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This interview was taped following Friday Night Chaos 3. High Octane Wrestling’s Backstage Interviewer Cassie Walsh interviewed HOW World Champion Halitosis over the phone while she waited for her flight to board.

Well I love a rainy night.
I love a rainy night
I love to hear the thunder
Watch the lightning
When it lights up the sky
You know it makes me feel good…

…that is, unless you’re stuck in the Detroit Metropolitan Airport waiting for a flight to Chicago that’s been delayed because of the thunder and lightning in the area, then the lyrics of the Eddie Rabbitt classic ‘I Love a Rainy Night’ might not be as appreciated nearly as much.

High Octane Wrestling’s new backstage interviewer Cassie Walsh fidgeted impatiently in her chair while she patiently waited for her flight to board from Detroit for the short puddle jump to Chicago. Walsh had her travel bag in her lap and cell phone in hand. It began to become apparent that the chances of her getting in the air tonight were negligible at best. The problem was a huge storm system passing through the upper Midwest that dropped a boatload of rain -but more problematic – filled the skies with a symphony of bright lightning that made airplane flight a dicey proposition.

Oh, the life of a pro wrestling reporter…Cassie mused in her thoughts, her hand brushing strands of her red hair out of her eyes. She had a quiet night at Friday Night Chaos 3. Beset with technical problems all night long, Cassie found herself with nothing to do. In fact, Brian Bare got the only backstage interview of the show. Brian fucking Bare got the interview this week. What the hell? She still wanted to wring the little weasel’s neck for trying to steal her interview with Halitosis out from under her at Friday Night Chaos 2.

Ah, Halitosis. I think he was going to drive home to his in-laws after the show, Cassie thought to herself. I wonder… Cassie punched in Halitosis’s number on her speed dial and waited as the phone rang.


TA Travel Center
1255 N. Dixie Highway
Monroe, Michigan
Saturday September 28th after Friday Night Chaos 3

Sitting in a booth, head resting back against the top of the seat and trying to keep his eyes open, Halitosis tried to relax as he waited inside the Monroe Travel Center while Mother Nature unleashed holy hell in the form of a torrential rainstorm outside. The downpour dramatically curtailed visibility on Interstate 75 and traffic on I-75 was crazy enough – traffic on I-75 when there’s inclement weather? Forget about it.

Halitosis had decided to pull off the highway at the Dixie Road exit between Detroit and Toledo, Ohio to escape the weather conditions on the open roadway and score a quick snack while riding out the storm. His phone began to ring- he figured his wife Laura probably kept a close watch on the weather and was probably calling him to make sure he found refuge somewhere while the bad weather passed through.

Cassie Walsh”

Now that surprised him. Halitosis hit the green button on his phone.

Halitosis: Cassie?

Cassie Walsh (over the phone): Halitosis!

Halitosis: Hi Cassie. What’s up?

Cassie Walsh: Did I catch you at a bad time?

Halitosis: I was driving to my in-laws tonight when Mother Nature decided to let loose. I’m at a truck stop in Monroe waiting for the gullywasher to end. You?

Cassie Walsh: Stuck at the airport waiting for a flight.

Halitosis: Gotcha. What’s up?

Cassie Walsh: Since I didn’t get a backstage interview tonight, I was hoping you might be able to give me some time here while I wait for my flight.

Halitosis: Yeah, I saw that. I wish I would have known you didn’t get an interview tonight. I would have let you know where I was sitting and you could have interviewed me in the crowd.

Cassie Walsh: Well, I’ve got you right now. Does that work?

Halitosis peeked out the window. He could barely see the lights on the gas pumps outside.

Halitosis: Sure. I don’t think I’m going anywhere for a while. Shoot.

Cassie Walsh: Let’s address the elephant in the room. Cecilworth Farthington being added to the World Title match at Rumble at the Rock.

Halitosis: I’m fine with it.

Cassie Walsh: Why?

Halitosis: He’s been a pretty dominant ICON champion. He probably deserves a title shot.

Cassie Walsh: And he’s defeated Dan Ryan.

Halitosis: Well, yeah…okay, let’s put this whole comparison nonsense to bed – yes, Dan Ryan pinned me twice. That’s been well documented. Yes, Cecilworth Farthington pinned Dan Ryan and finished higher than him – and me – at War Games. Are we in agreement there?

Cassie Walsh: Yes, but-

Halitosis: But let’s keep going. Using that same logic, I pinned John Sektor – the very same guy who not only pinned Cecilworth Farthington during the World Title tournament but then turned around and completely outsmarted him at War Games. Right?

Cassie Walsh: Right.

Halitosis: So what does all of this mean going into our upcoming match at Rumble at the Rock?

Cassie Walsh: I’m not su-

Halitosis: Not one damn thing.

Cassie started to ask another question but Halitosis had something else to add.

Halitosis: It’s not going to mean a damn thing, Cassie. Why? Because what happened in the past doesn’t matter now. It’s meaningless. It’s done. It’s over. It’s in the past. You don’t determine champions by replaying past matches and making random comparisons. You determine champions one way and one way only- inside the ring- wrestler v. wrestler. About a month ago, I was booked to wrestle John Sektor for the title. I won the match and now I am the HOW World Champion. None of the past matches between Dan and myself and Cecilworth mean anything now. What happened at War Games doesn’t mean anything now. The only thing that matters is at Rumble at the Rock, it’s going to be Dan Ryan versus Cecilworth Farthington versus the HOW World Champion Halitosis and we will be wrestling for the HOW World Title.

Cassie Walsh: What do you think about Farthington’s comments on Twitter?

Rolling his eyes at the mere mention of Twitter (he’d learned his lesson about Twitter when he attempted to set up an account and Dawn McGill found out and immediately deleted it), Halitosis took a sip of his bottle of Pepsi he’d purchased from a vending machine.

Halitosis: Well, we’re not wrestling this match on Twitter.

Halitosis can hear Cassie chuckle over the phone.

Cassie Walsh: No. Probably not.

Halitosis: Right. So I really don’t care what Cecilworth posts there and I’m not going to respond to what he says on Twitter.

Cassie Walsh: What about what he said at the show?

He paused to organize his thoughts for a quick second and then continued.

Halitosis: As for what he said at the show tonight, look Cassie, he’s entitled to his opinion. He’s entitled to say whatever he wants to say.

Cassie Walsh: So you don’t hold any credence to what Cecilworth says about the ICON title being the most prestigious title in the company right now?

There’s no hesitation in Halitosis’s voice.

Halitosis: No.

Cassie Walsh: No?

Halitosis: The HOW World Title belt is the top belt in the company. The title lineage speaks for itself and it is unmistakably – without any doubt in the world – the most prestigious belt in High Octane Wrestling. Period.

Cassie Walsh: Why?

Halitosis: Michael Best held the ICON Title five times in his great HOW career. But the reason Mike Best is an ‘Icon’ is because he won the HOW World Title EIGHT times and has the record for the total amount of time he’s spent as the HOW World champion. Jason Parker Davidson is a four time ICON Champion. But the reason he is an icon is because he not only is a three time HOW World Champion but he holds the record for the longest title reign at one hundred and eighty-three days and is tied for the second most title defenses in one reign with five. Tara Michaels Davidson is an icon because not only did she held the World Title for one hundred and thirty-nine days in early 2015, she holds the record for the most title defenses with eight. What’s my point? The point is – the HOW World title belt is THE belt. This belt signifies that the holder has reached the pinnacle of High Octane Wrestling. The ICON belt is nice to have. But as I said earlier tonight, the contender’s for this belt – be it Dan Ryan, Eric Dane, Lindsay Troy, Darin Zion, Brian Hollywood, or John Sektor – is why this belt is hard to win, harder to retain. The competition for this title is light’s out, that damn good from top to bottom.

Halitosis propped his feet up on the chair directly opposite of him just as a flash of lightning close by is followed by the harsh crackle of thunder.

Cassie Walsh: Okay. What about Dan Ryan?

Halitosis took another drink from his Pepsi.

Halitosis: Cassie, everything about Dan Ryan is about the business- he is all business. Everything about him is doing everything in his power to win the match. He is about winning the gold and he will do anything to win the gold. All he asks in return from you is a fight- and I plan on giving him exactly that. You know when you go up against Dan Ryan what you are getting yourself into. You know he’s liable to attack you at any time and any place inside – and outside – the arena. You know if you make one little mistake – like I did in the match I had against him last month, you will find yourself on the receiving end of a Humility Bomb. My job at Rumble at the Rock on October the twelve is to be all business – to do everything in MY power to retain the belt. It will take balance – concentration and focus – trusting my instincts – paying attention to detail. Oh, and I promise Dan and Cecilworth this much, you will get the fight of my life. I may not win the match, but you’re going to have to pry this belt from my hands.

There’s a flurry of activity inside the airport that Halitosis can clearly hear through his phone.

Cassie Walsh: Hey. They are actually going to board the plane so I have to go.

Halitosis: Yep. It looks like the rain is finally starting to let up a little.

Cassie Walsh: Thank you for your time.

Halitosis: Anytime Cassie, anytime.

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