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Published: Written by: Scottywood

Ladies and Gentlemen, HOWrestling.com has received an exclusive video response from Scott Stevens. We haven’t heard from the former World champion since he was forced to accept Scottywood’s challenge for Rumble at the Rock. Scotty got the response he wanted when he tricked the Texan into coming to Chaos and while he broke into his house and threatened to shove a piece of barbed wire onto Lisa Barbosa-Stevens’ head just like he did to his father in what has become known as the Texarkana Massacre.

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White noise is heard for a few seconds before the image comes in distorted. As the image begins to focus we see former HOW Grand Slam Champion, Scott Stevens, sitting behind a wooden desk with his head down as he appears to be messing with something in his hands. Stevens doesn’t look up when he begins to speak.

Scott Stevens: Scott Woodson is many things.

Stevens says still fidgeting with whatever is in his hands.

Scott Stevens: He’s a champion, and a Hall of Famer.

Stevens says with a nod.

Scott Stevens: And like most people that have come through HOW he has many vices…..obsessions if you will.

Stevens says as his eyes slowly raise towards the camera.

Scott Stevens: And Scotty’s three main obsessions are the LSD championship.

Stevens says as he looks down at the desk once more.

Scott Stevens: Myself, and this…….

Stevens says as he slowly raises the thing he was playing with and reveals it to be a rounded piece of barbed wire.

Scott Stevens: Barbed wire.

Stevens says sternly.

Scott Stevens: The same piece of barbed wire you left as a momento for my wife, and a message to me.

Stevens says as the tone in his voice becomes slowly filled with anger.

Scott Stevens: Scotty, when I turned you down the first time it was because I had personal things I had to attend to that I couldn’t avoid, and you took it as a personal shot. 

Stevens says shaking his head.

Scott Stevens: You can take it however you want, but you and I both know you didn’t ever consider retirement until you failed to get out of Silent Witness’ shadow by winning your sixth LSD championship.

Stevens says as he moves the piece of barbed wire around and it slowly glisences in the light.

Scott Stevens: Then you tried to bait me by attacking my family in Texarkana, but I once again turned you down because my family doesn’t need me to fight their battles for them and again I didn’t have time for you or HOW.

Stevens says as he slowly tightens his grip on the barbed wire and looks dead into the camera.

Scott Stevens: And then you crossed a line that never should’ve been crossed.

Stevens says as he shakes his head.

Scott Stevens: You came to my home……MY HOME!

Stevens shouts as he slams his fist onto the wooden desk. The Texan takes a moment to collect himself before continuing.

Scott Stevens: I know what you’re going to say and that she’s a wrestler and has wrestled men and she can take care of herself.

Stevens says shaking his head.

Scott Stevens: My wife isn’t a contracted HOW employee and my house isn’t a fucking HOW ring so you doing what you did should’ve never happened……..

Stevens says before stopping himself.

Scott Stevens: Scotty, just be glad my kids weren’t home because if you laid a hand on them I would’ve made you watch as I skinned yours alive.

Stevens promises as he stares into the camera.

Scott Stevens: However, you got what you wanted. You got me in a match at Rumble at the Rock.

Stevens says as he slowly claps.

Scott Stevens: And it doesn’t matter if it’s a Pushup Contest, inside The Battle Dome, or whatever stipulation you come up with because the result will be the same and that result will be me fucking killing you!

Stevens says as he points towards the camera.

Scott Stevens: You see Scotty, I have an obsession to.

Stevens informs as he slowly leans back in his chair.

Scott Stevens: I’m obsessed with baseball.

Stevens says as his hand disappears out of sight.

Scott Stevens: Mainly, I’m obsessed with baseball bats….I collect them.

Stevens says as he brings the handle of a bat into view.

Scott Stevens: Louisville Sluggers are my favorite you see.

Stevens says as he slowly leans in forward in his chair.

Scott Stevens: However, just a bat won’t do.

Stevens says as he places the full Louisville Slugger into view and the baseball bat is also wrapped in barbed wire.

Scott Stevens: Sometimes you have to take it up a notch to send a point.

Stevens says as he lifts up the bat.

Scott Stevens: Scotty, you wanted the real Scott Stevens. You wanted The Scorpion. You wanted the man that can beat anyone and everyone. You wanted to face the man that has beaten every HOW Hall of Famer and Champion put in his path and at Rumble at the Rock he’s going to fucking murder you!

Stevens says sternly.

Scott Stevens: At Rumble at the Rock there is no Lee Best or Tara Davidson to get in our way from finishing this once and for all.

Stevens says as he slowly shakes his head.

Scott Stevens: At Alcatraz I’m going to finish what Chris Diamond started and what Eric Dane scrambled when I bash you brains in with my friend here.

Stevens says as he looks at the baseball bat before slowly rising from his chair and making his way towards the camera.

Scott Stevens: And it will go something like this…..

Stevens says as he swings at the camera with the bat and the image goes dark.

End of video.

Stay tuned to this story and more at HOWrestling.com.

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