BREAKING NEWS:  New Name Added to War Games
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BREAKING NEWS: New Name Added to War Games

Former HOW wrestler and career underachiever Warrick Hill has agreed to a contract with High Octane Wrestling to ensure his employment through the remainder of 2024.

Unfamiliar with Hill? Don’t worry. Most people are. His talent far outweighs his ambition.

He joined HOW back in 2020 and competed in the LBI tournament. In his debut, he defeated HOW Hall of Famer, Max Kael. In doing so, he took the top spot in the DeNucci division.

Warrick would increase his lead by defeating Austin Reeves in his second match. A win that seemed to clinch the career nomad’s division.

However, Warrick did what Warrick does. He’d go on to self-destruct and receive an abrupt termination from the company effectively ruining his chances at fulfilling his ‘potential’.

He’s remained mostly off the pro wrestling radar ever since.

Until now.

Lee Best, a man who puts business above everything else, has decided to give Hill one last shot at realizing his ‘potential’ by opening HOW’s door to the perennial disappointment one last time.

The GOD of HOW isn’t wasting any time finding out whether this investment will be worth the paper it’s written on as Warrick is set to return at War Games in Edinburgh on June 23rd.

We all live on borrowed time. The opportunities to achieve our goals and dreams decrease by the day.

It’s last call for Warrick Hill. Will he make the most of it or self-destruct once again?

Let’s see what happens on June 23rd.

Don’t miss War Games! LIVE from Edinburgh, Scotland on Sunday, June 23rd!