High Octane Wrestling
Published: Written by: Brian Hollywood

Hollywood Enterprises

July 20, 2019


The scene opens up inside the office of Brian Hollywood as Julia Winfield, Niles Omega and Gerald Reeves have been waiting for Hollywood’s arrival.  However, their patience starts to where thin as it’s been nearly forty five minutes since they were to meet Hollywood and Hollywood still hasn’t shown up.


Niles looks at his watch and shakes his head as it wasn’t like Hollywood to be late…especially to his own meeting.


Niles Omega: “Where the hell is he?!  Doesn’t he know we all have things we need to do today, still?”


Julia Winfield: “I have noticed Mr. Hollywood hasn’t seemed to be himself lately.  I thought it was just me, but apparently I’m not the only one who feels like this.”


Gerald shakes his head as he looks at his watch.  Gerald has had a pretty good idea about Hollywood for quite some time, but what he wasn’t sure of, was to tell the others his thought process.  He didn’t need the wrong information getting out and Gerald knew all about that information and how powerful it could be in the wrong hands.


Gerald Reeves: “I will say this…he definitely hasn’t been himself.  I’ve been trying to figure out what could possibly be more important that taking down The Chair and finding out his true identity.  Hollywood has been obsessed with this…but it seems that his matters these days…seem to be more important than the looming threat of The Chair.”


Niles eyebrow raises up as if he seemed surprised to hear Gerald say that.  He doesn’t really think about what he’s gong to say next, and instead, stands up for his friend.


Niles Omega: “Oh come on bro, we’re all Hollywood’s friends here and we all care about him greatly.  Why would he go behind our backs like this?  We all want to take down the Chair but I know Hollywood more than that…surely he would talk to us about it.”


Gerald smiles as he knows Niles loyalty to Hollywood is true sincere.  However, Gerald was a guy who thought about things beyond friendships and relationships.  After all, it was Gerald to begin with that didn’t buy Hollywood’s story.  There were too many holes and Gerald knew Hollywood’s history.  He may have been smart enough to lie to everyone else…but not Gerald.


Gerald Reeves: “I appreciate your optimism when it comes to Hollywood, Niles.  But I also know there has been movement within The Chair’s organization.  He’s been waiting for his exact moment to deal a decisive blow…and I feel likw whatever Hollywood is hiding could be the moment when The Chair strikes.  I’m not about to sit around and let that happen.  If Hollywood wants to come clean and include us in this plan of his…than that’s up to him.  But he’s got to act fast about what he wants to do. I’m tired of waiting on the sidelines with no actual proof that this whole operation has been nothing but cannon fodder.  So you all let me know how this meeting goes…I’ve got work to do.”


Niles and Julia don’t say anything as Gerald starts to head towards the door.  As he’s about to open the door, the door is opened on the other side and in walks Brian Hollywood and Jace Savage.  Savage was recently hired onto Hollywood’s staff and is going to be a close advisor within the company.  Jace has a similar role to the rest of the core people in Hollywood’s business with Julia, Niles and Gerald.  Gerald and Hollywood lock eyes before Hollywood scratches his head wondering why the three members of his team are in his office.


Brian Hollywood: “Gerald? Niles?  Julia?”


Hollywood lets out a small smirk as the others remain silent.


Brian Hollywood: “What are you guys doing here?  I thought our meeting wasn’t until tomorrow?”


Gerald sighs as he shakes his head..almost confirming to the others that something else was on Hollywood’s mind.  Julia looks down towards the ground as Niles looks at Hollywood intently.  Hollywood turns and looks at Jace, who is obviously the only one who knows about Hollywood’s other plans.  Hollywood gives Jace a look as Jace is easily able to decipher Hollywood’s thought without having to say a word.


Jace Savage: “I was under the impression our meeting was tomorrow as well.”


Jace looks at the rest of the crew and shrugs his shoulders, trying to reinforce the message being misunderstood to Hollywood’s approval.  Things are a bit awkward now as the room is silent for a good few moments.  Julia and Niles don’t say anything else, but Gerald does.


Gerald Reeves: “Look, I don’t know why the others are buying this little charade of yours…but you forget what else I do, Brian.  Now would you care to tell them?  Or should I?”


Hollywood looks at Gerald with a shocked look on his face.  Surely he thought Gerald couldn’t have figured out what he was up to on the side.  Hollywood knew Gerald was suspicious, but he never thought Gerald figured out the real reason of Hollywood’s all but promptness.  Hollywood extends his hand out towards Niles and Julia almost playing a gambling game with Gerald.  It was risky…but Hollywood was in a risky mood. 


Brian Hollywood: “Please…by all means Gerald.  If you think there’s something else going on here, perhaps you will be kind enough to explain it to ALL of us!”


Now Hollywood was going all in on Gerald’s little scheme of the great bluffing game.  Hollywood was great at the game…he was also a risk taker who wasn’t afraid to bluff when it mattered.  There is another pause before Gerald looks at Hollywood and shakes his head in disbelief.


Gerald Reeves: “Heh.  Well played, Brian!  But you and I both know there IS something else going on here and the truth is going to come out…one way or another.  I just figured it would be easier for you to come out and talk about it out in the open right now instead of when I find out…because either way…the choices we make…it’s important to know they define all of us.  So until that day….good day Mr. Hollywood!  I’ve got some important matters to intend to that definitely NEED my attention!  I just hope you know…the enemy knows how to use our secrets against each other…and you better hope The Chair doesn’t discover yours…because if he does…we could all be walking on very thin ice.  Just remember….no matter what it is, or how hard you try to cover it up…the truth ALWAYS has a way of coming out.  I just hope it’s under the right circumstances!”


Gerald doesn’t say anything else as he walks out of Hollywood’s office clearly upset.  He doesn’t bother to close the door behind him as Niles Omega and Julia Winfield sigh and walk right past Hollywood without saying a word as they try to figure out what Gerald’s little speech meant and how it effected them.  The three are clearly gone now as Jace looks down the hallway watching them leave until they are completely out of sight.


Brian Hollywood: “You can close the door now, Jace.”


Hollywood knew they were long gone and didn’t have to worry about where they were heading.  Jace shuts the door behind him as Hollywood takes a seat behind his desk, which was right by the window.  The Los Angeles city skyline is clearly visible behind Hollywood as Hollywood starts to stroke his chin.  Jace comes back towards Hollywood and sits down across from him.  There is a moment of silence as Hollywood is seen contemplating everything that has happened today.  Jace, though, breaks the silence as his conscience is speaking to him.


Jace Savage: “Look brother, you know I’m a hundred percent on board with our plan.  I mean, you did help me get back on my feet…again…after I got out of jail.  However, if there’s one thing that you should clearly value above everything else is friendship.  I mean, look at us?  We trust each other with our darkest secrets and at the same time, it makes us stronger.  Now let me give you a piece of advice in return for what you’ve already done for me…”


I’m where I’m at because of you. I relied on our friendship to help me through my tough times and it worked.  Now I’m wondering, can we do the same with you, here?”


Hollywood looks up at Jace and raises his eyebrow.  Hollywood was definitely curious, but he was also cautious at the same time.


Brian Hollywood: “Tread carefully, my friend!”


Jace puts his hand up in the air and re-illiterates what he meant.


Jace Savage: “Now hold on a second.  Let me explain what I’m talking about.  I told you everything I was going through when you came back and helped me out with my problems.  You were the first person I called.  I told you everything, the truth, everything.  You want to know what you did next?  You were there being the only friend who cared and did what good friends are supposed to do.  You helped me get back on my feet…all because I told you the truth of what was happening.  What makes you think we can’t do that this time?  I know this secret of yours is far more delicate than mine…but what’s the harm in trying?”


Hollywood sighs as he rubs his forehead with his hand.


Brian Hollywood: “I know you mean well, brother.  But the difference here is there’s a lot on the line with this company and myself.  Everything I’ve been through with The Chair, has its own consequences and outcomes.  The Chair ALWAYS finds a way to expose things to effect the outcome where it favors himself.  The problem around here is the more people know…the more dangerous things get for everyone around me and for Hollywood Enterprises.  Believe me…The Chair ALWAYS finds a way to find everything out.  He knew a lot about me and my company before I even knew he existed.  That’s dangerous intel to have and it’s dangerous to know a man like that has power at his disposal.  In our case here…we have to be careful what we say.”


Hollywood shifts the conversation briefly…even though he knew Jace was right.  Jace was sincere but Hollywood knew The Chair and all his friends better than they knew themselves.  There was only one thing that was going to take it off his mind at the present…


War Games.


Brian Hollywood: “Right now, though, our focus needs to be on War Games.  We’re going to win those HOW Tag Team Championships my friend, and we’re going to implement as much punishment as we possibly can!  After we win the HOW Tag Team Championships, we can start to worry about the problems here.  But until then…it’s all War Games.”


Jace nods his head slowly as he knew Hollywood was right.  It was always about War Games and it was all about winning the Tag Team Championships that was important for Jace.


Jace Savage: “Well…we’ve got our work cut out for us this week.  With all the other teams in the match…like LOD, The Egg Bandits, Scott Stevens and Jonny O Dell…Darin Zion and Noah Hanson and Crash and Bobby Dean…we’re going to have to remain focused as all hell and make sure we secure those championships more than anything else.”


Hollywood smiles at Jace and nods his head in agreement.  However…with Hollywood…there was also something else at work.  That is ALWAYS the case with Hollywood..


Brian Hollywood: “It’s ok my friend.  I’ve already got a plan.  Win or lose this match…the main plot shall reveal itself.  Trust me…everything will work out perfectly.”


Jace looked confused but smiled anyways.  He never doubted Hollywood’s plans because they always found a way to work out…however Hollywood wanted them to.  Hollywood and Jace smile and share some more laughs before the scene fades to black..



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