JPD Retains the LSD Title
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JPD Retains the LSD Title

Here is the match from tonight’s MVW Wrestling Night in the Heartland from Topeka, Kansas…

HIGH OCTANE WRESTLING LSD TITLE MATCH: Jace Parker Davidson © vs. Captain Jack w/Elizabeth Swayne
Ring announcer Heather Cooper commands the spotlight, standing tall in the center of the ring. The arena buzzes with excitement as she struts in, her sparkly sequined dress hugging her curves and reflecting the vibrant lights.

Heather Cooper: Ladies and gentlemen… our next match will be…

Crowd: ONE FALL!

All eyes are on Heather, dressed to impress in her showstopping outfit that exudes confidence and charisma.

Heather Cooper: …and it will be for the High Octane Wrestling LSD Title!   Introducing the challenger…

The opening notes of “Captain Jack” by Billy Joel blast through the speakers, igniting the crowd into a wild frenzy.

Thunderbolt Smith: Here we go.

Suddenly, in a burst of smoke and flashing lights, Captain Jack makes his grand entrance onto the stage, flanked by the stunning Elizabeth Swayne. With an air of theatricality befitting his larger-than-life persona, he struts down the ramp, basking in the adoration of his loyal fans wearing a black bandana covering his head with a bushy black beard, black wrestling pants, and black boots.

And by his side, Elizabeth matches his every step with grace and poise, her sparkling dress shimmering under the stage lights. Together, they exude a magnetic charisma that captivates the entire audience – a true showman and his radiant leading lady.

With an air of theatricality befitting his larger-than-life persona, he struts down the ramp, basking in the adoration of his loyal fans.

And by his side, Elizabeth matches his every step with grace and poise, wearing a pirate’s hat, jacket, and shirt and a pair of jeans cut off at the knees.  Her blonde hair shimmered under the stage lights.

Heather Cooper: Making their way to the ring, accompanied by Elizabeth Swayne… weighing in at 195 pounds, from Duck Key, Florida- Captain Jack!”

The raucous cheers and chants of the crowd were deafening as Captain Jack swaggered up the steel steps, a smirk on his face as he acknowledged his adoring fans. The thunderous chorus of Billy Joel’s “Captain Jack” filled the arena, fueling the frenzy in the stands.

Thunderbolt Smith: Captain Jack coming down for the biggest match of his career.

Rick Hall: Amazing.  Thunderbolt, this is a match written right out of a Rocky movie.  Three nights ago, Captain Jack lost a promotion/relegation match to Ultratron-6.1 and dropped down to the Men’s Non-Division.  Tonight, he’s been chosen to take on Jace Parker Davidson and take his chance at shocking the wrestling world.


…the music cuts, the lights in the arena go pitch black, and the audience is lit up by thousands of lights from phones being held in the air.

We don’t need no heroes
I’ma keep killin’
I’m never forgivin’
‘Cause I’ma, I’ma

The sound of “VILLAIN” by Ekoh and Vin Jay blasts from the speaker system. The crowd begins a chorus of boos as smoke begins to build up on stage. HOW Hall of Famer Jace Parker Davidson makes his way out through the smoke.

Thunderbolt: Well, if you had on your pro wrestling bingo card that Jace Parker Davidson would not only show up at a MVW show but actually wrestle… you just won.

Rick: Thunderbolt, Jace Parker Davidson has been on the outs with Lee and Michael Best for awhile.  Now he’s the GM over at HOW after an unfortunate injury to Lee Best.

Thunderbolt: Which is how we ended up with this match.

Jace soaks in the hatred from the fans while covered in gold. The HOW LSD Championship belt is displayed around his waist. He extends his arms out wide and soaks in the hatred from the MVW faithful.

Now, you actin’ cool to my face
I know that they talkin’ ’bout me though
Breakin’ your back, like I’m Bane
Please don’t get all your blood, on my clothes

Heather Cooper: From Denver, Colorado, weighing in tonight at 253 lbs. He is a two-time HOW Hall of Famer. He is the greatest LSD Champion in HOW history. He is HOW General Manager, The Villain JACE PARKER DAVIDSON!

Jace slowly makes his way up the steel ring steps and then slowly walks along the ring apron. Jace leans back against the ropes facing the crowd then lifts his Championship belt into the air as Pyro explodes from high above the ring.

This shit is comical
You ain’t no obstacle
I’m goin’ all in
And losin’ improbable
I am a deviant
Blood to the bones
And I’m not backing down
I have lost control

Jace lowers the title and then enters the ring. He makes his way to the nearest corner then climbs the turnbuckle and poses for the fans. Jace hops down off of the turnbuckle and begins to prepare himself for the match ahead.

Thunderbolt: All right. As Jace Parker Davidson gets ready for his title defense, referee Davey Keels will take charge of this match.

Keels, clad in the black-and-white stripes of authority, checks both competitors. He signals for the bell and the match begins.

Thunderbolt: And this match is underway.  

Davidson smirks, his eyes betraying a hint of disdain, as both men circle each other; Davidson’s posture exudes nonchalance, a clear underestimation of his adversary. Suddenly, Captain Jack lunges, seizing the initiative.

Thunderbolt: Lock-up. A twist of arms. Reversal. Captain Jack maneuvers Davidson down but he rolls up fluidly.

Rick: Good start by Captain Jack but the champion is no novice. Davidson quickly regains his footing with a scoff and the battle goes on.

Davidson seizes control with a series of moves. Neckbreaker—impact echoes. Suplex—body slams mat. Springboard cutter—audience gasps.

Thunderbolt: Beautiful springboard cutter by JPD.

Rick: Jace Parker Davidson is dismantling Captain Jack with clinical precision here.

Thunderbolt: Cover…



Thunderbolt: …but Captain Jack kicks out.

Davidson rolls him up again.



Thunderbolt: No!  Captain Jack kicks out again.

JPD pulls Captain Jack up…

Thunderbolt: Vertical suplex on the way…

Davidson holds Captain Jack in the air for several seconds before slamming him to the mat.

Rick: Got it!

Thunderbolt: Cover.





Rick: Thunderbolt, Captain Jack showing some resilience.  He refuses to stay down. One count, two count—kickout after kickout.

Davidson hauls him to his feet, a sneer forming.

Thunderbolt: He’s not going to give up that quickly… GREEN MIST!

Out of nowhere, JPD is blinded by a sudden green mist. The crowd erupts, their excitement palpable.


Rick: Davidson did not see that coming.  That’s a move he should have scouted and been ready for.

Capitalizing on the momentary chaos, Captain Jack executes a belly-to-belly suplex, flipping Davidson through the air. Without missing a beat, he follows with a back neckbreaker, driving him down with a vengeance.

Thunderbolt: Captain Jack covers!



Thunderbolt: No!  Davidson powers out.

Rick: This match has turned in favor of Captain Jack!

Thunderbolt: There’s frustration on Davidson’s face as he tries to scramble toward the apron.  Captain Jack is relentless… he drags him back by the ankle towards the center of the ring.

Davidson kicks free and escapes to the outside. He paces around the ringside area, arguing with himself until he comes to an immediate stop. The LSD Champion locks eyes with someone standing there in the front row.

Rick: Wait a minute! That’s HOW Hall of Famer Silent Witness! He’s here to watch Davidson defend the title!

Thunderbolt: Davidson doesn’t look happy at all that one of his rivals is standing right here in attendance.

Silent Witness has a smirk on his face and dares Jace to punch him. The distraction allows Captain Jack to slide out of the ring and send Davidson into the steel steps. The crowd roars as Captain Jack grabs hold of the LSD champion and rolls him back inside.

Rick: Davidson is reeling and Captain Jack has a chance to make history.

Captain Jack slides back inside and gets to his feet as Jace tries to gather himself.

Thunderbolt: Captain Jack spins Davidson around…. double axe handle smash to the spine.

Davidson crumples, the sound of flesh meeting flesh reverberating through the stunned audience.

Rick: Thunderbolt, JPD might be in a little trouble here!

Thunderbolt: Captain Jack going up top!

The air crackles with anticipation as Captain Jack ascends the ropes, his eyes blazing with the fire of newfound momentum. The crowd surges to its feet, a sea of anticipation for the spectacle to come.

Rick: He’s going for it!

Captain Jack perches atop the turnbuckle, steadies himself, and launches into the void… arcing gracefully through the air.

Thunderbolt: Shooting Star Press…

But when he lands, he finds JPD’s knees lifted in an act of defiance, meeting flesh with brutal precision.


Captain Jack crumples, his celestial flight grounded by the cold reality of Davidson’s defense.

Rick: Davidson scouted that move.

Davidson seizes the fleeting moment, yanking Captain Jack to his feet with predatory swiftness. A ripcord… an invitation to oblivion… followed by a clothesline that snaps Captain Jack’s head back sharply, like a whip cracking against the sky.

Thunderbolt: Nasty ripcord clothesline by Davidson.

The cover is immediate, a predator pouncing on prey.



Thunderbolt: Captain Jack gets the shoulder up.

The champion, resolute and methodical, rains down offense. Spear—a human missile. Canadian Destroyer—a whirlwind of devastation.

Thunderbolt: WOW!  That’s gotta do it!




Thunderbolt: NO!  Shoulder up!

Rick: How did he survive that?

Thunderbolt: Davidson hooks a leg and tries again.



Thunderbolt: SHOULDER UP!

Rick: Davidson’s circling him now like a shark scenting blood in the water.

JPD waits for Captain Jack to stagger upright.  Then…


Thunderbolt: SUPERKICK!

…he sends him crashing back down with a superkick that reverberates throughout the arena. The impact lingers in the air, a silent testament to Davidson’s power.

Thunderbolt: Is this it?



Thunderbolt: NO!

Rick: Another cover by Davidson, another desperate escape from Captain Jack!

Back elbow delivered with malice by Jace, a knee drop laden with intent.

Thunderbolt: Is THIS it?



Thunderbolt: NO!

Rick: The drumbeat of near falls continues relentlessly.

Thunderbolt: Davidson off the ropes.

Captain Jack finds a sliver of hope, dodging a fatal clothesline.

Thunderbolt: Captain Jack ducks under and… WHOA!

With the ferocity of a tempest, he unleashes a barrage of right hands, each one a declaration of his unyielding resolve.

Rick: He’s still fighting!

But Davidson counters with a low blow.

Thunderbolt: OHHHH!

JPD follows with a running clothesline driving Captain Jack face-first to the canvas.  Relentless, he drags Captain Jack up and slams his skull into the unforgiving steel of the top buckle.

Thunderbolt: Captain Jack’s staggered… ROLL UP!

A roll-up, tight and sudden…

…but no three-count follows.

Thunderbolt: Wait a minute?

Rick: Thunderbolt, look.

Elizabeth Swayne, ever watchful at ringside, has caught referee Davey Keels’ attention. Her distraction is timely, her presence an unspoken ally in Captain Jack’s corner.

Rick: Elizabeth Swayne just saved the match for Captain Jack… at least for the moment.

Davidson’s fury boils over, his eyes flashing betrayal as he realizes the count was broken not by Captain Jack’s fortitude, but by Elizabeth’s intervention. He shouts something at her and circles his prey, a predator’s gaze locked onto the wearied Captain Jack.

Thunderbolt: I think Captain Jack is running out of gas now.

With a sudden lurch, JPD pounces, arms hooking under Jack’s, hoisting him skyward for a moment that hangs eternal—then crashing down from a brutal elevated double arm DDT that shatters the canvas and Captain Jack’s defiance in equal measure.


Rick: I think it’s game over now.

“Jack! Get up!” Elizabeth Swayne’s voice pierces the clamor, her scream a rallying cry amidst the sea of spectators. Desperation etched upon her face, she wills her charge to rise from the ashes of defeat.

Captain Jack, spent, his body a map of torment, obliges with the heart of ten men. Shaking, he claws back to all fours, his spirit unbroken but his frame screaming surrender.

Thunderbolt: Davidson’s measuring him and I think we all know what comes next.

Davidson stands back, an executioner awaiting the final act. He measures, waits, then strikes—Bend the Knee. The curb stomp is a cruel exclamation point, the full stop to a grueling sentence. Captain Jack collapses, his odyssey at its end.

Thunderbolt: BEND THE KNEE!

Rick: It’s definitely game over now.

Keels slides into position, hand slapping the mat with the inexorable rhythm of time running out.



Three… the sound echoes like thunder, finality ringing in Captain Jack’s ears.


Thunderbolt: And that’s it!

Heather Cooper rolls back into the ring to make it all official.


With Ekoh & Vin Jay’s “VILLAIN” blaring, Keels hoists his arm aloft, muscles straining in triumph. The LSD title belt gleams as it returns to its master, Davidson’s reign unchallenged, his conquest complete.

Thunderbolt: Captain Jack gave it his best shot.

Rick: Thunderbolt, the odds were stacked against Captain Jack but he came out and put up a fight.  The green mist was his chance to pull off what would have been one of the biggest upsets in pro wrestling history but Jace Parker Davidson is Jace Parker Davidson.

Davidson raises the LSD Championship high into the air but doesn’t see Witness hop the guardrail and slide into the ring behind him. The LSD Legend spins Jace around and lunges at him. Davidson staggers backward from shock and drops the LSD title. Witness picks up the belt and looks down at it as the crowd is buzzing.

Thunderbolt: Could we see these two go at it right here tonight?

Jace steps forward and shoves Witness with both hands before snatching back the LSD championship. Davidson points an index finger in the face of Silent Witness while threatening him. The LSD Legend just smirks and then makes a title belt gesture around his waist. The HOW General Manager flips off Witness and then exits the ring with his title.

Thunderbolt: Things are heating up both here in MVW and in HOW. Now that all the title belts in HOW being able to travel, there is no telling what we can see happen here in an MVW ring.  We’ve got our main event coming up after these commercial messages.