High Octane Wrestling
Published: Written by: Brian Hollywood

Hollywood Enterprises

July 20, 2019


Hollywood looks at the window of his office as he begins to contemplate the future.  He was definitely in a precarious situation no matter how he looked at it.  Each path he took, no matter which road he went down, meant troubling times ahead.  However, there wasn’t anything Hollywood couldn’t handle…nor a situation he couldn’t get himself out of.


Brian Hollywood: “No matter which road I take, I jeopardize the other.  Regardless, though, this is far too important to pass up.  You and I are winning those HOW Tag Team Championships..no matter what the cost!”


Jace Savage: “You really think so?  I mean, it’s been a good few years since we fought for any form of Tag Team Championships.  I must bring up one thing, though.


Brian Hollywood: “And what would that be?”


Jace Savage: “Now, don’t take this the wrong way…but I want to win those Tag Team Championships more than anybody on this roster.  I want to prove we are still the premiere tag team in the world..no matter where we go.”


Hollywood looks at Jace knowing full well there’s more to come.  Hollywood gestures towards a paused Jace as he awaits the reasoning from Jace.


Brian Hollywood: “Well?  I feel like there’s a but coming here..”


Jace nods his head in agreement.  He just didn’t know how to go about talking to Hollywood about it.  The two were good friends, yes, but Jace knew how much HOW meant to Hollywood.  He also knew how much his company meant to him as well.  This wasn’t going to be easy to say.  No matter how he put it.


Jace Savage: “But…you’re right.  I feel like you’ve got a good thing going here at Hollywood Enterprises.  I’ve seen it at its best of times…and I’ve also seen it at its not so best of times.  These guys here…your friends..they admire you.  They admire who you are.  They’ve been there with you through a lot of bullshit.  I know I just met them..their all a nice bunch of people.  Sigh…my point is you’ve got people who know they can depend on you.  You know you’ve got an amazing bunch of people.  I didn’t have the luxury of that.  Not until I got the pleasure myself of getting to know you.  I just feel like we should tell them the truth, you know?  I think they deserve that much.  And I know they will understand…you’ve just got to give them that chance!”


Hollywood’s eyebrow raises in intrigue.  I think for the first time in a long time…Hollywood had that guiding voice of reason.  He hated to admit it…but Jace coming to HOW was no accident.  It was, after all, Hollywood’s plan in the first place.  Hollywood smiles as he realizes his plan may have been better than he thought it was.  Hollywood pats Jace on the shoulder as Jace lets out a relief…thinking he finally got through to Hollywood.  Hollywood’s smile slowly vanishes, though, as paranoia returns as Jace looks on in horror.


Brian Hollywood: “Don’t you get it, though, Jace?!  That’s exactly my point of what the problem is!  Look, I know you mean well…but let me do the thinking, alright?!  You know how much Hollywood Enterprises means to me…at least that’s what you said.  If you mean that…then you know what I’m doing is the right choice for ALL of us!  But you see…I’ve known The Chair longer than anyone here…including yourself.  I feel like I finally know the guy…or at least…the weird thing is…I think I know him.  I know it’s strange to understand..but I know what the guy is capable of.  He’s willing to bring down my entire company down along with me with it if he gets the right chance.  That’s something that I cannot risk him doing…even if it’s at the benefit of lying to everyone close to me.  I brought you in to help keep my secret of my wrestling life.  I did it because I know that I can count on you.  You’ve had your rough moments and I was there for you through it all.  Now I need you to return the favor for me.  At least until this is all finally over with.  Can you do that?”


There is a pause as Jace looks on at a man who might have finally gotten lost within himself.  For the first time, it felt like it was only Hollywood that was protecting everything at its core.  It wasn’t only about Hollywood and Jace.  Not this time.  This time….it was more and but Jace wasn’t ready to give up just yet.  He knew Hollywood was in a war…but he was here to help that cause.  After all, that’s why Hollywood called him in and he was going to honor that call…regardless of how he felt about the situation with the rest of Hollywood’s core friends in the company.  Jace looks at Hollywood and firmly nods his head.


Jace Savage: “Alright brother…you can count on me!  Let’s do this!”


Brian Hollywood: “That’s what I like to hear!  Now we ride into battle at War Games…take those HOW Tag Team Championships and then we can figure out what to do next here.  I know the other guys will to wait until I get back.  They couldn’t possibly understand what’s at stake here.  The last thing they would ever understand is that I’m a pro-wrestler.  That’s something they will get lost trying to understand.  But at any rate, lets get out of here.  I’ve got my private jet waiting for us to take us to Tampa.  The guys here will be just fine without me.”


The camera slowly pans towards the door as it is discovered someone has been listening this entire time right outside the door.  That person is taken back by anger and hatred and clearly frustrated as they felt Hollywood betrayed them.  That man?  None other than one of Hollywood’s closest friends….





War Games is nearly upon us.  I fought hard to even get on this fucking card in the first place!  That’s not how it should have started!  I should have been in the main event of war games fighting for the HOW World Championship.  But this is where my next path took me.  It’s all because I gave Lee Best a choice.  It was a choice he obviously chose wrong on.


Funny…it seems that Lee has been making all the WRONG choices…after choices after choices again.  What’s happened to the man anyways?  Doesn’t he know this stupid bet with his son, Mike, is going to backfire in his fucking face?  I mean, I’m trying to understand all this but I simply can’t explain the actions of a dumbass.  I just don’t speak that language!  No, Lee made his own grave and now he’s going to sleep in it.  Not only will the Empire win…I’m actually FORECASTING it!  Then Mike will have what he’s always wanted.  HOW for himself.  Sure, that’s all fine and dandy, but at least I’m not the idiot here who missed that information.  No, I’m the ONLY one here who can correctly predict that outcome…a mile fucking away.


I’m supposed to be talking about my war games tag team championship match…but I’m actually not going to do that at the moment.  What?  I got into the match didn’t I?  Why shouldn’t I be talking about it and my opponents?  Well it’s simple….I DON’T GIVE A FUCK!


I don’t give a fucking fuck about anyone in this god damn match!  Honestly?  I don’t really care who wins the Tag Team Championships.  I mean, kuddos if Jace and I actually manage to do it…but that’s not what my point was in the first place.  I told you….ALL of you that I was getting onto war games…one way or another.  I did, didn’t I?  So now that I’m here…why don’t I care about the match itself?  Well let me let you all in on a little secret of mine.  The plan wasn’t to get onto the card at all.  What, confused?  You should be.  I expected you all to be.  I got myself on the card because I had the POWER to do it all along!  Lee just granted me easy access to it is all.  No..I got under Lee’s skin and he knew he had NO other choice but to put me in the tag title match.  I know Lee is under a lot of pressure right now…I mean, I would be too if I made the stupidest bet in all of HOW history.  But I digress.


I know I will get a lot of flack for this…but I just don’t give a fuck anymore.  No…this problem goes BEYOND this tag team match.  It goes BEYOND all of HOW as a whole.  It’s the system and who runs it is the problem.  Like I said…getting myself on this card was the easy part…could have done it with my eyes closed.  I just know how to press Lee’s buttons is all.  I mean…I could do that with anybody…when I know their weakness.  I told you all that everyone has a weakness.  It just has to be exposed correctly.  Well even in that simple reason…Lee is distracted by this stupid bet he made.  He put a bunch of HOW NOBODYS in his match in his precious alliance.  Well that’s only the beginning.  It’s like he knows he’s going to lose…or is that really the reason all along?


Honestly…after War Games…it’s not going to matter anymore.  Because I have yet to reveal my biggest plans.  Winning the Tag Titles?  Well that would be an awesome plan.  But let me just tell you all this much…just look within the match…maybe I already won them!


Heh…I guess you’ll all have to find out shortly.  And I mean FUCKING SHORTLY.  A war is coming…but it won’t be war games…it’s going to be FAR WORSE!  Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you…

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