Chaos at M2G Promotional Event!
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Chaos at M2G Promotional Event!

In a promotional event for March 2 Glory held earlier today, has learned that two participants in the upcoming World’s Strongest edition of Monday Night Chaos have engaged in a fiery brawl and had to be separated by security!

Evan Ward and Silent Witness are scheduled to face each other to determine who moves on to compete or the LBI crown and a potential shot at the World Championship at March 2 Glory, but we almost had a preview of what that might look like this morning in Chicago!

The two men stood face-to-face in what was meant to be a straightforward promotional shot, but things turned nasty when the pair could be heard talking trash to each other. Evan Ward pushed Silent Witness and the LSD Legend narrowly missed with a right hand in response, before security stepped in to separate the former Ground Zero team-mates. As they were pulled apart, Evan Ward could be heard screaming “I will fucking burn you. Whatever happens in this match, I’m going to fucking burn you, you cunt!” at Silent Witness, as he was dragged away.

Merely hours after the LSD Legend’s confrontation with JPD after the General Manager’s title defence in MVW, and with things already heating up ahead of the highly-anticipated Inferno Match between Silent Witness and Evan Ward next Monday night, make sure you tune in to Monday Night Chaos on the HOTv Network – you do not want to miss this one!