Chaos 005
  • Event Type: weekly

Chaos 005

Event Date: July 31, 2022 at 10:00 pm

#19 Scott Stevens vs. #11 Joe Bergman

It’s a cold open to the Go Home edition of Chaos this week as we see both the PWA logo HOTv opening fade out.  The nearly sold out American Airlines Center crowd comes to life as the pyro blasts off to open Chaos 005. After the production crew finishes showing us shots of the Dallas crowd, we pan over to Joe Hoffman welcoming us to the show.

Joe Hoffman:  It’s the last show before HOW hits the road to Tombstone, Arizona for our Dead or Alive Pay Per View.  Tonight’s Go Home Show is a stacked card. From Tag Team Championship matches to our LSD Championship main event.   Truly our roster is about to blow off the roof to the American Airlines Center right here in Dallas, Texas to…

The lights in the arena go black as a synthesized hymn begins to play as the High Octane Vision comes to  life. The hymn continues as the screen begins to show the Best Arena transformed into a style of a church and the screen slowly flashes the words…..WELCOME…..TO…..THE …..HOUSE……OF….BEST as Lee Best’s infamous blood shot eyes hover above the top. The lights in the arena begin to come on in a shade of 97 Red as smoke and fog begin to fill the stage area as well. The sound of glass breaking is heard as the screen shows a crack over the mural of the Best Arena and Lee Best’s eyes as “O Fortuna Excalibur Remix” by Apotheosis begins. Lights above the ring shine down to create a 97 Red WWLBD.

Joe Hoffman:  Tonight…In typical Stevens fashion, he interrupts me hyping up tonight’s opening contest.  Normally, we see a lot of up and coming HOW stars kick off the show.  But tonight, we’ve got a bit of a grudge match on our hands.  Let’s take a look at what happened last night PWA affliated MVW show from Coffeyville, Kansas.

A quick glimpse of Scott Stevens return to MVW shows on the screen with The Disciple of Lee Best destroying Bo Bevans in his singles match.  The angry Joe Bergman rushed the ring after the match, jumping right into Scott Stevens face before Ray McAvay stands in between both men.

Joe Hoffman:  Tensions between both men have skyrocketed since Stevens now crossed Bergman’s Barn twice in the course of one week’s time.  Let’s face it, Bergman didn’t take too kindly to Stevens’ pep talk to the MVW rookie class.  The Demi-God of HOW is trying to get into the head of his opponent here tonight.  And I’m sure he’s trying to make a statement to Scottywood going into the final stretch of the PPV.

Stevens’ graces the stage with his presence as the long introduction ends.  His 97 Red circular glasses glisten in the light.  A devilish grin is plastered on the Demi-God of HOW’s face as he storms right past the fans as Stevens saunters towards the ring.

Bryan McVay: Introducing! From The Great State of Texas, he is the “Demi-God of HOW!” SCOTT! STEEEEEEEVEEEEEEEENS!

Scott Stevens drinks in the Dallas crowd’s hatred, lifting his right arm towards the sky.  Pointing towards the heavens, The Demi-God slides into the ring, ready for combat against Joe Bergman.

Joe Hoffman:  You can tell Stevens wants this victory tonight.  Normally, our Demigod spends time gawking at the fans.  He’s laser focused for this encounter.  He knows Bergman’s no push over.  Both men are former HOW World Champions.  And it’s about to turn into an all-out war.

Before Stevens can finish his entrance; The opening piano played by Billy Powell followed by the iconic guitar licks from Gary Rossington’s slide guitar at the beginning of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s epic ‘Freebird’ blare out of the speakers.

Seconds later, the lovely Sunny O’Callahan emerges from the back dressed in the fashion of a female background singer from a late seventies Southern rock band wearing a spaghetti strap top, a pair of jeans, heels. and her usually straight hair is all frizzed out and curly.

Sunny takes a swig from a bottle of Southern Comfort and sways on the stage as Ronnie Van Zant’s vocals come on over the sound system.

“If I leave here tomorrow… will you still remember me?”

Bryan McVay: Hailing from Plattin, Missouri and weighing in tonight at two hundred and fifteen pounds…

“For I must be traveling on now…  ‘Cause there’s too many places I want to see…”

Joe Bergman comes out dressed as normal in a plain black robe over his wrestling trunks.

“But if I stayed here with you girl… Things just couldn’t be the same…”

Bryan McVay: … representing The Highwaymen tonight…

“Cause I’m a free as a bird now… and this bird you cannot change…”


The crowd roars.  Joe pumps his first in the air.

“And this bird you cannot change…”

With Sunny leading the way, she and Bergman start down the ramp towards the ring.

“And this bird you cannot change…”

Bergman slaps people’s hands along the way to the ring.

“And this bird you cannot change…”

Joe climbs up on the ring apron and opens a path for Sunny to climb into the ring.  Then he leaps over the top rope and climbs up on the turnbuckle.

“Lord knows, I can’t change”

Looking out over the ropes with Sunny right by his side, Joe raises his arms in the air and a can of PBR in tribute to the ‘ordinary people’ in attendance tonight and, of course, Section 214.

Joe Hoffman:  Bergman’s cool, calm and collected as he’s coming down to the ring, interacting with the fans.  But you can see where his eyes are focused.  They’re dead locked with Stevens right now.

After Bergman finishes his entrance, The Ordinary One wastes no time.   Bergman slides into the ring.  Unlike most weeks, Joe doesn’t wait for Boettcher to exchange pleasantries and respect.  Bergman automatically swings for the fences, clocking Steven’s jaw with a right hook.

Stevens drops straight down to the mat while Joe Bergman leaps right on top of him.  More right fists come straight Stevens’ way while Matt Boettcher pulls Bergman back towards his corner.

Joe Hoffman:  Bergman’s waited 24 hours to clean the DemiGod of HOW’s clocks.  But Boettcher’s not putting up with this…

Before Hoffman can finish his line, Boettcher rolls out of the way.  On screen, the audience can see Stevens flying towards Bergman, nailing a variation of the Stinger Splash, nailing Bergman in the sternum.  Scott hits a flurry of knife edge chops of Bergman’s chest before Matt Boettcher just gives in and calls for the bell.


Joe Hoffman:  These men couldn’t wait any longer for this encounter.  Both want a pound of flesh from their opponent.  Stevens will NOT let up his onslaught of offense on the Missouri Valley native.  Bergman’s got his hands up, trying to block Stevens.  But his chest is paying the price.  Chop after chop is damaging the man formerly known as Halitosis’ chest.

The offense is too much for Bergman as he slides towards the ground.  Stevens isn’t happy and begins to lift his boots up.  Stomping the hell out of Bergman’s face, Stevens keeps trying to crush Joe’s skull to pieces.  However, Bergman catches an opportunity.  The Ordinary One latches onto Stevens’ foot.  Sweeping all of the native Texans momentum out from under him, Joe wrenches in an Ankle Lock onto Stevens.  The Demigod flails around before grabbing the ropes.  The Dallas, Texas fans unleash a chorus of boos as Boettcher starts up the count.




Joe Hoffman:  Bergman needs to let go of this hold or Boettcher will throw this match outta here!



Right as Matt almost finishes the last count, Joe backs away and throws his hands up.  This allows the venerable Stevens to slither his way out of the ring.  While Boettcher starts to count Stevens out, Scott pulls himself back up to his feet.  The visibly upset Demigod bawks at the crowd, not paying attention to what’s about to happen.

Joe Hoffman:  HOLY MOLY!!!!  AIR BERGMAN’S UP!

Ordinary Joe Bergman leaps to the top turnbuckle and nails a Senton Dive straight on Stevens.  The Dallas crowd comes unglued for Bergman’s feat.  Bergman wastes no time, scooping up Scott Stevens.  The Ordinary Missouri Valley Man tosses Stevens shoulder first into the steel steps.   Bergman continues to use the barricade and other utilities on Stevens.  Bergman almost tunes out Boettcher, but the referee’s voice now be audibly heard.



Joe Hoffman:  WHEW!  Bergman makes it back into the ring with not a single moment to spare.

Bergman stares a hole into Boettcher before sliding back outside the ring.


Joe Hoffman:  Ever the opportunist, Stevens nails a stiff as hell Lariat onto Joe Bergman.  Now Scott’s got an advantage.  Guess Stevens doesn’t want to blow this opportunity he’s got tonight.  Beating Joe Bergman would cause his stock to soar to Lee and Mike Best.

The DemiGod hoists Bergman into the air.  Pressing all his force downward, Scott drops Bergman skull first into the steel steps with the brainbuster.  Stevens admires his works before locking his hands together and praying to Lee Best.  Afterwards, Scott Stevens’ eyes widen before he starts to drop his knee, brace first into Bergman’s skull.

Boettcher stops his count at FIVE to toss Stevens off Bergman’s lifeless body.    Boettcher’s checking Bergman who is lying on the mat motionless.  The boos from the American Airlines center grow as Stevens’ smile widens from ear to ear.  He could have this thing won.

However, the Demigod’s ears perk up while he hears Bergman’s weakened voice say “CONTINUE!”  Before Bergman can get to his feet, Stevens nails a chop block to Bergman’s cranium, rattling him some more.  Scott lifts Bergman’s limp body off the mat.  Nailing a reverse suplex onto the apron, Stevens pushes Bergman’s body towards the turnbuckle.  He wraps Joe’s legs around it before pulling back with a Figure Four Leglock for added intensity.  Boettcher’s now rushing over and yelling at Stevens, who pays no attention to the Zebra.  Boettcher then starts a slower count.






Stevens releases the hold while Boettcher is in his face.  A sadistic smirk forms on the Texan’s face while Bergman stews around in the ring.  Pulling himself off the mat in a slow manner, the former ordinary HOW Champion keeps the fight alive.  Stevens almost mentally breaks down and goes back into the ring.  Scooping Bergman off the ground, he positions him into a DDT.  Stevens snaps down, driving Bergman’s neck into the ground.    Stevens then charges towards the ropes.  With full force, Scott drives his boot into the back of Bergman’s neck, stomping it and Bergman into the ground.

Joe Hoffman:  WOOOOOOOOW!  Stevens looking impressive in dominance.  The Demigod’s now synching in a Rear Naked Choke Hold with intensity.  He’s shaking around the fallen Bergman like a rag doll.  BERGMAN’S EYES ARE ALMOST BLUDGING OUT!  The Leader of 214 is fading away.  Boettcher’s rushing over to call it.

Boettcher raises Bergman’s hands straight into the air.   The Dallas crowd’s on their feet praying.  Their clapping away, hoping Bergman wakes back up.


The camera pans over to a kid in the front row’s face.  It’s in complete panic while Boettcher lifts Joe’s hand up again.


Stevens’ maniacal smile widens.  He begins to lick his lips while Boettcher makes the final raise.





















Joe Hoffman:  IT’S A MIRACLE!  And I don’t mean Steve Harrison’s entered the fray!!!!   Ordinary Joe Bergman’s using 214’s energy for a second lease on LIFE!  Stevens is trying with all his might to lay fists into Joe’s rib cage.  But his blows aren’t affecting Joe at all.  Joe’s COMING BACK TO LIFE!

Panicked, Stevens tosses Bergman into the ropes.  However, the stubborn Missourian flings himself at Scott with a stiff crossbody.  Bergman launches off the ropes, landing a stiff looking leg drop across Stevens’ larynx.  Bergman picks Stevens up off the mat, trying to hit a back suplex, but Stevens attempts to weight them down.  Wasting no time, Bergman pulls away, nailing a picture-perfect Roundhouse kick to the back of Stevens’ neck.  As Stevens tries to get back to his feet, Bergman plunges the Texan down neck first with a sick cutter.  Bergman then locks in a devastating headlock onto Stevens, trying to weaken his neck for the Dragon Sleeper.

Joe Hoffman:  Stevens is still flailing around with a lot of fight left in him.  You can see Bergman’s gears turning while Stevens’ is squirming around.

Stevens gets back to his feet.  Scott attempts to pull Bergman down with a Toxic Sting Cutter, but Joe latches onto the ropes and Stevens hits the mat.  Scott gets back up to his feet and nails a stiff looking clothesline straight to Bergman’s feet.    Out of desperation, Stevens once again tries to nail another Toxic Sting Cutter onto Bergman to end it, but Bergman hoists Stevens up and nails the Belly to Back Suplex, driving him neck first into the mat.

Joe Hoffman:  Bergman’s leapt up to the turnbuckle.  He’s not gonna waste more time.  IT’S HIGH ANGLE SENTON TIME ANNNNNND….


Bergman sticks the landing and Boettcher slides over to make the count.






Bergman slides out of the ring and starts to celebrate with the fans.  Boettcher rushes over to check on Scott Stevens, who is starting to get back to his feet.  Stevens motions for the ref to get away before suddenly…

“I can’t remember what it feels like

Seems you should’ve known the rules

I think I’m never gonna find my way”

Joe Hoffman:  It’s not Stevens’ night here in Dallas.  SCOOOTTTTYWOOOOOD IS COMING TO TOWN.  And I know that man’s gonna be looking for blood.  Stevens is looking all over the place, focusing mostly on the ceiling thinking the attack will come from the sky again.

However, it’s not!  Scottywood emerges from the crowd with a contract in his hand and a pen.  Scotty wastes no time in taking the weakened Stevens, nailing a Game Misconduct from out of nowhere.  The Spiteful New Yorker then grabs Stevens left hand.  Scotty hoists the pen straight into the air, driving it with full force into Stevens’ hand.

Joe Hoffman:  Scottywood’s gonna crucify Stevens right here on the….

Instead, Scotty rips the blood laced pen out of Stevens’ hand.  Signing the match contract in Stevens’ blood, Scottywood takes the contract and smashes it straight into Stevens’ sternum.  The Hardcore Artist flips off his arch rival before exiting.

Joe Hoffman:  When Stevens’ wakes up, he’s gonna want a pound of Scottywood’s flesh after that.  Stevens won’t take that lightly after that interference after a hard fought match.

The camera fades as we see Scottywood still taunting Stevens.

Cute Shoot

Earlier tonight flashes across the High Octane Vision screen as a video begins to play….

We see the outside of the arena as the magenta limo with tags that say “EPIC 1” the limo pulls into the back parking lot. The limo parks in front of the entrance. The limo driver opens the door as Queen of Epicness HOW Hall of Famer Bobbinette Carey emerges. She’s wearing a pink blouse and a pair of ivory pants. Her hair is pulled back tightly into a bun. She has on a pair of magenta sunglasses on even in the garage. She gets out and is handed her gear bag. She adjusts the handle on her roller bag and dusts her outfit looking around seeing her surroundings. She seems a bit nervous looking over her shoulder. She walks into the arena as she a female and squints looking over her sunglasses.

The camera pans over to a blonde figure who is sitting on some crates. That figure belonged to none other than [i]The Golden Goddess[/i] Lexi Gold, who is known for competing in SHOOT Project. She is wearing a black leather skirt, a matching corset top and heels. She smiles upon seeing Bobbinette Carey, then walks up to her as these two strangers make eye contact with each other for the first time.

Lexi Gold: You know, I’ve met a lot of people throughout my career as a wrestler, but I never had the opportunity to meet someone of the caliber of the one and only Bobbinette Carey. Please tell me I am dreaming.

Bobbinette smiles, taking off her sunglasses with a nod. She looks over her shoulders to see if anyone else is around before looking back at her.

Bobbinette: The one and only. Flattery will get you everywhere. and wait a minute….

She looks her over squinting at the woman.

Bobbinette: You’re from SHOOT project.

Bobbinette points at her then snaps her fingers as she places where she’s seen the young woman from. Lexi nods her head, and she crosses her arms, her eyes scan around the unfamiliarity of her surroundings before turning her attention back to her.

Lexi Gold: You are correct. I’m sure you’re wondering what I could possibly be doing here, don’t worry, I haven’t signed with HOW. Your daughter and I have been exchanging messages, and she invited me to meet you here. I respect what you not only contributed to this business, but the fact that you got up despite life kicking your ass and still continued living your dream today.

Bobbinette: She’s networking for her mom. Kind of proud… I’ve seen your work too and you’re definitely holding down for the next generation of females in wrestling so it’s great to meet you too.

Bobbinette sounds genuine with her compliment. Her face shows true sincerity with looking impressed at the young star.

Lexi Gold: Hey, I’m trying. I may not be a legend like yourself, but I am working my way up to that role, and I’m sure I’ll get there eventually. Aside from that, I am driven by competition, and I’m always open to fight anywhere, anywhere, so if you ever want to have a match with me, I’m game. In the meantime, I’d like to give you something.

Lexi digs into her pocket and pulls out various items from it, including a stack of Polaroid pictures of her snakes that falls to the ground, blushing like a schoolgirl after forgetting she had those there as she attempts to find the item she was looking for to begin with. After a few minutes, she pulls out a ticket and hands it over.

Lexi Gold: I am not sure how familiar you are with SHOOT Project, but you are welcome to come to the next show if you want.

Bobbinette sees the photos raising an eyebrow.

Bobbinette: Polaroids are back. I feel old I’m not calling it retro.

She shakes her head feeling old that polaroids are back in. But seeing the reptiles and the Lexi’s nervousness Bobbinette grabs our her new cellphone

Bobbinette: I have my big dog saved on every time I get a phone. Sorry it’s a new phone…

She shows her phone screen of her pitbull with her daughter as her lock screen.

Bobbinette: he’s a lap puppy. And that’s my youngest human child Mimi.

She says proudly.

Bobbinette: You know what? I’d love to come visit over at Shoot Pro I have free time before Dead or Alive. I feel like getting away from the People here may be safer for a time… And I am all about supporting my fellow females in wrestling. So yeah I’ll come to your neck of the woods, can’t wait to see you in action live. Shoot Pro is about to have some epicness there.

Bobbinette says with a dry laugh.

Lexi Gold: Sounds perfect. See you there!

Lexi smiles and turns on her heel and walks away. Bobbinette smiles and nods.

Bobbinette: Nice kid. Guess we will be stopping by Shoot next week.

She shrugs her shoulders as her smile fades as she looks around her, a nervousness washes over her face before walking into the arena. She looks around again unsure of her own safety as the video comes to an end and we cut elsewhere.

Nothing but Love

Back live to the broadcast desk.

Joe Hoffman: As you know, two weeks ago on Chaos 3 Darin Zion challenged the MVW Champion Adam Ellis to a title match.  Last week on Chaos 4, MVW Owner Ray McAvay officially confirmed that the match would take place at HOW’s Dead or Alive pay per view.  Adam Ellis is now backstage with Blaire Moise and let’s hear what he has to say.  Blaire?

We switch to where Blaire Moise awaits. 

Blaire Moise: Thanks Joe.  That’s right.  Darin Zion had much to say about Adam Ellis and the MVW Men’s title this week…

Darin Zion (on HOTv earlier this week):
When I ‘lost’ the MVW Men’s Heavyweight Championship a few months back—I never had my shoulders pinned to the mat.  No one submitted me.  MVW Management stole it from me on a technicality.  I never lost MY MVW Men’s Heavyweight Championship belt.  And now they bastardized the legacy I built for their championship…

…some snot nosed, man-child trying to protect his mentor’s legacy and his training staff’s reputation wants to spit in my face and make a name off himself.  He wants to step in my face and tell me I stepped out of line when NO ONE SHOWED REAL LOVE some respect?!

…And my truth is I never lost my belt.  And MVW management thinks it’s okay to let the protégé of the man I retired run around parading as their fake champion.   That shit isn’t gonna fly with me.

Blaire Moise: Bringing in MVW Men’s Champion Adam Ellis now.  Adam, your thoughts?

Ellis makes a face. 

Adam Ellis: Zion?  Blaire, the truth is Darin Zion was a complete jerk to all of us when he was ‘Big Money’ Darin Matthews two years ago at MVW.  He acted like a total and complete ass then.  He was an even bigger ass when he returned to MVW earlier this year.  And we all saw what happened a couple weeks ago when he acted like a complete ass tagging with Joe Bergman.  

Blaire Moise: So Adam, your opinion of Darin Zion seems to be pretty clear here. 

Adam Ellis: Well… YEAH.  He’s an ass. 

Blaire Moise: That may be, but Zion’s got the experience advantage in these type of big matches over you.

Adam Ellis: Blaire.  There’s no way in hell he’s leaving Tombstone with the MVW Men’s title belt. 

Adam pauses and points to the title belt.

Adam Ellis: If he thinks he’s going to win, then he’s not just an ass…

Blaire’s eyes widen.

Adam Ellis: …he’s a delusional- OOF!

Blaire Moise: HEY!  

Joe Hoffman: THAT’S DARIN ZION!  

Blaire barely got out of the way as Zion roared past her, dropped his shoulder, and drove Ellis into the wall behind him.   


Ellis rebound back and staggers right into a side headlock… Zion SPIKES Ellis face first to the floor. 

Joe Hoffman: TOUGH LOVE!…

A trickle of blood appears under Ellis’s head as he lays face down. 


Zion glares down at the MVW champion for a few seconds.  

He turns to Blaire and rips the microphone out of her hand.

Blaire Moise: Hey!


Zion lays the boots to Ellis. 

Darin Zion: MVW may think it’s okay to let the protégé of the man I SINGLEHANDEDLY RETIRED FROM HOW…

Joe Hoffman: He’s obviously referring to John Sektor.

Darin Zion: …parade around with the Men’s title belt acting like the fake champion that he is.  

Darin again drives a series of boots into Ellis’s back. 


More boots.


Even more boots.   Zion then clasps Ellis’s arm with his legs and then hooks the other arm to force Ellis onto his side. 


Darin wrenches the hold even tighter to put maximum pressure on both of Ellis’s shoulder joints.  


Ellis’s face turns bright red.

Joe Hoffman: ELLIS IS IN BIG-


Joe Hoffman: WAIT!  WHO?

A red blur flashed across the screen and delivered a kick to Zion’s head knocking him off Zion.    

Joe Hoffman: WAIT A MINUTE!  THAT’S…

Zion ends up on his back with no clue what just hit him.

The camera pans to identify the young lady who just came to Adam Ellis’s aid.  Red hair.  Gray sleeveless t-shirt.  Jeans.  Barefeet wrapped in tape.


Van Lear takes an offensive stance a few feet away.  

Joe Hoffman: I believe Van Lear is the former MMA prodigy who’s now the valet of the Kentucky Redneck Mafia.  She may also be the love interest of Adam Ellis if you listen to the dirt sheets.

Zion sits up, groggy and wonders exactly that.  

Joe Hoffman: Van Lear waits for Zion to get back to his feet.  

Darin goes to get up.  Van Lear uncoils and whips her body around with her foot aimed directly at Zion’s head.  Zion senses and then sees the kick coming.  He drops back to the floor…  


…and rolls away from Van Lear.  Seeing that she’s off balance after whiffing on the spinning kick, Zion scrambles to his feet and beats a hasty retreat from the scene.  

Joe Hoffman: Zion’s had enough tonight and he’s headed to the back. 

The danger passed, Van Lear immediately crouches down and tends to Ellis.  

The camera pans up to Blaire who’s a little disheveled herself at the moment. 

Blaire Moise: Um… let’s go to a commercial break.  

Fuck you Bob

Back live from commercial and the camera pans to Brian Bare who finishes blowing the last remnants of his cigarette into the air, looking kind of shocked he’s on air.

Brian Bare: We’re going in for a word with High Octane Wrestling’s resident Behemoth, and Highwayman, Clay Byrd.

Bare opens the locker room door, the camera peaks in at the enormous cowboy and even in the bowels of the arena you can hear the fans cheering like crazy for a fellow son of the great state of Texas. Clay smiles for a moment, taking in the noise. Bare stands roughly about ten feet away from Byrd, holding the microphone out. Clay has the HOTv title over one knee, the Tag Team Championship beside it, and a bull rope laid over his other leg.

Clay Byrd: Bare, I’m pretty pissed off… but I ain’t gonna take it out on ya tonight.

Bare gives a sigh of relief and moves in closer to The Monster from Plainview.

Brian Bare: So… last week the HOTv title match.

Clay Byrd: Yeah… Kostoff and I put on a hell of a show… then the bald fuck came out…

Brian Bare: Lee Best did come out and…

Clay looks Bare up, then down. Bare instinctively returns to the ten foot threshold he was keeping before.

Clay Byrd: And he had some dipshits from OCDUBYA come out and beat the fuck out of me, with all his little guards, and his Board ta keep the Highwaymen away. Ya know what Brian? FUCK BOB GRENIER, FUCK OCDUBYA, AND FUCK LEE BEST.

Clay smiles as the fans roar from outside.

Clay Byrd: I went over ta OCDUBYA the next night, and I taught Bob Grenier a lesson he ain’t ever gonna forget!

Brian Bare: We’re going to show the viewers at home and in the arena that footage.

The fans roar as the screen shifts to footage from Monday Night Massacre.


The Behemoth lifts Bob Grenier up into the crucifix position. The Number 1 MercDad, the Alpha Male of High Octane, makes sure the steel steps are in place. High Octane Hall of Famer Joe Bergman stomps to the front of the ring to look up the ramp to make sure no one is coming for a save. Clay Byrd smirks, as he launches Grenier, letting him crash from almost seven feet into the air, with his back smashing across the steel steps.

Hood: Holy shit. I think Bob Grenier is dead.

Jones: I don’t think he’s dead Hood, but he’s not going to feel right for a few weeks.

The Highwaymen get out of the ring, JAM laying in a pile, Bob Grenier absolutely destroyed… Byrd and The Highwaymen make their way over to the announce table. Hood and Jones immediately stand up with their hands raised, as Byrd rips Jones’ headset off. He holds the rope up, and the HOTv Championship up in the air as he begins ranting.

Clay Byrd: YA WANTED A FUCKIN’ FIGHT BOB? YA WANTED TA JUMP A MOTHERFUCKER!? YA WANNA WORK FER HIM!? That’s all well and good… but I’ll see yer ass at Dead Or Alive.

Byrd is seething as Solex and Harrison talk trash to the fans and Bergman stands stoically with his arms crossed. Byrd holds the HOTv title up at the camera

Clay Byrd: And any of ya other fucks, ya want this?! Try ta fuckin’ take it.


Brian Bare: Pretty wild stuff Clay, and a big callout.

Clay Byrd: Fuck ‘em, they don’t want anythin’ ta do with us after all of that. I haven’t heard of anyone goin’ up ta knock on Lee Best’s door and ask fer no match. Besides that little fuck Bob Grenier. Tell that little stoner fucker it’s on, I’ll see his ass at Dead or Alive.

Clay holds up the rope.

Clay Byrd: And we’re gonna be hooked ta this.

His smile is ear to ear as the arena outside sounds like the entire state of Texas is ROARING their approval.

Clay Byrd: And fer any of those fucks watchin’ tell ‘em ta come fuckin’ get some. The Highwaymen are waitin’.

The scene fades elsewhere with Clay Byrd smiling, his eyes wide, holding the rope.

#14 Bobbinette Carey vs. #2 Steve Harrison

Back live at ringside and we cut to where our Hall of Fame ring announcer is standing by..

Bryan McVay: The following match is one fall!

The fans begin to stir.

Joe Hoffman: And this is a huge match. Harrison and Carey may have squared off last at War Games with the LSD Championship and a spot in War Games, but they’re now about to face off in a three-team battle for the HOW World Tag Team Titles at Dead or Alive! Harrison will be defending the titles along with Joe Bergman while Conor Fuse will be Bobinette Carey’s. The third team in that trio will be Jace Parker Davidson and STRONK. A stacked match for sure, especially as STRONK took Harrison’s LSD Championship before losing it to Simon Sparrow.

Joel Hortega is seen in the ring, stretching, as McVay continues his introductions.

Bryan McVay: Introducing first… standing at six feet and four inches tall, weighing in at two-hundred-and-forty-five pounds, he hails from Fairfax, Virginia… he is the fourth-ranked wrestler in HOW… STEVE! HARRISOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!

“Take the Money and Run,” By The Steve Miller Man starts to play and the curtain flies open. Steve Harrison walks out with his arms in the air, a smirk across his face. He begins walking towards the rings and begins waving at that crowd who return his waves with boos and indifference. The smirk begins to fade after hearing the response so the Miracle Man begins jawing back at some of the audience and pointing to himself yelling over and over “ME, ME, ME!.” Steve walks faster to the ring his smirk now a scowl, he enters the rings and leans against one of the turnbuckles and begins talking to himself, his face becoming red in anger.

Joe Hoffman: And the fans are mixed in their response of Harrison, possibly because his opponent is not someone loved by many fans these days. You can see the intensity in Harrison’s eyes right now, fresh off a victory against Scott Stevens last week.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent… standing at five feet and six inches tall, weighing in at two-hundred-and-thirty-five pounds, she hails from Parma Heights, Ohio… she is the seventh-ranked wrestler in HOW… THE QUEEN! BOBINETTE! CAREY!

Arena lights go black.

“Tell you you’re the greatest

but once you turn they hate us!”

A magenta spot light it’s entrance as the Queen of Epicness herself is already standing there waiting for the light. Bobbinette Carey makes her way down the ramp. Wearing a miss America style crown. She stands at the top of the ramp with her pink and black leopard gear.

“Oh the misery everybody wants to be my enemy!”

The HOV plays a black and white video package. (We see the clip of her smashing a photo over Mario Maurako; another clip of her hitting Mario with the defib pads, then the most striking image of Bobbinette standing over Scottywood and slapping him.)

She steps up the ring steps and wipes her feet on the apron before getting in the center of the ring.

“Spare the sympathy, everybody wants to be my enemy, but I’m ready”

She stands in the center as magenta pink and mauve pyrotechnics explode from the turnbuckle as she does a ballerina style exaggerated curtsy.


Joe Hoffman: And the fans letting Carey know her feelings about her. The Fuse and Carey team, BFFs it appears, is something that has been building for quite some time, and it looks like their first time truly together they will have a chance at the tag titles. Carey will want to make sure she’s fresh going into that match while ensuring Harrison is as weak as possible.

Hortega gives his final set of instructions to both competitors while McVay exits the ring. Once he confirms both wrestlers are ready, he signals for the bell.


The two wrestlers circle the ring, Bobinette acutely aware of the size differential between her and Harrison. They slowly make their way to the center of the ring and enter into a collar-and-elbow tie-up. Carey pushes as hard as she can against Harrison, but he pushes back against her and his strength advantage is immediately clear. Harrison begins to push Carey towards the corner, Carey doing everything she can to slow him down, but looks over her left shoulder to realize she is much closer than she’d like. She then uses Harrison’s momentum, pulling him in, to send him crashing head first into the middle turnbuckle. Harrison shoots back up from the shot, grabbing his forehead, while Bobinette wraps her arm around Steve’s neck and yanks him backwards, with his back crashing against her left knee.

Joe Hoffman: Carey starting to realize she isn’t going to be able to wear Harrison down through convention means and will instead need to use her brain to have an impact against the former LSD Champion. Harrison is stirring, grabbing his back, while Carey rolls under the bottom rope and stands up on the ring apron. Harrison is back up to his feet, but not for long as Bobinette grabs the back of his head and drops off the ring apron, dropping Harrison’s throat across the top rope. Steve is back on the mat now and grabbing his throat, the opening moments of this match not going the way he would’ve liked.

Carey, on the outside, bounces back onto the ring apron and climbs the nearby turnbuckle while Harrison is making his way back up to his feet. Steve turns towards Bobinette, who is perched on the turnbuckle, and then she leaps off, connecting with a missle dropkick that lands perfectly on its mark. Carey bounces back to her feet and slams a forearm across the face of Harrison, but Harrison fires back one of his own, sending Carey crashing to the mat. As Carey gets back up to her feet, dazed from the blow, she’s met with another one from Harrison. This one drops her to her knees. Harrison shakes his head, clearing the cobwebs. He then bounces off the ropes and goes for a knee strike to the side of her head, but Carey moves out of the way, uses Harrison’s momentum to send him to the ground and into a roll-up as Hortega begins his count.


Joe Hoffman: Harrison clearly caught by surprise there by Carey, as he has this entire match up to this point. He’s going to need to get his head back in the game or Carey is going to knock it off and head into Dead or Alive with some momentum. Both competitors are back up to their feet and Carey goes for a boot to the midsection, but Harrison catches it and pulls Carey into him and connects with a side belly-to-belly suplex. And Harrison stayed on top of her, wailing away with forearm after forearm shot to the face! Absolutely brutal!

Harrison then grabs Carey by the back of her head and whips her into the ropes, planting his knee in her midsection, flipping Carey over and onto the mat. Harrison then bounces off the ropes and drops a knee across the face of his opponent. Bobinette grabs her face in pain and rolls towards the ropes, with Harrison following after and puts the boots to her until she is out of the ring. Hortega orders Harrison to stand back and turns around, beginning his count on Bobinette.


Joe Hoffman: Harrison pacing back and forth as Hortega continues his count and now he has exited the ring, breaking Hortega’s count. Joel is yelling at him to get back in the ring, but clearly Harrison is ignoring it. He sees an opportunity to really hurt Carey here ahead of the big triple-threat Tag Team Titles match at Dead or Alive. He pulls her off the mat and whips her back first into the steel barricade. Bobinette’s face paints the picture as Harrison grabs her by the arm again and whips her into the ring apron, her back once again taking the brunt of the blow.

We then cut backstage where we STRONK watching the match unfold on the monitor. His arms folded across his chest.

Joe Hoffman: And that’s STRONK backstage, watching this match unfold just like everyone else. He’s got a vested interest in this match as well considering his… relationship?… with Bobinette Carey, but he will also be facing off against both of these men at Dead or Alive in the Tag Team Titles match!

Harrison moves towards Carey once again and is met with boot to the midsection. Carey then connects with a stiff uppercut that knocks Steve back a few steps as Hortega continues to order both of them back into the ring before restarting his count. Carey ignores it though as she takes Harrison and connects with a Saito Suplex! Steve grabs the back of his head, in a world of pain, while Carey grabs him and rolls him back into the ring before sliding in after him and going for the pin.


Joe Hoffman: And Carey drove Harrison to the ground and almost got the pinfall as a result. Carey looks at Hortega, shaking her head, certain it was a three count. Hortega affirms it was a three count and you can see Carey is visibly upset by this. She continues to argue with Hortega as she is pulling Harrison up to his feet and Harrison catches her with a fist to the midsection. Carey made a huge mistake, not keeping her head in the game. Harrison then grabs the back of Carey’s head and smashes it into the closest turnbuckle before connecting with a bridging German Suplex!


Having almost got her, Harrison slams his hand into the mat. He grabs Carey and begins to pull her off of the mat, with Bobinette connecting with an elbow to the jaw of her opponent. Carey spins around only to be met with by a headbutt from Harrison who then grabs his arm and spins her around before connecting with the knee trigger to the back of her neck!

Joe Hoffman: What a SHOT from Harrison and it looks like the beginning of the end of for Carey with that shot. Harrison pulling her back up and is looking for that crossface chickenwing suplex, but Carey pulls Harrison forward and flips him over her shoulder, breaking the hold. Harrison is making his way up to his feet and Carey just bounced off the ropes and CONNECTS with a LARIAT! Royal Pain indeed!

Carey stands over Harrison, a smile on her face, as she shakes his head at him. She then makes her way over to the corner and begins to scale it, lining him up for a somersault senton. She leaps off the top rope, but Harrison manages to roll out of the way at the last second.

Joe Hoffman: Carey went for the Epic Ending and Harrison had enough wherewithal to MOVE out of the way. Harrison, clearly still feeling the effects from that lariat Carey gave him, yanks Carey up to her feet and connects with the crossface chickenwing suplex! It’s a Harricle… he got ALL of that one and Carey is laid out on the mat after it! Harrison now collapses on top of her and Hortega begins his count.



Bryan McVay: And your winner at the thirteen minute and thirty-seven mark… STEVE! HARRISOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!

Harrison rolls off of Carey, his chest heaving, as Hortega stands above him.

Joe Hoffman: What a hell of a match there from Harrison and Carey, and is this just a preview of what we’re going to see in two weeks at Dead or Alive? Of course, we still have STRONK and Jace Parker Davidson in that match and that could make a world of difference in what happens in that match. Needless to say, if this is a preview of Dead or Alive, then we’re in for one HELL of a match.

Steve eventually makes his way up to his feet, allowing Hortega to raise his hand in victory before he looks over at Carey. He walks over to her and smiles.

Steve Harrison: Two more weeks, princess, and I’m putting you and your BFF in the ground for good.

He then walks away from her, exits the ring, and walks up the ramp.

Joe Hoffman: With that, let’s head backstage!

It too shall be done

As the image fades to elsewhere in the arena we see the Senior Advisor to GOD himself, the Demi-God of HOW, Scott Stevens sitting in a chair with a ice pack strapped to his shoulder and neck.

Jack Dawson: Scott. Scott.

Jack Dawson comes into view looking to get a word with Stevens after a tough loss.

Scott Stevens: Ah, Apostle Jack. What can I do you for?

Jack Dawson: Just wanted to get your thoughts on your tough loss tonight against Joe Bergman and your thoughts on your upcoming match at Dead or Alive against Scottywood.

Stevens smile never wavers even in defeat.

Scott Stevens: It was a tough loss. A lesson learned. However, this is just small bump in the road just like GOD himself suffered with ICON Wrestling and Golden Phoenix. Dark times? Yes, but lesson learned. Joe may have won the battle tonight, but he didn’t win the war because he’s not at 97 percent efficiency going into his title match at Dead or Alive. So to the new champions that will be crowned, you’re welcome.

Jack Dawson: Switching gears, your rival Scottywood in a Baptized in Blood match, attacked you post match. Thoughts?

Stevens just chuckles as he lifts his newly wrapped hand….blood clearly seeping thru the bandages from where Scottywood stabbed him earlier.

Scott Stevens: I have no concerns for Scottywood at all Jack. You see, just like our GOD is going to put down that pussy Kostoff, I’m going to put down that pussy Scottywood once and for all in one of the most sadistic and bloodiest matches HOW has ever seen.

Stevens slowly unwraps his wounded hand and holds it up to the camera. Blood begins to trickle from the still fresh wound.

Scott Stevens: I bleed 97Red. I have ALWAYS bled 97Red. You think Scotty got one up on me by making me bleed a little? I have been bleeding for this FUCKING COMPANY FOR YEARS!!!!!

A sick and sadistic smile forms over the Texan’s face as he calms himself down.

Scott Stevens: My simple point is this. I have and will continue to bleed for this company and come Dead or Alive Scottywood will be bleeding right beside me. Whether it’s the shards of glass or the barbed wire I am going to slice his flesh open over and over until the ring is turned into a 97 Red cover. I am going to brutalize him until he can’t take it anymore and when the official wants to stop it because he’s bleeding like the stuck pig he will become I’ll bitch slap his ass like his name was Kostoff and continue to victimize him.

Stevens gets serious.

Scott Stevens: After I’ve had my fun with Scotty I’m going to knock him out and stand over his beaten and bloody corpse. After he’s been baptized in a sea of  blood I will drop to my knees and look to the heavens and scream until the ghost of GRAYSTONE can hear me that the Hardcore Artist is dead and buried…….. In the name of Lee, Michael and DeNucci…..

Stevens pauses as he slowly does the sign of the cross as he mentions the Father, Son and Holy Oke of HOW….

Scott Stevens: …….AMEN

We cut away as Stevens slowly exits stage left.


We cut to the locker room where we see Bobbinette Carey looking….well not looking her best. She lets out a heavy sigh…..

Bobbinette: I don’t care about that match, it was a damn throw away. My head wasn’t in the game. That’s because of what happened a few days before.

HOTv shows the incident from two nights before. Bobbinette walks out of a restaurant, gets into a car she assumed to be her “Uber” and falls asleep. We see the same car driven off a pier into water. The driver gets out of the car before letting it go into the water then quickly fleeing the scene getting into an awaiting car and leaving. We can see Bobbinette narrowly escaping from crawling out the window and swimming to shore with her phone dead.

The feed cuts to backstage back where Bobbinette Carey post match is clearly bothered.

Bobbinette: It wasn’t even the Uber I was supposed to be in! I went to the hospital to get checked out and my blood work shows someone put something in my drink.. someone had this planned. Someone tried to kill me.

She looks over her shoulder.

Bobbinette: I am not okay. Someone did this deliberately. Of course, in Dallas… cause you know. “Who shot Jr?” Who tried to kill BC?

Still tired from her match but anxious.

Bobbinette: So right now the only person I trust is you.

The camera pans over to Bobbie’s BFF… Conor Fuse. Even though Fuse is still wearing a hockey mask over his face, he nods his head and clutches an SNES controller wrapped in barbed wire. For the first time since returning, The Ultimate Gamer speaks.

Conor Fuse: I get it.

He looks around the otherwise empty locker room.

Conor Fuse: There’s not too many people I trust, either.

Conor readjusts his mask.

Conor Fuse: Not after everything that went down.

The former two-time World Champion approaches Carey cautiously. He hands her the controller wrapped in barbed wire, obviously offering the handles where there isn’t any wire.

Conor Fuse: We’ll get answers, Bobbie. For you, for me… and it’ll start in two weeks.

Conor takes a seat beside his friend.

Conor Fuse: We’re just gonna have to go to levels we’ve never gone before…

Bobbinette looks down at the controller.

Bobbinette: It could have been anyone… what game is it when it’s two people and everyone could be a bad guy trying to kill you?

She has a sad look on her face.

Bobbinette: Thank you for this…

Conor can be seen winking through his mask.

Conor Fuse: NP, Bobbie. I got you.

Fuse cracks his knuckles.

Conor Fuse: As to what “game” people play when trying to kill you?

The Power-Up King’s voice drifts as he pats Bobbie on the back before standing up and walking towards the locker room door.

Conor Fuse: Probably Grand Theft Auto or something.

Conor opens the door.

Bobbinette: I was thinking Mortal Kombat? Too dated? Let’s get out of here…

Bobbinette says grabbing her gear bag to leave as the two exit the locker room but Conor’s voice trails down the hallway.

Conor Fuse: Also fuck Jace, he’s an idiot.

Bobbinette: This is why we are Team BFF because great minds think alike.

Bobbinette laughs and puts her arm around the gamer giving him a side hug as they make their exit as we cut to our next commercial break.

Points of Interest

Back live and once again backstage, in a private dressing room, Jace Parker Davidson and Shelley Greene hover over a sheet of paper with a picture of Jatt Starr printed on it. Red circles have been drawn around Starr’s left knee, right wrist, skull, and crotch.

Greene: With you and Stronk Daddy becoming such good friends, I thought I’d avail my services to you, pro bono, just this once. You see, Jace, I’m a master strategist in addition to being highly skilled in confusingly dense paperwork and all types of boring administrative shit. I am the god of itineraries.

Jace points to the red circle around Starr’s head.

Davidson: What’re these? Weak points?

Greene: To the untrained eye, yes, they are weak points. Through the prism that is the strategic ironworks that is my 178-IQ brain, a brain that has absorbed the teachings of Sun Tzu and other such genius minds? They are… opportunities.

Davidson: Sounds an awful lot like just another way of saying weak point, but I’m following, go with it, spit your shit.

Pulling out a delivery sushi chopstick from behind his ear, a little dollop of wasabi still clinging to the end, Shelley points first to the red circle around Starr’s crotch.

Greene: Keep in mind, this is just a taste of what I could offer you if you were to sign with me one day. No pressure, this ain’t a biz dev call, just two dudes sittin’ around talkin’ strategy. Now first, you’re gonna wanna boot Jatt in the dick. This will disorient him; he’ll be blinded by the pain.

Shelley points next to Starr’s wrist.

Greene: You know any tai chi, Jace? If your answer to that question is yes, hit him with that wrist throw action. If you don’t know any tai chi, just grab his wrist and start bashing it on something. These opportunities were identified by me through hours of meticulous analysis, Jace. Machine learning, regression, decision trees, MATH, probabilities! Once his wrist is out of commission, you dropkick him in the knee, blow that sucker clean out! Then, finally, you get that chick of yours to distract the ref and smash him in the head with a ball peen hammer! One, two, three—new LSD Champion!

Jace nods his head, impressed but not really, with Shelley’s gameplan.

Davidson: Interesting theories you have here but I have a surprise for you. Wait right here.

Jace exits the dressing room leaving Shelley both confused and excited. Jace soon returns with an elderly man that looked like he got dressed this morning in the 1970’s. Jace grins and gestures to the man.

Davidson: Well, what do you think?

Shelley looks the man up and down, wondering how much spring is left in his step and whether he is proficient at navigating unfamiliar urban environments.

Greene: We doing a Most Dangerous Game thing? He looks… suitable.

Davidson: Noooo this is Melvin. He’s one of the employees I hired to work for the STRONKUMMS brand. This glorious son of a bitch is going to be our vendor for this evening. We’re going to test run selling STRONKUMMS to the people here in Dallas. I mean it’s not like Texans are that bright.

Jace laughs and slaps Melvin on the back so hard it almost knocks the 65 year old man over.

Davidson: If we get a positive reaction from the people here in Dallas then we can start going to every single company in PWA to start selling STRONKUMMS at their events. We build up demand for the product and then we jack up the price to where it would be cheaper to get gas for your car to get to the arena than it would be to buy STRONKUMMS.

Shelley nods, a smile forming on his face.

Greene: That’s brilliant. Rapid expansion. I love it! Guerilla marketing at its finest. But you really should remain focused on Starr—STRONKUMMS will be here after you win the LSD title.

Davidson: Trust me I’m focused on Jatt but this… THIS is going to put all of us on easy street. I’m going to have him out in the audience during the tag team match coming up. That way you can keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn’t just run off with our supply of STRONKUMMS.

Melvin: I told you I am a vegan!

Melvin complains as Jace raises his hand into the air and smacks the elderly employee on the back of the head.

Davidson: You are not to go around saying that. As an official employee of the STRONKUMMS brand you are obligated to love meat. You love big, long, juicy meat in your mouth… are we clear?!

Melvin nods his head slowly in shame.

Davidson: Good, but like I said keep an eye on him out there. And tell STRONK Daddy good luck out there tonight. I’m sure he and America are going to mop the floor with those guys. I gotta go and get ready for the main event. Big night tonight and all that.

Greene: Keep your eye on the prize!

JPD exits the dressing room, leaving Shelley sitting on the couch. His eyes return to the picture of Jatt Starr, noticing something he’d missed previously.

Greene: Collar bone! Of course! How did I not see it before? A concentrated attack to the… yes… yes…

CHAOS moves on…

The BOARD vs. Xander Azula and Brian Hollywood

Once again we cut to the ring announcer as it is time for our next match of the evening….

Bryan McVay: The following is a tag team match scheduled for one fall!

The crowd here in the American Airlines Center stands on their feet ready to see more action on the last Chaos event before the Dead or Alive PPV.

Joe Hoffman: Tag team action on tap here in Dallas, Texas. We’ll see members of The Board team up to take on an unlikely duo who are both looking to stamp their ticket onto the Dead or Alive card live from Tombstone, Arizona.

Bryan McVay: Introducing first…

STRONGER ON YOUR OWN” by Disturbed blares over the PA.  Hollywood slowly walks from the back and takes center stage as he stands there for a few brief moments, closing his eyes.  He reigns in the boos from the crowd as he gets in final mental preparation for his upcoming match.

Bryan McVay: From Los Angeles, California, weighing in tonight at 225lbs. Here is BRIANNNNN HOLLYWOODDDDDD!!!

As Hollywood opens up his eyes, pyro shoots off in opposite corners of the stage as it makes its way to center stage.  As the pyro hits the center, the camera zooms in to see the reflection in Hollywood’s eyes as he finally makes his way down the ramp, quickly taking off his vest and throwing it down with intensity.  Hollywood makes his final push as he charges the ring, rolling under the ropes.

Joe Hoffman: We’ve seen a new and invigorated Brian Hollywood the last few weeks here in HOW. He’s been on a bit of a winning streak but tonight he teams with a man that he lost to in an HOFC bout weeks ago. Can they work together tonight against the former LSD Champion and the current HOW World Champion?

He gets back to his feet and looks about the entire arena glaring at the fans before he takes his place in the corner turnbuckle before turning his gaze intently in the ring as he awaits for the bell.

Bryan McVay: And his partner…

The whistling intro of “ENGEL” plays over the PA system, setting the crowd off in a chorus of boos as Xander Azula and his Eternal Circle disciples step out onto the stage, surveying the crowd with a gleeful grin.

Bryan McVay: From Long Beach, California, weighing in tonight at 230lbs. Here is XANDERRRRR AZULAAAAAA!!!

The crowd show their disdain for Xander and his crew, who simply laugh at the ignorance they see as they head toward the ring. Xander directs his disciples to circle around the ring, and they all hop onto the apron with wicked smiles on their faces. They enter the ring glare menacingly over at Brian Hollywood before Xander directs his crew to leave the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Xander Azula has been another man on the roster that has been red hot right now. Xander has been trying for weeks to get someone, anyone to accept his challenge for an HOFC fight at Dead or Alive and his request has not been answered. A win here tonight would go a long way to proving the worth of both of these men to the rest of the HOW roster.

Xander and Hollywood exchange words with each other and they don’t seem like kind words at all. Clearly, there is still tension between the two men since their last bout inside of the HOFC cage.

Bryan McVay: And their opponents…

The lights in the arena go down as “STRONKER” by FLAV RILLE begins to play.  STRONK GODSON walks out onto the stage, with Shelley Greene following behind him.  The fans pop for his arrival—promiscuous women and drunk and disorderly men, especially.

Bryan McVay: First, from Somewhere in Minnesota, weighing in tonight at 307.1lbs. Representing The Board, here is STRONK DADDY… STRONKKKKK GODSONNNNN!!!

STRONK walks to the ring, and, just before stomping up the ring steps, grabs ahold of his ‘STRONK AF’ sleeveless tee shirt and rips it from his body with startling ease.  STRONK enters the ring, while Greene stands out on the floor, hyping up his man and jawing with the ringside fans.

Joe Hoffman: The former HOTv and LSD Champion has been in a bit of a slump lately, if you can call it that. However, he did pick up a big win last week on Chaos, choking out current LSD Champion Simon Sparrow in what was essentially a three on one assault. Tonight he takes his role as Secretary of Defense when he teams with the HOW World Champion.

Xander and Hollywood stop arguing as they lay their eyes on the massive mountain that is STRONK Godson. The common enemy brings peace between the two men who know they have the work cut out for them tonight.

Bryan McVay: And his partner…

The crowd stands on its feet in excitement to see the only three time winner of War Games. The HOW Hall of Famer and current holder of #97red. A few moments pass in silence when suddenly the lights in the arena go down as “STRONKER” by FLAV RILLE begins to play… again.

Joe Hoffman: This is… odd.

The music and the video plays to the approval of the fans here in Dallas but there is still no sign of America. Shelley Greene begins losing his mind on the outside of the ring as Bryan McVay just shrugs his shoulders not sure on what he is supposed to do.

Joe Hoffman: Where is Christopher America?!

Both Xander and Hollywood look around all over the arena expecting some kind of sneak attack or dirty tactic by The Board but there are none to be found. STRONK looks unfazed but yet focused on his opponents. Bryan McVay leaves the ring as both Xander and Hollywood start to realize their odds have just improved. Matt Boettcher checks with all three men the calls for the bell to signal the start of the match.


Joe Hoffman: I guess we’re unintentionally having yet another handicap match situation tonight just like last week. Xander Azula and Brian Hollywood together against the man known as STRONK. It will still be a tall task for both of these men.

STRONK doesn’t waste any time and rushes forward and steam rolls through both Xander and Hollywood with a double shoulder block that sends both men crashing to the canvas. Xander and Hollywood retreat to the outside of the ring and regroup as STRONK stands proudly inside of the ring. After a small huddle both men make their way back up to the ring apron. Brian Hollywood is the one to step through the ropes and enters the ring as Xander takes his place in the corner. Hollywood circles STRONK then tries to lock up with him. However, the strength advantage is too much as STRONK literally launches Hollywood halfway across the ring and to the canvas. Hollywood scoots on his ass to a neutral corner and stares in amazement over the power of STRONK Daddy.

Joe Hoffman: If you combine the strength of both Hollywood and Xander I still don’t think they could overpower STRONK. They have to be smart in this match. You can’t spend all night trying to punch a brick wall. You have to wear the big man out and make it difficult to get his hands on you.

Hollywood pulls himself back up to his feet as STRONK stands waiting for him to attack. Hollywood cautiously approaches STRONK and lifts his arms for another lock up. STRONK gladly obliges but it was all a plan. As STRONK raises his mighty arms Hollywood slides in behind STRONK. Hollywood tries to get a waist look on STRONK but can’t make his hands meet. STRONK swings one of his mighty arms and nails Hollywood with an elbow shot to the face that takes him down to the canvas once again. STRONK grabs a hold of Hollywood and lifts him off of the canvas then into the air above his head. Hollywood shakes his head no emphatically as STRONK hits him with a gorilla press slam down to the canvas. STRONK stalks around Hollywood as he regains a vertical base. STRONK grabs Hollywood and hits him with a backdrop driver down to the canvas. Then keeps grip, rises, and hits a second backdrop driver. Once again keeps grip, rises, and hits a third consecutive backdrop driver down to the canvas. STRONK places his beefy hands on Hollywood’s chest to make the cover as Boettcher slides in.




Joe Hoffman: Hollywood’s brain might be scrambling after those backdrop drivers but he managed to get his shoulder off of the canvas before the three count. Hollywood is going to have to find a way to get STRONK off of his feet to neutralize all of that power.

STRONK gets up to his feet as Hollywood pulls himself up to a seated position. STRONK wraps his beefy hands around Hollywood’s skull and begins applying pressure like he’s making himself a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Hollywood screams in pain as Boettcher asks him if he wants to submit. Hollywood is in trouble but Xander begins to climb the turnbuckle. Hollywood kicks his legs and tries to find an escape as Xander reaches the top rope. Xander leaps off the top rope and hits STRONK with a missile dropkick to the back of the head that causes him to break the hold. STRONK staggers a bit as both Hollywood and Xander get back up to their feet. As STRONK turns around both Hollywood and Xander plant boots to the midsection of the big man. Both Hollywood and Xander grab a hold of STRONK and hit him with a double snap suplex down to the canvas.

Joe Hoffman: It took both of them but Xander and Hollywood manage to get STRONK off of his feet and down to the canvas. Now they have to keep him down because if he gets back up to his feet then he’s going to cause a massive amount of damage.

Boettcher forces Xander back to his corner as Hollywood gets back up to his feet still holding onto the back of his head. Hollywood goes to the corner and makes the tag to Xander. Azula enters the ring immediately and begins laying in stomps to the fallen STRONK. Slowly but surely STRONK begins to make his way back up to his feet. Xander takes off towards the ropes as STRONK makes it back up to one knee. Xander bounces off the ropes and hits STRONK with a swinging neckbreaker that sends him back down to the canvas. The crowd begins to cheer wildly as the man known as Melvin Smith who is dressed like a vendor makes his way throughout the arena selling STRONKUMMS to the people of Dallas, Texas.

Joe Hoffman: Xander in control here but it seems even though he’s down that the crowd enjoys STRONK Daddy as we have a man in the arena selling STRONKUMMS. But we still have to wonder just where Christopher America is and why isn’t he out here to help his fellow member of The Board?

Xander gets back up to his feet then grabs a hold of STRONK and pulls him back up to his feet. Xander plants a boot to midsection then whips STRONK into the corner but STRONK reverses the whip. Xander hits the turnbuckle hard as STRONK gets a running start. STRONK goes to splash Xander in the corner but Xander moves out of the way. STRONK hits the turnbuckle hard then staggers backwards away from the corner. Xander explodes forward and hits STRONK with a chop block that crumples him down to the canvas. Xander gets up to feet then stalks around STRONK as he staggers back up to his feet. As STRONK turns around Xander grabs a hold of him and then…

Joe Hoffman: The Snub!

Xander connects with the elbow but STRONK doesn’t go down. Xander grabs a hold of STRONK and then hits The Snub on STRONK but STRONK Daddy still doesn’t go down. Frustrated, Xander grabs a hold of STRONK again and connects with The Snub for the third time which finally knocks STRONK off of his feet and down to the canvas. Xander hooks the leg and makes the cover as Boettcher slides in.





Joe Hoffman: Three straight Bullhammers from Xander is what it took to get STRONK off his feet but even then it only got him a two count. Hollywood and Xander are going to have to hit STRONK with everything they have including the kitchen sink to keep his shoulders down for three seconds.

Xander gets to his feet and argues with Boettcher over a slow count but the referee argues back that it was only a two count. STRONK slowly begins to crawl to his corner and then reaches out for a tag but no one is there for him to tag. The crowd tries to rally behind STRONK Daddy but Shelley on the outside is panicking. Shelley looks around frantically until he spots Melvin in the crowd with his supply of STRONKUMMS. Shelley jumps up and down while waving Melvin down to ringside. Melvin hustles as fast as he can towards Shelley as Greene points urgently towards STRONK inside of the ring. Melvin makes his way over the barricade and makes his way over towards the corner where STRONK is laying. STRONK’s nostrils begin to flare from the smell of the STRONKUMMS. Melvin opens the lid to the container holding the STRONKUMMS before he can do anything STRONK reaches his beefy hand inside and grips the remaining supply of STRONKUMMS.

Joe Hoffman: Is this a snack break for the STRONKEST Man Alive? Xander needs to turn around and focus on his opponent and not the fact that he thinks Boettcher made a slow count.

STRONK shovels the STRONKUMMS into his mouth like the meat is more precious than air. STRONK swallows the meat then much like Popeye after he eats a can of Spinach, STRONK Daddy pops up to his feet completely reinvigorated. Xander finally turns around and charges towards STRONK only to get floored with massive lariat. Hollywood enters the ring and charges but also eats a massive lariat from STRONK. Xander staggers up to his feet only for STRONK to grab a hold of him and hits him with an overhead release belly to belly suplex down to the canvas. STRONK gets back up to his feet as Hollywood regains a vertical base. STRONK grabs a hold of him also and launches him with an overhead release belly to belly suplex.

Joe Hoffman: A STRONKUMMS fueled STRONK Godson is like a man possessed here tonight. I don’t know what exactly they put in a STRONKUMM but it seems like it’s stronger than rocket fuel here for STRONK.

STRONK gets up to his feet then grabs a hold of Hollywood and tosses him over the top rope and down to the arena floor below. STRONK turns around and focuses his attention on Xander who staggers up to his feet holding his back in pain. Xander turns around and STRONK plants a boot to the midsection. STRONK grabs a hold of Xander then lifts him high up into the air. STRONK holds him up onto the air effortlessly and stomps around the ring while all the blood flows to Xander’s head. The crowd counts how many seconds pass as STRONK holds Xander into the air before planting him down to the canvas with a vertical drop brainbuster. STRONK presses his beefy hands on Xander’s chest to make the cover as Boettcher slides in.





Joe Hoffman: Brian Hollywood just pulled Matt Boettcher out of the ring to save this match for his team. I’m a bit surprised at how well both Xander Azula and Brian Hollywood have worked together here tonight. But is it good enough to take down STRONK Daddy?

STRONK gets up to his feet and looks around confused. On the outside Shelley jumps up and down pointing to Hollywood and Boettcher arguing on the outside of the ring. STRONK marches over to the ropes then pushes the top rope down with one beefy hand. STRONK grabs a hold of Hollywood by the hair and pulls him up to the ring apron. Hollywood throws a punch at STRONK that has zero effect on the man. STRONK brings Hollywood into the ring the hard way causing him to hit the canvas. Hollywood staggers back up to his feet and holds his back but STRONK hits him with a mighty headbutt that sends him back down to the canvas. STRONK staggers a bit from the headbutt before grabbing a hold of Hollywood to pull him off of the mat. Boettcher slides back to into the ring as STRONK lifts Hollywood into the air then slams him down onto Xander. With both men stacked on top of each other STRONK steps through the ropes and begins to climb the turnbuckle.

Joe Hoffman: Holy poop word! If STRONK hits off of the top rope then I believe the ring will collapse or at the very least they will need a spatula to get both Hollywood and Xander off of the canvas.

STRONK continues to climb until he reaches the top rope. Every fan in the audience stands on their feet knowing they are about to see something special. STRONK extends his arms then leaps off the top rope. STRONK goes for a big splash but at the last second both Hollywood and Xander get the hell out of dodge. STRONK crashes and burns down to the canvas so hard that Boettcher almost falls on his ass from the impact. Hollywood exits the ring as Xander walks over and makes the tag in. Hollywood comes back into the ring as both men approach STRONK who is fighting his way back up to his feet holding his midsection. Xander turns and connects with the Fist of Eris but STRONK doesn’t go down. Hollywood charges then connects with the Executive Decree which causes STRONK to stagger back into the corner but he still remains on his feet. STRONK stumbles out of the corner and Xander connects with a second Fist of Eris. AND STRONK IS STILL STANDING!

Joe Hoffman: This man is not human!

The crowd goes nuts for STRONK Daddy as Xander and Hollywood look dumbfounded. Hollywood charges once again and connects with a second Executive Decree that finally takes STRONK off of his feet. Hollywood hooks the leg and makes the cover on STRONK and Xander even jumps on top of Hollywood in hopes of keeping the man down as Boettcher slides in.





STRONK Daddy kicks out but a split second too late as the bell sounds.


Bryan McVay: Here are your winners… the team of BRIANNNNN HOLLYWOODDDDDD and XANDERRRRR AZULAAAAAA!!!!

Xander and Hollywood get up to their feet and get their hands raised in victory by Matt Boettcher. Both men begin to celebrate in the ring after a win that can still be considered an upset even though it was two on one.

Joe Hoffman: Well this is a huge win for both Xander Azula and Brian Hollywood. I think both men proved here tonight that not only do they belong here in HOW but that they are worthy of a spot on any HOW PPV card.

Hollywood and Xander begin pointing and telling off the fans in the audience. Both men are very proud of their accomplishment but don’t notice what is going on behind them.

Joe Hoffman: I think you both need to turn around… better yet… RUN!

Xander and Hollywood hear the fans start to cheer again and think it’s for them. Both men continue to celebrate until they turn around to find a big, angry STRONK Godson on his feet. Hollywood charges at STRONK but with one mighty paw STRONK swats him down to the canvas like he was nothing but an insect. Hollywood staggers back up to his feet but STRONK grabs a hold of Hollywood and hits him with a backdrop driver down to the canvas. STRONK gets back up to his feet but Xander leaps onto STRONK’s back and applies a choke hold. Xander squeezes with all he’s got but STRONK just runs backwards towards the corner and crushes Xander against the turnbuckle. Xander releases his grip on STRONK before STRONK grabs him and hits him with a backdrop driver down to the canvas.

Joe Hoffman: Hollywood and Xander dared to anger the King Stallion and now they are paying the price.

STRONK grabs a hold of Xander by the hair and pulls him up to his knees. STRONK places Xander’s head between his mighty legs. STRONK grips Xander by the waist and hoists him up into the air before tossing him over the top rope and down to the arena floor with a jackknife powerbomb. Xander hits the canvas with a splat as STRONK turns his attention back towards Hollywood. STRONK stalks over towards Hollywood who uses the ropes to pull himself back up to his feet. STRONK grabs a hold of Hollywood and…

Joe Hoffman: Body Dysmorphia! The match is over so it’s not technically illegal for STRONK to use it.

STRONK squeezes for all he’s worth as Hollywood taps out furiously. Boettcher tries to reason with STRONK but the former LSD Champion isn’t listening. Shelley Greene slides into the ring and begins to plead with STRONK not to kill Brian Hollywood in the middle of the ring. Finally STRONK lets go of Hollywood and pulls himself back up to his feet. “STRONKER” by FLAV RILLE begins to play as STRONK exits the ring and begins to stomp his way back up the ramp as we cut away.

Whereabouts Unknown

The camera cuts from the arena to a dark alley. Other than the sound of an approaching vehicle, the area is silent. The street lights in the distance reflect off the various puddles formed in the numerous chunks missing from the aging asphalt. A black van, totally tinted, zooms into view and screeches to a stop. The driver-side door is shoved open before two black combat boots step out onto the wet asphalt.

A man, dressed in all black, steps out of the van. Black combat boots, gloves, tactical cargo pants, a tight-fitted short sleeve t-shirt, and a black luchador mask conceal his identity from any traffic cameras in the area. He walks, with a purpose, around the front of the van to the near side. The camera angle stays low, angled up toward the van. The man presses the button on the sliding door handle and rips the door wide open.

Christopher America

The black hood over his head would have otherwise made the World Champion unrecognizable, but his ring gear gave him away instantly. Black zip ties handcuff his hands behind his back and secure him to a metal ring welded to the van floor.

Chris America: Get me the fuck out of here, you prick!

The man in black stays silent as he steps into the van. America tries to squirm free, but the zip ties keep him in place.


The man in black rears back and slaps the champion across the face with a wide-open and leather-gloved right hand. America’s head launches backward and then jerks forward violently. His head hangs low as the man in black cuts the zip tie securing the world champion to the van floor. The man lifts America to his feet, and with a stiff boot into the champ’s back, he sends him to the unforgiving alley floor face first. The champion skids across the ill-maintained road, picking up a bit of road rash on his right shoulder.

Chris America: You mother…

A combat boot to the ribs cuts him off mid-sentence and takes the air out of his lungs. The man in black smiles, his pearly whites giving off a familiar ding as he reaches down and pulls America to his feet.

The camera quickly cuts to the inside of a dark room. The room is precisely what you’d see from an old mafia torture scene; black water-damaged walls, blacked-out tiles on the floor, a random assortment of binders and boxes shelved on metal racks, and a black wooden chair in the center of the room.

A door is slammed off camera, and the sound of America struggling fills the room. The man in black drags him into the room, leans over top of the handcuffed champion, and drives a right hand directly into America’s nose. America goes silent once more as he’s hoisted onto the man in black’s shoulder and plopped down into the chair.

The man in black rips off the hood on America’s head and tethers him to the chair with a leather strap firmly strapped around his chest. The man in black squats down, getting eye to eye with Christopher America. He smiles as blood trickles out of the champion’s nose and into his mouth.

The man in black pulls the luchador mask off his head and patiently waits for America’s eyes to open.


Steve Solex: (gritting his teeth) You really thought you could get away with it didn’t you? I saw you last week, and I saw what you did to my bird. Did you really think I’d sit idly by and let you get away with it?!


Solex reaches out and smacks the champion across the face.

Steve Solex: DID YOU!?

America stays silent, but his eyes grow wide as he comes to the realization that he’s face to face with Steve Solex. America immediately begins to try and break free from his restraints, but the Operator Steve Solex did his due diligence and the champ can’t break free.

Steve Solex: Did you really think that this brain tumor was going to stop me? That some government-implanted cancer was going to be the end of Steve Solex? Did you think that I was trying to make excuses for my behavior over the last few years?

Solex stands up, crosses his arms across his chest, and smiles.

Steve Solex: Those other guys, Kutter, Devastation, Tyler…they were never in charge Chris. I’m the one to blame for everything I did. I was always the one calling the shots, I just had to feed their egos enough to get them to do what I needed them to. But now, it’s all me.

Solex squats back down, getting eye level with the champion again.

Steve Solex: I’m not looking for forgiveness, Chris. And I’m not looking to pass the buck. Right now, all I want…is my fuckin’ bird!


Another smack across the face of the champion echoes off the walls in the confined space. America immediately jerks his head back into position, staring right back at Solex he spits a gob of blood and snot on the floor beside him.

Christopher America: The government took hi…


Another smack upside America’s head echoes in the room. Solex shakes his hand out with a sadistic grin on his face.

Steve Solex: Stings!

He mocks the champion as he continues to shake his hand. Solex stands upright and walks across the room to a giant black box. He opens it and looks inside. He smiles big and looks over at America, who curiously watches the MERCDAD.

Steve Solex: It’s George, Chris.

America grows a look of concern on his face as Solex laughs maniacally. Solex slams the box shut and walks back over to the champion. He gets eye-level with the champ and grabs a fistful of hair on the top of America’s head. He forces the champ to look him in the dead in the eyes. Blood continues to flow from America’s nose, causing a bit of laughter from Solex.

Steve Solex: I could kill you right fucking now, Chris. I could leave you inside this room with that weak-ass excuse for a bald eagle, and then what would you do? That carnivore in that box. The modern-day fucking dinosaur…it would eventually get hungry. And ultimately, it would do exactly what God designed it to do, and rip the flesh right off your fucking bones! No amount of training, begging, or pleading would stop that.

Solex leans in close to America, pressing his nose against the champions.

Steve Solex: But I’m not going to let you get off that easy. I am letting you live today, so that on August 14th I can take the one thing from you that you value more than your own fucked-up life…

America grits his teeth as he’s forced to continue staring into the eyes of the MERCDAD.

Steve Solex: And everyone knows, exactly what that is…the HOW World Championship.

Solex releases America’s hair.

Christopher America: You piece of shi…


Solex rears back and lands a right uppercut under America’s chin, knocking the champion unconscious. Solex walks over to the box and tosses it up onto his shoulder. Curiously, there is no movement in the box or sound coming from it. Solex walks to the entry of the room and swings the door open. He looks over his shoulder one last time and smiles in the direction of the comatose champion as the feed goes to black and we quickly cut to a commercial break.










World Championship Match
Steve Solex vs. Christopher America©

ICON Championship Match
Simon Sparrow vs. Tyler Best©

Tag Team Championship Match
The Board (Jace/Stronk) vs. The BFF’s (Carey/Fuse) vs. The Highwaymen (Harrison/Bergman)©

HOTv Championship Match
Bob Grenier (OCW) vs. Clay Byrd©

Baptized in Blood Match
Scott Stevens vs. Scottywood

Last Man Standing Match
Chris Kostoff vs. Lee Best

MVW World Championship Match
Darin Zion vs. Adam Ellis©

Love Hurts

After commercial, we cut back to the trainer’s area to see Darin Zion with an ice pack pressed against his head.  REAL LOVE is selling the effects of Ginny Van Lear’s stiff kick earlier in the night.  Zion’s wincing in pain, pacing back and forth.  In sudden fashion, the door to the trainer’s room flies open.  A wild Brian Bare appears with microphone in hand.  Not realizing it’s a terrible time, Bare shoves a microphone right into the face of 1080z’s face.

Brian Bare:  ZION!  ZION!  ZION! Man, that looks horrible!

Bare glares straight into the goose egg on Zion’s forehead. A scowl forms on REAL LOVE’s face while he listens to HOW’s awkward interviewer run down the details of what happened earlier tonight.

Brian Bare:  Uh…so how do you feel after Ginny Van Lear popped you with that kick?  And what’s that mean for Adam Ellis at Dead or…

Darin Zion’s had enough of Brian Bare’s bullshit and pushes him off camera.  Ripping the microphone from HOW’s worst interviewer, Zion slams the ice pack onto one of the beds.  His eyes burn with a seething hatred.  His veins become visible while he gets right up into the camera, staring at it with intensity.

Darin Zion:  GET THE FUCK OUT OF REAL LOVE’S FACE!  I can’t believe you have the audacity to barge into REAL LOVE’S FACE after some worthless MVW rookie clocked me.  Darin Zion’s head is ringing after Adam Ellis’ cowardly ass friend ruined his lesson on TOUGH LOVE to that vile, bland pathetic shit stain of a rookie that John Sektor trained.

REAL LOVE shakes his head in disgust.

Darin Zion:  You are a coward, Adam Ellis.  Your little bastard ass has hidden behind people your entire career.  First, you hid behind the talents of John Sektor to get your spot on HOTv.  After latching to his taint; you don’t have the audacity to issue your own fuckin’ statement earlier this week.  NO! YOU INSULTED REAL LOVE after Ray McAvay did it for you.  Of course, Ray McAvay made Adam Ellis feel brave.  Ray McAvay gave the blandest wrestler on the planet a crutch to lean on.  I let it slide because you guys GAVE REAL LOVE PUBLICITY.

Darin Zion’s fists begin to shake while his face glow with an intense red complexion.

Darin Zion:  Then REAL LOVE came barreling out of nowhere to teach you an important lesson, tonight Mr. Ellis.  We both live in a tough world.  And you should know, hungry predators like REAL LOVE don’t sit back and expect people to give them handouts.  So, Darin Zion did something you should THANK HIM for doing.  REAL LOVE taught you TOUGH LOVE.  This tough, vicious love brings out a new intensity.  It shows you that you gotta fight for it.  Darin Zion did it with a HUUUUUGGGE, LOVING HEART.

An exasperated sigh comes out of REAL LOVE’S lungs while he looks down at the ground for a second.

Darin Zion:  But once again, you proved to REAL LOVE what Adam Ellis is capable of doing.  You’re too busy hiding behind your pathetic girlfriend to embrace the teachings REAL LOVE is giving you.  This benevolent heart gave YOU a chance to earn sympathetic love.  Darin Zion gave you a fire that burns in the hearts of everyone to fight better.  But Adam Ellis hid behind someone else’s fighting like a fuckin’ coward.

Pointing to his head, Darin Zion continues to drive his point home to the Chaos viewers.

Darin Zion:  Well at Dead or Alive, Adam Ellis…there’s no more hiding from the inevitable truth.  Darin Zion isn’t gonna play nice.  REAL LOVE’S coming at you with a vengeance, and I’m gonna knock your head off into Section 214.  Ray McAvay won’t save you.  Ginny Weasel-y won’t save you.  And John Sektor certainly can’t and WON’T SAVE your ass from me issuing a dish of TOUGH LOVE to earn himself back his MVW Men’s Heavyweight Championship.

A sinister smile forms over REAL LOVES face as he pauses.  His eyes fix on the camera with a scary, but fierce intensity.  He lets out a sadistic cackle before finishing his point.

Darin Zion:  If Adam Ellis wants to hid behind his MVW friends….REAL LOVE has friends too.  REAL LOVE plays dirty too.  Darin Zion is a sloppy, ruthless bastard ready for fuckin’ gold.  And two can play that game, Ellis.   You can’t stop REAL LOVE from realizing the dream.  REAL LOVE is gonna be the first PWA contracted person to walk out with another promotions top prize.  And there’s nothing you can do to stop THE LOVE CONVOY from spreading LOVE.

Zion slams the microphone into Bare’s chest and picks up his ice pack.  While Zion exits the trainers area, Bare just stands there in complete shock as the scene fades to black.

Destiny Awaits

The camera shifts to show HOW’s hardest working interviewer and the best in the business Blaire Moise. She has her microphone in hand and is standing in front of a large HOW banner here backstage in the American Airlines Center. Blaire straightens her posture and raises the microphone up to her lips.

Blaire Moise: Ladies and gentlemen I have a special guest this evening. He has a chance to become a four time LSD Champion later tonight and possibly more. Please welcome the King of Everything Jace Parker Davidson.

The camera pulls back and Jace walks into the camera range in his ring gear and the OCW Savage Championship belt around his waist. Madison steps into camera range beside him as Jace has his head held down low.

Blaire Moise: You have a big night tonight but first I want to ask you for those here in Dallas and watching at home. What was it like to sign a PWA contract and what does it mean for your career moving forward?

Davidson: Dare I say, it was a game changer, Blaire. I know PWA is the brainchild of Lee Best and others but I feel like deep down I had a hand in making this happen. You had guys like Sektor, Stevens, and Zion go back and forth between HOW and MVW but when I went and signed a contract with OCW?

Jace pants the Championship belt around his waist.

Davidson: When I became the OCW Savage Champion in my second match there. I put eyes on the company. In the past here you were either HOW 4 lyfe or you went and found yourself a Fisher Price company to play in. Now Lee Best has allowed us inmates out of the asylum and we’ve started to spread across this industry. HOW, PRIME, OCW, MVW, sVo, and Shoot Project have all felt the influence of what Lee Best is capable of and the kind of talent he produces. And these six federations are now all together in the same sandbox. So, what does it mean? It means more money in my pocket. It means more Championship belts around my waist. It means more exposure on national television week in and week out. It means I am the pioneer of the vision Lee Best has made a reality and I have a chance to prove that I am the Elite Athlete of PWA.

Blaire Moise: Speaking of OCW, they are having their Truth or Consequences PPV tonight and you’re booked to compete. You will be defending the OCW Savage Championship belt in a steel chair against a familiar opponent.

Davidson: Yeah, I face Amick Dogeron or rather the guy that pretended to be Amick Dogeron for the third time in my OCW career. The Truth or Consequences PPV is an interesting concept because not only do I have to fight this man in a steel cage but there will be roughly eight different OCW wrestlers all surrounding the ring and cage during this match. And any or all of these eight people can come into the match at any given time and interfere at their leisure and it’s perfectly legal. So, I could be potentially looking at a nine against one situation in New Mexico later tonight.

Blaire Moise: Those sound like impossible odds.

Davidson: They do seem that way but nothing is impossible when you’re the King of Everything. And I plan on having a little company with me in the form of some EPU members who are already aboard the private jet and just waiting for us to arrive in New Mexico. And for you Mr. Fake Dogeron…

Jace raises his head and stares into the camera.

Davidson: You better hope that Jatt Starr injures me here tonight. You better pray that all eight of those OCW wrestlers interfere in our match and help you because you’re going to need all the help you can get. You think I’m stretching myself too thin? I think I’m not stretching myself far enough. I am a HOW Hall of Famer, I am a multiple time World Champion, I am SOMEBODY in this industry. Five years away from the business with a neck injury just sitting and thinking about a moment like this. Five years away and I am better than ever inside of that ring. I don’t care if I have to bleed, I don’t care if I have to sacrifice a limb. With PWA history on the line I will NOT allow someone the likes of you to rip this out of my hands.

Jace holds his hands up into the air towards the camera.

Davidson: For weeks I have carried your ass along to become the hottest feud in OCW. I have made you from a nobody into someone relevant just because my name appears next to yours. You have suckled greatness from the teat of an Elite Athlete for the last time. Tonight after I handle Jatt Starr, after I give everyone here in Dallas a show worth their hard earned money. I am flying to New Mexico. I am going to step into that steel cage and I am going to give you every single ounce of energy and venom that my body can possibly produce. As long as there is breath left in this body I will fight you, I will fight Jatt, I will fight the entire OCW roster, and anyone else under the PWA umbrella. People all over the world are tuning into HOW and OCW tonight to see ME. They want to see history made and I will not allow you or anyone else to take my flowers away from me. No matter what happens tonight you will forever be a footnote in the legendary story of Jace Parker Davidson. And when the dust settles, when it’s all over. You will walk up to me, you will shake my hand, and you will say Thank You for making you Bend the Knee. Thank You for making you relevant for two PPV cycles. And Thank You… for letting you live to see another day.

Jace stares into the camera with intensity in his eyes as Blaire speaks up.

Blaire Moise: That’s later tonight but what is your strategy heading into this match against Simon Sparrow?

Davidson: My game plan against JATT STARR is simple. I’m going to come out with both guns blazing. I’m going to put the pressure on him from the opening bell and I’m going to make him react to me and not vice versa. Ideally I would like to end the match as soon as possible but I’m prepared to go the distance tonight if I have to. Jatt Starr has been parading around as Simon Sparrow for far too long. He’s been stockpiling bad decisions after bad decisions. From tossing urine balloons at Michael Lee Best’s office to siding with Conor and Clay during War Games and finally stealing the HOW LSD Championship belt away from STRONK Godson. Unfortunately for Jatt, payment is overdue. Last week was just a taste of what Jatt has coming to him tonight and then again at Dead or Alive. He better find a phone booth here in 2022 and tear off this horrible Simon Sparrow costume and become Jatt Starr again.

Jace lowers his hands to the OCW Savage Championship belt around his waist.

Davidson: Because I am coming to collect what rightfully belongs to The Board. I intend on winning the HOW LSD Championship belt and adding more gold to my glorious physique. Consider this a test, an evaluation of if you have what it takes to survive a match against Tyler Adrian Best. Because the three on one match was just the start. Tonight it continues, and then at Dead or Alive we will see the nail slammed down into the coffin of Simon Sparrow. Tonight Jatt? I’m going to light a fire under your ass in more ways than one.

Jace smirks then turns his head to face Blaire.

Davidson: Now if you’ll excuse me… destiny awaits.

Jace walks past Blaire followed by Madison as he heads towards the gorilla position and we take our final commercial break of the evening.

Head over to OCW immediately after CHAOS for their PPV airing live on HOTv and PWA.TV

The Best Gift

Back from commercial and we see Xander Azula POUNDING on the outside of a door.

A cameraman rushes into position and we see that Azula is relentlessly beating on a door with the GOD of HOW’s name on it.


There is no answer.

Azula continues to pound on the door as if Lee owes him money or something.

“What in the royal fuck are you doing to my door?”

Azula stops his arm in mid motion as he hears the voice of the very man he is looking for behind him.

Xander slowly turns around and he sees the Lee is standing directly in front of him with several EPU agents flanking him left and right.

Azula: I …um…..I wanted……..sorry about your door….I just…

Lee raises his finger up as if he was a shitty graphic over on the McKenna Blue site and Azula stops talking.

Lee Best: Look….I am in a good mood. I feel good…fuck that…I feel STRONKER….and I look fucking good…..right?

Lee, sporting a freshly shaved head and all black outfit minus his 97red tie and PWA button, smiles as he waits for Azula to agree.

Azula: 100%…….I mean 97%…………I mean absolutely……..but Lee.

Lee Best: No buts given here Xander. Look I was going to hit you up later but now that you are IN MY WAY……and since I am a GIVING GOD……since you and Hollywood won earlier tonight…and you both been begging like Keith Sweat for a match…..congrats….you are now in the Tag Team Championship match at Dead or Alive.

Lee adjusts his 97red tinted glasses as Azula takes the news in.

Lee Best: Ok……move?

Azula quickly steps to the side as Lee quickly enters his office with EPU in tow.

As the door shuts behind them we see Azula give a quiet fist pump to himself…..looks around the hallway to make sure no one else seen him….and he heads off to let Hollywood know the good news as we cut away.

#5 Simon Sparrow vs. #7 Jace Parker Davidson

LSD Championship Match

We cut back inside the arena and for the final time we cut to our Hall of Fame ring announcer as it is time for our MAIN EVENT of the evening…

Bryan McVay: This match will be contested under strictly HARDCORE RULES… There will be NO disqualifications and THE ONLY way you can defeat your opponent is by pinning them in the middle of the squared circle….

The lights in the arena dim as smoke begins to build on stage. The words “THE KING HAS RETURNED” echo throughout the building. The fans stand on their feet as the sound of “KINGDOM” by Jaxson Gamble begins to play. The crowd gets a mixed reaction as Jace Parker Davidson makes his way out on stage with the OCW Savage Championship belt around his waist and Madison by his side.

Bryan McVay: And Introducing first from Miami, Florida, weighing in tonight at 253lbs. He is representing The Board, he is the OCW Savage Champion. Here is the King of Everything JACEEEE PARKERRRR DAVIDSONNNNN!!!

Jace soaks in the reaction from the fans here in Dallas as he pats the OCW Savage Championship belt around his waist. Jace begins to hop in place as pyro explodes on both ends of the stage. Jace begins his walk to towards the ring as Madison follows alongside him.

Joe Hoffman: What a week Davidson has had both inside of and outside of the thing. Not only does he have a chance to win the LSD Championship belt tonight but he also has to leave immediately after Chaos is over, jump onto the High Octane Airlines private jet, and make it all the way to New Mexico to compete and defend the OCW Savage Championship belt in a steel cage match. Two matches, two title matches, one night. And this man spent part of the week behind bars after an altercation with his stepfather on the 4th of July.

Jace slides under the bottom rope into the ring as Madison takes her place at ringside. Jace hops to his feet then makes his way over towards the nearest corner. He climbs the turnbuckle and poses for the crowd while mouthing off about adding the LSD Championship belt to his collection here tonight. Jace hops down off of the turnbuckle and begins stretching a bit as he prepares to have his first of two matches here tonight.

Bryan McVay: AAAAAAAND THE CHAMPION! He stands six-feet tall and weighs in at 220 lbs… Hailing from Havre, Montana… He IS your High Octane LSD Champion… SIIIIIIIIIIIIIMON SPAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRROOOOOOOW!

The lights go out and one by one yellow spotlights illuminate the ramp from the ring to the curtain. “Everybody Wants You” by Billy Squier blares across the arena and emerging from the curtain is Sir Simon Sparrow, sporting his red and black plaid pants with matching waistcoat, a Black and Tan fringe leather jacket, and a Stetson Stetson. He’s also wearing cowboy boots with a paint gun in a holster he’s attatched to the LSD Championship somehow. He walks down the ramp winking and pointing at the fans, especially of the attractive female variety, that cheer for him.

Joe Hoffman: This man is a living legend in High Octane Wrestling. Whether as Simon Sparrow, or Jatt Starr, the man ALWAYS delivers.

The Rembrandt of Wrestling, fully embracing the Old West theme, shows off his holster and six shooter paintball gun, mocking a high noon draw. He proceeds to remove his duster and waistcoat and carefully folds it before handing them (holster included) to the Wabid Wabbit. The ring becomes illuminated in a teal light. The HOW Classic walks up the ring steps and middle ropes and enters the ring. Simon Sparrow stands in the middle of the ring, all of the other lights go out save for one yellow spotlight in the middle of the ring where he stands, soaking in the cheers of his fans. The spotlight fades the house lights come up and Sparrow heads towards corner and leans nonchalantly on the turnbuckle waiting for the match to begin.

Joe Hoffman: Simon Sparrow, just after winning the LSD Championship from STRONK Godson, and just weeks before having a huge match with Tyler Best at Dead or Alive. Finds himself here, fighting Jace Parker Davidson, in a hardcore match!


The two Hall of Famers collide in the center of the ring. Sparrow throwing right hands, Jace throwing lefts. Simon stunns Jace with a left handed jab that backs him off, and then stuns him again with another. Jace wobbles and Sparrow pulls back and smacks Jace across the face.


Joe Hoffman: Our champion here is letting Jace Parker Davidson know what he thinks of him.

Jace rubs his cheek, and uses the breathing room Simon has given him to compose himself. THe King of Everything and the LSD Champion once again begin to dance. This time, instead of the Don Frye/Takayama fighting, it was a more measured approach from JPD. Jace comes in carefully, trying to pick the leg of Sparrow, but Simon dances away, keeping his eyes firmly on Jace Parker Davidson.

Joe Hoffman: Jace slowed down the action, and with the long night he has ahead of him, that was a smart call.

Simon continues the pacing, and Jace starts to cut the ring off. When Simon goes left, Jace goes to his right, mirroring Simon’s approach. Jace finally guesses right and locks up with Sparrow, Simon throws a knee into Jace’s midsection neutralizing his much larger opponent. Jace tries to fire back with an elbow but Simon is quick to transition into a headlock while dodging the elbow. Jace fires another which causes Sparrow to loosen the hold, but Simon fires back with a thumb to Jace’s eyes.

Joe Hoffman: Simon isn’t playing fair here tonight. Nor should he be, this is Jace Parker Davidson. One of the most celebrated cheaters and degenerates in the history of professional wrestling.

Simon walks Jace to the ropes, and runs the gouged eye across the top rope for the entire length of the cabling. He throws Jace into the corner and starts laying the boots in. Simon, looks at Hortega for a second, before returning to stomping Jace Parker Davidson. Simon places his foot on the gouged and now rope ran eye of Parker Davidson and drives it in. Even putting his other foot on the middle rope while holding the top rope and using it for leverage.

Joe Hoffman: Simon Sparrow is on a mission tonight!

Sparrow kicks Jace once more for good measure before backing away across the ring. He comes in with a head of steam and drives a knee into Jace Parker Davidson’s face. Simon grins as he pulls Jace up to his feet, he lifts the challenger up to the top rope and joins him standing on the middle rope. Simon fires off right hands onto Jace Parker Davidson’s forehead and then tries to Superplex Jace. JPD manages to kick Simon Sparrow square in the testicles, sending the LSD Champion falling off the middle rope to the canvas. Jace takes a few moments catching his breath, before coming off the middle rope with a measured elbow. Simon manages to get his foot up just in time to catch Jace across the face.


Jace catches it right across the chin and explodes backwards into the corner, sitting on the middle turnbuckle. Simon is back to his feet, walking gingerly while Jace is once again catching his breath. The LSD Champion moves in on Jace with a right hand, but the former World Champion fires back with a right hand of his own, making it to a standing position in the corner. The two start exchanging blows again. There is no back and forth, just right hands being thrown in succession. Simon is throwing at Jace’s eye, Jace is throwing at any part of Sparrow he can see. The two men, exhausted tumble through the middle rope, Simon landing on top of Jace. He’s still punching, but Jace rolls the two of them off of the apron and down to the concrete, this time landing on top of Simon.

Joe Hoffman: Remember what Bryan McVay said earlier, this match MUST finish in the ring. But there’s no countouts or disqualifications and we’ve made it to the outside.

JPD takes the time on top to return the favor to Simon, grabbing his face and raking at his eyes. The LSD Champion grabs his face, and it gives Jace an opening. He drives a knee into Sparrow’s stomach as hard as he possibly can. Then, holding Simon’s arms down, he springs partially up to his feet and lets go of the arms and plants both of his knees into Sparrow’s lower ribs/stomach.

With Sparrow reeling, Jace lifts him up to his feet and irish whips him into the barricade. Jace follows Sparrow into the barricade and smashes Sparrow across the face with a V trigger knee that sends both men spilling into the crowd.


Jace is the first to his feet, grabbing a hold of a fans Highwaymen shirt and using the collar to yank himself up. He smacks the cowboy hat off the man’s head as security surrounds the scene. Jace turns around and back into Sparrow wobbling to his feet. Jace grabs Simon by the head and shoulder, and lifts him up onto his own shoulder. He runs at the barricade then throws Sparrow headfirst into the barricade like a lawn dart.


Jace pulls Sparrow back to his feet, and for the first time since the bell rang we see a smile creep across Jace Parker Davidson’s face. Jace leaves the wobbly Sparrow to barely hold himself up, and goes up against the security guards. He takes a few steps into it and sends Sparrow stumbling and reeling with a Superkick to the mouth. Simon stumbles backwards and falls, but falls onto a group of fans.

Joe Hoffman: The Dallas crowd is getting up close and personal with the stars of High Octane Wrestling tonight!

The fans and mostly security push on the LSD Champion like he’s a crowd surfer and push him back into the center of the circle. Jace Parker Davidson is there waiting and hammers him with a second superkick that plants Simon on the floor. Jace marches over through the carnage and shoves another fan out of their seat to grab their chair. He folds it up and returns to Sparrow.

Joe Hoffman: Jace Parker Davidson is trying to make sure there isn’t anything left of Simon Sparrow to go to Dead or Alive.

He takes a mighty swing with the steel chair at the downed Sparrow but Simon manages to roll out of the way. Simon gets to his feet as Jace tries to send a shot at Sparrow’s midsection but Simon manages to slip behind him and drop him with a german suplex onto the concrete.

Joe Hoffman: AND DOWN GOES JPD! RIGHT ON HIS NECK! That injury took Jace Parker Davidson out of wrestling for YEARS and Simon Sparrow remembers.

The two men lay on the concrete of the arena, their chests heaving. Finally they both begin to stir, both coming to their feet at about the same moment. Simon comes in on a slightly more wobbly Jace and tries for an inverted atomic drop, but Jace manages to jump over Sparrow, sunset flipping him in the process. Sparrow rolls through the flip, takes a step back and comes in at JPD with an attempted penalty kick to the face. Jace manages to get his feet back under him though and grabs Simon around the waist and sending him down to the concrete with an enormous spinebuster.

Joe Hoffman: What a spinebuster by Jace! These two men are going to kill each other out here on the arena floor.

Jace pulls the LSD Champion to his feet, and drags him to the barricade. He sends Sparrow flying into the barricade again. He pulls Sparrow to his feet and smashes his face off of the barricade and leaves Sparrow’s face on it. JPD climbs up onto the barricade, he wobbles for a second before taking a few steps backwards and holding his arms out to the crowd and pointing at Simon.

Joe Hoffman: OH NO! NOT LIKE THIS! If he does what I think, this might be the end of Simon Sparrow.

Jace takes off running a few steps down the barricade and leaps into the air for Bend The Knee. But Sparrow saw it coming.



Simon Sparrow launched himself at Jace mid air, and connected with a beautiful spear, sending both men falling over the barricade back to ringside. JPD is not moving, while Sparrow takes a moment to collect himself. Simon finally pulls himself up using the barricade to help himself up, and rolls Jace Parker Davidson into the ring. He follows his way in, and pins Jace hooking a leg.

Joel Hortega: UNO!

Joel Hortega: DOS!



Joel Hortega: TR—


Jace barely kicks out as Sparrow is absolutely shocked. Simon slams his hands off the ring repeatedly, then looks over at Hortega showing him a three count. Sparrow storms out of the ring, and grabs a steel chair from ringside sliding it and himself back into the ring. Jace is still down on the canvas. Sparrow grabs Jace by the hair and drags him to the and rips the middle turnbuckle off. He slams Jace’s face into it repeatedly.

Joe Hoffman: Simon Sparrow has managed to bust Jace Parker Davidson open, right above that right eye, where he did all that work earlier.

Simon marches over to grab the chair, by the time he comes back Jace has managed to start pulling himself up. Simon jabs JPD in the gut with the chair bringing him back down to sitting in the corner. He places the chair across Jace’s face, then goes to the far corner. He comes running back and smashes Jace’s skull with the chair assisted knee to the face. Simon holds his knee for a moment, before grabbing Jace by the back of the head and pushing him down to the mat. Simon goes for a cover.


Joel Hortega: UNO!

Joel Hortega: DOS!




Joel Hortega: TRE–

Joe Hoffman: JPD kicks out again! THE VERY LAST SECOND! Simon Sparrow was so close to retaining his LSD Championship.

This time Simon doesn’t argue, he just angrily yanks Jace Parker Davidson upto his knees. We can see that Jace’s face is a bloody mess as Simon stomps over to the steel chair, Jace falls forward onto his hands and knees. Simon snaps the chair up out of the corner and storms back to JPD in the center of the ring. He pulls JPD up by his hair. He pulls the chair back above his head.

Joe Hoffman: OH NO!

Simon goes to swing the chair but Jace Parker Davidson delivers an absolutely deflating low blow. Simon instantly falls to his own knees and the two men both fall forward leaning their heads against one anothers to keep them both upright. Simon is in incredible pain while Jace’s eyes are absolutely glassed over. Jace is the first to move out of the position, letting Sparrow fall onto all fours with the chair in front of him. Jace bounces off the ropes and comes forward leaping for the Bend The Knee…

…Simon leaps to his feet and catches Jace with an inverted atomic drop. Simon scampers over to the ropes and jumps up to the top rope in one fluid motion. He leaps, flying off the top rope with a missile drop kick to JPD.

Joe Hoffman: What an incredible match here folks. These two men are delivering like Hall of Famers should.

Simon walks back over to the chair and sets it up in a seated position. He turns around to Jace Parker Davidson and drags him up by the back of the neck. He marches him over above the steel chair. Jace, seeing what was coming, shoves Sparrow away before he can grab the double underhooks. Sparrow turns around and the two exchange right hands again, and again. Finally Jace grabs Simon by the face and slams his head off of the edge of the chair. Simon goes down and Jace snaps the chair shut, he jabs Simon in the forehead with the chair, but doesn’t immediately remove the object. He drives it into Simon’s forehead, making sure to twist on the chair, grinding it into Simon’s forehead.

Joe Hoffman: JPD wants payback for making him bleed! He wants Sparrow to bleed along with him tonight!

JPD sets the chair up and then gets pulled down on top of Sparrow, by Sparrow.

Joe Hoffman: Simon trying to avoid whatever JPD had planned, but it looks like it backfired.

JPD lands on Simon’s chest, and takes the opportunity to start hammering away at Simon’s open wound. Punching at it over and over again. The blood starts to flow from Simon as Jace gets to his feet, he pulls Sparrow up above the chair this time and grabs both underhooks.

Joe Hoffman: Here comes Unscripted Violence onto the chair!

Simon quickly reverses the move on JPD.


But Jace manages to push Simon away violently, Simon comes off the ropes and Jace once again manages to grab double underhooks and puts Simon above the chair. He pulls Simon up, but Simon violently kicks his feet in the air, causing Jace to put Sparrow back down. Sparrow does the exact same reversal, he keeps the underhooks and tries to pull Jace up.

Joe Hoffman: HERE IT COMES!

This time JPD had an ace in the hole himself, and reverses the reverse, while at the same time lifting Sparrow into the air in one fluid motion. He smashes him across the chair with the Paradigm Shift/more Deathrider style DDT.


JPD hooks the leg.

Joel Hortega: UNO!

Joel Hortega: DOS!



Joel Hortega: TRES!


Bryan McVay: Your winner by pinfall in 24 minutes and 27 seconds… and NEEEEEEEEEEEEW LSD CHAMPION! JAAAAAAAAAACE PAAAAAAAAARKER DAAAAAAAAAVIDSON!!!!


Jace gets to his feet, with Hortega shoving the LSD championship into his chest while Madison jumps into the ring shoving the OCW Savage Championship into his chest. Jace lifts both titles above his head as CHAOS 005 fades to black.