Sutler was on pace to become a Hall of Fame referee and I assure you….the path is yours to pick up and the Iron Man match was step one….for Me. So go forth…..let everyone complain that you are on the show too much tonight. Let their hate fuel you. Cause after tonight…..there will be no more.”

With that we see a hand reach out and extinguish the flame of the candle and we are once again in darkness…..but not before we see that the man is wearing a 97Red faced watch.

The darkness finally gives way as we see what is clearly some flashlights lighting up the darkness and as they get nearer we see that we see several EPU agents walking down a corridor. It does not take long to notice that once again we are in the prison…just not sure where.

Suddenly the men stop walking and they form two mini circles and as they do we notice that there are seats all around them. We hear some muffled voices and the feed shows that there are two men inside each circle.

Each man is wearing a hood.

An EPU agent steps forward in each circle and removes the hoods from the two people and we see that is our Main Event wrestlers for the evening……Michael Lee Best and the Champion Conor Fuse.

As the hoods are removed we see that their mouths are taped shut and their arms are bound behind them. The same agents that removed the hoods quickly pull out knives and cut the two men’s hands free and then rip the tape from each man’s mouth.

The rest of the EPU agents quickly fall out of the circle formation and now form a large boxed formation around the men.

As Mike and Conor stand up to their feet and begin to look around, the only light being provided currently are from the EPU flashlights and a couple hard cameras, they are confused about where they are.

“The first fall of tonight’s Main Event will be a call back to the Christ of Mplow and the only way to win this match is by nailing your opponent to this…..”

Suddenly the room’s lights are turned on fully and Mike and Conor wince at the sudden brightness. As their eyes adjust they see the man that just spoke, Scott Stevens, and the object he was referencing….

A wooden cross.

And the seats we saw earlier……….


We are in the chapel.

There will be blood.

Champion and Challenger look at each other and both looked thoroughly confused about what is going on. They were expecting a wrestling match.

To drive home the point that they ARE not in a wrestling match, Stevens walks between the two men and holds up a bag. He slowly unties the bag and turns it upside down and the contents fall to the floor of the chapel.

Two iron spikes and one iron hammer.

Stevens mouths the words “I am sorry” to Mike and then quickly steps out of the picture and behind a row of the EPU agents.

Finally, Mike and Conor face each other and the realization of what they must do begins to set in. The Son shakes his arms out as he proceeds to try and hype himself up.

Across from him Fuse begins to do the same.

Stevens steps forward and is about to speak but then he stops and looks towards the altar that is behind the cross.

Suddenly a few dozen choir boys make their way out from the back room of the chapel and they line up evenly behind the cross.

Mike and Conor watch in bewilderment as the children stare expressionless out towards them.

“The first fall of this match for the High Octane World Championship begins…..NOW”

Both men turn back towards each other and Mike quickly rushes towards the iron tools on the floor in front of them but Fuse quickly kicks his hand away and follows up with a right hand to the temple of Mike, staggering the challenger.

The Son catches his balance with the use of a nearby pew and bounces back towards the Champion and delivers his own right hand but it is blocked by Fuse who follows up with another right hand….this time more powerful than the last…..and Mike goes reeling backwards and falls down across a pew.

He shakes his arm as his elbow hit hard on the old wood of the seat and as Fuse rushes toward him he reaches down and picks up an object and swings it violently at Fuse and connects.

Mike looks down at the makeshift weapon he just used as Fuse is staggered.

It is an Old King James Bible.

“Fuck your Psalms…Dad”

Mike jumps back fully to his feet and swings the bible again and connects to the back of Fuse’s head. Knowing there is only so much damage you can physically do with a Bible, Mike tosses it to the ground, and follows up with a proper right hand to the temple of the Champion.

Fuse crumples to the floor of the chapel and Mike follows up with a boot to the back of the head of the man.

Mike takes a second to try gather some information on his surroundings and there really isn’t much to the chapel other than old wood.

And of course some iron that will be used later.

Mike pulls Fuse slowly up to his feet and promptly Irish whips the man back first into the edge of one of the pews.

Fuse screams out in horrible pain as his spine loses the battle against the solid wood carved many years ago.

The Champion is lying face first on the chapel floor, holding his back, as Mike quickly puts a knee into the middle of the man’s back and proceeds to pull on the hair of the Champion…..forcing his head to tilt back towards Mike.




Mike delivers three violent elbows to the side of the face of Fuse and satisfied with the damage he slams the mans face down to the cold holy concrete and as Conor begins to writhe in pain holding his nose……we see that he is bleeding.

The Son, knowing that Fuse’s vision is blurred temporarily, once again pulls the man up to his feet.

Conor swings blindly at Mike but he is unable to connect. The Son of GOD ducks the punch easily and steps in and quickly wraps his arms around the chest of the Champion and lifts and turns in one swift motion…….and executes a perfect belly to belly suplex to the concrete.

Fuse’s head bounces off the concrete and his eyes roll back in his head. He is clearly knocked out.

Mike pushes himself off of the man and back to his feet. Standing over the now knocked out man, Mike grabs him by a wrist and begins dragging him towards the cross.

Scott Stevens, the assigned referee for this match, has taken position by the cross since it started, begins to turn a previously unseen crank and the cross begins to slowly tilt towards the floor.

As the cross lowers all the way to waist level of Mike, he drags Conor next to it.

Mike nods and smiles at Stevens and turns back towards the two spikes and hammer that are still on the floor. He picks them both up and carriers them back towards the cross. He places them on the nearest pew and turns back towards Fuse.

The Champion is still completely out as Mike dead lifts him to his feet and lays him carefully on the cross, which is just wide enough to support the frame of the 6’1” 210 pound Champion.

With the prone champion on the cross, Mike turns back towards the pew and stops as he looks down at the iron spikes and hammer.

He slowly picks up one of the spikes and holds the cold iron in his hand as he tries to realize the “why” of this first fall.

He quickly shakes that off however as he picks up the heavy hammer and turns back towards the Champion…..

Who is still out.

Mike raises the man’s right arm and places it on the cross and as he holds the man’s wrist in place he pauses and looks around.

First at the EPU agents who are hiding any emotions they might have

Then at Scott Stevens who care barely hide his emotions as he needs Mike to win

Finally he looks at the children who are looking at nothing and showing zero emotion.

Mike shudders and nods, mainly to himself, as he knows what he has to do.

I mean he literally killed a man last year. What’s a little spike?

As Mike puts the point of the iron spike in the middle of the Champion’s palm he takes a deep breath.


Mike drops the spike as he jumps as the sound of the choir boys beginning to sing scares him.


The choir continues to sing the opening of Mike’s theme song as he slowly picks up the iron spike and positions it back in the middle of the palm of Fuse and without any additional pausing…he drives the spike into the Champion’s hand as the choir hits another note


Fuse awakens and screams out in pain as he lifts his head to see an iron spike halfway thru his right hand.  His eyes go wide with horror as he sees Mike raise the hammer once again and as the Son hits the spike again Fuse goes to stand to his feet….


Fuse swings his feet off the cross but as he does Mike swings at the man and connects to the jaw of the man.

But not with his fist.

But with the iron hammer.

Once again the Champion is out cold.

As blood spills to the chapel’s floor, Mike once again dead lifts Fuse up onto the cross and this time he moves more quickly as he turns and snags the second spike. He almost falls as he quickly moves towards the other side of the cross and he slips on a pool of blood forming underneath it from Fuse’s right hand.

As Mike positions the man’s left arm on the cross he notices that it is quiet once again.

The choir has stopped singing.

After a pause, Mike regains his focus, and puts the point of the spike into the middle of the left hand of the Champion and as he lifts the hammer he stops at the top of his swing as he sees someone out of the corner of his eye.

A hard camera turns towards the altar and we see a man, with a hood up, walking up some steps and positions himself in line with the choir boys.

He slowly takes his hood down and Mike’s face goes white when he realizes who it is…..but it surely isn’t….him. I mean just because all the choir boys looked 13 year olds….it doesn’t mean that the man up there was….him.

It just wasn’t possible.

The man continues to look at Mike as he reaches out with one of his hands and one of the boys takes it and the man pulls the boy in close.

Mike’s eyes begin to well up with rage as he brings the hammer down hard on the spike and drives it thru the hand of Fuse.

This time it only took one swing.

Mike turns back towards the man and he see’s that the man is walking the boy back to the back room.

Mike throws the hammer at the man but it misses high and the man continues to walk, hand in hand with the boy, and does not pause until they disappear.

Mike screams out at the man and charges towards the altar but the EPU quickly surround Mike and there is nowhere for the Son of God to go.

“Winner of the first fall…….via crucification…..MICHAEL LEE BEST”

Steven’s voice is somber as he once again mouths I am sorry to Mike.

We quickly see why as one of the EPU agents strikes Mike in the temple with a baton and we see them quickly place a hood over the head of Mike as others begin to pull the spikes out of Fuse’s hands.

We see some medics quickly begin bandaging the hands of Fuse as a hood is placed over his head as well.

After a few moments we see the EPU lift both men up by the arms and legs and begin to carry them elsewhere.

As they exit the chapel the lights suddenly go out and we go to black.

Once again the darkness feels like it lasts forever and much like earlier, the darkness is broken by individual lights. This time its not from the EPU as they are already in position in this new setting.

Instead its from a bunch of old broken down overhead lights. As some flicker on and off, we at least have enough to see what is going on as the hard cameramen get into position.

Mike Best is sitting, but propped up against a table, hood still on his head.

Lying in the middle of concrete floor is Conor Fuse and we can see blood beginning to soak thru his newly bandaged, and Holy, hands.

Suddenly a couple of EPU agents head towards each man. They pull the hoods off each wrestler and one EPU agent bends down in front of each man and begins moving something back and forth under the men’s noses.

It is clearly some sort of smelling salt as both men jerk to attention.

Mike asks the EPU agent to do it again and the Challenger slowly gets to his feet. As he does he turns and sees that Conor is sitting up and is slowly making his way to his feet. As the Champion tries to steady himself he realizes what happened earlier and he looks down at his hands……the white bandages slowly becoming 97red.

The Champion and Challenger begin looking around the building they are in and neither can quite figure out where they are at.

“Conor…..Michael……this second fall will be contested here in the one building that has kept this whole island and prison running since 1939………this building is called The Power House and the only way to win this fall is by electrocuting your opponent.“

 Mike and Conor look at each other and then quickly try to survey the area to find what tools they can use to win this match.

“Oh…..I almost forgot… must strap your opponent into this….and do not worry….the voltage is not fatal……but I have been told it is going to fucking hurt.”

Mike and Conor turn to the sound of Steven’s voice and we see that he is standing at the far end of the building and is standing behind a chair.

“Yes you must strap your opponent into this chair and flip this switch to win…..the second fall for this World Championship Match begins…..NOW”

Conor charges at Mike and blindsides the man with a desperation shoulder tackle before Mike could even raise his arms to protect himself.

The two men fall to the ground and Conor begins dropping right hands to the Challenger who does his best to cover up.  Finally Mike is able to push Fuse off of him and he begins crawling away but Fuse runs towards him drops a running elbow to the back of the Challengers head.

Still sitting on the concrete, Fuse wraps his hands around the head of the Son and locks in a crossface. As he leans back to supply more pressure to his hold, his bandages begin to unravel slightly and blood transfers from the bandages to the forehead of Mike.

Conor finally lets go of the hold as he realizes that there are no pinfalls or submissions. He elbows the back of Mike’s head as he slowly gets to his feet. He rewraps his hands, this time tighter, and winces as the pain is something he has never felt before.

Now it is The Vintage Conor Fuse doing the stalking on Michael Lee Best as the Son uses a nearby chair to slowly pull himself up to his knees. Conor waits for Mike to get to his feet and as he does he rushes towards Mike, who never turns around, and nails him with his Head Stomp finisher. This time driving the face of Mike into the concrete as opposed to the back of his head.

Mike’s blood is now mixing with Conor’s blood on his forehead as its now the Son’s turn to be dizzy from a blow.

Ever the survivalist, Mike continues to try and crawl away from Fuse, and Fuse just smiles as he watches Mike crawling away…..but in the direction of the electric chair….which is still about a fifty yards away.

Fuse walks up to the crawling Best and kicks him hard in the ribs. He then drops a well place Knee into the kidney of Mike which sends all the breath out of the man.

Conor lets out a primal scream and begins slapping a nearby table…..his way of “Powering Up” here in the Powerhouse building.

As he finishes screaming he turns back towards Mike and sees the man now sliding away on his backside while looking back at Fuse…pleading for the man to give him a minute.

Conor just does his best Mike Best smirk and rushes at Mike and goes for a running dropkick but Mike is able to move out of the way just in time and Fuse slides several feet past on the concrete.

Mike begins crawling towards a nearby wall and as he does he sees a door. He makes it to the door and uses the handle to lift himself up. As the challenge finally stands up he turns the door handle and opens it up. As he does he can hear the screeching noise of boots on the concrete and he turns and this time the running drop kick does not miss the mark as the force of the blow sends Mike flying into the room he just opened the door to.

There is no light on in the room so all we know is Mike was dropkicked into pure darkness.

Fuse gets back up to his feet and walks the few feet to the door and as he does he runs his hand along the wall to find a light switch and as he does there is nothing.

He can hear Mike gasping for air in front of him but he cannot see him.

Fuse suddenly realizes that there is a string bouncing in front of him and he pulls on it and a light suddenly takes away the darkness in the room.

Conor then looks down and sees that Mike was drop kicked into extra rebar from some old concrete project that was never completed.

The Son of GOD has a hole right above his clavicle on his left side and he is unable to move as the rebar literally went right thru him.

Fuse kneels down in front of Mike and grabs him behind his shoulders and gives the man another smirk as Mike whispers for him not to do it….

But he does.

Conor pulls Mike’s body forward quickly and off the rebar.

Blood gushes down the chest of the Challenger as Fuse stands up and looks around in the room. It is clearly a supply room for all the electrical and construction needs for the prison. Fuse scans the room and finally settles on a weapon that catches his eye.

A shovel.

“Time to bury the past Michael……………for I am the present”

Conor swings the shovel hard and connects to the side of Mike’s face and the challenge falls limp to the concrete floor. Fuse tosses the shovel across the room.

“You are done burying people Mike…….You time is passed”

Conor grabs Mike’s right ankle and begins dragging the man out of the room and then across the buildings floor…..straight towards the electric chair.

As Conor continues to drag Michael towards the chair we see the EPU and Scott Stevens following along the perimeter.

As they reach the chair Conor unceremoniously drops the leg of the Challenger and then motions to Stevens that he does not see a switch.

Suddenly a door opens along the back wall and a man begins walking towards the chair. The man comes into the frame but Fuse has no clue who he is. The man takes station along the wall and it is then that Fuse sees the switch for the chair.

“Mr. Fuse please allow me to introduce you to Mr. Smyth….Adonis Smyth. He defeated Michael for the World Championship ten years ago and never got his rematch. He has been commissioned as the man to flip the switch tonight.”

Fuse begins to laugh as he turns around and pulls Mike up and plops him down in the electrical chair. He straps the man’s arms and legs in and takes a step back.

“I want him awake for this.”

Conor slaps Mike hard across the face.


Again……and again nothing.

This time Conor punches Mike directly on the chest approximately where his heart is…….and Mike jolts up to an upright position.

“Time to level up Mike….”

Conor points his index finger to the man next to the switch and Mike is able to turn his head as it is not strapped in.

“You motherfuck-“


The electricity flows thru Mike’s body and he begins to shake uncontrollably. He begins to foam at the mouth and finally Smyth turns the switch off.

“Winner of the second fall via electrocution…..CONOR FUSE!”

Mike’s head falls down to his chest as Conor looks down at the carnage.

Suddenly he is hit in the side of the head by a baton from an EPU agent and his world goes dark.

As does the feed.

Again the darkness lasts a few minutes before it gives way to some light.

This time the light is in the form of some very large spotlights.

The very same spotlights used in the HOFC matches aboard the USS Octane.

As the hard cameras get into place we see that we are not inside….but on top of the building the houses the general population cells.

There are four large spotlights set up and they are all pointing down to the rooftop and we can see that there is NOT a HOFC octagon set up but a ring. A good old fashioned 20 x 20 High Octane Wrestling ring.

Inside the ring we see the hooded and lifeless bodies of the Champion and Challenger. Both are sitting on the canvas in opposite corners.

Suddenly we see two men climb into the ring.  Both are holding something in their hands but we cannot make out what the items are.

The cameraman quickly gets into position in Mike’s corner and we see clearly now that it is none other than Cecilworth Farthington who is kneeling in front of Mike….his brother from another mother.

Conor clicks a button and a flame comes out and Farthington quickly presses the flame against the hole in Mike’s body from the rebar. He holds the flame until the wound cauterizes and Mike sits up and screams out in pain. Farthington rips the hood off and hugs Mike.

On the other side of the ring we hear the same reaction as we see a man cauterizing the hands of Fuse who is screaming out madly in pain as the man does one hand and then another as EPU agents hold Fuse in place.

The cameraman hustles into position and we are not 100% sure who he is we are 97% sure it is Conor’s brother Tyler. A man that wrestled and toured with Conor in Defiance and fWO.

As both men are helped to their feet by their “brothers” we see Scott Stevens slide into the ring with a proper High Octane Wrestling referee shirt on.

“Gentlemen…..this third and final fall will be contested here inside the infamous High Octane Wrestling ring and you can only win via pinfall or submission. There are no other rules. We go until there is a winner and I quote…..Fuck a Draw.”

Farthington and Tyler turn towards Stevens and are waiting for the catch.

But there is none.

We see Tyler helping Fuse rewrap his hands before exiting the ring.

In the other corner we see Farthington whispering into Mike’s hear and gives the man one final hug before sliding out of the ring.

Both men are briskly taken away by members of the EPU, leaving only the Ref, the Challenger, and the Champion for this final fall.

“Gentlemen…..the third and final fall in tonight’s World Championship Match begins…….NOW”

Both men, battered, bruised and bloodied, take a step towards each other and still not trusting there isn’t MOAR to this match, they survey their surroundings.

The spotlights brightness keeps them from seeing anything outside of the ring however as they slowly meet each other in the middle of the ring.

Stevens then gets between the men and motions that he has a card that he needs to read from.

“Before I signal for this match to officially begin I would like to add one final note from the man that put me in this position tonight…”

Stevens pauses as both Mike and Conor motion for him to get on with it as they both try to fully get their wits about them.

“This match MUST end inside the ring. Win or lose this is how it will end. After tonight either the Past reclaims the Present or the Present forges a path for the Future.  In the end there will only be PRIDE”

With that Mike smirks and Steven asks each man if they are ready.

Both nod that they are.

Stevens motions towards the hard camera and signals that the match is officially underway.

Both men rush each other and immediately they lock up and begin dropping right hands on each other. An exchange often saved for a mid match moment, these two have no desire to do an arm and collar tie up.

Too much has happened tonight already for that.

The two men, damn near identical in height, paint quite the visual as they exchange powerful right hands on top of the prison with military spotlights surrounding them.

Finally Michael gains the upper hand and delivers a knee to the gut of Conor followed by a snap suplex, tossing the Champion quickly into the corner.

Mike immediately pounces and as Fuse tries to get to his feet, he is met with a vicious eye rake to both eyes, and then with more right hands.

Mike stands up and quickly drags Fuse to the center of the ring and quickly begins choking the Champion.

Stevens does nothing as noted earlier…..there are no rules other than a pinfall or submission must be used to win the match.

Back in the center of the ring Conor tries to fight off Mike but he is unable to and his face begins to turn McKenna Blue.

Finally with desperation, Fuse swings his hips forward and is able to knock Mike just off balance enough so that Fuse can punch the left forearm of Mike and the choke hold is released. Fuse follows up with his own eye poke and Mike quickly hops off of the Champion as he tries to regain his sight.

Fuse uses the break in the action to crawl towards the ropes and begins pulling himself up as he gasps for air.

Mike can be seen shaking his head violently as he tries to regain his sight. Just as he does he sees a rushing Fuse coming at him and Mike sidesteps him at the last moment and executes a perfect drop toe hold causing Fuse to land throat first on the bottom rope.

Breathing is HARD for the Champion at the moment and Mike knows this as he quickly jumps on the back of the Champion and uses the bottom rope to continue to choke the breath out of the Champion.

Stevens is in position in case Fuse wants to submit but the Champion is refusing too……..but he is close to passing out as well and that would end the match as well.

Once again thru pure desperation, Conor lifts his right leg up violently and is able to deliver a low blow damaging enough to have Mike roll off his back and release the choke hold.

Fuse rolls out of the ring and falls to his knees as he begins to try to regain his breath.

Back in the ring, Mike is slowly making it up to his feet as he tries to see where Fuse went to. The bright lights make it hard to see anything. Instinct takes over and Mike rolls out of the ring and he sees Fuse on all fours trying to breath.

Mike executes a quick side step and nails Fuse with a standing superkick to the side of the man’s head. The force of the blow sends Fuse under the ring.

Mike pulls at his Cavanaugh as the low blow is still resonating deep in his plums.

After a few moments Mike is wondering if he knocked out the Champion as he has yet to emerge from under the ring.

Finally, tired of waiting, Mike lifts the ring apron and looks under the ring.

He sees nothing.

Like what the fuck….where did he go?

Mike lets go of the apron and stands up and as he does he sees where Fuse went.

He must have crawled to the other side as that is the only explanation for why the man is running in the middle of the ring and just dove thru the middle rope.

That is the only thing Mike can be thinking as Fuse’s boots hit him square in the forehead with a running dropkick that sends the Challenger flying across the top of the prison.

The force of the dropkick has sent Mike into the darkness beyond the range of the military spotlights.

The hardcamera turns on its light and we can see the action as we see Conor Fuse unwrapping his left hand. He uses the spins the bandages tight and proceeds to wrap the bandage around the neck of the Challenge and now it is the Champion who is taking the breath out of his opponent.

Fuse is beyond the normal mindset he would normally have to win a match as this island does something to people and the violence is a known factor. As Fuse presses his right knee harder into the middle of the back of Mike…….its even more clear that Fuse will do whatever he has to…….

Fuse leans further back and Mike’s body begins to go limp but suddenly the bandage tears from all the force and being weakened by the amount of blood it has soaked up.

Fuse flies backwards awkwardly as Mike’s head bounces off the roof…..once again busting his head open.

The Son begins to army crawl back towards the ring as he sees Fuse lying prone. As he makes it to the man he sees that Fuse is bleeding from the back of his head and is undoubtedly suffered a concussion if not his 3rd or 4th of the evening.

Mike places an arm on Fuse and screams at Stevens to count.

But the man will not budge from inside the ring. He screams at Mike that he has to get Fuse inside the ring but the Challenge again screams at Stevens to make the count.

Stevens will NOT budge however and one has to think there is only one other person that could have Stevens in a position to where he will NOT do what Mike asks at the moment.

Frustrated, Mike sits up on his knees and then slowly gets to his feet. He stumbles to the side a little and it is clear that he too probably has suffered at least one concussion tonight.

Mike steadies himself on the base of the nearest spotlight and then starts walking towards the ring. As he does he is suddenly pushed HARD into the steel turnbuckle as Fuse just hit him with a flying shoulder tackle. Mike is able to get his hands up just in time to block some of the damage from the cold steel….but not all.

He falls to the roof of the prison and he looks up at the stars as warm blood flows down his face.

He looks weirdly at peace as he stares up at the cloudless sky.

That moment is fleeting however as a boot smacks him in the middle of the face as Fuse begins hitting Mike with his DOOM Stomps.

Mike’s nose breaks and blood begins rushing from the Son’s nostrils as he hears Fuse scream out to the heavens in another primal scream.

Fuse pulls Mike up to his feet and walks the staggered man back to the ring and slides him under the top rope.

He quickly slides in after him and makes the cover.


Stevens drops down and executes his now established and consistent fast count.




Mike blindly grabs the bottom rope with his left hand breaking up the count.

Stevens screams out happily that Mike broke up the count and that does not go unnoticed by Fuse who jumps up and asks Stevens to count faster.

Which Stevens obliges as Mike quickly pulls the tights and rolls up the Champion…




KICKOUT by Fuse…and barely.

Stevens looks more frustrated than anyone as he sees the Champion jump up to his feet and then leans over and smacks Mike’s chest and whispers into the man’s ear.

“Weapon Get”

Fuse takes a few steps back as he waits for Michael to get up.

Once again Mike is looking up at the stars and seems to be at peace with the moment even if the fire raging inside of him tells him that he needs to get up and win this fucking match.

“Fuck it”  Mike says out loud to himself as he slowly gets to his feet as he sees Fuse screaming at him from the other side of the ring.

Conor Fuse charges at Mike as the Son motions for him to bring it and Fuse does just that as he jumps off with his left foot and aims his right knee at the head of the Son….who seems to be welcoming it.


Mike quickly stepped to his left and Fuse did not connect but instead landed awkwardly and then bounced of the ropes and as he does Mike nailed him with a left knee to the head.

The force of the blow sends Conor back into the ropes and as he comes off Mike nails him with a second knee to the head and Fuse crumples to the canvas.

Mike falls to the mat and covers the Champion as Stevens gets into position.




































Mike pushes himself off of Fuse as the former Champion falls to the outside.

Stevens bends down and kneels next to the Son as Mike lays back down on his back.

He looks up once again at the stars and all is peaceful and right in the world as he hears Stevens declare him the winner and new World Champion.

Mike whispers one final word as the show comes to an end.