High Octane Wrestling
Published: Written by: Darin Zion

HOWrestling.com caught up with Darin Zion regarding the HOW Tag Team Championship match news that broke earlier in regards to Cool Jiles potentially being sidelined with his knee injury.  When HOWrestling.com reached out to Zion for comment; he had the following response to the whole situation:


“I’ve said it before and I will say it again:  I’m not concerned.  Now that The Dying Breed sit on the same page again;  it doesn’t matter if Doozer teams up with 10 Bobby Deans, a cardboard cut out of Dan Ryan, 12 fully functional Jiles or what kind of shenanigans:  we are prepared.  While the Egg Bandits sit wondering which two team members they’re sending to war; we’ve got two fully functional people who’ve known each other for 15 years, who’ve won more championships in and outside of HOW combined.  We knew they’d pull some shit like this.  We came prepared to go to war with the Egg Bandits this week.  I just got off the phone with Noah laying down the plans we have in store for our Main Event match.  They think they’re pulling the wool over our eyes, but they have no idea what The Dying Breed has in store for their asses.  I meant what I said earlier this week:  I will do whatever it takes to win these championships this week.  I knew they would pull the wool over our eyes to try to keep us distracted.  It’s a brilliant game.  It challenges the Dying Breed to step outside the box and think big.  You want to keep playing the guessing game fine.  I invented that shit Bandits.  You want to keep us on our toes, that’s great.  Make us earn those belts you have around your waists.  I welcome the challenge.


But…you want to turn The Dying Breed’s quest for gold into a simple game of Guess Who?  You’re going to find out why I think that’s a Fisher Price move.  You’re going to understand why I’m frustrated that you’re shenanigans disrupt order in HOW.  You think you’re the only people with tricks up your sleeves.  Well, Rotten Eggs…you’re not the only team with tricks up your sleeve.  You’re not the only team trying to play the strategy game with HOW management.   Let’s just say you men have kept your attention too focused on your game to miss some subtle things aligning.  I’m not playing your games, Bandits.  You fight to win this battle or you’re going to lose.  Keep playing Beverly Hill 90201…fondle those eggs you hold tightly, because I’m about to break and change the world around you gentlemen this week.  You won’t be leaving with the HOW Tag Team Championships.  The Dying Breed will!  We will come.  We will see!  We will conquer.”


It looks like a war is brewing between the Egg Bandits and the Dying Breed.  Who will walk out with the HOW Tag Team Championships in our main event this week?  Tune in to Refueled and find out!

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