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Late tonight we heard from the brand new HOW General Manager Jace Parker Davidson. The two-time Hall of Famer took time away from celebrating his birthday to pass along this news to the entire HOW roster and its fans.

Live Monday night from Baltimore, Maryland on Chaos 057. The General Manager will make a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT!

The General Manager was quoting saying this. “This announcement is HUGE and will shake the very foundation of High Octane Wrestling!”

We pressed for more information about what the announcement could be but the General Manager would only continue to emphasize how HUGE this announcement would be and how it would change the landscape of HOW. No matter how we approached the situation, the General Manager would only continue to talk about how COLOSSAL and FANTASTIC the announcement would be.

It led us to ask the current LSD Champion if perhaps he was in his right mind or possibly under the influence. This is the answer he gave us… “I’ve had a little too much COCA-COLA but I’m fine. It’s not like MY LIFE IS IN DANGER or anything like that.”

We will keep everyone updated on any developments to this story but from the looks and sounds of things. It seems like we here at will find out what this GROUND-BREAKING announcement is on Monday night just like everyone else.

We also wish Jace Parker Davidson a happy rest of his birthday.