BREAKING: Major injury to main event talent
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BREAKING: Major injury to main event talent

Breaking News on the morning following the Final War Games, as staff is informed of a serious injury to now former World Champion and Hall of Famer, Michael Lee Best.

Best, who entered the match at position number two alongside opposing captain Evan Ward, survived nearly the entire match, finishing third only after being eliminated by Ward himself. Despite his longevity in the match, however, the Son of God achieved very little during his time in the ring. In uncharacteristic fashion, he scored only two eliminations for the entire match, and seemingly stayed on the sidelines for a majority of the melee.

Sources from Michael’s camp this morning confirmed that he had suffered an injury early in the match, and was was focused on simply surviving on a night in which more than one HOW Hall of Famer would meet an unfortunate end. The injury is confirmed to be a broken arm, with no estimated time table set for when the former champion will be medically cleared to wrestle again. Which arm was injured? Well, Michael was happy to tell us himself.

“I don’t know yet.” Michael told staff. “Could be either of them.”

More updates as we have them.