The Machine: We Got an Extra Jacket
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The Machine: We Got an Extra Jacket

Following the harrowing incident during Chaos 064 at the Best Arena in Chicago, Teddy Palmer is under intensive medical care at Northwestern Hospital. After being subjected to two brutal applications of the Sektor Stretch by his stablemate John Sektor, Palmer was left unresponsive in the ring, leading to immediate medical intervention.

Upon initial examination, medics feared severe neck trauma. Palmer was immobilized and transported to Northwestern Hospital for further evaluation. Preliminary reports from the hospital indicate that Palmer sustained a serious neck injury, including probable fractures. Detailed imaging and tests are ongoing to assess the full extent of the damage.

Palmer is currently in stable but critical condition and remains under close observation in the ICU. Doctors are cautiously optimistic about his recovery, though they stress the importance of a thorough evaluation to determine the exact nature of his injuries. Updates will be provided as more information becomes available.

Lee Best provided the following statement:

“Palmer fucked around and found out and now we got an extra jacket. That is all”