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Advanced payment

On a day rife with news and statements from our HOW locker room after new GM Jace Parker Davidson has seemingly kicked a hornets nest…we have just received the following statement from HOTv champion John Sektor:


“So you’re going to ‘fine’ me $1000 for conspiring to bring physical harm to you…First of all, Dick Head..Its not a conspiracy, I’m going to fucking harm you. Second of all, $1000? That supposed to deter me? I couldn’t give two fucks about money, I got everything I need.


So I have had my account forward $20000 upfront as an advanced payment for what I’m going to do you. And that’s only the first course.


Oh and Michael? Cowering in HOTv division? Is that what you think? Because from where I’m sitting I’m dominating the entire company and elevating the once lowest tier belt above the LSD. And we both know it will be me and you at March to Glory.


Let’s see who’s cowering then.”


Stay tuned as I’m almost certain there will be more news as the day goes on.