Running it Back
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Running it Back

High Octane Wrestling enthusiasts are set for an electrifying rematch as Silent Witness is slated to challenge Mike Best once again for the HOW World Championship. The highly anticipated rematch will take place on May 17th at Chaos 064, hosted in The Best Arena, the iconic venue in Chicago, IL. Built by the Father of the World Champion and of HOW, Lee Best, and the home of High Octane Wrestling, The Best Arena sets the perfect stage for this monumental clash.

A Chance for Redemption in the Heart of HOW

Following a contentious double pinfall in their previous encounter, which saw Mike Best retain his title under dramatic circumstances, The GOD of HOW has green-lit a rematch. The decision comes amidst growing anticipation and demand from fans for a decisive battle. Silent Witness, determined to claim the championship, sees this match as the perfect opportunity to topple the reigning champion in a venue steeped in HOW legacy.

Champion Mike Best: Ready to Defend His Title

Champion Mike Best, known for his formidable presence and competitive prowess, is preparing to defend his title once more. The Best Arena, a symbol of his family’s deep roots in professional wrestling, provides a fitting backdrop for Best to showcase why he remains on the top of the mountain here in High Octane Wrestling. He aims to reaffirm his dominance and continue his championship reign in the house that his father built.

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