The Machine: MTG Card Reveal
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The Machine: MTG Card Reveal

Miami, FL – High Octane Wrestling (HOW) is gearing up for an electrifying night at the iconic Madison Square Garden on March 30th, with the annual March to Glory pay-per-view event. This event is set to feature a series of high-stakes matches that promise to captivate the wrestling world with their intensity, creativity, and dramatic storytelling.

The evening will kick off with a highly anticipated Fatal Final Fourway match, where Silent Witness, Charles de Lacy, Steve Solex, and High Octane Television Champion John Sektor will compete. The victor of this intense battle will earn the right to challenge Michael Lee Best for the High Octane World Championship in the main event of the evening, setting the stage for a showdown that will have significant implications for the future landscape of HOW.

Following the opener, the third-place finishers from the Lee Best Invitational (LBI) groups will take center stage. Brian Hollywood, Noah Hanson, and Teddy Palmer are set to face off in a match that will determine who will get a shot at the HOTv Championship on the first episode of Chaos following the pay-per-view. This match not only offers redemption for the competitors but also a chance to ascend in the ranks of HOW, highlighting the promotion’s commitment to continuous, dynamic competition.

In what is being billed as a groundbreaking and controversial Reparations match, HOW Hall of Famer Bobbinette Carey will go head-to-head with newcomer Lexi Gold. Competing under hardcore match rules, the stakes are raised as the loser will receive 10 lashes from the winner, using a bullwhip. This brutal stipulation adds a layer of intensity and personal stakes to the match, promising a confrontation that is as emotionally charged as it is physically demanding.

The evening will also feature a match for the LSD Championship, where the second-place finishers from the LBI groups will challenge the reigning champion and General Manager of HOW, Jace Parker Davidson. Scott Stevens, Drew Mitchell, Evan Ward, and Hugo Scorpio will compete in a match that includes a special stipulation introduced by the GOD of HOW, Lee Best. This match not only showcases the resilience and skill of the competitors but also adds an element of unpredictability with the special stipulation, making it a must-see for fans.

The High Octane Rag Sheet reached out to Lee Best for comments regarding the LSD Stipulation and thoughts on those that advanced thru the LBI and the GOD of HOW had the following to say:

“Daddy’s will be LIVE inside MSG on March 30th to personally see Jace get EXACTLY what he has EARNED. The stipulation of the match has been decided. Tune in on the 30th to find out”

When pushed for further details Lee promptly hung up the phone.