Darin Zion comments on the LBI
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Darin Zion comments on the LBI

HOWrestling.com caught up with Darin Zion regarding his participation in the 2024 LBI Tournament.  Here’s is the statement he released to our reporters:

First off, I’m privileged that my Father Lee Best would let me participate in such the most distinguished tournament in professional wrestling once again.  It’s an honor that he put me in the MACHINE ranks.  How fitting that Dad finds me well-oiled and in-line like the other members of the Final Alliance.  I’m honored Lee gave me such high praises on the HOR a month ago.

When asked about the other competitors, Zion gave the following answer:

Honestly, I’m not concerned that I’m in the toughest division.  My fellow Final Alliance BB4L (Best Broseph 4 Life) John Sektor and I will dominate like the well-oiled machines we are.  It’s no secret that Hollywood never learned how to turn corners.  He’ll crash and burn in straight into all the arenas before he even finds his damn footing.  And my broseph Johnny Seks will be HOW’s biggest chad by exploiting Sunny O’Callahan’s next failed project in HOW from the Evil Empire.  Together we will dominate the tournament and give glory to My Father.

When asked what he looks forward to the most in this tournament:

It’s quite simple:  when I win the whole thing.  As part of my long, drawn out contract negotiations with my father; I’ve got to win the LBI, War Games, or the HOW World Title so I can finally get that esteemed final portrait of the Full Best Family together, unified as one.  I can’t wait to make my father so proud, holding the HOW World Championship above my head and finishing the story I should have finished a long time ago.  We here in the Best Family believe that we are “Better Together™”.  Unified we will conquer all the nerds and burn the world down, molding it into our image.

Consume and buy all our shit.  Get the Final Alliance jackets,  get the HOTv Network, and buy all the sick merch I’ll make personally to shill my family too.  Soon I’ll make the Best Family proud just like my brother Mike.  Just like my BB4L Sektor, and most importantly, Father Lee.

When asked to give any more comments, Zion denied us as he mentioned we are a bunch of nerds.  Tune into the first round of the LBI on Monday Night Chaos next Monday, February 5th.