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Accident at Alcatraz!

Troy declared Psychic!

The cruise ship hosting the Max Kael Presents The End Of How World Tour Cruise has collided with Alcatraz Island damaging part of the docks and spreading debris across the bay! The docks were still functional including a large Shark Cage that had been hauled to the island earlier.


While the crew and few guests left on the ship were evacuated there was no sign of Max Kael at the time of this reporting but we will keep High Octane Wrestling up to date with the status of the demented Hall of Famer.


At present time Max Kael is still expected to show up for his LSD Title Shot Rumble at the Rock Prison Yard Fight involving “High Flyer” Jack Harmen, Evan Ward and LSD Champion MJF.

Roleplay Countdown


  • Nearing the End

    The ship had struck part of the docks along the side of Alcatraz Island scattering debris in all directions while sending an echoing crashing noise across the bay. Jagged...
  • The Beginning of the End

    “Listen I wouldn’t have had you flown all the way out to the Max Kael Present’s The End of HOW World Tour Cruise if it wasn’t for a good...
  • Haiku ku kachu

    The calming notes of the Shakuhachi, a Japanese flute, carried through the thick clouds of steam that rose from the natural hot spring. As fall waned through the trees...
  • Stop.

    “Kobashi?”   A bloodied man stirred beneath a flickering light, long shadows covered the walls of his holding cell. His eye strained as he looked toward the sound of...