March to Glory 2022
  • Event Type: ppv

March to Glory 2022

Event Date: March 27, 2022 at 10:00 am

This is for the Best

The HOTv logo gives way and the show begins with a live shot inside The Coliseum….

In Rome.

There is a slight breeze as we see dirt dance in the wind and as the camera pans out we see that the Coliseum is dark and empty.

Suddenly the darkness begins to give way to bright and vibrant colors and suddenly the stands are filled with thousands of screaming fans.

We cut to an aerial shot over the famous landmark and we see flags hanging from the pillars.

March To Glory 2010

The feed quickly zooms back to the arena floor and we see that there is no ring but instead there is what remains of a simple hardwood floor that was installed for the main event for this show that took place on March 25th 2010.

As the camera zooms in we see the floor is still stained from the blood spilt that night by Christopher America and Michael Lee Best.

Suddenly the heavens open up, much like that did on that night almost twelve years ago to the day, and the blood begins to smear and run towards the literal hole that was created when America power bombed the man known as Mplow onto and thru the makeshift floor.

The feed follows the blood as it falls thru the floor and down into the belly of the Coliseum. A single drop of blood lands, not on the cold stone ground, but instead onto a body.

The body of Mplow.

As the drop of blood hits the man his eyes suddenly open and we see him slowly rise to his feet.

As he fully reaches his feet he looks up and sees the hole in the floor and he then closes his eyes and we watch as he stretches out his arms to his side and his body slowly begins to rise.

As we watch the body of Mplow reach the opening in the floor we see that he is no longer rising thru the floor of the Coliseum but now we see that he has risen and is standing in the middle of the ring.

Inside the Best Arena.

The camera zooms into the face of Mplow and we see his face suddenly shift into many forms that the man now known as Michael Lee Best has taken over the years.

The man’s eyes remain closed as his face continues to evolve and as it does, we can hear the faint sounds of music playing in the background, all his previous themes playing and synced with his various forms.

Finally, the shifting ends and the final evolution of the man appears.

His eyes open and we see the final form.

Tonight, we witness the culmination of twelve years of evolution.

Tonight, we see Michael’s March to Glory come to an end.

This is High Octane Wrestling.

This one is for the Son.

The Best Signs

The opening video comes to an end and as the High Octane Vision screen fades to black we see the arena lights come back on and we see all 18,500 fans standing on their feet and clapping for what they just witnessed.

There is literally no other sound in the sold out arena other than the sound of true appreciation of what they just saw and what they are about to see.

The camera pans across the arena and the feed pauses on several fans and the signs that they are holding up, hoping to be seen by the masses watching live on High Octane Television.









As the crowd pops with each sign being shown on the HOV the overall intensity of appreciation for Michael can be literally felt inside the arena.

The feed then stops on one final sign being held by a young black man in the front row.


The man drops the sign to his side and then mouths the words “I am here and I love you” to the camera and we see a solitary tear drop from his right eye.

The man is quickly hugged by a woman to his side and the feed quickly away and to our Hall of Fame announcer Joe Hoffman as it is time to properly start this years March to Glory PPV.

Michael Lee Best vs Clay Byrd

Steel Cage Match

Joe Hoffman: Welcome everyone to March to Glory!! Tonight in our main event we will see the Maurako Cup come to an end and new Tag Team Champions crowned. BUT, before we get to that match we will see the LSD and HOTv championships decided, Hall of Famers clash in a two out of three falls match, and a no holds barred match between two men desperate to leave tonight with a victory. None of that will occur however until we see what everyone in this arena came to see……..Clay Byrd against Michael Lee Best inside a steel cage.

One cue, all the spotlights in the arena focus high above the arena floor and on the steel cage. The cage slowly begins to descend and the crowd anxiously watches as it makes it way to the ring below.

Joe Hoffman: Almost to this very day twelve years ago we saw Mike and Christopher earn the right to close out March to Glory in a HOFC Championship match, and now Mike’s journey comes to an end in the opening match of the very same event…..but this time in the House His Father built…The Best Arena.

Back at ringside we see the crew locking in the steel cage to the ring and as they finish up they quickly disappear as all focus now turns towards the entrance ramp as the spotlights now turn that way and everyone sees a man standing there….and the man is wearing a referee shirt.

The Chicago fans erupt as the see the all too familiar face of a man that has seen more Mike Best matches outside of Joe Hoffman….

Joe Hoffman: BENNY NEWELL!!!!!??

The crowd begins chanting “WELCOME BACK” “WELCOME BACK” as the Hall of Fame commentator makes his way down to the ring and as he does the HOV comes to life as we see replays of Benny knocking out both Kostoff and Byrd at Refueled 91 with a pair of Jack Daniel’s bottles.

Joe Hoffman: I cannot tell you how happy I am to see Benny back and looking so well after his long stint in rehab. I might not agree with his actions on the last Refueled but NO ONE can argue that there has not been a bigger proponent of the Best family than Benny. He has lived and died with that Family for all these years and I am not shocked to see him stepping up for them once again.

Benny climbs up the steel steps and enters the ring and quickly stops in the center of the ring and looks out to the masses. He is attempting to hold back his emotions as it is clear he never thought he would be back…let alone in the middle of the ring with a referee shirt on.

Joe Hoffman: Benny has long since retired from his days as an independent wrestler, but you can tell how much this moment means to him.

The focus turns back to the entrance ramp as Gunning for You hits the PA system…….

97red letters slash across the HOV as BYRD is spelled out and Clay slowly makes his way out from the back as the Best Arena erupts into a massive chorus of boos.

Joe Hoffman: No surprise here with the reception for Byrd. This man has been a thorn in the side of both Mike Best’s here for several months and there was no way, here in this arena, would he ever get a different reaction.

Byrd reaches the ring and grabs a hold of the steel cage and shakes it violently, before slowly climbing the ring steps and entering the steel cage.

Bryan McVay: Introducing first from Plainview Texas……standing 6’7” and weighing in at 295 pounds…….CLAAAAAYYYYYY BYYYYYRRRRDDDDDD!!!!!

Now standing in the middle of the ring, Byrd raises his arms high in the air and smiles as the boos reach an obscene level.

Clay then turns and walks slowly up to Benny Newell and looks down at the man that blindsided on the last show. Benny slowly backs away until his back is up against the ropes as Byrd matches his movements, unflinching in his gaze at the referee for this match.

Joe Hoffman: Clear as day that Benny is going to have his hands full tonight with Clay and you cannot blame Byrd considering.





EVERYONE turns their attention towards the entrance ramp as the opening chords of Hanzel and Gretyl’s “HELLAlujah” hits the arena’s PA system.

Michael slowly makes his way from the back and the crowd erupts at the sight of their hometown hero.

Joe Hoffman: Michael sporting a new look….his final evolution if you believe the new graphics that been shown at

Mike slowly makes his way down the ramp, fully taking in the scene, and as he reaches ringside he sees the man at ringside that had his sign spotlighted to open up the show.

Michael nods at the young man and gives him a quick wink before slowly climbing up the ring steps and into the ring.


Mike steps right up to Byrd and the two men stare each other down as the crowd continues to cheer for their hero.

Benny slowly gets in-between the two men and they slowly back away from each other. Newell then points at both men and asks them if they are ready and both nod that they are……..satisfied with their reactions, Benny signals for the bell and our opening contest is official underway.




Joe Hoffman: HERE WE GO!!!!

Byrd and Mike rush at each other and quickly lock up. Clay instantly uses his size advantage to push Mike up against the ropes and then quickly pivots to irish whip Mike across the ring.

Byrd follows behind Best and goes for his powerful clothlesline finishing move but Mike is able to duck under the move and heads to the far ropes and bounces off and heads back towards Byrd who has just fully turned back around after the momentum of his clothesline attempt got him off balance….

Joe Hoffman: I KNEED A HERO!!!!!!

Mike jumps high up in the air to deliver his knee into the temple of the 6’7” Byrd but the big man ducks under the attempt and Mike lands awkwardly and rolls into the far ropes.

Joe Hoffman: BOTH men going for their finishers with their opening moves……and both men missing. What a start to this match.

Back in the ring, Byrd rushes towards the downed Best and delivers a boot to the side of the head and the arena erupts into a chorus of boos as Byrd continues to drive his boot into the body of Best who has nowhere to go as the steel cage is not allowing Mike to roll away from the onslaught.

Benny finally gets between Byrd and Best but Byrd turns and feigns a punch and Benny backs away.

Joe Hoffman: Benny has to be careful right now. There are no rules in this match other than you have to win via pinfall in the ring. There is reason for Benny to even get between the two men right now other than his instinct to help Mike.

Inside the ring Benny holds his hands up and motions for Byrd to continue. Clay turns back towards Mike and as he does he is met with a dropkick to his left knee which causes Clay to fall down to said knee.

Mike quickly gets back up and follows up that dropkick with another one and sends Byrd to his back with the force of the blow. The crowd is now cheering as Mike does not waste anytime and quickly puts a knee on the chest of the big man and begins raining down with fists as Byrd tries to cover up.

The crowd cheers with each blow and after a dozen or more right hands, Mike stops, looks down at his now bloody right hand, and then delivers one more right hand before slowly getting to his feet and screams out to the crowd who cheer madly for him.

Joe Hoffman: An exhausting display of aggression there by Best who is clearly emotionally charged up here tonight.

Byrd, now bleeding above his left eye, rolls over and slowly gets to his feet. He wipes the blood from his face and smirks as he looks over at Mike who is still playing to the crowd.

Mike turns just in time to see a charging Byrd coming at him and Best is able to sidestep him just in time and executes a desperation drop toe hold that results in Byrd dropping on the middle rope and his head smashing into the steel cage.

Mike quickly jumps on the back of Byrd and grabs his head with both hands and begins rubbing the Texan’s forehead into the steel mesh of the cage.

Joe Hoffman: We have blood and we are only five minutes into this match.

Satisfied, Mike hops off the back of the big man and then grabs both of the man’s legs and yanks him hard back off the ropes and to the canvas. A running elbow drop later, and Mike goes for the first cover of the evening.

Benny drops down…





Byrd quickly kicks out after the quick count from Newell.

Joe Hoffman: Mike clearly knew that wasn’t going to result in a win but I think the strategy here for Mike is to keep the man grounded and wear him down…..a sound strategy considering the size difference between the men.

Mike, sitting on his knees, looks up at Benny and nods in approval at the speed of the man’s count. As the Hall of Famer turns his attention back towards Byrd he is met with a quick jab to the nose that sends him backwards as his eyes begin to water.

Joe Hoffman: We saw almost the same punch lead to Mike losing his vison temporarily a couple weeks ago which resulted in Narcotic receiving a knee to the temple instead of Darkwing. Smart move there by Byrd to slow down Best for a second.

Mike, having backed up to the far turnbuckle after the blow, looks over at Byrd who is back to his feet and is now the one stalking.

Mike covers up just in time as Byrd delivers his own right hand. Byrd follows up with a body blow that causes Best to lower his guard and then Byrd delivers a heavy right hand that sends Mike down to his backside as he tries to cover up fully.

Instead of throwing another punch, Byrd pulls Mike up to his feet and executes a perfect belly to belly suplex. The sound of oxygen leaving the lungs of Best can be heard throughout the arena as everyone is quiet as Byrd quickly follows up the suplex by locking in a side headlock and puts his bodyweight on Mike, further driving the oxygen from Best’s lungs.

Joe Hoffman: Byrd in clear control now. Mike had the advantage for the opening seven minutes or so but the big Texan is using his clear size advantage now.

Not satisfied with resting with the headlock, Byrd pulls himself and Mike up, and quickly transitions from a side headlock into a snap suplex that sends Mike skidding across the canvas and to the far corner.

Byrd hops back up to his feet and quickly hustles over to Best and pulls him up to his feet and feigns an irish whip into the ropes, and instead holds the move and rotates, and instead whips Mike hard into the near ropes and sends the man face first over the top rope and into the steel cage.

Mike bounces off the cold steel and backwards towards Byrd who catches him around the waist and tosses Mike over his head with a violent release german suplex.

Joe Hoffman: The crowd is straight up stunned right now as Byrd is physically imposing his will at the moment.

Byrd, back to his feet, wipes blood away from his eye and looks out at the Chicago crowd and motions at the lying body of Best…….which immediately results in a chorus of boos from the crowd.

Joe Hoffman: I am sure that is the exact reaction Byrd was trying to elicit. Prime level stuff there from the Monster from Plainview.

Back in the ring and Benny positions himself between Byrd and Best……begging the man to hold on. Byrd screams at Benny to get out of the way and slowly the referee for the evening does.

Joe Hoffman: Benny just trying to slow down the onslaught from Byrd here and you have to wonder how long this can go on before Byrd puts hands on Benny.

With Benny out of the way, Byrd runs at Mike who is slowly getting to his feet with the aid of the ropes, and proceeds to deliver a running boot to the side of Best’s head causing the Hall of Famer’s head to bounce violently off the steel cage.

Once again Byrd plays to the crowd as a now bloody Mike Best holds his head in pain on the canvas.

Byrd, again wipes his own blood from his eyes, before turning to see Mike back up to his feet and blood gushing from his right temple that just hit the cage hard.

Joe Hoffman: What a visual here folks. We are almost 15 minutes into this match and both men are bleeding…..but more importantly……both men are still standing.

Byrd walks briskly towards Mike and goes for a big overhead right but as he begins to swing Mike drops down to one knee and promptly delivers a straight right handed jab to the groin of Byrd.

Clay promptly falls to both knees in pain and never sees Mike pop back up to his feet and quickly deliver a standing superkick to nose of Byrd.

Joe Hoffman: Hashtag Muted by Mike!!!

It is now Byrd who falls back to the canvas, his legs lying under him awkwardly.

We cut to an overhead shot and we see blood gushing from the clearly broken nose of Byrd.

Joe Hoffman: Mike is back on the offensive after that low blow…which again is totally legal in this match.

Best, staggers over to the downed Byrd, and promptly drops a boot on the mans nose which results in Byrd screaming out in pain and instinctively rolling away in pain. Byrd continues to roll until he hits the steel cage.

Joe Hoffman: Mike starting to go into that dark place here as this match is clearly evolved into a fight….not a wrestling match and quite honestly I don’t think anyone ever thought it would be.

The Chicago crowd is now back into the match as they are cheering on Mike who is now running across the ring and they stand as one as Mike jumps into the air and executes a dropkick to the downed Byrd sending the man’s head violently into he steel cage.

Joe Hoffman: An eye for an eye here folks. Brutal stuff.

Mike, back to his feet, pulls Byrd up to his feet by the hair……..and promptly pulls down on the back of the man’s head and drops him throat first across the top rope and slingshots him back violently into the steel cage.

Byrd, stuck between the ropes and steel cage, has nowhere to go as Mike delivers a right hand to the jaw of the big man….staggering him again.

Mike grabs him by the back of the head again but this time Byrd chops Mike’s right arm away and nails Best with a desperation headbutt that sends Mike staggering backwards to the middle of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: A LOT of power behind that headbutt. Both men are literally just covered with each other’s blood.

Byrd wipes the blood from his eyes and slowly steps over the top rope and climbs fully back into he ring.

In the middle of the ring, Mike still seated and holding his head from the headbutt, barely sees the man charging……


Joe Hoffman: A viscious big boot from the big man there. Byrd with the cover!!!!




Joe Hoffman: SLOW count here by Benny….











KICKOUT by Best.

Byrd can only laugh at the slowness of the count by Newell. He gets up to his feet and immediately grabs Benny by the throat…….irish whips him into the far ropes……….


The crowd begins to throw trash into the ring as the big Texan looks down at Newell who is completely out.

Joe Hoffman: We have no referee….the Chicago fans are having NONE of this….I have drinks flying over my head. We all knew this match would be emotional but my God.

A full beer hits Byrd on top of the head as fans from the upper levels are tossing stuff over the cage walls and into the ring.

Byrd smiles and pushes his hair back like the bad guy that he is right now.

Joe Hoffman: Byrd fully embracing the hate at the moment like a true bad guy does.

Byrd turns his attention back to Best, who is also covered in trash and spilt beer, and pulls the Hall of Famer slowly to his feet. Byrd grabs Best by the chin and begins talking trash at Best……and then delivers another massive headbutt to the man.

Mike’s body falls limp to the canvas and Byrd turns his attention back to Benny who is still unmoving.

Clay walks over and picks Newell up and slaps him hard across the face but there is no reaction from Newell. He is out cold still.

Frustrated, Byrd puts Newell’s head between his legs and lifts the man up into a powerbomb position and then begins running towards the cell door.

Joe Hoffman: NOOOOOOO!!!!!

Byrd releases Newell, tossing the man violently against the cell door and the force of the move sends Newell THRU the door as it comes off its hinges.

Newell lands awkwardly on the ring steps leading up to the door and neck hits the lowest step with a sickening thud and he goes completely limp.

The arena goes completely silent as Byrd looks down at Newell. Byrd steps out of the ring and onto the top step and pauses as medics rush from the back to check on Benny.

Joe Hoffman leaves the commentary table and is kneeling next to Benny as medics make it to the scene.

Hoffman begins screaming…..CURSING… Byrd….who is momentarily taken aback by the scene.

The medics load Newell onto a stretcher and rush him up the entrance ramp and back to the back as Joe Hoffman follows suit.

Byrd and everyone in attendance continue to look out at the entrance ramp even after the medics have disappeared backstage.

Byrd shakes his head and turns back towards the middle of the ring….


Byrd never saw the bloody Son of GOD on his feet and just waiting for him to turn around. He sure enough didn’t have time to react as the Hall of Famer jumped with everything inside of him. He 97% didn’t see the right knee coming at his temple.

The sheer force and momentum of Mike delivering his I KNEED A HERO to the 6’7” send both men flying towards the ropes and steel cage.

Byrd bounces off the ropes and literally face plants back inside the ring while Mike and his momentum end up crashing and burning thru the ropes and into the unforgiving steel.

Once again, we cut to an overhead view of the ring, and we see both men completely laid out.

We keep this view as Mike slowly rolls over to his stomach and begins crawling towards Byrd…. the crowd cheering him on madly as he does.

Best, finally reaching Byrd, uses his own head to help roll Byrd over to his back. The Son of GOD then covers Byrd, and the crowd begins the count.








No sign of any referee








Still no referee




Frustrated, Mike rolls off Byrd and then slowly gets up to his knees and looks out towards the entrance ramp in completely frustrated.




Mike screams for someone to come down to the ring to make the cover but there is no referee.

Mike slaps the canvas in complete frustration as he looks over Byrd who is slowly starting to move.

Best, kneeling in the middle of the ring where he has bled more of his blood than anyone in the history of this company, looks over at the young man in the front row and a sense of realization comes over him.

This moment is NOT about just him anymore.

This match…. this moment is MORE.

Mike staggers to his feet……steps over the body of Byrd….and heads to the far turnbuckle and begins climbing…. but he does not stop at the top turnbuckle.

He continues to climb until he is perched at the top of the steel cage.

He looks out into the masses of people…. his people….and he smiles thru his crimson mask…..and slowly stands………and as the crowd begins chanting his name………

He jumps.

As Mike flies thru the air we cut to an overhead shot once again and we see Mike outstretch his right elbow and as he gets closer to the body of Byrd we see the big Texan finally open his eyes and they grow wide as Mike’s elbow lands directly on the heart of the man.

The force of the blow causes Mike to bounce off of Clay and he grabs at his hip as pain shoots up his right side from the fall.




The crowd continues to chant as Mike slowly rolls back over and looks out at the entrance ramp and begins waving his arm. He wants someone…..anyone to come out to make the count.

Suddenly someone does appear and the crowd goes BALLISTIC at the sight of the man wearing the HOW red and black referee shirt.

Joe Hoffman.

Joe, way past the age of running, begins power walking down the entrance ramp and towards the ring. As cameras zoom in on Joe we see there is blood on the referee shirt and its clear that Joe is wearing the exact same shirt that Benny was wearing for this match.

Inside the ring Mike is smiling as he begins crawling back towards Byrd.

Joe hits the ringsteps and pauses and looks down. Clearly horrified as what just happened minutes earlier to his longtime friend is still fresh in his memory.


Mike’s screaming of his name jolts Hoffman back to his senses as he looks over at Mike who has just placed an arm on the chest of Byrd.

The crowd, this time doesn’t count, but instead begins chanting for Joe as he climbs thru the ropes and drops down and finally begins the count.









































The roof almost comes off the building as Joe’s hand hits the canvas for the third time.

Mike immediately rolls off of Byrd and looks up at the ceiling as confetti begins raining down.


Joe immediately pulls the referee shirt off and slowly gets up and heads out of the ring and as he walks out of the cage a person rushes past him.

The young man from the front row.

He jumps into the ring and slides next to Mike. Best looks up at the man and all the emotions come out of him and he quickly staggers to his feet with the help of the man and the two men embrace in the center of the ring as the crowd erupts once again.

The man leads Michael out of the ring and as they reach the arena floor, Michael is clearly limping and motions for the man to help him to the back.

There is no sound but cheers as the cameras follow the two men up the ramp.

As they reach the top of the entrance ramp Mike motions for the man to head to the back. Smiling the man nods and walks to the back and leaves Mike alone at the top of the entrance ramp.

The 97red faced Hall of Famer looks out at the Chicago crowd for the final time as a wrestler and waves good bye.

He then turns and walks thru the curtain as we cut away.

Arthur Pleasant vs John Sektor

Submission Match for the LSD Championship

After several minutes of clean up, new canvas for the ring, and getting Joe Hoffman back at the announcers table…..March to Glory resumes as the camera cuts back to ringside, where the The Best Arena faithful are still in hushed and murmur discussions over the opening match of the evening. As the lights zoom back towards the ring and dim around them, a small buzz begins to work its way through the arena as the crowd gets hyped for the next contest of the evening.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back folks and as you just witnessed we ALL just went thru the ringer with that opening match. Please send all your positive thoughts and prayers to Benny Newell. It does not look for my good friend and I am……..well I am going to do what I have always done and remain professional. There will be some things that come out regarding how I came about being the man that had to make that three count but now is not the time.

Joe pauses as he is still clearly emotional about the opening match and what went down.

Joe Hoffman: The show has to keep rolling and up next we have a rematch for the LSD championship as John Sektor takes on Arthur Pleasant in what he feels is his playground… the submission match.

The wonderfully horrific screeching of violins cut through the arena like a knife through flesh as “Danse Macabre”, the classic orchestral piece written and composed by Camille Saint-Saëns and condensed into a much more frightening version for entrance theme’s sake, plays throughout the arena. Soon thereafter enters Arthur Pleasant, The Provocateur himself, from the Gorilla position. Standing with his arms out and a smile as sick and evil as the day is long and the fans are fickle, Arthur Pleasant sniffs the air with his eyes closed.

Joe Hoffman: Call him whatever you want, and I know many have but it’s hard to argue with the impact Arthur Pleasant has made since he returned to High Octane Wrestling. From sabotaging the Iconic World Championship tournament, to taking John Sektor to his very limit at Refueled Eight Seven, the man knows how to push a button or two.

Taking in the snarky shouts and cynicism from the internet wrestling community, Arthur begins skipping down the ramp with utter delight plastered onto his face. Arthur runs the ropes a few times, making a mockery out of the mat-wrestling master race that like to warm up before a match. Retreating to the corner furthest away from the ramp, Arthur hunkers down with both arms holding onto the top rope at his sides as he sits on the middle turnbuckle. A lustful look bearing the need for violence and calamity, Arthur grins as widely as his jaw and skin will allow him to while he waits for his opponent.

Joe Hoffman: I don’t know how to describe Pleasant but I do know that he certainly looks down on the transformation that John Sektor has made to the LSD Championship and its division. He wants to harken the belt back to the days he wasn’t even on the roster and tonight, a submission match stands in his way to fulfilling that desire.

Bryan McVay: The following contest is a SUBMISSION MATCH and is for the LSD Championship. Introducing first, standing in the ring at this time, the challenger. He weighs in tonight at two hundred and fifteen pounds, hailing from…

Bryan McVay looks at his card, realises he cannot possibly deal with any of that and continues forth.


Pleasant barely moves from his corner, looking more irritated at McVay’s dismissing of his proclaimed hometown. The fury towards McVay quickly fades as “Dirty Deeds” by ACDC hits the speaker system, indicating the arrival of the champion.

Joe Hoffman: I have to wonder what’s running through John Sektor’s mind right now. He has created a terse and tense relationship with his tag partner who he will be sharing tonights main event with. Is that enough of a distraction to cost him this match with Pleasant? Is he got enough focus towards both the Maurako Cup final AND this submission match? The opening moments of this contest will be very revealing.

John Sektor walks out into a single golden spotlight. He snarls as he begins his march to the ring, wincing a little as he hobbles slightly towards the ring. It’s clear that Sektor is favouring one knee over the other when it comes to applying pressure as he heads towards his March to Glory destiny.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent he weighs in at two-hundred and forty-five pounds, he’s your reigning LSD CHAMPION! HE IS A HIGH OCTANE WRESTLING HALL OF FAMER! HE IS THE GOLD STANDARD OF HIGH OCTANE WRESTLING! JOOOOOOOOHN SEEEEEEKTOOOOOOR!

Joe Hoffman: Given John Sektor’s physical condition and everything that he has gone through to retain this LSD Championship for as long as he has, I have to wonder how he can prepare his body for two big matches on the same night. It’s clear that he’s in pain, just from his walk to the ring. The physio he had early in the week may have provided slight relief but is that going to be enough for March to Glory. Is that going to be enough to defeat Arthur Pleasant?

Sektor rolls into the ring, staring down at Pleasant with clear contempt in his eyes. Pleasant just looks back at the LSD champion and gives a weary smile, which is enough to infuriate the champion further. He hands his LSD title to Matt Boettcher right away and continues to stare down Pleasant.

Joe Hoffman: Matt Boettcher has been assigned this match, it seems as if upon request of John Sektor. He has been very specific about the terms of this match and has given his instructions to Boettcher. Whether they will be followed is a very different question as the final call is with Michael Oliver Best and the HOW Board, not Matt Boettcher and certainly not the LSD Champion.

Matt Boettcher presents the belt to both Pleasant, who looks mostly disinterested and Sektor, who hasn’t broken eye contact with Pleasant since he entered the ring. Boettcher quickly lifts the belt up to present it to the Chicago HOW faithful and then hands off the belt to Bryan McVay. Arthur Pleasant slowly rises up from his corner and stands inches away from Sektor in the centre of the ring.


Boettcher signals for the bell and the submission match begins with a feeling out process. Sektor lunges in a few times, looking to grapple with Pleasant but Pleasant responds by fainting a few kicks in his direction that if they had made content, would have drilled Sektor right in the thigh. Sektor observes Pleasant’s kicks a few times as a game plan starts to form in his head. Sektor feigns a lunge and Pleasant lifts his leg again but this gives Sektor enough space to take down Pleasant with a single leg. He floats over and attempts to mount the challenger but Pleasant has enough power to push the LSD champion off of him and scramble quickly back to his feet. Sektor gets back up to an even base, and lifts up a single finger towards his challenger, mouthing “that’s one” to a frustrated looking Pleasant.

Joe Hoffman: It would appear that John Sektor is trying to send the message that this match will be fought on his terms, that this will be a wrestling match and that in the opening moments, he has taken control.

Pleasant looks over at the smug smile that lit up the LSD Champion’s face and spits a chunky wad of flem out onto the ringside mats with very little regard to whether it would hit anyone. Pleasant rubs his eyes for a few moments and then decides to bail out of the ring, much to the displeasure of the Chicago crowd, who make their feelings known. Pleasant begins to tuck his head under the ring and comes back out wielding a small hammer. Pleasant rolls back into the ring, playfully twirling around with the hammer in his hands. Sektor gestures to Matt Boettcher, who actually takes action and snatches the hammer straight out of the hands of the challenger, taking Pleasant completely by surprise. Boettcher drops the hammer outside of the ring as Sektor gives a cheeky smile to his very irritated challenger.

Joe Hoffman: It seems like those in charge have made the call that this submission match will be fought on clean cut terms. If Arthur Pleasant wants to win this LSD Championship, he will have to find a way to make the HOW Hall of Famer surrender through a wrestling hold. You have to imagine this may have driven a train directly into the challenger’s game plan.

Pleasant tries to briefly protest with Boettcher but knows a set up when he sees one. The champion takes advantage of the opening from this small argument by running full force into the side of Pleasant, sending him thrusting towards the ropes. As Pleasant bounces back, Sektor wraps his arms around the challenger and hurls him up in the air, sending Pleasant crashing hard to the mat with a belly to belly suplex. Sektor manages to angle the drop enough that Pleasant lands directly on the area between his right shoulder and neck. Sektor quickly floats over and tries to grab Pleasant at the neck but is met with a solid knee that hits him straight in the bridge of his nose. Sektor winces in pain and takes a few steps away from his challenger, which allows Pleasant to sweep the back of Sektor’s leg, hitting hardest at Sektor’s injured knee. The champion refuses to fall, instead balancing himself on one leg as he nurses his bad knee.

Joe Hoffman: The champion showed very little regard for his challenger with the way he ended that belly to belly suplex. The distaste between these two men is clear and it can be seen from Pleasant wasting no time in targeting Sektor’s very evident weakness. That knee is the reason their match at Refueled 87 ended in a draw and Arthur Pleasant is very, very aware of this.

Sektor takes a few steps away from Pleasant, who quickly scrambles back up to his feet. As Sektor tries to nurse his injury, Pleasant swoops in and tries to connect a kick straight to Sektor’s jaw, which misses by mere inches as the champion leans back. This gives the opening for Sektor to drill an elbow straight to the back of Pleasant’s skull. Pleasant’s head ricochets back and creates enough distance for Sektor to wrap his arms around Pleasant and hoist him up for a German Suplex that once again, drops the challenger right onto his neck. Instead of letting go, Sektor winces in pain but keeps the waist lock in place as he lifts Pleasant again and drops him in a similar manner. It’s clear the LSD Champion has a third in mind but the pain in his face tells the full story as he gingerly releases the hold.

Joe Hoffman: Sektor is clearly trying to soften up Pleasant’s neck and I think we all know why he would be doing that. The problem the Hall of Famer faces is that his body can’t seem to keep up with his match tactics.

Sektor punches his knee a few times as he keeps his distance from his dazed challenger. Pleasant looks a little bit out of sorts as Sektor starts to try and take measure. Sektor walks over to Pleasant’s neck but Pleasant is still aware enough to know what Sektor has in mind and quickly rolls towards the ropes with a small smile on his face. Pleasant hugs the rope tightly as Matt Boettcher directs Sektor to create some distance between himself and the challenger. Sektor smiles, nods and takes a few steps back but is quick to displease the HOW senior official when he rushes back towards Pleasant and drills a kick straight into his stomach. Pleasant immediately gasps for air while Sektor begs for forgiveness.

Joe Hoffman: Sektor knows that he doesn’t have to show much respect for the rules of rope breaks tonight, he just has to make Arthur Pleasant tap and he is very much in control of this match. The LSD Championship is important to the man and he wishes to cling to it tightly.

Boettcher admonishes Sektor, and the Hall of Famer makes an apology that could not realistically be described as earnest. Sektor gently guides Boettcher out of his way as he returns to his challenger, who is still gasping for air. As Sektor bends down to clutch at Pleasant, he is smashed right in his testicals by the fist of Arthur Pleasant. Pleasant looks pleased about this, but this momentary pleasure is ended as an irate Sektor repeatedly stomps on the challenger’s skull.

Joe Hoffman: Arthur Pleasant tried to take advantage of the rather open rules of this match but his plan to cause the champion pain seems to have just made the veteran all the more irate.

Sektor grabs Pleasant by the arms and starts to drag him back, away from the ropes and into the middle of the ring once more. Sektor does leave himself open for an attack and Pleasant manages to throw a few knees that hit the LSD champion square in the back. Sektor clutches at his back with one hand, frustrated by the attack of Pleasant, Sektor leaps up into the air and drills his knees straight into the chest of the challenger, almost removing all air from the lungs of Pleasant.

Joe Hoffman: Arthur Pleasant keeps getting in a shot here and there but at this juncture, it’s hard to say if he is successfully doing his job in working down the champion because all of his kicks and knees seem to be driving the champion forward into doing further damage to the challenger. Pleasant needs to find a bigger opening if he wants to walk out of March to Glory with the LSD Championship around his waist.

Sektor stands over his challenger and starts to bend down to apply his world famous Sektor Stretch but it’s clear it hurts to position himself in doing so. The slowness of his position allows Pleasant to deliver a stiff kick straight to the back of the champion’s knee. Sektor drops down to one knee and a rush of adrenaline kicks in for the challenger. He manages to slide out of his predicament and leaps high into the air, wrapping his arm around the staggered champion’s throat. Sektor struggles as Pleasant leans back. For a few seconds, Sektor manages to keep his footing but eventually the pain in his knee causes him to buckle at just the same time that Pleasant locks his legs around Sektor’s waist in a grapevine.

Joe Hoffman: The LSD Champion is trying to fight this one but that guillotine choke looks locked in real tight.

Sektor looks in excruciating pain, particularly given Pleasant’s focus on the champion’s historical injuries. Sektor scrunches his face tight as he claws for a rope… any rope that will allow him the freedom from the choke that he finds himself in. Pleasant knows exactly the advantageous position he is in now and wrenches his tenses up his back tighter and tighter.

Joe Hoffman: Sektor is trying to find a ring rope to break this hold but the challenger locked his choke pretty central in the ring. I am shocked at Pleasant’s ring awareness here but he has managed to put John Sektor into a very bad position right here.

Sektor tries to fight out of the choke but his knee buckles once more, allowing Pleasant to lock in the choke even deeper.

Sektor starts to fade.

And fade.

And fade.

And fade.


The crowd is shocked as they hear the bell ring. Boettcher starts to pull Pleasant off of Sektor, which takes a lot longer than it should, whether because Pleasant was caught up in the moment or whether he just didn’t care is very much up for debate.

Joe Hoffman: I didn’t see John Sektor tap, what’s going on?

There are murmurs of anger as Matt Boettcher consults with Bryan McVay, Boettcher is clearly given very clear instructions for McVay’s announcement.

Bryan McVay: Ladies and gentlemen, Matt Boettcher has informed me that it is his judgement that John Sektor could no longer continue to defend himself in this bout…

Joe Hoffman: But I thought this match could only end in a tap out or verbal surrender…

Pleasant looks over at Boettcher, a little bit confused about this development. It’s clear he was looking for the tap out that didn’t actually come.

Bryan McVay: In the interest of the Maurako Cup Final and the protection of the athlete in question, Matt Boettcher has awarded this contest to Arthur Pleasant…

There are now intense murmurs in the crowd, a mixture of dissatisfaction and curiosity has swept through the Best Arena. The challenger continues to look slightly bemused at the call and is not yet sure what this means for him.

Joe Hoffman: It’s a tough call but with Sektor due to fight in tonight’s main event, if he couldn’t escape Pleasant’s hold, it may just be the correct one…

Bryan McVay: Therefore… based on the decision of HOW Senior Official Matt Boettcher… your NEWWWWWWWWWWWWWW LSD CHAMPION… ARTHUR PLEASANT!

Joe Hoffman: I… I don’t even know what to think of this.

Matt Boettcher picks up the LSD Championship from Bryan McVay and hands it off to the new champion. John Sektor starts coming back around but is clearly unaware of anything that has just happened. Boettcher tries to explain to Sektor the call that has been made, which Sektor immediately starts to dispute, arguing that he never tapped out or surrendered. Pleasant, for his part, rolls out of the ring, clutching the LSD Championship close to his chest.

Joe Hoffman: This is an incredibly controversial ending to what has been a legendary run with the LSD Championship. Matt Boettcher clearly had John Sektor’s health and wellbeing at heart with his call but to lose the belt in this way, you know that is going to hurt the Hall of Famer right in the heart… and he still has to pull himself back together for tonight’s main event.

The boos start to rain down upon Arthur Pleasant as he holds the championship up high, standing right in front of the entrance way. The camera starts to fade away on John Sektor continuing to argue his case with Boettcher inside of the ring.

The Best Decision

With the dust settled on our first Championship match of the evening, we cut to now HOW CEO Michael Lee Best, who is being attended to by medical staff in a secure area backstage. He’s being stitched up after a retirement match turned war with Clay Byrd, and the blood has mostly been cleaned up from his face. The HOW Hall of Famer is clearly favoring one side of his hip, having taken a nasty impact after diving off the cage in the opening match. 

He calls the camera over as medics patch him up, smirking at the camera and looking absolutely high from the adrenaline and spectacle of his retirement match. 

Mike Best: And that’s it. That’s the end of a FUCKING career right there! You don’t go out on your back, you go out on your FUCKING SHIELD! 

He slaps himself on the chest, heart still racing as he looks into the camera. 

Mike Best: I am RETIRED, MOTHERFUCKERS! Ticker tape parade, cue the pyro, everyone goin’ Sizzler tonight. Clay Byrd, I’m sure your lurching around backstage, looking for a McKenna blue mining town to ride off into the sunset, but I promise you there’s still some gold in them thar High Octane hills… let me tell you what, big guy. 

He grabs the edge of the camera, pulling it closer toward his face. 

Mike Best: Next week, we’re live in Chicago for Refueled… my first full show as CEO of High Octane Wrestling. And to prove there’s no hard feelings between us, after that ASS WHOOPING you just took live on MY pay-per-view, March to Glory… I’m gonna settle this beef between us, once and for all. This all started over a broken arm and a title opportunity, and I’m gonna make things right. Next week, live in Chicago, Clay Byrd takes on… 

A pause, for dramatic effect. 

Mike Best: Conor Fuse. For the HOW World Championship.

The smile on his face broadens. 

Mike Best: You survived the Son of God. Next week, it’s up to you whether or not you’re gonna put over the video game kid. BOOM, CEO’D. LET’S FUCKING GO. 

He shoves the camera sideways, still riding high as March to Glory goes on. 

World Championship Match
Clay Byrd vs. Conor Fuse©

Sir Simon Sparrow vs. Darin Zion

No Holds Barred Match

Joe Hoffman: Well folks there ya have our first decision by our new CEO. Did not waste anytime and one has to wonder where Conor’s mind is going to be at knowing he is going to be taking on a very angry Monster next Saturday night. Alright……up next we have our No Holds Barred match….Darin Zion against Sir Simon Sparrow

We cut to the ring, where Joel Hortega has entered just as Bryan McAvay begins the introductions for this bout!

Bryan McAvay: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and there are No Holds Barred! Introducing first…

“Happy Song” by Bring Me The Horizon blasts over the PA System as Darin Zion, who is wearing a black leather jacket, comes down to the ring with a stern, focused look on his face.

Bryan McAvay: From Crown Point, Indiana, weighing in at 220 … DAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRIN ZIIIIIIION!

Darin forgoes his usual theatrics here tonight, keeping to himself as he approaches the ring. The crowd is still cheering him on in the hopes he gets one over on Sir Simon Sparrow, but it doesn’t seem to faze Zion as he enters the ring, handing Hortega his jacket before staring down the entrance way waiting for Sparrow to make his entrance.

Joe Hoffman: Don’t let the man’s music fool you, folks, Darin Zion is far from being in a happy place these past few weeks. The situation between him and the Hall of Famer has grown more and more tense, especially with Meredith’s nose being broken hence her absence here tonight.

The lights go out and one by one yellow spotlights illuminate the ramp from the ring to the curtain. “Everybody Wants You” by Billy Squier blares across the arena and emerging from the curtain is Sir Simon Sparrow, sporting his red and black plaid suit (no dress shirt) and a monocle over his right eye.

Bryan McAvay: And his opponent…from Havre, Montana, please welcome the HOW Classic, the Gentleman, the Hall of Famer…. SIIIIIIIR SIIIIIIIMON SPPPPPPPARRRROW!!!!!!

He carries a walking cane, not for necessity but for aesthetics as the Wabid Wabbit follows. The Professor of Sparrow-dynamics removes his suit jacket and carefully folds it before handing it and the cane to the Wabid Wabbit. The ring becomes illuminated in a teal light…but something about this sets Zion off, sending him right after Sparrow as he gets on the steps! Zion brings him into the ring the hard way, sending Sparrow to the canvas on his back before mounting up with some hard punches as Hortega makes the decision to start the match!


Sparrow is very quick to fight back, finally managing to shove Zion off him before getting back to his feet. The two start trading punches, both looking to get the upper hand and a measure of revenge in the process…a goal that is met by a haymaker from Sparrow that sends Zion reeling toward the ropes! Simon rushes him, refusing to let up as he gets firmly in control with a hard forearm smash before sending Zion over the top rope with a clothesline that ends up sending both men right out of the ring to the floor below!

Joe Hoffman: And it looks like we’re already taking this war to the outside!

Zion and Sparrow are fairly quick to get back to their feet, driven largely by their desire to tear each other apart as they go right back to trading punches…but Sparrow ducks a wide right by Zion, using the opening to send Zion flying into the steel steps with an Irish whip! The collision is accentuated with a hard thud as Zion rolls to his back, clutching his shoulder from the impact…which Sparrow sees as yet another opening to exploit, laying in some hard stomps on it for good measure.

Eager to really put in damage, Sparrow turns his attention to the ring itself, lifting the apron and reaching underneath for something…and pulls out a kendo stick! The crowd voices their displeasure, but Sparrow pays them no mind as he turns back to Zion, taking a swing…and hitting nothing but steel, as Zion dodges just in the nick of time!

Joe Hoffman: What a close call that was! Sparrow’s really looking to take his anger out on Zion after what’s been happening!

A clang gives the audible of the near-miss by Sparrow, who gets caught by a chop block from Zion, bringing the Hall of Famer down hard! Now it’s Zion staying on the attack, a big burst of aggression coming out here in the Best Arena as Zion grabs the dropped kendo stick off the floor. He looks at it with bad intent, before giving Sparrow a murderous glare and takes a swing…this one connecting flush with Sparrow’s back!

Not satisfied with the damage done by the kendo stick, Zion drops it before checking under the ring for something more vicious…pulling out a steel chair in the process! Before he can turn around with his new weapon, however, he gets attacked from behind with a kendo stick shot to the back, letting out a loud crack upon impact!

Joe Hoffman: Sparrow managed to get back to his feet after that kendo stick attack, and now he’s giving Zion a taste of his own medicine!

Zion drops the chair, falling to his knees as Sparrow hits him over and over again with the kendo stick! The noise emitted from the impact gives half a clue as to the pain Zion is in, the other half coming from his shouts with each strike! The only thing that keeps this attack from lingering any further is the moment the stick breaks, prompting Sparrow to drop it…before picking up the steel chair. Sparrow shouts at Zion, reminding him that things didn’t have to be this way before lifting up the chair…only for Zion to drop to the floor facefirst, a shocking turn of events that pumps the brakes on what Sparrow had in store.

A snarl forms on his face as Sparrow steps over to Zion, lifting him up by the hair and shouting abuse at him, the steel chair still in his other hand…when suddenly, Zion manages to get some energy back in him, slamming Sparrow’s face into the ring apron! Zion takes full advantage of the hardest part of the ring as he slowly stands up on his own, though some credit can be given to the crowd willing him on!

Joe Hoffman: Zion might very well be back in control here, and he’s grabbing the steel chair that Sparrow dropped!

With chair in hand Zion takes a step toward Sparrow, who’s managed to reach underneath the ring once more…finding a large analog clock? Possibly some sort of prop left over from ICONIC, Sparrow manages to dodge a steel chair shot from Zion as he raises the clock over his head and we can hear him shouting…

Sir Simon Sparrow: It’s time to STOP, Zion!

Sparrow takes a swing at Zion with the clock, but Zion leaps into the underbelly of the ring to avoid disaster…and seconds later, crawls back out holding a stop sign! We can hear Zion shout right back at the Hall of Famer as he gets back to his feet, holding the sign up…

Darin Zion: You can say that again!

From that, we get a collision between the clock and the sign…and the heavier, sturdier clock wins the battle, dropping Darin down hard to the floor! Simon tosses the clock down before grabbing Zion by the hair again, bringing him back to his feet only to roll him back into the ring. Before he goes back in himself, however, Sparrow decides he definitely wants that steel chair…but as he grabs it, he notices that Zion has rolled back out to the opposite side!

Joe Hoffman: Zion making a very smart play by the looks of it, choosing to distance himself from his attacker so he can regroup!

Sparrow slides into the ring, looking to cut that regrouping time in half as he makes a beeline for Zion…who runs around the ring to avoid him! The frustration is building in Sparrow as he’s forced to give chase…only for Zion to once again slide under the ring! Simon shouts for Zion to come out and “take his beating like a man,” but Zion pays no mind as he remains under the ring.

Sparrow has had enough of this, lifting the apron to take a peek underneath…and gets whacked with a tennis racket to the head! The shot sends Sparrow reeling to the barricade as Zion comes out from under the ring, a smirk on his face as he connects with another shot to the head using the tennis racket…and another…and another…and yet another!

Joe Hoffman: Zion paying Sparrow back for those kendo stick shots earlier!

Sparrow drops the steel chair, taking a knee after all those blows to the head. Zion drops the tennis racket, something much more violent in mind as he grabs Sparrow by the head…and sends him facefirst into the steel chair with a DDT! He brings Sparrow back to his feet, only to roll him back into the ring with the tide of momentum flowing in his favor. He grabs the steel chair before sliding into the ring, quickly back to his feet with the chair firmly in hand…and a look of rage on his face.

He yells at Sparrow to get to his feet, to which the Hall of Famer reluctantly obliges. This is the moment Zion has been waiting for, and he raises the chair above his head looking to take a swing…but he freezes up, unable to follow through!

Joe Hoffman: What’s going on here? Seems like Zion may finally be realizing the lengths he’s gone to get revenge on Sparrow, perhaps!?

Whatever the case may be, Zion ends up dropping the steel chair to the canvas…and Sparrow takes advantage! Kick to the gut, and Sparrow takes to the ropes for momentum before delivering a nasty spear!

Joe Hoffman: Sparrow Express! Sparrow pulling out the spear against a seemingly confused Zion, will it be enough here?

The question is prompted by Sparrow immediately going for the cover as Hortega makes the count!




Joe Hoffman: Zion just managed to kick out! He’s still got some fight left in him!

Zion gets back to his feet, worn-out but still looking quite angry as he grabs Sparrow, unleashing a flurry of offense that wears the Hall of Famer down enough for Zion to connect with the headlock driver to the canvas!

Joe Hoffman: Ratings Spike! Zion’s getting back into this, now!

Zion once again back on his feet, looking like he might be able to turn things around here as he stares down the chair…which seems to give him an idea. An awful, nasty, horrible idea. He brings Sparrow back to his feet, looking to hit him with a Ratings Spike onto the chair…but something inside him flips a switch, and he once again freezes up! This gives Sparrow the opening he needs, as he swings Zion around before grabbing his arms and dropping him onto the chair facefirst with a Killswitch!

Joe Hoffman: Good Lord, Sparrow dropping Zion hard with that Falling Starr…or is it Falling Sparrow? I think that’s the proper term now, but either way it looks to be effective here!

We see Simon let out a sigh of relief as he makes the cover, and Hortega makes the count once more!




It’s all over, and Hortega calls for the bell!


Bryan McAvay: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner…SIR SIIIIMOOON SPARROOOOOW!

Hortega raises the arm of Sparrow in victory, much to the chagrin of a booing crowd inside the Best Arena. Sparrow turns his attention to Zion still laid out on the canvas, a snarl on the face of the Hall of Famer as he decides to pay Zion no more time or attention and leaves the ring. As Sparrow makes his way to the back, “Engel” plays over the PA signaling the arrival of Xander Azula who heads to the ring to check on Zion.

Joe Hoffman: Zion gave it his best effort tonight, but fell short against Sir Simon Sparrow…but it seems Xander is out here to check on him after what’s been going on the past few weeks!

Xander helps Zion to his feet as the crowd cheers for him. Xander extends a hand to his fellow Master of the Multiverse, and while hesitant is met with acceptance by Zion as the pair shake hands…only for Azula to pull Zion in, landing an elbow to the head! Realizing the trap Xander set up here, the crowd boo the hell out of the Head Disciple, who only glares at his one-time tag partner before leaving the ring, with officials rushing to ringside to check on Zion as Azula makes his way back up the ramp.

Joe Hoffman: What in the hell is going on, here!? After a run that saw them through to the semi-finals of the Maurako Cup, Xander Azula has just turned his back on Darin Zion! I can only assume this is what he meant last week about pushing back, but we definitely need some answers as to what this is all about!

Back in the ring, officials help Zion back to his feet as the crowd give him some much-needed appreciation for his efforts tonight in the face of adversity, before we cut away.

Bobbinette Carey vs Scottywood

2 out of 3 Falls Match

Joe Hoffman: Well folks it’s now time for what may be one of the most emotional matches of the night. Two former tag partners… two former friends of fifteen years will go head to head in a two out of three falls match. If it goes to a third fall, someone will lose an eye tonight.

Frankie: What did you say about losing an eye?

We see Frankie the Cameraman jump the crowd barricade and plop down into the empty seat next to Joe at ringside.

Joe Hoffman: Why do we keep this chair here still? It just invites people to join…

Frankie: I needed a front row seat for this match Joe! Plus Scotty said I couldn’t be at ringside with him, cause Carey might hurt me. He says she is really evil… but she bought me a new camera and some LEGO sets… so I don’t know, she seems pretty nice still.

Joe Hoffman: I never thought I’d say I wished Benny was back here. But it is what it is and after Bobbinette kidnapped Frankie last week to try and get under The Hardcore Artist’s skin, it might just be good to have you here.

Frankie: I was kidnapped? Carey said I was going on a vacation.

Joe Hoffman: Well I think it hurt her more, as your father attacked Bobbinette about some personal moments around her birthday thanks to what you filmed.

Frankie: Yay! Glad I could help Scotty. You know I helped him defend the Tag Team titles once? I got to hold one of the titles!

Joe Hoffman: As a reminder of the rules, this will be a two out of three falls match. First fall will be a straight wrestling match, second will be a hardcore match… and if we need to go ti a third fall… it will be a Bottom Line match. Where to win, you must stab your opponent in the eye.

Frankie: Ewwwwww! I’m might get sick Joe, do you have puke bags here?

Joe Hoffman: Actually there might be a few left over from Benny…

Bryan McVay: First making her way to the ring. From Parma Ohio, Weighing in at 234 lbs, HOW Hall of Famer, The Queen Of Epicness, Bobbinette Carey!!!!!

Arena lights go black.

“Tell you you’re the greatest, but once you turn they hate us!”

A magenta spot light hit’s entrance, only this time we don’t see the Q.O.E. we see a pink limousine pulling in from the side of the ramp. The license plate says 1 EPIC 1 on it. The limo pulls up to the end of the ramp before the ring. A limo driver in a white suit with a magenta vest. He opens the door as the Queen of Epicness Bobbinette Carey emerges. There is a mix of boos and cheers.

“Oh the misery everybody wants to be my enemy!”

The HOV plays a black and white video package. (We see the clip of her costing Scottywood his match against Mike Best. But then we see a clip of her and Scottywood teaming. The next clip is of her attacking tanner and Chet. It is a mix of good and bad highlights that Scottywood and Bobbinette have had in HOW.)

Bobbinette is wearing a miss America style crown with her black and pink gear. She looks around the arena with a smirk as she walks to the front of the limo pointing at the taggs to the camera man. She puts her hands on her hips as her magenta fireworks go off behind her near the Hotv. She smiles as she is the first one out to the ring.

“Spare the sympathy, everybody wants to be my enemy, but I’m ready”

She walks up the steps and wipes her feet on the side of the apron before she gets into the ring. She looks around at the sold out arena and points to the crown before her royal curtsy then takes her cape and crown off handing it to the ref. She walks to the side of the ring facing the ramp and grabs the ropes pulling at them as she stretches, a serious look spreads across her face as her smile fades.


Seether’s “Beg” blasts across the speakers as we see The Hardcore Artist make his way into the stage wearing his #91 New York Rangers jersey and of course holding his barbed wire hockey stick.

Bryan McVay: And her opponent, from New York City, New York and weighing in at 265 pounds, HOW Hall of Famer, The Hardcore Artist… SCOTTYWOOD!!!!!

Scotty slowly walks down the ramp, staring down Carey as he circles the ring and hand his hockey stick off to Frankie. He slides into the ring as referee Matt Boettcher quickly calls for the bell knowing neither of these two want to wait a second more.

Joe Hoffman: Here we go! Scottywood versus Bobbinette Carey!

Frankie: Go Scotty!

Scotty quickly lunges in for a quick right but Carey side steps him and hits a drop toe hold as she pops up and shakes her head at Scotty, telling him this is gonna be a wrestling match, not a fight. Scotty gets back up as Carey extends her hands for a collar elbow tie up.

Joe Hoffman: Carey not letting Scotty sucker her into a brawl.

With a bit of cautiousness, Scotty goes in for the tie up, but instead slaps Carey across the face. She is thrown aback for a split second before firing back a slap of her own, a boot to the gut and then a quick snap suplex. Scotty quickly rolls under the ring and kicks the guardrail as he grabs a steel chair from the timekeeper.

Joe Hoffman: This isn’t the hardcore match yet Scotty!

That warning and those of Boeetcher fall on deaf ears as Carey shakes her head at Scotty, telling him to put the chair down and wrestler her like a real man….



Carey stumbles down to one knee as you can see blood start to trickle down her forehead.

Bryan McVay: The winner of fall one via disqualification…. Bobbine…



Joe Hoffman: What in the world is he…


Three more chair shots connect with the skull of Carey as she is now laid out in the middle of the ring as Scotty tosses the now mangled chair from the ring.

Scottywood: Take the first fall Bob… I never needed to win it, especially if I want to stab you in the fucking eye!

Scotty yells at Boettcher to ring the bell to start the second fall as the HOW senior referee obliges as Scotty rolls out of the ring to collect his hockey stick from Frankie.

Joe Hoffman: Can’t say this isn’t a brilliant plan… why waste time on a fall he doesn’t want to even win… and now he has total control of the second fall.

Frankie: Scotty has this all planned out Joey, he’s the smartest dude in wrestling.

Joe Hoffman: I wouldn’t say that too loudly…

Sliding back into the ring, Scotty approaches Carey as he grabs a fist full of her hair. But he suddenly realizes one of the stars on Carey’s attire is missing… it’s too late though as a quick right from Carey with her star brass knicks drills Scotty in the temple and she grabs his head for a school boy roll up.



Scotty is able to get the shoulder up as he shakes off the attack for a second before Carey goes to hit him again with the knucks, but Scotty blocks it and head butt Carey right in her already bloody forehead. The separation allows Scotty to pull himself back to his feet as he teaches for his hockey stick but Carey pops up and steps her foot on it. She drives her shoulder in Scotty’s gut and tackles him through the ropes and to the outside.

Joe Hoffman: Quickly things are spilling out of the ring as Carey has bounced back from Scotty’s early attack.

The two pull themselves back to their feet as Scotty nails a hard closed fist punch right in front of the Chicago crowd. Carey’s face, now covered in blood sprays some of the crowd before she counters with another brass knuckle right that staggers Scotty backwards. She pressures him and hits Scotty again with the knucks as he falls up against the ring post and has to use the ropes to stay on his feet.

Joe Hoffman: Carey has Scotty reeling… she could end this match right now possibly!

Frankie: No way Scotty loses a hardcore match… it’s impossible!

Carey lunges forward and drives her shoulder into the gut of Scotty, sending his spine cracking off the ring post. She takes a few steps back and goes for a second shoulder, but Scotty rolls off the post and Carey cracks her head off the ring post. Scotty then kicks the stumbling Carey in the gut and hits a SDT

Joe Hoffman: Scotty going to tie it up with a cover!




Carey just kicks out before Boettcher’s hand hits the mat as Scotty slams his fist on the mat in frustration before drilling Carey with a hard right. He grabs Carey by the hair again and this time is able to pull her to her feet as he throws her into the steel steps.

Scottywood: Nothing you do will change how this ends! This is all your fucking fault!

Scotty throws Carey back into the ring as he grabs another steel chair from ringside and tosses it in after her.

Joe Hoffman: What in the world does The Hardcore Artist have in mind now after splitting Carey open with a chair earlier.

Frankie: Finish the job and OFF WITH THE QUEEN’S HEAD!

Sliding back into the ring, Scotty goes for the chair but Carey grabs it as she pops to her feet and jabs the chair into Scotty’s gut. She hits the ropes with chair in hand and delivers a nasty lariat with the chair that turns Scotty inside out.

Joe Hoffman: Royal Pain with the steel chair!

Instead of going for a cover, Carey places the steel chair on Scotty’s chest and hits the ropes again.

Joe Hoffman: Epic Ending!

Frankie: No!!!

But Frankie is yelling it cause Scotty rolls out of the way of the somersault senton and land just on the steel chair as the crowd roars for Carey being in pain.

Joe Hoffman: That was almost it for Scotty as he goes now for the hockey stick!

Grabbing the barbed wire hockey stick, Scotty drives it across the neck of Carey, both choking her and pinning her shoulders to the mat as blood start to run from her neck where the barbed wire has pierced her skin.




Frankie: Scotty wins!!!!!

Ding Ding Ding

Bryan McVay: The winner of fall two…. Scottywood!!

Joe Hoffman: Just fall two Frankie, and now as Scotty wanted all along, we go to round three, where someone must stab their opponent in the eye.

Getting up from the mat, Scotty places his hockey stick up against the turnbuckles as Boettcher checks on Carey. She pushes him away as she starts to climb back up to her feet and Boettcher rings the bell for the third fall. Scotty just shakes his head as he reaches into his jeans pocket and pulls out his NGW Bottom Line pen.

Scottywood: Why did you make me do this Carey… why did you ever make me give a fuck about your worthless ass!

He lunges forward at Carey with the pen but she dodges out of the way and nails Scotty with a super kick under the jaw. Scotty stumbles backwards, pen still in hand as Carey connects with a couple hard eights that causes Scotty to drop the pen.

Joe Hoffman: Carey disarming Scotty as she looks to take back control of this match.

Carey hits the ropes again, looking for another lariat, but Scotty ducks this one and picks Carey up onto his shoulders.

Joe Hoffman: Game Misconduct!!!

Frankie: I can’t watch… he’s gonna do it!

Again Scotty shakes his head as he slowly goes over to pick up the pen. He look down at Carey and places his boot on her bloody head.

Scottywood: You’re finally gonna get what you deserve Carey…

Scotty kneels down as he takes the pen and aims it for Carey’s left eye.

Joe Hoffman: Is this how it’s gonna end? Fifteen years of friendship!

Driving the pen down, Scotty goes for the eye as suddenly he stops…

Joe Hoffman: Carey is tapping out! Can she do that?

Boettcher calls for the bell as Scotty snaps his head towards him with a what the fuck look as Boettcher goes over to Bryan McVay and give him the verdict.

Bryan McVay: By the rules in their contract, submissions are legal in this match! So therefore, the winner of fall three and the winner of this match…. SCOTTYWOOD!!!

Scottywood: Fuck that! I promised people that someone was getting stabbed in the fucking eye tonight! I am not going to be called a liar!

He takes the pen and plunge it down at Carey as some fans in the arena scream while others roar with cheers.

Joe Hoffman: Scottywood just stabbed Bobbinette Carey in the… is he laughing? Is Bobbinette Carey laughing?

Suddenly Scotty and Carey both pop up from the mat as the crowd quickly starts heavily booing at the fact that Carey has not been stabbed in the eye and are starting to realize that something is going on.

Joe Hoffman: What the hell Frankie? What is going on here?

Frankie: They have buried their beef Joe! Yes! This is so freaking awesome!

Scotty takes the Bottom Line pen and places it back in his pocket as he asks for the microphone from Bryan McVay as the Chicago crowd litter the ring with garbage as Scotty and CArey just laugh back at them.

Scottywood: How fucking gulliable are you all? Did you really think that I was gonna stab a woman in the eye? The answer is yes, yes I would… but not one that I have known for fifteen years.

Bobbinette: We put this behind us a while ago… but still wanted to have a friendly match to see who would be better… then promise all you blood hungry shits something that we were never going to give you. One of our eyes.

Scottywood: With that said… I am NOT a liar… and I did promise someone would lose an eye tonight. So Carey, here is a late birthday present for yourself from me. Bring him out boys!

Joe Hoffman: I can’t believe this, these two have been playing us all. Thinking they were at each other’s throats… about to kill each other…

After a moment, we see Chet and Tanner make their way out onto the stage and they are dragging someone… It is Bobbinette’s old crush Marc. The garbage continues to fly, not at Chet and Tanner. They bring him down to ringside where they toss him into the ring and he stumbles up to his feet… trying to ple with Bobbinette who just smacks him across the mouth, possibly sending a tooth into the front row of the crowd.

Bobbinette: This is perfect Scooter… no, scratch that… epic.

Scotty smiles as he grabs Marc and lifts him up onto his shoulders and hits the Game Misconduct in the middle of the ring. He then reaches into his pocket and pulls out the Bottom Line pen again and without any hesitation, stabs Marc straight in his left eye. Blood sprays for a second as the curdling scream from Marc echoes through the arena.

Scotty rips the pen back out as he gets back to his feet and tucks the blood soaked pen back into his pocket as Bobbinette hits the ropes and drills a somersault senton on Marc for good measure.

Joe Hoffman: Insult to injury added by Carey as she hits the Epic Ending… and that is what these two think they have done… given this all an epic ending by pissing off an entire arena of HOW faithful.

The two exit the ring as the HOW medical team quickly rush in to check on Marc who has passed out likely from shock as the two make their way up the ramp with Frankie who has left the broadcast booth and retrieved Scotty’s hockey stick. They get up onto the stage as Bobbinette stops them.

Bobbinette: Hold on Scooter… I also am not a liar… and I told you this was all gonna end with a hug. So let’s officially end all of this… and hug it out.

The boos get somehow even louder as Scotty nods his head and the two embrace in an epic hug on the stage with Frankie the only one in the whole building cheering it on before we cut away from ringside.









GenoSyde vs Jeffrey James Roberts

HOTv Championship Match

We cut back live inside the arena and to Joe Hoffman who continues to power on.

Joe Hoffman: Just a quick update for everyone that we have received word that it is not looking good for Benny and we are being told that he is in surgery right now so please continue to send your prayers and positive thoughts to him…….we will continue to power on as that is exactly what Benny would want and up next is the High Octane Television match.

The March to Glory match graphic appears on the screen, showing HOTv Champion, Jeffrey James Roberts vs. PWA’s GenoSyde with James Cornfield standing behind the behemoth. JJR and the giant stare coldly into the camera while Cornfield’s image is him rubbing his hands together and a coy smile on the right side of his face. The fans cheer knowing blood is sure to be spilled.

Joe Hoffman: This is a Cornfield Carnival Match, which is “corny”… which is really just no rules as long as the pinfall happens inside the ring.

Hoffman takes a moment to collect himself.

Joe Hoffman: Honestly, I can’t make sense of this Cornfield guy. Where does he get off coming in here, ripping on High Octane talent, all because Lee Best “ruined” his dreams? Representing the promotion Pro Wrestling: Assault is one thing but to be so disrespectful to everyone else. Look, Roberts is no one to get behind, either but I wouldn’t mind seeing the PWA receive what’s coming to them.

The camera switches to ringside.

Bryan McVay: This match is for the HOTv Championship! Introducing first, the challenger… being accompanied to the ring by James Cornfield… weighing three-hundred-and-one pound… he is GenoSyde!

“Loser” by Beck plays as the lights dim and a center spotlight finds the masked monster march out from behind the apron. Behind him, creeps James Cornfield who first allows GenoSyde into the main view for the fans to witness without a distraction. Soon after, Cornfield appears to the left of GenoSyde, holding his hands out to display the challenger for all to see (as if no one got the memo already). GenoSyde marches down the rampway alongside his promoter.

Joe Hoffman: This GenoSyde is huge!

The PWA owner, booker and sole proprietor continues to point in GenoSyde’s direction as the large man grabs the middle rope and pulls himself onto the apron. Then he steps over the top rope and into the ring.

The theme song ends and is replaced as “Goldberg Variations” by Johann Sebastian Bach airs. Four security guards step out onto the stage forming a square as Jeffrey James Roberts steps out and stands in the middle. His hands are out front, tied with plastic ziptie cuffs and he walks toward the ring, keeping his eyes locked on his upcoming opponent.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent… from Gainesville, Florida… weighing two-hundred-thirty pounds… he is the HOTv Champion… Jeffrey James Roberts!

The guards keep a perimeter to make sure JJR can’t reach any fans and they walk with him all the way to ringside.

Joe Hoffman: Funny security is so concerned with Roberts right now because momentarily, JJR is going to be untied and allowed to wrestle throughout the entire Best Arena. However, now that I think about it, perhaps this is a ploy by James Cornfield in the hopes Roberts is distracted by someone else in the crowd and would attack them instead. If this is the case, and it’s clear speculation on my part based on what Cornfield has presented, I think James is going to be mistaken. While Roberts is dangerous and a threat to anyone, he’s proven time and time again his ability and desire to inflict punishment is on his opponents.

The guard in front unlocks the cuffs and steps back, allowing Roberts to climb into the ring. Jeffrey does so and leans back against one corner, his eyes closed, head back, swaying slightly to the music. Meanwhile, one of the EPU’s gives the TV Title to the referee.

Joe Hoffman: Our ref is Joel Hortega and he’s got his hands full here.

Hortega holds the belt up and then scurries over to the corner of the ring, handing it to the time keeper.


And immediately Roberts and GenoSyde move to the center of the ring, hammering each other with hard shots to their temples. GenoSyde, the bigger of the two is able to work Roberts back by a step but the HOTv Champion can clearly handle himself. While Jeffrey does take a second step backwards, he lowers his base and then explodes upright with a bell clap, clubbing both his arms around GenoSyde’s skull. The larger man is stunned and Roberts hits the ropes…

JJR runs right into a big boot.

Joe Hoffman: Roberts doesn’t go down hard!

But Hoffman’s mistaken. Instead, JJR catches GenoSyde’s leg and wraps his body around it, twisting at the last second, throwing the challenger down to the mat. Roberts still has hold of the leg. He slides to a knee and throws GenoSyde’s right leg in the air, crashing it into the canvas.

Roberts kips to his feet, hits the ropes and flies across with a clothesline. However, GenoSyde ducks and JJR meets the ropes across the way. Once the champion turns around, GenoSyde reels Jeffrey in and connects with an exploder suplex.

Joe Hoffman: GenoSyde using Roberts’ own momentum off the ropes and throws him three-fourths across the squared circle!

Like Hoffman said, Roberts is sent FLYING across the ring… he’s almost thrown out of the ring, too but the bottom rope breaks his fall upon impact. GenoSyde methodically marches over and peels Roberts off the canvas… throwing him in-between his legs and hitting a Canadian Destroyer!

Joe Hoffman: I’ve been told GenoSyde loves these Canadian Destroyers.

Cornfield claps on the outside, thinking this match is over as GenoSyde rolls over before standing up. Soon after, the PWA star finds JJR on the mat… but the champion surprises the looming giant with a hard uppercut. Another. Another. Another.

Joe Hoffman: Much too early for GenoSyde to have thought this match was over. Canadian Destroyer or not.

The champion continues hammering the challenger with uppercuts until JJR grabs GenoSyde by the head with both hands and pulls him in close…

Joe Hoffman: Is Roberts… trying to BITE the man’s ear!?

It certainly looks that way. A Tyson-Holyfield IS avoided at the last possible second, though. The PWA talent throws his arms up, breaking Roberts’ grasp like a defensive lineman bursting through the line of scrimmage and sacking the QB. GenoSyde ricochets his head off JJR’s, takes three steps back and then pump kicks Roberts over the top rope and onto the apron.

James Cornfield shouts on the outside, pointing at the champion. GenoSyde watches Roberts stumble to a standing base on the apron. The challenger charges quickly but Roberts jumps onto the top rope and flies off with a hurricanrana!

JJR holds on. Once GenoSyde is slammed to the mat, the champion mercilessly drills forearm smashes into his forehead. Roberts stands, dragging GenoSyde along with him-


Joe Hoffman: What a bearhug suplex by GenoSyde!

The ring shakes on impact and now it’s the challengers turn to get some licks in. He continuously drills right elbows into Roberts’ cheekbone… the camera shows JJR is trying to grin throughout the heavy shots, while also attempting to break free.

Joe Hoffman: I have no doubt both men will be enjoying themselves tonight.

Finally, Jeffrey escapes the clutches of the big man. He runs into the ropes and leaps forward with his right leg out in front of him, catching GenoSyde swiftly under the chin in the form of a superkick.

Whack, a second superkick.

Whack, a third. GenoSyde is still on his feet.

WHAM! This time, however, Roberts hits GenoSyde flush under the jaw with a knee. It topples Cornfield’s “student” to one leg. JJR hits the ropes…

And GenoSyde explodes out of his base with a spear! The ring, once again, shakes on impact.

Joe Hoffman: These two are going to absolutely kill each other! Back and forth, back and forth.

And the match only intensifies as GenoSyde throws Roberts into the ropes and goes to meet JJR there once the champion hits them…

GenoSyde clotheslines Roberts over the top. The challenger realizes he has an opportunity to provide a huge impact blow. He bounces off the far ropes and looks for a suicide dive.


Joe Hoffman: And WELCOME to HOW! Roberts is the first one to use a weapon, taking a ringside chair and hitting GenoSyde over the head with it!

Roberts hurls GenoSyde into the guardrail and follows by throwing him into the apron. Guardrail. Apron. Guardrail. Apron. The champion is going to town.

JJR hits a superkick… and James Cornfield tries to get in close.

Jeffrey sees him as Cornfield sprints (for as fast as the man can go) far away, to the adjacent side of the ring. There’s now a small trickle of blood coming from the top of GenoSyde’s head. However, his mask does a good job of limiting the amount of damage anyone else can see.

Thanks to Cornfield, the giant was also bought some time. As JJR walks over to GenoSyde, the large brawler axe handle smashes Roberts across the right shoulder and then smacks him with a hard-out headbutt!

Joe Hoffman: You would think, with GenoSyde bleeding from the forehead, the last tool he’d want to use in his arsenal is his own head!

Roberts walks away from GenoSyde, allowing both men some time to recover. After checking on his mask, the former independent brawler charges the champion… they hammer one another with forearm smashes and punches, whatever can be done. GenoSyde looks to get the upper hand until Roberts drills a knee into his stomach and heaves the giant over the guardrail!

Joe Hoffman: You had to know this would be happening sooner, rather than later.

Roberts jumps on the top of the guardrail and hits a crazy looking plancha on GenoSyde, who was about to pull himself off the floor just in time…

Joe Hoffman: No! GenoSyde catches Roberts!


Powerslam on the cement!

James Cornfield screams like a maniac from the guardrail, while maintaining his distance.

GenoSyde pulls Roberts off the ground and walks him deeper into the crowd. The odd person jumps in the way of the camera to wave hi or show a funny face but soon the last man who tries to do this is nudged to the side by James Cornfield, trailing behind, needing a better look.

By now, GenoSyde and JJR are exchanging body shots galore.

Joe Hoffman: Roberts is smaller than GenoSyde, obviously. Yet he’s fighting in the same weight class. His blows are landing.

Roberts is getting the better of GenoSyde with right hand strikes, although the camera reveals JJR’s back is red from the powerslam. Roberts claws at GenoSyde as the two work their way up the stairs. Midway to the concourse, GenoSyde headbutts Roberts, although not as hard as before. This stuns the champion. GenoSyde headbutts him again. The giant grabs Roberts by the neck and looks for a chokeslam on the stairs!

Joe Hoffman: Dear God…

No! Roberts escapes and punts GenoSyde under the chin! With the big man stunned, JJR jumps onto the handrail and springboards off with a headscissors takedown throwing GenoSyde down the steps!

Thump, thump, thump. The fans roar at the carnage as the behemoth reaches the bottom staircase. When Roberts walks down to visit him… James Cornfield stands across the way and starts shouting again.

Joe Hoffman: Can we get this clown outta here already!?

It’s not quite audible because the fans drown him out with HOW chants. The beady eyed man points at Roberts with conviction but backtracks when JJR looks like he’s going to track the PWA owner for good and forget about his opponent.

It’s a meticulous move by Roberts, however. He sees GenoSyde stir from the corner of his eyes and gives the big man a hard kick to his chest. Roberts throws GenoSyde into a row of fans before taking hold of the rail, throwing himself back and then sling shooting across with a wicked looking superkick!

The challenger is hurt and Roberts readies for another move, when…

Wham… or more like a whimper. JJR turns to see James Cornfield standing behind him. About to make a move, James pulls back the second he realizes Roberts is onto him.

GenoSyde collects himself and charges at JJR but once again, Jeffrey is ready and hits a hip toss on GenoSyde. The big man slams the cement floor to a cringe response from the people in close!

Joe Hoffman: Hold on a second, what do we have here!?

A man approaches James Cornfield from behind. His face is concealed by a hoodie and sunglasses… he spins the promoter around, immediately scaring the shit out of Cornfield. The hoodie man throws an arm up like he’s going to punch the PWA owner.

But the man doesn’t attack Roberts. Instead, it looks like he’s there to make Cornfield back away and think twice upon intervening.

Joe Hoffman: Is this some sort of accomplice? I hate to be an advocate for anyone associated with Roberts but if this means we won’t see Corny trailing the action so closely from now on, I am all for it.

Meanwhile, Roberts is walking GenoSyde through the crowd and towards the ring. JJR has the 6’6” man in a headlock. Once they are close to the guardrail, Roberts looks for a choke hold but GenoSyde fires an elbow into his gut and hits a backdrop!

Joe Hoffman: Roberts landed on the back of his head!

GenoSyde pulls himself together. He tugs on his mask, making sure it’s secure. Then he throws the champion’s head in-between his legs.

Joe Hoffman: Powerbomb here?



Canadian Destroyer.

The sickening sounds of both men meeting the hard cement floor echo into the camera mic. Those in attendance who witness the move happen right beside them… well, some turn away in horror, others cheer the carnage.

Joe Hoffman: I am NOT watching the replay!

While the replay does air, GenoSyde is slow to rise from the floor. Obviously Roberts is the one who took the brunt of the move but the big man landed hard too, against no padding whatsoever.

Joe Hoffman: GenoSyde could have JJR beat. However, the only place to win the match is inside the ring!

GenoSyde chucks JJR over the guardrail and steps over it, too. James Cornfield watches on but from a far distance this time, unsure if Roberts’ “associate” is still within the crowd. Jeffrey is on all fours, trying to pull himself upright but having a hard time in doing so. The challenger bends down and snatches the champion by the back of his yellow inmate uniform before hurling JJR into the ring post like a bowling ball.

The HOTv Champion meets the post shoulder-first. He’s hurting. James Cornfield shouts from way off in the crowd for GenoSyde to finish Roberts.

Once again, the brawler lifts the high flyer off the mat with one hand placed firmly around JJR’s uniform tights. The big man is walking the champion over to another ring post with every intention to throw him into it.

The PWA star winds back and projects JJR towards the post.

Roberts finds his bearing in mid-air and is able to plant his feet underneath him. Instead of meeting the ring post, his feet land on the steel steps. In one fluent motion, Roberts’ leaps off and performs a moonsault, driving a knee right on top of GenoSyde’s head!

One half of Devil’s Advocates is alive. He throws GenoSyde into the ring, leaps onto the apron and then slingshots himself over the top rope with a leg drop onto GenoSyde’s neck.

Joe Hoffman: Roberts has a pin!




Even though it’s a kickout, the champion has new life. His back has been beaten and his right shoulder is on the mend but Jeffrey rises. The HOTv Champion tries for a German suplex but GenoSyde blocks it and fires a back elbow. It stuns Roberts… yet the inmate is knowledgeable enough to duck another back elbow attempt from GenoSyde. This throws the Michigan native off balance…

And into a wicked elbow strike from JJR.

Roberts Irish whips GenoSyde to the buckle across. The large man meets the padding hard, almost snapping the buckle off its hinges. Instead, however, the giant falls out of the ring. Roberts doesn’t waste time. He hops over the top rope and axe handle smashes GenoSyde. When Roberts looks to toss his opponent into the ring…


Joe Hoffman: GenoSyde with a kendo stick! I believe he got it from under the ring!

Smack, another shot.

Smack, smack, smack.

Roberts’ face shows passion, almost conveying he enjoys it. Worked down on all fours again, GenoSyde hovers over the champion and holds the kendo stick high. He brings it down with immense force!


And snaps it in two across Roberts’ back.

GenoSyde hurls JJR under the rope. It’s a struggle for the giant to enter himself at a quick enough pace but the kendo stick damage has been done. Once inside the ring, GenoSyde crushes JJR with a chokeslam.

Joe Hoffman: We might have a new champion! GenoSyde hooks a leg!




Joe Hoffman: Incredible pain tolerance from Roberts!

James Cornfield is back at ringside (although his head is on a swivel). The PWA promoter shouts words of encouragement at GenoSyde… but the big man doesn’t look like he’s been rattled under the mask. Alternative, the hardcore wrestler lifts Roberts into a gorilla press position and then legs go…

JJR’s body folds in half across GenoSyde’s knee.

Joe Hoffman: Damn.

The challenger pins again.




Joe Hoffman: GenoSyde may be getting closer to a victory here… what a hellacious back breaker.

GenoSyde keeps the momentum going. He throws the HOTv Champion in-between his legs, in an attempt for another Canadian Destroyer.

No! Roberts pulls away, bounces off the ropes and ducks a clothesline in the process. JJR hits the next set of ropes and comes flying across with a knee strike to the temple!

Joe Hoffman: Unbelievable recovery by Jeffrey! Excellent move!

Knee, knee, knee. It’s Roberts’ turn to have GenoSyde reeling. JJR connects with a belly-to-belly suplex, showing off his strength before hitting the ropes and landing a missile dropkick square into GenoSyde’s face. The move has such an impact, it readjusts the big man’s mask.

Joe Hoffman: It might be difficult for GenoSyde to see right now.

A DDT plants GenoSyde face-first on the canvas. Roberts races to the top rope and flies off with a hurricanrana when the PWA star finds a vertical base.

Both men rise and Jeffrey jumps in the air, catching GenoSyde in a flip over pin combination!




Joe Hoffman: GenoSyde was a split second away from not giving James Cornfield what he wanted.

Both men are struggling but it’s GenoSyde on the defensive. JJR pummels him into a corner and throws GenoSyde across the way. Once again, the PWA brawler hits and tumbles out of the ring… but Jeffrey is more cautious to make sure there’s no weapon in GenoSyde’s hand this time. He exits the ring, further away from his opponent and keeps his eyes locked on his opponent at all times. Once Jeffrey realizes there’s nothing in GenoSyde’s hand, he pops across and pumps the giant with a stiff fist to the jaw.

GenoSyde roars in pain but this also awakes him. He returns the favour with a knee to the stomach.

The air is pushed out of Roberts… but JJR has no quit, either. The champion fires back with another stiff fist.

Knee to the stomach by GenoSyde.

Stiff fist to the face by JJR.

The two go back and forth until the sheer strength of GenoSyde works the champion over. GenoSyde grabs Roberts’ head and throws him into the steel steps!

The challenger removes the steps from the ring post. He positions them in the center of the floor… then he takes Roberts along with himself on top of the steel steps! The crowd watches on, not sure of what’s about to come next…

Joe Hoffman: Is GenoSyde thinking of a Canadian Destroyer off the steel steps!?

While this may be the plan, Roberts escapes the man’s clutches and clubs GenoSyde in the side of the head. Then he hits the brawler with a DDT on the steps!

JJR discards GenoSyde off the steel object and follows by reaching under the apron, pulling out a chair. Roberts throws it into the ring. He pulls out another chair and throws it into the ring, too. It’s a struggle but JJR lifts GenoSyde, drops him on the apron and pushes the behemoth into the ring.

The cameras switch to show concern across James Cornfield’s face. However, all the PWA promoter can do is watch. Roberts takes a chair in his hand and slams it across GenoSyde’s back. He throws the chair back down and drags the challenger to his feet. Roberts hits the ropes but GenoSyde explodes forward, catching the champion in a desperation sidewalk slam!

Joe Hoffman: I believe Roberts’ head met the leg of one of those chairs!

GenoSyde falls on his knees, clearly hurting. His head is pounding from the DDT on the steel stairs, let alone the chair shot to the head from earlier. On the outside of the ring, James Cornfield’s digging under the apron. He throws in a chair… and another… soon GenoSyde slides out of the ring to help.

The PWA toss more chairs in the ring, one of them even hitting JJR on his head.

With about 10+ chairs inside the squared circle, GenoSyde enters again… although he’s surprised by JJR who flips up and pumps him in the side of the face with a superkick. Roberts hits the ropes and runs into another sidewalk slam!

No! Roberts spins around GenoSyde’s body and connects with a DDT! The fans come to their feet, thinking they are witnessing the end of the match. Roberts, who’s on wobbly legs, lays a chair on top of GenoSyde.

Joe Hoffman: Jeffrey is having a hard go here. Luckily for him, all he may have to worry about is one final blow…

Unable to have climbed the turnbuckle the normal way, JJR perches himself on the second rope, facing inside the ring. Then with both hands, he pushes up and off, positioning himself on the top rope.

Roberts measures GenoSyde and looks for a splash…


GenoSyde throws the chair off his chest, STRAIGHT into JJR’s face! The champion falls into a heap on the mat and the PWA star collects all of the chairs… piling them on top of one another. It’s a struggle for the challenger, too. He’s clearly reeling. He throws JJR in-between his legs…


Joe Hoffman: GenoSyde hits FlipSyde!

The Canadian Destroyer drives JJR through a plethora of steel!

The challenger isn’t done. He has Roberts with all his might and connects with Intentional Homicyde.


Onto the pile of chairs.

Hortega slides into position as GenoSyde hooks the leg.





“Loser” by Beck plays as James Cornfield dances out of sync to the music while making his way to the time keeper’s table. He snatches the HOTv Championship from it.

Bryan McVay: The winner of this match and the NEW HOTv Champion… GenoSyde!!

The fans boo as GenoSyde is having a hard time collecting himself. There’s crusted blood on his nose, his mask still isn’t as straight as he’d like.

Joe Hoffman: HELL of a battle and really could have gone either way. In the end, GenoSyde uses the chair, throwing it at Roberts and catching him. A Canadian Destroyer and pendulum STO later, we have a new HOTv Champion.

March to Glory goes to commercial.

The Best Booking

Backstage in the Best Arena, a battered but victorious GenoSyde is walking down the hallway with the HOTV Championship slung over his shoulder. His hair still a sweaty mess over his mask, he walks with James Cornfield in tow.

Cornfield couldn’t look more pleased with himself, but the smile on his face turns to a sour expression as the camera pans to reveal a man walking around the corner:

HOW CEO Michael Lee Best. 

Mike Best: You. I was looking for you. 

He points at GenoSyde, who simply stares back at the new HOW CEO. GenoSyde raises his hand, and now both men are just pointing at each other for a moment.

The Son of God breaks the awkward silence.  

Mike Best: Uh… yeah. So anyway. Great job out there tonight, hell of a match. We gotta get you out of these fuckin’ bingo halls though, man. You made your point. You ready to sign a HOW contract? 

GenoSyde only stares, not answering. Cornfield steps forward, putting a hand on the shoulder of his client… and employee. GenoSyde clenches his fists, hoisting the belt higher up onto his shoulder in a defensive position. 

Michael chuckles, nervously. 

Mike Best: Hey, plenty of time to negotiate, right? Again… great job out there tonight. You’ve got your first defense coming up this week on Refueled, and you’re gonna take on another guy who I see big things for here in HOW… Xander Azula. BOOM. CEO’D. 

The Son of God shoots a finger gun at the new HOTv Champion, turning and disappearing back around the corner. Cornfield looks at GenoSyde, and both men nod at one another as we return to the ring.

Noble Gaming vs John Sektor and Adam Ellis

Tag Team Championship Match

We now head back to ringside where the Hall of Famer and best announcer in the business is ready to call this highly anticipated championship match.

Joe Hoffman: What a couple of huge announcements…..GenoSyde is set to defend the HOTv Championship against Xander Azula and Jace Parker Davidson is FINALY an official member of the a High Octane Hall of Fame….wow….congrats!!!!

Joe looks toward the camera.

Joe Hoffman: And finally…..The Mario Maurako Cup concludes with Noble Gaming and the team of John Sektor and Adam Ellis looking to be crowned the NEW! TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!

Joe’s excitement may be getting the best of him……or he could be right.

Joe Hoffman: Both teams have scratched and clawed their way to the finals, and let’s take a look at their journey.

The HOV lights up and a video package begins to play……

Conor Fuse and Jace Parker Davidson pick up the win against 2 Man Advantage.

*Breaking News*

Due to an unforeseen medical issue, Jace Parker Davidson has withdrawn from the Maurako Cup.

David Noble and Doozer lose to Steve Harrison and Chris Kostoff.

*Breaking News*

Due to personal reasons at home, Doozer has withdrawn from the Maurako Cup.

*Breaking News*

Michael Oliver Best announces that Conor Fuse and David Noble will be paired as a team for the rest of the tournament.

The video continues as Noble Gaming pick up wins against Devil’s Advocates and Team Epic. The video shifts to the other half of the match with John Sektor and Adam Ellis going undefeated throughout the tournament picking up wins against Steve Solex and Clay Byrd, Scott Stevens and Black Mamba, Darin Zion and Xander Azula, and PW:Assault.

Joe Hoffman: And here we are to see who the best tag team in HOW is. Both teams are undefeated in the Maurako Cup, but only one can leave as world champions.

The image cuts around the Best Arena as we see a sea of rabidness fans that are ready for this match to begin.

Bryan McVay comes to center ring.

Bryan McVay: Ladies and gentlemen, tonight’s Main Event for MARCH TO GLORY! IS SCHEDULED FOR ONE FALL!

Crowd: ONE FALL!

Bryan McVay: With a Sixty minute time limit.

McVay looks towards the audience.


The fans in Chicago go berserk as they await the wrestler’s entrances.

The lights dim.

Martial artists dressed in white robes with #97red belts line the stage as “Ken’s Theme” to Street Fighter 5 plays. The crowd stands in anticipation.

From underneath the rampway, a lift rises and Conor Fuse stands, head down, arms folded across his chest like an X. David Noble is beside him, albeit a little more unsure of himself as the lift reaches the top and the fans fill the arena with !RANK chants.

BOOM, #97MarioRed pyro explodes behind them.

Conor is dressed in similar fashion to the men who line the rampway, representing the Street Fighter character Ryu. He sports a white robe but instead of a Shotokan-style Karate red belt, of course, it’s the red World Championship title around his waist. Noble, on the other hand, is dressed in a red robe and black belt, representing Street Fighter character, Ken.

More pyro explodes as Fuse cranks his arms for combat and Noble’s eyes are locked on the center of the ring. The two of them march down the rampway.

Joe Hoffman: Give David some credit; he’s bought right into the gaming stuff. Also, it should be worth noting that David Noble is a free agent after this match as his short term deal as come to an end. Could be have a free agent champion by the end of the night?

As Noble Gaming make their way to ringside, the other martial artists perform Hadoukens and various moves of Ryu and Ken.

Joe Hoffman: Both men have over come tremendous odds as of late to get here. Noble recently lost his father, but he has been on a resurgence for redemption since he overcame his demons of alcohol and substance abuse while Conor has been proving why he is the number one wrestler in HOW defending that World title.

Fuse jumps onto the apron and then leaps over the ropes as Noble slides in. The Ultimate Gamer stands and performs a Shoryuken to a massive explosion of pyro from the rampway. He knocks arms intensely with Noble, before letting a primal scream into the rafters and the crowd power-ups along.

Joe Hoffman: A grand entrance for our World Champion and David Noble. These two have fought their way from the bottom of the standing to the finals, the Tag Team Championship match and the main event of tonight.

Fuse and Noble remove their fighting robes, revealing their regular ring attire. However, Conor is sporting Street Fighter 2 themed tights for tonight.

As Conor and David begin to discuss thing in their corner we hear and unfamiliar tune.

Joe Hoffman: What’s this?

The tune is “Superhuman” by Modern Day Zero and the crowd is confused just as Joe as to who’s music that is and we get our answer as Adam Ellis appears on stage and the Chicago crowd gives the rookie a mixed reception.

Joe Hoffman: Adam Ellis was taken under the wing of John Sektor and there must be something about this kid Sektor sees because he doesn’t just train anyone at the Gold Standard Wrestling Academy.

Adam bounces on the stage a bit as he tries to shake the nervousness out of his system.

Joe Hoffman: Just breathe Adam.

Joe says as he sees the youngster so tense before Adam stops and puts his hands to his mouth and yells…..

Adam Ellis: LET’S GO!

The crowd roars as Ellis begins to make his way down the ramp fist bumping some of the fans before stopping in front of one that has an obnoxious sign.

Joe Hoffman: This should be interesting……

The sign the fan is holding reads, “I’d Rather Be In Victoria!” on top with a the infamous picture of Victoria McGill underneath. An obvious mention to the John Sektor and Victoria McGill one night stand.

Joe Hoffman: Adam better be careful because he was arrested last time someone mentioned the affair.

Adam gets face to face with the fan who begins to taunt the rookie and Adam snatches the sign and begins to tear it up before tossing it to the ground before rolling underneath the bottom rope and stretching out in his corner when…….

“Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” by AC/DC

Joe Hoffman: The familiar tune of the former LSD champion

The Master of The “Stache” gingerly steps out from behind the curtain clutching his ribs as the crowd gives him a thundering applause.

If you’re having trouble with the high school head
He’s giving you the blues
You wanna graduate, but not in his bed
Here’s what you gotta do:
Pick up the phone, I’m always home
Call me anytime

No LSD title belt around his waist this time as he pauses on the stage and looks down at his waist as he looks up an expression of beyond fucking pissed plasters his face as the fans inside the Best Arena in Chicago make a lot of noise.

Just ring: 3-6, 2-4, 3-6, hey
I lead a life of crime

Joe Hoffman: For over nine months, Sektor reigned supreme as the LSD champion, and that all came to an end tonight as he was in a war earlier tonight with Arthur Pleasant in that submission match. Sektor may have lost the match, but he never tapped out or verbally gave up because he passed out to the pain. Saying Sektor is a warrior is a gross understatement.

Joe pauses as the song hits the chorus as the fans throughout the Windy City have sang along to Sektor’s entrance music throughout the Hall of Famer’s career and the Chicago fans on cue belt out “DONE DIRT CHEAP” during the chorus.

Dirty deeds and THEY’RE DONE DIRT CHEAP…
Dirty deeds and THEY’RE DONE DIRT CHEAP …

Sektor normally hams it up by deviously stroking his ‘stache but not today as he slaps himself in the face a couple of times to get focused as he marches down to the ring. No sooner has Sektor stepped into the ring he heads to his corner as his music begins to fade out as McVay turns to his left.

Bryan McVay: Ladies and gentlemen, introducing first, weighing in at a combined weight of 475 lbs……they are….DAVID! NOBLE! WORLD CHAMPION! CONOR! FUSE! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBLE! GAAAAAAAAAAAAMIIIIIIIINGGGGGGGGGGG!

Noble and Fuse lift their arms into the air as the crowd chants their names.

McVay turns to his right.

Bryan McVay: And their opponents, weighing in at a combined weight of 475 pounds… they are…..ADAM! ELLIS! ANDTHE GOLD STANDARD! AND HALL OF FAMER! JOHN! SEEEEEEKTOOOOOOOR!

Sektor and Ellis remain poised and stare straight at their opponents as Boettcher holds the Tag titles high up in the air before handing it to McVay as he exits.

Boettcher signals for the bell.

Ding. Ding.

Joe Hoffman: And here we go.

Fuse comes out of his respective corner and goes center ring and Sektor is set to join him, but his young protégé has other ideas.

Joe Hoffman: What’s this? Ellis wants to start out for their team it seems.

Sektor and Ellis exchange some words before Sektor gives Conor a long stare before patting his partner on the back and exiting the ring.

Joe Hoffman: What’s Conor doing?

As Ellis meets the world champion in the middle of the ring it looks as if the two are having a heated verbal exchange. Let’s see if we can hear a bit of it.

Conor Fuse: All I’m saying is how can you trust that man?

Conor asks as he points to Sektor.

Conor Fuse: I mean if I was your tag team partner I wouldn’t have slept with your girl.

Adam’s face begins to turn red with frustration.

Conor Fuse: Don’t get me wrong, she’s hot, but even I don’t have enough protection spells to fight off whatever Sektor gave her.


Adam yells and begins to swing wildly at the world champion and Conor easily ducks under the strikes like he’s Floyd Mayweather.

Joe Hoffman: Conor definitely struck a nerve with those comments and that was part of his divide and conquer strategy plan.

Sektor shakes his head in frustration.


Adam continues to wildly swing and Conor gets close enough to Sektor to smack him on the chest.


Joe Hoffman: What the…??? Style transfer?

Conor looks at Sektor and a smirk forms over the champion’s face as he quickly turns towards Adam and ducks under another right before grabbing his arm and tossing him to the canvas and quickly locking in a seated arm bar.

Joe Hoffman: Conor….is…..chain wrestling…..

Conor quickly uses the pressure of the arm bar to force Adam to the canvas chest first and the world champion begins to drive his knee into the shoulder joint of Ellis.

Joe Hoffman: Conor looking to take out Ellis’ arm. Is he trying to send a message to Sektor because every time he does something he looks his way.

Conor bars the arm and wraps his arms around Adam’s face.

Joe Hoffman: Modified crossface locked in.

Boettcher gets into position and asks if Ellis wants to give up, but the youngster shouts no. Conor wrenches back on it before he begins to claw at the eyes and nose causing Boettcher to begin his count.






Conor quits clawing at the nose and eyes.

Conor Fuse: I have until five ref! I know the rules!

Conor shouts as he maintains the submission.

Joe Hoffman: New attitude for the world champion?

Conor releases the crossface and transitions to a mount position on Adam’s back as he pulls him up and locks in the dreaded camel clutch.

Joe Hoffman: Shades of Omar Rasheem. Looks like Conor has been diving deep into the archives.

Boettcher asks Adam again if he wants to quit, but the rookie says no which makes Conor begin to rain down crossface to the sides of his opponents head. Conor delivers a massive crossface that sends saliva flying out of Adam’s mouth and the world champion quickly shoots the half and hooks the leg for a cover.





Sektor breaks the pin attempt and the World champion and the Gold Standard have a tense stare down as Conor tags in his partner.

Joe Hoffman: Noble is in and makes his way over to Conor.

Noble and Conor pick up Adam and hoist him high into the air.

Joe Hoffman: Vertical suplex.

Noble and Conor begin to walk around the ring holding up Ellis.

Joe Hoffman: Very delayed vertical suplex.

Both Noble and Conor look towards Sektor before bringing Adam back down to earth. Both men sit up, but Conor starts blowing kisses towards Sektor causing that Cuban temper to flare up and Boettcher having to hold him back while Noble mounts Adam and brings down a flurry of right hands.

Joe Hoffman: Conor is getting under the skin of both of his opponents and Sektor needs to calm down.

Boettcher finally gets Sektor back to his corner and when he turns around he sees David Noble landing a standing moonsault before going for a cover.




Adam kicks out.

Noble immediately locks in a reverse chinlock and plants his knee into the small of Adam’s back.

Joe Hoffman: Conor and Noble definitely came in here with a game plan and that was to divide and conquer and pick a part Adam Ellis and that plan has been working to perfection.

Noble boxes Adam’s ears before hitting a quick dropkick. David kips up and begins to run in place before running towards the ropes and doing a rolling somersault and flipping forward with a front senton.

Joe Hoffman: Rolling thunder.






Adam kicks out and Noble immediately tags in Fuse. Conor quickly picks up Adam and looks at Sektor before snap suplexing Adam into his corner’s turnbuckles and tags back in David. Noble begins to put the boots to Adam before he tags Conor back in and Conor begins to choke Ellis with his boot.






Conor reminds the ref he has five and tags back in Noble who slingshots himself back in and drives his knees into the chest of Ellis. Noble pulls Adam from their corner and goes for a cover.





Adam pops the shoulder up at the last instant which makes Noble give Boettcher a look before slipping through the ropes and onto the ring apron. Noble uses the ropes to propel him forward looking for a flipping leg drop, but Ellis rolled out of the ring in the nick of time.

Joe Hoffman: Noble missed the leg drop, but Adam needs to reach his corner and get Sektor in!

Noble holds his backside in pain as Adam musters enough strength to roll back into the ring and make the long journey to his corner.

Joe Hoffman: Sektor is pacing like caged animal on that apron.

Sektor begins to pound on the turnbuckle.


Adam inches his way closer and closer to his corner where the Hall of Famer is salivating to get into the match.

Joe Hoffman: Got to move faster than that Adam.

Joe’s right as Noble cuts him off with an elbow drop to the back. Noble flips Adam over and the youngster is fighting off his opponent; as he stuns him with a quick kick, he brings him down to one knee with a sweep, and lets out a primal scream as he musters enough strength to blast Noble in the face with a superkick.

Joe Hoffman: WHAT A KICK!!!

The force combined with the exhaustion of Adam Ellis sends him stumbling backwards to a waiting John Sektor who tags himself in and rushes in towards Noble.


Noble sees Sektor barreling through the ropes and David immediately goes for a big clothesline, but Sektor slides underneath the attempt and trips Noble up and rolls him over and locks in a calf slicer.

Joe Hoffman: And just like that, Sektor shows why he is the best technically sound wrestler in HOW.

Sektor looks directly at Conor and he pulls back on the leg.

John Sektor: This is how it’s done kid!

Sektor shouts towards Conor as he transitions from the calf slicer to a STF.

Joe Hoffman: STF is locked in tight.

Sektor then pulls back on David’s neck and wraps his arm around David’s arm and neck.

Joe Hoffman: A variation of the Regal Stretch. Sektor is just showing off now.

Boettcher asks Noble if he wants to quit, but he shouts no. A devilish smile forms over Sektor’s face as he winks at Conor Fuse before slipping his arm down and around Noble’s neck and wrenching back as he rolls to his side.


Conor immediately charges into the ring and breaks up the attempt. As Noble holds his back in pain, Sektor shows Conor how close Noble was to tapping.

Joe Hoffman: Often imitated but never duplicated.

Sektor reaches down to pick up David, but Noble throws a right hand to the stomach of the Gold Standard, but Sektor immediately answers with a knee and a clubbing blow to the back of the neck. Sektor begins to stomp on the head of Noble before lifting him up and doubling him over with a boot to the midsection. Sektor takes a few steps back before running at Noble and taking him down with a swinging neckbreaker.






Noble kicks out.

Sektor immediately tags in Adam Ellis and Sektor lays Noble across his knee as Adam stands on the bottom rope and delivers a diving forearm smash.






Noble pops the shoulder in the nick of time.

Joe Hoffman: David Noble is in some tremendous amount of pain. He needs to somehow get Conor back into this match.

Adam reaches down to pick up Noble, but he gets rocked with a stiff European uppercut that staggers Adam. As Adam ricochets off of the ropes Noble jumps.


Noble quickly turns around and Adam lifts him up into the air.


Adam plants Noble into the canvas but is too out of it to make a cover allowing Boettcher to make his mandatory ten count.






Both men stir.



Both men to all fours.



Adam is up.


Noble is up and fires a right hand.

Adam throws a right of his own.

Joe Hoffman: Both men are exchanging blows in the middle of the ring. With each person struggling to breathe who knows how much effectiveness those punches will have.

Noble stuns Adam with a quick left jab and goes to throw a sidekick, but Adam catches it in time and takes David to the mat with a dragon screw leg whip before DDTing the leg into the canvas and barring the leg.

Joe Hoffman: Adam has a knee bar locked in and Noble has nowhere to go.

Conor immediately comes into the ring and begins to stomp at the head of Adam.

Joe Hoffman: DOOM Stomps by the champion to break up the submission.

Conor quickly makes his way back onto the apron before Boettcher could say anything to him and Adam tags in Sektor and the Gold Standard and the protégé pick up Noble and deliver a double front suplex.

Joe Hoffman: How much more punishment can David Noble take?

Sektor delivers a Japanese arm drag to Noble. He begins to pick him up, but Noble still has fight left as he delivers a shot to the gut and Sektor answers with a headbutt. Sektor grabs Noble by his hair and stands him up. He pats him on the face before winding up and drilling Noble with a spinning forearm.

Joe Hoffman: Hall of Fame Elbow has Noble staggered.

Noble staggers and ricochets off of the ropes and Boettcher slaps his hands together as Sektor doubles over Noble with a kick to the stomach and spikes him on his head with a double arm DDT.

Joe Hoffman: DIRTY DEEDS!

Sektor pushes Noble onto his back and hooks a leg, but Boettcher isn’t counting. Sektor looks at Boettcher and the official tries to explain what is happening, but the Hall of Famer finds out the hard way.

Joe Hoffman: Shining Wizard by Fuse!

Conor stands over the stunned Sektor and slaps him on the chest.


Conor immediately picks up Sektor and places him between his legs and hooks his arms. Conor lifts Sektor and spins him driving his face into the mat.

Joe Hoffman: C-SEKTION!






The crowd goes ballistic as Sektor kicks out and Conor can’t believe it as he shows Boettcher three fingers, but the senior official says it was a count of two.


Conor quickly reestablishes his assault with a flurry of DOOM stomps.





Sektor pops the shoulder up.

Conor rolls down Sektor’s belly and grabs a leg.

Joe Hoffman: Sharpshooter? Figure Four? What does Conor have in mind?

Conor attempts a figure four leglock, but Sektor pushes him off, but Conor holds onto the leg and jumps to the side to torque it. Conor throws the leg down onto the canvas which the pain causes Sektor to shoot up into a seating position and Conor capitalizes with a kick to the chest. Conor continues the attack with rapid kicks to Sektor’s chest. Conor slaps the mat and lets out a yell as he goes to deliver the final kick, but Sektor grabs it and locks in a knee bar. However, Conor steps forward to reduce the pain and the pressure and Sektor sensing this unhooks his legs from around Conor’s neck and throws them around his neck instead.


Boettcher asks if Conor wants to submit, but the World champion shouts no. Conor tries to claw at Sektor’s eyes, but the Gold Standard pulls back further.

Joe Hoffman: Boettcher needs to check on Conor he looks to be fading.

Boettcher lifts Conor’s arm up and it drops.


He lifts it up a second time and it hits the mat.


Boettcher lifts it a third and final time………


Conor begins to flail around wildly and begins to yell like an ultimate maniac.

Joe Hoffman: I think Conor is Powering Up.

Conor grabs both arms of Sektor with his hands and lets out a primal roar as he begins to lift Sektor off of the mat.

Joe Hoffman: No……way…….

Conor has Sektor lifted high into the air and drives all the air out of the Hall of Famer with a ring shaking slam.



Both men are down and Boettcher begins his mandatory ten count.






Both men begin to stir.



Both men are on all fours and are crawling towards their corners.


Inching closer.


And closer……


Both make the tag and David Noble and Adam Ellis come rushing into the ring and collide in the middle like two bulls exchanging blows. Adam goes low as he delivers a strategic knee to the gut and attempts to take him down with a Russian leg sweep, but Noble blocks the attempt with a stomp to the ankle joint and drives Adam face first into the canvas with a full nelson facebuster.





Adam kicks out and Noble immediately mounts Ellis and begins to deliver rights and lefts to the face and body before finishing up the assault it with a jumping double stomp. Noble picks up Ellis and whips him across the ring and as Ellis bounces off of them Noble jumps up looking for a leg lariat.

Joe Hoffman: Leg lariat…… so fast.

Ellis blocks it and is looking for a powerbomb, but David begins to punch the face of Adam causing the rookie to stumble back and Noble swings backwards looking for a hurricanrana, but Adam has other ideas as he uses the momentum to flop forward and drive David onto the canvas belly first.

Joe Hoffman: A clash of styles is happening right before our eyes.

Adam rolls over Noble.






Noble kicks out.

Adam quickly grabs a leg and spins around, but before he can complete the figure four, Noble shoves him with his free foot and Ellis goes into his corner and collides with Sektor pushing his partner to the outside and Boettcher slaps his hands indicating a tag. As Ellis turns around, Noble turns him inside out with a spear before he ascends the top rope and waits for Sektor to turn towards him and launches himself off the top rope.

Joe Hoffman: MOONSAULT!

Noble collides with Sektor and both men are laid out on the floor.


Joe Hoffman: These men are giving it their all tonight!

Noble is the first to his feet and he picks up Sektor and throws him into the nearest set of ring steps before rolling in to break the ten count. Noble rolls back out to stalk Sektor who is crawling around the ring and cuts him off with a running elbow drop to the back of the head. Noble grabs Sektor and rolls him back into the ring. Noble reaches down and does a dead lift saito suplex to Sektor.

Joe Hoffman: Sektor’s ribs can’t take much more punishment.

Noble motions for Fuse to go up top and the champion is hesitant but starts to climb up.

Joe Hoffman: Noble and Fuse could be looking to end it here……..what the?!?!?!?!?

Before Noble can tag Conor, David gets rocked unexpectedly by a Superman Punch from Adam Ellis.


Noble staggers off of the ropes and as a consequence crotches Conor Fuse who falls over and gets his leg wrap inside the top and middle ropes. As Noble stumbles back, Adam grabs him by the arm and wraps it around his neck and takes him down with a neckbreaker. Sektor is clutching his ribs in a seated position against the ropes watching what has transpired.

Adam Ellis: DO IT!

Joe Hoffman: Do what?

Sektor shakes his head no.

Adam Ellis: COME ON! DO IT!

Sektor looks up and then at Conor. Sektor pulls himself to his feet and makes his way over to the World champion who is still tangling by his feet. Sektor slaps him across the face with his left hand.


Sektor slaps him across the face with his right hand.

John Sektor: WEAPON GET!

Conor’s eyes grow big as he tries to free himself even more as Sektor heads to the corner and begins to climb.

Joe Hoffman: He’s not????

Sektor slowly rises to his feet and executes a move we haven’t seen in over fifteen years.


The shooting star press is executed perfected and Sektor hooks a leg as he looks directly at Conor Fuse as Boettcher slides into position.






Boettcher hands the newly christened tag champions their titles as student and teacher give each other a hug in the center of the ring to a standing ovation from the Chicago crowd.

Joe Hoffman: What a match! More importantly, what a night! I’m Joe Hoffman and this has been March to Glory. Goodnight everyone.

The last scene is of Sektor and Ellis holding their respective titles up in the air for the whole world to see as the action fades out for the last time from the in ring action for March to Glory

The Best Exit

After March to Glory has left the air, we see the two men of the hour making their way out of the arena and into the parking lot. Chief Executive Officer Michael Lee Best has his arm around the shoulder of new HOW Hall of Famer Jace Parker Davidson, a man that he has had a LOT of history with over the years. 

The two former members of Project: Ego and The Unstable are headed toward a limo that is pulling up near the backdoor. 

Mike Best: The fuckin’ Hall of Fame, man. Congratulations. Took your ass long enough to get here. But you know… that’s not the end. We’re just getting started. 

He slaps his friend on the back, opening the door of the limo and gesturing for Jace to go ahead and get in first. The new HOW Hall of Famer shuffles into the car, moving all the way in so that the Son of God has room to get in as well. 

Mike Best: Allow me to introduce you to your new business partners. 

Jace’s eyes grow wide, as he sees who else is sitting in the limo. A man with a solid black blazer sits directly across from him, wearing a bald eagle t-shirt underneath. He looks older than the last time we saw him, but he also looks to be in the best shape of his life. 

Mike Best: Can’t end my career at March to Glory without the man who started this all with me twelve years ago, at this very pay-per-view. Good to see you, Chris. 

Christopher America leans back in his seat, half raising a glass of champagne. But he isn’t the only one in the limo. 

Mike Best: And of course, the newest member of the High Octane Staff… 

The second man in the limo leans forward, with a delightful grin on his face. 

Mike Best: Commissioner Cecilworth Farthington

The Hall of Famer, fresh back from his extended return to England, leans in and gives his best friend a half hug from inside of the car. 

Shuffling into the limo alongside his new business partners, the CEO of HOW leans back out to grab the door handle as March to Glory officially comes to an end. All we hear as his last words as the door shuts behind him. 

Mike Best: Gentlemen… welcome to the first official meeting of The Board. 

The feed fades out as the four Hall of Famers begin to properly celebrate their new partnership.