Scott Stevens in Semi-Finals of MVW’s Carmondy Cup Competition.
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Scott Stevens in Semi-Finals of MVW’s Carmondy Cup Competition.

As well as snagging a HOW world title shot on this Monday’s Chaos 53 against Michael Lee Best, Scott Stevens is a semi-finalist in this year’s Carmondy Cup.  Stevens defeated Buckshot Henderson last weekend to advance to the semi-finals.  Last night on MVW’s Wrestling Night in the Heartland, Stevens found out his opponent in the semi-finals this Saturday night in Rockford, Illinois- long-running MVW champion ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson.  Dickinson has held the MVW title since August 2022, over 464 days and as we all remember- took then HOW LSD champion John Sektor to the limit in their thrilling 2021 match at ICONIC.

The winner on Saturday will face the survivor of The Masked Texan-Cletus T. Johnson match in the finals next Tuesday night.

The Carmondy Cup is set up much like the FA Cup in the English Football League.  The tournament consists of randomly drawn rounds and the entrants are not seeded.  But like the FA Cup, a system of byes based on the level (Bergman’s Barn Students, Non-Division, Heartland, Men’s/Women’s Divisions) ensures higher ranked wrestlers will enter in the later rounds.

The finals will be held December 12th, 2023 at the Joseph J. Gentile Center in Chicago, Illinois.  The winners of the Men’s, Women’s, Men’s Tag Team, and Women’s Tag Team Carmondy Cup tournaments (or the highest finisher if a champion wins the Carmondy Cup) will earn title shots at MVW’s first big show of 2024- January’s St. Louis Supershow.