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  • Refueled VIII Results

    Cold open. No show opening package. No theme song. No ringside with Benny and Joe. Instead, the camera is backstage in the official office of the majority owner of High Octane Wrestling, Michael Lee Best. We know that it’s his office, because a big fucking oil painting of him...
  • Rising Son: I Am The 1%

    Look at me. I’m the captain now.  We may as well just rip the bandaid off, kids, I’m running the ship now. The ink is dry, the paperwork is filed, and I am officially the 51% owner of… everything. Of the company you work for, of the network you...
  • Moveset and Bio Forms

    Just a friendly reminder that both these forms can be found on the forums under the GOD OF HOW’s section. To avoid the click fatigue that many of you would likely suffer here are the links for those that still need to complete. Thank you!