The General Manager responds before Chaos 058
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The General Manager responds before Chaos 058

Hello Michael

Thank you very much for showing up for work this week. Don’t worry, I’m not going to fine you for wrestling in a pair of sweatpants. I invite you to stick around for the live broadcast tonight and make your presence known. However, that is not a requirement. IF there are other places that you would rather be than here in Hershey for the rest of the night, then I have a suggestion for you.

Why don’t you head straight for New Jersey? Why you might ask?

That’s because Chaos 059, the go-home show for MTG, will be taking place in Newark, New Jersey. And as a reward for showing up for work this week, I’m booking you for the go-home show before MTG.

That’s right, in a second dark match.

You will be performing once again before the live broadcast, much like this week, I encourage you to stick around next week and let the people see that handsome face of yours. Even in your sweatpants if necessary.

So, head to Newark early, and find yourself a nice place to stay for the week. Walk around time and meet some of New Jersey’s best. Sign a couple of autographs, kiss a few babies, basically politic yourself (you’re so good at that) to the people in NJ and get them excited about March To Glory 2024. Ohhh… and I will be sending you a brand new #VILLAIN t-shirt to wear during your time in Newark. Mandatory since you know… I’ll be here slaving behind the desk. I can’t think of a better person to show off the new era of HOW, the Villain Era, than our World Champion.

And one final note.

Try not to just plow through your opponent next week. Play with your food a little bit, it would be a crying shame if our World Champion won’t be able to compete at peak standards on the PPV due to a lack of proper cardio.

As General Manager, it’s my job to care and do what’s BEST for the brave men and women on the HOW roster.

Let’s have a great show everyone.