High Octane Wrestling
Published: Written by: James Ranger

Now Arriving in O’Hare International

The announcement trails off, slowly being reduced to a whisper as hundreds of footsteps take its place, attendants talking to customers looking to board their next flights.

“I cannot grasp why i have immediately jumped on this shindig.”

James grumbles as he grabs his sports bag. He didn’t plan on packing heavy for the events to follow. The clothing he wore would suffice til he could go shopping for the area.

“Yet here I am. Enticed by the letter of invitation to the wildest section of the business I love and dread. Taking my first steps back into HOW in years, yet my desire to win is present. However, there might be many I have seen before, crossed paths in the ring, there are new faces and I look more forward to facing them the likes of others…”

He trails off as he visibly looks pained as resisted the urge to touch his eyepatch. More visible is the feral look of anger and disgust as tries to take a deep breath.

“Let me get to my ride first, I have many answers to provide, but right now lemme go show some support for a company that took care of me. ”

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