The GM drops a bombshell before Chaos 058
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The GM drops a bombshell before Chaos 058

Mere moments after the statements from the HOW World Champion went live on the website, we got a video response from the HOW General Manager and two-time HOW Hall of Famer Jace Parker Davidson

The video opens inside the office of HOW General Manager Jace Parker Davidson. The man himself can be seen seated behind his desk going through some paperwork in front of him. The LSD Championship is displayed proudly on top of the desk. The General Manager reaches out and grabs a cup of coffee from off his desk and takes a satisfying sip from it. He places the cup back down and looks forward at the camera.

Davidson: Oh, Michael… you just love the sound of your own voice, don’t you? Rhetorical question but really, all of that could have been handled with just a simple phone call. I don’t think you’ve forgotten my number after all this time and even if you did… I’m sure you could have called HOW HQ to pass along the message. Although, that method wouldn’t give you the attention and audience that you so desperately seek.

The General Manager folds his hands together on top of the desk.

Davidson: I do want to say thank you, however… that extra three grand will be put to good use. I’m glad to hear that you’ve managed your money well and can afford to sit back and now worry about anything. In fact, since you’re so well off… you wouldn’t mind if I deducted from your salary every single week, would you? That money will be spread out amongst the employees of HOW who show up and do their jobs without complaints. Mighty generous of our World Champion to give back to the company that he’s taken so much from. Also… now that I’m thinking about it. Jackson Cooley, Darin Zion, and Scottywood have all been fined $1, 250 each for their poor performances last night.

Jace smiles as he takes a moment to write someone down on the paperwork in front of him.

Davidson: Regardless of my opinions of you, and your attitude. It’s my job as General Manager to hear your complaint and find a suitable solution. So, you’re absolutely right, Michael. I will NOT fire you before March To Glory.  I wouldn’t want to give you a clear avenue to play the victim to your own entitlement and destructive behavior. You have a problem with showing up for work because you think you’re THAT special. You called yourself an attraction, but I see it differently. Sure, the name Mike Best holds weight, I won’t deny you that. You earned that. However, it doesn’t make you an attraction, Michael, it just means you’re LAZY.

The General Manager sighs a bit and then gestures to everything sitting on top of his desk.

Davidson: I showed up in Baltimore last night. I did my job and where am I now? I’m here slaving away at the day-to-day operations of this company. I’m making sure that everything in Hershey goes smoothly next Monday night. I’m doing the important behind-the-scenes work that no one ever acknowledges while you decide to sit back and flaunt the fact that you’re too entitled to bother to show up for work. You throw money at the problem and expect it to go away.

A sneer starts to form over the features of the General Manager.

Davidson: Frankly, I’m done with the bullshit. I’m done with so-called Lifers like you who think they are above everything and can get away with whatever it is they want to. You shit on the fact that you don’t NEED to show up and waste two to seven minutes on a promo about nothing. Yet you’ll turn around and be the first motherfucker that dunks on someone else saying that they can’t get over, or that they haven’t done everything in HOW like you have. Hell, that whole thing you sent to be posted on the website was a fucking promo, Michael. Cutting promos and going into business for yourself is all you EVER do.

The General Manager takes a moment to move his neck and shoulders a bit to relieve some tension.

Davidson: You want to throw a temper tantrum and spout off about how I have no power over you? FINE! You said it yourself, you show up when you’re booked, correct? Well, consider yourself booked in a match on Monday night in Hershey!

Jace stares at the camera.

Davidson: Don’t get too excited though, because it’s going to be a non-title match. Don’t want you padding your stats just because you showed up for work. Also… You aren’t entitled to the main event spot on the show. The match is going to be a pre-show dark match before Chaos 058 goes on the air. If you’re going to act like a child? Then you have to earn back the privilege to get a televised match on Chaos. So, with that being said… I WILL see you Monday night in Hershey and I expect you to put your BEST foot forward. And maybe, just maybe… being there live in Hershey will inspire you to be more active, to be a BETTER HOW World Champion.

There was a tone of command in Davidson’s voice.

Davidson: Oh… and before I forget. Since you’re so fond of coffee, you will be required to buy and deliver coffee for every single person on the HOW roster who will be there Monday night. All on your dime, since you’re such a baller.

Davidson grabs his cup of coffee and raises it in the air.

Davidson: None of that cheap shit either, Mike. I don’t function well without a quality cup of java. If you’re a good boy and get my order correct, I may even give you a decent tip. Monday night is going to be a great show and I urge everyone on the HOW roster to thank Michael Lee Best for being such a generous child and a hard worker.