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Silent No More

Chicago, IL. January 6th, 2024 – can confirm that High Octane Wrestling has agreed to terms with former HOW Champion and Hall of Famer, Silent Witness.

In an unexpected move, the self-proclaimed LSD Legend has signed a one-year, $970,000 contract to return to the organization that made him a household name. The deal is believed to be performance related, with over half of his salary dependent on appearances and victories in HOW over the next few months. reached out to the newly-signed star and received an unexpected response from his representatives. When asked about the deal, Silent Witness’ agent Mickey Gibson, from England, said:

“Well, it’s bollocks, innit? That cunt, Lee Best, has been exploiting Silent Witness for fuckin’ decades. And he tried that shit again with this contract. Honestly, I don’t think he should have signed here, but he wanted to ‘come back home’ to finish off his career. So, I got him the best deal I could. You should have seen the state of their original offer; typical Lee Best, low-balling bullshit that he would have got away with in the past. But I’m here now, and that shit won’t fly. Even getting Best to agree to this deal, you’d think I’d taken a shit on his children, the way he reacted. But his days of exploiting Silent Witness are done, he can go fuck himself. Oh and, uh, yeah he’s happy to be back.”

While not confirmed, Silent Witness is expected to compete in the upcoming LBI tournament. Keep your eyes on for any further updates.