Chaos 006
  • Event Type: weekly

Chaos 006

Event Date: August 27, 2022 at 10:00 pm

#18 Scott Stevens vs. #16 Bob Grenier


The HOTv video and PWA logo give way and we cut live inside an ALMOST sold out Yuengling Center here in Tampa Florida.

We immediately head to the ringside area where HOW Hall of Fame broadcaster Joe Hoffman is seated at the announcers table ready to kick off another jam packed episode of Chaos live on the HOTv Network.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome everyone to Chaos 006. We’re here in the Yuengling Center here in Tampa, Florida and the crowd is rocking. We almost had a sell out tonight and rumor has it that a very small group of tickets allotted for some OCW fans ended up not selling. So obviously the word in the back has been that it is OCW’s fault for the lack of a sellout tonight.  We shall see what the fallout of that will be between the wrestlers. Speaking of fallout….tonight we kick off the road to Rumble at the Rock on October 30th live once again from Alcatraz Prison and everyone is curious to what the fallout from Dead or Alive will end up being here tonight.

A picture of the ending of the match between Lee Best and HOW Hall of Famer and Tampa native Chris Kostoff at Dead or Alive. The crowd boos loudly in disapproval over how that match ended.

Joe Hoffman: Along with four great matches tonight. HOW Hall of Famer Bobbinette Carey will go one on one with Xander Azula. HOW Hall of Famer and the current HOW LSD Champion Jace Parker Davidson will go one on one for the first time ever against former HOW World Champion Conor Fuse. Then in two OCW vs. HOW matches tonight we’ll see OCW Hall of Famer Bob Grenier vs. HOW Hall of Famer Scott Stevens. And in the main event representing OCW will be the man known as GREAT SCOTT challenging Clay Byrd for the HOTv Championship.

The crowd begins to cheer again as HOW Hall of Fame ring announcer Bryan McVay enters the ring with his microphone in hand.

Joe Hoffman: Looks like we’re ready for our first match of the evening. Let’s send it to Bryan McVay to make the introductions.

The camera shifts to the center of the ring where Bryan McVay stands proudly and raises the microphone up to his lips.

Bryan McVay: Our opening contest is an OCW vs. HOW match, and it’s scheduled for one fall!

The sound of “WHERE THE HOOD AT” by DMX blasts throughout the arena. The crowd stands on their feet as OCW Hall of Famer Bob Grenier makes his way out on stage. Bob looks out at the crowd who are booing him heavily with a smirk on his face. Grenier reaches into his pocket and pulls out a massive sized joint and a light. Bob places the joint into his mouth and sparks it to life using the lighter.

Bryan McVay: Introducing first from Timmins, Ontario, Canada, weighing it tonight at 222lbs. Representing PTSD, He is an OCW Hall of Famer. He is The King of Bong Style… Please welcome BOBBBB GRENIERRRR!!!

Grenier puffs on his joint happily before blowing a cloud of smoke towards the ceiling while raising his arms into the air. Bob lowers his arms and makes his way down the ramp slowly while blowing smoke into the faces of the HOW fans along the way. Grenier slowly makes his way up the steel ring steps then walks along the ring apron. Bob stops along the middle of the ring apron then turns towards the crowd and leans against the ropes. More smoke is blown into the air by the OCW Hall of Famer as the crowd continues to boo.

Joe Hoffman: It was at Dead or Alive that OCW Hall of Famer Bob Grenier stepped up to the plate to challenge Clay Byrd for the HOTv Championship. It was a brutal bull rope match that saw former OCW owner Marcus Welsh and others get involved but in the end Grenier fell short in his quest to win the HOTv Championship. Tonight he enters his second official HOW match and looks to rebound from what happened at the PPV.

Grenier smirks before turning around to step through the ropes and enter the ring. Referee Joel Hortega walks up to Grenier and tries to get him to put out the joint but Bob just responds by blowing smoke into the face of Hortega.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent…

The lights in the arena go black as a synthesized hymn begins to play as the High Octane Vision comes to life. The hymn continues as the screen begins to show the Best Arena transformed into a style of a church and the screen slowly flashes the words…..WELCOME…..TO…..THE …..HOUSE……OF….BEST as Lee Best’s infamous blood shot eyes hover above the top. The lights in the arena begin to come on in a shade of 97 Red as smoke and fog begin to fill the stage area as well. The sound of glass breaking is heard as the screen shows a crack over the mural of the Best Arena and Lee Best’s eyes as “O FORTUNA EXCALIBUR REMIX” by Apotheosis begins. Lights above the ring shine down to create a 97 Red WWLBD. The stage flashes with alternating red and white lights as Scott Stevens makes his way out onto the stage.

Bryan McVay: Introducing! From The Great State of Texas, he is the “Demi-God of HOW! SCOTT! STEEEEEEEVEEEEEEEENS!

Stevens’ 97 Red circular sunglasses glisten in the light and his devilish grin plasters his face. Scott drinks in his own hype as he lifts his right arm and points to the heavens before he begins to slowly walk toward the ring. As he does so he sticks as close to the center of the ramp as possible to avoid being touched by the heathens that line the barricade.

Joe Hoffman: Scott Stevens went through hell at Dead or Alive in the Baptized in Blood match against Scottywood. He’s a little worse for wear but decided to wrestle the very next night in OCW. Tonight he goes against a certified Hall of Famer from a rival company. Can Stevens convince Grenier to cross enemy lines and join HOW or will these two men beat the living hell out of each other?

Scott climbs up onto the mat before he wipes his feet off on the edge of the ring, his smile never leaving his face. Moving towards the center of the ring, Scott bathed in the red lettering, lowers the hood of his jacket and lifts his arm high into the air as he is bathed in the sinister glow of 97 Red. The music dies as the house lights return signaling Scott to his corner to prepare for his match. McVay exits the ring as Hortega checks with both men before calling for the bell to signal the start of the match.


Grenier walks to the center of the ring still puffing away at his joint. Stevens hobbles a bit towards the center of the ring. Stevens begins to try and talk to Grenier about the advantages he’d have if he left OCW to join HOW on a full time basis. Bob just nods his head and continues to puff away at his joint which only angers Stevens. Bob shakes his head at Stevens’ growing anger before offering him the joint that he’s been smoking.

Joe Hoffman: Stevens is trying to preach the gospel of Lee Best to Grenier who seemed to just tune him out. Stevens is hot but Grenier seems to be making a peace offering to Stevens. Will these two Hall of Famers from different companies come to some sort of an agreement?

Stevens narrows his eyes at Grenier but eventually reaches out and takes a hold of the joint which causes Bob to smile and nod his head. Scott stares down at the joint in his hand for a moment before dropping it down onto the canvas and grinding it under his boot.

Joe Hoffman: Deal is off apparently.

Grenier goes from happy to pissed off in an instant and begins to pepper Stevens with right hands to the face that backs him up towards the ropes. Grenier plants a knee to the midsection of Stevens and whips him off into the ropes. Stevens bounces off of the ropes as Grenier ducks his head down looking for a big back body drop but Stevens puts on the brakes. Stevens hits Grenier with a stiff kick to the face that straightens the OCW Hall of Famer up. Grenier reaches up holding his face in pain as he staggers a bit. Bob turns back around but Stevens is on him in a flash…

Joe Hoffman: TOXIC STING!

Stevens connects with his finisher bringing Grenier down to the canvas hard. Stevens hooks the leg and makes the cover on Grenier as Hortega slides in for the count.





Bryan McVay: Here is your winner… The Demi-God of HOW… SCOTTTTT STEVENSSSSSS!!!

Stevens gets up to his feet as Hortega raises his arm into the air in victory. Stevens is still favoring his back a bit from Dead or Alive but sneers down at the fallen Bob Grenier.

Joe Hoffman: Well, Stevens doesn’t get paid by the hour and I have to say that maybe Grenier just had a bad night here against Stevens. It is almost as if his body showed up but his mind did not. Regardless, Stevens got the big win and did it quickly which is smart considering tomorrow night he will be stepping into the ring with another OCW Hall of Famer by the name of Alice Knight during OCW’s Margarita Mix PPV.

Stevens snatches his arm away from Hortega then exits the ring and makes his way back up the ramp as we cut away from ringside as Stevens celebrates his first victory in High Octane Wrestling of 2022.

History in the Heartland

Instead of immediately cutting to another location we see the High Octane Vision screen come to life as a video begins to play..

(Replay: Dead or Alive: Tag Team Title Match)
Bergman looks over the edge at the carnage around him. Carey, Harrison, JPD, and Fuse on the roof of the bakery, out of it. Hollywood and Azula flattened. STRONK yelling at the other horse to fight him that Bergman came in on and a horse that has been knocked out. Bergman shakes his head before he crawls over to the crate, opens it, and extracts the Tag Team Championships.


Bergman clutches the titles as he lies on top of the saloon, victorious…

Joe Hoffman: What a spectacle that was. The Highwaymen literally retire the High Octane Wrestling Tag Team Championships and are now your first ever HOTv Tag Team Champions…

We now cut to a video shot earlier outside the Yuengling Center.

Blaire Moise: Blaire Moise out here in the Yuengling Center parking lot about an hour before tonight’s show.

She walks over to the front of an old school 1960 Chevrolet C10 Pickup.

Blaire Moise: As you know, Highwaymen Steve Harrison and Joe Bergman retained the HOW Tag Team titles… now called the HOTv Tag Team title… over three other teams at Dead or Alive two weeks ago.  Since then, Harrison has kept a low profile…

Cut to…

(Film Clip: Alpine Valley Music Theater in East Troy, Wisconsin)
Four people are shown watching the Jimmy Buffett show in the pavilion.  One wears a regal-ish type robe with a hat with a parrot on top of it.  Next to him, a six foot tall blonde wearing a strapless top and a Hawaiian flowery skirt.  Next to her, some guy in a tacky Hawaiian shirt, knee length shorts, and tennis shoes.  Next to him, a brunette with her hair up in bun, a nice shirt, a nice skirt, wearing a nice pair of heels, and talking on her cell phone with one hand covering her ear so she can hear.

They are surrounded by people decked in Hawaiian shirts doing the usual assorted nonsense you’d associate with going to a Jimmy Buffett show 

Blaire Moise (voiceover): …Bergman was seen recently at a Jimmy Buffett Concert in Wisconsin with former HOW wrestler Rah, Rah’s wife Dawn McGill, AND Bergman’s EX-wife Laura Bergman.  Tonight, Joe is not booked so he’s out here doing what he does best…

Cut back to Blaire as the camera follows her walking around the 1960 Chevrolet C10 Pickup and revealing the truck has a short bed with a state of the art grill inside it.

Bergman mans the grill along with his valet Sunny O’Callahan while a second woman in the back of the truck is handing the food out to the fans.

A closer view shoes the woman looks suspiciously like Chicago’s Channel Five news reporter Elizabeth Carlisle and NOT his ex-wife Laura Bergman.

Blaire Moise: …hanging out with and taking care of his fans in Section 214.

The camera pans around to show a packed roped in area full of the usual folks who populate Section 214.

Also on hand: Highwaymen Clay Byrd, Steve Harrison, and an extremely jacked up Steve Solex to enjoy the bountiful spread of burgers, brats, steaks, and hot dogs that’s been cooked so far.

Blaire Moise: So, with Dead or Alive over with, is Bergman reuniting with Solex to reform their PBR partnership that lasted just one match two years ago?  The last time HOW saw Joe Bergman and Steve Solex as a tag team together was in 2020.

(Replay-Refueled XXI April 11th, 2020: The Egg Bandits: Cancer Jiles/Bobby Dean vs. PBR)
It’s late in the match and a new and deliciously fragrant aroma has wafted down to ringside.  PBR’s bleach blonde valet and master griller Barbie-Q has arrived on stage and she comes bearing gifts – a platter filled with burgers, brats, strips of barbeque beef and steaks – the sweet smell of grilled food permeating the air inside the arena.  

Bobby Dean’s eyes light up like a kid at Christmas when he sees the smorgasbord of culinary delights stacked up on Barbie-Q’s plate.  

Barbie-Q bat her eyes and gestures to Bobby to ‘come here’ with her finger.

Joe Hoffman: Oh.  That’s not fair.

By the time Cancer Jiles makes it back to his corner, Bobby’s nowhere to be found.   

Cancer Jiles: BOBBY?

He turns his head and watches Bobby – seduced by the siren song of sumptuous beef (it’s what’s for dinner) – walk towards the buffet of bountiful food awaiting him on the platter held seductively by Barbie-Q.


Blaire Moise (voiceover): With Bergman and Solex possibly back together and presumably defending the **HOTv** Tag Team title, the big question is who will be the first PWA affiliated team to step up and challenge them for the belts?

Jiles rolls out of the ring and chases after his erstwhile tag team partner before he makes a series of bad nutritional choices.  

Cancer Jiles: BOBBY!

Chasing after the grilled meat on Barbie-Q’s platter like a racing greyhound chasing hot and heavy after a wooden rabbit, Dean follows Barbie-Q when she makes her exit to the back with Benny and Jiles right behind them.    

Cut back to Blaire.  She has a burger in hand.

Blaire Moise: We’ll find out soon enough.  I’m Blaire Moise.  Let’s see what else is going on backstage.

I’m celibate

We cut backstage, where Brian Bare is standing by, approached quietly by Xander Azula and his Eternal Circle cohorts.

Brian Bare: High Octane fans, your man Brian Bare is here with the hot scoop, joined at this time by Xander Azula as he gets ready to take on HOW Hall of Famer Bobbinette Carey in just a few moments.

Brian turns his attention to the Fighter, who looks largely focused on the task ahead of him as Bare presses on.

Brian Bare: Xander, I think the fans want to know what your mindset going into this match is, especially after what happened at Dead or Alive?

Xander’s look of determination quickly fades, replaced with one of annoyance as he glares at the renowned reporter.

Xander Azula: Is that really what the people want to know, Brian? That’s the best you’ve got for me?

Brian looks taken aback by Xander’s response, but the Wayward Warrior doesn’t give him a chance to react verbally.

Xander Azula: The less we talk about Dead or Alive the better, Brian. That bar fight ended up being a distraction for me, pulling me away from my path…but it’s done and dusted. Now, my eyes are laser-focused on getting through the rest of the year, to achieve the final step toward the endgame…and that brings me to Rumble at the Rock.

Brian nods in acknowledgement, finally getting a chance to chime in.

Brian Bare: Right, last year you faced a tough situation when you tried to kidnap Darin Zion’s–

Brian is once again cut off by Xander, a snarl on his face as he interjects with an aggressive tone of voice.

Xander Azula: It was a weird situation indeed Brian, but we don’t talk about that anymore. As a matter of fact, the less I talk about the Darin Zion the better my mood holds out tonight, thank you very much.

Brian Bare: Right, I’m just saying last year’s trip to Alcatraz didn’t work out in your favor…so what do you have in mind this year?

Xander’s tone and expression softens just slightly, a trace of a smirk starting to form on his face.

Xander Azula: Well I’m glad you asked, Brian. I had a very long, rough trip from Tombstone to Tampa the past couple weeks, but at one point I got to thinking…I do my best work in a cage, and on the surface it would seem as though Rumble at the Rock would hamper those plans.

Xander takes a pause here, which confuses Brian as he chimes in once more.

Brian Bare: But…?

Xander Azula: Stuff.

This only confuses Brian even further.

Brian Bare: But stuff?

Xander’s smirk widens to a full-on smile.

Xander Azula: No thanks, I’m celibate. Anyway, I had something of an epiphany on my journey to Tampa. A vision, if you will…and in this vision, I saw myself pummeling the living daylights out of some poor sucker inside one of the many cells that used to house prisoners at Alcatraz.

Brian Bare: And who would that so-called poor sucker be?

Xander glares at Brian once again.

Xander Azula: Maybe you, if you keep interrupting me.

Brian’s mouth opens in surprise, drawing a smile once more from the Bedlam Bruiser.

Xander Azula: I’m only joking, Brian. No, I have a few ideas in mind, but the reality is I need to poke and prod a bit to get exactly who I want…so, after I deal with Bobbinette Carey tonight, I will be doing just that. Poke and prod, till someone takes the hint and acknowledges me. Now, if you’ll excuse me Brian…I’ve got a Hall of Famer to humble.

With that, Xander and his crew step away, leaving us with an utterly confused Brian Bare wondering just what the Fighter has in mind as we go to commercial!

#12 Xander Azula vs. #16 Bobbinette Carey

Back live and the whistling intro of “Engel,” by Rammstein plays over the PA system, setting the crowd off in a chorus of boos as Xander Azula and his Eternal Circle disciples step out onto the stage, surveying the crowd with a gleeful grin. The crowd show their disdain for Xander and his crew, who simply laugh at the ignorance they see as they head toward the ring. Xander directs his disciples to circle around the ring, and they all hop onto the apron with wicked smiles on their faces. They enter the ring (either to intimidate Xander’s opponent or to wait for the opponent), before Xander directs his crew to leave the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Here comes Xander Azula fresh off a nice showing at the Dead or Alive Saloon Tag Title match. His recent, work with Bergman and the Barn has done wonders for him but he still needs that big win to start taking steps forward in his HOW career. 

`ENEMY“ (ARCANE) BY ANNA begins to play

Arena lights go black.

“Tell you you’re the greatest

but once you turn, they hate us!”

A magenta spotlight it’s entrance as the Queen of Epicness herself is already standing there waiting for the light. Bobbinette Carey makes her way down the ramp. Wearing a miss America style crown. She stands at the top of the ramp with her pink and black leopard gear.

“Oh, the misery everybody wants to be my enemy!”

The HOV plays a black and white video package. (We see the clip of her smashing a photo over Mario Maurako; another clip of her hitting Mario with the defib pads, then the most striking image of Bobbinette standing over Scottywood and slapping him.)

She steps up the ring steps and wipes her feet on the apron before getting in the center of the ring.

“Spare the sympathy, everybody wants to be my enemy, but I’m ready”

She stands in the center as magenta pink and mauve pyrotechnics explode from the turnbuckle as she does a ballerina style exaggerated curtsy

There is some commotion in the crowd with a rowdy fan yelling and holding up a sign that reads ‘Craig says Carey is a heel!’

Joe Hoffman: Guess not everyone is a fan of Bobbinette Carey but you have to feel for her. She has been through a lot of traumas recently with being poisoned and her home catching fire, but she is still here competing. Carey sees the unruly fan and just shakes her head at him.

Out of nowhere Xander attacks with a running forearm to the back of Careys head. She staggers forward and grabs the ropes to get her balance back. She turns just in time to duck out of the way from a clothesline.

Joe Hoffman: Xander is not wasting any time and is taking advantage of Carey being preoccupied by the disrespectful fan. Matt Boettcher signals for the bell and its now official.

Carey may have duck out of the way, but Azula follows it up quickly with kicks to Careys legs. He moves in closer now and starts tossing bombs at Bobbies face. She gets her hands up and tries to block the punches, but Xander seems to be a man possessed as he rains down right and lefts to Careys head, stomach, and kidneys.

Joe Hoffman: Carey needs to get back to the ropes so Matt can get Azula off her because right now it is already looking dicey for the Hall of Famer.

Xander rears back but yelps in pain suddenly and we see that Carey just stomped on Azula’s toe giving her time to breath finally. He limps backwards which give Bobbie enough time to hit the ropes and Spear Xander almost out of his boots.

Joe Hoffman: BIG SPEAR from the Queen there, but both are down now as Carey tries to still shake off the rabid start that Xander had on her. It is early in the match, but you can tell they are both desperate for a victory here.

Carey gets to her feet first and drags the Eris disciple to his feet. She chops him in the throat and then picks him up and slams back to the back. Bobbie looks down at him and smirks and then hits an elbow to Azula’s chest.

She gets up and hits another elbow.

And another elbow

And another elbow.

She goes for a quick cover after the multiple elbows and Boettcher gets down to count the pin



Xander Kicks out quickly and Carey frowns hoping to have put him away quickly.

Joe Hoffman: That seemed a little too confident there. It is going to take more than a few elbows to keep him down.

Carey snaps out of her dismay and lifts Azula to his feet and connects with a quick snap suplex, taking a page out of her opponents playbook. She floats over and mounts Xander and starts raining down some forearm shots. Xander takes the full force of several shots but finally blocks one and grabs Careys arm and wraps his legs around it and turns. He moves to the right and she falls forward and Xander goes to lock in a crossface. Bobbie begins struggling and trying frantically to get to the ropes.

Joe Hoffman: Xander isn’t known for his prowess on the mat, but he has taken Careys momentum and got her in a painful looking crossface. If she doesn’t get to the ropes soon, she might have to tap out.

Matt gets in Careys face and is asking if she gives up, but she shakes her head vigorously in no mood to even be asked about giving up. She starts moving kicking her legs towards the ropes and after a few seconds she gets her toe on the bottom rope. Xander releases the hold and rolls on to his back and slowly gets back on his feet.

Joe Hoffman: Xander almost had her there but now he is getting his breath back from the earlier beating he received. Neither one of these wrestlers wants to lose tonight but it will take everything they have to win this.

Xander is up and beckons for Carey to get up. He starts pumping himself up as he watches Bobbie slowly get up. She finally gets up just in time for Azula to strike.

Joe Hoffman: FIRST OF ERIS!

Xander goes for the spinning back fist, but Carey sees it from the corner of her eye and ducks low and grabs the wild brawler and hits a belly-to-belly suplex.

Joe Hoffman: Xander was inches from finishing this match but now Carey has gotten the advantage back, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN! She is going for the pin now and this time she has her forearm placed on the throat of Xander.

Matt is down for the count.



Xander with the kickout. Bobbie doesn’t waste any time this time and rolls Azula over and grabs his head and attempts to get a guillotine choke, but Xander uses all his might to get this head free and he begins rolling to the ropes and then under the ropes and drops to the floor.

Joe Hoffman: Xander looks to recover outside the ring and in HOW I haven’t seen that work well and seems like Carey is going to follow suit.

Carey rolls out but instead of inflicting more damage she does the sporting thing and grabs Azula and tosses him back in the ring. She smiles happy with herself and then slides back in. Those few extra seconds though help Xander as he is on his feet now and kicks Carey in the stomach and goes to hit a swinging neck breaker, but Carey continues to roll through and breaks the hold. Xander turns around and is met with a head butt right to his nose.

Joe Hoffman: Carey with a nasty heat butt and Xander is busted open. The blood is running down his chin now as he holds his nose.

Carey seeing that Xander is prone for punishment gets behind him and runs the ropes and hits a clothesline to the back of the head of Xander. He crumples to his knees no longer holding his nose as the blood starts to drip to the mat.

Joe Hoffman: Carey is literally like a shark smelling blood and I am not sure if Azula is even conscious right now.

Carey looks out at the crowd as she warms her right arm up and points at it obviously looking to hit Royal Pain and finish this match off. Xander is still on his knees, but his hands are moving and his wipes his nose with his left hand the blood beginning to slow down.

Joe Hoffman: Carey is revving up right now this might be the end of a back-and-forth contest but Xander is finally moving and now just one knee to the mat but that is what Carey wants.

Bobbie runs towards the ropes and back to Xander looking for the lariat and….


Joe Hoffman: Oh lord, Carey went o hit the Royal Pain and Xander spun out of the way and FIST OF ERIS OUT OF NO WHERE!

Bobbie collapses to the mat and Xander drags his arm over and places it across Careys chest.

Matt Boettcher down for the count.















Joe Hoffman: XANDER AZULA HAS PULLED OFF A HUGE VICTORY OVER A HALL OF FAMER. You must believe that Carey was way too confident at the end there and let Xander recover enough to hit that deadly Backfist.

Azula quickly rolls out of the ring and raises his arms in the air to celebrate the big win over a High Octane Hall of Famer.

We cut elsewhere…

Death blinked first

We cut from the ringside to the backstage area where the hardest working interviewer in HOW stands. Blaire Moise takes a deep breath and then fixes her hair quickly before the cameraman signals that they are live.

Blaire Moise: Ladies and gentlemen please welcome HOW Hall of Famer and the current HOW LSD Champion Jace Parker Davidson.

Blaire tries to muster the most professional smile that she can as Jace walks into camera range. He’s dressed in his wrestling gear and has the HOW LSD Championship belt around his waist. By his side is a lovely woman who hasn’t been seen on HOW airwaves before.

Blaire Moise: Thank you for taking this time here tonight but I’m not familiar with your… new manager?

Davidson: Oh, she’s not my manager. This lovely creature beside me is Samantha Tolson. She’s an accomplished wrestler in her own right and I brought her here with me tonight to show her what it is like to be an HOW superstar. She’s just a guest here tonight and we’ll keep her away from Bobbinette Carey and her laden lesbian tendencies.

Jace smiles and laughs with Samantha as Blaire clears her throat and moves on.

Blaire Moise: At Dead or Alive you teamed with STRONK to try and capture the HOTv World Tag Team Championship belts. You both were unsuccessful in your attempt and there were even points during the Saloon fight that you both were at odds with each other. Are there cracks beginning to form within The Board and what is the current situation with you and STRONK?

Davidson: Dead or Alive did not go our way but that is only a minor setback. With eight people in one match given the situation we were in… you’d have to be almost perfect to walk out with those belts. MAYBE if Conor Fuse wouldn’t have sacrificed himself to take out Harrison and leave Bergman COMPLETELY alone with the crate containing the belts… things would have turned out differently.

Jace’s anger begins to build but Samantha begins to rub up and down his arm to relax him.

Davidson: That was then and this is now. As far as The Board goes? There are no cracks in the armor. We are united as ever and we are as dominant as ever. We still hold the three top singles titles in HOW and eventually those HOTv belts will come right where they belong. STRONK is taking a little time to clear his head and focus on what is important. Bobbinette Carey is NOT important. It was a momentary lapse in judgment and I assure you it WILL NOT happen again. We’re still friends, we’re still partners, and STRONKUMMS are still the #1 frozen meat product on the market today.

Blaire Moise: Speaking of Bobbinette Carey… not only did STRONK save her multiple times at Dead or Alive but news broke a few days ago that her Loft in Chicago was broken into, her items destroyed, and the place was set on fire–

Jace interrupts Blaire.

Davidson: Okay and…?

Blaire Moise: And this is the second attempt that someone has made to attack or take out Bobbinette Carey. I know you–

Jace narrows his eyes and interrupts Blaire again.

Davidson: What are you trying to say, Blaire? Are you trying to accuse me of going to Chicago and setting Bobbinette Carey’s Loft on fire? Is that what you’re trying to do?

Blaire Moise: If you would let me finish… I was going to say that you and Carey have quite the rivalry here lately but Bobbinette has ruled you out as a suspect. She doesn’t think you’d be smart enough to pull something like that off.

Jace jerks his head back and looks offended. Suddenly, he shakes his head and his demeanor changes.

Davidson: I would feel sorry for Bobbinette Carey but honestly? She’s brought all of this upon herself. Who hasn’t Bobbinette Carey pissed off over the years? Maybe Scottywood has finally come to his senses and decided to put an end not only to their friendship but her life because of her screwing him out of the HOW World Championship belt. Maybe Shane Reynolds is somewhere lurking in shadows looking to get revenge that is long past due for what she did to him at War Games way back when. Maybe it’s some crazy fan that’s just sick and tired of listening to her talk about Shark Week all the fucking time. If I were to try and take Bobbinette Carey’s life? I would walk up to her face and just do it easily. However when all of this went down I was busy in Vegas with Miss Tolson here.

Jace smiles as Samantha nods her head up and down.

Blaire Moise: You got into it on social media with a PRIME wrestler and even decided to post a video on the Ace Network pretty much disrespecting the PRIME company, its owner, and that particular wrestler.

Davidson: When you’re a Hall of Famer, a Champion, you bleed 97red, and you’re the #1 talent in all of PWA then its natural for people to line up for miles to get a piece of greatness. Everyone wants some of JPD and this particular person decided that it was a good idea to challenge me to a single match here in HOW to try and beat some respect into me.

Jace chuckles a bit.

Davidson: So instead of taking his idle threat at face value I decided to send a message to The Maya Angelou Luchador–

Blaire Moise: The Anglo Luchador.

Davidson: Isn’t that what I said?

Blaire sighs as Jace just shakes his head and continues.

Davidson: Regardless of the stupid ass name. I invited Senor Crayola Mask to come to Miami next week and see what it’s like to be inside of the top wrestling company in PWA. I want him to see yours truly walk out in front of the fans in Miami next week and feel the ovation that I get. I want him to know exactly what he is getting himself into. And if he’s still got the balls to step inside of the ring against me? Well then, I’ll have an easy week beating him black and McKenna blue.

Blaire Moise: And finally later tonight you go one on one for the first time with your former friend and the former HOW World Champion Conor Fuse. Any final thoughts before that match happens tonight?

Davidson: Conor is motivated and he’s only motivated because of me. Hell, if you listen to him the only reason he even came back to HOW was because of me. He’s driven by vengeance because I decided to leave the AoA and join The Board. What Conor fails to realize is that the AoA was already dead. Without Mario, without me, the AoA was just Conor grasping at straws for a new partner for the Maurako Cup and Jatt Starr going through his third midlife crisis to become Simon Sparrow. That isn’t a stable, that isn’t a force to be reckoned with, that was just pathetic. Conor has a twisted sense of logic but either way it’s got him ready to go to war against your current LSD Champion.

Jace reaches down and proudly tugs at the HOW LSD Championship belt around his waist.

Davidson: Too bad this is a non-title match, huh? See, Conor thinks he has the upper hand. He thinks that because I don’t fly off of the top rope as much as he does that it somehow makes me less of a wrestler than he is. Conor is ready to put himself into the hospital if it means putting me six feet under. Many have tried but none have succeeded. I’ve looked Death right in the eyes and Death blinked first. I’m not out for Conor’s blood and I’m not looking to kill him. Hell, I’m not even going to injure him. All I’m going to do is go out there tonight and I’m going to out wrestle Conor Fuse. I’m going to beat him squarely in the middle of the ring fair and square because that will hurt him the most. He’ll have to live with the realization that everything he thought, everything that he ever believed about himself is just a lie. Then and only then will Conor be able to find himself and maybe he’ll be smart enough to kick Carey to the curb and lend his considerable talents to the winning side of HOW.

Samantha leans up and begins to whisper something into Jace’s ear. A grin forms across his face before he turns his attention towards Blaire.

Davidson: Tonight will be a five star match but for now? I have other matters that need attending to before I deal with Fuse.

Samantha wraps her arm around Jace’s arm and the two of them walk off down the hallway as Blaire rubs her free hand down her face in frustration.

Welcome Home

We cut back live inside the arena.

The lights dim.

A breeze moves through the air.

Wolf Totem takes over the PA system.

The crowd stands as one

Joe Hoffman: This man is supposed to be dead! Is he really from the Clan MacLeod!

Amidst the finally calmed crowd emerges a disturbance. What was a small group shuffling around turns into a parting of people down an aisle. Murmurs grow into a muffled, mixed reaction as even those closest to the commotion twist and turn, trying to determine the source. The space-inducing something or other quickly makes its way down the aisle and then-

Joe Hoffman: Holy Mother of Lee, it’s Doozer!

The Elder Bandit pops out of thin air, coincidentally from the void that separated fans all the way down from the nosebleeds.

Joe Hoffman: What a surprise, literally. I heard something going on behind the tables here, but I was checking the cameras and couldn’t se-

Doozer turns his head to the side while raising an open right hand in front of Joe’s face. All but his pointer finger collapse, as he turns the hand around, and motions for Joe to lean in. Hoffman does so, in trepidation. The Old Bull whispers something, then pats Hoffman on the shoulder, and… disappears? Did the feed just skip or something?

Joe, too, seems confused looking around himself for The Man Who Must Be Good Looking Because He’s So Hard To See. Hoffman eventually shrugs, then turns and shouts, with his own audio muted, out to McVay. Bryan nods, then brings his mic up.

Bryan McVay: We have just been told that there will be a special guest announcer for… well… whatever’s about to happen.

McVay lowers the mic, but doesn’t turn it off, so we all faintly hear:

Bryan McVay: I thought we were done with these guys for good…

Hearing his under-the-breath comment amplified, and realizing his goof, McVay straightens up quick.

Bryan McVay: I- uh… mean that… Actually no, that’s exactly what I meant. Whatever. Do whatever you’re going to do and get it over with. I don’t even know how you all got th-

???: Enough blabbering from you, then, Byron. Time for a real professional to do your job.

You guessed it.

Cancer Jiles steps out onto the top of the ramp…

Joe Hoffman: No.

With a cardboard cutout…

Joe Hoffman: Absolutely not.


Joe Hoffman: Nope.

Benny Newell.

Joe, understandably, removes his headset and decides to take his break for the night.

Cancer Jiles: You’re welcome, Octabandits. Five minutes of Joe free entertainment. And for this absolute work of art, as well.

Boos reign down from the High Octane faithful as the COOLYMPIAN shows off Cardboard Benny like he was a seasoned Price is Right girl. Cancer, with a smile reaching from one ear to the other, holds a mic up to CBB. Even if CBB had a voice, you wouldn’t be able to hear him over the deafening boos.

The Former High Octane Champ takes a moment to soak it all in before pulling the mic back for himself.

Cancer Jiles: Couldn’t have said it better, Benny. Now if some minimum wage earning, overpaid mongoloids would hit the musi-

Wolf Totem abruptly cuts.

“BanditStruck” by AC/DC hits and fills the arena much to Cancer’s chagrin. He pats Cardboard Benny on the shoulder, then makes his way to the very top of the ramp and stops. Bobby Dean and Doozer step out, flanking Jiles on each side. The three exchange looks, and nods, then march down to the ring.

The three men… well, Doozer and Cancer, at least, make their way down without showing a single shred of emotion. Meanwhile, Dean lags behind, busy smiling, waving at, and high fiving the fans reaching over the rails toward him. The Bostonian catches Bob’s shenanigans in his peripherals, shooting the Big Boned Bandit a glare that could kill. Not wanting to get Kostoff’d, Dean straightens up, then spits at the last fan he high fived just for good measure.

The Old Bull pulls left and marches up the stairs into the squared circle. Bobby does the same on the right, as Cancer rolls in under the ropes, clutching his mic close to his chest.

The booing comes back full force at the sight of the now infamous eGG Bandits dressed in their powder blues standing inside a High Octane ring. Doozer scans the arena, sneering, while Bob does his best to hold back that cherubic grin in fear of impending doom.

Jiles pops up onto his feet gracefully, and proceeds to dust himself off before making sure his hair was still in perfect condition.

It was.

Cancer, basking in the hate from the former Octabandits around him, slowly raises his mic.

Cancer Jiles: Oh hell-

The mic gets swiped from Cancer’s grasp so fast you could barely even see it happen.

Doozer: I think that about sums it up. I’ll take it from here, thanks.

The boos increase for a split second, then subside to a growing chant…




The Elder Bandit nods with a thoughtful frown.

Doozer: Please. If any of you convinced yourselves that I came back here, helped Lee put an end to one of the saddest Hall of Fame careers second only to that of Data Stevens, and give a single fuck about what any of you think… well, you’re just as stupid as Cancer’s been sayin’ throughout the years whenever the cameras were cut and you..

Finger quotes.

Doozer: Octabandits-

Finger quotes.

Doozer: – couldn’t hear us.

The Old Bull looks down at the ring beneath him, shaking his head.

Doozer: To think I wasted however many runs here trying to win your ninety-seven red hearts over, and now the show has turned into a thirty minute sitcom about Big Road Truckers.

Jiles bellows. Dean gasses. Dooze snarls at time wasted.

Doozer: Oh well, I guess that’s just life on the means streets of the Windy City.

He raises his head back up with a crooked smile.

Doozer: It took a lot to come back. But we-

The Boston Bruiser motions to Jiles, who’s still a tad taken aback from losing the mic and playing second fiddle. Then he motions to Bobby, who’s managed to scrounge up a bag of popcorn from a ringside patron.

Dooze goes to talk again, however he gets caught off guard when Bob pulls out a Little Dipper of butter from one of the reservoirs inside his belly button and starts using chopsticks to pick each popped kernel out one by one, dipping them for what feels like minutes on end in the melted belly button butter before consumption.

Jiles sees an opening to steal the mic but Dooze snaps too before he can snag it. The COOLYMPIAN sulks, which boosts Doozer’s confidence like a purple pill.

Doozer: Well, we owe some favors. Not just to some special kinds of stupid in the back. Not just to ourselves. But to your precious Papa Lee himself.

The boos pick back up quick.

Doozer: Ohhhh, tell us more, please.

The booing picks up steam while Doozer pretends to act distraught. Jiles still hasn’t broken his stupor. Dean’s chopstick popcorn eating quickens.

Doozer: Y’know. It’s funny that, with all that talent in the back… are those big, bad boys who call The Bandits out long after we forgot they existed… HE came to US when he needed something to get done. He didn’t reach out to any of his active Hall of Famers who he keeps in tow, no. Not his son. Or his son’s son. Or his son’s adopted son’s real dad. Hell he didn’t even bring back ..… meh, not worth the mention…

The usually sincere smile turns somewhat sinister.

Doozer: All the hardcore hardos. The self proclaimed showstoppers. All you fuckin’ dipshits who, despite your side of the story, were just not good enough to do what we did with ease…

The Elder Bandit scans the hushed crowd with raised eyebrows.

Doozer: Leave. Whenever the fuck we wanted. Whether moving up, down, sideways… opening cards, midlining, or Main Eventing…

That snapped old Cancer out of his funk, who can be seen mouthing “fuck yeah, Dooze.”

Doozer: Whether any of you blowhards want to admit it or not. You’ve all wanted out of this hellhole at one point or another. But none of you had the guts to walk out the door. Too afraid of Big Daddy Lee Legs. Gonna get the boot for good and never be able to come back.

The Old Bull takes a moment for dramatic effect, or something.

Doozer: You see, we didn’t leave because of PTSD. Ha-ha. And we never came back because we were gluttons for punishment.

A slow shake of the head.

Doozer: We left because we could. Anytime we wanted. Without retribution. Retribution ain’t worth shit if it’s aimed at someone who doesn’t give one.

Shoulder shrug.

Doozer: Newsflash, mongoloids…

A quick raise of the finger from Cancer after that one. Doozer, unflinching, raises a middle finger to his longtime friend in return.

Doozer: We never did. And we still don’t. This isn’t to prove shit to you, or to anyone in the back who thinks they’re better than us because they stuck around during the tough times. Heh. The tough times… when all the talent would jump ship so you fuckin’ losers could actually hold gold.

And there’s those boos again.

Doozer: This is for us. It’s time to finally have some fun. And you can do fuck all about it.

More boos.

Doozer: Simmer down. I’m not done yet.




Doozer: By the time we’re done, Kostoff is going to be looking down thanking the Bandits.

The boos become almost deafening.

Doozer: Hey now. I mean, really… Once he sees what we put the rest of the roster through, he’ll realize he got the easy way out. Compared to what we’ve got in store for our next targets, who’s name is so fuckin’ dumb it makes Sex & Money look like a birth of pure genius… well, I can promise you that Bergmen, Byrd, Stevie-boy, and couldn’t Suck-less Solex will be beggin’ for the shovel.

Mic drop.

Bandits out.

We cut to a commercial break as the boos from the Tampa faithful continue to rain down on the Bandits.

Travel buddies

Back live from commercial as the camera shows HOW Hall of Famer, the Queen of Epicness post match coming into view. She looks rough after her battle with Xander Azula. She’s still in her ring gear as she’s heading to a locker room door. She stands there and looks over the door with the name we can’t see yet, as she sighs. She knocks on the door. She takes a step back and smiles weakly as the door opens. We see none other than everyone’s favorite gamer, “BFF” and former two time HOW World Champion Conor Fuse getting ready for his match.

Bobbinette: Conor, hey..

She was being serious, he wasn’t just “gamer dude” anymore

The Vintage nods and smiles, opening up the door.

Bobbinette: I wanted to talk to you.

Bobbie seemed fidgety as she looks over her shoulder, still cautious.

Bobbinette: About DoA…. I’ve been thinking about it. I wanted to say I’m sorry we didn’t win the titles. I’m sorry for letting you down on that. It cost us then and it cost me tonight. 

Conor has a WTF look on his face.

Conor Fuse: Hey, I lost too. It’s all good. I got caught up with Harrison. I allowed him to get the better of me…

Fuse lowers his head, reflecting on that moment.

Conor Fuse: But I superkicked Jace off the salon so that’s something, huh?

He nudges Bobbie, trying to lighten her spirits. She gives a half smile with a nod.

Conor Fuse: Look, all Imma say is wins and losses happen. I lost the World Title twice, I might even lose to crooked JPD tonight LOL who the hell knows, girl. We’re good.

Conor sticks his head out the locker room door. He looks to his left, his right, then leans back inside.

Conor Fuse: And I’ve still got your back. We’re a team. Well, kinda. I’m not doing that multi-man co-op shit, ya know? Fuck that noise. Jace can have his Board, Harrison can have his Highwaymen. I respect you. I respect Jatt. I know the two of you collectively have… uh… well… a serious history.

Conor taps Bobbie on the elbow again. She squints and slowly nods.

Bobbinette: Hey you saw I was all about helping him out too. Even with all the history. Because the numbers game will get you every time here.

She says again looking around behind her.

Conor Fuse: For sure. Either way, I draw the line with too many numbers. But your battle against Jace… STRONK… Xander… anyone, is a battle against me, too.

Fuse puts out his fist. Bobbie returns the knock.

Conor Fuse: And we’ll just go from there.

Bobbinette smiles nodding.

Bobbinette: I appreciate that. So I was going to suggest we both have each other’s backs already. I was going to suggest we become travel BFFs. It’s not exactly safe being around me as of late I’ve noticed…so I was thinking there’s safety in numbers.

She says making a grimace about recent events that have taken place with her apartment being burned down, and the assassin attempt.

Bobbinette: It’s just a suggestion, though. I know you got a match to get ready for. I’m going to let you handle him on your own but I’ll be out after. I’ve got your back, gamer dude.

She says with a laugh as she looks at him and shakes her head from side to side. Bobbinette backs away, giving him the thumbs up.

Conor Fuse: I’m game. Travel buddies it is.

Fuse cracks his knuckles.

Conor Fuse: As for the whole “it’s not safe to be around me” thing… I get that. I know the risks. And I don’t care. Like I said, we’re good.

She smiles and nods realizing she’s keeping him from match prep.

Bobbinette: I won’t keep you longer. Get ready, epic luck out there.

She says with a nod as she walks away quickly but limping from the effect of her match. Conor grins widely and closes his locker room door to finish getting ready as we cut to ringside.

#6 Jace Parker Davidson vs. #4 Conor Fuse

Back at ringside and we immediately cut over to our ring announcer as it is time for our next match.

Bryan McVay: The following match is ONE FALL!

After watching the opening match of Scott Stevens and Bob Grenier followed by Xander Azula and Bobinette Carey, the fans are more than ready for their third match of the evening and it is a rather jucy one.

Joe Hoffman: Oh man, a doozy of a match coming up next, a match that could main event any Chaos, hell, any PPV on our calendar. Jace Parker Davidson. Conor Fuse. After being part of the hellacious Tag Team Championship match at Dead or Alive, these two are about to do battle again, and these fans, they’re on the edge of their seats, waiting for this. 

Bryan McVay: Introducing first… standing at six feet and four inches tall, he hails from Miami, Florida… he is the (gags) KING OF EVERYTHING! JACE! PARKER!! DAVIDSOOOOOOOOOOON!!!

The lights in the arena dim as the HOV begins to light up. The words “The King has Returned.” echo throughout the building. The crowd stands on its feet as smoke begins to build on stage. The sound of Kingdom by Jaxson Gamble begins to blare as a spotlight shines on stage. The crowd gives a mixed reaction as through the smoke appears Jace Parker Davidson, no Madison by his side. Jace looks out at the crowd and soaks in the reception. He make his way down the ramp slowly as fans reach over the barricade trying to touch him. Jace slides under the bottom rope to enter the ring. Jace pops to his feet and makes his way over to the nearest corner and climbs the turnbuckle to pose for the crowd. Hopping down Jace goes to his corner and begins to stretch before the match starts.

Bryan McVay: No Madison tonight, that’s interesting. Hope everything is okay at home. Regardless, JPD needs to remain focused on the task at hand as he is taking on the former HOW World Champion, Conor Fuse, who will want some retribution after coming up just short in the Tag Team Championship match. What a massive match and he almost had it won until, well, he didn’t.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent… standing at six feet and one inches tall, he hails from Toronto, Ontario Canada… THE VINTAGE! CONOR!! FUSE!!!

Bloody Tears from Castlevania II begins. A purple mist floods the entrance way as “The Vintage” Conor Fuse emerges from behind the apron 23-seconds into the theme. He stands at the top of the rampway, head down, sporting a dark purple jacket with its high-collar raised. The jacket is open, showing his vintage SNES tights as he slowly raises his head. The fog continues to pump from the stage as Fuse methodically makes his way down the ramp.

The crowd starts a “!RANK” chant, pointing in Conor’s direction as he marches towards ringside. Once in front of the squared circle, The Vintage leaps onto the apron and then with ease clears the ropes by jumping over them and somersaulting into the middle of the ring.

Fuse tilts his head back and zen cries into the rafters while the fans in attendance continue to cheer him on.

Conor removes his trench coat, revealing his trademarked light purple arm sleeve on his left arm. Fuse waits in his corner.

Bryan McVay: The fans rallying behind Conor Fuse, who returned last month and has seen the fans he had somewhat alienated on the run up to War Games return to support him. These two competitors have won all of their singles matches this year and only one of them will walk out of here with their record intact.

Fuse and JPD glare at one another across the ring, animosity building between the two.

Bryan McVay: Of course, Conor Fuse is best friends with Bobinette Carey, who has had her own little bit of a feud with JPD in recent weeks. It will be interesting to see how this plays out and how much that fuels their intensity in this match. 

Joel Hortega gives his final set of instructions and then signals for the start of the match.


At the start of the match, both men enter a collar-and-elbow tie-up. JPD uses his height advantage and pushes Conor down to one knee. Fuse continues to fight back though and digs in his heels, pushing back against JPD and ends up pushing him into the ropes. Hortega begins his count, but Conor breaks it at two as Hortega gets in between them. JPD uses the opening to crack a slap across Fuse’s face.


Joe Hoffman: Well, this is not going to be a respectful match between these two by any stretch of the imagination. Conor’s head is still cocked from the uncalled for slap from JPD and is slowly rubbing his cheek. JPD goes for a jab, but Conor blocks it and smashes his forearm into JPD’s face. This stuns him into the corner and Conor is now lighting him up with a series of front kicks to JPD’s abdomen before he grabs his wrist and goes to whip him across the ring only for JPD to reverse it!

Fuse goes running to the corner, runs up the turnbuckle, and back flips behind JPD who just stops before running smack into the empty corner. Conor wraps his arms around the waist of JPD and goes to lift him up, but JPD blocks it by locking his leg around the inside of Fuse’s. JPD then cracks him with a stiff elbow to the jaw and performs a standing switch, wrapping his arms around Fuse’s waist. He goes for a German Suplex, but Conor manages to land on his feet and connects with a dropkick to JPD’s back, sending him stumbling into the corner.

Joe Hoffman: These two are incredibly skilled and talented in their own right and we might end up seeing a master class between these two where one mistake might be the difference in the match. Conor comes up behind JPD and slams his head into the top turnbuckle before pushing him into the ropes. JPD manages to sneak his knee into Conor’s midsection and hot shots him across the top rope! Conor drops to the mat, grabbing his throat while JPD helps him up to his feet — such a nice guy — and connects with a stiff chop across his chest. Fuse winces in pain and JPD puts him into a front face lock, connecting with a vertical suplex.

Fuse sits up, feeling the pain all over his body, and is rewarded with a stiff kick in between the shoulder blades. JPD then takes both of Fuse’s arms and wrenches backwards, driving his knee in between his shoulder blades at the same time. Fuse yells out in pain while JPD applies additional pressure, determined to extract as much pain on Fuse as possible. Fuse tries to reach out with his legs to get to the ropes, but is too far away. Hortega checks to see if Fuse wants to give up, but Fuse shakes his head. 

Joe Hoffman: JPD has Fuse in a pickle here as Fuse continues to reach out with his legs, hoping to catch a bottom rope. JPD continues to apply the pressure, hoping to get a tap out from Fuse, but now Conor is pulling away from JPD and towards the bottom rope. He’s allmost got it as the fans are chanting his name and trying to will him along. He uses his last bit of length and manages to touch the bottom rope with his left leg! Hortega ordering JPD to break the hold and JPD uses the full five count before doing so!

Conor rolls out under the bottom rope, rubbing his shoulders, while JPD steps through the ropes. Conor turns around and is met with a flying clothesline from JPD, with both wrestlers hitting the unforgiving ground.


JPD makes his way back up to his feet and drags Fuse up with him, goes to whip him into the ringside barricade, only for Fuse to reverse it. JPD collides hard with the barricade and stumbles backwards into a forearm from Fuse who then connects with a reverse suplex, JPD slamming hard onto his chest and ribs.


Joe Hoffman: Hortega ordering both men back into the ring as he continues his count. Fuse starting to build up some momentum as he climbs onto the ring side apron, looks down at JPD, and connects with an elbow across the sternum!


Joe Hoffman: Fuse making his way back up to his feet and goes to roll JPD back into the ring only for JPD to slam his head into the ring apron. Fuse stumbles backwards and JPD connects with a roaring elbow across his jaw, Fuse drops to one knee. 


Joe Hoffman: JPD rushes at Fuse only for Fuse to connect with a back body drop onto the metallic ramp! JPD is going to feel that one for a while!

Fuse gets back up to his feet, slides back into the ring, flies off the ropes, and connects with a flying springboard forearm across the face of JPD, both wrestlers crashing to the floor. Fuse sits up as Hortega begins his count fresh again.


Hortega doesn’t get very far into his count as he grabs JPD off the ground and sends him flying back into the ring. Fuse climbs onto the ring apron and watches as JPD struggles to his feet before connecting with a springboard DDT, spiking JPD in the center of the ring. Fuse rolls JPD onto his back and goes for the cover as Hortega begins his count.




Joe Hoffman: And JPD just gets his left shoulder up. Fuse now dragging JPD up to his feet, but JPD catches him with a fist to the midsection followed by a bridging Northern Lights Suplex! Hortega with the count… 1… 2… NO! Fuse manages to kick out just in the nick of time. These two are throwing everything they have at one another and refusing to stay down in the process. JPD makes his way up to his feet, brings Fuse up with him, connects with a stiff forearm. Fuse fires one back, but JPD ducks underneath it and connects with a German Suplex!

Fuse rolls onto his knees, grabbing the back of his skull, and is hit with an elbow to the back of his neck. JPD yanks Fuse up to his feet and lifts him onto the top turnbuckle. JPD climbs up behind him and smashes his forearm into the back of Fuse, keeping him stunned. He climbs onto the top turnbuckle and pulls Fuse up with him. Fuse catches him with a couple of elbows to the jaw, rocking JPD in the process, but JPD manages to keep his balance and slams his forearm into the back of Fuse’s neck. He then connects with a reverse suplex from the top rope, Fuse landing HARD on his chest and ribs!

Joe Hoffman: WHAT?! JPD laying it ALL out on the line here in this match. JPD looks winded as well, those elbows and then the impact of the move taking a lot out of him as well. He is now moving and pulls himself up to his feet using the ropes. He walks over to Fuse and begins to grab him by the back of his head.

As Fuse is pulled up by JPD, Fuse pulls him into an inside package.




JPD rushes back to his feet after the surprise pin attempt, but Fuse is there with him and catches him with a spinning heel kick that drops JPD to one knee. Fuse then springboards off the middle rope and connects with a leg drop across the back of his neck. Fuse then flips him over and goes for the cover once again.




Joe Hoffman: JPD refuses to stay down! Fuse keeps firing back, keeps digging down deep, but JPD keeps digging even deeper. Fuse makes his way up to his feet and goes to drag JPD up, but JPD pulls him in for an inside package of his own!




Joe Hoffman: WHAT?! These two are trying to catch the other one and it isn’t working for either one yet. Both men scramble back to their feet and JPD catches Fuse with a knife-edge chop and Fuse fires back with one of his own! JPD cracks one back on Fuse’s chest and Fuse fires back with an uppercut that catches JPD and he stumbles into the ropes. He uses those as leverage and connects with an enziguri kick! Fuse down to one knee and JPD bounces off the ropes, slamming his knee across Fuse’s skull.

Fuse lies there, seemingly knocked out. JPD begins climbing to the top rope and watches as Fuse fights back to his feet. JPD then leaps off the top rope and is met with a Pele kick from Fuse, hitting JPD flush in the jaw and drops to the mat, lifeless. Fuse crawls over to JPD and goes for the cover.




Fuse rolls off of JPD and looks up at the lights, wiping the sweat off his face, and sits up in disbelief. He grabs JPD’s arm and pulls him over to the nearby corner before climbing up to the top rope. Fuse begins to stand up and as he does, JPD springs up to his feet and races to the top turnbuckle, slams his head into Fuse’s, and connects with a Spanish Fly off the top turnbuckle!

Joe Hoffman: HOW?! WHAT?! WHEN?! WHERE?! I don’t know how any of these two have ANYTHING left in their gas tank, coming just weeks after their hellacious Dead or Alive saloon fight! Both men are lying in the middle of the ring and are trying to make their way up to their feet, but look exhausted. Sweat is pouring down their faces and they finally make it to their feet. JPD fires away with a stiff jab and Fuse connects with a forearm smash in retaliation. That drops JPD down to one knee, but he fires back with an uppercut that sends Fuse into the ropes. Fuse goes for a superkick on the rebound, but JPD ducks underneath it! WOW!

JPD goes for a superkick of his own, but Fuse manages to dodge that as well. JPD connects with a kick to the midsection, stunning Fuse. He then connects with a Roaring Elbow that drops Fuse to one knee. JPD then bounces off the ropes and connects with a V Trigger Knee! Fuse lies flattened on the mat, feeling the effects of the knee strike. He starts to push himself off the mat, not certain as to where he is in the moment, and then JPD bounces off the ropes and connects with a curbstomp.


JPD looks like he is ready to go for the pin, but then stops him self. He inches back and watches Fuse as he tries to get his bearings about him.

Joe Hoffman: What is JPD doing?! He should go for the cover! Fuse has no idea what is happening.

Fuse starts to push himself up again and JPD bounces off the ropes again, looking for another curbstomp on Fuse, but Fuse counters it as he lifts up fast and causes JPD to backflip. JPD manages to land on his feet and Fuse connects with a roundhouse kick that knocks JPD flat on his back.

Joe Hoffman: What a HUGE mistake by JPD right there! He was trying to do too much and it came back to bite him! Conor now getting his bearings together and climbs the ropes. He sizes JPD up, leaps, and connects with the 450 Splash! SUPER SPLASH! This might be it for JPD!

Conor, grabbing his ribs, then goes for the cover.





Bryan McVay: Your winner at the twenty minute mark… CONOR!! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSE!!!

Conor rolls off of JPD, grabbing his ribs, and slowly makes his way up to his feet where Joel Hortega raises his arm in victory. Fuse stumbles to the ropes, clearly exhausted from this brutal back-and-forth match, needing to get a moment to breathe. As he stands there though, he fails to see JPD getting back up to his feet and slamming his forearm into Fuse’s back.

Joe Hoffman: What the hell?! JPD lashing out at Fuse because he lost and JPD is now stomping away at Conor Fuse, who is exhausted from this match! JPD letting the anger course through his veins as he yanks Conor up to his feet and connects with a Power Bomb, with Conor’s skull bouncing off the top rope turnbuckle. 


JPD looks like he’s sizing Conor up for another curbstomp when Bobinette Carey comes roaring from the backstage area. JPD catches her coming out of the corner of his eye and gives her a smirk as he slides out of the ring. He taps the side of his head as he watches Carey kneel down beside her Travel Buddy.

Joe Hoffman: Carey coming out to save her best friend!

Carey continues to check on Conor as JPD leans against the guardrail as the Tampa fans continue to boo the LSD Champion.

Jace turns towards the fans and flips off the fans in the upper bowl of the arena. He then notices someone out of the corner of his eye and he walks over to nearby fan.

The fan is wearing a luchador mask…….a very specific one.

Joe Hoffman: Oh boy….that man is wearing a PRIME wrestler’s mask here in the front row of a HOW show? The Anglo Luchador and Jace have been sparring on social media and last night over on the ACE network during a PWA commercial Jace really laid into PRIME and TAL.

The fan doesnt say anything…nor does he even have an opportunity to as Jace piefaces the man with his right hand.

The fan falls down into his chair but quickly stands back up and stares intently at Jace.

The HOW Hall of Famer smiles before he grabs the man by the back of the head and rips his luchador mask off violently….

Joe Hoffman: What the……

The cameras zoom in at the identity of the man as Jace looks shocked while holding The Anglo Luchador’s mask in his hands.

“Heard you were talkin’ shit”

Joe Hoffman: That IS The Anglo Luchador…..he is HERE!!!!!

Jace rears back with a right hand but TAL blocks it and delivers a right jab followed by a left jab and a quick right cross later and the HOW LSD Champion falls limp to the arena floor.

EPU Agents begin to rush out from the back and down the ramp.

With a quick smile TAL springs up on the ring barricade and jumps off and executes an abbreviated spinning tornillo to the fallen JPD.

Joe Hoffman: I know what he calls that move but I am being SCREAMED at from the back NOT to give you the name of that move……but my God is TAL in trouble as the EPU is RUSHING to get to ringside.

TAL looks at the oncoming security force, bends down and grabs his second mask, and hops the guard rail.

He rushes up the stairs as the EPU looks on. A few of them branch off to help Jace back up to his feet.

The EPU and Jace look on as we see The Anglo Luchador hand his second mask off to a young kid before quickly disappearing behind the curtain and into the concourse of the arena.

Cameras zoom in on the kid who was handed the mask and he is smiling ear to ear before we abruptly cut away.

Egg Today. Gone Tomorrow

​​The scene cuts backstage to Steve Solex in front of a black curtain with the HOW logo printed in the middle.  Solex is wearing his typical MERCDAD garb, his eyes hidden behind his black WileyX sunglasses.  The crowd cheers in the two time world championship challenger, but they quickly go silent as he lifts a microphone to speak.

Steve Solex:  Let’s just cut right to the fuckin’ chase.

Solex drops the microphone and looks off camera, but only for a moment.

Steve Solex:  The Egg Bandits are back, and they’ve already somehow meddled their way right into the Tag Team title picture.  It only took a few months off and Lee Best’s balls bouncing off both of Bobby’s chins to earn it, but hey…I guess you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do to.

Solex pauses for some random cheers.

Steve Solex: It goes without saying but you fuckin’ Bandits are Egg today and gone tomorrow, so let’s get the most out of you omelet slinging, shitdicks while we can. I am straight up challenging you three to a best of five matches against the Highwaymen.  The first match will take place next week. We know how this goes….if needed that last match will take place at Rumble at the Rock but we ALL know you will not last till then. Dean….you already know how this goes. Get your boys on the same fucking page.

The crowd erupts in cheers as Solex pauses for effect.

Steve Solex:  We’re all eagerly waiting your response.

Solex flashes a giant grin before dropping the microphone to the ground and walking out of view as we cut to a commercial break.

The HATEful End

Back live and we immediately cut to Joe.

Joe Hoffman: Two weeks ago at Dead or Alive, we saw two HOW legends, Scottywood and Scott Stevens battle in one of the craziest matches, even by HOW standards we have seen in quite some time.  Baptized in Blood saw exploding buildings and more barbed wire than there is in all of Texas.  Scott Stevens was nearly burned alive as he fell to a ten count and Scottywood walked out the winner, keeping himself, and his HOW career, alive.  At least for the next two months.

On Screen we see some clips from Dead or Alive playing, including the final Game Misconduct of a barbed wire wrapped Stevens onto the flaming table.

Joe Hoffman: We learned before Dead of Alive, that Scottywood’s contract will not be renewed after Rumble at the Rock… and that the famed Alcatraz Prison, so synonymous with The Hardcore Artist’s over his career, will be the site of his final match in HOW.  Who that match will be against though, is still a mystery.


The Hellyeah song by that name plays as we see Scottywood emerge from the back.  Dressed in his New York Rangers jersey, he also has his barbed wire hockey stick in one hand and a Jai Alai IPA in the other..  He’s walking a bit slowly, still feeling some of the effects from his match at Dead or Alive.  Climbing into the ring, he grabs a microphone as the music fades out.

Scottywood: Oh how it feels to finally get back that win against Scott Stevens… I mean he always likes to bring up how he crucified me and retired me years ago.  Yet he fails to remember how I took the HOW World Title from him. But whatever, only he is keeping track of all the wins and losses, right?  What does matter is that I Baptized that fucker in Blood and proved that even a shell of The Hardcore Artist, as he claimed I was, is better than him.  Your faith in Lee Best and his 97Red bullshit false GOD shit…

We see someone in the front row with a sign that reads “1 > 2” as Scotty just chuckles.

Scottywood: Speaking of Lee Best and his new asslickers running all the shit here now, let’s talk about this bullshit of my contract not being renewed after Rumble at the Rock.  I get it, you HATE having a legend on the roster who has been mostly checked out for the last year, even if I helped you win War Games and beat Scott Stevens.  But fine… I could use a vacation… or maybe can find myself a job at one of these other feds in the new PWA thing.  Before I go though, I plan to burn down whatever I can in HOW, maybe I destroy this very arena again… cause that shit went so well for me and my friends at the time.  But whatever I do, it will end with me stealing the show and burning Alcatraz down straight into San Francisco Bay for my final match.

A small Alcatraz chant starts as Scotty nods his head.

Scottywood: Yes, so who should I face at Alcatraz?  Who should my final match in HOW be against?  That is quite the question that even I am still debating… but I promise I will have a decision by next week when…


The attacker is none other than Scott Stevens, still in his ring gear from earlier tonight, but he now has a foot long #97Red cross in his hands that he has used to drill Scotty in the back of his head.  Now standing over The Hardcore Artist, the crowd boos Stevens who just stares down at Scotty and picks up the microphone he was holding.

Scott Stevens: You think we are done Scotty?  As long as one of us is still breathing, we will never be done!

Stevens throws the mic back down as he rolls Scotty over onto his back and places the cross right over his Anarchy tattoo on his chest as he rolls out of the ring and we cut away to backstage.

On a Mission

Backstage we go following the aftermath of the Stevens attack on Scottywood as we see Brian Hollywood surrounded by his three henchmen in suits. Of course, two of them are on the lookout while the third, assumingly his number two, standing right next to him. Hollywood doesn’t appear to be worried about anything and his sense of emergency is nonexistent. Before long, the camera pans over to Blaire Moise looking perplexed about Hollywood’s personal elite guards.

Blaire Moise: Mr. Hollywood…over the last couple months, there have been questions raised about your status in HOW and can I put this delicately?…trouble with the law.

Hollywood stops her there as he raises his hand in front of her.

Brian Hollywood: Blaire, I assure you that whatever you have heard, it probably isn’t accurate. I mean, how could you know? Sure there have been multiple agencies after me but for reasons that you nor anyone else could possibly understand.

Blaire Moise: I’m not trying to understand it, Mr. Hollywood. I’m trying to report what I know and find out more information to the questions that I have. The law is after you and it effects your standing with High Octane Wrestling. You’ve been a ghost around here, but you’ve been effective since you’ve returned. Something happened to you. Something gave you an edge and I’m just trying to find out why.

Hollywood merely cracks a small and rare smile. The things that he’s been through lately and the actions he has made has nearly turned him into a shallowless, but ruthless force.

Brian Hollywood: Heh. What is there to say, Blaire? I’ve talked a big game in this company for several years and at one point, I was able to back that up. It only took a rediscovery of finding myself to change the way I approach how I get my work done.

Blaire is temporarily distracted by Hollywood’s guards as they stay on alert, but aren’t in a heightened state of emergency. Hollywood snaps his fingers bringing Blaire back to his focus.

Brian Hollywood: Blaire, come now, you need not be focused on them. You asked me about my problems with the law…well, that problem has been addressed…at least for now. So you see…I still have everything I need to move forward. I find ways to resolve problems…I always have. Now what you need to understand is that I’m here and I’m back to finish what I started.

Blaire seems slightly confused at Hollywood’s code of conversation and that gets her to shift the topic to her questions on what’s next for him in HOW.

Blaire Moise: Alright then….you’ve peaked my curiosity about what’s next for you. What’s next for Brian Hollywood in High Octane Wrestling? You and Xander Azula came up short in winning the HOTv Tag Team Championships at Dead or Alive. We’re in the process of transitioning to the Rumble at the Rock and the road to the PPV. So what’s next for you?

Hollywood takes a moment before he answers as he takes a few breaths but not in any hurry to answer her immediate question. Hollywood smirks again, but ever so slightly. It was almost as if it was hard for Hollywood to show the right emotion, even in the slightest.

Brian Hollywood: Blaire, do you realize that since I’ve been back, I’ve done nothing but win? Sure I came up short at Dead or Alive, but I wasn’t pinned or submitted. It wasn’t that type of match. I’m on a mission of success and building upon that to rebuild a foundation. I know I’ve said I didn’t need anyone but myself in this business. Having a tag team partner isn’t my interest, nor do I have the time in building a relationship. Sometimes those partners hold you back. I’m not interested in being held back. My intentions are to move forward and to push my own agenda. Winning championships is what I seek. I had an opportunity to do that at Dead or Alive and it wasn’t meant to be. But that doesn’t mean I can’t attempt to seek individual championships in getting back to being the dominant being I used to be. That’s why as we enter the period of Rumble at the Rock, that I’m going to take it upon myself to continue to rebuild my empire and get back to the top of the mountain. I don’t have to rush anything…I just have to make sure all the dominos I place before me fall the way they need to. I guess you could say I’ve learned patience in a way and a way to further harness it…but not from who you’d think. You wouldn’t understand…

Hollywood pauses as he still seemingly struggled to finish the last part of his statement which causes Blaire to scratch her head. There were still things that didn’t seem to make sense to her in regards to Hollywood and yet she realizes that in a way, this wasn’t the same Hollywood from a couple years ago. Hollywood looks at Blaire for a few more moments before walking off with his three men in suits in tow as Chaos heads to commercial.

World Championship Match
Steve Harrison vs. Christopher America©

Singles Match
Scott Stevens vs. Scottywood

#NR GREAT SCOTT vs. #3 Clay Byrd

HOTv Championship Match

Back live from commercial and we once again cut to ringside….

Joe Hoffman: It’s time for our main event of the evening folks, and this one promises to be a banger. Self proclaimed PWA “Megastar” Great Scott, representing Online Championship Wrestling… and at least unofficially, representing PRIME… takes on HOTv Champion Clay Byrd. Scott answered Clay’s open challenge immediately following Byrd’s victory over OCW’s Bob Grenier at Dead or Alive, and evidently no time was wasted in getting that match on the books for Chaos 6.

“Born For Greatness” by Papa Roach begins to blast over the speakers, as GREAT SCOTT emerges from behind the curtain to a decidedly mixed reaction from the HOW crowd. The PWA MEGASTAR is polarizing in Tampa, as GREAT BEAR steps out behind him, rocking out to some EDM on his sweet Beats By Dre headphones.

Joe Hoffman: I gotta say, Great Scott is a brick house of a man. Standing at 6’1” but weighing in around 280 pounds, he has a distinct height disadvantage against Clay Byrd, but only fifteen pounds separate these men. Scott has been impressive across seven matches since debuting in PRIME, but tonight he tests himself against one of HOW’s toughest wrestlers… maybe ever.

GREAT SCOTT and GREAT BEAR make their way down to the ring, where GREAT BEAR starts doing awesome dance moves at ringside. GREAT SCOTT climbs into the ring, taking his corner and awaiting the arrival of the champion.

Guitar and harmonica begin to blare through the arena, as the start of “Gunning For You” by Nick Nolan sends a silence across the crowd. Red letters slash across the screen as “BYRD” is spelled out. Clay appears through fog on the entrance ramp, cowboy hat low over his eyes, a long black duster on and a rope in his hand. He’s wearing the HOTv Championship around his waist, staring straight down at Great Scott in the ring with no mercy in his eyes.

Joe Hoffman: Clay Byrd is not a man to be trifled with. This man has only been pinned three times in High Octane Wrestling, and he isn’t looking to add another one to the list tonight. Clay has been a near-unstoppable monster since coming to HOW, and I never envy a man who has to stand across that ring from him.

Clay begins his slow walk down the ramp. His eyes are fixed on the ring, and he trudges on, not paying any notice to any of the fans in attendance. He slowly climbs the ring steps, stepping directly over the ropes and into the ring. Matt Boettcher takes the HOTv Championship from Clay, holding it high over his head before handing it off to the timekeeper and starting this one off.


The bell rings, but both the champion and the challenger stare across the ring from one another, never man blinking. Slowly, Clay Byrd raises an arm, playing to the Tampa crowd and showing GREAT SCOTT that the crowd is behind him here tonight. Surprisingly though, he only gets about half of the crowd– Florida is GREAT SCOTT country! The self-proclaimed PWA Megastar lifts his arm next, and the other half of the crowd goes ballistic. They’re doing THE GREAT SCOTT and vibing along with GREAT BEAR at ringside, but Clay just rolls his eyes and beckons for GREAT SCOTT to come get some.

Joe Hoffman: A split crowd here tonight. Great Scott began his career in Florida, wrestling for Marcus Welsh at Online Championship Wrestling, and has been catching fire over the last several months as he ran up an impressive undefeated streak in PRIME Wrestling. Clay Byrd may be in for a harder title defense than he anticipated.

Both men step to the center of the ring, Clay towering over GREAT SCOTT as they start jacking jaws in the middle of the ring. Suddenly, GREAT SCOTT shoves Byrd backward in a sign of disrespect, and Clay is done with the pleasantries! He unleashes with a huge right hand, staggering GREAT SCOTT backward and following up with a flurry of blows, backing him up into the ropes with wild haymakers!

GREAT SCOTT tries to cover up, but Clay just throws a knee to his gut and keeps swinging. He throws SCOTT to the opposite ropes, throwing a massive leg into the air for a big boot… but SCOTT manages to roll out of the way! The master of many suplexes grabs the champion haphazardly, throwing him sideways with a belly to back suplex that rocks the ring and takes the big man down!

Joe Hoffman: WOW! This has been the Clay Byrd show so far, but Great Scott just tossed him like he was a bag of laundry! Honestly, if I was a betting man, I’d stay away from the odds on this one folks.

Slowly, Clay Byrd stands up to his feet and dusts off his trunks, staring at GREAT SCOTT and nodding at him with some kind of respect. GREAT SCOTT does the same, and now both men lock up in the center of the ring, each trying to show off their tremendous strength but coming to a deadlock.

At ringside, GREAT BEAR is still vibing on his sweet Beats by Dre headphones, but he puts a paw on either side of the apron, watching intently. Clay throws another knee to the abdomen of the challenger, catching an advantage and using it to lift GREAT SCOTT up over his head, bringing him down with a vertical suplex. GREAT SCOTT pops right back up to his feet, but Clay is waiting for it and picks him right back up off his feet again, this time planting him in the center of the ring with a spinebuster!

Clay makes the cover.




GREAT SCOTT gets a shoulder up with plenty of time to spare, but the crowd still pops for the nearish fall from the leader of the Highwaymen.

Joe Hoffman: The bigger they are, the harder they fall, and Great Scott is certainly feeling that old adage right about now. He kicked out of that pin attempt, but the forces of both gravity and Clay Byrd are hard to overcome alone, much less when they’re working together.

Rolling to the ropes, LARGE DADDY SCOTT pulls himself up to his feet, but again Clay Byrd is giving no quarter. He bullrushes the ropes, throwing a huge boot to GREAT SCOTT’s back that sends him over the ropes to the outside!

SCOTT barely saves himself from taking a full header, getting his arms up at the last second to brace his fall. Clay takes the moment to collect himself in the ring, catching his breath after a lot of fast exchanges early in the match as GREAT BEAR checks on his best friend, making sure that he’s alright.

Joe Hoffman: Your eyes are not deceiving you, folks. That’s a live bear. I’m pretty sure.



Matt Boettcher begins the count, bringing on a herald of boos from the live crowd. Nobody wants to see this one go to a count out.



After a brief huddle with GREAT BEAR, the PWA MEGASTAR rolls back into the ring. He stands to his feet, casting an ANGRY GLARE at Clay Byrd. The crowd goes wild, but Clay is unimpressed— again, he beckons for SCOTT to come at him, and the two lock up once more in the center of the ring.

This time, GREAT SCOTT gets the upper hand! He throws Clay over his head with a belly-to-belly, sending the champion crashing to the mat. Clay is back up, but again he eats a belly-to-belly! Running on adrenaline, Clay pops up one more time, but this time GREAT SCOTT snatches him into an exploder suplex, putting him down on the mat and making a cover!



The crowd goes ballistic, as Clay Byrd literally powers out at fucking ONE. Maybe it’s adrenaline, or maybe it’s just drive to win, but Clay Byrd absolutely refuses to lay down and die in this one.

Joe Hoffman: Three huge suplexes… for a one count?! Clay Byrd is going to give it his all here tonight, no matter what Great Scott throws at him!

GREAT SCOTT slaps the mat on his way up, clearly getting frustrated. He power walks to the ropes and starts quietly talking to GREAT BEAR, as Clay slowly climbs up to his feet. The Monster from Plainview stalks toward GREAT SCOTT, who still has his back to his opponent, but GREAT BEAR sees it coming and snitches on Clay– as the monster swings with a hammerfist, GREAT SCOTT moves out of the way and all the champion catches is rope! The PWA MEGASTAR takes a drop step, reeling forward and nailing a brutal superkick to the side of Clay Byrd’s head, sending him down to the mat!


GREAT SCOTT makes the cover!




The crowd is on their feet, louder than they have been all night as Clay Byrd narrowly saves his HOTv Championship from the hands of a foreign invader. GREAT SCOTT stands up to his feet, hands on his hips and staring out into the crowd in absolute disbelief. He thought he had this one in the bag! Starting to show his true colors, SCOTT begins stomping the side of Byrd’s head– the crowd boos, but Boettcher steps in to back GREAT SCOTT up and lecture him about the rules.

Joe Hoffman: There’s a reason Clay Byrd has been an unstoppable HOTv Champion since winning the title at War Games, folks. You’re looking at a never-say-die warrior right now, and he isn’t handing this title to anyone unless they pry it from his cold, dead hands.

Clay Byrd stands again, albeit looking a little worn out as he does so. Once Boettcher is no longer between the two men, Byrd throws a wild right hand, reeling GREAT SCOTT backward by a step. GREAT SCOTT throws one back, and now the two men are exchanging slow, hard punches in the center of the ring. Losing steam and losing patience, Clay rips GREAT SCOTT by the arm, launching him into the ropes. He comes off the opposite side…


The nearly three hundred pounds of Clay Byrd collides with the midsection of GREAT SCOTT, laying him out in the center of the ring as Byrd flies back to his feet, letting out a guttural roar. The whole crowd seems to be with him at this point, as he gets down into a three point stance and waits for GREAT SCOTT to get back to his feet…

Joe Hoffman: He’s looking for the Texas Lariat. You can see it in his eyes! This one could be over!

Slowly, GREAT SCOTT pushes himself up to a knee, and Clay Byrd snarls like an angry animal. He charges off the ropes, swinging as hard as he can…

But GREAT SCOTT ducks!

Narrowly rolling out of the way, GREAT SCOTT gets just enough space to avoid being decapitated by Clay Byrd, and he grabs him from behind with a roll up pin!











Clay Byrd kicks out, but it’s about a quarter of a second too late! GREAT SCOTT rolls away, laying down and staring up at the lights like he did at the beginning of his career. This time, though, referee Matt Boettcher sets the HOTv Championship on his chest… GREAT SCOTT has won his first championship in professional wrestling!


Clay Byrd is actually up to his feet before the new champion is, and he stares down at GREAT SCOTT with a mixture of emotions in his eyes.

Joe Hoffman: I can’t believe this. GREAT SCOTT IS THE HOTV CHAMPION!

The fans are going apeshit, not believing what they’ve just seen, and apparently neither can Clay Byrd. For a moment, he simply stares at GREAT SCOTT, as the crowd slowly quiets, wondering what he’s about to do.

Joe Hoffman: …This night may not end as GREAT as Scott was hoping for…

After a moment of anticipation, Clay reaches a hand down, offering it to GREAT SCOTT. The new champion hesitantly takes it, letting Clay pull him up to his feet as he offers that same hand to shake. Both men begrudgingly nod at one another in respect, before Clay shakes his head and makes his way out of the ring, looking frustrated with himself.

The crowd gives a standing ovation to both men for the match they just put on and the cameras follow the former champion as he makes his way up the ramp….crossing over to both sides to high five fans.

Joe Hoffman: Great reign there by the Highwayman as there is no doubt his attention will now turn to helping his stablemates defend the High Octane Television Tag Team Championships… for Great Scott…..the HOTv Champion can now go to MVW, sVo and OCW to defend the title. What a world we live—

Joe stops in midsentence as the Tampa crowd is buzzing.

We cut back to the entrance ramp where we see Clay Byrd completely laid out at the foot of the guard rail.

There is a VERY large man looking down at him from the other side of the rail.

We quickly get a picture in picture replay of what just happened….Byrd was high fiving fans and suddenly a large man rushes to the front of the guardrail and nails Byrd in the throat with his thumb.

Joe Hoffman: For the second time of the evening we have a so called fan attack a High Octane Wrestler. What is going on here?! Where is the EPU???

The Elite Protection Unit is nowhere to be found however.

The rest of the Highwaymen come rushing out but the big man that attacked Byrd has already disappeared onto the concourse.

Joe Hoffman: Folks I am getting word that that was no fan. That instead was the newest member of the High Octane roster personally signed by Lee Best…..The GOD of HOW is in my ear telling me that the 6’9″ 295 pound man goes by the name of Frank Dylan James….The Appalachian Nightmare…….and that Asiatic Spike he just nailed on Byrd…well that’s called The Smokey Mountain Spike. Lee clearly once again will be using the numbers game against The Highwaymen. Who will be next?? Who, if any, will step up and help the HOTv Tag Team Champions??

Cameras capture The Highwaymen helping Byrd up to his feet as the new HOTv Champion as we cut to our final commercial break of the evening…..but not before we get a parting shot of Great Scott and Bear smirking from ringside.

Celebrate America

After the commercial, the action cuts back to ringside.

Inside of the ring, the ropes have been replaced with red, white, and blue ropes. American decorations are draped and hung across the camera side. A red carpet is laid inside the ring along with a podium with an American flag hanging down across the front.

The crowd is allowed mere moments to take in the setting as…

A snare drum rattles as from out of the back comes members of the University of Tampa marching band.

Joe Hoffman: Well, folks, it’s time for the championship celebration and it looks like we’re kicking off with members of the University of Tampa marching band.

More and more members file out on to the stage. Suddenly, from the rafters……


George, the bald eagle of Christopher America, swoops down and lands on a music stand. Wrapped on his wing appears to be a conductor’s baton. George flaps his wings and the baton begins to wave as the marching band plays “Remember The Name” by Fort Minor.

The crowd boos, anticipating America walking out. But as George continues to conduct the marching band, it becomes more and more understood that America isn’t walking out.

Joe Hoffman: I… I don’t understand. Is America not coming out?

As George finishes up, the crowd politely applauds the efforts of the marching band. Suddenly, the arena goes dark and the HOV goes black.

Joe Hoffman: What’s going on now?


The words ring out as the HOV lights up with his new video and new music.


 “The Greatest American” by Cracked Prism Studios plays. The crowd immediately erupt into boos as Christopher America makes his way out. Dressed in a suit adorned with a quilt like pattern of American flags, America also sports an American flag bandage across his nose. The HOW World Championship is draped neatly over his shoulder, wearing the title like a medal of honor. Hearing the boos, America goes to smile his sycophantic smile, but winces in pain and reaches towards his face. Catching himself, America quickly crosses his hands across his chest, nods, and waves to the crowd.

America turns to the HOV and watches on with pride. He holds out his hands as if presenting the creation to the crowd. After taking it in, slowly, steadily, American walks down the ramp.

Joe Hoffman: It was perhaps one of the most incredible displays of resilience, endurance, and a never-say-die attitude I have ever seen. Yes, Christopher America is still the HOW World Champion. But, his opponent, Steve Solex, refused to tap out to America’s ankle lock. Instead, Solex passed out due to the sheer pain of in his ankle and leg that America targeted throughout the night. Solex impressed everyone last night and that is after already impressing everyone with the guts and grit he showed at War Games and his HOFC bout with America.

This man walking down to the ring right now, though, is showing you the aftermath of that war. In fact, I spoke with the trainer earlier today and he told me that America is suffering from a busted nose, contusions on his back and head, and possible issues breathing due to damaged ribs. And yet, with all that said, Christopher America did one of the most despicable acts I have seen, attacking a 105 year old WWII veteran DURING the Star Spangled Banner.

What kind of American… what kind of patriot… what kind of MAN does that?

America walks up the stairs and motions for the ringside attendant to hold open the ropes for him. The attendant reluctantly pulls himself up and holds the ropes for America. Holding his belt and his ribs, America dips in between the ropes and enters the ring.

As he does, America walks to the podium and holds up the HOW World Championship. Red, white, and blue balloons and confetti pour down from the ceiling across the ring and the fans.

Joe Hoffman: The Board clearly doing what they do best… sparing no expense when it comes to celebrating themselves.

After a few moments of taking in the magnificent celebration, he stands in the center of the ring and looks out into the crowd. He adjusts the microphone and goes to speak.


America steps back from the microphone and smiles weakly. He mouths the words ‘thank you, thank you’ to the crowd. America approaches the microphone again.


America retreats from the microphone again as the crowd attempts to drown him out. And now, America is scowling. After a dip in the volume, America approaches once more.


America looks visibly annoyed and pissed off.

The crowd somehow grows even louder, booing and mixing in with some applause for themselves for getting under America’s skin. America closes his eyes, takes a deep breath, and resumes his small smile.

Christopher America: It’s hard to come out here and celebrate tonight given the… shape… that I’m in. At Dead or Alive, Steve Solex and I went to war for a third time. The #MERCDAD gave everything he could at Dead or Alive. During our rivalry, he never lost sight of his military background or how much it meant to him. He appreciated how much you, the fans, supported him.

For that, I think Steve Solex deserves a ton of credit.

America pauses as the crowd cheers.

Christopher America: And yet, it didn’t seem to help him one fucking bit, did it?

America chuckles to himself as the boos rain down on him. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath as if drinking it in, letting it empower him.

Joe Hoffman: How hard is it for America to just give Solex a modicum of respect, just a little credit?

Christopher America: Solex is a fantastic competitor. Hell, he’s a fucking GREAT competitor. But Steve Solex will never be as GREAT as me! Like America going undefeated in every World War they’ve been a part of, I am undefeated in my war against Steve Solex.

I overcame an evil bald eagle, turncoat military officers, and a fucking kidnapping! I overcame all of it because this title – this championship – means more than anything to me!

Now, you may be asking yourselves, if I’ve gone out of my way to shake Steve Solex’s hand as a sign of respect or if I sought him out backstage and the answer of course is no. You know why? Because I can’t fucking see him from up here, high atop this mountain. After three losses, Steve Solex is now relegated to the shadows, at the very, VERY back of the line where he belongs, NEVER to challenge me so long as I hold this World Championship.

Joe Hoffman: Imagine gloating about preventing someone from challenging for the biggest prize in HOW. Some fighting champion.

Christopher America: And you can boo all you want, but the fact of the matter is that at Dead or Alive, The Board proved how great we are.

Tyler Best, the HOW ICON Champion, is already lightyears ahead of men twice his age in terms of talent and accomplishment. He put down Jatt Starr, a Hall of Famer, in his second ever HOW Pay-Per-View and retained his championship.

STRONK and Jace Parker Davidson survived a hellacious tag match that was SUPPOSED to be a multi team match but turned into one of the most unfair handicap matches in HOW history. Everyone was after them from Conor Fuse to Joe Bergman to fucking Mr. Ed. Competitors were so afraid of them that it took double and triple teaming them to ensure they didn’t win!

Lee Best, GOD of HOW, put down Kostoff for the final time. Burying a man deep in the earth where he is to remain buried and forgotten. Another name – another skull – added to the long line of enemies that Lee has, pardon the expression, bested.

And then there’s me, the HOW World Champion, who does what every great hero does… fulfill his promises to you the people. I promised you a great match. I promised you I would walk out as HOW World Champion…


The crowd continues booing as America hoists the championship high into the air.

Christopher America: So where does that leave me now? Where does the HOW World Championship take me? Well, I think it’s quite obvious, don’t you? You see, since being in HOW, I fancy myself a collector. I’ve collected almost every single championship that HOW has. I’ve collected War Games victories, too. But recently, I’ve really enjoyed collecting victories over the Highwaymen. I pinned Joe Bergman to qualify for War Games. I pinned Clay Byrd on my way to winning War Games. And recently, I submitted Steve Solex.

That just leaves one.

America sneers as he looks out into the crowd, holding a finger in the air.

Christopher America: And that’s… YOU.

Steve Harrison.

The crowd cheers for Harrison.

America chuckles and then pumps his arms in the air.

Christopher America: Oh yay! Steve Harrison! He said a name I know! Surely, he’ll do what the others couldn’t!

You shitbags don’t get it. I’m undefeated since coming back to HOW! UNDEFEATED! NEVER BEEN PINNED! NEVER BEEN SUBMITTED!

It’s going to take a fucking miracle for anyone to beat me!

So, here’s what I want…

What I want is for Steve Harrison to come out here and shake my hand. I want Steve Harrison to come out here and thank me for plucking him from obscurity and elevating him to main event status in the amount of time it took me to get these words out of my mouth. I want to look on as he gratefully appreciates the opportunity that I am giving him. Then, I want you to succumb to your fate and accept that you will lose, as your fellow Highwaymen have, at my hands. And at the hands of the Board.

America gleefully turns to the entrance ramp as “Bridgeless” by Umphrey’s McGee hits. The crowd becomes silent as they haven’t heard this entrance theme played in HOW before.  As the guitar gets faster and faster Steve Harrison walks out bobbing his head along with the music as the crowd cheers. He has the HOW Tag Title on his Right shoulder and the NEW HoTV Tag Title on his left shoulder.  Harrison looks out into the audience not accustomed to such pops from the crowd and then stares right at America. He throws his hands up and the crowd cheers louder which brings a smirk to his face.  He shrugs and mouths to the camera ‘new music, same skills.’

Harrison boots away some of the balloons as he makes his way down the ramp. Harrison immediately rolls into the ring, with parts of confetti clinging to his body. Harrison gets right into America’s face.

America raises the microphone.

Christopher America: Look at you. Your chest all puffed out, ready to go. This is Steve Harrison!

The crowd cheers as Harrison smirks.

Christopher America: FORMER LSD Champion and CURRENT HOTv Tag Team Champion.

Remind me again what is it you actually do in the Highwaymen?

America tilts the microphone towards Harrison.

Steve Harrison: As you can see, my shoulders are garnished with extravagant titles.  What do I do for the Boys?  Heh, I collect these and the one you are so proud of would look great as the centerpiece around my waist.  Splitting that annoying face of yours open would be the icing on the cake.

America’s smile immediately turns into a scowl.

Christopher America: No!

The crowd cheers Harrison more.

Christopher America: No, no, NO! That’s not what you do! What you do, is you take a beating and do as you’re told, don’t you? Byrd barks. Harrison heeds.

Harrison snatches the mic out of America’s hand.

Steve Harrison:  If you’d like to test whether I can take that title off of you, I’m good to go right now.  Bark, Bark, you coward!

Harrison stares daggers at America. America takes a step back. His face flashes concern for the briefest of moments. Gingerly, America approaches Harrison and takes the microphone back.

Christopher America: Calm yourself big boy, I invited you out here to celebrate. In fact, let’s start over.

I’m Christopher America. HOW World Champion. The man giving you a World Title opportunity.

America holds out his hand and Harrison looks at it. After a few moments, America pulls it back. 

Christopher America: Shake. My. Hand.

America holds out his hand and Harrison quickly shakes it. America and Harrison don’t let go. Seeing Harrison quickly shake his hand, America attempts a weak smile and presses further.

Christopher America: Now, thank me for elevating you.

America smiles widely through the pain as Harrison pulls America in and presses his forehead onto America’s.

Steve Harrison: Thank you, Christopher America, for this World Title shot.

America laughs and tries to back up…

Christopher America: Now, admit that…

…But Harrison holds onto the handshake still.

Quick as a flash, he pulls America towards him, spinning him around and locking in a crossface chickenwing. America drops the title and the microphone.

Joe Hoffman: He’s going for it! He’s going to go for “It’s a Harricle!”

But instead of lifting America, Harrison cinches in the hold and falls down to the mat, wrapping his legs around America who is screaming in pain. Harrison begins pulling back on the neck. The crowd is roaring their approval as America immediately begins tapping out.

Joe Hoffman: That’s got to be doing even more damage to the head, neck, back, and ribs of America!

Harrison grabs the fallen microphone from the mat.

Steve Harrison: It’s going to take a miracle to beat you? Sounds like I’m just the man for the job after all, you son of a bitch!

Harrison throws the microphone on the ground and grabs the HOW World Championship. He slowly lifts it to his face and looks long and hard at it as the crowd continues to roar their approval. He then drapes it over America’s body as “Bridgeless” plays again. Harrison exits the ring as the last thing we see is America clutching the HOW World Championship desperately and screaming.

Christopher America: You ruined it! You ruined it all! My celebration!

The camera cuts to a shot Harrison backing up the ramp, motioning that the title will be around his waist soon while America’s screaming face is on the HOV as we fade to black.


Long after the end of Chaos….

We are in a very dark room with a just a tint of light coming in from a window. We are unable to make out any furniture, or anyone for that matter, in the room.

Suddenly a crack of light enters the room as the door opens and we see a heavily bandaged up man sitting behind a desk.

Lee Best

“Shut the fucking door!!!!”

The door quickly shuts behind the man and once again we are in darkness.

Man: HOW in the fuck am I supposed to find…..fuck this…..

The man reaches into his pocket and turns on his phone. He uses the light from the phone to make his way to a chair across from Lee. He sits down and places a bag he was carrying on the desk.

Lee, having scooted his chair fully into the darkness, leans forward and opens up the bag. He pulls out a gold object.

Man: I figured you need something to cover that healing face of yours. I saw what those assholes on the other network were saying about your.

Lee Best: Oh you mean that guy that lost his title to a literal 97 year old man? Ya like I give a fuck about the opinions of the sheep…..let alone the poors.

Man: Well nevertheless….that cost me a small fortune and it is a token of my appreciation for you agreeing to my terms.

Lee leans back into the darkness and we can hear some rumbling as he is clearing doing something….we just dont know what.

Lee Best: Look man…..I always have the door open for you and if you want to come back and face that asshole at Rumble at the Rock… KNEW I would say yes. You still good with my idea for ICONIC?

Man: Let’s get thru Alcatraz first……..does it fit?

The man holds up his phone and we see that Lee is no wearing a golden mask covering up his face.

Lee slams his hand down on the table and the man quickly puts his phone down.

Man: Sorry…just had to see.

We can hear the heavy sigh of Lee as he slowly can be heard taking the mask off and putting it on his desk.

Lee Best: It is all good. I am just not ready to go out there with half a fucking face but I NEED to be out there….so yes…once again Thank You……it means the high standard I always am looking for. Fuck those poors.

Man: You mean Gold Standard?

The two men go silent and there is a quiet chuckle from both men.

Lee Best: When you face JATT STARR at Rumble at the Rock you better believe I will be there….wearing this mask….and will be there to shake your hand when you come out on the winning side……so yes…….Gold Standard it is…….Mr. Sektor.

The man lifts his phone up once again and the two men use the light to shake hands.

The man turns and heads towards the door and as he opens it we clearly see that it is no swerve….it is indeed the Gold Standard of High Octane Wrestling…..John Sektor.

John Sektor: You wanna tell Jatt or should I?

Lee Best: I got this one…

With a final nod Sektor closes the door and the darkness envelopes the room once again.

After a few moments of silence……

“What you think…..can I trust him?”

There is no voice that answers Lee.

Instead a solitary red light comes on from across the room…..a single 97 red colored eye.

“Ya…..thought so…glad he is back”

The eye closes and we go to darkness for the final time of the evening as Chaos officially comes to a close.