Solex’s Confidence is Through the Roof
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Solex’s Confidence is Through the Roof caught up with HOW Hall of Famer Steve Solex this evening, following the press release that his camp sent out earlier today. Solex was asked about the upcoming LBI and if he thinks he is selling his group short or even underestimating them, to which Solex responded, “Fuck no.”

When we asked the Final Alliance staple whether or not he perceived former World Champion Scott Stevens as a significant threat, Solex couldn’t help but laugh and said, “All you have to do is take a look at Scott Stevens’ record against me. Over a decade and a half, across two different companies, Scott Stevens has never managed to beat me in singles competition once.  No matter the stipulation and no matter the stakes, that pussy just can’t do it.”

The conversation then turned to rising HOW talent Jackson Cooley, who Solex will face in his first match of 2024. Solex, true to form, smirked and quipped, “Fuck that guy too.”  Solex then took the opportunity to mention the respect that he has for fellow group member Black Mamba, but also refused to acknowledge him as a potential threat either.

Solex’s confidence seems extremely high and his camp has told us that he is very pleased with his LBI Group, 97 Red Blooded. Coming off an impressive year in HOW, Solex says 2024 is all about regaining and surpassing the momentum he built during the first two-thirds of 2023.