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From the Desk of GOD

Wanted to take some time while I am out here GRINDING for all you fucks to give some high level updates regarding War Games.

Yes….I booked the event for the Edinburgh Castle as I wanted one last international event before we end the year traveling thru the United States as the 2024 election surely will divide the country but ultimately High Octane Wrestling will be the reason this country remains 97Red.

No….I did not think that we would be sharing Scotland with other promotions during the month of June. It is what it is. Lead from the front. The rest can follow. Fucking sheep.

As always I refuse to pivot based off what’s going outside the land of Octane.

Now back to the actual event itself:

  • Teams will be random
  • Order of Entry will be random
  • Captains will be chosen
  • All Championships will be on the line

Now some actual breaking news……The winner of the World Championship match between Silent Witness and Michael at Chaos 064 will secure one Captain’s spot.

MOAR news to come regarding the remaining slot(s).

A quick health update:

The Chair of GOD is still my main form of transportation but the goal is at War Games that I will be WALKING down that aisle for the FINAL War Games and if you have any doubts that will happen….clearly you have no fucking idea that this is just another instance of me once again proving to everyone that no matter WHAT happens….the show will go on and I will be the one LEADING from the front.

See you all next Friday you cunts…….but for now I gotta go see a guy about a horse with no name.