The Machine: Titles and Captains
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The Machine: Titles and Captains

Chicago, IL – [Date] – High Octane Wrestling (HOW) is thrilled to announce a highly anticipated match where current LSD Champion Drew Mitchell will defend his title against the formidable Evan Ward this Friday at Chaos 065. This clash will not only determine the next LSD Champion but also appoint the second War Games captain, joining Michael Lee Best, who secured his spot after defending the World Championship against Silent Witness at Chaos 064.

Drew Mitchell, renowned for his unyielding spirit and relentless pursuit of excellence, captured the LSD Championship at March to Glory when he eliminated Evan Ward by tossing him off the top of a steel cage and thru a table on the outside. His first one on one title defense promises to be a significant test of his prowess as he faces the man looking for revenge for March to Glory…. Evan Ward. Mitchell’s journey to the top has been marked by determination, and fans eagerly await to see if he can maintain his reign.

In addition to the championship, the winner will be named the second War Games captain. Michael Lee Best set a high bar by securing his captaincy after a hard-fought victory at Chaos 064 versus fellow Hall of Famer Silent Witness. War Games, notorious for its brutal and unforgiving nature, requires leaders who can inspire and strategize under pressure. The upcoming match will determine who will stand alongside Best as a Captain in this high-stakes event.

High Octane Wrestling invites fans and media to witness this explosive encounter, promising a night of unforgettable action. The LSD Championship and the honor of leading a team into War Games are on the line, ensuring an intense and dramatic showdown.