Darin Zion Responds to His Fines
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Darin Zion Responds to His Fines

“Honestly, I can’t say I’m appalled at Jace Parker Davidson’s first actions as General Manager in HOW.  He’s always been a narcissist suffering from main character syndrome.    As Lord Acton always said; absolute power corrupts absolutely and look at what Jace did in his first few actions.  He fined me based on my performance, especially since the last couple of weeks—I’ve been completely distraught over what has happened to my father.  It’s the one time in my life I couldn’t find the words to say.

Of course, he kicks me when I’m low, especially after how much guilt has weighed on me.  I have not been able to sleep or eat these last couple weeks after knowing I could have ripped open Lee’s mail and protected him.  I could have jumped in front of the car to save him.

But all Jace wants to do is rub salt into the wounds of Lee Best’s Second Favorite Son.  All he cares about is some worthless vendetta with my father and me.  Let’s face it; he’s always had it in for me since I joined HOW.  Jace’s such a petty man.

He is jealous he can’t draw like my father can draw when he is at the helm of High Octane Wrestling.  He obviously cannot command the respect out of the roster.  All he does is rule with an iron fist with no compassion.  All that will do is to continue to alienate the locker room and disintegrate the respectable empire my father built. 

Starting today; I urge my fellow High-Octane co-workers to join me in a vote of No Confidence for our new GM.  He doesn’t deserve the privilege to serve the Best Family their coffee let alone carry our jock straps.

I refuse to pay my fines, lawyered up, and plan on picketing outside the Giant Arena this week.  I must lead this noble cause to save my family’s business from the tyranny of Jace Parker Davidson.

So, you can go fuck yourself Jace.  I refuse to bend the knee to you. ”