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On the band wagon

This evening Evan Ward was caught putting an envelope labelled “$2500 for JPD” on the desk of the company’s new General Manager. When questioned about what he was fined for doing, Ward had this to say as he was leaving the office:

“Fine? What fine? This is a bribe. I’m bringing our supreme leader. It’s the only way to ascend in this company, isn’t it? That’s why Mike and Sektor and all them lot are doing paying Jace, right? They’re bribing him to gain his favour…. What? They’re doing it pay off fines? Fuck… I’m ahead of the curve! If I’m the only bribing Jace then I’m sure to be top of the tables after the LBI!”

Evan strode off looking very pleased with himself. Five minutes later he returned to ask if we had money for a taxi as he’d run out of cash.

We will bring you more on this story as it develops.