Dead or Alive
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Dead or Alive

Event Date: August 14, 2022 at 10:00 pm

Darin Zion vs Adam Ellis©️

MVW World Championship Match

The Dead or Alive match lineup video ends and we cut to more footage:

July 3rd, 2022- Christopher America © vs. Steve Solex- HOW World Title Match/HOFC Match

…America ducks and turns and grabs Solex by the head and nails Solex with his own finisher.


Solex falls backwards and down to the canvas hard.

Rick Stevens looks down at Solex and then at his watch and begins a ten count.




America slowly stands up to his feet…





Solex…..still unable to move….slowly opens his eyes


Solex….slowly shakes his head and starts to move

Joe Hoffman: CAN HE ANSWER THE TEN COUNT!!!!????


Solex, having no clue where he is at starts to roll over


Rick Stevens signals for the bell and the end of the match.


Rick Stevens points outside of the ring at Bryan McVay and the Hall of Fame Ring Announcer gives us the verdict.


The camera cuts back inside the HOFC cage and we see Solex standing in the middle of the cage now and looking over at America.

Cut to the ring on the other side of the HOV.  There’s about 300 people on hand here tonight.  Most are in the seats located on one side outside the fence.  There are some random folks around the fence but most of them are mainly on the one side

Then we cut inside a military tent that’s set up directly behind the High Octane Vision where Joe Hoffman sits at the broadcast desk.  

Joe Hoffman: Hello and welcome to Dead or Alive!  We are live from Tombstone, Arizona inside our war room where we will be watching tonight’s action from here.

There’s a quick shot of the large monitor in front of Joe where he will be watching and calling the action from. 

Joe Hoffman: The Board’s Christopher America barely escaped with a win over Steve Solex of The Highwaymen as America prevailed in a HOFC match to retain the HOW World title last month at Chaos 1.  

Photos of Christopher America and Steve Solex appear side by side on the HOV.

Joe Hoffman: Tonight, Christopher America and Steve Solex will fight it out once again in a regular wrestling match inside the ring that’s right out in front of our vantage points for the HOW World Title.  If Solex cannot defeat America tonight, he will not get another title shot. A quick video vignette of Tyler Best and Simon Sparrow in action appears on the HOV.

A quick video vignette of Tyler Best and Simon Sparrow in action appears on the HOV.

Joe Hoffman: Also tonight, ICON Champion Tyler Best will take on Sir Simon Sparrow for the title. 

Quick video vignette of the Highwaymen, The Board, Fuse and Carey, and Azula and Hollywood in action.

Joe Hoffman: Highwaymen Steve Harrison and Joe Bergman will put the HOW Tag Team Title on the line against The Board’s Jace Parker Davidson and STRONK, Conor Fuse and Bobbinette Carey, and Xander Azula and Brian Hollywood in a bar fight.  

Quick video vignette of Byrd and Greiner’s confrontation at OCW a couple weeks ago.

Joe Hoffman: The winner will have to get to the roof of the saloon and collect the tag belts from inside a military crate.  Also Clay Byrd defends the HOTv title against Bob Greiner from OCW. 

Quick video vignette of Scott Stevens and Scottywood in action.

Joe Hoffman: The Demi-God of HOW Scott Stevens and The Hardcore Artist Scottywood renew their feud once again in a Baptized in Blood match.  

The HOV shows side by side photos of both Lee Best and Chris Kostoff.

Joe Hoffman: And last but not least.  This war has raged since the very beginning of HOW and tonight Lee Best and Chris Kostoff will settle everything for the final time in a Last Man Standing Match. 

The opening chords of REO Speedwagon’s “Keep On Loving You” hit over the PA system.  On the HOV, a giant heart appears to beat to the song. 

You should have seen by the look in my eyes, baby There was somethin’ missin’”

Joe Hoffman: That’s right. For the first time ever, a Missouri Valley Wrestling title match will take place on a HOW pay per view show.  Men’s Champion Adam Ellis will defend the title right here tonight against…

Emerging from behind the HOV is REAL LOVE Darin Zion, decked out in a pink and purple robe.  The words REAL LOVE are printed on the back in sequins.  The sequins sparkle in the pink spotlight hitting the smug HOW superstar. 

Joe sighs.

Joe Hoffman: …‘REAL LOVE’ Darin Zion.

A tiny, thin young woman walks out wearing a horrific hot pink looking outfit.

Joe Hoffman: He’s accompanied tonight by Vickie Hall- the Amazing Life Partner of Jonathan-Christopher Hall who is Darin Zion’s tag team partner in PRIME-  to bring the LOVE CONVOY to HOW and support ‘REAL LOVE’ Darin Zion tonight.  

Unphased by the fans heckling him, Zion swivels his hips, trying to draw the attention of the women.  A cocky sneer is painted on his face as he and Vickie reach the end of the entrance ramp.   He opens the ropes so Vickie can climb through.

And I’m gonna keep on lovin’ you – ‘Cause it’s the only thing I want to do 
I don’t want to sleep, I just want to keep on lovin’ you

Zion joins her and throws his robe on the ground, displaying his 8-pack abs while Vickie stays in the corner.  REAL LOVE starts counting them, blowing a kiss to the camera.  Sliding into the ring, he poses like a French model, winking to the audience at home.  While the bridge finishes, Zion leaps up to his feet. 

Cut to a shot of the President and CEO of PRIME Lindsay Troy who’s in attendance at Dead or Alive.  

Joe Hoffman: Lindsay Troy is here tonight and I talked to her backstage before the show and asked her who she had in the Lee Best-Chris Kostoff match tonight. She said- and I quote: “who do you think I’m rooting for, Joe?”  

LT’s having a beer with Missouri Valley Wrestling owner Ray McAvay and PRIME’s co-heads of security Wade Elliott and Dametreyus in a makeshift Section 214.   

Joe Hoffman: But seriously, Lindsay is here tonight to watch her former trainee Tyler Best defend the ICON title and she might be scouting the young man who’s about to defend Missouri Valley Wrestling’s Men’s Title in just a couple minutes.  

Garrett Biggs’ “Mama Didn’t Raise No…” replaces REO Speedwagon over the speakers.  

On the HOV, a video plays showing a series of wrestling trophies on a dresser next to an old high school football uniform that has ‘Ellis’ on the back. 

An alarm clock goes off and we see Adam Ellis get out of bed while an acoustic guitar plays and the vocals begin.

Mama didn’t raise no… quitter- guaranteed to get the job done.

MVW Champion Adam Ellis and Ginny Van Lear walk out hand in hand and stand in front of the HOV. 

Joe Hoffman: And here we go.  The MVW Men’s Champion Adam Ellis coming out now with his wife Ginny Van Lear.  He and Ginny just got married nine days ago in Missouri

“She didn’t raise no SOB who that can’t back himself up – been known to throw a good punch.

The HOV shows series of action shots of Ellis from his various matches

“And this ol’ boy gets going when the going gets tough- sundown to sun up.”

Joe Hoffman: Adam is just twenty-one years old.  His wife is just nineteen.

Dressed in a t-shirt, jeans, and her feet wrapped in tape… 

Joe Hoffman: He’s been on this type of stage before.  Ginny has not.  

…the former MMA prodigy nods her head causing her bright red hair to flip and raises her left hand…

“Need a man with a helping hand – he’s always got one to lend.”

…and then brings it down as the chorus and full instrumentation hits- complete with pyro.

“Oh, I might be a little rough around the edges”

Adam’s wearing a pair of plain blue wrestling shorts. He starts forward across the desert ground towards the ring followed by Van Lear. 

Joe Hoffman: Will that come into play tonight?  We’ll find out.

From the outside lookin’ in it might seem helpless.”

The couple reaches the ring.  Adam holds the rope open so Ginny can slide through.

“I’ve been blessed with a strong back bone – I never coulda made it on my own”

Adam joins her in the ring.  

“But if there’s one thing that I know – Momma didn’t raise no…”

Adam climbs up the top turnbuckle facing the fans and holds up the MVW Men’s Title belt.

Joe Hoffman: We are now going to go to the ring where MVW’s ring announcer Heather Cooper will do the in-ring introductions. 

The song fades and Cooper raises the microphone to formally introduce the two wrestlers.

Heather Cooper: Ladies and gentlemen, this match will be one fall and it will be for the Missouri Valley Wrestling Men’s Title.  Introducing the challenger.

A spotlight shines on Darin Zion and Vickie Hall.

Heather Cooper: Accompanied tonight by-

Hall goes over and takes the microphone out of Cooper’s hands.


She stands on the stage with a mic in hand, surveying the crowd with disgust.

Vickie Hall: Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor to introduce to you… he is a Hallmark movie come true! He is my man’s best friend! He is loyal, devoted and always knows when to lighten the mood with a funny joke that won’t trigger me. We wouldn’t know what to do without him in our magistical lives and let’s be honest, High Octane Wrestling wouldn’t know what to do without him, either. He is everything you’d hope for in a partner in crime. He is REAL LOVE Darin Zion!


Vickie Hall covers her ears.  She’s shocked and aghast and even becoming a little triggered by the harsh, negative reaction from the fans.

Joe Hoffman: ‘REAL LOVE’ Darin Zion is NOT getting the real love from the HOW fans here tonight.

Quick cut to Lindsay Troy.  Yeah.  She’s booing Zion, too. 

Cooper reclaims the microphone as Hall stomps off to a corner.

Heather Cooper: And his opponent… 

The spotlight turns to Adam Ellis.

Heather Cooper: …from Warrensburg, Missouri… accompanied by his wife Ginny Van Lear and weighing in tonight at two hundred and twenty-six pounds.  He is the MISSOURI VALLEY WRESTLING MEN’S CHAMPION- ADAM ELLLLLLLLLLL-LIS!  

Adam holds up the MVW Men’s Title belt and receives a warm ovation- much to Vickie Hall’s consternation.  She shakes her head ‘no’ and points to Zion.

Joe Hoffman: All right, let’s bring in a couple of men who are very familiar with Adam Ellis and MVW to call this match- Thunderbolt Smith and “Long Haul’ Rick Hall.  

Thunderbolt Smith: Thank you Joe.  Good to be here.

‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall: Thanks for having us Joe. It’s an honor being here tonight with you.

Joe Hoffman: Both of you have watched Adam since he started his career.  

Rick Hall: We have Joe. He walked in the door three years ago, a skinny eighteen year old kid fresh out of high school.  We watched him grow as Joe Bergman taught him the building blocks and then flourish when John Sektor turned him into a legitimate star in the making.  

Joe Hoffman: We’ve seen a glimpse of that as Adam won the HOW tag belts with Sektor earlier this year.

Thunderbolt Smith: That’s right.  And after that run… Adam came back to MVW and right away won the Men’s title from John O’Reilly.  Now, he was scheduled to defend the title in a couple weeks against the winner of ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson and O’Reilly this Tuesday night on Wrestling Night in the Heartland until this title defense kinda came out of the blue.

Rick Hall: That’s right Thunderbolt.  At HOW’s Chaos 3, Darin Zion attacked Joe Bergman following a match and Ellis came to his aid.  After the show, Zion challenged Ellis for the title.  Ellis accepted.  Ray McAvay okayed it.  And here we are.  

Joe Hoffman: And your thoughts on Darin Zion?

Rick Hall: Joe, Darin had a good four month run as the Men’s Champion two years ago, partnering up with The Sports Entertainment Corporation and Sports Entertainment Genius Mr. McMann.  He came back and won the Heartland Title a few months back.  Talent-wise, he’s head over heels better than most of the MVW roster and truth be told, Zion’s probably the favorite to win this match based on his experience in this type of atmosphere that a big company pay per view brings.   

Thunderbolt Smith: The last time Adam was in this setting, he had John Sektor to help guide him. 

Rick Hall: That’s right.  Tonight, he’s all by himself.  We’re going to find out how Ellis reacts on a bigger stage.

Thunderbolt Smith: The referee will be Missouri Valley Wrestling’s long time veteran referee Davey Keels.

Keels holds up the MVW Men’s Title belt.  He hands off the belt to the timekeeper who returns to his table.  The referee signals.


Thunderbolt Smith: And we are underway from Tombstone, Arizona.

Ellis and Zion meet in the middle of the ring and they get into each other’s face.  Zion pushes him.  Ellis ducks under Zion’s right hand and whips him into a corner.  Ellis follows and fires off right hands on him.  Zion pushes back.  Ellis runs in- *SMACK* Zion hits him with the BOOT… Zion spins… BANHAMMER- NO! Ellis ducks- BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX BY ELLIS!  Ellis stalks Zion.  Zion bails from the ring and takes a walk over to Vickie Hall.  

Thunderbolt Smith: Both men not opting for the usual feeling out process here.

Impatient, Ellis climbs up the turnbuckle and yells at Zion to get back into the ring.  

Rick Hall: Darin Zion went for the home run and tried to end this match quick.  Ellis has got to be very careful.  Zion will try to exploit Ellis’s inexperience at every opportunity. 

Referee Davey Keels starts a ten count.  

Vickie Hall gets on the apron to complain to Keels about the ten count. Meanwhile, Zion slowly gets up on the apron and tells Ellis to move back.  Ellis responds by pushing Zion off the apron back to the floor.

Thunderbolt Smith: That’s not the reaction Zion hoped for.

Now Vickie yells at Ellis over the ‘disrespect’ showed to her husband’s 2Becomes1 tag team partner in PRIME.  Zion slips in the back door and RAMS the champion into the turnbuckle.  Ellis clutches his ribs.  

Rick Hall: Ellis can’t be jawing with the valet and allow Zion to hit him from behind.

Zion CHOPS him off his feet!  He drags Ellis up and rams him into the turnbuckle again.  Zion takes him by the scruff of the neck and sends Ellis up and over the top rope. 

Thunderbolt Smith: And the champion takes a tough fall to the floor.

Now Ginny up on the apron but Zion ducks out to the floor.  

Thunderbolt Smith: Zion goes right over to Ellis and pulls him up.

*SMACK* Big chop sends Ellis against the apron! Boot to the gut… Zion scoops and SLAMS Ellis to the floor.  

Keels starts a ten count.  Hall gives him holy hell again for doing so.

Rick Hall: All Darin Zion right now.  Adam looks a little out of sorts at the moment.  

Zion rolls back in and waits.  At four, Ellis climbs through the ropes and is greeted with a RUNNING KNEE.  

Thunderbolt Smith: Perfect timing from Zion and Ellis is down again. 

Zion stomps the hell out of Ellis with ten consecutive boots.  

Rick Hall: Zion’s not letting up. 

Then Darin leans down and talks some trash to the youngster.  

Thunderbolt Smith: And now Zion is taunting Ellis- ELLIS HIT HIM BACK! 

The crowd roars. 

Rick Hall: Ellis finally had enough and just piefaced Zion out of nowhere.  

Ellis with a body shot.  Ellis CLUBS Zion, drags him up and blasts him with a forearm. Ellis drags him up and ROCKS him again. 

Rick Hall: Can Adam sustain this?  Can he get Darin Zion on the back foot after he was dominated by the challenger early on in this match?

Now Ellis whips Zion corner to corner hard and Zion falls down. He comes in and stomps Zion some more. Ellis back to a corner– Vickie Hall grabs his leg.  Ellis looks down- Zion runs corner to corner and shoulder blocks Ellis into the turnbuckle.  

Thunderbolt Smith: That stunned Ellis and he’s a little wobbly.

Rick Hall: Vickie Hall with the assist there and Zion’s got the momentum back.

Thunderbolt Smith: Zion on the run.

Zion clothesline Ellis over the top rope to the floor.

Thunderbolt Smith: Zion follows Ellis to the floor and pulls him up.  

Vickie Hall goes over to Adam.  


Thunderbolt Smith: Now Vickie Hall getting into the act with a nasty slap to-


An infuriated Van Lear impulsively races around the ring.  She launches herself into the air with a leaping kick.  


Ellis’s head snaps to the side at contact.  He falls to the floor. 

Rick Hall: Thunderbolt, somehow Vickie saw her coming.  She ducked the kick and Ginny kicked Ellis instead.  

Ellis down. Ginny can’t believe it. Zion grabs her by the hair… 

Thunderbolt Smith: Darin’s got Ginny Van Lear…

…and drives her face first to the ground.

Thunderbolt Smith: TOUGH LOVE ON THE FLOOR! 

Rick Hall: That may have knocked Ginny out, Thunderbolt.  

Keels finally starts a ten count.  Zion immediately rolls under the ropes into the ring.  

Thunderbolt Smith: Zion’s back in the ring…

Keels reaches three. 

Thunderbolt Smith: …but he can’t win the title on a count out.  

A fact that Zion also realizes.  He goes back out and drags Ellis back into the ring.  Zion lifts Ellis up… stalling vertical suplex coming… coming… coming…  SLAM! 

Rick Hall: Oh wow.

Thunderbolt Smith: Zion rolls him up.


TWO… Ellis kicks out. 

The crowd erupts.  Vickie gets upset.  She gets on the apron and tells the fans they are ruining a magical event.   

Rick Hall: Vickie Hall’s getting triggered by the crowd.

Zion drags Ellis up again- JAWBREAKER BY ELLIS!  Zion holds his jaw as Ellis throws forearms and the fans rise to their feet.  

Thunderbolt Smith: And Darin Zion’s triggered Adam Ellis.  Here he comes!

Zion chops back.  Ellis forearms back.  Zion chops.  Ellis forearms and spins Zion but Zion kicks low.

Thunderbolt Smith; But then Zion takes charge again- 


Thunderbolt Smith: ENZIGURI BY ZION! 

Ellis staggers.  Zion reels Ellis in- he takes Ellis by the legs and loads him up on his back.  Then he spikes Ellis to the mat. 

Thunderbolt Smith: AIR RAID CRASH! 

Rick Hall: That could do it Thunderbolt. 

Zion goes to the corner. Ellis staggers up.  Zion flies and spins. 


Rick Hall: That definitely could do it.

Zion covers… 



Thunderbolt Smith: NO!  ELLIS KICKED OUT!  

Zion can’t believe it.  

Rick Hall: Give the kid credit.  Ellis has shown a bunch of resilience so far and he’s had to because Zion’s wrestling a hell of a match here.

Zion glares at Keels and drags Ellis back up.  Ellis fights back with body shots. Zion tries to hook the arms- Ellis blocks.  He slips out and runs the ropes- JUMPING DDT BY ZION!  





Thunderbolt Smith NO!  ELLIS GETS A SHOULDER UP! 

Rick Hall: How did he survive that! 

Thunderbolt Smith: Adam Ellis just won’t go away.  How he did get that shoulder up after Zion’s Jumping DDT?

Rick Hall: Thunderbolt, you wonder if Adam Ellis getting married so close to a pay per view might have been a mistake.  Adam’s been a step behind Darin Zion throughout this match and Ginny seems a little overwhelmed in the moment.

Zion’s pissed and confronts referee Davey Keels.  

Thunderbolt Smith: But now it’s Zion who’s losing his composure here.

Ellis back up… ROLL UP…


TWO… Zion kicks out. 

Right hands from Ellis that drives Zion to the ropes.  He hooks Zion’s arms… GERMAN SUPLEX!  He scrambles over to cover.


TWO… Kick out again by Zion.  

Rick Hall: Thunderbolt, all of a sudden Adam Ellis has come alive!

Zion with a clothesline- Ellis ducks under- traps the arm and arm around Zion’s neck… ARM TRAP NECKBREAKER!  

Thunderbolt Smith: Ellis sidestepped the clothesline and dumped Darin Zion to the mat hard.  

Cover by Ellis…




Thunderbolt Smith: That was close.

Rick Hall: Pure instinct on Zion’s part to shoot that shoulder up.  

Thunderbolt Smith: Ellis pulls Zion to his feet- LOW BLOW BY ZION! 

Rick Hall: Zion knew he was in big trouble and took desperate measures to slow him down.

Ellis bent over.  Zion steps. 

Thunderbolt Smith: SNAP DDT BY ZION! 






Zion jumps to his feet and rips into Keels for the ‘slow count.’  

Rick Hall: Zion’s not happy Thunderbolt and he’s making sure Davey Keels knows it.

Keels sticks two fingers in Zion’s face.  

Thunderbolt Smith: And Davey’s not putting up with it.

Darin turns away from Keels and then sees Ginny back on the apron.  He goes over and grabs her by her hair.  

Thunderbolt Smith: Zion’s got a handful of Ginny Van Lear’s hair and he’s trying to pull her into the ring.

Ellis sees what’s happening and gets a surge of adrenalin.  He rushes in- Zion dodges…


Ginny flies backwards and lands on her back on the floor. 

 Rick Hall: Big mistake by Adam Ellis and that may have cost him the match. 

Zion rolls Ellis up… 


TWO…Kick out by Ellis again.  

Frustrated, in one motion Zion takes a headlock and spikes Ellis face first to the mat.

Thunderbolt Smith: TOUGH LOVE!


Zion rolls Ellis over and goes to trap his arm with his legs.  

Thunderbolt Smith: He’s going for the Lock Handle Lock. 

Ellis rolls back as Keels slides in.  





Thunderbolt Smith: Wait.  Did Adam Ellis just win this match?  

Heather Cooper: Your winner at fifteen minutes and ten seconds and still the MISSOURI VALLEY WRESTLING MEN’S CHAMPION!  ADAM… ELLLLLLL-LISSSS! 

Adam releases Zion and rolls back to a face down position on the mat.  

Rick Hall: I don’t believe it.

Thunderbolt Smith: He did.  Ellis is still the champion!  

Zion’s back to his knees and looking incredulously at Keels. 

Thunderbolt Smith: Adam Ellis… against the run of the match… somehow reverses out of the Love Handle Lock and rolls up Darin Zion to retain the Men’s Title. 

Rick Hall: Thunderbolt, how did Adam Ellis pull that out?  Darin Zion dominated most of this match but he will rue the fact he was not able to put Ellis away when he had multiple chances to close the match out.  Looking at the replay, Zion floated over but did not secure Adam’s arm.  Ellis somehow rolled over before Zion could cinch in the Love Handle Lock and drove Darin on his back with his shoulders down.  

Keels goes over to hand Ellis the title belt but Zion dives in to trap Ellis’s arm and yank back on him. 

Thunderbolt Smith: ZION’S NOT DONE YET!   

Zion pulls Ellis towards him and puts tremendous pressure on his back and shoulders.


On the floor, still dazed from the fall off the apron, Ginny tries to stumble towards the ring apron.  She’s tackled by Vickie Hall and another man who’s suddenly appeared on the scene dressed in a divine purple-pink ensemble.

Rick Hall: Who the hell is that? 

Joe Hoffman: That’s Darin Zion’s 2Become1 tag team partner Jonathon-Christopher Hall…  Vickie Hall’s Amazing Life Partner… and they are making sure Ginny Van Lear can’t come to Adam Ellis’s aid.

Staring into each other eyes and sharing expressive statements of pure love to each other, Vickie and Jonathan-Christopher lay the boots to poor Ginny on the floor and celebrate their continuing Hallmark Journey of love that has brought them to Tombstone-

AC/DC’s “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” blares from the speakers…  

Joe Hoffman: WAIT A MINUTE!  

…and abruptly interrupts the Hall’s neverending declarations of love toward each other/beatdown of Ginny Van Lear.

The crowd pops.  Zion’s head snaps around towards the HOV.  His eyes widen when “THE GOLD STANDARD” appears on the screen…

Joe Hoffman: HE’S HERE! 

…and the man himself walks out from behind and stands in front of HOV. 


Zion releases the hold and stands up.  

Joe Hoffman: The last time we saw John Sektor in HOW was that loss to Darin Zion in May.

Sektor looks at Zion with an expression on his face beyond fucking pissed as the fans around the fenced in area make a lot of noise. 

Joe Hoffman: Zion’s been running his mouth about how he retired John Sektor…

As the song hits the chorus, Sektor walks towards the ring with a purpose.

Joe Hoffman: …and now we may be about to find out what Sektor thought of that. 

Sektor rolls in and Zion takes a step back with his hands up. 

Joe Hoffman: And from my guess, he wasn’t too happy about it at all. 

As this part of this deal has nothing to do with their beautiful Hallmark Journey, the Halls take off for the back.   

Zion backs into the ropes as Sektor continues to advance towards him. 

He tries to beg off.  Sektor’s fists ball up.

Joe Hoffman: I don’t think that’s going to work.

Before Sektor acts, Zion drops to the mat and rolls under the ropes and out.  

Joe Hoffman And Zion decides to exit stage right before the Gold Standard of HOW can get his hands on him.

Backing away from the ring at a brisk pace, Zion shouts a few parting shots at Sektor.

Joe Hoffman: So, Adam Ellis retains the MVW Men’s Title.  Darin Zion attacks Ellis after the match.  John Sektor returns to make the save for Ellis.  

Sektor goes over to check on Ellis.

Joe Hoffman: All right, Thunderbolt… Rick, thank you both for coming out here tonight. 

Thunderbolt Smith: Again, Joe.  We had a lot of fun doing thing and thanks for having us. 

Joe Hoffman: One match down.  We’ve got six more to go.

We cut to an advert…

Click HERE to check out the latest MVW results live on HOTv!!

Scott Stevens vs Scottywood

Baptized in Blood Match

We cut back live post the MVW advert and back to Joe where it is time for our next match of the evening.

Joe Hoffman: And folks we are now ready for what may very well be the craziest match of the night. Baptized in Blood. I honestly got a cheat sheet here to explain the rules, but one thing I know for sure, there is going to be more violence and bloodshed than most people can handle…

Suddenly we see Frankie the Cameraman walk into the broadcast tent as Joe smirks and nods his head.

Joe Hoffman: Why did I just know that you were going to come join me for this match.

Frankie: Is it my fault Scotty actually has a son that wants to root for his father?

Joe Hoffman: No, but there are other places you can do that from?

Frankie: Where? Carey is getting ready for her match… and my son is… well busy at the moment. Plus this is the most time I’ll have gotten to spend with my dad in the last two weeks.

Joe Hoffman: Busy doing what? He’s not going to get involved in this match, is he?

Frankie just shrugs as Joe shakes his head.

Joe Hoffman: For those actually interested in the rules here for this match, there will be no disqualifications, anything goes and once you have fully busted your opponent open, you must keep them down for a ten count to win this match. We also have a makeshift ring… or more like a barbed wire pit set up in the corner of the town. It’s literally 4 metal posts with barbed wire wrapped all around them.

Frankie: Remember that Joe… no disqualifications.

Joe Hoffman: You are really bad at keeping secrets aren’t you?

Frankie: Yes, this is why Scotty tells me nothing.

Joe Hoffman: Well hopefully your son keeps his nose out of this match, as this is a match building for a decade here in HOW. These two have put each other through hell and tonight one of them might just bury the other six feet under.

Frankie: That is the only way Stevens is winning here tonight Joe. He will have to kill Scotty.

We suddenly hear the synthesized hymn begin to play as smoke and fog begin to billow out the door of the hotel. The sound of glass breaking is heard as “O Fortuna Excalibur Remix” by Apotheosis begins. Alternating red and white lights flash through the smoke as Scott Stevens makes his way out onto the deck of the hotel.

Bryan McVay: Introducing! From The Great State of Texas, he is the “Demi-God of HOW!” SCOTT! STEEEEEEEVEEEEEEEENS!

Stevens’ 97 Red circular sunglasses glisten in the light and his devilish grin plasters his face. Drinking in his own hype, he lifts his right arm and reveals his broken glass wrapped hands and a barbed wire baseball bat that he points to the heavens before he begins to slowly walk towards the barbed wire pit.

Joe Hoffman: A cocky look on the face of Scott Stevens… and with the backing of Lee Best, I can not blame him.

Frankie: It’s all just a face sad Joe!

Joe Hoffman: You mean facade?

Frankie: No, he has a sad looking face.

Reaching the pit, Stevens tries to wipe the dirt off his feet, but it’s pretty pointless as he enters the dirt layden pit. His smile never leaves his face as he moves towards the center of the pit. He soaks in the moment before lowering the hood of his jacket and lifts the baseball bat again high into the air as he is bathed in the sinister glow of a single 97 Red spotlight the crew has dragged over from the main stage as the music fades out.

Joe Hoffman: Now the question will be, what Scottywood is going to show up here tonight. Has Stevens truly brought back The Hardcore Artist?

Frankie: If Stevens thinks The Hardcore Artist ever really left, then he is mistaken. He’s no Bobbinette Carey. If Scotty gets a chance to take his eye tonight… he will.


But instead of Beg, we start to hear the lyrics of another Seether song, Fake It.

Just fake it if you’re out of direction

Fake it if you don’t belong here

Fake it if you feel like infection

Whoa, you’re such a fucking hypocrite

The camera is focused on the door of the hotel, but suddenly the camera pans to the left and we hear bottles breaking and see Scottywood stumble out the doors of the Saloon.

Scottywood: Shit GOD, you’re coming up with reasons, Shit GOD, you’re dragging it out, Shit GOD, it’s the changing of the seasons, I feel so drunk, so drink me down!

With a bottle of Sam Adams Octoberfest in his hand, Scotty stumbles into the street of the town and looks around, taking a moment to gather his bearings.

Joe Hoffman: I don’t think those are the exact lyrics of the song, but Scottywood is here… seemingly drunk off his rear end.

Frankie: I’m sure he would welcome that compliment, but he’s just thoroughly hydrated Joe. Plus what about that singing voice?! Scottywood’s Got Talent!

Joe Hoffman: No one except Bobbinette Carey wants to see HOW karaoke

Scotty starts to make his way down the street to the barbed wire pit as he shows off his New York Rangers jersey which has the number 79 on the back, but instead of being for K’Andre Miller, it has the name “DIE STEVENS” on it as he stumble down the dirt road, nearly face planting before he gets to the ring.

Joe Hoffman: This might be a short match here as I don’t know if Scotty could even answer a ten count if he fell right now.

Stevens is just shaking his head as Scotty goes to enter the pit and nearly trips over the barbed wire, ripping a part of his jeans on it. The music keeps playing as it gets to the chorus again and Scottywood starts singing again.

Scottywood: Just fake it if you’re out of direction, Fake it Stevens you don’t belong here, Fake it cause you’re an infection, Whoa, you’re such A FUCKING HYPOCRITE!!!

Joel Hortega has to hold an irate Stevens back for a moment before he goes and checks on Scotty’s condition, leaning in, Scotty says something to him as Hortega agrees and nods his head to Bryan McVay.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent, from New York City, New York and weighing in at 275 pounds… he is a HOW Hall of Famer…. The Anti-Christ… THE HARDCORE ARTIST….. THIS IS SCOTTYWOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!

Scotty stumbles out of the corner and up to Stevens as he raises his bottle of Sam Adams as if he is going to toast him…. But instead empties the full beer into the dirt and turns the look on his face to stone cold sober as he quickly swings the beer bottle and cracks Stevens across the forehead with it as Hortega rings the bell.

Joe Hoffman: What? Has this been a ruse the whole time? Scotty is actually sober?

Frankie: Sober for him… yes, but like I said, he’s thoroughly hydrated too.

A small trickle of blood starts to run from the head of Stevens as now Scotty is shaking his head as he heads over to the side of the pit and kicks up some dirt as he picks up his trademark barbed wire hockey stick and raises it high into the air. Stevens shakes off the beer bottle shot as now he looks pissed and the two men square off again, each armed with a barbed wire weapon.

Scottywood: Always one step ahead of you Stevens!

Scott Stevens: Well step up and I will sacrifice you to the 97 Red GOD! Your blood will flow in his honor!

Scottywood: You have fucking lost…

Stevens doesn’t let him finish the sentence though as he swings the bat at Scotty, The Hardcore Artist blocks it with his stick and he swings back and Stevens blocks that, but Scotty starts to fire back with quicker shots, one after another that Stevens just is able to block, but starts to back him up towards the barbed wire ropes.

Joe Hoffman: Hockey Stick versus Baseball Bat… sounds like that could be a craft beer name there.

Stevens is almost back up to the barbed wire as he takes a wild swing for Scotty’s head but misses as he ducks and Scotty fires back with a shot across the midsection of Stevens that connects, tearing into his flesh. Scotty shakes his head as he drives an elbow into the skull of Stevens and pushes him back first into the barbed wire, now sandwiching him with barbed wire as Stevens anguishes from the pain.

Joe Hoffman: No submissions in this match folks… as if Stevens would ever tap out. Both these men would rather pass out than ever give up to the other.

The pain is growing as Stevens, with the baseball bat still in his hand swings it again somewhat wildly and hits Scotty in his knee. It’s enough to relieve some of the pressure as Scotty hobbles a step backwards. Stevens swings the bat again and connects a second time with Scotty’s knee. The Hardcore Artist stumbles back more as Stevens frees himself from all the barbed wire and now he sees his opening as he takes the baseball and drills Scotty across the head.

Joe Hoffman: Scotty may have drawn blood first, but Stevens has really opened Scotty up with that shot.

Scotty drops to a knee as he still holds into his stick a Stevens goes for a crowning shot to the top of Scotty’s bald head, but he throws his stick up and blocks it as the two start a sorta test of strength. Scotty tried to stand back up, but his right hand is holding onto the barbed wire above the blade and blood starts to run down his arm and Stevens starts to push Scotty down to the dirt.

Stevens is able to push Scotty down onto his back as he drives the barbed wire hockey stick into Scotty’s neck as he tries to literally choke the life out of The Hardcore Artist. The barbs puncture his neck as more blood flows, but before Stevens can fully crush his wind pipe…

Joe Hoffman: Low blow by Scotty!

Frankie: Guess Lee hasn’t neutered him after all…

Stevens drops to his knees as Scotty rips the bat out of his hands and tosses the two weapons, whose barbed wire are now tangled together, to the side. Now pushed, Scotty grabs Stevens and pulls him up to his feet and throws him straight into the barbed wire ropes. Stevens goes head first into the second and flips up over the top and lands hard on his back into the outside dirt.

Scotty tries to shake the pain from his knee as he exits the barbed wire pit as Stevens tries to pull himself back to his feet but Scotty boots him in the back of his head. With Stevens face in the dirt, Scotty drives his boot into the back of Stevens head again and holds it into the sand. Stevens starts to struggle but Scotty just drops down to a knee, putting even more pressure on his head.

Scottywood: Just fucking die Stevens! End this whole fucking 97 Red charade!

He keeps driving Stevens face into the dirt until Stevens stops struggling and his body goes limp.

Joe Hoffman: Did Scotty just suffocate Stevens into the dirt?

Scotty rolls Stevens over and blood and dirt are mixed together isa bloody mud as Scotty orders Hortega to start to count, but Hortega says that Stevens’ face is not bloody enough yet. So Scotty goes to pick Stevens back up to his feet but it is now Stevens turn to kick Scotty in the downstairs region.

Scott Stevens: I guess Carey doesn’t have your balls after all Scotty.

Stevens gets back up to his feet, obviously faking p;assing out to get The Hardcore Artist off him. Stevens walks over to where there are a few steel chairs set up along with a table and some tools for the camera and ring crew by the pit and picks one up as he slowly makes his way back to Scotty who is down on his knees, pretty much bent over in the sand trying not to throw up from the kick to his balls.

Scott Stevens: Pray to your 97 Red GOD! Do it Scotty!

Scottywood: Fuck off Stevens!


Stevens drills Scotty in the skull once with the steel chair.

Scott Stevens: Give in to him as your GOD!

Scottywood: I’m going to kill you Stevens!




Joe Hoffman: A hat-trick of chair shots by Stevens there as Scotty is now busted wide open!

Frankie: Stevens probably doesn’t even know how to ice skate! He can’t do that to Scotty!

Scotty collapses to the dirt as Stevens yells at Hortega to start counting. Hortega shoots him a look that translates into any language of “Let me do my job asshole” and starts with a UNO, DOS,



Joe Hoffman: Scotty with a history of head injuries… Stevens may have found a shortcut to end this match early.





Scotty starts to push himself up from the dirt which has also mixed with the blood on his face, surely adding to the pain. Stevens shakes his head as he grabs Scotty by his goatee and pulls him back to his feet. He goes to drag him away from the pit, but Scotty drives his shoulder into Stevens gut and drives Stevens back first into the barbed wire pit. Scotty then starts raining rights down on Stevens head, each time driving the barbed wire deeper and deeper into his back. After about ten shots, Scotty looks over at the ring crew area and see a pair of wire cutters.

Joe Hoffman: No idea what The Hardcore Artist has in mind now… but it’s safe wto say Stevens is in trouble here.

With the wire cutters in hand, Scotty cuts a section of the barbed wire from the ring pit and walks back to Stevens.

Scottywood: You want to wear barbed wire crowns? Try this fucker on!

Scotty starts to wrap the barbed wire around the skull of Scott Stevens as he grimaces in pain. With the new headwear finished, Scotty pulls Stevens off the barbed wire, as Stevens back is now fully crimson covered. With a boot to the gut, Scotty doubles Stevens over and connects with a nasty DDT…. straight onto the steel chair that Stevens had just used on him.

Joe Hoffman: Crown of Thorns SDT onto a steel chair!

Frankie: Pray to that Stevens!

Joe Hoffman: Stevens is certainly bloodied enough now… Hortega starting his count.


Frankie: Stay down Stevens! Don’t make Scotty do something he certainly won’t regret.




Stevens starts to pull himself back to his feet as he tears the barbed wire crown from his head as Scotty starts to approach him, his barbed wire hockey stick still in hand.




Scotty drills Stevens three times with the stick, as splinters and blood can be seen flying through the air.

Scottywood: That is a real hat-trick you fucking fake prophet!

Tossing the hockey to the ground, Scotty pulls Stevens up to his feet and brings him over to the table that is set up. He flips Stevens off before lifting him up onto his shoulders for a fireman’s carry.

Joe Hoffman: Game Misconduct through the table!

But as Scotty goes for the move, Stevens rotates in mind air and lands on his feet, quickly kneeing Scotty in the gut and then hitting a snap suplex, straight through the table.

Joe Hoffman: Game Misconduct backfires and the Scottywood is broken in half!

Frankie: That was Scotty’s table! He had dibs on it! How dare he break the all mighty dibs!


Scott Stevens: You now stay down Scotty! I am the vessel that shall carry the word of the 97 Red GOD to all of the wrestling world!




A middle finger can be seen rising up from the rumble of the table as Scotty sits up and Hortega stops the count. Stevens comes in and boots Scotty in the face and knocks him back down to the dirt as he jumps on top of him and starts landing hard rights with his broken glass covered right hand. Blood sprays off Scotty’s face as it runs down his bald head. After some five shots to the head, Stevens gets up and again yells at Hortega to count.


Scotty suddenly sits up from the debris of the table and his head is covered in pure red, looking like The Red Skull, he yells out at Stevens as he gets back to his feet, grabbing the barbed wire he had used on Ste vens head earlier and wraps it around his right hand.

Scottywood: Even with glass on your hand, you still punch like a…. Scott Stevens!

The two men face off, both covered in blood as they start trading punches with their glass and barbed wire wrapped hands. The blood flies off their head with each punch as they stumble towards the church and the hardware store.

Scottywood: You wanna be a prophet of GOD? Then I’ll crucify your ass like one!

Scott Stevens: I’m gonna sacrifice your poor soul to the 97 RED GOD! Finally your life won’t be a wasted mess!

They make their way onto the porch of the hardware store as Scotty goes for a right but goes lower and punches Stevens straight in the throat, barbed wire puncturing his neck again as he gasps for some air before Scotty grabs him by the throat and chokeslams him on the wooden deck.

Joe Hoffman: Scottyslam with that barbed wire wrapped hand…

Frankie: Scotty may have just won over all of HOW forever if Stevens can’t speak again.

Hortega starts to count as Scotty opens the door to the hardware store and goes inside for a moment. He returns dragging another table… but this time it is covered in barbed wire… and he has a lighter in his hand.

Joe Hoffman: A barbed wire table now brought by Scotty… and is it soaked in lighter fluid?

Scotty finishes pulling the table out as Stevens gets back to his feet at a count of eight and Scotty goes to nail Stevens with a right but Stevens suddenly leaps up and grabs Scotty’s head for a Toxic Sting straight on the wood deck.

Hortega starts to count again, as Stevens, knowing it won’t be enough to keep Scotty down, uses the count to go into the hardware store himself. As Hortega reaches five, Stevens emerges with two items in his hand.

Joe Hoffman: A nail gun and…. Is that three sticks of dynamite tied together?

It in fact is as Scotty gets back to his feet at the count of eight and Stevens slams the nail gun into the face of Scotty. He stumbles backwards and uses the post that’s holding the roof of the deck up to keep him on his feet. Stevens smiles as he takes the nail gun and starts literally nailing Scotty’s left hand to the post.




Joe Hoffman: Shit! I mean geez! Three nails through the hand of Scottywood who is now nailed to the front of the hardware store.

Frankie: What kind of person uses a nail gun as a weapon?!?

Joe Hoffman: Scott Stevens just did…

Frankie: The answer is morons Joe… Scott Stevens included!

We see a close up of Scotty’s hand nailed to the post as there is loud gagging heard from the announce tent.

Frankie: I can’t watch anymore! I’m gonna be sick!

Stevens now looks down and sees the lighter Scotty dropped a few moments ago and picks it up with a smile on his face.

Scott Stevens: This is the end Scotty… but at least you’ll go out with a bang.

Stevens lights the stick of dynamite and places it just out of reach of Scotty’s feet as he starts to walk away towards the three story building next to the hardware store.

Joe Hoffman: He’s going to literally kill Scottywood! Frankie, if your son was ever gonna interfere in this match, then now might be the time. Save his grandfather’s life.

The wick on the stick of dynamite burns down as Hortega also gets out of dodge while Scotty tries to free himself from the post. It burns further and further as Scotty struggles but can’t free himself. He finally stops as he just looks at the stick of dynamite and then at Stevens, giving him a middle finger.

Scottywood: Fuck you Stevens!

Stevens just smiles as the wick is almost all burnt….

Scotty looks at his hand one last time and shakes his head….

He then uses all his might and tries to pull his hand off the post, his skin just is shredded as he pulls the heads of the nails through his hand and somehow frees himself. He looks at the stick of dynamite and quickly grabs it and throws it… at Scott Stevens.

Frankie: YES!!!!

Joe Hoffman: Incoming Stevens!

Stevens is in shock as he sees the dynamite fly at him, he just dodges it as it goes past him and breaks through the window of the three story building. He starts to run as as fast as he can before the dynamite explodes, sending a fireball from the window, throwing Stevens off his feet and forwards into the dirt.

Frankie: FIRETRUCKING EH!!! What an explosion!

Joe Hoffman: Stevens still better be careful…

The three story building is now on fire as it starts to leans towards Stevens, the structure quickly fails as it starts to fall, towards Stevens. He tries to get to his feet but stumbles as the cameraman on him realizes they are in trouble. Stevens grabs the cameraman as he tries to run away to get to his own feet and throws the cameraman behind him as he dives just out of the range of the building while it falls on the cameraman.

Frankie: Stevens just killed a cameraman!!! You bastard!!!

Joe Hoffman: Scotty threw the dynamite at the building!

Frankie: Stevens lit the fuse!

The two argue as Stevens lays on his back, looking back at the debris laying at his feet and looks up at his 97 Red GOD in thanks. As Hortega starts to count.




Stevens goes to get to his feet but he is stopped with a shot from a barbed wire wrapped steel chair.



Stevens collapses to the ground as Scotty grabs Stevens and starts to drag him back to the hardware store. He looks over at the church again and smiles, but the shakes his head.

Scottywood: Not today Stevens…

Scotty drops the chair on the ground as he starts to lift Stevens back up to his feet….

Joe Hoffman: Toxic Sting!! On the barbed wire chair!

Both men get the barbed wire dug into them as they both lay on the ground, totally spent as Hortega starts a double count.


Joe Hoffman: Can Stevens beat the ten count to win?

Frankie: What if neither can?

Joe Hoffman: Not sure… maybe that’s on page four if the rules…




Somehow Stevens is able to pull himself up to his feet as Scotty also tries to, but his knee that Stevens attacked earlier buckles….

Joe Hoffman: Scotty can’t stand….

Scotty grits his teeth though and pushes himself up to his feet right before Hortega counts ten!

But his delay in getting up allows Stevens to boot him Square in the balls again.

Scott Stevens: Stay down Scotty! Relinquish yourself to our 97 RED GOD.

Stevens looks at the barbed wire wrapped chair as he grabs Scotty for a piledriver.

Joe Hoffman: Gamechanger on the barbed wire steel chair!

Frankie: Don’t do it Stevens!

Stevens lifts Scotty, but he can’t as Scotty counters with a back body drop, slamming Stevens back first on the chair. Scotty takes some deep breaths, knowing that was almost the end. He kicks Stevens off the chair and the barbed wire starts to unravel from it, while still stuck in his back.

Frankie: Barbed wire mummy!

Scotty starts to wrap the barbed wire around Stevens, trapping his arms to his body until he runs out of wire.

Scottywood: We’re done Stevens! This ends now!

He grabs the lighter off the ground and looks at the table, quickly lighting the fluid on fire and setting the table up into a ball of flames. Lifting Stevens up off the ground, he struggles to free himself as blood pours down his arms and chest.

Joe Hoffman: What is thinking here?

Frankie: He’s thinking he is going to kill Scott Stevens.

He slaps the struggling Stevens across the face as he stares at him.

Scottywood: Burn I’m fucking Hell Stevens!

Scotty lifts Stevens up onto his shoulders, the barbed wire digging into him as his knee buckles again. He quickly spins Stevens around and hits the DDT through the flaming table!

Joe Hoffman: Game Misconduct through a flaming barbed wire table!!!

The two men crash into the flames as a fireball shoots up, catching part of the hardware store on fire. Hortega starts a double counts.


From the fiery debris, Scottywood starts to pick himself up as he looks down at Stevens as the flames burn on his back. Scotty stumbles backwards, barley staying up as HOW emergency crew members rush in with fire extinguishers

Scottywood: BACK THE FUCK OFF!!! He’s gotta count to ten!!!




A crew member tries to step forward but Scotty grabs him.

Scottywood: I’ll fucking murder you and you’re whole family!




Something explodes as another fireball shoot up engulfing the building.

Joe Hoffman: Count to ten already Hortega before he is burned alive!

DIEZ!!!!!!!!! Ring the bell!

The crews rush in, estinguishing Stevens as the pull him off the deck and into the dirt, luckily the light fluid may have been mostly burning, but you can see a few burn marks on Stevens back as he is coughing from the smoke.

Bryan McVay: Your winner of Baptized in Blood…. SCOTTYWOOD!!!!

Joe Hoffman: Scotty survives here at Dead or Alive… so Rumble at the Rock will be the last match for….


Two more explosions Rick the hardware store as a giant flaming wooden beams launches itself from

The building and lands on Scottywood, sending the cameraman flying backwards. Stevens starts laughing, but he just coughs even more. Crew rush over there now as they start spraying the beam with the extinguishers.

Frankie: SCOTTY!!!!

Joe Hoffman: Oh my that beam just crushed Scottywood!

The cameraman picks himself back up and rushes around the beam, trying to find Scottywood. He gets around the flaming beam and see Scottywood lying on the ground laughing as we finally see Ben Reeves, there helping Scotty to his feet and handing The Hardcore Artist a much needed beer.

Joe Hoffman: Wow… I really thought he was…

Frankie: Don’t say it! That will never happen Joe.

Scotty walks back around the burning beam and sees Stevens being loaded onto a gurney and smiles and he collapses down to his knees, drinking his beer and laughing.

Joe Hoffman: What a match folks… and it’s onto Alcatraz now for Scottywood. But for us we got lots of action left as the violence is just getting started here at Dead or Alive. THANK GOD that building is nowhere near the rest of the town. We got five more matches to go!!!!

We cut away as crewmembers and local firemen continue to work on extinguishing all the flames from the explosion.

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Bob Grenier vs Clay Byrd©️

Bullrope Match for the HOTv Championship

Post sVo advert and we come back to an overhead shot of the town as we see smoke still rising from the building that literally just exploded in our SECOND MATCH of the evening. Luckily the wind is pushing the smoke away from the rest of the town and will NOT play a factor the rest of the evening.

We cut over to the other side of town back where the ring and makeshift High Octane Vision screen have been set up. The small crowd sits waiting for more action but we hear the voice of HOW Hall of Fame announcer Joe Hoffman coming through to call our next match.

Joe Hoffman: It’s time for our third match here at Dead or Alive and it will be the second title match of the evening. Let’s send it to Bryan McVay who is ready to make the introductions for this clash of epic proportions.

The camera settles in on HOW Hall of Fame ring announcer Bryan McVay who stands in the center of the ring with his microphone in his hand.

Bryan McVay: The following match is an inter-promotional match featuring men representing both OCW and HOW…

The crowd gives a mixed reaction. There is definitely a majority HOW fanbase here in Tombstone but there are also some diehard OCW fans in attendance for this event.

Bryan McVay: It is a bull rope match… and it’s for the HOTv Championship!!!

WHERE THE HOOD AT” by DMX begins to play through the speakers as the crowd begins to boo loudly while others try to make their cheers heard. Everyone looks towards where the HOV is set up waiting for the challenger but he is nowhere to be seen. That is until four men can be seen stalking down the dirt road. The closer the men get to the ring it can be seen to be Bob Grenier and crew.

Bryan McVay: Introducing first the challenger. From Timmins, Ontario, Canada, weighing in tonight at 222 lbs. Representing PTSD and OCW. He is an OCW Hall of Famer… here is BOBBBBB GRENIERRRRRR!!!

Bob Grenier bumps fists with the three men that accompanied him here to Tombstone before making his way towards the ring. Bob has a bull rope wrapped around the back of his neck as he slides under the bottom rope to enter the ring. Bob gets to his feet then makes his way over to the corner near the fans. Bob climbs the turnbuckle and makes a gesture with both hands to his midsection to say that he’s bringing the title back home to OCW.

Joe Hoffman: Bob Grenier is indeed an OCW Hall of Famer and the man that OCW minority owner Marcus Welsh recruited to launch the first strike against HOW and The Highwaymen. Now he’s in enemy territory but has a chance to walk away with the HOTv Championship belt. I won’t mention what he intends to do with that Championship belt should he win here tonight.

Bob hops down off the turnbuckle then begins to stretch inside of the ring as his music dies down. McVay raises the microphone back up to lips.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent…

Guitar and harmonica begin to blare through the speaker, the start of  “GUNNING FOR YOU” by Nick Nolan sends a loud roar across the fans as Nick Nolan’s lyrics echo through the arena. Red letters slash across the screen as “BYRD” is spelled out. The camera focuses on the hotel from where Clay emerges, cowboy hat low over his eyes, a long black duster on and a rope in his hand with the HOTv Championship belt over his right shoulder.

My Gun is loaded it’s getting time 

Two shots of whiskey i’m takin’ what’s mine 

Ain’t what you’re sayin it’s what you do 

Your time has come boy i’m Gunnin for You 

When hell is rainin down you’ll see my face won’t hear a sound 

You’ll feel that bullet burnin through 

Take your last breath boy I’m Gunnin for You 

Bryan McVay: From Plainview, Texas, weighing in tonight at 295 lbs. Representing The Highwaymen and HOW. He is the reigning, defending HOTv Champion. He is The Behemoth CLAYYYYY BYRDDDDD!!!

Clay begins his slow walk from the hotel towards the squared circle. His eyes are fixed on the ring, and he trudged on. Not paying any notice to any of the fans in attendance.

There’s desperation deep in your eyes 

No turnin’ back now no compromise 

Cause only one of us walks out that door 

The other bleedin out on the floor

Joe Hoffman: Dead or Alive is an event that was tailored exactly for Clay Byrd and The Highwaymen. Tonight the Monster from Plainview isn’t looking to put on a clinic, he’s not looking to out wrestle Bob Grenier. He’s looking to hurt Bob Grenier and send a very strong message to OCW and anyone else with thoughts of trying to take the HOTv Championship belt away from him.


Clay walks up the steps, and climbs into the ring. Clay takes to his corner and begins to take off his hat and duster as Bryan McVay exits the ring. Bob Grenier takes his bull rope from around his neck and taunts Clay Byrd with it. Unimpressed, Clay holds up his bull rope out and not only is thicker and longer than Grenier’s but it’s got the cowbell attached at the center. Grenier is not at all happy as the fans cheer wildly.

Joe Hoffman: When you’re from Texas it appears that size does matter.

Referee Matt Boettcher begins to make sure that Clay Byrd is hooked to the bull rope by the wrist when suddenly there is a commotion in the seats with the fans. Everyone inside of the ring turns their attention towards the commotion as the camera picks up the cause of said commotion.

Joe Hoffman: That is OCW minority owner Marcus Welsh. I know he has a vested interest in this match but I don’t have a good feeling about this.

Marcus Welsh makes his way through the people in attendance pushing and shoving past them. Security comes up and tries to stop Welsh but he produces a ticket that he personally brought to be here for the PPV. The security backs off as Welsh moves to the very front row to the empty seat waiting there. Boettcher makes sure that Grenier is tied to the bull rope by the wrist. Boettcher takes the HOTv Championship belt away from Byrd then holds it high into the air to show that it is on the line. Boettcher hands the title to McVay on the outside of the ring then calls for the bell to signal the start of the match.



Clay and Grenier slowly stalk out of their respective corners and meet in the center of the ring. Clay towers over the much smaller Grenier but Bob doesn’t have a care in the world about that. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a fat joint that he puts between his lips. Bob lights it up and then takes a deep hit off of it. Grenier blows a thick cloud of smoke up into Byrd’s face while grinning ear to ear. Byrd has had enough of the disrespect and raises a mighty paw into the air and slaps Grenier across the face so hard that the joint goes flying off into the seats. Of course this angers the OCW Hall of Famer and he unleashes a flurry of punches to the face of the HOTv Champion. Byrd absorbs the shots then uses both hands to shove Grenier away from him. Bob falls on his ass in the corner from the strength of Byrd.

Joe Hoffman: Grenier would be wise not to go blow for blow with the likes of Clay Byrd. He’s going to have to be smarter than The Behemoth here tonight or this thing is going to get very ugly, very quickly.

Grenier gets up to his feet as both him and Clay grab a hold of their ends of the bull rope and begin to tug on it. Clay’s size advantage is too much and begins to drag Bob closer to him. Grenier tries to resist but Byrd wraps the bull rope over his right hand then hits Bob with a shot to the face that rocks him back into the corner. Clay stalks over towards the corner then unloads right and left hands to the face and body of Grenier who tries to cover up. Byrd slips through the guard and rocks Grenier with an uppercut. Byrd climbs the turnbuckle over Grenier and grabs a hold of the cowbell. The fans began to cheer as Clay started laying in shots to the head of Grenier with the bell. The fans chant out each shot from Clay until the Monster from Plainview is satisfied. Byrd climbs down off of the turnbuckle and backs away as Grenier can be seen to be busted open and bleeding profusely. However, Grenier has a smile on his face as he raises his hand into the air and flips Clay the bird.

Joe Hoffman: That didn’t take long! Bob Grenier signed a one hundred million dollar contract with OCW and Clay Byrd just messed up a very expensive face. Marcus Welsh must be sick at the stomach watching this. However, Grenier seems to welcome the hardcore nature of this match and is egging Byrd on.

Clay grunts then gets a running start and hits Grenier with a big splash in the corner. Grenier is crunched between Byrd and the turnbuckle then slumps down to the canvas as Clay backs away. Byrd uses the bull rope to yank Grenier up to his feet. Byrd yanks harder bull rope, sending Grenier towards him. Clay goes to unleash a clothesline but Grenier ducks under it. Bob grabs Clay from behind and tries for a German suplex but Clay counters with elbow shots to the side of the head of Grenier. Clay turns then wraps his arms around Grenier. Byrd hits Grenier with an overhead release belly to belly suplex that sends Bob crashing spine first into the turnbuckle hard. Byrd gets back up to his feet and pulls on the bull rope as Grenier gets back up to a vertical base. Clay plants a boot to the midsection of Grenier that doubles him over. Clay grabs a hold Grenier by the waist hit with a gut wrench powerbomb down to the canvas. Clay makes the cover as Boettcher slides in for the count.




Joe Hoffman: Big time gut wrench powerbomb by the HOTv Champion that literally shook the ring on impact. However, it only got Byrd a two count before Grenier managed to kick out. Clay is working this bull rope match like a magician at the moment.

Byrd gets back up to his feet then reaches down and grabs a hold of Grenier by the hair and begins to pull him back up to his feet. Grenier reaches up and thumbs Clay in the eye, blinding him. Clay turns around and staggers holding his eye but Grenier charges and hits Byrd with a chop block to the back of the knee that sends him crumbling down to the canvas. Clay holds his knee in pain as Grenier slides under the bottom rope and to the outside. Bob takes a moment to wipe the blood from his eyes and recover a bit. Grenier reaches into the ring and begins to drag Byrd towards the steel ring post. Grenier grabs a hold of the leg he chop blocked and slams it against the steel ring post hard. Grenier keeps hold of the leg and repeatedly slams it against the ring post trying to permanently immobilize the HOTv Champion. Grenier grabs a hold of the bell in the middle of the bull rope then uses the jagged edges of it to stab at and dig at Byrd’s leg and knee. Byrd howls in pain and pulls at his own hair as Grenier tries to rip his knee apart.

Joe Hoffman: Oh this is getting hard to watch. I know Grenier and Byrd have had quite the rivalry since OCW invaded HOW but he’s trying to end Clay Byrd’s career here tonight. Clay had to get away from that steel ring post or he just may lose the HOTv Championship belt.

Grenier continues to rip at Clay’s knee until The Behemoth is able to use his arms to start to drag himself away from the corner. Grenier slides back into the ring under the bottom rope and gets up to his feet. Grenier reaches down and grabs a hold of Clay’s bad leg then lifts it into the air. With all the force he can muster Grenier slams the leg down onto the canvas. Clay spasms in pain on the canvas while gripping his leg. Grenier kneels down and mounts Byrd then begins laying stiff right hands to the head of Clay. Grenier grabs the bell again and uses the edges of it to start to dig and tear into the flesh of Byrd’s head.

Joe Hoffman: The bull rope that his father gave him is being used to crave up Clay Byrd’s head. The knee has been damaged and Grenier has found a way to neutralize Byrd’s strength advantage in this match. This is not looking good for the HOW faithful.

Grenier lets go of the bell then pulls himself back up to his feet. Bob admires his handiwork as Byrd’s face is a crimson mask just like his own. Byrd slowly but surely begins to try to fight his way off of the canvas. Grenier taunts Byrd as the big Texan makes it up to one knee. As Byrd continues to try and regain a vertical base Grenier steps forward and connects with a discus back elbow to the face that drops Byrd back down to the canvas. Among the fans Marcus Welsh gets to his feet and begins shouting as loud as he can.

Marcus Welsh: Classic OCW, baby!

The fans around him begin to boo loudly as Marcus returns to his seat. Inside of the ring Grenier begins grabbing a length of the bull rope. Grenier raises it into the air and begins whipping Byrd across the back with it repeatedly. Byrd arches his back in pain as the blood from his head begins to pool on the canvas under him. Grenier begins shouting and trash talking which only begins to fire up the HOTv Champion. Byrd begins to fight his way off of the canvas again but that’s exactly what Grenier wanted. Byrd is up to his hands and knees but Grenier charges and hits Byrd with a bicycle kick to the back of the neck that flattens him down to the canvas. Grenier gets up to his feet then decides to show off his athleticism. Grenier steps forward and hits Byrd with a standing shooting star press. Grenier hooks the leg and makes the cover on Byrd as Boettcher slides in for the count.





Joe Hoffman: We were a half second close to crowning a new HOTv Champion and losing that belt to OCW. But somehow the massive Clay Byrd managed to get his shoulder off of the canvas before the three was made.

Grenier gets up to his feet and argues with Boettcher saying that should have been a three but Boettcher says it was only a two. Frustrated, Grenier reaches into his pocket once again and pulls out yet another fat joint. Grenier places it into his mouth and lights it up. Bob takes a moment to enjoy as he once again blows a thick cloud of smoke into the air. Grenier focuses back on the task at hand then grabs a hold of Byrd by the hair while still smoking. Grenier pulls Byrd back up to a vertical base but before he can capitalize Byrd reaches out and grabs a hold of Grenier’s neck with both hands. Byrd begins to choke Grenier for all he is worth but Grenier begins kicking Byrd’s bad knee repeatedly. This eventually breaks Clay’s grip and causes him to reach down and grab at the knee. Grenier takes the opportunity to grab Byrd by the neck and lock in O’Gormans Neuce. Grenier wraps his legs around Byrd’s midsection and tries to apply as much pressure as he can to the neck. Boettcher comes over and asks Byrd if he wants to submit but Clay refuses. Grenier keeps squeezing Byrd’s neck as he continues losing blood. The Behemoth falls to one knee as Grenier continues to crank on the neck.

Joe Hoffman: Everyone is aware that if Clay has one weakness it’s his neck. We all remember the many battles with Teddy Palmer where Byrd was put to sleep just moments before the HOW LSD Champion. Grenier is exploiting that fact right now and the Monster from Plainview is fading.

Boettcher grabs a hold of Clay’s arm and raises it up into the air. Boettcher lets go and the arm falls limply to his side.


Boettcher grabs the arm again and raises it into the air a second time. Boettcher lets go and the arm falls limply to his side once again.


The crowd begins to cheer and stomp their feet on the ground trying to bring Clay to life as Boettcher grabs the arm one more time. Boettcher raises the arm into the air then lets it go and everyone watches as it falls limply to his side a third time.




The crowd explodes in approval as Byrd arm shakes as the Behemoth fights his way back up to both feet. Grenier continues to squeeze on the neck like a madman but Byrd grabs a hold of the bell and levels Grenier with a shot to the head with it. Greiner releases the hold as both men fall to the canvas. Both competitors have lost a lot of blood and can do nothing but to try and suck in as much oxygen as they can into their worn out bodies. Byrd holds his neck in pain but slowly begins to pull himself up to his feet. Once on his feet Clay grabs as much of the bull rope as he can then begins to wrap it around Grenier’s neck. Byrd pulls Grenier up to his feet then grabs a hold of the rope and slings the OCW Hall of Famer over the top rope. Byrd keeps a grip on the rope and begins to hang Grenier until the man’s head literally pops off of his shoulders. Grenier’s eyes bulge out of his head and he kicks his legs frantically as Byrd continues to pull on the bull rope.

Joe Hoffman: Bob Grenier is being hung right here in Tombstone by the HOTv Champion! Clay Byrd has finally snapped we might just witness more than one person murdered here tonight!

Grenier’s hands are on the rope trying to pry it from around his neck as Welsh jumps to his feet. The OCW minority owner pulls out his phone and quickly dials a number. Welsh begins screaming into his phone as Grenier starts to fade. Moments later JAM G and Warrick begin rushing towards the ring. Both men hop up to the ring apron to try and help the OCW Hall of Famer but what Clay doesn’t notice is that The Wizard has slid into the ring behind him with a steel chair in hand. The Wizard rears back and hits Byrd with a shot to the back of the head with the chair. Byrd loses his grip on Grenier and falls to the canvas. Grenier falls to the ground and starts gasping for air as JAM G and Warrick try to unwrap the bull rope from around his neck.

Joe Hoffman: Personally, I don’t wish death on anyone in this business but I just knew that the numbers game was going to come into play here. Marcus Welsh had a plan up his sleeve and now its a four on one situation at ringside.

Welsh begins yelling towards JAM G and pointing. Bob’s tag team partner nods then reaches under the ring and pulls out a table. Inside of the ring The Wizard is using the edge of the chair and ramming it down onto the back of Byrd’s bad knee. JAM G begins to set up the table on the ground as Warrick helps Bob back up to his feet. The Wizard drops the chair and begins to use his boot to roll Byrd under the bottom rope onto the ring apron. JAM G has the table set up with the help of Warrick as Bob climbs up onto the ring apron. The Wizard steps over the top rope onto the ring apron. Bob and The Wizard grab a hold of Byrd and pull him up off of the ring apron. It takes a group effort but The Wizard and Grenier are able to hoist Byrd into the air over their heads. Both men throw Byrd from the ring apron down through the table with a powerbomb. The table explodes into pieces as Clay hits the ground with a sickening thud.

Joe Hoffman: Clay Byrd was just thrown off the ring apron and through a table with a double powerbomb. He’s got to be broken and half and it’s only a matter of time now until OCW robs HOW of the HOTv Championship belt!

Grenier gets down off of the ring apron as Marcus Welsh steps over the barricade and makes his way over to where McVay is. Marcus Welsh snatches the HOW HOTv Championship belt away then hands it over to Bob Grenier. The OCW Hall of Famer holds the belt into the air and starts screaming to the fans here that he’s going to take a shit onto the belt on Massacre live tomorrow from Chicago. The fans boo loud enough to be heard over in Phoenix and begin throwing trash towards the OCW minority owner and his thugs. It indeed looks like a dark day in HOW history when suddenly the crowd begins cheering wildly.


The camera pans over to the hotel where a mixture of EPU members and HOW wrestlers come pouring out of it and race towards the ring.  The Wizard, Warrick, and JAM G take off the way they came as the EPU and HOW wrestlers give chase. Welsh and Grenier remained as Welsh began giving orders to Grenier. Bob drops the HOTv Championship belt and starts to try and lift Byrd’s dead weight out of the carnage of broken table pieces. Welsh looks on proudly but once again the crowd cheers wildly.


Jace Parker Davidson comes running out of the hotel like a Bat out of Hell and makes a beeline for Marcus Welsh. The OCW minority owner sees the man he screwed out of the OCW Savage Championship belt coming and runs for his life. JPD chases Welsh away from ringside as the camera stays on the chase of Marcus Welsh. Stumbling over his own feet, Welsh pushes through a line of people at a small stand set up selling STRONKUMMS to the people of Tombstone. JPD continues to go after Welsh with murderous intent. Welsh makes it to the back of a waiting car and slams the door shut as the vehicle speeds off. JPD curses and heads back to the hotel as we cut back to ringside. Grenier has managed to get Byrd up to the ring apron and rolls him under the bottom rope into the ring. Grenier slides under the bottom rope and crawls over towards the lifeless Clay Byrd. Bob Grenier hooks the leg and makes the cover on Byrd as Boettcher slides in for the count.




Bryan McVay: Here is your winner…. AND NEWWWW–


Boettcher jumps to his feet and waves off McVay because somehow Clay Byrd kicked out at the last millisecond possible.


Grenier gets up to his feet and he’s hot. He believes he’s the new HOTv Champion but Boettcher stands his ground and insists that Byrd got his shoulder up in time. Grenier grabs a hold of Boettcher by his referee’s shirt and starts screaming about him cheating for the HOW superstar. Boettcher slaps Grenier’s hands off of him and takes offense to his integrity being questioned. Grenier paces around the ring then grabs a hold of the steel chair left inside of the ring from earlier. Grenier swings the steel chair repeatedly down onto the fallen Clay Byrd like a crazed person. Grenier takes a moment to catch his breath then backs up into a corner. Grenier begins climbing backward up to the top rope while holding onto the steel chair. Clay Byrd, beaten, broken, and battered, miraculously begins to try to struggle back up to a vertical base. Grenier waits until Byrd is up to one knee then begins to measure him up. However, what he didn’t expect was Byrd giving the bull rope a mighty yank. Grenier comes flying off the top rope but not by his own choice. Byrd rises to his feet and catches Grenier in mid-air. In one fluid motion Byrd spins and hits Grenier with a spinebuster down to the canvas. The blood soaked canvas shakes from the weight of the massive move. Both men remain on the mat but Byrd uses his arms to crawl over towards the ropes.

Joe Hoffman: Clay might only have one chance left to walk out of Tombstone as the HOTv Champion! I don’t know what is keeping this man going but this has been an absolute war here between two men from separate companies!

Byrd makes it over towards the ropes and slowly begins to use them to pull himself back up to a vertical base. Byrd makes it up to his feet and leans against the top rope to keep himself upright. Clay takes the bull rope and begins to wrap it around his entire arm as Grenier fights his way off of the canvas. Clay looks up to the heavens and mouths something we can’t hear, as if he was speaking to his father. Grenier makes it to his feet on unsteady legs as Clay begins trucking towards him.

Joe Hoffman: TEXAS LARIAT!

Clay’s bull rope covered arm connects with the big clothesline with Grenier and just about takes the man’s head clean off. Both men collapse down to the canvas in a heap. Clay uses what little energy he has and lays an arm across Grenier as Boettcher slides in for the count.








The fans jump to their feet and cheer loudly as HOW overcomes OCW here tonight at Dead or Alive. Clay manages to roll over onto his back as the sound of “GUNNING FOR YOU” begins to blast from the speakers.

Joe Hoffman: After an absolute war of attrition between two of the best found in either company, it is Clay Byrd that retains the HOTv Championship belt. Bob Grenier has no shame in defeat and I’m sure this won’t be the last time we see an interpromotional match between HOW and OCW stars. But this should be a warning to anyone that decides to step up to the plate and tries to take the HOTv Championship away from Clay Byrd.

Boettcher gets the HOTv Championship from outside of the ring then slides back into the ring. Boettcher makes it back up to his feet then places the Championship belt onto Clay’s chest. The Behemoth clutches the title belt with his arms and continues to look up to the sky and mouth more words as we fade from ringside……

…but we don’t fade far.

As the literal dust is still settling in the wake of the HOTv Title match, the victorious Texan Clay Byrd slowly stands up, leaning over the ropes and raising the title over his head in a moment of celebration. He stares down at Bob Grenier, a violent pride in his eyes as he finishes removing the bull rope.

Joe Hoffman: Truly an incredible victory despite all odds, folks. And how about Jace Parker Davidson making the save?! 97 Red truly is thicker than water, folks, as a member of the Board comes to the aid of the de-facto leader of the Highwaymen. I still can’t believe it.

Clay’s moment of celebration isn’t meant to last long, however.

There is a sudden buzz from the crowd, as two massive beings step out from the sea of buildings next to the ringside area, slowly walking out over the dirt toward the ring. Both of them have matching black cowboy hats on their heads, and Clay Byrd’s eyes grow wide as he sees just who is approaching him.

Joe Hoffman: I… I can’t believe this!

As they step out of the blinding sunset, the buzz from the crowd becomes a roar.

A microphone in his hand, PWA MEGASTAR GREAT SCOTT stands next to his best friend and lifelong companion, GREAT BEAR. The newly minted Large Daddy Scott has a microphone in his hand, and he points down at the ring as Clay stares back at him, unflinching.


Another big roar from the crowd, who never truly believed they’d see GREAT SCOTT in actual action here in High Octane Wrestling.


Glancing over at GREAT BEAR, who is vibing to some western james on his sweet Beats by Dre headphones. He gives his best effort at a thumbs up, because evidently bears do not have thumbs. That’s an actual Google search that had to be done today, and it turns out they just have a hinge that kind of allows them to utilize part of their paw as a thumb.

Anyway, he gives Clay Byrd a “hinge up”.


With a flourish, GREAT SCOTT tips his hat at the HOTv Champion, who stares back at him with a “what the fuck is this guy talking about?” look on his face.


The crowd begins to buzz, as they slowly remember GREAT SCOTT’s bizarre, out of place return to OCW at their Truth or Consequences PPV just a few short weeks ago. SCOTT hasn’t been seen on OCW television since, but the buzz becomes louder as they all begins to realize what’s going on…


The PWA MEGASTAR drops the mic in the dirt, raising his arms above his head as the crowd chimes in with a seemingly mixed reaction of both boos and cheers. Clay Byrd smirks in the ring, nodding his head and motioning for GREAT SCOTT to bring it on.

Joe Hoffman: You heard it here first, folks! GREAT SCOTT REPRESENTING OCW versus Clay Byrd for the HOTv Championship! OCW is NOT DONE WITH HOW!!!

Taking their leave, GREAT SCOTT and GREAT BEAR saunter past the fans, as Clay can only shake his head as he watches them leave. Dead or Alive rolls to a commercial break.

Click HERE to check out the latest OCW results live on HOTv!!!

The Board vs The BFF’s vs Azula and Hollywood vs The Highwaymen©️

Tag Team Championship Match

Post OCW advert and we cut to the area where the saloon is in Tombstone, AZ. The camera pans up, and we see a crate on the roof, which houses the HOW World Tag Team Championships.

Joe Hoffman: This next match will not be for the faint of heart. The HOW World Tag Team Championships will be on the line next, and as you can see, they will be housed in that crate. The four teams in this match will have to make their way to the saloon’s roof to get to this crate and be the first team to extract the titles from said crate. Whoever can do so will be the final holders of the HOW Tag Team Championships, and they will become the first-ever HOW HOTV Tag Team Champions and will be defended each week on HOTV!

There’s an eerie silence permeating the surrounding areas as we cut to the inside of the saloon, the camera pointed towards the saloon doors. First to enter the saloon are Xander Azula and Brian Hollywood. The two look at one another and find a table to sit at as they wait for their opponents.

Joe Hoffman: These two unlikely partners, Azula and Hollywood, were the final team added to this match after a shocking victory at Chaos 5, where they defeated the team of STRONK and Christopher America. Of course, America was unable to make it said ring due to the actions of Steve Solex, but those two will have an opportunity to… rectify… that later on tonight. 

Azula looks around, eyeing the place, and wondering how much damage he can make. Second to enter the saloon are Conor Fuse and Bobinette Carey. 

Joe Hoffman: This is so different from many of our other matches because there is no entrance music, no Bryan McVay, no ring. This is going to be a street fight, and you consider who is in this match, with Conor Fuse and Bobinette Carey making their way into the saloon now, you know it will be a very violent affair. The two ‘best friends’ enter and take a long look at Xander Azula and Brian Hollywood before making their way to a corner of the saloon. 

Their eyes remain firmly upon Azula and Hollywood while giving them the best view of who will come in next. Hollywood turns towards Fuse and Carey, keeping his eye on them. No one talks to one another, though, as they continue to wait for the start of this match.

Joe Hoffman: Next into the saloon are STRONK and Jace Parker Davidson! Davidson walks in carrying the LSD Championship and pats it a few times as he makes eyes with everyone in the saloon thus far. JPD trying to assert his dominance, but his partner may already have that status among everyone in here thus far, who just at War Games won said title and ended up losing it shortly thereafter.

STRONK takes a long look at Bobinette Carey and flexes for her.

Joe Hoffman: That LSD Championship has gone from Steve Harrison, who will be in this match as well, to STRONK at War Games, to Jatt Starr from STRONK, and finally from Starr to JPD. So, there will be some animosity between STRONK and Harison and JPD, all three who have held one of the crown jewels of HOW in very quick succession.

JPD makes his way over to the bar and looks around to find a bottle of the finest moonshine, and pours himself a glass. STRONK walks over and looks behind the bar as well, finding himself a nice cold bottle of milk, and pours himself a glass.

Joe Hoffman: I didn’t realize that bar was actually stocked. Oh, this is going to get dangerous in a hurry.

The final team to enter the saloon are the Tag Team Champions, Joe Bergman and Steve Harrison, of the Board. Harrison looks ready for a fight the moment he enters the establishment, while Bergman hangs back for a moment, eyeing the competition. Harrison looks at the LSD Championship, the title he carried into War Games, and then looks at the title on his shoulder. Harrison notices the drink in JPD’s hand and walks behind the bar, placing his belt on the counter before he pulls out a beer bottle and cracks the cap on the bar’s edge before taking a long swig. Bergman looks at Harrison and shakes his head before handing his title to a production assistant, who also takes Harrison’s title before taking it up to the top of the saloon.

Joe Hoffman: This match is only moments away from starting as the titles are being taken to the top of the building and locked away in a crate. 

We cut to the outside, where we see the production assistant climbing up a ladder and locking the titles away in the crate before coming back down it and taking the ladder with him, another assistant helping him with the ten-foot ladder and eager to quickly get out of the mayhem that is bound to begin any moment now.

All eight competitors look at one another in this unorthodox environment. Harrison and JPD take a long look at one another and then go to cheers before JPD takes his glass and slams it across the face of Harrison, signaling the start of the match.

Joe Hoffman: Well… that’s one way to start a match! Yikes!

Before Bergman can do anything, Hollywood runs off the table and tackles him through the swinging saloon doors, and the two go flying out of sight. Xander Azula immediately gets up to his feet and slams his forearm into the back of Harrison, who has blood trickling down the side of his face while STRONK continues to drink his milk. Meanwhile, JPD moves around the corner and begins trading punches with Carey, only for Conor Fuse to join the fray, slamming his fist into JPD’s abdomen.

Joe Hoffman: MAYHEM to start this match! Everyone wants a piece of one another, and there will be a TON of dynamics to consider in this match. JPD and Carey have been at each other’s throats for quite a while STRONK and Carey have some kind of… mating ritual… going on. JPD and Bergman are part of the Board, which will get some attention from Harrison and Bergman, with them being part of the Highwaymen. Just pure pandemonium will occur, and we will do everything we can to ensure you see every moment of it!

STRONK then turns his attention to Xander Azula and slams his fist into Azula’s face before wrapping his hands around Harrison’s throat and slams him onto the bar top. STRONK slams his forearm repeatedly across the chest of Harrison, payback for Harrison beating Carey at Chaos 005. Azula turns his attention to STRONK and slams his forearm in between his shoulder blades, which only infuriates STRONK as he turns around and slams his forearm across his face, dropping Azula to his knees. 

Joe Hoffman: Azula might want to get away from STRONK as quickly as possible if he wants to survive in this match for much longer. Meanwhile, Carey and Fuse have pushed JPD against the wall and are laying into him with fists and kicks. Fuse now steps back and fires a spinning heel kick to the midsection of JPD. With JPD doubled over, Carey slams her knee into the face of her long-time rival. The ‘Best Friends’ firing on all cylinders right now to take out JPD.

On the outside of the saloon, Hollywood and Bergman are trading punches until Bergman manages to slam his knee into Hollywood’s midsection. With Brian doubled over, Bergman picks him up and drops him throat first across the wooden banister outside the saloon. Hollywood grabs his throat in a world of pain, and with Hollywood’s back to him, Bergman runs at Hollywood and connects with a running bulldog onto the unforgiving dirt. 

Joe Hoffman: The action spilling out all over the place, and these eight competitors can go ANYWHERE! I hope Lee Best took out some additional insurance because all the money he spent to build this up is about to go to waste since these eight will demolish everything on their path to glory. Back in the saloon, we have Harrison making his way off the bar top, and he is walking towards Fuse before drilling him with a stiff chop across the chest. Conor winces in pain before firing a back elbow on Harrison, who eats it willingly before picking Fuse up and slamming him through a nearby table, the wood shattering across the floor! 

JPD manages to slam his head into Carey’s head, causing her to stumble to the back area of the saloon, where there appears to be an office and a safe. JPD takes Carey’s head and slams it into the top of the safe before placing her into a chair in the office. JPD then takes a few steps back and runs full speed at her, cracking his knee across her face. Meanwhile, STRONK continues to manhandle Azula until he lifts him up over his head and throws him through the saloon’s window to the outside, where Bergman and Hollywood are at. STRONK follows Azula, stepping through the hold he made (and not through the saloon doors for some reason), and eyes Bergman who shrugs his shoulders and begins to trade punches with the behemoth of a man. 

Joe Hoffman: This is NOT a fight that Bergman wants to get into, and he quickly realizes that as the sheer power of STRONK drops him to one knee. Bergman tries to rush forward at STRONK, but he cannot budge the behemoth, and STRONK stops him dead in his tracks with a forearm across the upper back. He then tosses Bergman to the side and sends him crashing through the wooden banister, shattering it in the process. Already STRONK has destroyed a window and a banister. Nothing might be standing after all of this.

Harrison walks outside and eyes STRONK. The two beasts move towards one another and begin jawing away at each other. Before they can start trading punches, though, Hollywood and Azula attack STRONK and Harrison, using wooden pieces from the now broken banister in their assault. Hollywood pushes STRONK towards one corner of the building while Azula takes Harrison to the other corner before the duo whip their opponents at the same time and send STRONK and Harrison crashing into one another.

Joe Hoffman: That’s one way to neutralize these two big beasts. Back inside of the saloon, JPD laying waste to Bobinette, and there’s Conor Fuse, drilling his forearm across the back of Jace’s skull. He now wraps his arms around his waist and connects with a German Suplex onto the unforgiving floor of the saloon! Jace grabs the back of his skull as Fuse takes a few steps back and drops his knee across his face. Bobinette stumbles towards Fuse, patting him on the back, and you can tell Carey wants to start figuring out a way to get up to the roof.

Carey and Fuse begin making their up a set of stairs, eyes peeled to find a way to the roof. As they look around though, they don’t see another set of stairs. Instead, they find a row of windows and make their way to it. Fuse puts his boot through one of the windows and climbs outside, landing on the awning over the wrap-around porch of the saloon. As he steps onto the awning though, Bergman spots them and begins to rush back into the saloon, eager to stop Fuse and Carey from getting to the titles unimpeded. Azula and Hollywood follow after him. 

Joe Hoffman: Uh-oh, Fuse and Carey are about to have some company as Bergman, Azula, and Hollywood are on their way up there, and Bergman catches Carey with a stiff elbow before stepping through the window and locks eyes with Fuse. Meanwhile, Azula and Hollywood ganging up on Carey, who is firing away with a set of fists of her own, trying to keep Azula and Hollywood at bay. She is now retreating towards the window and steps outside only to find herself with Fuse and Bergman. And on the awning.

Carey looks around, shaking her head and wanting off of this awning. She goes to step back inside of the saloon, only for Azula and Hollywood to meet her at the window and step outside of it. Carey backs away, her hands up until she stumbles over her feet and begins to roll down the awning, grabbing the edge of it before falling to the dirt floor beneath her. She hangs there as Azula and Hollywood make their way over to the awning’s edge while Bergman and Fuse are trading punches with one another. Azula and Hollywood look down at Carey who shakes her head, eager to pull herself back up to the awning and out of harm’s way.

Joe Hoffman: This could be VERY bad for Bobinette in a hurry! She is just dangling there, and Azula and Hollywood are stomping away at her fingers as she tries to hang on for dear life!

Azula and Hollywood then stomp at the same time on Carey’s hand, and she falls off the awning, screaming as she does. Except she doesn’t hit the ground. Instead, she is caught by the one and only HUNK of HOW… STRONK!

Joe Hoffman: STRONK saves the damsel in distress, and you can see the smile on STRONK’s face while Carey just looks relieved to not have hit the ground. STRONK and Carey have now locked eyes, and folks, we might see the most romantic moment in HOW history!

Except, before that happens, a wooden chair shatters against STRONK and Carey. They fall backward onto the dirt, wood raining down upon them, as the culprit of said attack stands above them.

Steve Harrison.

Harrison grabs Carey off the dirt and slams his head into hers before picking her up off the ground and connecting with a belly-to-belly suplex. As he makes his way up to his feet, he turns around and is met with a version of the Hulk that we’ve never seen because it is STRONK and he is angrier than we’ve ever seen. He grabs Harrison by the side of the head and lifts him off the ground before slamming him back into the dirt. STRONK then slams away with bruising forearms to the face of the man who attacked his beloved.

Joe Hoffman: And STRONK looks like he’s about to rip Harrison in half! Meanwhile, back on the roof, we have Azula and Fuse trading punches while Bergman and Hollywood are at it again, scrambling back through the shattered window and into the hallway. Hollywood slams Bergman’s head into the wooden wall as they continue to trade punches with one another and– OOF! They just rolled down those stairs, not aware of their surroundings, and none of that is going to feel good in the morning!  

On the awning, Fuse connects with an uppercut across the jaw of Azula. Azula stumbles backward and finds himself on the awning’s edge as Fuse stands across from him. Azula tries to come after Fuse, but Fuse stops him in his tracks with a superkick to the jaw that sends Azula flying off the awning and onto the unaware Harrison, with both of them crashing to the floor. Fuse makes his way to the edge of the awning, looks down at both men who are prone, and connects with a Shooting Star Press off the awning and onto Harrison and Azula!

Joe Hoffman: What in the heck?! Fuse sacrificed his body and took out Harrison and Azula with the SSP! You can feel this match is starting to shift into second gear, and everyone will be sore in the morning, without question.

In the saloon, Hollywood is met with a stiff elbow to the jaw from Bergman. Hollywood stumbles into the waiting arms of JPD, who flapjacks him into the unforgiving wooden floor. JPD kips back to his feet and squares off with Bergman, who wastes no time and slams his shoulder into his midsection as the two fly through the saloon double doors and to the outside while JPD slams his forearm repeatedly across his shoulder blades. The two stumble to the ground, with JPD getting back up to his feet first and slams his knee into the rising Bergman. JPD slams his fist into Bergman once again and throws him into the outer wall of the porch of Jackson’s hotel. 

Joe Hoffman: JPD and Bergman trading punches until JPD slams his knee into Bergman’s midsection, bashes his head into the barricade, and flips him over the barricade onto the wooden porch. JPD then launches himself over the barricade and connects with a splash onto Bergman! Painful and then some.

JPD makes his way up to his feet and throws Bergman into the wall. Bergman begins to stumble away, entering the hotel as he does. JPD follows him as Carey gets up to her feet, seeing JPD in the distance, and chases after him while STRONK follows after her. Inside the hotel, Bergman catches JPD with a back elbow, but JPD eats it and slams Bergman’s face into a mirror by the hotel entrance. Shards of glass fall everywhere as Bergman stumbles backward, blood trickling down his face before JPD connects with a roaring forearm.

Joe Hoffman: Bergman might need stitches after this match is done. What am I talking about? All these competitors will need medical attention after this match is all said and done. Carey exploded into the hotel, spotted JPD, and speared him to the floor. JPD pushes Carey off of him, and as he gets up, he is met with the massive hands of STRONK, who slams his fist into JPD’s jaw and picks him off the mat before connecting with Gorilla Press Slam! STRONK showing off all of his strength and is now posing for Carey! 

Before STRONK can continue to pose for Carey, Carey pushes him out of the way and connects with a clothesline to Harrison, who followed after the group. STRONK looks over at Carey, fighting for his honor, and chuckles before wrapping his hands around Harrison’s throat and hoisting him off the ground. Harrison clubs the arms of STRONK to no effect, and Harrison then swings his right foot up, connecting with the groin of STRONK, who has to let him go at this point. Harrison then ducks out of the way of a fist from Carey, hoists her onto his shoulders and connects with a Samoan Drop!

Joe Hoffman: The mayhem just continues not only in the hotel, but outside of the hotel and saloon as Fuse and Azula are trading punches with one another while the other six competitors in this match now find themselves in the hotel. Azula manages to slip an uppercut to the jaw of Fuse, grabs the back of Conor’s head and bashes it into his knee, and then connects with a snap suplex that forces Fuse to sit up in agony as his lower back screams in pain, which opens him up to a stiff kick to the spine from Azula!

Harrison sits up and looks over at Bergman, who is wiping the blood away. The two of them nod at each other and make their way up to their feet, targeting JPD who is starting to stir. The Highwaymen begin to stomp away at him until Harrison lifts him off the ground and plants him on the receptionist table in the hotel. Bergman finds an area to climb up onto, a column, looks at JPD, shrugs his shoulders, and connects with a high angle Senton Bomb onto the prone JPD!

Joe Hoffman: OH MY GOODNESS! Bergman may have ended JPD right then and there! There is destruction and then there is DESTRUCTION and that is definitely falling in the latter. Harrison is helping Bergman up to his feet, as he grabs his back in a world of pain, but fighting through it as he eyes Hollywood getting to his feet. Bergman rushes over, smashing his elbow across Brian’s throat, and then Harrison comes over, plants his boot into Hollywood’s midesection, and connects with a powerbomb through one of the wooden tables. DEAR MARY AND JOSPEH! The Tag Team Champions have walked in and are looking to KEEP those titles through any means necessary!

Harrison and Bergman stand over Hollywood, a smile on Harrison’s face as he then turns his attention to Bobbinette, snapping his boot across her jaw before hoisting her onto his shoulders. Bergman directs Harrison to a nearby table and Harrison, with a smile on his face. As he goes for a powerslam through the table though, Carey is yanked off of Harrison’s shoulders. He turns around to be met with a headbutt from STRONK who then slams his fist across the side of Harrison’s face. Bergman rushes over to Harrison and STRONK, only for STRONK to catch him, wrap his hands around his throat, and lifts him up before slamming him through the table originally meant for Carey.

Joe Hoffman: None of these four teams might end up with a victory here tonight because they’re all going to be strewn about, broken and battered for the rest of their days! I have no idea where they’re getting this kind of strength as STRONK has slammed his knee into Harrison’s midsection and connects with a gutwrench slam onto Bergman! The Tag Team Champions have been laid out by STRONK and… I can’t say I’m necessarily surprised!

STRONK is surprised by a kick to the back of his left calf from Azula who has wandered into the hotel. STRONK turns around and is met with a rising knee strike from Xander. Before Xander can connect with another move though, he is caught from behind with a punch to the back of the head from Fuse. Xander turns around and narrowly ducks from a superkick from Fuse, which connects to the jaw of STRONK instead. STRONK stumbles backwards as Carey grabs Xander before he can attack her tag team partner and connects with a knee strike across his jaw into a ripcord Spanish Fly!

Joe Hoffman: I can’t… what the hell is going on in that hotel?! Fuse back up to his feet and he is met with a knife-edge chop from JPD before JPD spins and connects with a roaring elbow to the face of STRONK who stumbles even further backwards. Carey goes for a spear on JPD, but JPD manages to leap out of the way and Carey just SPEARED STRONK by accident! Oh my goodness!

Carey sits up, stunned by what she accidentally has done, and is met with a knee to the side of her face from JPD. JPD is then spun around and he just blocks a superkick from Fuse before sweeping out the legs from underneath Fuse. JPD then turns back to Carey, grabbing her by the back of the head and slams it into the wooden bannister of the staircase leading to the second story of the hotel. She stumbles up the stairs as JPD follows behind her while Fuse gets back up to his feet and begins to follow after him until Hollywood tackles him into the wall.

Joe Hoffman: Fuse and Hollywood trading blows here while STRONK is beginning to sit up. Meanwhile, Harrison and Bergman are starting to stir, everyone looking worse for wear. Bergman is the first one up to his feet and he connects with a forearm to the back of Fuse and then connects with a open-handed palm strike to Hollywood’s chest. Fuse fires back with a chop to Bergman’s throat and before Hollywood is able to move again, Harrison lifts him up into the air and connects with a spinebuster on the floor! Hollywood looks like he may have had a few ribs busted up as a result of that one.

Harrison makes his way up the stairs behind JPD and Carey while STRONK begins to crawl after them. 

Joe Hoffman: So let’s reset. Harrison, Davidson, Carey, and STRONK are making their way to the second story of the hotel… which sounds like the beginning of a bad raunchy joke… while Azula, Hollywood, Bergman, and Fuse are in the lobby of the hotel. Davidson and Carey are trading blows back and forth, each shot a bit more intense than the previous one. Davidson connects with a well placed forearm and follows that up with a rising knee strike that knocks Carey into one of the hotel doors. Davidson goes for a running lariat on Carey, but STRONK knocks him back with a swat of his massive arms! STRONK saves Carey once again! Though… this might pose a set of larger issues.

Davidson ricochets into the wall and glares at STRONK, wondering what STRONK is doing. STRONK looks at Carey and then back at Davidson, his hands held up. Before he is able to do anything else though, Harrison comes up the stairs and looks like he’s walked into the middle of a Mexican Standoff. Harrison looks back and forth before firing off a series of punches, alternating between JPD and STRONK, who is standing in front of a dazed Carey. Harrison connects with a stiff back elbow to the face of Davidson and then runs at STRONK, connecting with a big boot across his face!

Joe Hoffman: What a MOVE by Harrison, the impact to STRONK sending him and Carey crashing through the hotel door and into a… compromising… position on the hotel bed!

Sure enough, STRONK is on top of Carey as they are both lying on the bed, knocked silly from the relentless intensity of the match. 

Joe Hoffman: Well… that’s going to make some headlines for sure. 

Harrison looks at STRONK and Carey, laughs, and then closes the door before turning his attention to Davidson. He grabs Davidson and headbutts him before connecting with an overhead Belly-to-Belly suplex that sends JPD flying down the hall, towards a bank of windows. JPD slowly stands up, dazed from the shot, and Harrison lines him up for a spear. He runs full speed down the hall at JPD and goes for the spear only for JPD to leap out of the way and sends Harrison crashing through the window and onto the awning of the hotel, his body slowing down just in time to not flying off the awning and onto the floor below.

Joe Hoffman: OH MY GOODNESS! Harrison just DOVE through that glass window after JPD moved out of the way and he may need medical attention as there are shards of glass on his back. He’s damn lucky he didn’t fall off the awning of the hotel! JPD looks at Harrison, exhausted, and begins to make his way back downstairs. I wonder what’s going on down in the lobby.

Sure enough, we see Fuse and Bergman teaming up against Azula and Hollywood. Fuse connects with step up enziguri to the back of Azula’s skull while Bergman lifts Hollywood up for an atomic drop and then clothesline him inside out back to the lobby floor. Fuse and Bergman then turn upon another and look ready for a fight until JPD stumbles down the stairs, locking eyes with Fuse and Bergman. The three of them circle one another, ready to see what comes next.

Joe Hoffman: Talk about three decorated superstars right there, three of the best pound-for-pound wrestlers in HOW and we might get a spectacle before our very eyes. 

The trio circles one another until JPD pushes Fuse into Bergman. With Bergman distracted, JPD comes up and slams his fist into his face and connects with an open-hand palm strike to the chest of Fuse. Conor grimaces from the shot, but slams his knee into JPD’s midsection before connecting with a gutwrench powerbomb. As Fuse makes his way up to his feet, Bergman catches him with a boot to the midsection, and goes to lift him up for a suplex, but Fuse manages to block it. Conor counters and goes for a suplex of his own, but Fuse manages to land on his feet behind Bergman. Fuse wraps his arms around Bergman and goes for a German Suplex, but Bergman manages to land on his feet. Fuse spins around and narrowly misses a boot from Bergman. Bergman turns towards Fuse and Fuse goes for a superkick, but Bergman manages to duck underneath it. Both stars turn towards one another and run at one another, each going for a clothesline, colliding, and landing hard on the unforgiving floor. 

Joe Hoffman: Wow wow wow! Talk about a back and forth there with Fuse and Bergman, trying to get one over on the other, but just tremendously skilled that they were unable to connect with any of their big moves until the end. JPD now making his way back up to his feet and looks down at Fuse and Bergman, shaking his head. He begins to walk away, but Fuse just grabbed his boot and pulled him back in. JPD goes for a boot to the face, but Fuse catches it and takes JPD’s legs out from under him with a sweep. Fuse back up to his feet and he drops a knee across JPD’s face.

Fuse gets back up to his feet and looks around, before he rushes out of the hotel lobby, and looks back at the saloon. He tries to look around for a way up to the top of the saloon, but is unable to see one. He begins to walk down the street, towards the bank constructed for the event, and as he is halfway down the alley, Hollywood comes stumbling out and tackles Fuse to the ground. The two roll around, trading blows with one another, until Hollywood is on top of Fuse and wails away with a series of fists until Fuse manages to push him off. As they get up to their feet, Hollywood drills his foot into Fuse’s hamstring. Conor grimaces in pain as Hollywood connects with a spinning back heel kick and with Fuse doubled over, Hollywood connects with a front flip legdrop across the back of Conor’s neck.

Joe Hoffman: How is ANYONE in this match still alive, much less fighting?! Hollywood limping up to his feet as he continues to make his way to the bank. Now Azula has come stumbling out of the hotel lobby as has Bergman and Harrison. The Tag Team Champs look to be on a mission and they’ve just tackled Azula to the ground! Azula though seems fit for a fight as he slams his boot across the jaw of Bergman and makes his way up to his feet, dodging a bruising forearm from Harrison and planting the heel of his foot into Harrison’s right knee. Azula then connects with a double-arm hook DDT as the Tag Team Champions are back down as Azula and Hollywood seem like the only team in the fight here. 

Fuse, Bergman, and Harrison are laid out in the middle of the road between the hotel, bank, and saloon. Azula and Hollywood rush into the bank, desperate to find a way to the top of the saloon. JPD stumbles out of the hotel lobby and looks absolutely wiped. As he stands there, Carey comes up behind him and smashes his head into the edge of the hotel door. Davidson stumbles away and goes for a discus forearm on Carey, but she ducks under it and connects with a Saito Suplex. Davidson grabs the back of his head as Carey slams her knee into the face of JPD before making her way over to her Best Friend and helps him up to his feet.

Joe Hoffman: The Best Friends seem to be making their way back into this contest and are making their way into the saloon. STRONK has now come stumbling out of the hotel and he looks dazed as well before he lays his eyes on his partner, JPD. There needs to be some mending of the fences between those two after what just happened in the hotel. They seem like they’re ready to get back on the same page though as they are heading towards the bank as well. That leaves Harrison and Bergman, the champions, laid out and the furthest behind compared to the other teams!

STRONK and JPD make their way up the stairs of the bank and find Hollywood and Azula there. They immediately grab them and the two teams trade punches back and forth with one another. Hollywood goes for a superkick on STRONK, but STRONK manages to block it, pushing Hollywood backwards and through the window to the bank’s awning. STRONK steps through the window, yanks Hollywood off of his back, and chokeslams him onto the awning, the entire shaking and nearly buckling in the process. JPD meanwhile cracks Azula with a stiff uppercut that he follows up with a Paradigm Shift DDT that leaves Azula sprawled out. 

Joe Hoffman: That might be it for Azula for the foreseeable future! And maybe even Hollywood after STRONK chokeslammed him. My goodness, this is only getting worse and worse for everyone in this match. 

JPD steps out onto the awning with STRONK and the two look around, for a way to get up to the roof. As they’re looking around, they see Fuse and Bobinette stepping out onto the awning of the Saloon once again. JPD grabs STRONK and points over to them before he runs towards them, jumping over the gap in the awnings onto the saloon awning. JPD looks back at STRONK who looks apprehensive about doing so and shakes his head. JPD yells at STRONK to come on, and STRONK groans before he runs across the awning and leaps over, somehow his weight allowing him to clear the gap and as he lands on the saloon awning, the force at which he is STRONK shakes the entire awning, causing Fuse and Carey to fall down from the shock.

Joe Hoffman: Well, I never thought I would see STRONK jumping across awnings, but that is where we’re at in our lives. I don’t know if this is the best timeline or the worst one. JPD and STRONK rushing over to Carey and Fuse with STRONK connecting with a shoulder tackle on Fuse while JPD and Carey trade blows for the 500th time in this match until Carey manages to grab JPD and drops him with an atomic drop that she follows up with a clothesline. STRONK rushes at Fuse, who is on the ground, and Fuse manages to monkey flip him across the awning onto the bakery awning! 

STRONK lands hard on the awning, eyes wide open as Carey looks over at where STRONK is at and sees they can climb up the sign for the bakery. Carey runs across, barely making it across to the other awning where STRONK is at and Fuse follows after her. JPD slowly makes his way up to his feet to see Fuse battling with STRONK once again, trying to keep the behemoth off his feet, while Carey is trying to scramble up the signage of the bakery. He fights back to his feet and leaps across it, grabbing her and yanking her back down before connecting with a Pele kick to her face.

Joe Hoffman: These two teams are fighting as hard as they can to become the tag team champions! Speaking of champions, where are Harrison and Bergman?

Almost on cue, we hear the sound of hooves slamming into the ground and we get a great camera shot of Bergman and Harrison riding in on horses. Both of them stand as their horses get close to the awning for the bakery and leap off onto the awning! 

Joe Hoffman: Well, now I’ve seen everything.

Three teams are on top of the awning with Harrison and Bergman ignoring the fray between Fuse/STRONK and Carey/JPD to climb up the signage and find themselves that much closer to Joel Hortega, who is standing by the crate and looks like he is near nauseous due to being so far high up off the ground. As the other two teams realize what has happened, they stop their fighting and begin to scramble up the bakery sign as well until six of the eight competitors are on the roof.

Joe Hoffman: This is pure mayhem at this point as everyone is trading punches and trying to make their way up the side of the building to the top of the Saloon! Well, just about everyone.

We then see STRONK trying to lift his arms above his head to reach the top of the building, but he isn’t quite tall enough to make it. STRONK looks at this and is quite angry. JPD rushes over to STRONK and STRONK grabs him before throwing him up to the top of the building like a javelin.

Joe Hoffman: Well, that’s some creative thinking since I don’t think STRONK is going to be able to get up to the top of that building. Carey is trying to make it up, but she is struggling as well while Fuse is able to use his athleticism to get up to the roof and tackles JPD to the ground before he can reach the crate. Bergman manages to get up the side of the wall now and is up there with JPD and Fuse while Harrison cracks a stiff right to STRONK’s jaw and yanks Carey off of the edge of the building. 

Harrison cracks a back elbow to STRONK, who stumbles backward. As he does, Hollywood and Azula are seen coming across to the bakery awning. He looks over at them and then leaps off the bakery’s roof and connects with a flying crossbody onto Azula and Hollywood with all three then crashing through the awning and onto the wrap-around porch of the bakery!


STRONK is lying on top of a flattened Azula and Hollywood before he forces his way up to his feet, looks at the hole he created, pissed that he isn’t in the fray, and then sees a horse standing next to him. STRONK shakes his head and punches the horse as hard as he can, dropping the horse right where he stands. As the horse collapses from the sheer strength of STRONK GODSON, a banner appears on the screen for the viewers at home.



Back on the roof of the bakery, Harrison looks at what just happened and then at a rising Carey before he connects with the Crossface Chickenwing Suplex.


Harrison begins climbing to the saloon roof, where Fuse, JPD, and Bergman are trading blows. Fuse ducks a kick from JPD and connects with a superkick onto JPD, sending JPD crashing off the saloon roof and back onto the bakery’s roof!


We then see Fuse, Harrison, and Bergman circle one another. Fuse realizes the situation he is in and that no one is coming to save him. Harrison and Bergman move in on Fuse, but Fuse is ready for them as he connects with a spinning roundhouse kick to the jaw of Harrison and ducks under a clothesline from Bergman before connecting with a knee to the midsection. He then lifts Bergman up and drops him with a lungblower. Fuse makes his way back up to his feet and begins to make his way to the crate with the titles. Hortega steps back, wanting to stay away from this craziness.


Fuse puts his hand on the crate, but before he can make another move, Harrison grabs his foot and yanks him back towards him. Fuse yanks his foot away and Harrison makes his way up to his feet. Harrison connects with a stiff forearm to the face. Fuse nearly falls off the edge of the building, but grabs Harrison, pulls him into him, and connects with a Spanish Fly off the roof of the saloon onto the roof of the bakery.


Bergman looks over the edge at the carnage around him. Carey, Harrison, JPD, and Fuse on the roof of the bakery, out of it. Hollywood and Azula flattened. STRONK yelling at the other horse to fight him that Bergman came in on and a horse that has been knocked out. Bergman shakes his head before he crawls over to the crate, opens it, and extracts the Tag Team Championships.


Bergman clutches the titles as he lies on top of the saloon, victorious…

Joe Hoffman: What a spectacle that was. The Highwaymen literally retire the High Octane Wrestling Tag Team Championships and are now your first ever HOTv Tag Team Champions….but at what cost? Unbelievable match.

We then cut to another advert as HOW medics are seen rushing to get to everyone.

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Simon Sparrow vs Tyler Best©️

ICON Championship Match

Back, post PWA commercial, and we see the town of Tombstone, Arizona has settled into a subdued frenzy between matches, darkness slowly starting to cast over the area of the closed set where the wrestling ring has been erected. Dead Or Alive’s already seen blood split, dreams dashed, opportunities seized, and careers shortened.

Joe Hoffman: I think it goes without saying that our next match is one of the most highly anticipated of the night. The ICON Championship. Tyler Best versus Simon Sparrow…aka Jatt Starr. And unlike a lot of what we’ve seen here tonight, this is intended to be a straight-up wrestling match, folks. Boettcher, I expect, will be somewhat lenient with the rules, but I don’t think he’ll let this one devolve into a hardcore match.

The graphic for the ICON Championship match flashes onto the video wall, prompting a loud pop from the relatively small collection of fans seated at ringside. Their anticipation of what’s to come next is palpable. The feud between champion and challenger has come to a boil over the past month, and there’s sure to be no love lost between them after tonight.

Brian McVay: The following match is scheduled for ONE FALL with a 30-MINUTE TIME LIMIT… and is for the HIGH OCTANE WRESTLING ICON CHAMPIONSHIP!

The fans cheer, eager to kick things off.

Brian McVay: Introducing first… the challenger…

The opening guitar riffs of “Everybody Wants You” begins to play from the speakers around the ring, bringing the fans to their feet.

Brian McVay: From Havre, Montana… weighing in at 220 pounds… THE REMBRANDT OF WRESTLING! JATTTTT! STARRRRRRRRR!

“Everybody needs you!



Needs you!



Needs you!”

Simon Sparrow, or Jatt Starr as the Board chooses to call him, pushes through the black curtain, walking out onto the small, narrow stage. He steps down off the stage and makes the short walk to the ring, pointing and winking at the fans. It was only a few weeks ago when he defeated STRONK Godson in a ladder match to capture the LSD Championship. He subsequently dropped the title to Jace Parker Davidson not long after, but tonight he has an opportunity to humble the sociopathic, eighteen-year-old wunderkind, the prodigy known as Tyler Best, by taking his ICON Championship from him. There’s confidence in his eyes as he climbs the stairs and steps through the ropes into the ring.

Joe Hoffman: You’ve got to think this is a make-or-break match for the man some refer to as Sir Simon Sparrow. Tonight I’ll be doing as I’ve been instructed and calling him Jatt Starr. Not my choice. Starr looks focused and ready. You know he feels he has something to prove after the verbal onslaught unleashed by the champ in the weeks leading up to Dead Or Alive, and after losing the LSD Championship to Tyler’s fellow Board member, Jace Parker Davidson.

The limited throng of fans continue to cheer as the HOW Classic makes his way to his corner, turns, and gives the ropes a good yank. He takes a deep breath before fixing his eyes on the stage.

Brian McVay: And his opponent… Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 182 pounds… He is the Win-Fluencer, the GOD of SONS… He is the current reigning and defending High Octane Wrestling ICON Champion… TYYYYYYLER! BESSSSSST!

A moment later, the cheers turn to boos as the letters “T A B” flash onto the HOV. The letters drip 97RED as “War Child” by the Hollywood Undead blares from the sound system. Everyone in attendance is on their feet.

“I like to get my fucking fade on!

I’m feeling sexy, I’m like, “Ooh!”

Them haters try to get they hate on

But I’m too sexy, I’m like “Ooh!””

This could mean only one thing: the arrival of the GOD Of SONS.

Joe Hoffman: What Tyler Best’s been able to accomplish in his short time in High Octane Wrestling is incredibly impressive. The man won War Games in only his second match. He’s undefeated in singles competition. He’s perhaps the fastest rising star in the industry today. And if you think about all the pressure, all the expectations that come with being the grandson of HOW Owner Lee Best, and the son of HOW Hall of Famer and record ten-time World Champion Mike Best… There aren’t many guys in this business that would be able to not only meet but exceed those expectations. Tyler Best has. And this man’s career is just getting started here in High Octane Wrestling.

Tyler Best rips the curtain aside and steps out to a chorus of boos, the volume of which seems impossible for such a small group of fans, but they are really giving it their all to convey to the Win-Fluencer just how much they despise him. Tyler, in turn, smirks, soaking in the hate as he stands center stage, with the coveted ICON Championship belt dangling from his shoulder, arms lifted in the air in a dominant pose.

The kid’s wearing white, and he looks fantastic, shredded and ready for a fight, with malevolence burning in his eyes. He points to Sparrow and gives the cut-throat gesture, spewing verbal abuse at him. Audio briefly picks up what he’s saying, something to the effect of “I’m gonna fuck you up, Jatt!”

The trash-talking doesn’t stop when he hops off the stage and makes a beeline for the ring, passively giving the finger to the crowd without a single look in their direction. He’s all business.

The ICON Championship is the workhorse belt, and he intends to work Sparrow bell-to-bell. He plans on beating the fucking brakes off him.

Tyler stands outside the ring, screaming at the referee to back Sparrow up and give him space. The ref turns, guiding Sparrow back to his corner, and in the second or two that the challenger’s back is turned to his foe, Best slips underneath the bottom rope and BLASTS him in the back of the head with a running forearm strike.

Sparrow stumbles, turns, and drops to a seated position in his corner. The aggressive champion begins stomping his chest viciously as Boettcher tries to regain control.

Tyler turns, looks to the far side ropes, grins, and then takes off into them. Upon return, having picked up blazing speed, he drives the sole of his boot across Simon’s face!

Joe Hoffman: Best with a running face wash!

Finally the ref regains control, grabbing Tyler and backing him away from Sparrow. He calls for the bell once there’s enough distance between them, but Sparrow’s dazed and confused already, allowing an opportunistic Tyler Best to sprint into the corner with a stiff knee to the face!

Standing Sparrow up in the corner, Best rattles him with a series of jaw-jarring forearm strikes. One after another after another. There’s ill-intent behind each one, like he wants to end this thing early and head to the Board’s after party. He only stops when the pain in his own radius bone becomes too much and requires a bit of a reprieve. Make no mistake, however, there’ll be no such reprieve for the challenger.

Joe Hoffman: The champ attempts to shoot Starr across the ring into the opposite corner, but midway there he puts on the brakes, turns, and comes rushing back toward Best!

Best, despite his inexperience, has it scouted, and, in one seamless, fluid motion, lifts, turns, and seats Sparrow on the top turnbuckle. He pauses for only a split second before utilizing his impressive vertical leap to jump in the air and connect with a dropkick to Sparrow’s sternum, sending him tumbling backwards out onto the floor, smacking the edge of the ring apron on the way down.

Chants of “Fuck you, Tyler!” ring out from the crowd, as the champion scrambles quickly to the floor. Actually it’s not a floor at all but dirt-covered ground. There’s no protective mats to cushion any falls outside the ring, and that’s what Best is banking on as he hoists Sparrow up and body slams him down onto his spine!

He quickly rips Sparrow to his feet and flings him into the wood fence in front of the fans. The wood fence shakes violently, cracks in a spot or two. Best grabs Sparrow’s head and drives it not once, not twice, but three times into the wood, before taking a moment to jaw with the frontrow fans as Sparrow lays in a heap on the ground.

Joe Hoffman: Tyler Best giving the fans a piece of his mind while simultaneously stomping the challenger.

Best picks Sparrow up just long enough to drop him unceremoniously throat-first across the edge of the fence.

Boettcher pleads with Tyler to bring it back in the ring, but the eighteen-year-old Win-Fluencer only smirks and takes a moment to stand with all his weight on the throat of Sparrow, further stirring the crowd into a frenzy.

Best grabs Sparrow and tosses him back into the ring. Best stalks after Sparrow, dropping measured knees to the small of his back. Sparrow makes it to the center of the ring.

Launching his elbow back into the midsection of Best, doubling him over, Sparrow gets to his feet. He clubs Tyler between the shoulder blades, blasts him with a European uppercut, and reddens his chest with a blistering knife-edge chop.

Joe Hoffman: Starr cracks Best behind the head with a jumping enzuguri! Tyler drops to a knee on the canvas!

As Sparrow grabs him by the head, Tyler’s training kicks in—he grabs a single leg and drives forward to complete a takedown. Best seizes the opportunity to drop a few pinpoint elbows from Sparrow’s guard before the challenger can shrimp his way out from under him and scramble back to a vertical base.


Joe Hoffman: OOOOH! A VIOLENT kick by the champion!

A stiff middle kick from Best buries itself in the left side of Sparrow’s body, eliciting one long groan from the two hundred plus in attendance.

The ICON Champion notices his opponent stumble backward in a dazed state, and rushes forward with a flurry of efficient MMA-style punches, measuring distance with a doubled-up jab before landing a looping cross that staggers Sparrow back into the corner.

Best sprints in but gets caught by a rising boot from the challenger, sending pink saliva shooting from Best’s mouth.

Joe Hoffman: SMACK SPARROW! The challenger wallops the champion with a hard slap to the face! Best, still standing, reels back, clutching the side of his face. Best and Sparrow, now face-to-face, talking trash in the corner!

Best smashes Sparrow across the chest with a knife edge chop, putting every pound of body weight into the strike.

Sparrow drops to his knees—then shoots his arm up between Best’s legs, uppercutting him in the groin.

The crowd reacts with a low, drumming ‘ohhhh!’ followed closely by raucous cheers.

Best topples over into a heap on the mat.

Joe Hoffman: Jatt Starr, ever the opportunist, caught the GOD of SON’s slipping, hitting him with a low blow! Boettcher is admonishing Starr in the corner. I think he’s reluctant to officially throw this match out for such an infraction given this is a High Octane Wrestling pay-per-view. No surprise he’s being a bit more lenient here.

Within seconds, Sparrow has Best locked center-ring in a figure-four leg lock! As he lay on his back, writhing in pain, Tyler extends his arms toward the ropes, fingers stretched and splayed, but he doesn’t come close to reaching them.

Joe Hoffman: The challenger has the Win-Fluencer right where he wants him! Remember, everyone, we’re out in the open here in Tombstone! There’s no air conditioning here! The sun may have set, but the temperature here in town is at an all-time high!

Sweat pours from the young wrestling prodigy as he lays flat on his back in the middle of the ring, sucking in a few deep breaths.




Joe Hoffman: Best pops up to a seated position, stopping Boettcher’s count!

Best lands a right hand to Sparrow’s head. And another. And another! Just enough to loosen Sparrow’s legs’ vice-like hold on his own. Best transitions to half-guard on top of Sparrow and drops an elbow down into Sparrow’s mouth!

Joe Hoffman: Best trying to knock Starr’s teeth out!

Once again, Sparrow scrambles out from under Best. The two men exchange elbows as they rise to their feet. Best lands one, then Sparrow, then Best, then Sparrow, and on and on, and back and forth, it goes until the Rembrandt of Wrestling slips under and hits a bridging German suplex!




Joe Hoffman: NO! BEST KICKS OUT!

Tyler rolls over into his back. His chest expands and contracts as he sucks in air.

Sparrow, in his haste to snap his opponent over into a bridging German suplex, had smacked the back of his own head off the canvas.

And so both men lay on the mat, disoriented.

Both men then begin to stir at roughly the same time.

Joe Hoffman: The champion to his feet! The challenger on his way up—OH! Jatt surprises Best with an inverted atomic drop!

Sparrow hits the ropes and returns with a running forearm strike that stumbles the champion. He hoists Best up onto his shoulders—fireman’s carry position. Best struggles, pumping elbows into the side of the challenger’s head.

Best drops behind Sparrow.

Shoves him, sending Sparrow running into the corner, where Boettcher is positioned.

Joe Hoffman: Boettcher gets caught between Sparrow and the turnbuckles! He goes down!

Boettcher drops like a sack of potatoes, like the strings on the referee marionette were clipped all at once. Ragdoll physics, optimized.

The challenger notices what’s happened and sets about trying to revive Boettcher, who’s asleep on the mat in the corner of the ring.

Unfortunately for Sparrow, Tyler Best, like an alpha predator, has been quietly observing everything from several feet away.

Sparrow stands up, leaving the unconscious referee splayed on the mat. Best drives a forearm into the base of his neck, locks him in a full nelson, and snaps him over with a DRAGON SUPLEX!

Best rolls to the outside.

He pulls up the ring apron and searches under the ring.

Joe Hoffman: The champ looks like he’s got something specific in mind. Don’t know what it is, but I’d bet serious money that it won’t be good for Jatt Starr.

Best reappears from underneath the ring.


A dull, rusty knife, to be exact.

And he looks at it like it’s a free ticket to Disney World.

Tyler Best: I’m gonna scalp this, motherfucker!

Best nods, entering the ring and walking toward Sparrow, brandishing the antique hunting knife.

Joe Hoffman: Best has Sparrow—er, Starr in a seated position on the mat, and he’s got a handful of his blonde hair. What is he—HOLY SHIT!

Tyler Best: I said I’m gonna scalp this, motherfucker!

Sparrow fights with every ounce of strength in his body, redirecting it all to his arms, which are battling against Best’s, mid-“haircut.”

The challenger screams out as the blunt edge of the knife grinds and cuts the crown of his head. Warm blood trickles down his face. Still, he fights, gritting his teeth, to keep the sociopathic wrestling prodigy from flaying the top of his head.

Joe Hoffman: OOOOOHHHH! Best struck gold with that one! Starr’s cut open!

Sparrow’s forehead wound PISSES blood, soaking the mat around him. He did, however, manage to slap away the knife, sending it flying from the ring. Nevertheless, the damage has been done. Sparrow’s face is covered in blood in no time.

By the time Boettcher gets to his feet and shakes the cobwebs, Sparrow is a bloody mess and Best is stomping his head relentlessly in the corner.

Best drags him like a corpse from the corner, putting the ropes out of reach.

Joe Hoffman: Best makes the cover!




The champion brings the challenger to his feet and shoots him into the ropes with an Irish whip. Best doubles over for a back body drop, but Sparrow stutter-steps to a halt, grabs his opponent by the head, and delivers a knee smash facebreaker!

Joe Hoffman: Starr with a cover, now! Hooks the leg!




Best fires his shoulder off the mat just before the count of three. He grabs his chin, where the brunt of the impact of Sparrow’s knee smash facebreaker had landed, rolling his jaw around in pain.

Beginning to rally, Simon Sparrow plants his hand on the mat, using it to right the ship, and slowly rises to a vertical base.

His blood-drenched visage appears smack dab in the middle of the HOV, prompting sounds of concern from the fans in attendance. Sparrow wipes the blood from his eyes, then wipes his hand off on his stomach, smearing crimson across his abdomen.

With a handful of Tyler Best’s perfectly quaffed hair, he drags the champion to his feet, before hoisting him up into a fireman’s carry.

Joe Hoffman: Jatt’s face is covered in blood! The cut doesn’t look to be in any hurry to clot, either. If Starr continues to leak like this, the champ will have himself a decided advantage. But right now the challenger to the ICON Championship is in control!

Sparrow pops Best up before dropping to his own back and driving the point of his knees up into his opponent’s stomach with a gutbuster, driving all of the air from his lungs.

Sparrow doesn’t go for the cover, however; instead he opts to stumble his way over to the far side of the ring and step through the ropes out onto the apron.

Joe Hoffman: Starr calling for Best to get up!

Tyler slowly collects himself, still reeling from the offensive flurry of moves delivered by the Rembrandt of Wrestling. He’s not all there as he gets up and staggers around in the direction of Sparrow’s voice.

Joe Hoffman: Springboard dropkick by the challenger drops Best to the mat! The crowd is coming unglued here as Starr makes the pin!




Best pops his shoulder up at the last possible second, Boettcher’s hand left hovering mere centimetres above the mat!

Starr breathes deeply as he latches onto the Win-Fluencer with a headlock and drags him to his feet.

Joe Hoffman: The champ attempts to loosen Sparrow’s sleeper hold by burying elbows into his stomach, but Sparrow won’t let go!

Sparrow pops up into a backpack-type position, riding Best from behind, sleeper hold still tightly locked in.

Joe Hoffman: Starr making Best carry all 220 pounds of his body weight. Best is, of course, the smaller man in this match. This has got to be sapping his strength and wearing him out!

Best reaches out and grabs the top rope.

Boettcher begins to count: “ONE! TWO!”

He urges Sparrow to break the hold.


Sparrow drops to his feet behind Best, hold still applied, and forcefully yanks him away from the ropes.


The sleeper hold drop drives the champion down onto his shoulders and neck. Sparrow grabs both his legs and pulls them back as he sits on Best’s chest for the pin attempt.




Both men lay on the mat, exhausted. Sparrow turns over onto his stomach and presses his face down into the mat, blotching the canvas with thick syrupy blood, an attempt by him to clear his face and make it easier to see. He’s been flying blind during the last few exchanges, operating solely on feel.

Sparrow gets to his feet, pulls a dazed and confused Tyler Best up, and slips behind, looking for a German suplex.

Joe Hoffman: No! Best has the German scouted! This kid’s got an encyclopedic knowledge of all things suplex, and right now he’s using it to defend the German attempt by the challenger, getting low and redistributing his weight!

The crowd boos wildly as Best manages to pull apart Sparrow’s hands and perform a smooth back-switch.

Best hooks both of Sparrow’s arms behind his head…

Joe Hoffman: Bridging DRAGON SUPLEX swings the momentum back in the ICON Champion’s favour! Boettcher in to make the count!



Joe Hoffman: THREE! NO! NO! Sparrow kicks out just in the nick of time! How close was that!

Frustrated, Tyler Best stands up, a hand gripping the back of his neck, nursing a dull, persistent ache. He drags Sparrow to his feet.




Three solid roundhouse kicks to the sternum and midsection of Sparrow, who wobbles but refuses to go down. He snapmares Sparrow over into a seated position on the mat—then THWACK! THWACK! THWAAAACK! hits him with three more targeted kicks to the spine.

He grabs Sparrow by the arm and drags him to the nearest corner.

Joe Hoffman: Best out onto the apron… now climbing to the top rope…

Best stands perched on the top rope, his back to the ring.

He closes his eyes.


Joe Hoffman: MOONSAULT!

Sparrow instinctively rolls out of harm’s way!

Joe Hoffman: But nobody’s home! The champion crashes and burns!

The fans are on their feet, cheering loudly as they watch a replay of Tyler Best’s missed moonsault attempt, delighting in watching him wipe out on the canvas, his body bouncing off the mat.

A bloody, battered Sparrow, again, takes a second to wipe his face on the mat and give his head a shake. He knows just how close Best was to connecting with the moonsault. At this stage in the match, any mistake can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Joe Hoffman: Starr back up. He’s got a hold of Best—no, the champ slaps Sparrow’s hand away and rolls out to the apron!

Using the ropes to support himself, Tyler stands up on the apron, getting to his feet just as Sparrow is closing in on him. He fires a forearm into the side of the challenger’s head, sending him stumbling back a step.

Sparrow shakes off the blow and grabs Best, trying to suplex him back into the ring. Best hooks his foot around the bottom rope to block it. He grabs a handful of Sparrow’s pants and turns the tables, trying for a suplex of his own to the ground below. Sparrow manages to shift his weight and land safely on the ring apron next to Best.

Joe Hoffman: Sparrow jams a finger in the Win-Fluencer’s eye! But Best retaliates, hitting him blindly with a kick to the stomach to double him over! Best trying now for a snap suplex on the edge of the ring apron!

The two men struggle and jockey for position. Best manages to lift Sparrow’s feet an inch or two off the mat before the challenger can save himself once more. Simon punches him in the ribs, causing the champion to break the suplex attempt.

Sparrow backs up a couple of steps, then runs forward along the ring apron.


A cloud of dust is kicked up by the exploder suplex by Best. Champion and challenger lay sprawled on the outside of the ring, the fans providing a chorus of boos and “HOLY SHIT!” chants.

The cameraman gets a downward shot of Simon Sparrow’s face, and it’s plain to see the wound on his forearm hasn’t let up, not one bit, and is still gushing blood.

The flat-back bump the champion took in delivering the exploder off the apron has him wheezing and sucking in precious gulps of Arizona air. It felt as though his internal organs shifted inside of him. However, he can take solace in knowing if he feels this miserable, Sparrow must feel worse.

And that’s a fair enough trade.

Best slowly, gingerly begins the excruciating climb to his feet. He stumbles back against the wood fence separating the fans from the ringside area, the same wood fence he bounced Sparrow’s head off earlier in the match.

Ignoring the pain in his lower back, Best rips a lifeless Sparrow off the ground and tosses him back-first into the wood fence, then hits him with a few looping punches to the head to keep him dazed long enough to allow him to enter the ring again.

Joe Hoffman: I don’t know what the ICON Champion is thinking right now. Starr is out on his feet. He should be trying to get him back in the ring.

The crowd lets out a collective gasp as Best sprints onto the opposite set of ropes and, upon return, torpedos himself through the top and middle rope, his arm bent at a ninety degree angle, elbow aimed directly at Sparrow’s face.

Joe Hoffman: SUICIDE DIVE by the champion! OH NO!

The wood fence holding up Sparrow breaks with the force of the 180-plus pound Best launching himself like a rocket into the challenger! They go through the wood fence into the crowd, sending the fans scurrying for safety.

Best is up shortly thereafter, worse for wear but otherwise in better shape than his opponent.

He clutches the left side of his ribs, where a jagged piece of wood had gouged him, producing a thin trickle of blood that runs down, spotting his white tights.

With a handful of Sparrow’s blood-tinged blonde hair, he walks him back toward the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Best tosses Starr back inside the ring. Best in after him—waiting for the challenger to stand up…

The GOD of SONS eyes the bloody, wobbly Sparrow with predatory intent. The fans chant for the challenger, hoping to will a last-ditch defensive manoeuvre from him to counter what’s to come next.

Sparrow stumbles around in a circle.

Joe Hoffman: STREETS SWEEPER—NO! Sparrow shoves him off into the ropes! Catches Best off the rebound with a sleeper hold! He could be looking for another Simon Says!

Best swings his arm back around, hooking it behind Sparrow. He lifts him up for a back suplex, but Sparrow slips out the backdoor, landing on his feet behind Best!

He takes off into the ropes…

Best turns.


Sparrow smartly targets the wounded ribs of the champion, driving his shoulder into his torso with a bone-crunching SPEAR!

Joe Hoffman: Cover by Starr! Boettcher counts!









Sparrow’s in a state of disbelief, the full extent of the astonishment etched into his face concealed behind a thick layer of both fresh and coagulated blood. Seated on the mat, he looks at the referee, holding up three fingers. Boettcher shakes his head.

Sparrow gets to his feet once more and picks up Best.

Joe Hoffman: Starr is going for it! He’s hooking Best up for the Falling Star!

The crowd instantly turns from cheering to booing as the champion frees himself and spins the challenger around…














Chants of “SPARROW! SPARROW!” ring out as Tyler Best drags Sparrow to a standing position. He lifts him up onto his shoulders.

Joe Hoffman: The champion might be looking for the Ty-Breaker here! But Starr is fighting with every last bit of strength he has in his body! Elbows to the side of Best’s head!

Sparrow slips out, hits the ropes…


Best drops to his knees, lowering himself such that he is positioned under Sparrow as he goes for the spear. He seamlessly houses him up into the fireman’s carry position, Sparrow’s legs wildly kicking, trying to free himself one more time!


Best drives Sparrow into the canvas at an awkward angle with his fireman’s carry uranage!
















Joe Hoffman: The champion RETAINS the ICON Championship in an INCREDIBLY close match! You have to think Sparrow’s insane blood loss played a role in Best picking up the victory here tonight.

The bell rings and “War Child” by the Hollywood Undead begins to blare from the audio system. Tyler Best sits on the mat beside an unconscious Simon Sparrow, both covered in blood, most of it Sparrow’s.


The champion slowly gets to his feet, where he’s handed the ICON Championship belt by Boettcher. He coolly slings it over his shoulder and exits the ring, limping past the fans with a shit-eating grin plastered on his face and his torso smeared with his opponent’s blood like abstract art.

The GOD of SONS looks back one final time to see that Sparrow, bloody and laying in a heap, still has not moved… before disappearing through the curtain, as Dead Or Alive heads to another advert.

Chris Kostoff vs Lee Best

Last Man Standing Match

Back post 24 Hour rule advert and we cut live inside the military tent behind the HOV where we see Joe Hoffman standing by once again.

Joe Hoffman: Ladies and Gentlemen up next is the match before original HOW Hall of Famer Chris Kostoff and the man that created it all….Lee Best. For 20 years these men have been going after each other. For YEARS Lee has put hundreds of wrestlers between himself and Kostoff and quite often his own Family……..but tonight it is just Lee and Kostoff who will be going to war. BUT….before we get to that…I am happy to welcome in a special guest that is here for this match and this match only…..

The hard camera zoomed in Joe’s face slowly pans back and we see another Hall of Famer came into view.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back Benny Newell!!!!

Benny gives the camera a salute as we see the man is wearing a neck brace around his neck.

Benny Newell: When Lee called me and asked me personally to call this match I obviously had questions, but Lee didn’t want to give me answers. But what he did give me…..well let’s just say I give his new diet of Powder, Vitamins and STRONKUMMS two thumbs up. TWO!

Joe Hoffman: Now Benny…what is up with the neck brace? The last time we saw you we saw Conor Fuse headbutting you at War Games……

Benny Newell: And? That was a headbutt from a TRAINED and LEVELED UP killer. The force from that headbutt caused my head to whip back so violently……well let’s just say I am lucky to be alive. It hurts….it HURTS to even speak Joe. It is a fucking miracle I am even here tonight. Only the request from GOD himself got me here. SO ya Joe……I am wearing a neck brace from a fucking headbutt.

Benny shakes his head slowly as winces in pain.

Joe Hoffman: Well, if you are lucky to be alive one has to wonder who will be leaving Dead or Alive just as lucky. There is no doubt Kostoff has the advantage tonight…no matter how much Lee has been taking vitamins and eating STRONKUMMS. Kostoff is in the Hall of Fame. Lee is an OLD MAN who oh by the way is still getting treatments for CANCER. There is ONLY one way that Lee survives tonight…and that is thru shenanigans.

Benny Newell: Lee alluded to that already Joe. Did you not watch any of his promos?? The advantage is mentally for Lee. If you do not think he doesn’t have a plan tonight…you are a fucking Redding.

Joe Hoffman: Huh? Who? What?

Benny Newell: MOVING ON JOE……

Joe can only shake his head as he does in fact move on.

Joe Hoffman: It is indeed time to move on. The 20 Year War ends tonight. Let’s head over to the far side of town where Brian Bare is standing by.

The feed cuts to Brain Bare standing in front of the 97red building labeled “Undertaker”.

Brian Bare: Thanks Joe and Benny. Folks… a matter of mere moments we will see Chris Kostoff and Lee Best battle it out here on the streets of Tombstone where the only way to win the match is literally to end the life of your opponent. High Octane Wrestling has been called a murder death company and the infamous Mike Best vs. Max Kael match did not help matters. But tonight…..this is different. It has often been said that Lee and Kostoff will ALWAYS come back no matter what we see on our television screens over the years. For 20 years these two have seen their families get involved and even their children. These two have AGREED to end it all tonight. I personally have no business even have a job here still at HOW and I am personally rooting for Lee to come out on top. He took a chance on me many years ago and I cannot even fathom High Octane Wrestling without Lee. No disrespect to the Son or the rest of the Board……but there is no HOW without Lee. With that said, lets cut over to Blaire Moise who has her own thoughts tonight.

The feed cuts to Blaire Moise who is stationed at the town entrance with a large TOMBSTONE sign behind here.

Blaire Moise: Thank you Brian. Even though there are only 250 fans sitting ringside tonight for the action we know obviously more than that lives here in Tombstone. There are 1,205 citizens here in this 145 year old city and most were escorted OUT of town earlier today in lieu of the potential violence for this HOW PPV. We are told the town was given a quite a large lump sum by Lee Best and rumors are that it was all the PWA money that was earmarked for potential raises for the roster and staff. I cannot confirm that obviously but either way the townsfolk have JUST now been allowed to reenter the town.

The feed cuts to an overhead shot of the town and we see hundreds of citizens walking into the town past the town sign and Blaire.

Blaire Moise: They have been advised to stay away from the two areas designated for these last two matches of the evening but there is no way to properly predict what will happen here in this match between Kostoff and Lee.

The feed cuts back to a hard shot of Blaire once again.

Blaire Moise: Now regarding who I want, and think will win tonight….well to be there is no one more equipped to finally bring the end of the Best reign than one Chris Kostoff. I do not believe there is any other person in this world that could keep Lee from going other than this man. We have seen the Son leave and go to Utah and Lee kept it going. We have seen a number of men leave the right hand of GOD and Lee always kept it going…….but this feels different and quite honestly I HOPE Kostoff wins. If that means I will not have a job tomorrow but the pure evil that is Lee is gone forever…..I am ok with that. I am sure someone in PWA needs some help….or maybe I can go ask some other coked out wrestling owners for a job. Either way…..Kostoff is winning tonight, and the end is here for Lee. Back to you Joe…

We cut away from Blaire and back to the military tent.

Benny Newell: That ungrateful bitch.

Joe Hoffman: Now now Benny. You have seen how Lee has treated women and everyone else over the years. Why we all still work for man is beyond me. It is like he has some sort of cult like control over us. Every time we want to leave or try to leave…..he talks us back in. It is a…

Benny Newell: It is a fucking MIRACLE that he wants you around. Ungrateful fucks. You ALL will not appreciate the impact Lee has had on this business until he is gone….and I for one KNOW that is not tonight. Nope. Not happening.

Joe Hoffman: You heard it from Blaire, and she is right. NO ONE else could truly rid the pro wrestling world of Lee Best other than Chris Kostoff. NO ONE…..and we are about to find that out….

The feed cuts away to a video hyping and showcasing the 20 year old feud between Lee Best, Chris Kostoff and both their families.

The almost ten minute video ends with an overhead shot of an already dug out empty grave. The camera zooms in and we see that there is already a coffin inside the grave. The lid is not on and sits next to the dug out hole.

The video ends and we cut one more time to Joe and Benny.

Joe Hoffman: There we go folks. I know this match was announced as a Last Man Standing match but let’s be honest. This is Last Man Breathing match. This match will NOT be for anyone. These two men will be fighting for themselves and their families. This is it. It is time.

The cameras cut off from Joe and Benny and we cut once again to the Hotel where we see Chris Kostoff making his way out of the building. He adjusts his eye patch and begins walking towards the undertaker building where we just saw Brian Bare a few minutes ago.

Joe Hoffman: Kostoff is all business as to be expected. He has his customary blue jeans on with boots on. No shirt. Eye patch. All business. Clearly focused here.

Benny Newell: Dead man walking.

Joe Hoffman: Folks we will NOT see any referees in this match. Instead, several HOW medical staffers are located throughout this portion of town and a couple are staged inside what the locals call Boothill cemetery. This cemetery houses the remains of several men that were killed in the O.K. Corral shootout and also men that were part of the Bisbee massacre. A fitting final resting place for Lee Best if I say so myself.

Benny Newell: Good thing it is not up to you asshole.

Back on the streets and we see Chris Kostoff is standing in the middle of the street and is waiting on Lee’s arrival.

We cut to an overhead view of the street and as we pan out we see dust kicking up from the entrance of town.

Cameras capture a man riding a horse and it is clearly Lee Best…..and he is alone.

Benny Newell: PAPA BEST!!!!

Lee rides into town and turns right and heads towards where Kostoff is waiting.

Joe Hoffman: No entrance music. No fireworks. This is as barebones as you can get. This will not be a wrestling match. This will be a fight. A brawl. This will be a……

Joe stops in midsentence as we see Lee lean forward on his horse and whips the horse violently as they charge at Kostoff…..

Joe Hoffman: He isn’t slowing down!!!!

Kostoff glares at the rushing horse and at the very last minute he dives to his left and avoids getting ran over by Lee and his black mustang.

Dust swirls as Lee turns the horse violently to the left and pulls back on the reigns. The horse comes to a stop and Lee immediately jumps down off the horse and begins walking briskly towards Kostoff who is down on the ground still.

Joe Hoffman: Does he have a ……..he has a gun??

To reinforce that point Lee brings the gun up to shoulder level and fires off a shot at Kostoff.

The bullet hits right above the man’s head and embeds itself into the building. Kostoff dives inside the front door narrowly avoids a second shot.

Cameramen follow behind Lee as he walks down the middle of the road and leans into to see inside the building….the door literally knocked off its hinges from Kostoff barreling into the building.

Lee shoots another shot as he sees Kostoff peek his head around the corner of a wall.

Kostoff quickly runs across the room and Lee fires off two more shots but both miss.

Joe Hoffman: He is empty right? That was six?

Lee enters the building slowly and sees Kostoff darting thru the back door and Lee fires once again….

This time Kostoff goes down.

Benny Newell: Where did you learn how to count? The Dark Knight?

Joe Hoffman: Huh? What? Kostoff just got shot folks….can someone get a camera back there and see if he…..

Joe is cut off as we see cameras in position as Kostoff limps his way out of the undertaker building and into an area just adjacent to the cemetery.

Benny Newell: Dammit. He’s still up……but the big man is bleeding!!

Kostoff looks down at his leg and we see that the last shot by Lee landed on the Hall of Famer’s right hip.

The cameras cut now fully outside as we see Lee emerge from the back of the building and he smiles as he sees that he landed a shot.

Lee Best: Ah you thought there were going to be punches and kicks and maybe a No Remorse or two? The fuck you think was going to happen here Kostoff? Look at you…just standing there bleeding.

Kostoff pushes his right hand hard into his hip as he tries to apply pressure to the wound.

Joe Hoffman: Well whatever physical advantage Kostoff had is now out the window.

Benny Newell: Amazing commentary there Joe. Can you at least acknowledge that once again Lee has gotten the better of Kostoff mentally??

Back to the action and we see Lee start to reload.
Lee Best: Lucky Solex and I aren’t seeing eye to eye right now or that would have been a .50 cal ripping your fucking hip apart. Instead, I promised these old fucks I would use this old ass six shooter. You know how HARD it is to get a FOID card?

Lee is no longer smirking. He is just flat out smiling from ear to ear as he reloads his gun. As he drops the first couple bullets into the chamber he doesn’t realize that Kostoff is no longer just standing there and bleeding.


He is RUNNING at Lee.

As Lee drops the fifth bullet into the chamber he glances up and his damaged eyes grow wide as the manic look in Kostoff’s one eye is enough to cause him to fumble the bullet and he drops the bullets and gun to the ground.

He kneels down to pick up the gun and just as he secures the gun and begins to raise it he is taken off his feet by a vicious right hand by the Hall of Famer.

Lee goes flying backwards and crumples to the ground.

Kostoff bends down and cringes with pain as he picks up the gun and now it is him on the hunt.

Benny Newell: Ok this is too much. Lee was REALLY trying to shoot him…SOMEONE HELP HIM OUT!!!!

Kostoff stands over Lee and drops to a knee…..his knee landing directly on Lee’s chest and he points the gun at Lee.

Kostoff: Open up that man pleaser…… up WIDE……

The Hall of Famer pushes the gun up against the mouth of Lee who refuses to open his mouth, but Kostoff pushes the barrel of the gun down and the sound of steel and teeth is too much even for Lee.

Joe Hoffman: I think I am going to throw up…..I cannot watch…..

Slowly Lee’s mouth opens up and Kostoff shoves the barrel down the throat of Lee until we hear the GOD of HOW gagging.

Kostoff: You just couldn’t fight huh? You just weren’t man enough to go out with some honor. Fuck it.

Kostoff’s thumb pulls back on the hammer of the gun and his finger taps the trigger lightly.

Kostoff: Look at me Lee…..LOOK AT ME!!!

The big man rips the eye patch off his head, and he puts his face within inches of Lee’s while he keeps the gun in his mouth.

Lee, with no choice, looks up at Kostoff and the two men exchange a look with only one good eye between them……but it is enough.

A calm slowly comes over Lee and he nods his head slowly to Kostoff.

Joe Hoffman: Lee is resigned to what is about to happen…..he just nodded for Kostoff to finish him off!!!!!

Kostoff: I would have been fine with just an ass kicking Lee. You didn’t have to die. You should have just taken your ass kicking and dusted yourself off and kept the MACHINE rolling…..YOU CHOSE THIS!!!

The camera captures a solitary tear slowly roll down the cheek of Lee as he slowly closes his eyes.

Kostoff puts his head down and pulls the trigger.


Lee flinches as the trigger releases the hammer of the gun.

But there is no bullet.

Kostoff looks down at the gun and realizes the ONE CHAMBER that was not filled by Lee is the one that just tried to fire.

Benny Newell: YESS!!!!!

Kostoff quickly pivots to pull the trigger again………


Lee nails him in his blind side with a rock that was just within Lee’s grasp and Kostoff falls off Lee just as the gun goes off.

Lee screams out in pain as the bullet goes out the side of his cheek as the gun was partially still in his mouth as Kostoff fell off him.

Joe Hoffman: Oh my God. Kostoff just shot out the right cheek of Lee!!!

Cameras follow Lee as he rolls around in the dirt holding his cheek as blood is pouring from the right side of his head.

Kostoff can be seen staggering to his feet. Blood gushing from his left temple. He looks over at Lee and looks around for the gun. He sees it a few feet away and he staggers over to it…..clearly in pain from his own gunshot…

Joe Hoffman: Both men are shot and bloodied….nothing is shocking here.

Benny Newell: Well, this is what we all were afraid of…they would KILL each other….fucking 50/50 booking. I hate it.

Joe Hoffman: Um…well… do you know that…..ah never mind….

Kostoff, finally reaching the gun, bends down and after securing it, slowly stands back up and turns back towards Lee….

Who is also standing up.

Lee Best: Fuck you Kostoff. I shot you… shot me….fuck this……you wanted a fight…lets fucking fight.

Lee raises his fists up and staggers into a fighting stance.

Kostoff smirks at Lee and then tosses the gun to the side.

Kostoff: I know what the fuck you are doing….and I do not give a fuck. Let’s fucking finish this.

The Hall of Famer begins limping towards Lee who slowly starts backtracking…..

Joe Hoffman: Maybe the gun would have been better choice for Lee.

Benny Newell: Fuck off Joe.

Lee actually turns his back towards Kostoff and starts walking frantically towards the entrance to the graveyard. HOW medics and cameramen are on the ready as they see Lee and Kostoff making their way towards them.

Kostoff, smiling the whole time, continues to stalk Lee as he knows exactly where they are heading.

Joe Hoffman: Well, here we are folks. A couple gunshots later and we are here at the graveyard where this is going to end. It has not been nothing more than blunt force viewing here folks.

Benny Newell: All it was ever meant to me. You want to watch wrestling moves watch this show back later on HOTv and watch Spanish Fly’s onto bank rooftops. This is about fucking ending another man’s life. It was never meant to be a marathon. Lee needed to end this quickly…and right now its not looking good. He literally missed his shots.

Back to the action and we see Lee has made it to the graveyard and is falls to the ground as he trips over the uneven footing.

He begins to crawl and as he looks back he sees that Kostoff is merely a few feet away….Lee reaches out and his fingertips grab ahold of a nearby shovel just as Kostoff begins to reach out for him.



Joe Hoffman: NOOOOO!!!!!!

Kostoff crumples to the ground as Lee drops the shovel and reaches out his hand.

The two men that just hit Kostoff over the head with their own shovels, reach out their hands and pull Lee up to his feet.

Lee nods at both men and motion for them to pull Kostoff up.

Joe Hoffman: Well, we knew there would be bullshit like this…yes I am calling bullshit here. Yes I cursed but Jesus H. Christ……Lee got these two??

Benny Newell: What is surprising…everyone saw the news that they just signed to PWA…and they signed thru LEE…THEY OWE LEE???

The two men, Bobby Dean and Doozer, pull Kostoff up to his feet and Dean quickly embraces Kostoff with a giant bear hug lifting the man off the ground……..and after taking a few steps back…….Doozer rushes and executes a perfect jumping clothesline sending Kostoff back first into the grave. Kostoff lands awkwardly on the coffin inside the grave and the side of it shatters under the force of Kostoff falling on it.

Kostoff is limp as Dean and Doozer high five each other before turning back to Lee.

Doozer, seeing Lee still bleeding from the bullet wound in his cheek, literally rips off his 0097EE colored shirt, balls it up, and places it on the cheek of Lee. The GOD of HOW nods as he places his hand on the shirt and puts pressure on the shirt.

The blood quickly turns the shirt from a 0097EE blue to a 970000 colored red.

Joe Hoffman: Doozer literally giving Lee the shirt off his back. Well, we know why Lee took these two back. He preyed on Doozer’s anger towards the higher ups in PRIME and we know full well that the HOTv Tag Team Championships are no doubt part of whatever deal these men have brokered.

Benny Newell: No Shit Sherlock?

Back in the graveyard the two Bandits are looking down into the grave and they see Kostoff still breathing…although shallow.

Dean and Doozer walk over to Lee and the two men wait on further instruction.

Lee Best: I got it from here guys. You upheld your part of the bargain.

Doozer and Dean look behind them and see that Kostoff is still unmoving. Both men nod their heads in agreement and begin to walk away. As they walk off we see Lee slumps down to the ground again. The blood loss starting to take its toll.

Lee reaches over and grabs the shovel he was initially going for and after grabbing it he turns back towards the grave.

Lee Best: Michael used this a long time ago……this time……this time……we finish it.

Lee sits at the edge of the grave and slowly steps into it. He turns and grabs the shovel once again after setting it down briefly to enter the grave.

He turns and aims directly for the neck of Kostoff….

Benny Newell: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

But as Lee turn he was met with Kostoff sitting up and grabbing him by the throat. Lee drops the shovel, and his eyes grow wide as Kostoff squeezes his throat tighter. The big man staggers to his feet, his hip still bleeding from the gunshot earlier……….and lifts Lee off the ground and chokeslams him hard onto the ground OUTSIDE of the grave.


Kostoff pulls himself up and exits the grave. Lee rolls over and starts to crawl away from the big man but Kostoff quickly places a foot on the back of Lee’s neck and stops him.

Reaching down Kostoff pulls Lee up to his feet and promptly picks him up….turns…..and NO REMORSES the GOD of HOW into the grave.


Kostoff shakes his leg out as he looks down at Lee who is laid out six feet under. Kostoff can see that Lee is breathing…..albeit labored breaths.

The HOW Hall of Famer begins looking for weapons around him and then just looks back at Lee and just smiles as he looks down at his own bloodied hands..

Kostoff: Time for one more old fashioned ending…….

The Hall of Famer jumps down into the grave, wincing in pain as he does, and looks down at his longtime nemesis.

Kostoff: I want you to look me in the eye as your last breath escapes you…..

Joe and Benny are in complete silence as Kostoff kneels on the chest of Lee and wraps both his hands around the neck of Best and begins to squeeze.

Lee starts slapping at the hands and wrists of Kostoff as he struggles to breathe. He looks up at Kostoff and his vision begins to fade as the oxygen to his brain has been cut off.

Kostoff squeezes even harder as he leans his head back as Lee tries to gauge at his eyes.

Finally, Lee’s arms begin to go limp as HOW Medics rush in around the grave and are seen staring down at Kostoff and Lee.

Joe Hoffman: The literal heart and soul of HOW is dying right in front of our eyes Benny…….Benny?

Benny is no longer listening as he has tossed his headset to the side and can be seen standing with his hands on top of his head…..pacing…..trying to keep his composure.

Back in the grave we see Lee’s left arm go completely limp while his right hand slowly starts to fall to his side. As it does he points skyward with his final amount of energy…….before the world turns black.


The universal sound for something bad that happens unexpectedly….

Kostoff immediately loses his grip and falls forward…landing on top of Lee.

We see that Lee was not pointing at some higher power….nope….he was pointing at someone, as we see the cameraman turns quickly, and we see that one of the HOW medics is now in the grave standing behind Kostoff.

A weapon that was in his hand is no longer there.

Instead……its sitting in the back of Kostoff’s neck and sticking out the other side in the middle of his throat.

Kostoff can be heard choking on his own blood as the medic pulls him off of Lee.

The medic puts his fingers on the neck of Lee, and he feels a slight pulse.


The man pulls Lee up and puts him on his shoulder. He then stands on the good edge of the coffin and puts Lee back on solid ground on the edge of the grave. The man then pulls himself up and immediately smacks Lee hard across the face.


Then again


Lee’s eyes finally snap open, and he gasps for some air as we see blood spit out of the side of his mouth where he was shot earlier as airflow returns to his body.

Lee’s vision slowly returns and he sees the medic looking down at him and he smiles.

Lee Best: Plan B. Always have a fucking backup plan.

The man smiles as he stands up and pulls Lee up to his feet and we finally see him in plain sight.

Benny Newell: Cancer Fucking Jiles. OF COURSE he was the backup plan. Lee is DYING of Cancer and he just invoked CANCER to save his ass!!!

Cancer Jiles pulls Lee close and the two men share a hug. As we see the two men embrace we see pieces of the shirt off of Doozer’s back still stuck to Lee’s cheek. He motions for Jiles to check on Kostoff as he holds his cheek in pain.

Jiles steps back to the edge of the grave and look down at Kostoff and as he does a hand grabs him by the ankle and yanks on it hard.

Jiles falls back on his back, and he is quickly dragged into the grave.

Lee begins backpedaling immediately as he sees two bloody hands reach out from the grave and we see Kostoff pulling himself out.

The scalpel that Jiles stabbed him with gone……just blood gushing down the front and back of Kostoff.

Benny Newell: I mean come on….really? Someone drop a fucking BOMB on this dude….

Lee backs up all the way to the edge of the stone wall that surrounds the graveyard, and he just motions for Kostoff to end it.

Kostoff charges at Lee and delivers a massive big boot to the side of his head and the force of the blow causes a sickening sound as skull meeting stone echoes throughout.

Kostoff, wasting no movement, pulls up to his feet and whips him hard into another section of the stone wall. Lee hits it shoulder first and crumples to the ground.

Kostoff once again sits on the chest of the GOD of HOW and places his hands around the neck of Lee hell bent on finishing what he started.

Blood drips from Kostoff’s throat onto the body of Lee and soon enough its too tough to know who’s blood is who’s.

Once again Lee begins to go black as he looks up at Kostoff who is struggling to breathe as well.

He leans his head back again as Lee tries for the good eye of Kostoff……and as Kostoff leans back Lee grabs at the man….but not for his eye…..but the hole in his neck.

Lee grabs ahold of Kostoff’s neck and pulls down hard…….ripping the flesh and throat open even more.

Kostoff immediately let’s go of Lee and falls to his back on the ground as he tries to cover up his throat from bleeding….but to no avail.

Lee, sensing the time is now, crawls over to Kostoff and begins rolling the man towards the grave….using his head…his arms…..everything in his being to get the big man to the grave.

As he nears the grave we see Jiles slowly making his way out of the grave and he watches as Lee finally pushes Kostoff into the hole.

Lee falls face first into the dirt but then slowly gets to his feet. He staggers behind the headstone and pulls out an aluminum can. He turns the knob open and begins dumping liquid into the grave and onto Kostoff.

As the can empties he tosses it into the grave and motions towards Jiles….

Lee Best: Gimme a light Cancer……oh the fucking irony.

Jiles smiles and tosses a lighter at Lee. Lee turns and picks up the torn pieces of Doozer’s shirt and lights the shirt on fire…….and tosses it into the grave.

Kostoff immediately begins screaming out as the flames engulf him.

The HOW medics rush to help but Lee tells them that is NOT their job today.

Lee Best: Let him burn……

The GOD of HOW drops to his knees at the edge of the grave and watches as Kostoff stops yelling and is now just melting away.

Lee, takes some deep breathes, taking in the fumes and takes one final look down into the grave.

Lee Best: You were always the Viking of HOW and tonight I send you home to Valhalla…….a Viking Funeral if you will……

Joe Hoffman: I don’t have any words right now…


We cut back to the grave where the fire has been put out. A HOW medic confirms the obvious.

Kostoff is dead.

Upon hearing that, Lee smirks and then suddenly slumps to the ground.

HOW medics rush to his attention as we cut to black.

Steve Solex vs Christopher America©️

World Championship Match

Back from the advert for Rumble at the Rock and we once again join Joe Hoffman:

Joe Hoffman: Sobering news. We were on a high all night for the great action and that fight between Kostoff and Lee just brought us all down. That should have never happened…it should have never been booked and it should have never been allowed to go as long as it did. Shame on everyone for allowing that to happen.

Joe looks at the camera angrily as he continues on.

Joe Hoffman: Not only did we lose a Hall of Famer tonight who gave his EVERYTHING to this company over the last twenty years….we have received word that it is not looking good for Lee Best either. He has been flown out of tombstone via medical helicopter and I honestly do not know if he will be around come tomorrow morning. He might live…but his time in HOW might be finally over. It is just a shame that all that goodwill we built up all night was squashed by… whatever you want to call what we just watched.

Joe shuffles some random papers around as he is livid.

Joe Hoffman: We also lost Benny Newell who flew out with Lee on the medical helicopter. He was clearly distraught by the whole ordeal and you know what….so am I. What about those damn Bandits? What did they ever do to deserve another chance with Lee Best and High Octane Wrestling? I mean honestly. I saw no good coming of them signing PWA contracts and I sure as heck am not looking forward to hearing the WHY from there which we all know is coming at some point here on HOTv. What a damn shame.

Joe shakes his head one final time before realizing just how unprofessional he is being and he quickly snaps out of it.

Joe Hoffman: But that is what embodies High Octane Wrestling. You get a little bit of everything here. We. Are. Not. Done. Up next is our World Championship Match where Christopher America will defend against Steve Solex. This has been the feud of the year and quite honestly I have no clue how this one is going to go. The only advantage can see right now is with Solex after his attack on America…..but again America is going to be looking for revenge. Where you might stand on this one…….this is another one that will NOT be pretty folks. This is going to be a literal War inside the squared circle and it is time.

We cut away from Joe to the other side of the HOV where it is time for the main event of the evening.

In the middle of the ring we see Hall of Fame referee Matt Boettcher ready to call the action. We see that the crew has changed out the canvas from the bloody affair that was the ICON Championship Match and we see that they even quickly fixed the fence.

The crowd is on their feet as they await the start of the final match of the evening and their patience is rewarded as Dad Vibes hits the speakers next to the HOV and the entrance for the challenger Steve Solex begins.

But there is no Solex.

No one walks out from the back.

Joe Hoffman: Oh come on…where is he???

A few fans start pointing and everyone starts pointing and looking down the street as we see a large miliary vehicle making its way down the street.

Joe Hoffman: That is Solex!!! With everything going on tonight I forgot about the news released yesterday.

Cameras focus in as the Mine-Resistant, Ambush Protected vehicle makes its way down the street and towards the ring.

The MRAP stops about 30 yards short and the crowd erupts as we see the challenger standing behind the .50 cal.

Joe Hoffman: What an entrance by the challenger here. I will say he does not look worse for wear after having to do the century club yesterday with a bunch of lucky fans. We ALL knew what Lee was doing there and Solex had no issue putting down some blue mountains.

The cameras follow Solex as he hops off the back of the MRAP and makes the walk towards the ring.

Joe Hoffman: The man is looking jacked folks……um….I am being told that we are ending Solex’s entrance quickly??

Solex’s theme abruptly ends and Remember the Name hits the speakers.

Solex looks at the entrance ramp wondering why his entrance was cut so short…………but there is no America.

Joe Hoffman: Ok…did a miss a news post from the team or is there something wrong here?

The theme for the World Champion continues to play but he does not enter the fray. In fact the lighting for the HOV is suddenly turned off and a large military light is suddenly turned on and it is pointing skyward.

Everyone, including Solex, look up and no one can see anything in the Arizona night sky.

“There he is!!!”

A fan yells out and everyone looks to the fan to see where they are pointing…

The HOW cameras then zoom in on the man…..the man falling from the sky.

Joe Hoffman: Ladies and Gentlemen do not adjust your screens. That is Christopher America, our World Champion, literally parachuting into the match!!!!

Sure enough the cameras follow as we see the World Champion in full World War 2 uniform, paratrooping into the ring.
Boettcher and Solex exit the ring as America slowly descends into the ring.

As he hits the canvas the HOW crew rushes into the ring and help secure the parachute while America slowly takes off his uniform to show his wrestling attire underneath.

Joe Hoffman: Well the World Champion was NOT going to be outdone after Solex announced his MRAP entrance yesterday….what an entrance. Wow.

Back in the ring and we see Boettcher and Solex reenter and the senior referee asks both men to head to their respective corners.

Per a previous agreement we see both men do just that as we see two HOW crewmen enter the ring….both with large cages in tow.

Joe Hoffman: Ok folks here we go. Both men agreed to return their eagles to their respective owners and we literally have a hostage exchange going down right now here on HOTv live in 2022….involving eagles. Bald Eagles. ‘Merica.

The blankets covering both cages are lifted and the eagles are exchanged in the middle of the ring as America and Solex stare each other down as each hold their eagle……even the eagles are staring each other down.

The fans in attendance quickly take some pictures, which surely will be on tomorrow, before the two men slowly back off and hand their eagles back to the crewmembers who walk the eagles over to fences on opposite sides of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Normally you would see horses tied up there but nope….we got Bald Eagles tied up and ready to watch their owners fight over the biggest prize in all the land….The High Octane World Championship!!!

Back in the ring and we see Boettcher is motioning for someone to enter the ring.

We see an elderly man being helped into the ring and we see that he that he is carrying the World Championship.

Joe Hoffman: Folks I am being told that this man being helped into the ring is none other than Richard Cheevers from Lovington Illinois. He just celebrated his 105th birthday on August 9th and he is a World War II Veteran. He was personally asked to come to take part tonight by Lee Best as the first interaction for High Octane Wrestling and VetTix…the newest military organization that Lee and HOW are trying to bring awareness to.

The crowd, crew and even the two wrestlers in the ring both turn towards Cheevers and give him an ovation.

Cheevers hands the belt to Boettcher and turns and salutes Solex who quickly returns the salute. The man ignores America and instead turns towards the HOV as an American flag appears on the screen and the Star Spangled Banner begins to play.

Joe Hoffman: No respect shown to the World Champion there but nothing but respect for our flag as everyone is standing for our National Anthem.

“And the Rocket’s red glare……the bombs bursting in air….”


The music is quickly turned off and the HOV goes black as everyone turns around shocked to see what they are seeing.

America just clotheslined Cheevers in the back of the head and is now laying in right hands to Solex.

The crewmembers quickly get Cheevers out of the ring as Boettcher screams at America to get back to his corner.

But the World Champion is hearing none of it.

Joe Hoffman: Our World Champion just took out a 105 year old man. What in the absolute hell is going on here???

Boettcher continues to scream at the World Champion but then we can hear Solex screaming back….


Boettcher looks at Solex, who is covering up the best he can, and Solex screams at him again.

Shaking his head in disbelief….Boettcher signals for the bell and our World Championship Match is officially underway.




Joe Hoffman: Well not the start we were expecting but this is what we get.

The sound of the ring bell triggers Solex and he blocks the next right hand from America and then grabs the man by the back of his head and twists him around and now the men have flipped positions in the corner as Solex begins to lay in right hands to the Champions head.

America is finally able to block a right hand by Solex and he delivers a right knee to the stomach of the challenger. Solex doubles over and stumbles backwards. America does not waste any time and charges forward and drops Solex with a clothesline.

Solex hops right up but he is met with another clothesline.

This time Solex rolls all the way to the edge of the ring and out to the dirt ground.

Joe Hoffman: Quick start here by America but Solex wisely putting some distance between himself and America right now.

Outside the ring Solex is literally trying to shake off the shots from America and as he turns back to the ring he is met with a baseball sliding America who connects both feet with the side of Solex’s face.

Solex goes flying backwards in the dirt as America slides fully out of the ring and smiles as he watches Solex stagger to his feet and just as he does America runs at him at an angle and quickly chop blocks the man in the back of his left knee.

Solex tries to crawl out of harms way but America kicks him the back of the head stopping any of his progress.

America then slowly pulls Solex up to his feet and drags him back towards the ring and as they get closer America spins Solex around and proceeds to American Whip the man hard into the side of the ring.

Solex cries out in pain as his back hits the edge of the ring and he drops to his knees.

America does not pause however.

He rushes towards Solex and nails him with a devasting knee to the side of his head….the force of the blow knocking the back of Solex’s head against the ring apron.

The challenger falls to the dirt once again but this time grabbing the back of his head as America plays to the camera.

Joe Hoffman: Well Boettcher sure isn’t counting so you cannot blame America for taking his time here on the outside. Was there a rules change to this match that I am not aware of? I feel like SO MUCH happened tonight that I am not mentally prepared for.

Back ringside and we see America roll Solex back into the ring and we see Boettcher yelling at America that he doesn’t want to count anyone out but he will.

America scoffs at Boettcher and gives the senior referee a wink before dropping an elbow to the chest of Solex. America does not even move after landing the blow and Boettcher has no choice but to drop down and make the count.


Solex kicks out almost immediately.

Joe Hoffman: America putting Boettcher to work there….there was no other reason for that cover. Zero.

America slowly stands up, pulling Solex up with him, and as the two men are at a vertical base America grabs Solex by the waist and executes a perfect American Suplex.

Joe Hoffman: Most folks call that a German Suplex…but you know….’Merica.
America slides over to Solex and once again makes a quick cover and once again Solex is quick to kick out after just one.

Joe Hoffman: America making Solex use as much energy as possible here. Not going to say he thinks he is going to win the match this early but ever bit of energy Solex uses now might cost him later I guess is the thinking.

Smiling, America pulls Solex up to his feet and again goes for a suplex but this time Solex counters and executes his own American Suplex but Solex releases the suplex halfway thru and the angle of release causes America to land awkwardly and sends the Champion sliding under the bottom rope and to the ground.

Joe Hoffman: What a counter by Solex there. A release German and now it is Solex who must capitalize.

Solex rolls out of the ring and leans up against the ring as he catches his breath and looks at America who is using the fence post separating the wrestlers from the fans to pull himself up.

With a shrug to the camera, Solex charges America and nails the man with a right shoulder tackle that sends America flying into the makeshift seating for the fans.

Fans scurry out of the way as we see Solex climb over the fence and begins to stalk America who is trying to use a few empty chairs to pull himself up.

Smiling, Solex picks up an empty chair left behind by the scurrying fans, and swings it violently and the sound of steel hitting the back of America echoes throughout the town.

We cut to an overhead shot of the action and we see that the fans have all exited stage left as Solex continues to batter America’s back with the steel chair.

The camera then pans to the rooftops of the buildings and we see that each building is lit up.

Joe Hoffman: Well it appears that the townsfolk are taking in the atmosphere and have lit the town up as they watch the proceedings from their rooftops.

Back at ringside its clear that neither Solex and surely not America care about who is sitting where for this match.


Another shot to the back of America and the now fully dented chair is cast aside by Solex and he just promptly picks up another one and turns and nails America AGAIN.

America, now unmoving, is lying face first in the dirt as Solex stands over him. Back in the ring Boettcher is SCREAMING for the action to get back into the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Well it is clear that there are no rules in this match…well none that are being recognized that is.

Solex stares directly at Boettcher as he swings wildly again and this time the blow hits America in the back of the head.

America immediately being writhing in pain as he holds the back of his head.

Solex begins tossing chairs to the side as he makes room for himself as he watches America writhe in pain.

Satisfied with the room he has made, Solex pulls America up to his feet by his hair and screams at the Champion before promptly grabbing him around the waist and delivering a belly to belly suplex onto a couple of chairs still standing upright.

The force of the move flattens the chairs and as Solex slowly stands up we see that his elbows are bleeding as is the back of America.

Joe Hoffman: Steel will always win that battle over flesh. Nothing but high impact here.

Once again Solex pulls America up to his feet and this time he begins walking the man back towards the ring where we see Boettcher beside himself.

Joe Hoffman: You just know that Boettcher wanted to count the men out but not going to happen here…not tonight.

Solex, still dragging America, stops at the wooden fence and pauses. Be knees America in the gut and then proceeds to pick the man up and drops him throat first on the wooden fence.

America falls violently backwards and begins gasping for air as he holds his throat.

“Maybe that will shut your fucking ass up….Fall of Dad my ass”

Joe Hoffman: Solex clearly NOT happy about some of the words America had to say leading up to tonight.

Solex kicks America in the gut, forcing the man to roll under the fence. Solex hops over the fence and quickly delivers another boot to the back of America’s head before picking him up and walking him towards the ring.

He smashes the mans head against the ring apron and then rolls him back into the ring.


Joe Hoffman: Although Solex just told Boettcher he got back before the ten count…..maybe he meant ten minutes? Even that was close. Jesus.

Solex slides in and covers America but the Champion kicks out after a one count.

Solex smiles and nods in acknowledging that America is still in it to fight.

The Challenger pulls America back up to his feet and headbutts the man directly on his nose. The Champions eyes begin to instantly water and blood begins to gush from his clearly broken nose.

Joe Hoffman: Of course…why not? Let’s get some more blood going on this PPV. Jesus H. Christ.

America, now down on one knee holding his nose, does not have time to react as Solex grabs him quickly by the back of his head and promptly DDT’s the man into the canvas.

Quick cover by Solex….



America is able to kickout after the two count.

Joe Hoffman: Well progress there as America stayed down for at least a two count there.

Solex reaches over and smacks America across the face.

Joe Hoffman: Well respect is out the window clearly…..and you cannot blame Solex after what America did to start this match.

Solex, back to his feet, pulls America once again up to his feet and American Whips him into the far ropes and goes for a clothesline but America ducks under that and bounces off the far ropes and once again ducks under another clothesline attempt from Solex but as he holds onto the ropes this time and stops his momentum.

Solex charges at America and America drops down, holding the top rope as Solex charges at him.

But the Challenger stops short and smiles at the man for trying to catch him slipping. Solex promptly drops an elbow onto the man and America falls back down to the canvas and quickly rolls himself out of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Well Solex was not falling for that move that MILLIONS before him have fallen for. Smart move by the challenger there.

Solex rolls out of the ring and starts walking towards America who is literally crawling away from the ring.

Solex grabs America by the back of his head to stop his momentum and pulls the man up to his feet but as he does America throws a handful of dirt into the eyes of Solex.

The challenger stumbles backwards as he tries to regain his vision.

Joe Hoffman: Desperation move there by the Champion who used the environment to his advantage.

America, blood now drying on his face, charges at Solex and nails the man with a powerful clothesline.

Joe Hoffman: He calls that his Amber Waves of Pain clothesline…..and man that was pain no doubt.

Solex falls flatback to the hard ground and now is holding the back of his head as well.

Now America is fully on the offensive as he pulls Solex up to his feet to just knock him back down with an American Uppercut.

America smiles at the hard camera as he gives it a salute before picking up and rolling Solex back into the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Well we are twenty minutes into this match and you gotta feel we are literally one big move away from the finish. There is just too much high impactful moves being down to have this go over 30-40 minutes.

America slides into the ring behind Solex and drops a knee to the back of Solex’s head…..and then another one……and with a slight pause he drops a third and final knee to the back of the challengers head.

Joe Hoffman: Cover here by America….hook of the leg this time….




Joe Hoffman: Well this time it took a full two count on Solex. These men are just battering each other. Each blow is just landing HARD.

The Champion looks at the Challenger who has rolled over to his stomach as he holds the back of his head in pain and America quickly springs into action as he grabs the ankle of Solex and wrenches it sideways.


Solex begins screaming out in pain as the 6’4” tall Champion uses his full height to lean into the ankle lock as Solex’s body contorts with the pressure.

The hard camera follows Solex has he scrambles to reach the bottom rope but as soon as he is within a foot America drags him back to the middle of the ring and drops down to the canvas and grapevines the legs of Solex.

Joe Hoffman: NO WHERE to go here folks…NO WHERE!!!

Solex is screaming out in pain as he raises his right hand as a reflex as everything in his body is telling him to tap out.

Instead of tapping Solex literally bites down on his own hand as he fights to withstand the pain.

America sensing the end is near turns Solex’s ankle with all his might and screams out in fury as he does so.


Slowly Solex quicks moving around and his hand slowly falls to the canvas.

Boettcher slides into position and checks Solex by lifting the man’s hand up and it drops down back to the canvas.

He does it again……and once again it drops.

Joe Hoffman: Solex is out here folks… shame in passing out from the pain……he never tapped!!

Boettcher raises the hand of Solex again and just as he does America releases the hold.

Shocked Boettcher turns to see why and that is when everyone sees it….

Joe Hoffman: Richard Cheevers just clubbed America in the back of the head with a crutch!!!

America grabs the back of his head and looks at the old man who is still lying prone on the canvas after having slid under the bottom rope to hit America with his crutch.

Shocked, America gets to his feet and grabs the old man by the back of his head as he tries to retreat but his old body failing him when trying to go into reverse.

Cheevers drops his crutch as America picks him up and lifts him up into a torture rack.


America begins bouncing up and down in the ring as the sounds of the man’s back cracking echoes throughout the town.

America then tosses the man over the top rope and into the waiting arms of several HOW crewmembers who rushed to the ring once they saw what was happening.

The old man and the crewmembers fall to the ground as America screams at them to do their job and keep the man away from him.

America watches the crewmembers take the old vet back behind the HOV to the military tent. Satisfied, America turns his attention back to Solex but as he turns he is met by Solex.


Solex literally nails America with a desperation stunner and crawls towards the Champion and makes the cover…..






































Solex smacks the canvas with his hand and tries to stand up. His ankle clearly bothering him. He limps over and pulls America up to his feet and whips the man into the ropes….

Joe Hoffman: BY GOSH!!!! Shoulder block by Solex

America hops up and is promptly met with another shoulder block…

Joe Hoffman: BY GOLLY!!!!!!

Literally running with a bad wheel, Solex bounces off the far ropes and goes for his Clothesline from Heck finisher but America ducks underneath it, turns and grabs Solex by the back of his head and immediately nails Solex with his own finisher.

Joe Hoffman: FOR AMERICA!!!! FOR AMERICA!!!!

America crawls back towards the fallen Solex and makes the cover….






















































































The crowd and everyone yell three but Boettcher is signaling two as Solex’s foot is on the ropes.

Joe Hoffman: Oh man…….I thought that was it……that was it….but Solex…..I don’t even know if he knows what he did. Pure instinct there folks.

America, livid, stands up and starts screaming at Boettcher but Boettcher keeps screaming at America to just LOOK.

The World Champion turns and sees the Solex’s leg is still on the ropes.

America pushes Boettcher to the side and grabs Solex’s leg and drags him to the middle of the ring.

The two Hall of Famers share a look and Solex lifts up two middle fingers as America twists Solex’s leg over and once again locks in his Ankle Lock.

This time there is no pausing.

He immediately drops to the canvas and grapevines the leg and begins wrenching on the already damaged ankle.

Solex, once again, refuses to tap.

He holds his middle finger salute up to the cameras as he heads falls to the canvas.

Moments later his hands do as well.

Boettcher jumps into action and raises the mans arm…..and it drops.


Boettcher repeats the action


Boettcher lifts the arm a third time……..and it falls to the canvas


Boettcher signals for the bell.


America shoves Solex’s unconscious body to the side and pulls himself up.

Boettcher hands him the World Championship and as America raises the belt high above his head we see hundreds of fireworks go off across the town.


We fade to black as America continues to hold the belt high up in the air as fireworks continue to go off.