Steve Solex Signs Landmark Contract for 2024 With High Octane Wrestling
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Steve Solex Signs Landmark Contract for 2024 With High Octane Wrestling



Chicago, IL – January 5, 2024 – The management team of Steve Solex is excited to announce a groundbreaking contract renewal with High Octane Wrestling (HOW) for the year 2024. This new agreement is a testament to Solex’s formidable presence in the ring and his invaluable contributions to the sport of wrestling.

Under this new contract, Steve Solex will receive 5% of earnings from each show, acknowledging his crucial role behind the scenes at HOW. Additionally, the contract grants Solex the power to select four matches of his choice throughout the year, giving him unprecedented control over his wrestling future.

Beyond the ring, the contract includes unique personal perks for Solex. This includes four rounds of golf with the GOD of HOW, Lee Best, allowing for strategic bonding and discussions, and an all-expenses-paid trip (GAMECHANGER), recognizing Solex’s hard work and dedication to the organization.

Steve Solex, renowned as “The Last Man in Wrestling,” has consistently proven himself as a key player in the Chicago based HOW. His strategic mind, along with his prowess and passion for the business, have made him a favorite – albeit, widely hated – among fans and a respected figure in the wrestling community.

In line with this exciting development, Solex’s camp is also teasing a major upcoming match announcement. As part of his contract, Solex will soon reveal his choice for one of the four matches, which is already generating significant buzz among wrestling enthusiasts. The match is expected to take place at the first event of the year with an announcement coming as soon as Saturday.

Fans and the media are encouraged to follow HOW’s official channels for the latest news, including the highly anticipated match announcement and other updates.