No Mitchell vs. Ellis Match Last Night-Ray McAvay Makes Statement re: HOW v PRIME
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No Mitchell vs. Ellis Match Last Night-Ray McAvay Makes Statement re: HOW v PRIME

Blaire Moise reports that the hastily booked match between current HOW LSD Champion Drew Mitchell and PRIME’s Adam Ellis (former HOW Tag Team Champion) did not take place as scheduled on last night’s MVW Wrestling Night in the Heartland show .

Mitchell came to the ring accompanied by Sunny O’Callahan who is also the manager of  (former HOTv Tag Team Champions) R.G. Jenkins and Mark Hendry aka The Alabama Gang

Ellis walked to the ring with his wife Ginny Van Lear and Dawn McGill (former HOW LSD Champion). McGill spent the segment lounging in a chair while three cabana boys tended to her every need.

Mitchell immediately confronted Ellis. Words were exchanged.  Mitchell shoved Ellis.  Ellis shoved Mitchell back.  Things escalated.  And then Ginny pulled out a shotgun.

That brought out MVW majority owner Ray McAvay (former HOW World, ICON, LSD, and Tag Team Champion) and minority owner Joe Bergman (former 2x HOW World Champion as Halitosis, Tag Team Champion, and HOTv Champion as Joe Bergman) to put a stop to what was happening.  McAvay said this: “I realize there’s some real bad blood between HOW and PRIME right now but let me make this clear… …I am totally, 100%, over this tribalistic bullshit between HOW and PRIME.”

McAvay added: “None of the HOW-PRIME issues has anything to do with MVW and I resent the fact that we are being pulled into the middle of this. I’ve invested time and energy into cultivating relationships with both HOW and PRIME.  The relationships I’ve developed with Lee Best and HOW and Lindsay Troy and PRIME are invaluable to me. Both HOW and PRIME are diametrically different playgrounds… diametrically different companies with diametrically different cultures.  Despite that, they’re both playgrounds I choose to associate myself and this company with.  I like having a positive relationship with both HOW and PRIME and I intend for that to continue.  What happened between HOW and PRIME has NOTHING to do with MVW. MVW will NOT take sides in this and I will NOT allow MVW to be pulled into the middle of this mess… period… end of story.”

In the end, both Mitchell and Ellis were banished from the building along with Adam’s extremely lovable, but sometimes dangerous, wife, Ginny.

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