War Games News and Notes
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War Games News and Notes

Some high level news and notes post War Games (Full breakdown of the match coming this Saturday on a special High Octane Radio show at 6pm CST):

  • Christopher America is your new World Champion after being the lone survivor
  • Evan Ward is your new LSD Champion after finishing 2nd
  • Michael Lee Best remains your HOFC Champion and must now defend the belt moving forward
  • Shane Reynolds is your new ICON Champion after finishing 4th (Commentary by Lee during the match is key here for the why)
  • John Sektor remains your HOTv Champion after narrowly finishing ahead of TRENT for 5th place

All five Championships will be defended at our next PPV…..In GOD’s House.

There will be more news later today to discuss the health of the roster post event along with the first card of the next Chaos.