Steve Solex Secures #1 Seed in the LBI, Heads up 97 Red Blooded Group
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Steve Solex Secures #1 Seed in the LBI, Heads up 97 Red Blooded Group


Chicago, IL – January 14, 2024 – Steve Solex’s camp is proud to announce that Steve Solex has been selected as a #1 seed in the esteemed Lee Best Invitational (LBI) tournament. This prestigious ranking underscores Solex’s remarkable achievements and formidable presence in High Octane Wrestling (HOW).

The Lee Best Invitational (LBI) is renowned in the wrestling world for showcasing top-tier talent, and securing the #1 seed is a testament to Solex’s skill, determination, loyalty, and the respect he commands in the sport. The tournament, known for its competitive intensity, offers the ultimate prize – an opportunity to compete for the HOW World Championship.

The announcement of Solex as the #1 seed has already sent ripples through the wrestling community, with fans and competitors alike anticipating his performance in the LBI. Known for his tactical approach and relentless drive, Solex is a favorite to watch in the tournament.

Solex himself is pumped about the opportunity and is fully geared up for the challenge. “Being chosen as the #1 seed in the LBI isn’t just an honor; it’s a call to action,” Solex stated. “The HOW World Championship is the pinnacle of this business, and it doesn’t matter if it’s Mike Best or Rhys Townsend, I plan to finally have it strapped around my waist. The other competitors in this group have got another thing coming if they think they’re going to advance in this tournament. I plan on making it through the group stage undefeated and I plan on cruising through the knockout stage enroute to my championship opportunity. If you think my 2023 was impressive, just wait until you see what I’ve got planned for 2024.”

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