Breaking News: The status of the LSD Champion
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Breaking News: The status of the LSD Champion

With Chaos 054 getting closer, live from The Best Arena in Chicago, Illinois. There were plenty of questions left to be answered after ICONIC 2023. We decided to reach out to the current HOW LSD Champion, HOW Hall of Famer two times over… Jace Parker Davidson. Below is a transcript of the conversation.

QUESTION: How are you feeling after winning the LSD Championship belt for a record-tying fifth time and what are your thoughts on the experience of competing in the gauntlet match?

ANSWER: Competing in the gauntlet match wasn’t the best experience in the world, Lee Best made sure of that. Having me start the entire LSD portion of the gauntlet and against Steve Solex no less. It was clear that Lee had a plan for that entire thing. Solex came out of the gates and tried to destroy my leg. Having to go through Solex, Cooley, and then Scottywood took its toll on me by the time I made it to John Sektor. I’ve got a big fat knee brace I’ve worn since ICONIC and I haven’t been in the ring since then. However, being the LSD Champion is never a bad thing.

QUESTION: What does 2024 hold for Jace Parker Davidson in High Octane Wrestling?

ANSWER: Absolutely nothing, I am not under contract. I said numerous times last year that after ICONIC I was done and that I wasn’t going to sign on for 2024. I’ve kept my word on that. My resume speaks for itself and there is nothing left in HOW for me to do. I’ve won every single belt multiple times. I’ve been inducted into the Hall of Fame twice. I’ve main-evented and won the big match at every single PPV that HOW is known for. I’m not going to spin the rest of my life literally chasing my tail over things I’ve already accomplished. It also doesn’t help that the man that runs the company is a fucking dipshit. But like I said, I am not under contract so there is no 2024 for me in that company.

QUESTION: Is that set in stone or could something be done to change that?

ANSWER: Lee Best had the nerve to come to me with a fucking lowball offer to be his pawn for 2024. I told him to go fuck himself. No wrestler should never say never, but it’s damn near a guarantee at this point. I am not interested in spending another year with Lee Best thinking he is the boss of me and that there are no consequences to his actions. If you see me in HOW in 2024 then I suggest you look outside and make sure the sky isn’t falling. We negotiated and every single time he refused my offer, my price went up. At this point? For me to be under contract for 2024 it would take an unprecedented offer. Lee would basically have to back up a BRINKS truck to my house. And it’s not just money, I want power, I want a stake in this company that I’ve carried on my back. I want payment for the things he’s done to me. The size of the contract Lee Best would have to sign would give him a heart attack. And of course, let’s not forget… IF such a contract was offered to me. Lee would never hear the end of it from Michael, Sektor, Solex, Townsend, and all the other so-called Lifers.

QUESTION: What are your plans for the LSD Championship belt?

ANSWER: My plan? I plan to keep it, I won it against all odds so as far as I am concerned it belongs to me. Look at how the LSD Championship and the whole division have been treated. I held this title for a record 301 days and then what happened? Michael and Lee decide to jerk each other off by reusing the same dumbass idea they used in the past. Michael got a little chilly without the spotlight on him and him alone. He gets a free spot into War Games, a brand spanking new El Hombre Bozo mask, and with the help of the EPU and Lee. He screws me out of LSD Championship. And I don’t care if it was Mike or Mike Jr. If it was Mike’s trainee, Mike’s alter ego, or even Mike in drag calling himself  Michelle Best. I was screwed out of this belt, it was treated poorly because all Mike cared about was Big Red. I helped Conor get the LSD title from him and then what happened? Losing to Mike yet again made him lose his smile and his willingness to deal with the bullshit. So, he left HOW and dropped the title. Three hundred and one fucking days of glory are all gone because of some fucking idiotic, recycled idea, and a Canadian that got homesick. I survived three other men to win this back and I’m keeping it. No one in HOW deserves the LSD title or the division. Maybe it’ll sit in my trophy case. Maybe I’ll take it to every Fisher Price Federation on the planet and defend it just to piss Lee off. Either way, he’s not getting it back.

QUESTION: Now that your HOW career is over, what are your feelings toward Lee Best? Thoughts on the LBI returning and the rumored LSD Championship match happening at March To Glory?

ANSWER: My thoughts on Lee Best? He runs one of the top companies in the world but he can’t keep his bald fucking his behind the scenes. Lee will always be the main focus of HOW because Lee Best thinks that he is a God. He thinks that every single idea that pops into his head is pure gold. And if you have a differing opinion? You are mocked, ridiculed, or attacked for not being a mindless Yes Man. I spent the latter half of last year trying to put an end to Lee. I didn’t accomplish that but I’ve accepted that. I am a two-time Hall of Famer and the LSD Champion. And most importantly? I have my freedom from that tyrant. As far as the LBI goes? I mean what is there to say? Lee will rig the game so all his favorite goons make it to the end. The Alliance will continue to have unfair advantages and Lee will hoard all the great talent to just repeatedly steamroll over the lesser talent. Business as usual in HOW. (chuckles) Though, if he thinks for one second that an LSD Championship match is happening at March To Glory then he’s finally gone senile. I don’t care what playground tactics he tries to use, whether it be sending Darin Zion to be up my ass 24/7 like I’m his High School crush or Silent Witness coming out of retirement yet again to call himself the Greatest LSD Champion ever. The LSD Championship belt is going to stay with me and if Lee Best wants it defended at his PPV? He’s going to have to personally come and pry it from my cold, dead hands.

QUESTION: Final question? Will you be watching Chaos 054 on Sunday night, either from at home or maybe from a front-row seat inside the Best Arena?

ANSWER: There is zero chance that I step foot into the Best Arena on Sunday night. I wouldn’t give Lee the fucking satisfaction or the opportunity to pull some bullshit. So, no, 100% I will not be in the Best Arena on Sunday. I may tune in from home but I’m not going to guarantee you that I’ll sit through the whole show and watch Lee book the same shit he’s been booking since 2010.

So, there you have it folks. Negotiations between Lee Best and Jace Parker Davidson have broken down. The two sides are very far apart on a deal to see him come back to the company in 2024. We have no idea what Lee Best plans to do as far as the LSD Championship belt moving forward. We’ll look for more answers on Chaos live from the Best Arena on Sunday which will mark the kick-off of the 2024 Lee Best Invitational.