Chaos 016
  • Event Type: weekly

Chaos 016

Event Date: November 20, 2022 at 10:00 pm

#13 Brian Hollywood vs. #18 Bobbinette Carey

The HOW and PWA logos flash across the screen as the opening video ends. The camera comes live to the inside of The Best Arena in Chicago, Illinois. The jam packed crowd is on their feet and ready to see some action here tonight. The camera pans the signs seen in the crowd until ultimately settling on the announcers table at ringside. Hall of Fame commentator Joe Hoffman is seated at the table and ready to kick things off.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome to Chaos 016! I am Joe Hoffman and we are here once again in Chicago. The place is rocking and we have a heck of show for you fans tonight. We’ll see a hot Xander Azula fresh off of his win against a PWA star take on the challenge of HOW Hall of Famer Jatt Starr. The #1 ranked wrestler in HOW Clay Byrd will be going one on one with former HOW World Champion and current PRIME Universal Champion Cancer Jiles. Then in the main event the HOTv World Tag Team Championship belts will be on line as The Highwaymen will defend titles. Steve Solex and Steve Harrison will try to keep their titles against the ragtag team of Scott Steven and the current HOW LSD Champion Jace Parker Davison.

Hoffman pauses for a moment to take a breath.

Joe Hoffman: That match is as explosive as it gets but then you add in the fact that HOW World Champion Christopher America will be the referee for that match. You just know something is going to go down but what? With the disbanding of The Board will America give his former teammate JPD an advantage or will friendship take a backseat to other behind the scene dealings? All of that is later tonight on the show but coming up next…

Joe takes a moment to shuffle through his notes on the announcers table.

Joe Hoffman: We have a singles match which could have implications on the card for ICONIC which is only a few weeks away. HOW superstar and former two-time World Champion Brian Hollywood squares off against HOW Hall of Famer Bobbinette Carey. It should be quite the battle so let’s send to the ring where Bryan McVay is ready to make the introductions.

The camera shifts to the center of the ring where Bryan McVay is standing holding his microphone in hand. Referee Joel Hortega is standing beside him as the two men wait for the crowd to settle down into their seats. McVay raises the microphone up to his lips.

Bryan McVay: Our opening contest is a singles match and it’s scheduled for one fall!

The crowd pops over getting right down to business with the first match of the evening. McVay pauses for a moment then speaks into the microphone again.

Bryan McVay: Introducing first…

STRONGER ON YOUR OWN” by Disturbed blares over the PA. Hollywood slowly walks from the back and takes center stage as he stands there for a few brief moments, closing his eyes. He reigns in the boos from the crowd as he gets in final mental preparation for his upcoming match. As Hollywood opens up his eyes, pyro shoots off in opposite corners of the stage as it makes its way to center stage.

Bryan McVay: From Los Angeles, California, weighing in tonight at 225lbs. He is a former two-time HOW World Champion. Here is BRIAN! HOLLYWOOD!

As the pyro hits the center, the camera zooms in to see the reflection in Hollywood’s eyes as he finally makes his way down the ramp, quickly taking off his vest and throwing it down with intensity. Hollywood makes his final push as he charges the ring, rolling under the ropes.

Joe Hoffman: Hollywood is coming off of some terrible losses and being left off of the card for Rumble at the Rock. That doesn’t seem to have set well with the former Champion. He looks to get back in the win column tonight and prove that he deserves to be on the card for ICONIC. It’ll be a tall task against the woman who just challenged for the HOW LSD Championship.

He gets back to his feet and looks about the entire arena glaring at the fans before he takes his place in the corner turnbuckle before turning his gaze intently in the ring as he awaits his opponent.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent…

Arena lights go black as “ENEMY (ARCANE)” by Anna blasts from the speakers.

“Tell you you’re the greatest

but once you turn they hate us!”

A magenta spotlight shines on the stage as the Queen of Epicness herself is already standing there waiting for the light. Bobbinette Carey makes her way down the ramp. Wearing a Miss America style crown. She stands at the top of the ramp with her pink and black leopard gear.

“Oh the misery everybody wants to be my enemy!”

Bryan McVay: From Parma Heights, Ohio, weighing in tonight at 235lbs. She is a HOW Hall of Famer. Here is The Queen of Epicness BOBBINETTE! CAREY!

The HOV plays a black and white video package. (We see the clip of her smashing a photo over Mario Maurako; another clip of her hitting Mario with the defib pads, then the most striking image of Bobbinette standing over Scottywood and slapping him.)

Joe Hoffman: A very violent nature has been unleashed inside of Bobbinette caused by Jace Parker Davidson and Abdullah Choi. Carey tried to literally murder Jace at Rumble at the Rock then last week let things get out of hand. She took things too far in her tag team match with Conor Fuse against Jatt Starr and GREAT SCOTT. Can Carey turn things around here tonight and set herself up for a spot on the card for ICONIC?

She steps up the ring steps and wipes her feet on the apron before getting in the center of the ring.

“Spare the sympathy, everybody wants to be my enemy, but I’m ready”

She stands in the center as magenta pink and mauve pyrotechnics explode from the turnbuckle as she does a ballerina style exaggerated curtsy. McVay exits the ring as Hortega checks with both wrestlers. Once everyone is ready Hortega signals for the bell to get this match underway.


Hollywood and Carey walk out of their corners and meet in the center of the ring. The two wrestlers exchange words and not long after they start to exchange right hands and forearm shots. Carey begins to get the better of the exchange backing Hollywood up towards the ropes but Hollywood cuts off her momentum with a knee to the midsection. Hollywood grabs a hold of Carey and whips her into the ropes. Carey bounces off the ropes and Hollywood catches her with a dropkick to the chin that sends her down to the canvas. Carey is back up to her feet quickly but Hollywood is up quicker. Hollywood charges and hits Carey with a neckbreaker that sends her right back down to the canvas. Carey rolls to the corner as Hollywood gets back to his feet. Hollywood makes his way over towards the corner then begins to repeatedly stomp a mudhole into his opponent.

Joe Hoffman: There is certainly no love lost here between these two wrestlers. They both came out hot but it seems as if Hollywood’s hate is a bit stronger than Carey’s bloodlust at the moment. We’ll see if Hollywood can keep his foot on the gas here in this match.

Hortega comes over and begins a five count to get Hollywood to get the action out of the corner. Hollywood ignores the referee who then physically pulls Hollywood away from Carey. Hollywood holds his hands up in the air in innocence as Hortega admonishes him in Spanish. Hollywood just nods his head not paying attention then heads back to the corner. Hollywood pulls Carey up to her feet then whips her into the ropes but Carey reverses the whip. Hollywood bounces off of the ropes then leaps into the air and takes Carey down to the canvas with a Lou Thesz press. Hollywood mounts himself on top of Carey and rains down repeated right hands to the face. Carey does her best to cover up from the onslaught from Hollywood before eventually pushing him off of her. Carey gets to her feet and charges Hollywood but he sees her coming and hits her with a big boot to the face. Carey staggers from the boot before Hollywood grabs a hold of her and plants her with a tornado DDT down to the canvas. Hollywood hooks the leg and makes the cover on Carey as Hortega slides in.

Joel Hortega: UNO

Joel Hortega: DOS

Kickout by Carey.

Joe Hoffman: Hollywood has pressed the issue in this match and that tornado DDT landed flush. However, it only got him a two count before Carey powered out. The man that sees the end of his career coming is firing on all cylinders against the older Bobbinette Carey.

Hollywood gets up to his feet then grabs a hold of Carey and pulls her back up to her feet. Hollywood whips Carey into the ropes but once again Carey reverses the whip. Hollywood bounces off the ropes then goes for the homerun. Hollywood swings with a clothesline from hell but Carey ducks it. Hollywood bounces off the other side of the ropes but Carey charges and collides with a big shoulder block that launches Hollywood off of his feet and down to the canvas. Hollywood rolls under the bottom rope to the outside of the ring but Carey isn’t letting him get away. Bobbinette steps through the ropes and stands on the ring apron as Hollywood pulls himself up to his feet on the outside. Hollywood turns around but Carey gets a running start on the ring apron then hits Hollywood with a cross body block that sends him crashing down to the arena floor.

Joe Hoffman: Bobbinette Carey has gotten back into this match by throwing her body around like a weapon. First the big time shoulder block and now the flying cross body and these fans are loving it. Seems like Carey has been learning a thing or two from her friendship with Conor Fuse.

Bobbinette gets back up to her feet then grabs a hold of Hollywood and pulls him back up to his feet. Bobbinette whips Hollywood shoulder first into the steel ring steps. Hollywood hits with a sickening thud as Hortega continues to count from the inside of the ring. Carey gathers Hollywood and rolls him back into the ring. Carey slides back into the ring then gets back up to her feet. Carey stalks around Hollywood as he staggers back up to his feet. Carey grabs a hold of Hollywood then lifts him into the air and brings him down to the canvas with a belly to back suplex. Hollywood rolls around on the canvas holding his shoulder in pain as Carey gets back up to her feet. Hollywood moves to the corner and uses the ropes to pull himself back up to his feet. Carey gets a running start then hits Hollywood with a big splash in the corner crushing him against the turnbuckle.

Joe Hoffman: Hollywood is favoring his shoulder and Carey is putting all of her weight into her attacks here. The tide in this match has literally turned on a dime.

Carey backs away from the corner as Hollywood falls to the canvas. Hollywood leans back against the bottom turnbuckle pad as Carey once again gets a running start. Carey hits Hollywood with a hip attack in the corner at high speed that causes his head to snap back violently. Carey grabs a hold of Hollywood then pulls him away from the corner. Carey shoves Hollywood’s head between her legs and then looks out at the crowd. Carey grabs Hollywood by the waist then lifts him high into the air. Carey holds him there, making him think about it for a moment before sending him crashing down to the canvas with a powerbomb. Carey hooks the leg and makes the cover on Hollywood as Hortega slides in for the count.

Joel Hortega: UNO

Joel Hortega: DOS

Joel Hortega: TR–

Kickout by Hollywood.

Joe Hoffman: Ring shaking powerbomb by Bobbinette Carey and it got a two and a half count before Hollywood managed to kick out. It’s pretty clear that Carey is focusing her attack on the head and shoulder of Brian Hollywood. We’ll see if that’s her path to victory here tonight.

Carey gets back up to her feet then waits as Hollywood struggles to get back to a vertical base. Carey ducks her shoulder and then forces Hollywood back into the corner. Carey begins to ram her shoulder repeatedly into the midsection of Hollywood trying to drive all of the air out of his body. Hortega begins a five count and Carey continues her attack until 4.9 on the count. Carey backs away from the corner as Hollywood desperately tries to suck oxygen back into his lungs. Carey gets a running start towards the corner but Hollywood manages to get his boot up and Carey runs right into it. Carey staggers away from the corner. Hollywood quickly begins to climb the turnbuckle to the top rope. As Carey turns around Hollywood leaps off the top rope and hits Carey with a moonsault that takes her down to the canvas.

Joe Hoffman: Carey was in firm control of this match but ran right into a boot to the face from Hollywood. That gave Brian the opening he needed to climb the turnbuckle and hit that moonsault to take Carey off of her feet. Both wrestlers are down and we’ll see who is able to gain control of this match now.

Hortega begins to count as both Carey and Hollywood try to pull themselves up to their feet. Carey is the first one to her feet and charges forward. Carey goes for Royal Pain but Hollywood ducks it. Hollywood grabs a hold of Carey from behind then hits her with a German suplex down to the canvas. Carey holds the back of her head in pain as Hollywood pulls himself back up to his feet. Hollywood grabs a hold of Carey then pulls her towards the corner and lifts her up to the top rope. Hollywood slowly begins to climb the turnbuckle as the crowd stands on their feet. Hollywood reaches the top rope but Carey begins firing off shots to the midsection. Hollywood begins to lose his balance but then hits Carey with a skull cracking headbutt that stops her attack. Hollywood grabs a hold of Carey then hits her with a superplex from the top rope down to the canvas hard.

Joe Hoffman: Superplex from the top rope but that move took it out of both wrestlers. Carey is on the canvas in pain and Hollywood is holding his shoulder in agony. We’ll see if Brian can capitalize on the move and make the cover on Carey here.

Instead of making his way over towards the cover on Carey, Hollywood decides to pull himself up to his feet. Hollywood steps through the ropes and begins to climb the turnbuckle once again. The crowd watches on as Hollywood balances himself on the top rope. Hollywood leaps off the top rope and hits Carey with a big time elbow drop from the top. Hollywood used the arm with the injured shoulder for the move. He rolls around on the canvas holding his shoulder in pain. Hortega checks on Hollywood but Brian tells him to fuck off as he pulls himself back up to his feet. Carey begins to pull herself off of the canvas as Hollywood races towards the ropes. Hollywood leaps to the middle rope then springboards off.


Hollywood gets all of the jumping cutter and takes Carey down to the canvas hard. Hollywood manages to roll Carey onto her back then hooks the leg and makes the cover as Hortega slides in for the count.

Joel Hortega: UNO

Joel Hortega: DOS

Joel Hortega: TRES!


Joe Hoffman: Hollywood injured shoulder and all managed to hit Bobbinette Carey with the Paper Cut but somehow Bobbinette managed to get her shoulder off of the canvas at the last possible moment. However, instead of being frustrated, Hollywood is laughing like a maniac.

Hoffman is right because Hollywood pulls himself up to his feet holding his shoulder while cackling like an insane person. Hollywood leans over and grabs a hold of Carey by the hair and begins screaming into her face about hate and calling her complacent. Hollywood begins slapping Carey across the face while continuing to scream at her. Hollywood slams Carey’s head back down to the canvas then backs away into the far corner. Hollywood crouches down as Carey fights her way back up to her feet. As Carey turns around Hollywood races out of his corner and goes for his old finisher The Executive Promise.


Hollywood hops around on one foot as the crowd cheers for Carey who caught his foot. Carey has a wild look in her eyes as Hollywood starts to regret his decision over screaming and slapping her. Carey rears back and then kicks Hollywood right in the groin as hard as she can.

Joe Hoffman: Carey just booted Hollywood in the inner thigh but from here at ringside that sure looked like a low blow to me. However, Hortega is letting it go without calling for a disqualification.

The crowd pops as Hollywood staggers away hunched over holding his private parts. Carey marches forward then grabs a hold of Hollywood and whips him into the ropes. Hollywood bounces off the ropes but Carey charges and cuts him in half with a spear. Hollywood rolls around the canvas holding his midsection in pain as Carey pulls herself back up to her feet. Carey pulls at her own hair as Hollywood struggles back up to a vertical base. Carey grabs a hold of Hollywood by the arm with the injured shoulder and yanks it violently to bring him back down to the canvas. Hollywood clutches his shoulder and screams in pain on the canvas. Carey grabs a hold of Hollywood then shoves his head between her legs. Carey grabs Hollywood by the waist then hits him with another powerbomb down to the canvas. However, Carey grabs Hollywood and loads him up once again.

Joe Hoffman: Bobbinette Carey has hit Hollywood with two powerbombs in this match so far and it looks like she’s going for another!

Carey grabs a hold of Hollywood by the waist then lifts him into the air again before hitting him with a third powerbomb down to the canvas. Hollywood’s body goes limp but that doesn’t stop Carey from loading him up into position again. The crowd cheers wildly as Carey grabs Hollywood by the waist then lifts him into the air. Carey brings Hollywood down with emphasis with a fourth powerbomb. However, Carey doesn’t go for the cover. She mounts herself on top of Hollywood and begins laying in stiff forearm shivers to the face. Carey busts Hollywood open and keeps raining down forearm shots. Hortega steps in and pulls Carey off of Hollywood. Hortega kneels down and checks on Hollywood. But Carey isn’t satisfied and pushes Hortega out of the way. Carey grabs a hold of the arm with the injured shoulder and applies a cross arm breaker on Hollywood.

Joe Hoffman: Bobbinette Carey is like a woman possessed. She has locked on that submission and is literally trying to pop Brian Hollywood’s shoulder out of socket!

Hollywood flops around on the canvas screaming in pain as Hortega asks him if he wants to submit. Hollywood shakes his head no and begins to fight his way towards the ropes. Carey continues to yank and pull at the arm and shoulder of Hollywood who looks like he’s about to tap out. Hollywood makes one last lounge out of desperation and manages to hook his free arm and a leg around the bottom rope. Hortega gets to his feet and calls for a break but Carey isn’t letting go of the hold. Hortega doesn’t even bother to start counting because he knows Carey isn’t going to listen. Hortega reaches down and tries to pull Carey off of Hollywood once again.

Joe Hoffman: Bobbinette Carey isn’t going to be happy until she rips Brian Hollywood’s arm from his body and gets to take it home with her!

Hollywood continues to cling to the bottom rope as Hortega finally manages to pull Carey off of the injured shoulder. Carey gets up to her feet then begins pacing back and forth in the ring as Hortega checks on Hollywood. Carey pushes Hortega out of the way yet again then grabs a hold of Hollywood. Carey shoves Hollywood’s head between her legs once again. Carey grabs a hold of Hollywood by the waist then hits him with a thunderous fifth powerbomb.

Joe Hoffman: Five powerbombs! Please, just pin him and end this match! This is getting brutally hard to watch!

Carey stares down at the lifeless Hollywood then points to the top rope. Carey steps through the ropes then slowly begins to climb to the top rope. Carey balances herself on the top rope as the crowd stands on its feet. Carey leaps off of the top rope going for the Epic Ending.


Carey arches her back in pain on the canvas as Hollywood slowly begins to reach for the ropes trying to fight his way back up to his feet. The crowd is buzzing as Carey pulls herself back up to her feet as Hollywood pulls himself back up to one knee. Carey walks over and grabs a hold of Hollywood then whips him into the ropes. Hollywood bounces off of the ropes and Bobbinette Carey takes a big swing.


Hollywood ducks the big lariat and races to the other side of the ropes. Carey turns around as Hollywood bounces off the ropes again.


The kick hits flush as both Carey and Hollywood fall to the canvas. Hollywood clutches his injured shoulder then weakly lays back onto Bobbinette Carey to make the cover as Hortega slides in.

Joel Hortega: UNO

Joel Hortega: DOS

Joel Hortega: TRES!!!

Bryan McVay: Here is your winner… BRIANNNNNN HOLLYWOODDDDDD!!!

Hollywood rolls off of Carey as Hortega gets to his feet. Hortega tries to raise Hollywood’s arm in victory but Hollywood pulls away and exits the ring. Hollywood holds his shoulder in pain as he begins to make his way back up the ramp.

Joe Hoffman: The Executive Decree put this one away for Hollywood who gets back in the win column. For Bobbinette Carey, I feel like she could have won her last three matches and maybe even be LSD Champion if she would have just kept things to a wrestling match and not tried to destroy her opponents. We’ll see if Carey is able to figure things out but for now the show must go on and I understand we are cutting to the parking lot?

Scheduled Arrival

We cut to the back of the arena where the employee and wrestler’s entrance is located. There are fans leaning on the chain link fence that surrounds the parking lot.

Fans that are clearly too poor to have bought a ticket for tonight.

The poors look on as a black limousine comes to a stop in the parking lot.

A camera crew rushes into place as the driver exits the limo and opens the back door and we the poors erupt as the GOD of HOW exits the limo.

Lee finishes snapping his GOLD STANDARD mask into place and then makes his way towards the entrance of the arena with the camera crew documenting every step.

As Lee and the crew reach the door we see none other than Brian Bare waiting to greet his boss.

Brian Bare: Good evening sir. We are live and as requested I am here to ask you the questions you wanted me to ask.

Lee motions for Bare to move further inside to allow him room to enter HIS arena and Bare hastily steps backwards to do just that.

The door shuts behind Lee as we see several members of the EPU file into place behind Brian Bare.

The long time interviewer nervously looks behind him and then back to Lee, who is motioning for him to begin, and begins reading from the Notes app in his IPHONE 7.

Brian Bare: This has been a tough few months for everyone in High Octane Wrestling but we continue to put out weekly shows live on High Octane Television and PWA TV. What are your thoughts as we head towards the final show of 2022?

Lee Best: GREAT question Brian. There is a reason I am late to my to own show….but that reason will be revealed later tonight….BUT it does tie into your question. Simply put…..2022 cannot end fast enough for me on a personal level and I for one am excited to turn the page to a New Year.

Bare waits to make sure Lee is done answering before he asks the next question.

Brian Bare:  There was news after last weeks show that The Board was no more. Can you give everyone watching more information regarding that?

Lee Best: ANOTHER GREAT question Brian. The simple answer is that The Board quite simply ran its course. I want to end the year my way and on my terms. Those that have been carrying their weight will be rewarded and those that have not…..well they all been here long enough to know what that means.

Bare nods in approval of the answer before asking the final question.

Brian Bare: Final question here Mr. Best. The PWA took off quickly and we have seen some interactions with wrestlers from each company but the question everyone has been asking is what came out of the meeting you had while in Vegas?

Lee Best: Quite simply we are working on an event that will feature wrestlers from every company under the PWA banner.  I appreciate that everyone is basically waiting an update on my health to move forward with that idea but let me put it out there very simply….it is going to happen.

Brian Bare: Quick follow up question……..when you say event……is there a name? A location? A Date?

Lee just stands there silently until there is just an uncomfortable silence between the two men.

Brian Bare: Right…..that was NOT here in my notes…..IM SO STOOOPID!!!??

Bare tosses his IPHONE 7 to the concrete floor and the phone cracks into pieces.

Lee Best: THAT was a company phone asshole. Do not THINK you are going to get a new one. Pick it the fuck up and put it back together. NOW.

Lee can only shake his head as he pushes past Bare and is escorted down the hall by the EPU into the depths of HIS arena as we cut away.

The Fighter

We cut elsewhere backstage, where Xander Azula is standing by. There is no interviewer to harass him with questions he’d rather not answer, just a Fighter and his crew…and this is a man on a mission, with a live mic in hand as he begins to speak, opting to ignore the immediate jeering of several people in the crowd.

Xander Azula: We’re approaching the doorstep of Thanksgiving here in the land of High Octane…so let’s talk turkey, Chicago.

It’s something of a cheap attempt to get a reaction from this Best Arena crowd, but he manages to get some light cheers all the same.

Xander Azula: Last week, I took an outsider to task in Kyle McRae, sent him running back to Vegas hoping his boss will show him sympathy…but I have far more serious business to deal with tonight. You see, I have an audience with the Ruler of Jattlantis…

This gets a pop from the crowd, realizing where Xander is heading with this as he continues.

Xander Azula: …the Jattlantic City Idol…

Another pop from the crowd.

Xander Azula: …the Hall of Famer known as Jatt Starr.

A roar from the crowd.

Xander Azula: The man helped put my coach Joe Bergman on the shelf, and while the Highwaymen will no doubt get their revenge how they see fit…tonight is about you and me, squaring off in a rematch I’ve been craving for over a year…and when I’m done, you will join a growing list of Hall of Famers that sat pretty in their ivory towers, only to be brought down to Earth by the one and only Xander Azula. People like Steve Solex…

A huge pop from the Best Arena crowd for the MERCDAD.

Xander Azula: …Chris Kostoff…

The more staunch supporters of GOD himself are not as thrilled with the mention, even amongst those who show love for the master of No Remorse. Xander presses on, not giving the crowd much more chance to react as he continues his list.

Xander Azula: Bobbinette Carey…Scott Stevens…and after tonight, Jatt Starr. I promised this unsanctioned path would bring about violence, and it sure as hell looks like violence is on the menu tonight, Jatthew. See you soon.

With that, he hands the microphone to his right-hand man Vagn Dahl, and the group of followers stay close to the Fighter as he takes his leave before we go to commercial!

Nah, Conor

Back from commercial Brian Bare stands with The Miracle Man Steve Harrison outside his locker room.  Steve has his Tag Title hanging from left shoulder.  Steve smirks at Brian and pats Brian on the head and gives him a nod.

Brian Bare: How’s it feel to be Tag Team Champion again?

Harrison pats the belt with his right hand.

Steve Harrison: I wish I could say it was like it never left me, but I would be lying.  The eGG Bandits made these belts worthless, and I had to polish mine up and vacuum crumbs from the belt.  I was dismayed by the small amount of effort they put in to make these belts at least respectable.  So of course, I am given the mission to make them mean something again. 

Brian Bare: Clay seems to think you went easy on Jiles last week though.

Harrison rolls his eyes and laughs.

Steve Harrison: I left a little fire left in Cancer that Clay himself can extinguish tonight.  It is not my job to leave the eGG Bandits unable to wrestle again.  I have warned them that it could happen, but I wasn’t activity trying to destroy Cancer Jiles.  We had some good memories together but from here on out we are just people with the same profession. Maybe I was too kind but in the end we still won and this week The Two-Headed Steve Crew is going to leave those bumbling two morons beaten and probably fighting each other after we leave this broken-down arena still Tag Team champions.

Brian Bare: Oh…

Harrison puts his hand up so Brian would shut up.  

Steve Harrison: No Brian, let me explain…FUCK OFF CHICAGO.  

Harrison laughs with a shrug of his shoulders.

Steve Harrison: Not going to lie, I kind of miss just insulting everyone and everything. 

Brian Bare: I would be careful leaving tonight but before you worry about that, what abo8ut what Conor Fuse did after your match last week?

Harrisons smile fades and he takes a deep breath.

Steve Harrison: It is always about him.  He kills someone in a match, and it is all about how he feels not about the maggot infested body of STRONK.  Clay Byrd and I win the tag titles and Conor Fuse walks out with a game controller…

Brian interrupts.

Brian Bare: In a Gold Engraved Box, it seemed really thoughtful of him.

Harrison side eyes Brian angrily.

Steve Harrison: When I ever mentioned playing video games?

Brian Bare: Uh…

Steve Harrison: Exactly.  This is all about him trying to steal the spotlight and then claim he is the good guy.  What do I have against you, Conor?  Well for fucks sake, you mumbling man-child…everything you did that night sums it up pretty well.  You are selfish. You are immature.  You are a phony asshole that has been tricking everyone in thinking that you are a good upstanding citizen.  

Harrison shakes his head sweat begins to drip down his bald head.

Steve Harrison: Nah, Conor.  This has never worked on me, and it never will.  You are no leader.  You are no friend.  You are just as bad, greedy, and untrustworthy as every person you claim to not like.  Take your controller and stick it up your ass.  There is no way whatsoever you thought I was going to accept that.  You want sympathy?  Fine, I have sympathy for any girl that must spend more than five minutes with you as you explain incel culture to them while hand jamming codes into your controller.  Pathetic.  ICONIC is the first time we finally get to do this, Conor and trust me I don’t expect to leave that match whole.  I do expect to leaver you even emptier than you are now…murderer.  

Harrison pushes the mic away and walks away as we cut to the ring.

#9 Jatt Starr vs. #11 Xander Azula

We do in fact cut back to ringside where we see that referee Matt Boettcher waiting in the ring along side ring announcer Bryan McVay.

Bryan McVay: This match is for one fall! Introducing first, from Long Beach, California… weighing two-hundred-thirty pounds… XANDER AZULA!

“Engel” plays as Azula marches out to the Best Arena fans. He makes his way to ringside looking collected and focused.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent… from Havre, Montana… weighing two-hundred-twenty pounds… JATT STARR!

The lights go out and one by one yellow spotlights illuminate the ramp from the ring to the curtain. “Everybody Wants You” by Billy Squier plays the legend Jatt Starr appears to a big pop from the Chicago crowd..

Joe Hoffman: Obviously Jatt’s going to be cheered here. Plus he’s fresh off a tag victory last week with GREAT SCOTT against Bobbinette Carey and Jatt’s former on again, off again friend, Conor Fuse. Not to be outdone, Xander Azula, also defeated sVo’s Kyle McRae last week, too. And these two are no strangers to each other…

With Starr in the ring, Boettecher calls for the bell.


Azula takes it to Starr right off the bat with an overwhelming amount of punches to the temple. Xander throws Starr into the ropes and then knocks Jatt down with a knee to the chest. A snap suplex follows and Azula goes right back to jamming fists into the side of Jatt’s face.

Joe Hoffman: A very game Xander Azula in the early going.

Starr tries to cover up and eventually the vet pulls himself into the ropes for the rope break. The Ruler of Jattlantis asks Matt Boettcher to step in-between himself and his opponent in order to take a moment but the second Azula backs away, Starr bursts forward and tackles Xander to the canvas.

Starr chucks Azula into a turnbuckle. Jatt moves in after him and hits Xander with a clothesline the second Azula meets the padding. As Azula wobbles out of the corner, Starr connects with a springboard dropkick and then a snap suplex into a bridge.



The Marquis of MadagaStarr doesn’t hesitate. Knowing Azula looks to be on his game, the Hall of Famer delivers a fury of knees into the side of Xander’s head before tossing him into the ropes and then connecting with a sidewalk slam.

Starr looks to position himself for a figure four leglock but Xander kicks Starr in the back right before he drops to the mat. Jatt fumbles a few steps forward but as he turns around he’s met with an elbow smash from Azula. Then a vertical suplex. Followed by a release suplex.

The Long Beach native mounts Starr and drills forearms into his head.

Joe Hoffman: All business from Xander. He’s got this one under control so far over the Hall of Famer.

Starr is reeling as Xander stands and receives boos from the fans, given their ties to the Hall of Famer. Azula isn’t phased, as he drags the man of a million nicknames into the center of the ring and connects with a brainbuster slam.

…Except Jatt escapes before he’s dropped to the mat.

Starr with an eye poke, followed by a chop to the chest. Jatt bounces off the ropes- and eats a knee to the stomach.

Followed by a gut wrench suplex by Azula.




Azula mounts The Champion of Jattanooga and continues with a fury of forearm shots. Jatt is trying to cover up but this time, Xander is too much. Once Starr is beaten into the mat, Xander stands and slowly bounces off the ropes, dropping a measured knee into Starr’s neck. Xander does this again… and a third time before he pulls Jatt off the mat.

However, The Starrabian Knight counters with a jawbreaker! Azula flies into the corner as Jatt takes a moment to recover. The vet is a little rattled, perhaps assuming he wouldn’t have been hit so many times. Regardless, once Starr is on his feet, he waits for Azula to make the first move.

Starr ducks a lariat, spins his opponent around and pokes him in the eyes again.

Joe Hoffman: Jatt’s so quick and clever with that move, I don’t think Boettcher was in the right position to see it happen.

Starr looks for an exploder suplex but Azula counters with a standing switch and a German suplex into a bridge.




Starr is quickly onto his feet, faster than the man who hit the suplex on him. Jatt whacks Xander with an open palm shot to the chest before bouncing off the ropes and being crushed with a powerslam by Azula!

Xander looks to connect with a hard knee to Starr’s jawline but Jatt blocks it and tumbles into the ropes. Once both men are up, they lock into a grapple… with Xander getting the better of his opponent at first. It looks like Azula’s going to hit another suplex but Jatt escapes, bounces off the ropes and drives a knee smash into Xander’s stomach, winding him.

The Sovereign of Starrgentina follows with three strong knife-edge chops to Azula before scoop slamming him to the center of the mat and then performing a leg drop. Jatt stands and points to the top rope.

Joe Hoffman: Starr still has the ability to fly…

It’s a measured elbow drop… and it connects!

Except Azula suddenly takes hold of Starr’s right arm, the same arm that hit the elbow drop and applies a crossface!

The Hall of Famer is in the middle of the ring, waving his hands around, hoping to get somewhere. It isn’t until he begins to move his legs does the wiley vet make it into the ropes with his boots.

Azula breaks the hold but Starr is reeling. Xander pulls the man formerly known as Simon Sparrow to his feet. Starr’s on roller skates as Azula hits the ropes and launches himself forward with a flying forearm smash-

Starr ducks and Azula goes flying across the mat! The Mayor of ManJattan is quick on the scene, as he takes hold of Azula’s legs and this time he does lock in the figure four!

Joe Hoffman: Xander may have to tap!

Starr sits upright, applying more pressure on Azula’s legs. Xander reaches towards the ropes to see how far away he is…

He’s a good foot from them.

Boettcher slides into position, ready to call for the bell as Xander pulls at his face first because of the pain he’s in and then hopes to take hold of Jatt Starr in order to break free.

He can’t do it. Azula falls back to the mat and the ref begins to count his shoulders.



Azula sits up.

The Marquis of MadagaStarr shouts at Azula to tap but the California native won’t slap his hands on the mat just yet. Instead, he places both palms on the ground and pushes up. He moves closer to the ropes.

And closer still.

Xander’s almost there…

Jatt breaks the hold, drags Azula to the center of the ring and applies the figure four again!

Azula swings his arms around, knowing he has to make one serious play for the ropes or it’s game over.

Joe Hoffman: Hey, hold on a second…

But Azula isn’t trying to make it to the ropes. He’s trying to flip Jatt Starr around!

Starr is on his side… the submission has almost been countered.

Joe Hoffman: Oh what a crafty move by Jatt Starr! He could see the momentum changing so he dropped the figure four!

Starr shoots off the ropes and crushes Azula under the jaw with a dropkick!

Jatt stands and dusts himself off. He drags a lifeless opponent upright and looks for the Falling Starr-

NO! Azula pushes Jatt away from him and then charges in with an attempt at the Fist of Eris!

NO! Jatt BARELY side steps but side steps nonetheless!

Starr with a kick to the gut…

And then the Falling Starr!

Joe Hoffman: It’s done. Goodnight!





Bryan McVay: The winner of this match in 12 minutes and 31 seconds… JATT STARR!!!

Starr rolls off Azula, completely spent but still has enough energy to raise his hands in the air.

Joe Hoffman: A solid victory for Jatt against Xander, who certainly pushed Jatt all the way through this one.

Eventually, Starr gets onto a knee and allows Matt Boettcher to raise his arm in victory before Chaos goes elsewhere.

You’re right, Clay

The action cuts backstage to show Christopher America getting ready. He’s shirtless, standing in front of a mirror, practicing his referee moves, mimicking counting one, two, three. He notices the camera but continues looking in the mirror.

Christopher America: You’re right, Clay.

I get it.

You’re the strong, silent type now.

You get called out for your bullshit and then retreat into yourself, right? America challenges you to step out of your comfort zone and you shy away.

America nods.

Christopher America: That’s okay. I’d probably retreat into myself too if I stood across the ring or had a war of words with someone like me.

America poses in the mirror, flexing his muscles.

Christopher America: You see, I know you’re going to destroy Cancer Jiles tonight. You’re going to do it to prove a point. To show that actions speak louder than words.

And you’re right.

Actions do speak louder than words. And your INACTION speaks volumes about you and the Highwaymen.

Why is it so hard, do you think?

Why is it so hard to tell me why you’re going to beat me where the others failed, about how you’re better than they are, and in what ways? Why is it so hard to admit that you’re glad they failed?

Why is that, Clay?

I think the answer is because deep down, you’re scared that you aren’t better than them. You’re scared that you’re just like them. These… friends…  have disappointed you time and again and rather than tell them that, you hold it in and take it out on others… like Frank… like Hollywood… like Jiles.

You’re scared because while you’ve struggled to beat people like Tyler or STRONK, God rest his meaty soul, I’ve turned away YOUR best and brightest in THEIR handpicked matches. And as such, I’ve been hardened by them. Molded by them. Refined by them.

I’m harder, better, faster, and stronger because of it. With each day, I evolve and adapt, growing in skill and accomplishment, on my way to be THE single greatest World Champion in HOW history and THE single greatest World Champion across all of the PWA.

I have big plans for this championship. I see myself and the Alliance sitting on a throne of skulls, high atop a mountain of bodies, caked in the blood of our enemies. In the distance, the smoke filled ruins of federations and companies whose rosters we’ve destroyed as we cement our dominance over the wrestling landscape. Conquerors of all we see.

Because when you have America on your side, you are the only superpower in the game.

You? If you somehow beat me, you’ll do what the Highwaymen do best, won’t you? Have an unmemorable reign that lasts… what… a month… maybe two tops? And then go back to your whining and bitching about how you’ve been screwed over.

Speaking of being screwed over…

Keep your eyes on the main event.

Although I graduated from the top of my class at the Danny Davis school of refereeing, my shoulder’s been acting up and it’s been varying the speed of my counts. I sure hope it doesn’t flare up during the match tonight. Wouldn’t want to give the manly Highwaymen more shit to bitch about.


We wouldn’t want that, would we?

America smiles into the mirror and goes back to practicing his referee moves as we cut away to our next commercial break.

Glitch in the HOV

We come back live from commercial and the HOV comes to life as we seeConor Fuse sitting on a chair in a black backdrop background. Blaire Moise is there with him for this pre-recorded interview.

Blaire Moise: Conor, last week you went to the ring and offered Steve Harrison a controller. What was that all about?

Fuse stares blankly at the interviewer before suddenly receiving a jolt of life and responding.

Conor Fuse: A peace offering? I don’t know. Look, it’s been a tough go over the past few weeks so I figured why not congratulate Harrison on his Tag Team Title victory. No hard feelings here, I really don’t hate the guy. But I also don’t GET the guy, too. He has no reason to hate me. Perhaps I have every reason to hate him…

Fuse runs a hand through his messy blonde hair, which is messier than normal. He has dark bags under his eyes, suggesting he hasn’t slept for days and while the gamer can’t grow any substantial facial hair, only the odd blonde hair sticks out.

Conor Fuse: He’s beaten me numerous times in tag team matches. He gets all bent out of shape because I “DiDnT dRaFt weLL” for War Games. Buddy, look, it was my World Title.

Fuse pauses and smirks.

Conor Fuse: A World Title you have never won.

Conor tries to relax by leaning back in his chair.

Conor Fuse: I digress. I’m going through a whole plethora of stuff ATM. I think I killed a guy. I think. Either way, witnessing someone LIFELESS, even if for a short period of time is super stressful. If I could do that, if I could push myself to that level…

The Ultimate Gamer stops himself. He reveals his trademark SNES designed knapsack beside him. He leans forward and peers inside.

Conor Fuse: Next week, I have a new gift for Steven Harrison. I’d like to meet him in the middle of the ring…

Long, drawn out pause followed by an unstable smirk.

Conor Fuse: Where he’ll get it.

Fuse twitches a couple of times before his demeanor suddenly lightens up.

Conor Fuse: Thank you for the interview, Lindsay Troy. I thought you’d be too busy with PRIME and such these days but good to see ya back again. Maybe you can job to JPD in the future, LOL. After all he is your daddy, haha good times oh boy. Okay well see ya!

The Power-Up King grabs his bag and scurries out of the interview scene, leaving Blaire Moise confused as the video ends the HOV screen goes black as we cut back to live action inside the arena.

#1 Clay Byrd vs. #15 Cancer Jiles

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back everyone and as we all just saw…next week we will see Conor Fuse and Steve Harrison in the ring…face to face. There are some real concerns about the mental health of one Conor Fuse and that interview backed up those concerns in my opinion. BUT before we get to that face off next week here in this very arena…..coming up next THIS WEEK we have another clash between the Highwaymen and the Bandits as Clay Byrd faces off against former two-time World Champion Cancer Jiles. Jiles has barely paid attention to this matchup throughout the week, and it has been evident all week that Clay Byrd was none too pleased by the show of disrespect. Jiles has been putting a lot of effort into his “other” gig, and Clay Byrd looks ready to send him back to the land of the blue. Joel Hortega is in the ring… and we’re ready to get this matchup underway… let’s go up to Bryan McVay for the introductions!

The lights dim.

The arena quiets.

A chill moves through the air…

“I am the COOL” explodes over the speakers.

Bryan McVay: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall…

~I’m the one your mama warned you about

~When you see me, I will leave you no doubt

~I’m the coolest man that ever walked this earth

~I’ve been the coolest since the day of my birth


Bryan McVay: From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at two hundred twenty nine pounds!!…. He is…. “COOL”…..CANCEEERRRRRR JIIIIIIIIILES!!!!

Out from behind the curtain, after a second or two of suspense, The Crown Prince of COOL, Cancer Jiles emerges. Shades on, hair on point, he pauses at the top of the ramp and basks in the glorious affection of his precious OctaBandits. After having his fill, Jiles confidently makes his way down to the ring and slides in under the bottom rope.

Joe Hoffman: Jiles is striding out here confidently, I mean he is the PRIME World Champion, but is only half-heartedly gesturing to his fans. The amount of disrespect…

Bryan McVay: And his opponent….

Guitar and harmonica begin to blare through the arena, the start of “Gunning For You” by Nick Nolan sends a silence across the crowd as Nick Nolan’s lyrics echo through the arena. Red letters slash across the screen as “BYRD” is spelled out. Clay appears through fog on the entrance ramp, cowboy hat low over his eyes, a long black duster on and a rope in his hand.

Bryan McVay: From Plainview, Texas… weighing in at two hundred ninety five pounds!!! The Monster of Plainview!!!… CLAAAAAAYYYYYYY BYYYYYYYYYYYRD!!!!!!

The crowd boos loudly. This is Best country. Clay looks out into the crowd, smirks and shakes his head, then he turns his attention to the ring, where Jiles is slumped up against a corner, using a tiny toothpick to clean under his fingernails.

My Gun is loaded it’s getting time

Two shots of whiskey i’m takin’ what’s mine

Ain’t what you’re sayin it’s what you do

Your time has come boy i’m Gunnin for You

When hell is rainin down you’ll see my face won’t heara sound

You’ll feel that bullet burnin through

Take your last breath boy

I’m Gunnin for You

Joe Hoffman: Clay Byrd is out here on the stage and he looks none too pleased by what he sees in the ring.

Clay begins his slow walk down the ramp. His eyes are fixed on the ring, and he trudges on. Not paying any more notice to any of the fans in attendance.

There’s desperation deep in your eyes

No turnin back now no compromise

Cause only one of us walks out that door

The other bleedin out on the floor

Clay walks up the steps, and climbs into the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Clay Byrd made it clear that he intends on making this match a firing by execution, not at all okay with the amount of effort shown by his opponent since he popped back in in HOW.

Clay glances at the crowd, who are still booing him, then removes his hat and duster. He slaps the bull rope on top of the gear in his hand, then hands the entire pile over to Joel Hortega, who takes it and hands it through the ropes to a crew member at ringside.

Jiles sighs and flicks his toothpick in the general direction of another member of the crew, and it bounces unceremoniously at his feet. With the least amount of effort possible, he rolls up out of the corner to a standing position, and starts forward as the bell rings.

Joe Hoffman: It’s obviously a tale of two men going in opposite directions here tonight. Clay Byrd is staring daggers through the head of Cancer Jiles.

As Jiles nonchalantly approaches the middle of the ring, Clay Byrd hits his breaking point, and charges forward with a roar and hits a Texas Lariat right out of the game that turns Jiles inside out.

Joe Hoffman: Byrd wasting no time! Jiles clearly didn’t have his attention where it should be and he was absolutely destroyed by that lariat.

Byrd stands over Jiles and looks down at him, disgusted. Jiles is out, but Clay isn’t done. With a snarl, he stomps his opponent, his chest, his arms, his head… finally he drops to a knee and starts laying in heavy right hands right into his forehead.

Joe Hoffman: Byrd is punishing Jiles here…

Byrd shakes his head again then roughly pulls Jiles up to a standing position. He steps back, then fires in with another big heavy right hand that sends Jiles flopping into the ropes. He bounces off right into a HUGE spinebuster by Clay Byrd.

Joe Hoffman: Jiles literally bounced off the mat after that spinebuster! Byrd is in complete control and now he’s going for a cover! Joel Hortego drops to the mat… wait, no, Byrd changes his mind…

Byrd grabs Jiles roughly by his hair and drags him over to the ropes. Draping his head and neck over the bottom rope, he puts a knee firmly on the back of Jiles head and chokes him across the rope. Jiles flails his arms around, but can’t get free, until finally, Byrd yanks up hard on the rope and flings Jiles back toward the center of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Byrd continues his onslaught as he is in complete control of this matchup. Jiles has barely been able to put up a fight since taking that huge lariat to start the match…

Byrd walks slowly over to Jiles, barely listening to the continuing booing from the High Octane faithful.

Joe Hoffman: This crowd has been giving it to Clay Byrd ever since he stepped out on the stage, but he obviously doesn’t care right now. He said he was gonna send Jiles packing straight out of High Octane Wrestling, and he’s well on his way to doing just that…

Slowly, Jiles reaches a kneeling position, and as Clay Byrd approaches, Jiles reaches up and grabs him weakly by the leg. Byrd shakes it off easily and watches as Jiles leans back into a seated position and begs off. Jiles reaches back and tries for a low blow, but Byrd sees it coming a mile away, and just swats his arm away as Jiles goes back to begging.

Joe Hoffman: An attempted low blow from Jiles. Pretty classic stuff from him, but now Jiles is begging for mercy again, and I have a feeling he’ll find absolutely no mercy in Clay Byrd tonight. He’s quite literally barking up the wrong tree.

Byrd looks down at Jiles, unsure if he could respect him any less right now, then puts a big boot right between his eyes. Jiles goes back and down like a shot. Byrd wastes no time and yanks Jiles back up, then tosses him full body into the corner turnbuckle, and follows it up with a clothesline.

Joe Hoffman: Byrd smashes Jiles into a pancake in the corner! Jiles stumbles out and he is wobbling! He’s out on his feet.

Byrd grabs Jiles by the hair, and Jiles again drops to one knee, but this time he finds a burst of energy and swings his arm, finding the mark right in the garden of good and evil. Byrd drops to a knee, clutching at his groin, and Jiles finally gets a breather, pulling himself up by the nearest rope and getting to his feet, although breathing heavily.

Joe Hoffman: For the first time, Jiles had a chance to do some damage, but of course it came as a result of a low blow. It seems the bare minimum is all he feels like contributing here tonight…

Jiles slowly approaches Clay Byrd, then with considerable effort pulls him up to a standing position and backs him into the ropes. He tries to whip Byrd across the ring, but Clay is too strong and reverses the Irish whip attempt. Jiles hits the ropes, then throws a hard boot to Clay Byrd’s midsection, doubling him over.

Joe Hoffman: Clay Byrd too strong for Jiles there, but Jiles was able to put that kick right to Byrd’s midsection… now Jiles steps back… crouching and waiting for Byrd to rise to his feet…

Jiles waits, preparing to hit his Terminal Cancer superkick, but as he throws it, Clay Byrd swats it away and shoves Jiles back into the ropes. Jiles tries again, but again Clay Byrd swats it away. Jiles tries to recover quickly, sidestepping a right hand from Byrd, then hitting the ropes. Byrd ducks a clothesline, then hits the ropes… both men hit the ropes, and as they come back to the center of the ring, Clay Byrd spears Cancer Jiles right out of his boots. Like… literally, one of Jiles’ boots came off.

Joe Hoffman: Huge spear! That’s lights out for Cancer Jiles, it’s gotta be!

Byrd pops up, roars into the hostile crowd, then slowly waits for Jiles to start stirring again. Crouching near the ropes, Byrd waits, and as Jiles finally gets to his feet, Byrd darts into the ropes and comes off with a second huge Texas Lariat.

Joe Hoffman: Texas lariat!! That’s the nail in the coffin right there! Clay Byrd covers and Joel Hortega is in there for the count…

Hortega drops to the mat.




The bell rings.

Bryan McVay: The winner of this match…. In 5 minutes…. 22 seconds…. THE MONSTER FROM PLAINVIEW….. CLAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY….. BYYYYYYYYYYYYRD!!!!!

Joe Hoffman: That’s it! A dominating performance from Clay Byrd, and Cancer Jiles becomes the most recent foe vanquished with authority by Clay Byrd. Man, the PRIME World Champion just got destroyed yet again and this time by the Number One Ranked Wrestler here in High Octane Wrestling. What a statement from Byrd.

Byrd collects his things from Joel Hortega and starts to head out of the ring, but at the last second changes his mind as he senses Jiles trying to pull himself up by the ropes again. Byrd wraps the bull rope around his hand and charges him, slamming a big rope-wrapped fist into the head of Cancer Jiles. Jiles goes down like a shot, and Byrd finally climbs through the ropes to head up the ramp as we cut to a commercial break.

Enough is Enough

Chaos comes back from commercial and we are backstage. It doesn’t take long before the scene becomes familiar with the three men set up that surrounds one Brian Hollywood. It has recently become knowledge that Hollywood’s three man squadron has a name. They are simply known as the Triangle Safeguard Association. Better and short for the TSA and effectively so. These men were responsible for bailing Hollywood out from being apprehended from one of Hollywood’s best friends, Buck Wringley.

Hollywood comes into view as he simply kneels down next to a pillar. He doesn’t look like he’s really worried about anything as he feels like his power is slowly increasing with each passing second. This prompts Hollywood to let out a comment.

Brian Hollywood: You know, it’s honestly been awhile since I’ve felt power like this. Bobbinette got a taste of it earlier tonight and I wouldn’t normally admit that…but I can’t help but feel like it’s like old times around here. My power is slowly growing around here and if you were around just a short five years ago, you would recognize that I started with little power but that it quickly grew in influence. You would also recognize that I took that power to certain heights and seized this company as my own. I can’t help but to feel optimistic about where this will lead me. We all know ICONIC is just a few short weeks away and that time is of the essence. I was wrongly robbed of Rumble at the Rock and I promise you all that I will not be wronged like that again!

Hollywood slowly starts to feel jaded and he grows angry at the mere thought of how he was treated at Rumble at the Rock.

Brian Hollywood: To be perfectly frank…I had all the momentum in my corner..and yet, I was wrongly left off the fucking card! Now why is that? I have taken out member after member of the Board and associates of the GOD of HOW himself, I had all the momentum in my favor…yet how was I rewarded? By being left off the god damn event! This was an injustice and it’s an injustice that will be accordingly addressed! These men you see around me, they are not ordinary men! They represent an elite force. They represent more than any EPU agent put together and they are loyal to me and to me, only! At the drop of a dime and at the simple snap of my finger, they will do my bidding without fucking question! The HOW EPU doesn’t stand in equality to what just these fucking THREE men represent! I have constantly stated that the power that I have pales in comparison to what the HOW EPU have around here! I tried to play things civilly and we all saw where that led me. So where does that leave me now?

Hollywood cracks a simple smile as you we can easily see that there is a part of Hollywood that is trying to hold something back. Whether that was frustration or pure resilience, Hollywood was trying to remain patient. Patience, after all, is one of Hollywood’s strong suits.

Brian Hollywood: I’ve tried to be civil about things…I really have…but clearly, things have to be elevated at this point. I’m at the point where my hand has to be forced. I want to make one thing painfully clear…I refuse to be left off the ICONIC card. Yet, I can’t help but to wonder just what I have to do to get noticed around here. I mean, what more do I have to do to prove my worth around here? It’s clear that there’s a war brewing and I also can’t help but wonder that there is an opening to do some real damage around here. You know, change the landscape around here because by the looks to me, people have become to fucking complacent around here.

Brian Hollywood: It looks as if things are slipping around here and I can’t help but to interject my thoughts on the matter. I’m going to make one thing abundantly clear. No one wants to address the elephant in the room, so allow me to do it for you. It’s obvious that The Board is “no more” and I would be lying if I was to tell you that I was surprised to see that there is a struggle amongst what is supposedly the most powerful force in all of HOW. But just how powerful is it? I’ve defeated three members of so called Board members and you know what? Just how much longer do we have to sit here pretending that I don’t have something to bring to the table?

Hollywood shakes his head as he knows his history but at the same time, recognizes that there’s room for certain….negotiations.

Brian Hollywood: Look….I get it. I’m not the most popular person on this roster right now. However, how long do we have to go pretending that I don’t have value on this roster. I have resources…I always have resources and we all know that the past has provided amble history in showing what I can bring to the table. I have proven that I can be a lone wolf in this company. That on any given night, I can beat whoever the fuck I want, when the motivation is there. People have constantly put me down in this company…yet, I still possess the wins that I do when it comes to certain players in this company. I can only be patient for so long and my patience is waning. Man is it fucking waning. I know what I bring to this company yet I also recognize that there is a certain time I have to swallow my pride. I work better alone…I always have. I have put this company on my fucking back by myself and we all have seen where that history led. But I also know when to recognize how to be the bigger man. So I’m going to propose this and I’m only going to propose this once. You want shit to get done right in HOW? Use me…use my resources. You and I both know the results of what happens when you put my resources to good use. Things are getting out of hand and you have too many rogue pieces that are running around here without consequence. You know my worth…I have proven it time and time again. So I guess what I’m “proposing” is an ultimatum. This ultimatum is simple. I don’t even have to fucking spell it out for you. You have a serious security breach right now. Now, I have no problem addressing this security breach. Put me at the forefront of it. You have tested me time and time again and I’d like to think that you and I understand each other. I also like to think that my tests have been more than sufficient in proving what I can bring to the table. So use me. Use me effectively. I’m giving you the opportunity to. I think a face to face is more than fair to hear me out. What do you honestly have to lose? You’ve obviously lost a lot more than you care to, so why not take that opportunity to end that streak and level the fucking playing field with what I offer to bring to the table? Otherwise, the alternative?

Hollywood slightly smirks but shakes his head at the mere thought.

Brian Hollywood: Let’s not open that door, shall we? I’m more useful as an ally than an enemy and you have obviously seen what I can do when you pit your forces against me so let’s not waste each others time here, eh?! The ball is in your court. So let’s stop pretending to ignore what my value is and let’s do something about this growing opposition. I mean…what do you have more to lose in this proposition?

Hollywood smirks again as he feels like he has more than done his part to get his point across as Hollywood rises to his feet before slipping into the shadows of the backstage area with the TSA in tow as Chaos cuts away from Hollywood’s ominous words.


We shift to the backstage area where Blaire Moise can be seen standing in front of a HOW logo in the backdrop. Blaire has her microphone in hand as the cameraman gives her the signal that they are live. Blaire smiles then raises her microphone into the air and begins speaking.

Blaire Moise: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the current HOW LSD Champion Jace Parker Davidson.

The camera pans out as Jace walks up to Blaire. He has on his wrestling gear while carrying the HOW ICON Championship belt on one shoulder and the HOW LSD Championship on the other shoulder. Jace is accompanied by Abdullah Choi and STRONKETTE.

Davidson: That’s the current HOW LSD Champion and the FOREVER HOW ICON Champion to you, Blaire.

Blaire rolls her eyes and clears her throat.

Blaire Moise: Let’s start with getting your reaction to The Board being disbanded earlier this week and the confirmation we got from Lee earlier on tonight.

Davidson: It was surprising and as you can already see the idiots on the roster trying to take credit that they ended The Board. ‘Oh, I carried this company, I fought all the stables, respect me. Respect me!’ All fucking bullshit. The Board is only disbanded in name. Lee Best is stepping back into things as the figurehead of this company. Christopher America is still the HOW World Champion. GREAT SCOTT is still the HOTv Champion. I am still the HOW LSD Champion and pretty soon I’m going to add the HOTv World Tag Team Championship belts to my impressive collection.

Choi begins clapping his hands together to cheer on his client.

Blaire Moise: Is it weird going from successfully retaining the HOW LSD Championship belt last week to teaming with and possibly winning the HOTv World Tag Team Championship belts with Scott Stevens this week?

Jace visibly shudders at the thought but manages to compose himself even though it looks like he has a bad taste in his mouth.

Davidson: Honestly? Stevens makes my skin crawl. Of course I successfully defeated Stevens to retain my title last week. There was never any doubt but to have to team with him this week? Yeah, it’s definitely weird but I get it. Both Stevens and I went a little nuts last week which caused Lee to punish us a little bit. I could bury my head in the sand or throw a tantrum about it but all I’m focused on is becoming the new HOTv World Tag Team Champions. An opportunity is an opportunity, no matter how shitty your partner might be. I would have loved for my partner to be STRONK tonight and achieve our dream but I guess Stevens will have to do.


Blaire Moise: You do realize that Scott Stevens went around earlier this week and tried to make things right for what you said about Steve Solex last week.

Jace shakes his head and adjusts both title belts on his shoulders.

Davidson: You know what? Whatever, Stevens gonna Stevens as I always say. If he wants to go around and pander to people like he’s someone special then it matters not to me. But here’s the thing, Blaire. I knew Lee and a lot of other people would have a problem with what I said last week about Solex. However, I ask you, where is the lie? Where was I wrong? Sure, I shouldn’t have said it the way I did but that doesn’t make it any less true. Mr. Sgt. Slaughter knock off Steve Solex goes around here waving around his service and acting like he’s the baddest motherfucker on the roster. Yet he can’t wrestle his way out of a wet paper bag.

Blaire Moise: Solex did beat–

Jace, much like always, interrupts Blaire.

Davidson: Oh, he beat Jiles? So, what? Maybe if he beat Jiles in that handicap match in the Best of Five series then The Highwaymen would have never lost the HOTv World Tag Team Championship belts. But they’ll ignore that fact, just like Steve Harrison loves to ignore just about everything. That son of a bitch has the nerve to tell me I’m living off of STRONK Godson? Motherfucker, this coming from the man that lived off of cows and milk? Yeah, I brought up Milk, and what? STRONK and I were and STILL are best friends. The STRONKUMMS LLC was brought to life and continues to thrive thanks to STRONK, Choi, myself, and GREAT SCOTT. I’m sorry that Harrison is jealous because he didn’t jump on the ‘Got Milk’ train when it was running strong.

Choi reaches up and pats Jace on the back as he continues to speak.

Davidson: But wait, I’m boring and I say the same old shit all the time. Yet, did Harrison not call me a pervert just like I said he would? This motherfucker complains about how there is no originality or creativity in what I say? That’s because you never do anything fucking interesting Harrison. You won the LSD title and had a boring ass short reign with it. One that STRONK ended at War Games. You ride coat tails to Tag Team title wins then get them snatched away from you because you suck anything good out of them like you were Bobbinette Carey’s vagina. Boring has gotten me three World Championships, it’s gotten me to become the GREATEST LSD Champion in the history of this company. It’s gotten me to setting the standard of the HOTv Championship, This made me one half of the GREATEST tag team in HOW history. Your FOREVER ICON Champion and later tonight? It’s going to get me those HOTv World Tag Team Championship belts. Call me whatever you want to Harrison, fact will remain you’ll never ever be even half as good as I am.

Jace grins widely but that grin soon fades as the sound of Scott Stevens’ voice.

Scott Stevens: But you’ll never have one-third of my talent, little buddy.

Stevens remarks as he comes into view and the crowd immediately shows their feelings towards the Demi-God.

Blaire Moise: My guest, the Demi-God of HOW, Scott Stevens.

Stevens nods at Blaire for a wondrous introduction.

Scott Stevens: Thank you for that great introduction, Blaire.

Stevens turns his attention to Jace.

Scott Stevens: I see my little buddy here has been running his mouth and not telling the whole truth. I pander to no one and I was cleaning up this fuck up’s mess!

Stevens points toward his partner.

Scott Stevens: Next time Jace will have to clean up his own mess and take responsibility for his own actions. Frankly, everyone that has to cover for him is tired of it, especially me!

Stevens points to himself before regaining his composure.

Scott Stevens: However, that is in the past and tonight is all about the future. A golden future if you will as we take on Steve Solex and the Walking Leech, Steve Harrison.

The crowd cheers at the mention of the Highwaymen.

Scott Stevens: Tonight, my little buddy and I put our differences aside and we rescue the HOTv Tag titles from obscurity! I know the Highwaymen just won them, but everyone is already claiming the tag division dead, and HE cannot have that!

Stevens shakes his head no.

Scott Stevens: That is why tonight you will see my little buddy have a third title for him to carry around and I will win my fourth tag title when we become the Forever HOTv Tag champions and there isn’t anything anyone can do about it.

Stevens walks off towards the gorilla position confidently leaving Jace and company standing there.

Davidson: Are we sure Tyler Adrian Best isn’t available?

Choi shakes his head as Jace and company follows behind Stevens as we go to our last commercial break of the evening.

Jace Parker Davidson and Stevens vs. The Highwaymen

HOTv Tag Team Championship Match w/America as Referee

Back live and the action cuts back to ringside where the fans are raucous as “The Greatest American” by Cracked Prism Studios hits.


The crowd erupt into a chorus of cheers as Christopher America makes his way out, decked in a referee’s shirt, where the black stripes should be are alternating Old Glory Red and Old Glory Blue stripes. The HOW World Championship is nowhere to be seen as America places his right hand over his heart and holds up his left hand.

Joe Hoffman: And there’s the HOW World Champion, Christopher America, our special guest referee for this match. Only in Chicago can this man seemingly get cheered for the despicable acts he’s done. Last week, America promised that the screw job to Clay Byrd was coming. Well… here it is. America told me earlier tonight that if this match goes beyond 30 minutes, we will take a five minute break at the 30 minute mark for an intermission to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

Why is this man allowed to referee?!?

Bryan McVay: Introducing the special guest referee, he is the HOW WORLLLLD CHAMPIONNN…. CHRISTOPHER AMERRRRRRICAAAAAAAA!

The crowd cheers even louder as the champ enters the ring, smiles at the fans like a true sycophant before clasping his hands together and thanking the crowd.

As his music dies down, “O Fortuna Excalibur Remix” by Apotheosis hits.

The lights in the arena go black as a synthesized hymn begins to play as the High Octane Vision comes to  life as an angelic voice begins to sing.

“Born from pain, inside my veins.

Bred for war, begging for more.

None shall mourn, I am reborn.

Live in sin. The House always wins.”

The hymn continues as the screen begins to show the Best Arena transformed into a style of a church and the screen slowly flashes the words…..


Lee Best’s infamous blood shot eyes hover above the top. The lights in the arena begin to come on in a shade of 97 Red as smoke and fog begin to fill the stage area as well. The sound of glass breaking is heard as the screen shows a crack over the mural of the Best Arena and Lee Best’s eyes as “O Fortuna Excalibur Remix” by Apotheosis begins. Lights above the ring shine down to create a 97 Red HOB. The stage flashes with alternating red and white lights as Scott Stevens makes his way out onto the stage.

Bryan McVay: Introducing! From The Great State of Texas and representing the HOUSE OF BEST!….he is the “Demi-God of HOW!” SCOTT! STEEEEEEEVENNNNNNNS!

America casually leans against the ropes and looks utterly bored as the crowd cheer the Demi-GOD.

Stevens’ 97 Red circular sunglasses glisten in the light and his devilish grin plasters his face. Scott drinks in his own hype as he lifts his right arm and points to the heavens before he begins to slowly walk toward the ring. As he does so he carries the Book of Best front and center of his chest while he sticks as close to the center of the ramp as possible to avoid being touched by the heathens that line the barricade. As Scott climbs up onto the mat, the massive Cross of Best hangs around his neck like jewelry. Scott wipes his feet off on the edge of the ring, his smile never leaving his face. Moving towards the center of the ring, Scott bathed in the red lettering, drops to a knee before looking up with his eyes closed towards the heavens mouthing something as he is bathed in the sinister glow of 97 Red. Once his prayer is done he slowly lowers the hood of his jacket and lifts his arm high into the air as the music dies and the house lights return signaling Scott to take off the Cross of Best and kiss it before making his way to his corner to prepare for his match.

Suddenly, the lights in the arena dim as the HOV begins to light up. The words “The King has Returned.” echo throughout the building. The crowd stands on its feet as smoke begins to build on stage. The sound of “Kingdom” by Jaxson Gamble begins to blare as a spotlight shines on stage. The crowd cheers as through the smoke appears Jace Parker Davidson, holding the gleaming LSD and ICON Championships. Jace looks out at the crowd and soaks in the reception.

Bryan McVay: And his partner, from Miami, Florida. He… is the HOW LSD Champion… the Forever HOW ICON Champion, and the King of Everything… JACE! PARKER! DAAAAAAVIDSONNNNNNN!

America enthusiastically applauds Jace as he makes his way down the ramp slowly. Fans reach over the barricade trying to touch him. Jace slides under the bottom rope to enter the ring, where he glares at Scott Stevens. Upon seeing America, Jace smiles and the two exchange a greeting where America hypes up Jace.

Joe Hoffman: This is going to be very interesting for this final Alliance. Just last week, Scott Stevens faced off against Jace Parker Davidson and now they have to team together. It certainly looks like Lee Best has been rewarding Scott Stevens for his efforts. This will be the THIRD championship match in as many weeks for the self proclaimed Demi-GOD of HOW. And America appears to be making it no secret who he’s rooting for in this match.

“Dad Vibes” by Limp Bizkit hits as the crowd erupts into boos. A montage of Steve Solex plays on the HOV flashing on and off with the rhythm of the music. A bomb like explosion blasts at the top of the entry way sending a plume of smoke up and in front of the HOV in the shape of a mushroom cloud, and at that moment the music returns and Steve Solex makes his way out from behind the curtain.  The montage continues to play on the HOV as Solex stops atop the entrance ramp and pounds his chest twice with a white knuckled fist before throwing his hands high up into the air.

Immediately, the music fades out and “Take The Money And Run” by the Steve Miller Band hits as the crowd boos. The curtain flies open and Steve Harrison walks out with his arms in the air, a smirk across his face. He looks at Solex and nods as they take off the HOTv Tag Team Championships and clink the metal plates together, almost as if toasting each other with beers. They eye their competitors and begin walking down to the ring with purpose.

America, meanwhile, checks the invisible watch on his wrist and taps it, looking wide eyed at the Highwaymen, asking them to hurry up.

Bryan McVay: And their opponents, introducing first, from Huntington Beach, California, the Mercdad himself Steve Solex! And his partner, from Fairfax, Virginia, “The Miracle Man” Steve Harrison! Together, they… are the HOTV TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSSSSS…. THE HIIIIIIIIIIIIGHWAYYYYYYMENNNNNNNN!

Joe Hoffman: There they are! The brand new HOTv Tag Team Champions! The Highwaymen secured a big win over the Egg Bandits last week! And this match now gets more interesting as America’s last two PPV opponents make up the championship winning team. My God, this is going to be a volatile match!

Solex and Harrison get into the ring and stare daggers at America. America holds up his left hand and crosses his heart with his right as if promising to do everything in his power to keep this fair. Solex merely responds with a middle finger. America looks annoyed as he forcefully grabs the HOTv Tag Team Championships from the Highwaymen and hold them up. Harrison immediately grabs them both back as he and Solex hoist them into the air as the crowd boos.

Joe Hoffman: The bell hasn’t even rung and already America and the Highwaymen are at it.

America shouts at the Highwaymen, who simply ignore him, turn to one of the ringside attendants and hand their belts to him. America walks over to JPD, completely ignoring Stevens, and asks if he’s good and ready to go. JPD nods as he steps through the ropes, allowing Stevens to start the match. America looks over and sees Solex tugging on the ropes.


America calls for the bell and quickly gets ready to call the match. Solex and Stevens circle for a moment before meeting in the middle for a lock up but Stevens immediately hits a high knee. He then brings his fist down, clubbing at Solex’s back before backing off. Solex rears up and looks annoyed. Stevens merely smiles before bringing his hands together in a prayer like fashion.

The two seemingly go in for another lock up but Solex ducks behind Stevens and slaps him hard across the back of the head. As Stevens turns, he’s met with hard punches by Solex, who begins backing Stevens to the ropes. When he hits the ropes, Solex whips Stevens across the ring and swings wildly for a clothesline. Stevens ducks, hits the ropes and SMACK!

Stevens’ knee connects with the side of Solex’s head. Solex spins and goes down. Stevens immediately covers but just as quickly Solex kicks out.

Joe Hoffman: No opportunity given to America to pull a fast count there as Solex immediately kicks out. Let’s not forget that this man took America to the limit inside an HOFC cage and at Dead or Alive. It will take a lot of punishment to put Solex down!

America sarcastically applauds Solex who just glares at America. Using the distraction, Stevens hits a kick to the gut and goes to hoist Solex for a suplex but Solex blocks and then rams Stevens spine first into the turnbuckle.

Unbeknownst to Solex, JPD immediately tags himself in, slapping Stevens on the shoulder. Stevens jerks his head to look at JPD confused but JPD simply gets in and begins clubbing away at Solex’s back. Solex releases Stevens and rotates himself in the corner. He holds his arms up as JPD just unloads on him.





America grabs JPD around the waist and pulls him back away from Solex. America gets in between Solex and JPD and puts his hands on JPD’s shoulders trying to calm him down.

Christopher America: You gotta listen to me. I’ll disqualify you if you don’t heed the five count.

Joe Hoffman: America, surprisingly, admonishing Jace for not listening to him.

But with America’s back turned, Stevens takes the tag rope and immediately begins choking Solex with it. The crowd boos as Solex struggles to breathe. Harrison starts to get in the ring and America sees this so he goes over and blocks Harrison from advancing. The two argue as JPD begins stomping away at Solex in the gut. Stevens releases the tag rope and holds out his hand.

Scott Stevens: Tag me in! GOD wishes me to strike him down with righteous vengeance!

Looking unsure, JPD ignores Stevens and pulls Solex away. In the center of the ring, JPD hoists Solex up and hits a vertical suplex. Immediately, JPD floats into the cover.




Joe Hoffman: Is there something wrong with my monitor? What’s going on? Was that a normal count?

Leaving Solex on the mat, Jace backs himself to the ropes before walking to Solex, leaping into the air and driving his knee down right on the top of Solex’s head. JPD then gets on top of Solex and begins pounding away at his forehead, using his knuckles to really drive the point in deep. After a few moments, JPD backs off, turns to the crowd, holds his hands out, and asks for their applause. The crowd obliges with more cheers for the King of Everything. Solex reaches out for Harrison as America gets next to Solex and begins army crawling towards Harrison, showing Solex how it’s done, just like he did at Normandy. The crowd laugh at America as JPD goes and grabs Solex. He hoists him up to his feet and BAM!

Solex hits a wicked back elbow that catches JPD flush across the temple. Like a tree that’s just been cut down, JPD falls backwards, his eyes glazed over. America rushes in to check in on him as Solex staggers and tags in Harrison.

America acknowledges the tag. As Harrison goes in and immediately begins a Garvin stomp, beginning with JPD’s left arm. He then proceeds to the left ankle, then the right, then the right arm. He then ends with the hardest stomp for the face of JPD, grinding his heel harder into his cheek. The crowd boos as Harrison rolls his eyes. JPD attempts to roll away but Harrison goes over and picks him up. Harrison simply hoists JPD up and hits a vertical suplex. Harrison keeps the hold, rotates his hips and stands up with JPD. Harrison releases the hold, runs towards the ropes, runs past JPD and…


JPD collapses as Harrison hits a devastating clothesline to the back of JPD’s head.

Harrison goes for the cover.




The crowd cheers as JPD kicks out.

Joe Hoffman: I’m flabbergasted right now. I fully expected America to be making slow counts and fast counts but apparently, he has done exactly what is needed to call this right down the middle.

Harrison looks at JPD and shrugs his shoulder as he takes his forearm and begins grinding it and washing it across the front of Jace’s face. America warns off Harrison who smirks at America and continues. America warns Harrison again before counting.




Harrison backs off and holds his hands up. He backs against the ropes as America checks on JPD. While America checks on him, Stevens swings at Harrison wildly with a clothesline but Harrison has it scouted. He ducks and begins punching away at Stevens before clocking him hard. Stevens hits the apron and falls to the floor.




Joe Hoffman: OH MAN! THAT WAS CLOSE! Stevens with the distraction and JPD almost with the rollup!

Harrison immediately springs up and swings at JPD who blocks and hits a punch of his own. Harrison tries again but meets the same result. Harrison tries a third time but JPD ducks. As Harrison swings around, JPD grabs a hold of Harrison and dumps him backwards, over the top rope to the outside. JPD then falls to the mat as Stevens gets back up and holds out his hand. America nods his head in approval as he looks at Solex standing on the ring apron. He motions for Solex to watch this. America gets down on his hands and feet and begins doing push-ups.






Joe Hoffman: I think I’ve seen it all now. Christopher America is doing pushups and counting them off while simultaneously counting Steve Harrison out. All just to piss off Solex!

Steve Solex: Fuck you! You piece of shit!


JPD crawls and glares at Stevens menacingly as if telling him not to fuck this up for him…. before finally tagging him in.


Harrison gets back into the ring but Stevens is eagerly there, waiting to stomp on him. Stevens tries to push Harrison back out but Harrison hangs on to the bottom rope.

Scott Stevens: Forgive me, GOD, for what I am about to do.

Stevens then dives at Harrison’s fingers and begins biting them. America immediately rushes in and warns Stevens off. Stevens backs off, nods his head, and makes the sign of the cross. Stevens then turns to look at Solex and smiles.

Scott Stevens: Are you a GOD fearing man?

Solex shakes his head no.

Scott Stevens: You… will be.

Stevens smiles as he turns back to Harrison and grabs a hold of Harrison’s fingers. He begins peeling them and prying them in ways that shouldn’t bend on the human hand. Harrison winces in pain as America rushes in.

Christopher America: Do you give up, you bald son of a bitch? Do you quit again? Do you want to give up and go nurse your hand?

Harrison continues wincing and ignores America. Harrison moves his body off the apron, out from under the bottom rope and back into the ring. With his hand still locked with Stevens’, Harrison rotates his body and kips up to a chorus of boos. He then pulls Stevens up, rotates behind him into a hammerlock, and drops Stevens with a DDT. Harrison then holds on to his hand and wrist, shaking them to try to move on from the pain of Stevens biting and bending them. Solex holds out his hand and Harrison goes to tag him in. The two Highwaymen pick Stevens up, run in opposite directions as Harrison hits a leg sweep and Solex hits a hard clothesline.


Stevens crumples as Harrison and Solex slap each other’s chests, congratulating themselves. Solex falls to his knees near Stevens, as America then moves in and begins to usher Harrison out. Solex covers.

But there’s no count.

America continues jaw jacking with Harrison and doesn’t notice the cover. When Harrison yells at him, America spins around, dives into the count.





Stevens gets the shoulder up at the last minute.

Joe Hoffman: That should’ve been three! Had America not focused on Harrison, this match would’ve been over!

Solex rolls off of Stevens and gets in America’s face. He presses his forehead and nose directly into his and begins shouting at him. America pushes right back and tugs on his referee’s shirt. Solex now bumps his chest against America. America warns Solex again but Solex refuses to listen. He continues shouting until America flat out walks away and ignores him, shaking his head. Solex continues to attempt to get in America’s face as Stevens begins to get to his feet. America points at Stevens as Solex berates him. Stevens goes over, grabs Solex, spins him around, hoists him up and…


Solex is driven hard into the mat by the Death Valley Driver but Stevens doesn’t go for the cover. Instead, he gets close to Solex’s face.

Scott Stevens: It’s time for your baptism. Just like those before you who defied GOD. He demands blood. Gallons of it. It’s time for your baptism by blood!

Stevens then springs to his feet, bounces off the ropes drives his knee hard into Solex’s head. He repeats the move until a trickle of blood pools across Solex’s forehead. Solex rolls away, holding his forehead but Stevens follows.

Scott Stevens: I… am the right hand of GOD!

Stevens curls his fingers into a fist and beats down on Solex’s head, drawing more and more blood. After a few moments, Stevens gets off of Solex, kneels in the center of the ring, takes a deep breath, and looks towards heaven.

Joe Hoffman: Stevens should be out here trying to win a match, not conduct some sort of unholy baptism at Steve Solex’s expense!


Stevens’ smile fades at being called an idiot. But he quickly plasters the smile back on as he looks sadistically at Solex. He goes to grab him and pulls him up. Solex immediately thrusts his arms upwards and tees off on Stevens. He backs Stevens to the ropes, whips him across, and hits a knee to the gut. Stevens falls hard to the mat as Solex feels drops on his face. He wipes his face and notices the blood. He wipes his face again and sees more blood. Looking enraged, Solex rips his shirt in half and lets out a primal scream. JPD, Harrison, and America look wide-eyed at Solex.

Joe Hoffman: Oh God! I think Scott Stevens may have royally screwed up here!

Solex wipes his face once more and washes the blood across his chest. He goes to Stevens and mounts him, hitting him with punches. He then stands up and begins kicking him in the gut over and over again. America continues to look petrified, daring not to count to five for fear of what Stevens just unleashed in the ring.

Solex is panting heavily as he grabs Stevens body, hoists him up and puts him down in the corner by JPD. Solex grabs Stevens’ hand and tags in JPD. JPD looks at America who acknowledges that a tag was made. JPD instead hops off the apron and shakes his head no. He throws his hands at Stevens who falls to the mat. Solex then turns to look at America. America immediately begins tapping his referee’s shirt but Solex doesn’t give two shits at this point. He takes a step towards America before falling flat on his face as JPD grabs Solex by the ankles and pulls him to the outside.

The two begin to exchange lefts and right as Stevens rolls his body off the mat to the outside. He hits the floor with a sickening thud. In their fistfight, JPD turns slightly, angling Solex to shoot him into the barricade. He grabs Solex’s wrist and pulls but Solex holds his ground. JPD tries again but Solex holds again. Solex then grabs JPD and whips him hard.


JPD goes shoulder first into the steel steps, almost toppling them onto Stevens on the floor.


Solex stares at Harrison as if shaken out of his rage. He nods and then grabs Jace and throws him into the ring. Solex looks at America and points as America nods. Solex covers.






Jace just gets the shoulder up.

Solex looks at JPD in disbelief and then at America who shows that it was two.

Joe Hoffman: I know America has called this down the middle to the best of his ability, and that isn’t saying much, but even I may have just called it three to avoid Solex’s wrath.

Harrison holds out his arm, calling for a tag. Solex walks over and swipes his arm down on Harrison’s, but meets only air. Harrison falls off the apron and smacks his head as we see Scott Stevens’ smiling face, having just pulled Harrison off. Solex climbs out of the ring but Stevens runs and shoves Solex spine first into the ring post. Stevens then backs up and charges.



Stevens connects with a superkick to Solex’s head, smashing it against the steel post. Solex slumps to a seated position.


Stevens struggles grabbing Solex and hoists him up, leaning him on the apron. Stevens then grabs his legs and swings them up. He then rolls Solex into the ring and makes his way back to his corner, as Jace slowly crawls into the cover.









Harrison scrambles in and pulls at Solex’s arms, dragging him out from the pin.


JPD slowly gets to his feet as Harrison climbs into the ring. The crowd is going berserk as America looks at both men. They circle briefly with JPD rolling his shoulder, trying to get some feeling back into it. They advance on each other with Harrison lighting up JPD’s chest with a series of chops. He backs JPD to the ropes and pushes him off. Harrison goes for a clothesline but JPD ducks. JPD bounces and comes back but Harrison catches him this time with a spinebuster.

Harrison covers.




Harrison quickly pulls JPD up and hits a side suplex. He covers JPD again.




Harrison rolls JPD onto his stomach and begins hitting elbow strikes to the back of JPD’s neck as JPD screams out in pain. He holds out his hand to Stevens but is just too far away. Harrison picks JPD up again and hits a Side Russian Leg Sweep. America looks on with disgust at the move having been used in his presence. Harrison covers.




Harrison holds JPD’s shoulders. Launches his legs into the air and drives his knees into JPD’s shoulders. He then drives his knees into the side of JPD’s head. After several hits, Harrison covers.





Joe Hoffman: This, ladies and gentlemen, is focus. Steve Harrison is just laying in shots and going for the pin. Working harder and harder to keep Jace down. No distractions, this man looks locked in!

Harrison grabs JPD and locks in a dragon sleeper.

Joe Hoffman: Shades of Joe Bergman here! The man that the Alliance took out earlier this month!

America asks Jace if he wishes to quit but Jace screams out no! America looks at Stevens wide eyed, as if asking if he is going to interfere.

Scott Stevens: Because GOD wishes it…

Steven starts to climb into the ring but Harrison releases Jace and clocks Stevens. He goes down hard and Harrison goes back to the dragon sleeper. Across the ring, Steve Solex finally begins to stir. The blood firmly caked on his face and chest. He slowly pulls himself up as America looks at him. A lightbulb goes off in his mind and a sinister smile spreads across the World Champion’s face as he turns towards Harrison. He rushes over and taps Harrison on the arm.

Christopher America: Let him go! Let him go!

Harrison lets go and smiles. He stands up and holds his hands in the air in celebration as America pulls Harrison’s hands down. Harrison motions that Jace quit but America shakes his head no.

Christopher America: You’re not legal!

Steve Harrison: WHAT?!?!

Christopher America: YOU’RE NOT LEGAL!

America taps his hands together and tells Harrison that there was no tag. Solex was still legal when Harrison entered the ring.

Joe Hoffman: OH GOD! America is right! Harrison never tagged in! Solex has been legal the whole time!

Harrison is irate as he shouts at America but America shakes his head no. He motions for Harrison to get out of the ring as Solex is now at a vertical base. Solex goes over to Jace and picks him up, whips him across the ring.

Joe Hoffman: BY GOSH!

Solex hits a shoulder block and Jace staggers up.

Joe Hoffman: BY GOLLY!

Solex hits another as the man is running purely on adrenaline. Jace again struggles to his feet.



Joe Hoffman: TOXIC STING!

Before he can execute the clothesline, Stevens runs in and hits a Diamond Cutter on Steve Solex. Harrison has seen enough. He rushes in as Stevens is getting up.



The sickening smack of knee against head reverberates throughout the arena as Stevens slumps to the mat.


Harrison now slumps to the mat as JPD hits a nasty superkick catching Harrison right under the chin. But… like a terminator, Solex stirs, refusing to quit. He goes to push himself up when Jace runs the ropes.

Joe Hoffman: BEND THE KNEE!


Solex’s face hits the mat. Jace uses his good shoulder to roll Solex over. He lays on top of him as America gets into position.









The Chicago crowd explode into cheers.

Joe Hoffman: I am in awe of what we just saw here! Lee’s final alliance has done it! Scott Stevens has apparently been rewarded for his efforts from Lee Best, himself. And Jace Parker Davidson is now, as he would say, a TRIPLE CHAMPION in HOW!

I can’t believe I’m going to say this but Christopher America, for all his shenanigans, kept to the rules and it was the rules that were the undoing of the Highwaymen!

Christopher America walks over to Jace and drapes the HOW LSD Championship on his right shoulder, the HOW ICON Championship on his left shoulder, and secures the HOTV Tag Team Championship around his waist. Scott Stevens now gets up, breathing heavily, holding the back of his head. Seeing Jace wearing the championship, he smiles and holds his hands in prayer. He smiles at America as he hungrily asks him for the HOTv Tag Team Championship. 

America looks at the championship… and nods at Stevens. He holds the belt out to him. Stevens reaches for the title but America pulls it back. He holds up a finger and grabs his referee shirt. He polishes the center of the plate and looks it over, ensuring it’s perfect.

Stevens motions for America to hand it over. 

America turns…


And then clocks Scott Stevens right in the face.

Joe Hoffman: WHAT THE HELL?!?! Scott Stevens just helped win those titles and this is the thanks he gets?

America smirks and JPD laughs. 

America drapes the title across Scott Stevens’ body and then drops down to get right in his face.

Christopher America: You aren’t one of us!




The crowd and Joe Hoffman are in shock as “Kingdom” by Jaxson Gamble plays and America raises JPD’s arms in victory as we fade to black.